Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 7 - The Antisocialism of Sex - full transcript

Sarah regresses to old habits while struggling to cope with the consequences of her decisions - reconnecting with Beth on a dark night of the soul. Back at the lab, Cosima, haunted by ...

Ali, we're gonna break even
in months.

We should have been
drug dealers years ago.

They sold the drugs
through a soap store.

I need you to tell me
that Delphine is alive.

I saw her get shot.

Your sisters...

I know how they feel sometimes.

Those aren't dreams.

I thought my DNA was
supposed to make it better.

It takes time
to develop a therapy.

Share the original's genome,

and together,
we can make a cure.

You bartered my mother
behind my back.

Cosima needs a cure,
I need this bot out of my face.

There's some kind of Trojan
wiping our research.

Everything is gone.

Clones are obsolete.

These shites
aren't worth the salt.

Oh, my God!


It's over.

Where are we?

What is this place?

It used to be
the edge of the known world.

It still is.

Welcome to
The Island of Doctor Moreau.

What are you talking about?

Why have you let me out?

The original is destroyed,

The cure along with it.

- Mum...
- I'll speak.

All right.

You put my mother
in the line of fire.

Laid your moves without me,

and then you put me in the middle
and you made it my fault.

And now I don't even
have a body to bury.

She was my blood, too.

You came to me an orphan.
That's all you'll ever be.

- Then I don't need to stay here, do I?
- No.

You're not taking Kira
where you're going.

You don't know where I'm going.

I know too well.

Kira stays with me.

No tears, Cosima.


What's up? You okay?

She had her killed
right in front of me.

She kept me alive so I could tell
everybody that Kendall's...


And Delphine's dead.

It's not your fault, okay?

I got your favorite.
Bad coffee and a good croissant.

I pushed Sarah to make that deal.

I pushed us
right into Evie's trap.

She killed our hope, Scott.

What are you doing over there?

I'm gonna power up again.

Why? There's nothing left.

Well, we'll see.

Oh, Lord...

I know I've been
a horrible sinner,

but we need hope now.

We need...

Oh, fudge. Fudge it! Fudge me!

Honey... Honey? God.

- Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Scheisse, Donnie.

Come here. Come here.

- We're gonna get through this.
- Mmm-hmm.

You take whatever time
you need for the sisters.

- I got you covered.
- Thank you. Thank you, Donnie.

But, hey, I think maybe we should
cancel Gemma's slumber party.

No, no, it's...
It's her birthday.

I've made all the arrangements, Donnie.

Honey, it's too soon.

We can come up with an excuse,
and we'll have cake with her ourselves.

No, Gemma needs this night.

It's... It's important that we
make this normal now for the kids.

There are hot dogs in the freezer,
mister. I'm putting my foot down.

You can't just
capitulate to Evie Cho.

LEDA is the cornerstone
of Neolution.

I was going to show you this
when I came back with the original.

There's no point in
hiding it any longer.

Very few people are privy to
the true history of Neolution.

We date back to
the Victorians, to this man.

- Percival Westmorland?
- Mmm.

- The industrialist?
- Born to industry.

Drawn to Darwin
and early eugenical thought.

He used his resources to

essentially create a secret
scientific society.

Percy sought to bring science to the
task of breeding a better human.

You're sleeping in his very room.

Over a century ago, he built
the facilities downstairs.

I built on top of him.

And now,

Evie Cho builds on top of me.

I gave up everything
to continue his legacy.

Ethan, you...

And now my time is over.

How can you give "P?

I'm recovering, like you wanted.

I want to take my place with you.

We still need to find a cure.

Look what you've done for me.

Look at my eye.

It's almost perfect.

But I'm afraid Evie has usurped us.

In the 20-odd years
since I Landed on your doorstep,

I've only seen you cry
a handful of times.

Now would be appropriate, if you like.

Will you get me
another cup of tea, love?

Of course.

Where's Sarah?

She's gone.

She go out?

Mummy left again.


She doesn't do that anymore.

She did.

No. Not like before.

'Cause that's not an option, is it?

Your mum can look after herself.

She's well good at that.

Darling, you listen to me.

Don't listen to S.
You listen to your little heart.

'Cause I'm gonna go
find her, all right?

Mmm-hmm. Okay.

You should know better.

Everything is gonna get worse
if Sarah goes off the rails.

You like it or not, but she's the give
that's holding us all together.


Two more.

Is anything recoverable?

The malware did exactly
what they intended,

completely obliterated your data.

Evie's covered her bases.

Without Kendall, without our
research on the synthetic sequences,

we have nothing.

We're back to square one.

We still have a live vector.

Which didn't work.

Every single test failed.

Why would we repeat an experiment if
we don't even know what the flaw is?

We don't know if we have
the right sequences,

or if it's even the right vector.

So let's think outside the box.

There you go.
Listen to your lab partner.

Yeah, she's dead, too.

No offense, Scottie.

Some taken, actually.

So there's gotta be something
you haven't thought of.

- What the heck is that?
- Sarah's bot.

I poached it from Evie's office.

Hey there, little buddy.

I wonder if you can tell us anything.

Cosima said the man who, uh,

pulled the trigger
was tall, bearded.

She thought maybe the
detective you tied to Beth.

It's Martin Duko.

That's Beth's union steward.

Does he work for Evie Cho?

He's the one who put Beth
under Evie's thumb,

drove her to try and kill Susan.

Thank you, Arthur,

for sticking with us.


It's the big clay, congratulations.
Your science has won.

Looks like
just in time, Dr. Van Lier.



A side effect of leaning
on immunosuppressants most of my life.

Well, you brought
gene therapy a long way.

Miles since we treated you
when you were a teenager, Evie.

Miles? Ian, you've always said,
"This is a science of nanometers."

I am so proud of you.

You have pending approval for the
world's first gene therapy implant.

It's affordable, it's effective...

So good,
even the Brightborn CEO is doing it.

You'll be first to take
the new generation of bot this week.

Those shingles will be
a thing of the past.

And so will human clones.

How are you feeling?

I'm fine, Mother.

Just glad you'll be here
to share in my retirement.

Yes, it's fortunate you found such
an ineffective means of suicide, Ira.


That's all right.

Let's just not talk
about it anymore.

- Are we ready?
- Mmm.


Evie. Laura. Raymond.

I thought it fitting that Rachel
represent LEDA in transition.

I was wondering
when you'd show up, Rachel.

Yes, I...

EVE". Cat got your tongue?

That's okay.
It's just a courtesy call.

So, the architecture of Neolution
is under our control.

Finance and Legal
are backing my patents now.

After investing billions?

Squandering for years.

LEDA will be
dismantled for its assets,

the monitor program terminated.

And my subjects?

Naive clones are being cut loose.

No need for a Helsinki event.
Their days are numbered, anyway.


Sarah and her self-aware sisters
are still a threat.

They won't get such humane treatment.

I can help with that.

We're fine, Rachel.

I'm not my sisters.
I'm Neolution bred.

Do you actually think
Neolution would let a clone

take a position of real importance?


Hey, now.


See, it's one thing to show up
on my doorstep looking for a favor,

but my local is another story.

I should've known this was the kind
of shithole that you would inhabit.

Hey, now, a man's
watering hole is sacred.

I'm here for this, that's it.
Don't worry.

- Well, cheers.
- Cheers.

Did you find out anything more
about that implant?

What'd I just say to you?

Oh, what do we talk about, then,
if not clones and conspiracies?

I dunno, titillate me.

Slippery nipple?

Slippery what?

Nipple. It's a kind of shot.
But this is just bourbon.

Bourbon's my drink.

- Is that your friend, over there?
- Yeah.

Yeah, that's Tito. I'm Elle.

- You wanna introduce us?
- I'd love to.

Come over.

You coming or what?

Wouldn't wanna miss anything.

Okay! The kids will
be here any second, Donnie,

so if you could be
of some assistance?


Ali, Gemma will still love you,

even if the decorations
aren't symmetrical.

Please don't, please.

I know you're just
trying to be strong,

but I really want you
to be able to talk to someone.

Even if that isn't me.

What does that mean?

I invited Reverend Mike over
to help with the ghost stories.

- Ahoy, there!
- Hi!


I'm not prepared for this.

- Hi!
- Hi!

I come bearing gifts and,
well, tidings of great joy.

Oh, I see that.
Thank you, Reverend.

Oh, Alison... So how are you?

Well, what a treat!

♪ I will always follow
what is moving through my bodyline

♪ I could never hold onto something
that doesn't stick inside

♪ You can try and follow
what is going on behind the vine

♪ Only you can understand
the logic that is in your mind ♪


Well, I think someone's
enjoying their holiday.

You know what, Elle? I am.
I am enjoying it, yeah.

So what part of London are you from?

I'm from right here and right now.

- I like this one, Elle.
- Oh, yeah?


- What's your story?
- Well, I'm a clone.

There's 22 of me
going around out there.

- Let's dance?
- Oh, you just said the magic words.

Hey, you gonna dance or what?

- No, Dizzy don't dance.
- What?


Come on.

Come on.

♪ I will always follow
what is moving through my bodyline

♪ I could never hold onto something
that doesn't stick inside

♪ You can try and follow
what is going on behind the vine

♪ Only you can understand
the logic that is in your mind ♪

Okay, uh...
It's almost jimjam time.

And that means
parents have to leave.

That's right, because my ghost
stories are not for grown-ups.

Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Do you want a little referee?
You want a soccer ball?

I want a soccer boot.

Okay. Well, there's a whole
plate full of those upstairs there,

grumpy little birthday girl.

There isn't. They're all burnt.

Okay, you know what?

If you want soccer boots,
you go upstairs

and you make a plate for your
friends and you give them out.


Egads. Kids' parties, huh?


I had a migraine
this morning, so it's just a bad mix.

Do you wanna hear some good news?

The pageant is finished,

so our stage is finally free
for the Hendrix-Stubbs musical revue.

Oh, wonderful.

Mike, you're a literal godsend.

I hear you're been having a...
A real difficult time lately, Ali.

No. No, no, no. No...

It's nothing insurmountable.

♪ You've got them all by the balls
causin' waterfalls

♪ Stone walls, bar brawls,
climbing stalls at concert halls

♪ To you they crawl, body sprawl
smokin' Pall Malls

♪ Close call, stand tall
Doll, you make them feel so small

♪ And they love it! ♪

Hey! Seen this girl?

- No.
- No?

Hey, man, seen this girl?

Whoa! Hey, now.

♪ The boys wanna be her
I wanna be her

♪ Yes, I do ♪

Oi! Hey, you seen this girl?

Come on, mate, look at her.
She's a pretty good-looking tart.

Judging by your accent,
I'd say you're related.

Oh, yeah?

Well, you look like
her type on a bender.

You seen her?

No. But if I do, who should
I say is calling on her?

Tell her to call her brother, yeah?

And not to piss about
'cause it concerns her daughter.

She has a daughter?

Yeah, sometimes.

♪ Listen up Voices scatter

♪ Listen up, listen up, listen up
Voices scatter

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her,
the girls wanna be her

♪ The boys wanna be her

- Bloody fantastic.
- Yeah.

♪ The boys, the girls

♪ The boys ♪

Where'd the Lieutenant
say he wanted to meet?

No, thank you, Sandy.

Yeah, I'm...
I'm on my way there now.

That was for Kendall Malone,
and this is for Beth!

You Fri...

You frickin' psycho.

You killed for them!
And all Beth wanted was the truth!

That's it, Arthur.
Gimme the shoe leather.

Get that outta your system?

That's pretty much
all you can do about that.

Ah, see, Duko,
we're just getting started.

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna bring 'em all down?

Yeah, starting with you.
Then Evie Cho.

You can't stop them.

But they're watching you.

Collaborating with Sarah.

Abetting the Hendrixes.

And what about Beth's shooting?

The cell phone in
the victim's hand?

Who really put that there?

They're coming for you, Arthur.

Then the only question you really should
be asking yourself right now is...

Is, "Where is that
next blow gonna land?"

How about right here?

The island is really big.

How big?

As big as a country.

We're in the fort,
and beyond the walls there's monsters.

I'm afraid we're
the only monsters here.

And it isn't an island.
It's more of a prison for us.

That's silly.

You're a big girl.
You need to know the truth.

You and I have a problem.
One that we share with Ira.

What is it?

You're sick.

You've already displayed symptoms.
That's why Susan's been testing you.

I always have tests, Rachel.
It's nothing to worry about.

Yes, it is.

There is no cure.
I'm sorry, Charlotte.

You're dying.
And one day I will be, too.

As Julia crept down the dark
hallway, towards the back door...

she heard it again.

The knocking.

And there on the back step

was her brother, Ryan.

His face was white,

like he had seen a ghost, or

was he a ghost?

Oh, hey.

It's you.
You're still here.

Well, I guess I am.
Got a problem with that?

You, like,
her boyfriend or something?

We met earlier, and we decided
to have an open relationship.

Well, whatever your kink is,
why don't you just piss off.

Oi, don't tell
my mate Dizzy to piss off.

Piss off.


- Wanker!
- Oh, easy!

- Hey, what did I just say?
- Don't touch her.

Come here! Come here!

- Come on.
- What, are you scared, ya...

- Come on, come on.
- Yeah, you come here!

Little wanker!

Oh, yeah, great, great.

Get the cops down here now.

It's like babysitting
some football hooligan.

West Hams!

West Hams!

Sing it! West Hams!

- That's enough.
- Yeah?

All right.

And where's our next drink coming from?

You rs?

- What's that?
- Mmm, something to take you down a bit.

Is that what you need?

Listen, uh...

I can be honest if you can.

Oh, he wants to talk.

I didn't help you find MK
out of the goodness in my heart,

- all right?
- Mmm.

I have a friend whose name is Ed.
He had one of those implants in, too.

He, uh... He was freaking out,
trying to get rid of it,

and they, uh, they killed him.

Is that Ed Capra?

That's right.
How do you know him?

You need to stop talking now.

All right. I can do that.


Your implant, it's gone.

How did you get rid of it?

I said I'm off the clock, didn't I?

Sarah, come on.

I'm out.

I don't fancy you either, mate.

Okay, never mind that
for a second, but just listen.

My... My friend Ed wasn't the only one

with one of those things
driving him crazy.

You know how to get rid of it.

I don't know anything!
All right?

I wanted a bit of fun.
You can't even get it up.


Stop following me!

I'm not! You're in my place.

Jesus Christ.

A ball of fire
made the ghosts explode!

And suddenly,

Julia found herself safe in her
bed, away from all the ghosts.

And she was drifting off to sleep
when she heard...

at her chamber door.

What happens, Daddy?

The door swung open,
and it was the ghost holding

a birthday cupcake!

- Okay, that's weird.
- I'll get it, I'll get it.

- Is it the ghost, Daddy?
- It might be the ghost, yeah.

With a birthday cupcake?

With a birthday cupcake.

I might eat it.


- Oh, my God!
- Donald Hendrix?

_oh, my God'!

You're under arrest.

- What are you doing?
- Down! Down!

Everybody get down!

Get down on the ground!

Get him up!

Hands behind your back.

Ow! Ow!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

What is this about?

It's a children's slumber party!

You're under arrest
for trafficking of narcotics.

You have the right to
the aid of attorney. Get up!

Come on.

If you can't afford one,
one will be provided.

- Oh, my God.
- Honey?

Call someone, I don't know...
I don't know who, maybe, maybe uncle...


- Where are they taking my husband?
- He's gonna be fine.

I'm taking your husband downtown.

And you and I,

we are going to need to keep in touch.

How are you holding up?

Kendall was quite a loss.

Hey, chicken.

You okay?

- I'm fine.
- Mmm.

No, you're not.

None of us are.

Is it really Mummy's fault Granny died?


It's a whole lot more
complicated than that.

Mummy thinks it's her fault.

That's why she ran away.

But she'll be back.

No, she won't.

This time she's following Beth.

Amazing how it healed itself.

Okay, so

we compared Sarah's
DNA pre- and post-bot.

We couldn't see any change.

Susan said it was looking for the gene
that controls the clone disease,

flipping switches on and off.

You think there's a chance
it could turn it off in you?

That's crazy.

It could just as easily
turn something else against you.

I know, it's too risky.

Plus, we wouldn't even know
how to implant it.

Cut a hole in my face and stick it in.

Probably not.

Hell Wiz ordered some food.

Come on, let's eat.

Hey, Cosima.

Got your favorite. There's, uh,
spirulina in the smoothie, too.

Aw, awesome. Thanks, guys.

just gonna grab...

Hey, Cosima?

Cosima, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'm trying to buy a train ticket.

I want out, and I don't
even have a credit card.

Here, use mine.

Oh, wait, you maxed it out already.

It's okay.
I didn't need it anymore.

I never knew you were funny.

That's a relief.

Oh, shit,
I'm talking to a dead person.

You gonna follow me
for the rest of my life?

Tonight's our last night, I hope.

Cosima. Cosima, please!

Open up the door!


Cosima, open the door!

- Cosima!
- Leave me alone, Scottie.

Cosima, come on.
Think for a second.

You've got no idea what this
thing is going to do to you.

It's risk versus reward.

In this case, the risk is so high

the reward is my death helps
the sisters understand the disease.

I didn't want this.
I didn't want you.

I didn't want any bloody sisters.
You hear me?

Leave me alone!
I wish you would just...

What are you looking at? Eh?

Piss off.

We would have been better off
if we never crossed paths.

God damn it, I'm so mad.

How mad do you have to get
to kill yourself, Beth?

It's only, like, 40 feet down.

If you screw that up,
you might just end up like Rachel.


So, now you're worried about Sarah?

Felix, Kira said something.

You know the way she is.

She said Sarah is following Beth.

Mum! This is what I was talking about.
This is what I tried to tell you.

Now, will you just...

Hang on.

Scott? Hello?

Cosima's locked herself in the lab,

and I think she might do something
medically crazy to herself.

Like what?

Scott, what? I have multiple
emergencies right now,

so you need to tell me.

She's at the end
of her rope, Felix.

She blames herself for Kendall.
She blames herself for Delphine.

Delphine! Oh, my God, Krystal.
I'm such an idiot.

I completely forgot.

Scott, okay, tell her to
pick up her phone, please.


Just keep going
towards the train station.

Thank you.
I'm looking for someone.

Cosima! Felix is calling.
Pick up!

Cosima, open the door!


Come on, pick up your phone, Cosima.
Pick up your bloody phone.

Dude, I think we way overbuilt that.

Cosima, answer your phone!

You need to talk to Felix!

Krystal told him something important.

Not a good time, Felix.

Whatever cracked out science thing
you're about to do,

I need you to stop
and I need you to listen to me,

because this is about Delphine.

What about her?

Somehow, during Krystal's misguided
but oddly effective investigation,

she found herself
on the trail of Delphine.

Now, she saw her get shot,

and that's bad.

But, Cosima,
she saw someone else pick her up.

And Delphine was alive
when they took her away.

Cosima? We're gonna
figure it out, okay?

Thank you.

We're in this together.
just hang on.

Oh, shit, shit.
Hey! Stop the car.

Please stop.
Cosima, I gotta go.

Can you just pull up over here, please?

Thank you.

There's more than
biology between us, Sarah.

There's something else.

You can feel it, too.

Oi, Sarah.

This isn't the way, is it?

You've gotta be
stronger than her, Sarah.

Bring us together, Sarah.

We need you.

Hello, Kira.

Who are you?

- How do you know my name?
- Don't worry. I'm a friend.

You're the girl in the shadows.

Am I? You can call me Mika.

Good morning.


Is anybody there?

Dear God.



Ira, did you see it?

What happened?

You must have hit your head.

It looked at me. I...

I saw something in my eye.

What a fine pair we are, aren't we?

♪ Jesus Christ Superstar ♪

Gonna give you a little
jail house 101.

The only people you should be
talking to are Alison and me.

You and Beth were right.
We can't do this alone.

You need to work with someone
who knows what they're doing.

Yo, Rachel.


No matter how bent Duko is,
she can't go killing a cop.

It's some black Irish shit.

You know, revenge first,
consequences later.