Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 3 - The Stigmata of Progress - full transcript

As Sarah reels from the shocking discovery of Neolution's biotech, she's desperate to find answers. Always impulsive, she follows a lead into a harrowing encounter that requires the help of a reluctant new player. Eager to assist, Mrs. S strikes an alliance with an old nemesis. Rachel receives a visit from her keeper and takes a fraught step forward towards recovery. Meanwhile, Helena is mistaken for "Mrs. Hendrix" when she answers a visit from suspicious visitors.

I quit.

I killed Doctor Leekie.

We can't risk transporting him.

Then we bury him in the yard.

Not in the yard.

Mr. Pouzhino, if you could
reimburse us for the pills.

There's no refund, Mr. Hendrix.

I got refund.

She said you're going to be my new mum.

- Who?
- Professor Duncan.

- Welcome home.
- Mother.

Hey, welcome to The Rabbit Hole!

Secret lab
under a comic book shop...

what more could a girl want, right?

Congratulations. You're having twins.

I have to tell my sestra.

I've been looking for my birth family.

- What?
- It's about me finding out who I am.

It's right there.

I've heard rumors
of high-level Neos with implanted tech,

but this is next level.

I think there's something in my jaw.

What is that?

Okay, Rachel. Let's begin.

I'm going to flash the light
on your eye.

Now off.

On. Now off.

Yes, I've gleaned the pattern.

Thank you.

- Any discomfort to report?
- No.

Restricted motility?

- Unusual discharge?
- No.

It looks like Pluto.

Pluto isn't even a planet, you know.

It's a runt, like your eye.

That's not very nice.

How would you like if
I teased you about your...

Malformed leg?

I wouldn't let it bother me.

You say that

but you don't get to decide
what bothers you or not.

That's why it bothers you.

Like our friend Ira, here.

Follow the pen, please.

I can see it's still
quite photosensitive.

You've been away.

What makes you say that?

You've missed three
consecutive treatments

reinforcing my suspicion that

wherever we are is somewhat isolated.

A day's journey out and back.

She thinks you went
to fetch Professor Duncan.

Locked in this room for six
weeks without a single visit.

When can I expect her?

You shouldn't expect anything.

I'm going to apply a small
amount of Neomycin...

Yes, I know the process.

And you're a pale shade
of CASTOR, aren't you?

Your brothers may be lackeys,
but at least they're men.

As I have never met them,
I don't carry the same...

antipathy towards my siblings as you.

Chin, please.

I know Susan's back.

She's watching us right now.

No one is watching.

Ew, pigment treatment. I hate this part.

It's what's necessary for her
eye to look normal again.

Now that the
tomb door has been opened,

my cave spiders can take
their rightful place

in the unholy depths.

Your role, fair Syndrael.

Your mum'll be up soon.

They never tell me when things are bad.

But I always know.

- Holy cow.
- What's it doing to me?

Uh, it looks like it's latched on.

You see that? There's some kind
of attaching mechanism.

Is it penetrating the maxillary artery?

What... What does that mean?

Penetrating the artery.
Why would it do that?

I don't know. I mean...
We'd be guessing.

So guess. What's it doing to me?

Oh. It looks like
there's some non-organic core.

See that, in the tissue?
That could hold a payload.

Well, it's not a tracking device.

At least not primarily.

It's way too over-built for that.

And it must produce some anesthetic,

like a leech when it latches on.

That's why she doesn't feel it.

What does it do?

I'm sorry, Sarah. I'm...

Without further study,
there's no way of knowing.

This one's igneous.

This one's sedimentary.

Did you learn that
in your online courses?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Lucky you.

I'm not allowed a computer...

much less a window to the world.

What's "Adam's rib"?

An archaic religious reference.

Where did you hear that?

I knew you were back.

Hello, Rachel.

Good. Look at you.
That is demonstrable progress.

You can go to hell.

If I can't find MK, I need
to find this Dizzy guy.

- Who now?
- The guy who showed me the video.

Maybe he knows how to take
it out without killing me.

Listen to me. I have reached out.

We are going to find a doctor
who can remove it.

But you have to get some rest.

When did you last get any sleep?

I need to tell Fee.

Okay. At least I know
where to find you there.

Sarah, if Felix wants to
search for his blood family,

we have to support him.

I can't think about that right now.

Let's see if you can stand up

to the power of Lord Merick Farrow.

You still with me?

Kira, what are you doing?

- This game is stupid.
- Kira!

Hey, what's going on here?

I knocked over the game.

- You did?
- It was just an accident.

Hey, you behave, all right?
I've got a lot to do today.

I'll be back soon. Yeah, sorry.

S is downstairs if you need her.

Do you have to go so deep?

Honey, if I don't go deep,

I'm not gonna feel anything.

Um, yeah.

You're gonna wanna get
all the way to the back,

right behind the wisdom tooth.

I'm definitely pretty far back there.


Okay, uh, now slide your
finger down into the cheek.

Anything there?

Honey, honey. Be still. Be still.

Nope. Feels normal. Both sides.

God! What... What is that
godforsaken thing?

Is it harming Sarah?

Uh, apparently Neolutionists
get them, like, voluntarily.

Some kind of research device maybe.

Biometric data collection?
We just... We don't know.

Wait, they're in Neolutionists?

to Sarah's contact; Yeah.

If you had one to study,
would that be helpful?

Invaluable. Yeah, why?

Just thinking out loud.

Ali, we are not gonna
exhume the dead guy in our garage.

That is a haywire plan.

Donnie, my sister has
a robot maggot in her face.

You tell me what the solid plan is.

Exactly. Now go rent a jackhammer.

Maybe we should just buy one.



- Hi!
- Who are you?

Oh, you're expecting Felix.

I'm sorry.

My brain's a little...

Splat! You know?

Yeah, he said he had a hook-up.
He must've pulled the trigger.

I just gotta find my bag.

Uh, mind you, I was picturing
a fat-legged man wearing Crocs.

No offense.

It's just how y'all look
where I come from.

It is molly that we're getting?

- Uh...
- You know what? It don't matter.

I'm not that choosy
this time in the morning.

Here we are.

All right, how much do I owe you, honey?

Who are you?

Why are you
going through Felix's stuff?

Wow, you are protective
for a drug dealer.

- You don't see that very often.
- Adele...

- It's kind of weird.
- You should see

how crisp it looks outside. It's like...

- Oh, shit.
- What's this all about, then?

Sarah, this is Adele.
This is my biological sister.

- Hi.
- This is my foster sister.

Oh, Sarah.


I'm such a half-wit.

Oh, of course, you're Sarah. Wow!

You don't happen to be
a drug dealer, too, do you?

- Not any more. No.
- Oh, okay.

That would've been too handy.

Well, this calls for a celebration.

Actually, Adele,
I need to talk to my brother privately,

- if you wouldn't mind.
- Uh-huh. Absolutely. Yeah.

Two. What?

What is wrong with you?


I told you that
I was gonna look for my family.

- I didn't know you'd met her.
- She is so bloody cool, okay?

You are gonna think she's amazing.

She's a lawyer. Or she was.

But there's some kind of,
like, disbarment situation

- or something, so she...
- How high are you right now?

Quite, I'd say, if I had
to put a number to it.

- Why?
- Well, something came up,

so tell her you need to rain check.

No, I will not.

It's important, Fee.

Well, this might come as a shock to you,
but this is important to me, too.

This is a profound moment for me.

How do you even know she's your sister?

She's probably a Neolutionist plant.

- Adele, what's your favorite color?
- Red.

- What's your favorite drink?
- Oh, this one's nice.

You ever had sex for material gain?

Who hasn't? Come on.

I can see you're upset. I get it.

But this means a lot to me,

and frankly, I'm not just gonna
drop all my shit yet again

because you're short a sidekick.

Then you can piss off.

Great. You too, then.

Uh, here.

Thank you, Donnie Hendrix.

Hey, um, I need you
to watch the kids for a few hours.

Alison and I have
a project in the garage.

- What is project?
- Nothing for you to worry about.

Sarah won't answer my calls.
I can help with trouble.

Well, sometimes your kind of help
isn't the kind that's needed.

Know what I mean?

Uh, just gestate and watch the kids.

And nobody goes in the garage. Clear?

Like crystals.


Hey, why don't we
close that fridge door?

All right. Who the hell are ya'?

I just wanna talk. Can I come in?

You stole my phone.

I brought it back.

I'm Sarah. I'm MK's sister.

Didn't mean to lie.
I just was trying to find her.


Listen, whatever your deal is,
I'm gonna take a pass.

Yeah. Hey.

Holy Jesus.

Just give me five minutes.

I, uh, started hearing some
chatter a couple months ago.

Piece of tech like that turns
up, word travels pretty fast.

What do people think it's for?

There's a bunch of theories.

A biometrics monitor,
a delivery system, like for insulin,


What do you think it's for?

I think, uh...

you're not gonna like my answer.

I don't like any of the answers.

Why place it in the jaw,
where so much can go wrong?

If it's for insulin, like,

why not your thigh or your gut?

I don't know. You tell me.

Proximity to the brain?


You know what? Don't mind me.
It's just a theory.

I need to get in touch with MK.

How do you contact her?

"How do I contact my own sister?"
What's that all about?

I didn't even know I had one
'til a couple days ago.

Well, you don't find MK. She finds you.

But if you wanna tell me
what's going on,

maybe I could help.

You can help me by telling me
who that guy in the video is.

Please, I need to get it out.

Word going around,
his name was Alonzo Martinez.

I should think
you'd be grateful, Rachel,

testing one of
the first cybernetic eyes.

Back on your feet again
thanks to Ira's help.

Perhaps she's upset because
her pituitary hormone therapy

has given her facial hair.

Nonsense. I can't see it at all.

I kept thinking

why else would she disappear
for two months without a word?

Now I smell it.

You failed to find the original,
haven't you?

So, Sarah Manning and her people
have outfoxed us again

while you leave CASTOR
and LEDA alone in a...

bloody terrarium.

Well, at least she's kind to Charlotte.

Yes, I'm glad you are forming
a bond with the child.

She's had an unfortunate
series of guardians.

Charlotte was cloned from you, you know.

Adam's rib.

400 attempts, I believe.

Not a viable way to replicate you,
but important nonetheless.

Get out.

- I beg your pardon?
- I prefer to eat alone.

I have given you everything.

The keys to the future.

And your obsession
with Sarah Manning blinded you.

You failed to find the original.

You failed to cure us by other means.

Just leave me here to die alone.

You are the failure, Rachel.

You carry my last name,

and you are the biggest
disappointment of you all!

Why would you upset her like that?


- Ah, Jesus. There it is.
- Okay.

Is it soft?

Oh, God. It must be
like a root cellar down there,

keeping him moist.

Oh! Oh, God, the smell.

Bear down, Donnie. Almost there.

Oh, God,
it smells like hot garbage juice.

- What?
- I said it smells like...

It smells like hot garbage juice.

- Sarah.
- Hey.

- Jesus, you okay?
- Yeah.

Come on in.

The missing cheek case.

- That's what Beth was onto.
- Yeah.

Implanted Neolution tech.

God, Sarah.

They put one of these things
in your mouth, too?

I'm too scared to even
bloody brush my teeth, Art.

Oh, Jesus, Sarah.

Art, I have to get this thing out.

You really do.

S and Benjamin are looking into doctors,

but I don't know which doctor's gonna
even know what to do with this.

It exploded in that guy's face.

Wait, you said you had a name.
Maybe I can help.

- Alonzo Martinez.
- Okay.

Listen, I'mma head down to the station
and see what I can dig up, okay?

Sarah, you stay here. Get some rest.

You look like you need it.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

I met Julian Schnabel once

at a retrospective in LA.

I was sort of bulimic at
the time, so I thought...

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I thought it would be fun
to leave a puddle of barf

in front of Dog in the Revolving Door.

What! Oh, my God.

What I would give to barf on a Schnabel.


Now, Felix...

I know you didn't go to all the trouble
of finding me for a drinking buddy.

No. All right.

Okay, your dad, my dad. So weird.

- It's crazy.
- He was an American,

and he had an affair in England,
with a dancer.

That's right.

I barely knew my birth mum actually,

'cause, you know, she died like...

I was really young,
and then I fell into the foster system,

and then I bounced around
here and there for a bit

until Siobhan adopted me.

- Do you remember your mom?
- It's more like I...

have a sense of her.

Like, you know, I can feel her presence,
or I got this sensation.

A beam of sunlight comes
through the window

and falls just a certain way.


Yeah, but so your mum, she knew, then?

About the affair, yeah.
Yeah, not about you.

That came out on his deathbed, so...

I spat in a cup for Gene-Connection.

Here we are.

Family science.

So what does your other family think
about you looking for your roots?

Your foster sister seemed like
she was pretty upset.

To be honest?
You know, I don't really care.

- Helena.
- Sestra, you finally answered.

I have news to tell you.

- Yeah, sorry I haven't been, uh...
- I am having twins.


Meathead, that's huge.

- Are you okay?
- Yes, much okay.

Because I know
they will always have each other.

Like us.

- But, sestra, can I say something?
- Yeah, yeah.

I don't want them to grow up like me.

Yeah, I get that feeling.

Doorbellings. I have to go.

Okay. You, urn, rub that belly for me.

- I will rub it.
- Okay.

Mrs. Hendrix? I'm Detective Lindstein.
This is Detective Collier.


We're investigating a triple homicide at
a local garage a few weeks back.

Can we come in?

We just have a couple of questions,
Mrs. Hendrix. It won't take long.

Yes. I will kindly offer
to take your coats.

No, we're good.

After examination,
we were able to place the incident

12 to 24 hours before
his arrival on the scene,

putting it at some time
during the previous day.

We're building
a timeline of that day,

so any details could help.

Hello, husband Donald.

- Some detectives are here.
- Oh!

Okay. Uh...

What is this pertaining to?

Homicide, of several Portuguese.


Why don't you join us, Mr. Hendrix?

Yeah, of course. Of course.

I'll get myself cleaned up a bit.

I will continue to be hostess.

Okay, honey. Uh...



- Heavens, Donnie, what is it?
- Police. Living room.

- With Helena.
- For this?

No, for Pouchy's garage.


Christ on a crab cake!
Get in there, Donnie. Go!

It's from Benjamin.

He might have found a doctor
who can help Sarah.

Oh, you want
me to keep an eye on Kira?

- Is that okay?
- Yeah.

- Do you mind?
- Of course.

Thank you.


I, um, I have to go out,
just for a little while,

but you stay here with Auntie Cosima.

I'll let you know
if Benjamin's found someone to help.


Should we do
a little science experiment?



Ooh, you're exhausted, hey?

Why don't we go make a little
nap nest on the couch?

- Yeah?
- I was dreaming.

- Just now?
- All the aunties were there.

You set Morn on fire.

You know we'd never do that, right?

No, you had to.

She was changing.

- How was she changing?
- I don't know.

I couldn't see.

These were found
at the scene of the crime.

Oh, gosh, they were supporters.

That makes this tragedy even worse.

Yes, this doubles it.

Can I offer you some breads?

We're fine, thanks.

The victims
were known to police,

but not exactly
for their civic engagement.

Which is a little odd,

considering their interest
in your wife's campaign.

Did you know the Pouzihno family?

- No. No, never met them.
- No.

- Did you meet them?
- No, they died.

- Well, before?
- No.

We're gonna need to know who
had access to your campaign materials,

starting with your campaign manager.

My campaign manager?

- Sarah Stubbs.
- Sarah Stubbs.

- That's her name, Sarah Stubbs.
- Yes.

Mr. Hendrix, when we ask
your wife a question,

you need to let her answer.

I mean,
I don't know if that's true.

Actually, I'm just saying, legally,
I don't think that's true.

So, other than this Sarah Stubbs,

who else had involvement
in your campaign, Mrs. Hendrix?

Carol Lombart was coordinator,

Trevor Sawatzky did transportation,

and Kathy Melichi hung posters.

But my biggest support was my husband.

He's my rock.

- Good to see you.
- Yes, thank you.


How the hell
did Helena know all that?

I don't know.
She's a trained assassin.

That's what they do.

They track people and observe things.

- Oh, dear.
- Oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh!

- Oh! Oh! God!
- Oh.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, God!


Oh. Oh, come on, don't...

- No. Ugh.
- Ugh!


- Oh, God!
- Oh!

Oh, Jesus,
what is that? What is that?

I think...
I think that's what we need.

Ira said you made Susan lose her temper.

Yes. I shouldn't have, but I did.

We all need to work harder
at being a family.

- How are your online courses?
- Fine.

- Are you still studying geology?
- Yes.

I'm learning about magma,

how it explodes up from the molten core
and goes sizzling into the sea.

- Magma has always been here, you know.
- Has it really?

It's older than us.
Older than dinosaurs.

Then magma, I suppose, is Mother Nature.


What is that?

Nothing. It happens
when I cough sometimes.

- Hey, what did you find?
- That my Spanish is pretty shitty.

But your man, Martinez,
had a local address last year

until he moved back to Bogota.
But check this out.

Four months ago, he comes into town,

stays one night,
and then flies back home again.

That? A long trip for a short visit.

Yeah, his credit card records show that
he took a cab from his hotel room

to the corner of Queen and Broadview,

and then back home. That's it.

- What's at Queen and Broadview?
- Get this.

It's a dental clinic
specializing in implants.

- Listen, I gotta bounce, okay?
- I'm gonna check it out; Art.

You check in with me
in about an hour, all right?

- Yeah, I will.
- Okay.

Marty, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, you worked my partner's shooting.

- Union steward.
- That's right.

- Art Bell?
- That's right.

But see, it's...
It's bugging me because...

I know that you
paid her a visit at home.

- Okay, yeah.
- See, that doesn't usually happen.

House calls.

Sometimes it does...

when I'm personally concerned
for the officer's well-being.

- You know?
- Right.

Well, I appreciate that, then.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

Cosima, we've found something
that might help Sarah.

- But we need some assistance.
- Right. Right, and, um...

just to give you
a little background, um...

You know what? One second Cosima.

Why do we have to tell her
where it came from?

Let's just tell her we procured it.

You know, maybe she'll let it slide.

She's a scientist and a lesbian.

She's not gonna let it slide.

So, uh, the thing is,

a few months ago,
there was an occurrence that

occurred on a cold autumn night.

It was very rainy.
I remember that distinctly

and the wipers on that car were crap,

- so I was having trouble...
- Donnie.

one thing led to another,

and I did shoot Dr. Leekie
and bury him in the garage.

- But... But, bu; But...
- What?

Uh, it looks like he has one of those
Neolutionist things in his face.

So sometimes stuff works out.

- You killed Aldous Leekie?
- Boy, did I ever. Yeah.

Cosima, there will be time to debate

the dos and dont's
of certain decisions later.

But you said you needed
one of those things,

and we've gone to great
lengths to find one.

So do you want it or not?

- Yeah, but, uh...
- Good.

Then someone with science
knowledge has to come get it,

because right now it's encased
in some kind of awful polyp.

Okay? Great.

I'm good. No, I'm not good.

Donnie, use a towel.

Oh, my God.

All done?

That's fine.

Thank you. Have a seat.


Are you crazy? You can't be here.

Who saw you come in?

- No one.
- Okay. Come, come.just...

I told you, okay? I'm done. No more.

Uh... I wouldn't have come
if it wasn't important.

- They know that you're digging, Beth.
- But you...

You covered for me, right?

How could you ask me that?

I just...

- I don't wanna put you in a tough spot.
- of course I covered for you.

I'm as upset about all of this
as you are,

but I'm exposed here, okay?

I signed an NDA.
I've witnessed the procedures.

- The procedures.
- They do it on purpose, um...

They bring me in,
so now I'm just as guilty as everyone.

'Cause I stood there...

I watched.

Like with Martinez?

Uh, how did you know about that?

- Alonzo Martinez came here, right?
- Look, I'm sorry...

I've said all that I can.
You really need to go.

What if I told you that
they did the procedure to me?

You came to get it out.

Ca" you?

Well, I can,
but it's really dangerous, Beth.

But you know how to do it?

- You could do it.
- Okay, wait here.

Leave a message. I 'll call you back.

Benjamin, where are you?

I'm still waiting.

Somebody call for a doctor?


I hope you're better
at protecting the original

than your communication networks.

How did you find me? Where's Benjamin?

He's fine.

I thought we were friends, Siobhan.

You killed two of my friends,
so that'll be a no. What do you want?

Would you believe I'm looking for love?

Well, I'm concerned

because you're investigating
Neolution tech,

seeking a doctor
with a certain expertise. Why?

Maybe you and I could help one another.

What would you
have that I would want?

You know, I know
a thing or two about bots.

Like how dangerous they can be.

Someone in your organization has one.

Kira? Sarah?

There's a Neo network
here that does them.

I know who they are.

And what would you want in return?

- Hello?
- Yeah, it? Art.

Sarah's not answering her phone.

She's with Felix.

No, she's not.

She was supposed
to check in an hour ago.

She was investigating a dental clinic.

S, I think she could be in trouble.

Just finishing up a few things,
but I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

- Okay.
- Good night.

- Have a good night.
- Bye.

I'm just, um, a little unclear
on what the devices are for.

Right, okay.
So I'm gonna get you to open up.


Okay, now this might pinch
just a little bit. Okay?

Okay, good.

- Mmm.
- Beth,

if the pain gets to be
too much at any point,

- I just want you to let me know. Okay?
- Mmm-hmm.

- So open up. Yep. Here we go.
- Mmm-hmm.

- Okay.
- Uh...

Does that hurt? Okay.

No, no, no.

No movement. Okay?

All right. Okay.

Okay, so, um,
I've penetrated the device,

which now means that
the slightest movement on your part

will cause it to erupt.

Do you understand?

Don't, don't nod.
Uh, just blink once if you understand.

Okay, if you do move,

a burst of tendrils will release
a fatal dose of tetrodotoxin.

So, again, just need you to blink
once so that you understand.


Beth, I am so sorry,

but you really don't know
what you're getting into here.

I had to call my superiors, so...

Well, they'll probably
be here any minute.

But until then, honestly, no movement.

It is... It is super critical.


You know, when you first came
sniffing around here,

I had instructions. Misdirect you.

Send you on your way.

But nobody told me
that you'd be coming back

or that you're one
of the test subjects.

God, you don't know how lucky
you are to be chosen for this.

Oh, thank God, they're here.

Don't move.



I can't move.

I can't understand a word you're saying
with that thing in your mouth.

Very still...


Nothing to worry about.

If she'd punctured it,
you'd already be dead.

What the hell are you doing here?

Sarah, earlier today, I received some
rather interesting news from Rachel.

Susan Duncan is alive.


It's my curse, detachment.

I've spent my whole life observing you,

but I don't know how to be with you.

Because you abandoned me.

Father thought Neolution murdered you,

but you are Neolution.

So are you.

I'm sorry, Rachel.

I wanted to be your mother

but it was necessary to cut the cord.

You raised a CASTOR clone instead.

Please be kind to Ira.

CASTOR was never
completely under my control,

to be raised homogeneously like that.

I wanted him to be different.

And me?

Raised by Aldous Leekie.

Sent off to boarding school.



You weren't supposed
to know about Helsinki.

Well, I do.

- And yet, here I am.
- Rachel, you are the experiment.

One day, you may take over.
But be patient. Recover.

Everyone needs a purpose in life.

Ours is all in service

of the greater good.

What is it, Mother?

What is our greater good?

To control human evolution, darling.

To create a more perfect human being.

You threw me in
the middle of this shit.

And now you're just
going to blow it all up.

Who's the science now, bitch?

Well I'm in this little room
all by myself and I need to...


Another message...

And is she the youngest
subject to develop symptoms.

She is.

I'll deal with anyone to get
this implant out of my face.

I can't trust you now.

I think we figured out what the bots do.