Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 4 - From Instinct to Rational Control - full transcript

Although she doesn't trust him, Sarah knows that Ferdinand now is her strongest lead in getting the bot removed in that he knows the one person who can remove it: Susan Duncan. In return, Ferdinand also wants access to Susan as he knows that she has Rachel, who he wants to save. MK is the person who has the skill set to locate Susan. As Sarah will not divulge MK as her source to him and as Sarah does not want to tell MK that Ferdinand is the person that has been helping her, Sarah needs to act as the go-between. Either finding out the identity of the other could have major repercussions, especially concerning MK's past. While out for coffee, Alison is accosted by Trina believing her to be Beth. Trina's accusations lead to Alison needing to follow another path to a fertility clinic to find the link back to Neolutionists. As she knows that one of her sisters has been to the clinic, Alison needs to enlist the help of others to infiltrate the clinic. This includes Felix, who has reemerged in the sisters' lives as he finds out about Sarah's current predicament with the bot. Cosima and Scott are able to remove the bot from Aldous' face, his bot which is encased in a tumor. They have to find out the nature of the tumor to hopefully find out the purpose of the bot. Donnie has a heart-to-heart with Helena about how difficult the talk of a sister having a baby is to Alison. As such, Helena makes a decision of her own. And Rachel sees the signs that Charlotte, her only trusted conduit to the outside world, suffers the genetic defect that has killed many of the clones. Rachel also knows that Susan would see that Charlotte, in being the youngest ever to develop the symptoms, is worth more to the project dead than alive.

What is that godforsaken thing?

Is it harming Sarah?

Apparently, Neolutionists
get them like voluntarily.

If you had one to study,
would that be helpful?

Oh, Jesus, what is that?

I think that's what we need.

I'm glad you're
forming a bond with the child.

Charlotte was cloned from you, you know?

How do you
even know she's your sister?

She's probably a Neolutionist plant.

This means a lot to me.

I'm not just gonna drop all my shit
'cause you're short a sidekick.

Then you can piss off.

Why place it in the jaw?

I don't know, you tell me.

- Proximity to the brain?
- Jesus.

I need to get in touch with MK.

- What did you find out?
- She wouldn't tell me.

Was it something to do
with those implant things?

- Beth said to hide.
- Wait!



New software.

Crafty, but anonymous.

Look, Niki, another puzzle piece.

See, Niki? We're getting closer.

Never forget.

This is how you treat someone
who saved your skin?

We have no
intention of trusting you

with the location of our safe house.

Is all this really necessary?


Chef's kitchen.

Is anyone hungry?

Kendall not joining us, no?


As long as you're here,
they will be safely somewhere else.

We've got
one bit of business only.

You said you could help me
get this bot out of my face.

Well, not me personally.

But chin up. Susan Duncan's alive.

If we find her,

surely she'll have the answer
to your situation.

And what is it you want?

What he wants is to rescue Rachel.

What can I say?

She pierced this armored heart.

Shall we breakfast?

The message you got from Rachel,

I assume you can't trace it.

No, but you have a source who could.

Do we?

Someone tipped you
the Neos were in Iceland.

Someone deep, or able
to get deep. Am I right?

Share your source

and we'll both have what we need.

- Insulated and fashionable.
- Yeah, that's Alison for ya'.

- Ready?
- Mmm-hmm.

Oh, God.

- Ooh, that's the head of Dyad.
- He never gave me a raise.

Not once.

Who's the science now, bitch?

- Oh, boy, look at that.
- Yeah.

So, the tumor is living,

but the surrounding tissue's necrotic.

It was feeding off him.

Buried down there in the cold dirt

under the Hendrix garage.

Oh, God.

Alison and Donnie are total psychos,

but this is a goldmine.

Look, you can see the bot,
it's right there.

I'll biopsy the tumor,
run a cell assay.

- Okay.
- Then we open it up.

Ah, la frittata.

Go-to brunch for lazy lovers.

Rachel's a foodie, too.

And only a fluffy frittata
will she abide.

And here was I thinking
psychopaths incapable

of genuine human connection.

Nonsense. She seduced me, you know?

Yeah, that figures.

Rachel's message,

its origins masked by redirection

through a series of proxy servers.

And why do you think
my contact can help with that?

Let me convince them.

Felix is here.

Fee? Why?

Family meeting, love.

I'll reach out to my source,
but you don't get access.

will you take Ferdinand

and his frittata into the back room?

He can eat alone.

No need for that. Two plates, Benjamin?

You know,
I don't think it's as bad as you think.

It is. It's terrible.

My name is mud at Glendale Community.

No, no, not true.

You don't need them.

We've always talked about
doing our own musical revue.

Oh, Alison, I would love to.

♪ Jesus Christ ♪

♪ Superstar ♪

♪ Do you think ♪
♪ you're what they say you are... ♪


♪ Don't you get me wrong ♪
♪ Don't get me wrong ♪

♪ Don't you get me wrong now ♪

Oh, I have to go.

- Hot yoga, ten minutes.
- No.


♪ Don't you get me wrong ♪

♪ Don't you get me wrong ♪

Okay, see you soon.

- Bye.
- Bye.

♪ Don't you get me wrong ♪

What the hell is wrong with you?

You don't recognize me?

It's Trina, Beth.

I specifically told you to drop it.

And you went back to Club Neolution.

You went to Lifespring Fertility.

I didn't... I didn't know.

I told you I was
a carrier in confidence.

Why couldn't you just let it go?


Um, do you...
Do you wanna grab a coffee?


You think you can just fix
everything with a cup of coffee?

Stay away from me!

I don't know
why you didn't tell me.

Well, you were very busy
with your bio-sister.

If you had told me

that you had some kind of a
Neolutionist implant in your face

Okay, now the air has been cleared.

Sarah needs us right now.

Felix, it's absolutely fine
for you to get to know Adele,

but slowly,

and you have to keep
her clear of all of this.

Yeah, fine, of course.


I hope you find what you're looking for.

Now, Cosima is
analyzing the other bot,

and when she...

Hey, Alison, you're on
speaker with S and Felix.

I don't want to talk about Dr. Leekie.

I bet you don't.

Right now,
I have something else.

Who's that?

She just accosted me
at Aroma Cafe.

She thought I was Beth.

Isn't that the same girl
that we were looking for at Club Neo?

She was upset.

She said that
Beth apparently investigated

some IVF clinic she went to.

Lifespring Fertility?

Right, and what's that got to
do with the bot implants?

She said she was a carrier,

so maybe she has
one of those things in her.

Well, could you find out some more?

Maybe start with the clinic?

Sarah, I have budgets to review.

I'm really more of an idea person.

Jesus Christ, Alison!

Just pull your weight for once, please!

Go to the clinic.

Hey, it's fine.

Alison, I'll help. I'll help you.

I'll... I'll go with you.

Thank you.

Well, I guess I have my orders.

Call you in a bit, Felix.


Well, would you look at that.

It's a collage of babies.

Yes, very cuddling.

- Mmm.
- Yes, see?

Do you think we could maybe, um...

Oh, I am making mess again.

No, it's not that.

It's Alison.

I'm not in the crafts room.

No, no, I know. I know.


Listen, you probably didn't know this,

but before we adopted Oscar and Gemma,

Alison and I tried to have our own kids.

This was difficult for you.

Yeah, very.

It was the most difficult
time of my life.

But it was harder for Alison.

She is jealous and angry

because me having babies,
and bringing the police?

No, no. Well, the police,
yeah, maybe a little bit.

We just need to tiptoe.
Try not to set her off.

You'll get used to it.


Good talk.

Hey, honey. Uh, yeah, sorry.

You want me to meet you where?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Did MK get back to you?

After I told her about that
implant in your jaw? Yeah.

That's what this is about, isn't it?

Unless it's a booty call.

She's inside.

- She's here?
- She said just you.

Don't steal anything.



- Hello?
- Here, Sarah.

You have three minutes.

I need to know what these implants do.

You knew Beth was investigating them.

Yes if she knew,
she didn't tell me.

Well, I need help to get them out.

You know Susan Duncan, yeah?

Yes, of course.
She was one of our creators.

Died September 1st, 1991. Lab fire.

Except she's still alive.

She'll know
how to get this implant out.

This is a message from Rachel.

Apparently, Susan's got her captive.


I need you to trace it,
find out where they are.

Rachel contacted you?

No. Someone we trust.

- Who?
- That's my business, all right?

I'm so sick of pissing around.

I need this thing out of my face.

I'm going straight to the top.

Show me the specifics.
Put it in the USB port.

If I show you this,
I want to meet in person.

I'll put you in danger.

We're all in danger, MK.

I'll trace it, and meet you in an hour

at Beth's.



That is Lifespring Fertility,

and this is everything
I've learned about the place.

Personnel profiles,
services, floor plans.

Great 'yob, hon.

Clear, concise, color-coordinated.

- Thank you.
- So, let me sort this.

We're going to pose
as prospective parents

to determine if this is
a Neolutionist front?

I've already booked your appointment

and these are your IDs.

- Julian Gray?
- Yeah. Yeah.

And Douglas Andrews. Okay?

Oh, this is good.
Did you use the new laminator?


And these are real people
with real medical records

in case of a background check, okay?

Any sign of trouble, you get out.

Wait, where's yours?

Beth's already been in there.
I can't go in.

Okay, then, who's the couple?

Oh, God, Donnie.


Stop it, I said.

- Hi, Douglas and Julian for Dr. Laing.
- Hi.

- Great. IDs, please.
- Yes, of course.

- Right here.
- Thank you.

It's a terrible picture.

- Just a moment.
- Thank you.

Oh, Lord and butter, Donnie.

Stop chewing the scenery.

What the bloody hell are you doing?

I'm playing the part, darling.

No, darling, you're mincing.

I don't know what that means.

Donnie, do you have any gay friends?

- No.
- Yes, you do.

Science commonly holds
the belief that 5% to 10%

of your male friends are gay.

Not in Bailey Downs.

Especially in Bailey Downs.

The point is, you can't tell,
so don't act gay.


Okay, so while
you're waiting for the doctor,

I'm just gonna get you started
on some paperwork

and a sperm sample.

So, who's going to be the father?

I am.

I guess we'll just test you both.

- Okay. Great.
- Sure.

That's a lot of sperm.



Ah. Thank you.

Bad Puppy. My favorite.

- Here is your sample cup.
- Right.

For the, urn, sperm.

Thanks, Jill.

You're coming
along fine, Portia.

Make sure you take your vitamins.

Portia Grossman's pregnant?

No way. No. No, no, no.

The Grossmans gave up on IVF years ago.

We discussed adoption with them.

I know, honey, but she's five
or six months along, easy.

You let me deal with Portia.

Is there anything else you need?

I'm in this little room all by myself,
and I need to,

you know?


Well, I think I could use a little...

Air Italia to help me along.

Donnie, I'm in a public place.

I know, but you asked me
what I need, and, um,

that's what I need, Mrs. Hendrix.

Sir, you have to put on your seat belt.

Hold on, hold on. Uh...

Si, I know, Ma'am, but, um...

Well, I'm having trouble
doing up the buckle.

Take a look?

Si, ooh, it's a grande, molto duro.

Very duro.

You best uh,
come with me to the lavatory.

Please take me to the lavatory.

Is that your leaning tower?

It's not leaning any more.

I got two spicy meatballs for you, baby.

So spicy! Ooh!

Oh, it is so tight
in this airplane lavatory.

- I'm arriving!
- Si!

I'm landing!

Oh! Oh, no, no.



No scolex.

No cerebral ganglion.

It's got a synthetic core.

I'm not even sure
we could say it's alive.

God. The question is what does it do?

And why did Leekie have one?

She started showing
symptoms three weeks ago.

I can read, thank you.

And is she the youngest
subject to develop symptoms?

She is.

- She doesn't know, does she?
- No.

And has Susan considered
immunosuppressive therapy for her?

That treatment induced rapid
onset in Jennifer Fitzsimmons.

It was torture.

Yes, but Charlotte is prepubescent.

Her hormone levels are lower,

and her autoimmune response
might be easier to...

To control.

I'll bring it up with Susan.

Look, Niki, Susan Duncan.

Guardian of Rachel.

A ghost all these years, like me.

Where are you hiding?

Ping, ping, Ping-

Rachel's hidden deep.

Who is she reaching out to?


So you are Ferdinand.

Who is this
mysterious source of Sarah's?

Insider? Outsider?

I've been racking my brains.


I admire you, Siobhan.

I'd like a family of my own someday.

I've squirreled a little away.

Enough to recover by
the seaside in style.

Just Rachel and I.

Bide our time,

before a slow,
steady climb back to power.

Interesting definition of family.

All our dreams rest with
Sarah now, don't they?


I'm here.


You said you'd meet me in person.

- He's Topside.
- What?

Rachel's contact, he did their
wet work, their cleaning.

- Is he your source?
- Yeah, I made a decision.

Sometimes you have to work
with people you don't like.

No, we don't. No, we don't.

Look, Mika, I will do anything.

I'll deal with anyone to get
this implant out of my face.

- Did you find Susan Duncan?
- We 're finished.

I can't trust you now.

Oh, sorry.



Oh, no, what's wrong?


- Oh, sweetie.
- Can we talk?

So we wanted
to try one more time

but the doctor just told me, "No go."

Oh, Ali, I'm so sorry.

Did you and Jacob, forgive me,

but did you try something special?

Did you do some, I don't know,
new technology or...


I mean, I'd do anything. I would...

- I'd pay anything.
- Ali...

Oscar and Gemma are such amazing kids.

Oh, yes, and I love them so much,
I really do. I just...

You know, I'm getting older

and everybody's pregnant,

and I just want to have my own baby.


You know what?

Maybe you should go back in there.

See Dr. Bosch.

Ask for the Brightborn treatments.

- Okay?
- Okay!

Thank you.

And are you married?

Yes, though some of us don't always
wear our wedding rings.

It's because some of us
don't need our rings

to feel secure in our relationship.

Well, we should have the
test results in a few days.

Urn, do you have an egg donor in mind?

- Not yet.
- Yes.

- We are still narrowing it down.
- Yeah.

You know,
we should tell you, too,

that we are thrilled
to be working with you.

And we're both very open to any kind
of emerging technologies.

Well, you two are healthy young men.

I doubt you'll have
any problems conceiving.

Dr. Bosch, we were told
to ask for you specifically.


And to ask about
the Brightborn treatments.

How'd you hear about Brightborn?

- From a very satisfied customer.
- Mmm-hmm.

Jill, could you bring in
some Brightborn packages?

- Hey-
- Hey-

MK didn't show.

If MK shut you down,
I'm sure she had good cause.

I'm out of options, Dizzy.

I need you to help me find her.

You keep banging
on my door asking for favors.

You ever think about what I might want?

All right, what?

I need to know exactly what's going on
between you and this twin of yours.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.

- Why?
- I have my reasons.

I've got people wrapped up in this, too.

Okay, fine.


We're clones.


Genetic Identicals.

How many others are there out there
in this little experiment?

Twenty-two that we know of

including MK.

Nine of us still living.

- Do you believe me?
- I don't know.

Well, true or not,
it makes for a great story.

Now, listen, I've met with MK
three times in person...

and each time she had
different plates on her car.

- What's that about?
- Exactly.

I cracked the DMV, ran those plates,

and wouldn't you know it,
but they're all defunct.

What's that tell you?

She's got access to scrapped cars?

She once told me she worked
as a night watchman.

Three scrap yards in the city.

That one's closest to Beth's.

Who's Beth?

Save that for later.

Listen, you're gonna
want me to come with ya'.

Why would I want that?

Given the right circumstances,
I think she could be dangerous.

Little science babies, forgive me.

I did not know to feed you
liquid nitrogens.

But your twins are in my belly.

And when they are old,

I will tell them all about you
and our adventures.

Goodbye, family Hendrick.

There. That's gotta be it.

What, this thing?

If she's here,

I'm sure she already knows we're here.



Ugh, screw this.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What...

A little messier than my usual approach.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait.

What? What?

Look at this. See the mat?

It's a pressure plate bomb.

You step on that,
the whole place goes up.


Kinda makes you wonder
what she's hiding.


Be careful!

We need to find
whatever she knows about

a doctor called Susan Duncan.

She can remove the bot.


Yeah. I'll need a few minutes.


The pigment is coming along.

A few weeks, the tech will be invisible.

How are you feeling, Charlotte?

Why do you keep asking that?

Another message.

Will you please go play
in your room, Charlotte?

Maybe someday
I'll be allowed to visit you there.

Yours is nicer.

I am willing to consider

immunosuppressive therapy for her.

You're no closer to finding
the original then, are you?

There is one other option for Charlotte.

Do you know what it is?

She's the youngest subject to fall ill.

Untreated, her data-set
could be of value to the rest of us.

Including Ira.

And what would you do?

Let the disease advance, or intervene?

Is this a test?

It's a decision.

One of many
we'd have to make every day.


I'm in.

You said she was tracking
someone named Susan Duncan?

- Yeah.
- Looks like, most recently,

MK was tracking you.


Phreaking your phone.
Texts, calls, locations.

What are you doing, MK?

I know you want
to protect Sarah's source,

but motivating people
to share information quickly

is my specialty.

We have our own tactics, thank you.

If she'd have brought me with her

I'd be out of your hair by now.


She wants you to meet her at Beth's,
she's found something.

Kind of annoying, Scottie.

Uh, I think
you're gonna want to see this.

Dude, are you, like,
Hella baked or what?

Just check this out.

Oh, shit.


Green fluorescent proteins.

They must be using them as markers
to track gene expression.

So the bot's introducing foreign DNA?

And it seems like,
because the host died,

it's all congregating in the tumor.

I bet that's why Leekie had one.

It's some kind of gene therapy
delivery system.

It could be changing Sarah's DNA.



Over here.

Behind you.

Well, hello there.

- And you are...
- A friend of Sarah's.

How apropos.
Sarah's Deep Throat is a sheep.

I have information
about Susan Duncan and Rachel.

That is excellent news.

Now, let's take off the mask, shall we?

I would not stand up if I were you.

Whatever this is, it's not necessary.

Oh, yes, it is.

Hello, Ferdinand.

What's your name? Hmm?

I should know you, but I don't.

I know you.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

Ferdinand Chevalier.

Bastard son of the 10th Earl of Sussex.

A stigma you still can't get over.

Well, I wouldn't go that far,

but top marks for presentation.

You discovered your
bloodlust in the British SAS.

Learned to kill quickly and quietly.

Perfect recruit for a Topside cleaner.

If she found anything on Susan Duncan,

she scrubbed it already.

We should really get out of here, Sarah.

Try, uh, Neolution.

Or Rachel Duncan.

Yes, Ma' am.


Is that where MK's from?

Does this ring a bell?

That's a
Scandinavian accent, isn't it?

Finland, maybe?

I always suspected one clone
escaped the purge.

Hello, Veera Suominen.

Veera Suominen.

Let me guess. Her name isn't MK.

And neither one of those girls is you.

They must've found each other,

or were put together on purpose.



She was my only friend.

This was a week before she was killed.

Just met her boyfriend Alecks.

Just began her life.

You gassed her family.

You burned her alive.

Jesus, I know what she's doing.

S, I need to talk to Ferdinand.

He's with you, isn't he? At Beth's.


Oh, God. That text wasn't from you.

I need your car.

- I'll come with.
- No, no, no.

- I need to go alone, please.
- You're serious?

I must be out of my mind.

Hey, Sarah?

Not a great time, Cosima.

Okay, but I think
we figured out what the bots do.

Let me guess. It's bad news.

I understand.

This is your revenge fantasy.

You've been playing it
in your head for years.

You killed six of my sisters.

32 of our friends and loved ones.

What's stopping me from standing up

and killing one more?

You tell me.

(Iowa rd ice?




She was hidden deep.

You found her?

I found you first.

Sarah handed you to me.

I always dreamed of putting
a name to your face.

Hurting you like you hurt me.

What are you doing, Veera? Veera!

- That's not my name any more.
- Stop it!


- Shit.
- Sarah!

Talk some sense into her, please.

What are you doing, Mika?

I think you know.

There's a bomb under my chair.

You can't do this. I need him.

He needs to pay for what he did to Niki.

I know, all right?
I know about Helsinki.

Did Beth? Did you tell her
what happened to you?

No, she was too fragile.

I'm not all right?

I'm not gonna back down.

I want revenge, too,
but we're not gonna do it like this.

For me, it is this.

Mika... Hey, look.

Look, Look, Look.

The guy is garbage. I know. I know.

But he saved my life.

Oh, it's true. That's a good point.

Uh, the bots, Mika...

Mika, the bots, we know what they do.

It's some kind of gene editing.

It could be changing my DNA.

I need all the help
I can get, all right?

And Ferdinand is an asset.

- Do you understand that?
- Listen to her.

It's true, it's true.
I can help you. I've got money.


- 3.7 million.
- What?

I sifted through your shell companies.

Traced your wire transfers.


Corn cob. Two words.

Enter it.

I will find you.

I will finish Helsinki.

What, you're just gonna leave now?

Yes. If you were smart,
you would leave, too.

You used me.

You pulled me out of Iceland,

you threw me in
the middle of this shit,

and now you're just
gonna blow it all up?

Get out of here, Sarah.

No. Your friend Niki died.

Beth died.

What about our sisters
that are still alive?

No, I'm sorry.

Two wires, battery, plastic explosives.

Taped together pretty well.

And you're absolutely certain
there is only one circuit?

Far as I can see.

You and me, we're even now.
You understand?

You saved me, and I saved you.

I'm gonna cut this wire
and leave the building.

Then, and only then,
are you gonna stand up.

Am I clear?

Just give me a moment.

Because if there's
more than one circuit,

the whole thing could just...

Damn it, Siobhan, let me prepare myself!

All right, all right.

I'm sure this whole thing
is gonna be fine.

It's... When I get out of here,

I'm going to be a little short of funds.

You're a clever chap.

I'm sure you'll find some way
to make yourself useful.

Come in.

No one's ever knocked before.

My opinion on Charlotte's treatment
couldn't wait till morning?


Immunosuppressive therapy
likely won't save her.

Untreated, her data has value.
More value than her life.

We shouldn't intervene.

That's what you
wanted to hear, isn't it?

I need to go away again.


Have you found Sarah? Kendall?

We know you contacted Ferdinand.

As you wish, we won't treat Charlotte.

You're right to think of the future.

This stuff from
Dr. Bosch better be worth it.

Let's see
what creepy Brightborn is all about.

Are you having difficulty conceiving?

Are you in
a non-traditional relationship,

seeking to have
a child on your terms?

Perhaps you have genetic risk factors.

Totally seen that woman before.

Whatever the reason...

I think she was on Oprah.

Here at Brightborn Technologies,
we can help.

I'm Evie Cho, CEO and founder
of the Brightborn Group.

We can help provide you and your family

with the best chance
at a fast conception,

a smooth pregnancy

and a healthy and thriving newborn.

But why stop there?

Mainstream reproductive technology.

It's like a whole new side to Neolution.

All of our children are
born stronger and healthier.

At Brightborn Technologies,

we're making the world a better place,

one baby at a time.

Douglas Andrews, Venture Capitalist,

ready for Brightborn Orientation.

The plans have changed.

Cosima is now carrying
your child, Donnie.

No. Let me go!

You know who that is?

They sold the drugs
through a soap store.

This GeneC0nnexion thing.

The way you found Adele.

It's connected to Neolution.

Oh, my God.