Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 2 - Transgressive Border Crossing - full transcript

After fleeing Iceland, Sarah begins searching for M.K. and uncovers new clues to Beth's breakdown. Scott learns Kendall Malone is hiding something.

So our guy's into body mod.

Is that what the cheek's about?

Black female, white male.

Where did they kill Basspair86?

An ambulance.

They're not gonna
be happy about any of this.

Think I could borrow a little
surveillance gear on the DL?

You convinced me
my boyfriend's a spy.

Just tell me what you want.

You end it, you coward!

What is happening with you?

- Ah!
- Ugh!

This is Detective Duko.
He's with the union.

Don't you worry, Detective.

Topside pursues its profits,

the military pursues
its weapons,

and we steer it all from within.


I assume you have a plan
to hide your dear mom.

I might.

I don't need to know where.

Sarah Manning, my name is MK.

Neolution knows where you are.

Come on, babe, we've gotta go.

Sarah, could you just slow down?

Get dressed, Kira.

Christ on the cross!
What's all the racket?

You know what time it is?

Sarah had a call.
They said we've been compromised.

Who exactly is MK?

I don't know.
She's one of us.

She said she knew Beth.

How does she know
that the Neos have found us?

She didn't say.
She just bailed on Art.

Sounds bloody fishy to me.

Kira, come on.
Come on.

- Come on, babe.
- What about Daddy?

He's out of the country still.
We'll get word to him soon.

Look, I know none
of it makes any sense,

but we don't have
a choice, do we?

Sarah, we have been so careful.

We have covered our tracks.

- No one knows we're here.
- Then why would she call?

Could be the Neos
trying to flush us out.

Maybe, but I still
think we should go.

Let's just get our heads

before we do
anything, love. Okay?

Let me reach out first.

I'll see if my people
have heard anything.


Sorry, babe.

They're coming.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Get in the truck.

- Come on.
- You know what to do.

S, they can't find anything.

They won't.
Not even an eyelash.

Get them all in the truck.
Take this.

Go. Ah!

Ball change.

Work it out. Lift up.

Pop it right. Whack it out.

Grab. Roll.

- Yes! Ah!
- Woo!

- Yes!
- All right.

One more time for good luck.
Then we 're gonna move through.

- And five. Here we go!
- Holy Dinah.


Step back.

Whoa, take it easy.

I was expecting a friendly face.


Any friend of Benjamin's...

We're here. It's good.


Two houses up in flames
inside three months,

eighteen hours
in the arse of a cargo plane,

stuffed in a van in the dark.

Christ, I need a fag.


- Right, this is it then?
- This is it.

We're nearly there, babes.

Benjamin's gonna take you
and Kendall to the safe house,

and I'll meet you later.

When you've settled her in,

you come back
here for a check-up.

- I don't need a check-up.
- You're having one anyway.

Are we gonna meet Cal
at the safe house?

Uh, I told you, we're not
gonna see him for a while.



Come on.


She'll be fine, love.
She just needs to understand.

This is it?
Are they serious?

I don't know. I'd say it's a half-decent
front by the smell of it.

I mean, no one's stumbling
in here by accident.

I doubt you two are here

for the latest issue
of Rot & Ruin.

Call me Hell Wizard.

Hell Wizard, that's lovely.

I think you might wanna check
out what we have downstairs.

Oh, brilliant.

It's like the bloody
Batcave in here.

- Hey!
- Hey!

Hey, Sarah!

Hey, welcome to the Rabbit Hole.

It's really good to be
here, Scott. Thanks.

How you doing?
You all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Secret lab
under a comic book shop.

What more could
a girl want, right?

I'm good, seriously.


Welcome home, sestra.

Well, I'm terribly happy
you're back, Sarah,

but how did this mysterious MK
know they were coming for you?

That's the question, isn't it?

Up until yesterday, it was
all quiet on the Iceland front.

- Yeah, same here.
- Too quiet.

Well, I'm completely overbooked.

I have no time for Neos.

You might have to make some.

Hey, so, uh,
Beth never mentioned anybody called MK?

But you knew her best, Alison.

No, she never
said anything to me.

But she didn't share
every little thing.

I mean, she protected us.

Like, from a clone in a mask?
What's up with that?

Art just said
she wore a sheep mask.

Oh, right.

- What?
- Uh, Dolly the sheep.

For the record, I do not find
that even remotely amusing.

MRS. - How did you set this place up?

The Hendrixes
ponied up the cash.

Some of the gear
we got on Craigslist,

but most of it magically
migrated from the Dyad

before they locked us out.

Well done, Scott.

Everyone else we know
got fired or relocated.

As far as we know,
Dyad's out of the clone game.

So who's running
the experiment now?

I guess we are.


Cosima looks...

She looks weaker.

We're getting closer
with the gene therapy.

With Kendall's genome,

we've been able to isolate
the synthetic sequences.

What about the other thing?
Any word on Delphine?

Still nothing.

Oh, yeah.

Purple this time?

- Thanks, Cos.
- Mmm-hmm.

Sarah, have you spoken
to Felix at all?

I'm trying.
He won't return my calls.

Hey, um...

I'm taking Helena.
What should I tell her?

Just don't tell her they're back.

She's occupying enough
space and time as it is.

- Fine. Okay.
- Go.

I have a Playground Safety
Committee meeting. I'm sorry.

Have we thought of next steps?

Yeah, Sarah,
I'm not sure that home

is the wisest place
to run from Neolution.

Well, I can't run at all
if I don't know who Neolution is.

MK does,
so I think we start with her.

She was weird, man.

I'm sorry I didn't get more out of her,
but she bolted on me.

Her accent sounded
Scandinavian to me.

Yeah, European and something.

What else you got?

I know you got something else.


It's the last case
Beth and I caught.

He's got one white contact lens.

Yeah, and someone surgically
removed his cheek

then neatly buried him.

Jesus Christ, is that his...

Self-modification, yeah.

- He's Neolution then?
- Don't know.

We got kicked off the case
before we could find out.

What I do know is that Beth
received an anonymous tip

that led us to the body.

And you think
that tip was from MK?

You know, the bottom line is
I have no friggin' clue

what Beth was up to.

I do know that if
we wanna find out...

Her flat?

Her flat.

What's all this?

Landlord said
the place is in Paul's name.

Rent paid through
the end of the year.

Right. Paid by Dyad.

How come no one
picked up her stuff?

Well, the station said
her family was gonna take care of it.

Well, let's see what's here.

- You all right with this?
- No.

But it's where we're at.

Shiitake mushrooms. Felix!

Hey, Alison.

- What are you doing downtown?
- I'm visiting you.

Is that a penis?

In art, it's called
a phallus, darling.

Well, it's really coming
along, this thing.

Alison, why are you here?

You haven't been
answering your calls, mister.

Do you even know
that your family's back?


They're all right, aren't they?

Yes, but that's not the point.

Why didn't you go meet them?

'Cause I'm in the zone.
They can come to me.

You have to tell them
what you've been up to.

I will when the time's right.

Just tell them. Explain it.
They'll be supportive.

I don't know.

- What?
- City marathon.

Yeah, she ran it a few times.

No way I'd run 26 miles
unless someone were chasing me.

You and Beth are
more alike than you think.

You're both stubborn as hell.

So she probably
kept investigating

after she was suspended.

Beth never let anything go.

That's what made her a good cop.

I don't have anything special.

I wasn't expecting company.

- Beer?
- No, thanks. On duty.

I didn't think
the union did home visits.

But this is a special case,

isn't it, Beth?

How you holding up?

I'm good.

Who doesn't like
a little paid leave?

Go to the gym.
Get a little, uh,

light reading done.

- Is this any good?
- just skimmed it.

It all smells
like bullshit to me.

You are killing me.

Poking around
with these high level people.

I went to Leekie on a case.

Well, now, you're off the case.

But you keep digging.
and digging and digging.

So what do you think is gonna happen if
you keep picking at this scab?

I don't know.

Story of my life.

Oh, that's good.

You're good.

But we've crossed a line,
you and me.

And there's
really no going back.

Because I have
to keep everyone that I care about safe.

And you want that, too,
don't you, Beth?


Not a damn thing.

Nothing in the bedroom, either.

So she was onto Neolution.
Probably through MK.

And she met Leekie.

"Good luck in
your investigations."

It is good of you
to come play my boyfriend.

No, no, I am not your boyfriend.

You are playing my wife.

- Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix?
- Yes.

Yeah, right here.
Uh, yeah, I got everything filled out.

Great. I'll just need your
health card, Mrs. Hendrix.

You know what?
I've got that right here.

Here you go.

She's changed
her hair, obviously.

Because it was too ugly.

Well, it looks lovely now.

If you'll follow me,
we'll get you into a room.


So, Mrs. Hendrix,
how have you been feeling?

A little tired and many farts.

I can assure you
that's perfectly normal.

But never when having sex
with my boyfriend.

Me, her husband.

Um, we have sex,
because she's my wife.

Well, that is how all this happened.
Am I right?

You are right. So right.

Don't worry, there are
many safe positions

you can practice well
into your pregnancy.

- Oh, good.
- What?

It's nice to take your blood
again, Kendall.

Last time
for a while, I'm afraid.

We've got to keep
her on the move.

They all want a piece of me.

- You need some sun.
- Ma!

She's the one that should be
getting pricked and prodded.

I thought my DNA
was supposed to make you better.

Yeah, it takes time, uh,
to develop a therapy.

We still need the right viral
vector to deliver it.

Could you take another
stem cell treatment from Kira?

I mean, just in the meantime.

I can't start
a new gene therapy trial

if I'm already taking
other treatments.

It'll skew the whole data set.

Well, you two
are gonna have a breakthrough.

I feel it.

If the bloody Neos
don't murder us all first.


What? It's true.

"The individual can only begin

"the journey
to the extraordinary

"by casting off the
genetically-mandated human shell."

Cast it off for what?

For whatever
they provide, I guess.

Cosima calls it
sound bite science.

Jesus, Beth.

Sarah, come see this.

What, you found something?

Yeah, something I don't think
anybody was supposed to see.

- Is that a camera?
- Yeah, Paul spying on her.

Actually, I think
Beth was spying on Paul.

When I was her,

I found surveillance equipment.

She got it from
Raj at the station.

He had a crush on her.


Yeah, here we go.

Okay, let's see
what secrets you're keeping, shall we?

- I will really see my baby?
- That's the idea.

Oh, my God.
This is so cool.

This looks like mush.

Is that a foot?
Is... No, that's a...

No, that's a foot.

Okay, here we go.

- That's it.
- My little baby.

Okay, that's strange.

What? Strange?
What is strange?

Sorry. I didn't see it before

because it's lying
along the bottom.

The other one.

You're having twins.

- Twin babies?
- Identical twins.

Hey, you okay?

Look, they're fighting.

I have to tell my sestra.

Jesus Christ!
She was really losing her shit.

I knew that she and Paul
were having problems,

but nothing like this.

After she got suspended,
she wouldn't return any of my calls.

It's not your fault, Art,
what happened to her.

Beth took that on herself.

Who's this pregnant girl?

I don't know,
but she looks upset.

Wait, wait, wait. Stop.


One white eye.
She's Neolution, too.

So Beth looks into Leekie,

then meets with
one of his followers?

And MK's maybe steering her.

They're not telling the others.

You need to tell me
what you find out.

Whoa, whoa.
Where the hell are you going?

Back to the beginning
of all this shit.


Oh. My God!


I called you six bloody times.
Why didn't you answer me?

'Cause my phone's been off.
I just got in and up to speed.

Can you hand me the towel,

so this gets a little less
Flowers in the Attic?

Please, cover your willy.

So, uh, Kira's good?
And S?

No and yes.

- We made it.
- Yeah.

Let's go grab a drink,
and I will catch you up.

Can I just get a bit of space?


I just figured that, you know,

I'd give you guys
a day to settle in,

and then I'd come
see you all tomorrow.

Well, I haven't
slept since yesterday,

so get dressed
and let's go to the bar.

I missed your face.

Yeah, I guess we can
pop down to Bobby's for a nip.

I have another place in mind.

Club Neolution.
Are you kiddin' me?

- I need to find this girl, and...
- I know.

You need to find this girl
so that you can find the other girl.

And you can't exactly walk through
the door with that face again, can you?

- Right.
- Good. Fine.

Meet me around back then.

I'm getting you in,
but I'm not paying bloody cover, am I?

Thank you.

See, same placenta.

That's how they know they're identical.

Well, how is she gonna deal with that?
That's twice the work.

Yeah, and doubly awesome.

Bin, please.

This is Helena
we're talking about, dear.

She eats frozen bread
and she's murdered people.

Well, so have we.

That's different.
Helena's trained to kill people.

We're manslaughterers.

Oh, Lord, listen to me.


Are you upset
because of our issues?

I'm happy for her.

Even though she's eating us
out of house and home,

and now she wants
to "do the crafts:

Look at the state of this place?

- I mean, I have a system.
- Ali.

She's bringing flies in here,

because there's food everywhere!


- What?
- She just wants to be like you.

I'm overjoyed for her.

Could you just make sure
that Fertile Myrtle

hasn't eaten all the jelly fruitcake
for the school district social?


God, this place still
makes my skin crawl.

Really? I thought your tail
would be wagging, so to speak.

Don't remind me, please.

You do realize that if this girl was
pregnant, like, six months ago,

that she could be home,
changing nappies by now.

Yeah, well, someone
must know her, right?

So let's just ask around.

Right. I'll start with the bar.

She still on, like,

a pack a day?

Quite easily.

- If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
- Mmm-hmm.

No? It's medicinal grade.

We have a little crop right there.
Totally organic.

Does it help with the appetite?

Yeah. That's about all it
helps with, though.

You want to talk
about it, chicken?

Oh, God. Please don't
call me chicken. I love that.

I need you to tell me
that Delphine is alive.

I can't do that, love.

The last time I saw her,

it felt like she knew
something bad was gonna happen.

But that doesn't
mean that it did.

We both know that
this is a war, right?

That means anything can happen.

I just miss her so much.

- Those my test results?
- Huh?

You've got a shite poker face,
even for a grad student.

Ex-grad student.

It's your WBC count.

It could be nothing,
or it could be an indicator.

It's leukemia.
I was diagnosed months ago.

Before Iceland.
Before any of this.

Siobhan doesn't know.

And you're not going
to tell her, neither.

I just found my kin.

All you get when everyone knows
you're dying is a pity party.

Patient's privilege?

- She looks pregnant.
- Yeah. Do you know her?

Her name's on
the tips of my tongue.

Very cute.

- Whoa.
- Any joy?

I was getting drinks.

This would go a lot
faster if you helped.

I was getting drinks.

- What's your problem?
- Oh, okay, now you ask.

Yeah, 'cause you're being a bitch.

Is it boy trouble or what?

Really? Are you serious?
Boy trouble?

What? I'm all ears.

I've been looking
for my birth family.

- What?
- Yeah.

I made the decision
while you were away.

We asked you to come.

It's not about that.
It's about me finding out who I am.

Me, S, Kira.
That's your family, Fee.

No, that's your family.

You're related to bloody everyone,
including our foster mum.

Go figure that.

- You belong with us, Fee.
- No.

I belong on the dance floor.


I thought that was you.

What are you doing here?

You get my message?
What, you couldn't wait an hour?

Well, come on.
You wanna see it that bad,

let's go take a look.

I never thought I'd see you
in a place like this with actual people.

Will you just show me?

Well, I put the word out like you asked.

Friend of mine was scrubbing around,
lifted this from an offshore server.

It was shot in Bogota two weeks ago.

I've heard rumors of high-level
Neos with implanted tech, but,

this is next level.

It's organic, maybe even gene-spliced.

- Jesus.
- Oh, it gets worse.

Yeah, it has a built in
defense mechanism.

Kills the host.

- Well, what does it do?
- I don't know.

You're the one
who put me onto it.

What's going on, MK?

Wait a second. Who are you?

- Christ, let go of me!
- Who are you?

Piss off.

Hey, leave it for Felix.


I'm sorry. We'll talk about
everything later.

Right now,
I'm gonna try and meet MK.

You can do it.

You can do this.
You can do this.

Beth, what the hell
are you doing?



Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry.

- Hello?
- Where's Dizzy?

- He sent me.
- Liar.

You shouldn't be here, Sarah.

Wait, you can see me?
Where are you?

Up. Look UP-

Up, UP, up! Up'

Put your other phone in the dryer.
Close the door.

You want me to put
my phone in the dryer?

If they're listening,
it will cut the signal.

Boots on the counter,
side by side,

where I can see them.

You have three minutes.

How did you know that
they were coming after us in Iceland?

- I listened.
- To what?

They're careful. Using offshore servers,
pinging false IPs.

I cast a net deep,
and there it was. Your name...

And Kendall Malone, too.

I knew they'd find you.

Thank you for that.
You saved our lives.

We need to know
what we're up against, MK.

No, I can't talk
to you any more.

Why not?

Because it will kill you.

It will kill you
like it killed Beth.

Please, no.1, uh...

I'm sorry.
I came in the back. It's me.

Jesus, Mika.

It was locked, but...

The sliding doors
are not so hard to open

if you're familiar.

Please, Beth,
it's been four days.

Why didn't you answer?

You're bleeding.

It's not mine.

Beth, please.

Beth, where have you been?

Open up. Talk to me, please.

Open up, please.

Tell me what happened.

Go home, Mika.

Beth, please, open up.
Talk to me.

Beth. Why did you go dark?

I checked the data logs,
incoming and outgoing.

You haven't called
the others, either.

You're screening my calls now?

I was worried.
I wanna help you.

You can't. It's over!
We're done. I'm done!

I screwed it up. We can't
fight this any more, Mika.

You need to drop all this.

Go back into hiding.

Drink iced tea,
play video games, whatever.

Just stay hidden.

Please, don't leave me.

I need you.

Watch the others for me.

That was the last time I saw her.

That was the night
she killed herself.

She was my friend.

She called me Mika.


Why'd she jump?

What did she find out?

She wouldn't tell me.

Was it something to do
with those implant things?

The maggot-bots? Yes.
They're part of it.

Yes, yes! What are they for?

No. No, no, no.
Beth said to hide.

- Hide your family.
- Hiding doesn't work, Mika.

Oh, shit. You're here.

Wait. Hey!

Mika. Hey!

Hey! Um, Mika, wait!
Wait! Please!


Let go of me! Get off!

No. Get off me!

Help! Help!


We've been looking for you
a long time. Don't fight it.

What do you want?

It's not her.

- What's your name?
- Piss off!

- No. No!
- Open up.

You bite me,
I will snap your neck.

I just need to check something.

- Where's the bathroom?
- Hey.

- What?
- Hey, hold on. We've got a protocol...

Bugger off, Benjamin!
Where's the bathroom?

It's down there.
What's going on?

I don't know.
You ask her.

Okay. Thanks,
Ben, but I've got this.

Sarah? What is it?

When Dyad had me,
did they do something to me?

Like what?
What are you talking about?

Mommy, what's wrong?

- Oh, my God.
- Now look.

No, they had you, too.

- Just, just...
- Hey.

Kira, open your mouth. Now!

- Ow! You're hurting me.
- Wide. Wider!

Sarah, stop it!

Just go into bed, love.

I'll be in in a minute.

Would you mind just telling me
what has gotten into you?

I think there's something
inside me. I need a torch.

Slow down.
Tell me what happened.

They have these implant things.

And these Neos, they attacked me.

- They were looking for MK.
- What?

And I think

- there's something in my jaw.
- Okay, okay.

- Here.
- Easy, let's have a look.

Jesus, Sarah.

What is that?

I don't know.

I don't know.

What is that
God-forsaken thing?

- Is it harming Sarah?
- Holy cow!

It looks like it's latched on.

Oh, you're expecting Felix!

Who are you?

Mrs. Hendrix?

We're investigating
a triple homicide

in a local garage
a few weeks back.

We all need to work
harder at being a family.

If! Can't find MK,
I need to find this Dizzy guy.

Maybe he knows
how to take it out.

All right, who the hell are you?