Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 5 - Human Raw Material - full transcript

A risky cover mission at Brightborn yields several big surprises. The rift between Sarah and Felix grows as she checks up on Adele.

Krystal Goderitch.

That's hot.

She's investigating this shit.

Identical twin abductors?

How freaky is that?

Things keep happening to me!


Sarah. This is Adele.
This is my biological sister.

We're going to pose
as prospective parents

to determine if this
is a Neolution front?

So who's going to be the father?

I am.

Portia Grossman's pregnant?

The Grossman's gave up
on IVF years ago.

Ask for the "Brightborn Treatments:

I'm Evie Cho, CEO and founder
of the Brightborn Group.

It's like a whole
new side to Neolution.

At Brightborn Technologies,

we're making the world a better place,

one baby at a time.

Sure you're ready for this?

- I'll kick your ass!
- That's the aggression.

Center your feet, feel the mat.

- Get off me!
- Great aggression.

You and your creepy brother!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What was that?

I'm sorry, I...

I got kidnapped by twins,
once, nearly. Ugh.

They killed my boyfriend, Hector.

Sometimes, it just takes a tragedy

to find your own resilience.

- Yeah, I feel you. Yeah.
- Do you know what I mean?

- Can we try other chokeholds?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, let me show you this one.
- Okay.

What you wanna do here is
change your leverage position, okay?

So give me an elbow to the midsection.


Shot to the groin. Perfect.

Like, you know, you can be a victim,

or you can totally get
to the bottom of it, you know?

Good. Good.

So I've been doing
all this Internet research,

and I've discovered that Dyad,
Hector and the twins,

- they're all connected.
- Okay, so...

Damn, girl.

What the hell you been doing
got you so strong?

I'm training like I'm on a mission...

- Can we do it again?
- You wanna do it again?

- Yes! Hell, yeah!
- Okay, all right.

- That's my girl, spin around.
- Okay.

I'm gonna be ready for them this time.

- From the top.
- Okay.

Shit, woman.


When you're painting,

you want to go side
to side if it's long.


And then things like the
clouds or the mountains

or the point of the castle,
'cause they're really high,

you have to paint up and down.

Is this like Uncle Felix's mural?

Don't tell Felix, but I like
this one much better.

Don't tell him.

Let me guess, you have to go?


Nothing's getting in the way
of our very fun day together!

- No!
- Not even dragons!

- Hey-
- Hey-

Did you see that research
that Alison sent?

Did you look at it?

Yeah, I, uh, glanced at it.

Her and Cosima are obsessed with this

Brightborn-IVF-Neolution connection.

Yeah, but that Evie Cho,
she was on the board of Dyad.

Oi, GeneConnexion?

That's the company Felix used
to find his bio-sister.

I don't know, is it?

They're owned by Brightborn.

- I knew there was something about Adele.
- No!

No, you don't.
It's probably just a coincidence.

I've researched everywhere.

Academic journals, medical forums.

I can't find any data

on the Brightborn treatments.

The enhancement for embryos?

"Enhancement" could mean anything.

Whatever these clients are paying for,

Brightborn isn't sharing it
with the scientific community.

Oh, dude.

The Exclusive Brightborn Orientation
is today.

I know, that's why
I'm trying to get Sarah

to hustle her way in with Donnie,

but she's
spending the day with Kira.

So I have to stuff 500 envelopes

and cancel my

- committee meeting on new math.
- Right.

What were you gonna
do in there exactly?

I don't know, Sarah things?

Skulk around, look miserable,
con people.

Okay, well, you don't even know

what you're looking for in there.

I know the science, I'll go.

Really? Are you feeling up to it?

Put me in, coach. I'm ready.

Okay, Donnie will pick you up.


Douglas Andrews, venture capitalist,

ready for Brightborn orientation.

The plans have changed,

Cosima is now carrying
your child, Donnie.


Okay. Urn, so, wait...

Is she gonna be co-parenting
this child with Julian and I

or is she just gonna be
carrying the baby?

Donnie, the baby's fake.
It doesn't matter.

Well, it matters
to get the story straight...

No, fitter-patter.


It matters.

Come on, slowpoke!

Yeah, you're too fast
for me there, babes.


Uncle Felix!


Hello, my little traveler, look at you!

Look at this jacket.
That's brilliant, isn't it?

- Did you paint all of this?
- I did.

Yeah, darling, I painted all of them.

- Ever hear of calling first?
- No.

S wants you to come to dinner.

- Is that a rocket ship?
- You can call it that.

I've met men who do.

Uh, this GeneConnexion thing,

the way you found Adele,
it's connected to Neolution.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, you're still on this?
I don't understand.

Yeah, I realize
it's a substantial retainer, Frank.

Oh, hi, Sarah.

But I'm expensive because
I'm worth it, Frank.


Ugh! Hi.

- Hey. You're still here.
- Hey.

Yeah, I never left. I love this city.

It's adorable.

What's your name?


Oh, hello.

Felix's real sister.

Real sister? How?

Uh, we have the same father.

I thought you didn't have a father.

Well, I didn't, but now I do.
Or, I did...

You know what? It's a long story.

All right! Anyone for mimosas?

So, why can't Douglas
wear a suit?

Mmm, 'cause if you can
afford Brightborn, you're beyond suits.

Uh, beyond Armani?

Trust me, I know these people.
I grew up in Northern California.

It's like the epicenter
of obscene wealth

and technological intervention.

Douglas is a high net worth individual
who's pining for a baby.

Whoa, hey, I know Douglas.
I already played him with Felix.

You can't come in
and just change my character.

- Okay, sorry.
- Douglas is chill.

- He's a chill dude, okay?
- Totally.

I'm gay, but I'm not,
like, super gay, so,

maybe don't play
the lesbian angle too much.

I'm just gonna let that one slide.

Wow, I look like
a geriatric skateboarder.

Yeah, it's perfect.

All right. Uh, this is you.

Alison makes kick-ass ID.

- Ava Jakubowski?
- Mmm-hmm.

I don't know.

Good afternoon.


May I get the names in
your conception team, please?

Yes, I'm Douglas Andrews.

Uh, here's my...

Ah, thank you.

- Perfect.
- Thanks.

Will your husband Julian
be joining us today?

No, Julian is closing a deal
in Palo Alto today.

But this is our surrogate Ava...

- jacket-jet-ski...
- Jakubowski.



Thank you.

- Welcome, Ava.
- Thanks.

We'll start with our
nondisclosure agreements.

Just sign where the stickers are.

Can I get a copy of this?

Uh, once you sign them, for sure.

These are your wristbands.

And orientation is
in the lounge in five.

You picked a good weekend.

Evie Cho is here in person.


Yeah, I'm in standby mode.

I could do a sibling DNA test.

Why do you need one?

Uh, no, no reason.
Where's Cosima?

She's, uh, out for a walk.

I mean, a day-long hike.

Some walking thing.

What? Scott, where is she?

You tell me, and I'll tell you.

Why do you need a sibling DNA test?

'Cause I'm trying to figure out

if Felix's bio-sister is real or not.

Okay. Get me hair or saliva samples.

And Cosima went undercover
into Brightborn.

She what?

This place is sweet.

She co-authored
Leekie's artificial womb project.

It's creepy shit.

Okay, well, if she's a high level Neo,

won't she know what a clone looks like?

Just blend.

I need to find the lab.



Is this your first Brightborn baby?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Yeah.

My son Georgie is two now

and he is just perfect.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

Good afternoon, everyone.

There's Evie.

I love her.

Thank you.

So, why are we all here?

Uh, peace of mind, personally.

All due respect to natural childbirth.

Yes, nature can be cruel.

When my parents
rolled their genetic dice,

a single mutation turned me into

"The girl in the plastic bubble."

My immune system
was severely compromised,

a condition known as SCID.

Severe combined immunodeficiency.

I had pneumonia eight times.

I had a bone marrow transplant.

The doctors told us this was my life.

But the Chos are a fierce
and stubborn family.

My pa rents,

they lobbied, researched,
and mortgaged our home to keep going.

In 1994, I entered
an experimental gene therapy trial.

By the time I graduated
from bioengineering,

I was in full remission,

and as an engineer,
when I see a flaw, I wanna fix it.

First position, heels together.

Very nice. Perfect. That is so good!

Aren't you a bit tall for ballet?

Ha! Puberty was a real heartbreak.


Now, think of your hips
as a bowl of fruit.

So, you don't wanna tilt one
side or the other too much,

'cause then your
grapes are gonna go fallin' out, right?

All right, so, second position.
You remember it?

Yeah! And, beautiful.

Oh, my gosh, you are so good!

Mmm. Mmm.

You are a very talented dancer.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Is that why you're always traveling?
You on tour?

I went to go live in Iceland
with my granny.

In Iceland? Wow!

I thought your foster family was Irish.

Yeah, yeah, Irish travelers,
so no fixed address.

Do you know how to dance
like an Irish traveler, huh?

I don't know.

Uh, Kira, we gotta go.

- Aw!
- Already?

Gonna go see Scottie.
Check out some comics!


Good. Sorry, big day.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Oh, my God.

I'm late.

I'm late for my own pregnancy.

That's fine.

Your name, please?

Christine Wingham.

I have heard so much about you guys.

I am so excited about my own
little Brightborn baby.

So, what makes
a Brightborn baby different?

And why is it so expensive?

The fees aren't
just for five-star services.

They fund research.

Our exclusive technology

identifies and enhances
your most viable embryos.

Enhances your embryos how?

I have no idea, I'm very lost.

Brightborn can
actually help you do that.

And that is my cue.

Again, welcome to Brightborn.

Your child will thank you.

Hi, everyone, I'm Dr. Bosch.
Check your wristbands.

Red, you're off for a facilities tour.
Blue, stay put. Hey.

We're gonna talk
about pre and post natal care.

And I'll be able to answer
any of your questions.

I'm gonna snoop around.

- Hey. Be careful.
- Find the lab, okay?

Legitimately signing
my life away here.

This is a lot of paperwork.

I'm just kidding, but I'm willing

to make that sacrifice, you know?

As a mother, it's worth it.

Susan, welcome.

Evie, such a beautiful facility
you've built here.

Ira loves the pool.


I didn't know you were coming too, Ira.

The incident at your dental clinic
is all of our concern.

It was Sarah Manning and her people
who killed your technician.

Which is what I wanna tell you, Susan,

I think your runaway clone is here.

Sarah Manning's at Brightborn?

I saw her conning
her way into orientation.

I'll get Roxie to pick her up.

Not yet!

Let me see her first.

No jaundice, no colic.

He sleeps well. Latched right away.

I gotta say, I get a little...

choked up when I come back here.

We were ready to adopt and...

And I'm sure our family
would have been full of love,

but wanting a baby,
it's a natural urge.

Not just an urge,
it's an imperative.

Every living species
seeks to propagate.

Our genes have a selfish drive
to multiply.

Would you like to hold him?

Oh, yeah.


Hey, buddy. How are ya?


Oh, my God, he's so cute!

Look at him and his little dimples.

Hello! Hello, Mr. Dimples! Look at him.

He's adorable.


I have to go shit.

Salt water pools.
Shiatsu and Swedish massage.

Body wraps and yoga.

Our birthing suites
feature squat bars, rocking chairs,

jacuzzi tubs and extra rooms
for friends and family.

Yeah, I know.

I'm just gonna
grab a smoothie, two seconds.

- Where are you going?
- I'll be right there.

You have back-to-back
C-sections right now.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Fine, I'll be down in the lab.

Excuse me,
the other floors are off limits.

Are you with a group?

Uh... Uh, yeah. Yeah.




I wanted to, uh, show you something.
Do you, um...

Do you know who this is?

It says she's Alison Hendrix.

Uncanny, right? How much

she looks like Beth.

- I don't see it.
- And you maintain that position.

You don't wanna go sticking
your neck out for the Hendrixes.

And why's that?

Detectives Collier and Lindstein,

they have them
on the Pouchy-Pozinho thing.

The triple homicide?

Not yet, but they do have
a move on Pouchy's pills.

And you know what?

They sold the drugs
through a soap store.

Bubble bath and shit.

Unbelievable, right?

Well, what goes on in the suburbs
never ceases to surprise.

So, one cop to another?

Focus on your real family.

Your kids, your ex.

Let Beth go.

You and Cosima,

you guys have to fight
all the bad guys.

Is this like the dream
that you were telling Cosima about?

With the sisters in it?

- No.
- No?

So, um, do you wanna talk
about anything else?

About your dad, or...

I just wanna play with you.

You just wanna play?

All right.

I'm assaying 16 key loci,
shouldn't be too long.

You want the glass back?

And that will confirm that...

Not 100%, but I should be able
to tell if they're siblings.



Art, what's going on?

What the hell are the Hendrixes up to?

I don't know. What are they up to?

Duko just warned me
to steer clear of them.

He says they're dealing
pills out of Bubbles.

- What?
- You don't know anything about this?

Come on, no.

'Cause I have looked the other
way on a lot of shit for you guys.

But if I had dinner in a drug front,
I'm exposed.

I'll... I'll deal with it, all right?

Okay, you do that.
You're on your own on this one.

That doesn't sound good.

Yeah, um...

Do you guys wanna
just play up here for a bit?

And I'm gonna call Auntie Alison.

Please tell me you're not drug dealers.

Former, okay?

Yes, we dabbled briefly
in prescription pharmaceuticals,

but that's all done now.

And as I recall, when we met,

you were trying to offload
a kilo of cocaine!

That was for Kira. I was desperate.

Yes, well, so were we.

We were gonna lose our house, Sarah.

I don't care about your bloody house.

Art's job is on the line here.

Okay, I get it, you're mad.
I understand.

But what do the cops know?
Did Art mention Helena?

What? What about Helena?

Mmm, nothing.

Alison, I swear to God, if you don't...

She seems to have disappeared.

- She's left.
- Left?

Yes, I don't know,
yesterday or the day before.

There's camping gear missing.

Camping gear missing?
Where is she?

I don't know. Look, I'm not
your preggo sister's keeper.

Okay, you dumped Helena
on us three months ago,

only to bring all this crap back on us.

You are so self-righteous,
you know that?

- Hello?
- Bitch.


Is this seat taken?

Oh, don't stop reading on my account.

We encourage our clients to be diligent.

Did you have any questions
I might answer?

I'm Susan, by the way.

Ava. Hi.

Uh, I'm not a lawyer
or anything, but...

I just noticed that under, urn,


"Written notice within 36 months
of any remaining embryos."

So does that mean
that if I don't notify,

my embryos just become
property of Brightborn?

You can't own an embryo.

They're donated, for research.

What kind of research, exactly?

Oh, it's all rather technical, actually.

- Oh, sorry.
- Oh!

I'm a...
I was a biology major.

So I noticed
that in all of the pictures...

Thank you, by the way.

Uh, the babies have dimples.

It's highly unlikely for that
to express itself in every child.

Perhaps babies with dimples
are more likely to be photographed.

So it's my confirmation bias, then.

- Perhaps.
- Right.

When you say embryonic enhancements,

what exactly is that referring to?

Is that mitochondrial transfer, or...

We have been very successful
at eliminating

certain genetic risk factors.

There's some kind
of screening process, then?

Our technique is more direct.

You don't mean germline editing?

Altering the DNA of...

an embryo is very risky.

Any mistake and that mutation
is passed on to future generations.

And that is why germline editing
is illegal in most countries.

- Mum!
- What?

I tell you about my dreams sometimes.

It's not like that.

What's it like, then?

Do you wanna talk to S about it instead?


Oh, hiya, Pumpkin.

- They, uh, just popped round for dinner.
- Yeah, I see that.

Thanks for the invitation.

Good for you!
Oh, urn, Sarah...

Okay, earmuffs.

Um, Felix told me
about your little immigration issues.

I just wanted to say, I never was

here in your hideout, all holed up.

Not that it's a hole.
It's lovely.

It's okay.

I thought we were taking this
whole new family thing slow, Fee?

Stop, please. Don't even start.

I'm sorry, did we not agree on that?

- Stop!
- Okay! Okay!

A word, please.



They always do this.

- There you are!
- Jesus Christ!

- Sorry! Listen to me.
- Dude, I've got a key-card.

- I'm going up to the lab.
- Great. Listen to me!

There's another clone here.

What? Who?

Big blonde hair, perfect nails?

Voice like a can opener?

Krystal Goderitch?

Who is she?

Why is she at Brightborn?

Trying to have a baby? I don't know.

She doesn't even know she's a clone.

Dude, she's gonna screw this all up.

You have to go stop her.

Find out what she's doing
and get rid of her, okay?

Okay. Wait, how?


Clean up after me.

It would be great
if you could honor the fact...

- Hey! Hey!
- That we need a safe house.

You agreed not to bring her here,

and then you just walked her right in.

It's a safe house, Fee.

You're paranoid.

The two of you, you're bloody paranoid.

Kira's here.

We have a right to be
suspicious of Adele.

No! No, you don't, okay?

'Cause she's my sister.

I know it in my heart.

- Deal with it, Sarah.
- I guess we'll find out.

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

I sampled you both.
Scott's doing a DNA test.

You poached our DNA?

Hey, hey...

Uh, can I help you?

I was looking to get a massage.

You're not supposed to be back there,
that's for employees only.

- Like myself.
- Oh.

Okay, I'm just like,
very tight back here, so...

just allow me to...

just, like, right in there.


Um, we have a schedule here, so...

Let me just...

Okay, good news,
I have an appointment available

right now, if you're interested.

- Great, I'll take it.
- Okay.

It's with myself.



Let's do ourselves a massage.

Uh, if you'll follow me. The room is...

over here.

There it is.

And if you wanna just take your
dress off and just lie on your face.

And I will be in there.

That is not Sarah Manning.

That is Cosima Neihaus.

- Mmm, the self-aware biology student.
- What?

She's quite perceptive.
Amazing, really...

the innate human drive
to know the truth of ourselves.

Yes, that's amazing, Susan,

but have we forgotten
what happened the last time

a perceptive clone
came poking around my side of things?

It did not end well.

I know you hate to intervene,
Susan, but, uh...

Evie's right.

Yes, I suppose she's come too far.

Bring her in.

Rig ht away.


- Are you decent?
- Mmm-hmm.

I see you've made yourself comfortable.


Someone seems a little tense.

1 am.

God, you're so intuitive.

I'm actually in the healing arts, too.

Oh, are you a doctor, or...

No, I'm a beautician.

So, basically, I, like, um,
help people reveal their true beauty.


Wow, that sounds so wonderful.

The hardest people
though are, like, pregnant women.

'Cause they're very self-centered,
you know?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, 'cause the mums are like...

"No toxins, please," but I'm like,
"Mummy has a mustache.

"Mama needs bleach."

Do you know what I mean?


Yeah, you know, I find this whole

Brightborn thing kinda creepy...

You don't even know the half of it.

Can I trust you?

Of course.

Healer to healer.

MY purse.

Okay, um...

To tell you the truth, I'm on a
professional investigation right now.

Do you know the Dyad Institute?

I don't think so.

Well, I truly believe
that along with Brightborn,

they're conducting human experiments.

Stem cells in cosmetics.

I'm sorry, in what?

There is this woman

and she got stem cell
treatment in her face,

and every time she blinked, it clicked.

Guess why?

- Uh, I don't know.
- Guess.

Um, she...

'Cause she was growing teeth
out of her eyelids.

Read it.

Eyelid teeth?

Yes, and I'm being personally targeted,

because I'm a whistle-blower, right?

I'm like that guy who moved to Russia.

And if that French blonde doctor
hadn't saved me,

I would be, like,
physically dead right now.

French doctor, do you mean Dr. Cormier?

How do you know that name?

How do you know that name?

Don't worry.

Don't worry,
I'm actually here to help you, Krystal.

How do you know my name?


That's right, massage faker!

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

I'm sure you are. Come with me, please.

Let go of me.


Ow! Ow! Ow!


What are you doing?
Like, where are you taking me right now?

I didn't do anything wrong.

Excuse me, do you talk?

Hello? This isn't fair, I didn't...
I didn't do anything!


No, okay? This isn't right.

I know you can hear me.

Fine. I stole these, okay?

I'm sorry, I'm a beauty professional.
I'm interested in the trade.

Evie, that's Krystal Goderitch.

I'm sorry, who's Krystal Goderitch?

Krystal is a naive subject.

I'll speak with security,
get them to track down the right LEDA.

This is so ridiculous.

She has some delusions about
her circumstance, but she's harmless.

I just came here to have, like, a baby.

No! Let me go!


Get it out!

Get it out. I can't do it.

Where are you taking me?

Well, I feel like a zit.

It's kinda weird, right?

Me just popping up out the blue.

Darling, you don't have
anything to apologize for, okay?

You're a little, uh, unexpected.

Plus, I'm a total disaster.

You know, since my daddy died,
I've just been, like...

Like, off the rails.

I'd probably think I was after
Fee's money or something.

Thankfully, no problem there.

So, is it expensive, GeneConnexion?

Hmm, sorry?

GeneConnexion. The way you found Felix.

- Chicken?
- Is that quite expensive?


No. No, it's cheap.
Everyone's doing it.

Spit in a cup, mail it off.

I don't know
that everyone's comfortable

coughing up their genetic profile
to a corporation.

Can you back off?

That better not be
contraband food I see there.

Back to your room, go on, get going.

All right.

Okay, Tabitha, I'm going
to need a urine sample from you.

Can I have Denelle's OR slot?

Give me a break.

She sounded pretty far along.

Do you wanna get paid?

Yeah, it's just,
it's my son's birthday this weekend.

I was supposed to be done by now.

Honey, you know you can't leave.

You'll be disqualified from the study.

Now, come on,
let's get you to the washroom.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I think I only have three faces.

Hey, so why GeneConnexion?

Oh, this again?

Well, there's a lot
of other companies that do it.

I... I don't know.

I mean, maybe the commercials.

GeneConnexion, your family finders

Yeah! I didn't really know
what it meant though, until I saw

Felix's face for the first time.

Oh, I was expecting
a Republican with big hair.

- What's a Republican?
- Oh.

let's not give you nightmares.

Kira, you're finished, so,
come on over, take your plate.

You can help me do dessert.

Go easy.

Yeah, nothing's ever easy
with you, though, is it, Sarah?

I guess not.

Are you an arsehole,

or is it just that thing in your face?

So, did you submit your DNA first?
Or did Felix?

Sarah, I'm sorry
I'm such an albatross for you.

- I love my new brother.
- I just don't believe that.

- Really?
- No.

I should just go.

No, you know what?
I think you should stay.

Maybe you should go, hmm?

- Felix!
- What?

Come on!

MRS. - What age are you?

Hey, Scott.


Oh, okay.

Yep. Yeah, thanks. Okay.

Sorry, Adele, I had, um...

I had you and Felix, uh,
genetically tested.

I thought we already did that.

Yeah. Yeah, you did.

She's my sister, isn't she?

Yeah. Yeah, she is, yeah.

May we be excused?

Yes, love. Of course you can.

It's okay.

Great. Well, I guess this meal's over.

Sit down. Finish your dinner.

Welcome to the family.

Sh it, sorry.

Thank you.

We've got a carrier fully dilated.
Give me a hand.

Come on.

Oh... Oh, God, I'm gonna push.

- Not yet.
- Oh, please.

They promised it would be a C-section!

Too late for that now.

She's fully dilated, spines plus one.
Can you call the OB?

Dr. Moffat's such an ass.
I bet he went to get a smoothie.

Hey, I'm in the carrier ward, four west.

I'm with Denelle. Batch 42.
We need an OB.

That's it. Nice and slow.

Let's get her on to her side.

Hey, it's okay.

It's okay. Just breathe, okay?

You have children and mothers,
do you know what I mean?

No, we apologize greatly, greatly
for the misunderstanding.

You're gonna hear
from my lawyer about this.

Sure, and you are
more than welcome to...

Calm down, Ms. Wingham.

Do you know who you employ here?

Ms. Wingham, stay calm.
Everything is okay!

That face?
I have seen that face before!

It's okay.
Things are okay.

I thought it was Braxton Hicks.

The contractions
were mild and irregular.

Not anymore.
She's fully dilated, spines plus two.

Slide down
the bed for me, Denelle.

My mum said this was wrong.

Grab her legs.

There's meconium. Call the resus team.

Yeah, I need a resus team
for a met delivery, four east.

Oh, God! Oh, God, forgive me.

The head's coming.

God forgive me.

One more big push!

That's it, one more last push.

She's out. Get the IV.


Positive for BP syndrome,
orofacial clefts,

ectodermal anomalies,
severe popliteal webbing.

Cosima? Remember me?



Perhaps we should discuss
why you're really here.

I finally meet my maker
and this is what you're doing.

You're allowing emotions
to cloud your judgment.

Think like a scientist.

Brightborn has identified genes

that eliminate dozens
of childhood illnesses.

These are human beings
that you're tinkering with.

Trial and error without consent.

These carriers are
very well compensated.

And does that justify
the baby that I saw?

Evie, give us the room.

I'm sorry.

It is a passionate subject
for all of us.

How can you even support this?

You don't even know
the long-term effects of it.

Look at me, I'm sick.

I never gave
permission for any of this.

No one gives permission to be born.

I created you as a beautiful baseline,

to unlock the mysteries
of the human genome.

We're your Oncomice.

And you have seen the alternative.

The carriers? The device in Sarah?

These are brutish techniques
compared to LEDA.

We're not giving you Kendall
so you can make more lab rats.

Cosima, you're dying.

And you know that you don't have
the resources to save yourself.

But share the original's genome,

and together, we can make
a cure for all of you.

Sorry, I ruined dinner.

We still had a really fun day.



Your sisters...

I know how they feel sometimes.

How do you mean?


Cosima, when she's sad.

Helena, when she's lonely.

Rachel's the angriest.

There's even some I don't know.

I'm sorry, monkey. I didn't understand.

Those aren't dreams.

So, what are they?

I don't know, monkey.

I wish I did.

I feel you, too, Mummy.

I love you.

It's up to them now.

Were you able to reason with her?

We are as close to the original
as we have ever been.

To a cure?


my love.

Susan Duncan?

We can start work on a cure.
If you just share Kendall.

Just my bloody luck.

Sarah, you watch your back.
This is what killed Beth.

Oh, my god!

- Oh, Jesus.
- God, it burns.

If I pull it out
it could rupture.

You're doing really well, Sarah.

There's some kind of Trojan
wiping our research.

- Are you out of your mind?
- Benjamin!

I may not have that much time, Sarah.