Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 10 - From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths - full transcript

When communication with Cosima is cut off and Neolution appears to be within striking distance, Sarah's alliance with Rachel goes out the window. Sarah lures a high-level Neolutionist into ...

I don't know how

to be with you.

Because you abandoned me.

What if we created a blastocyst?

The ball of cells would contain

all the stem cells we need.

Fertilize my egg with CASTOR sperm.

This is the breakthrough
we've been waiting for.

And there are cops
outside of our house, Donnie.

We have to get out of here.

What is happening to me?

It isn't a glitch.

Someone's trying to
show me something, Ira.

Do you actually think
Neolution would let a clone

take a position of real importance?

Well, we have video of you

admitting to euthanizing
Brightborn babies.

How do you respond?

I saw her get shot.

Cosima, she saw
someone else pick her up.

And Delphine was alive
when they took her away.

What will happen to her?

Shut up! Shut up.

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.


- I'm gonna call 911, okay?
- Krystal?

Oh, my God!

Step away. Move away, please!

Why are you here, Krystal?

How did you know my name?

Oh, my God.
Who the hell are you guys?

Through and through,
pulse is weakening.

We stabilize and get her away.
The helicopter is on standby.

Inform the pilot, this is now
a medevac situation.

I repeat, it's a critical situation.
Send a medevac...

And you double-checked everything?
Every chromosome?

Yeah, I even re-sequenced the genome

with three of the new stem cell lines.

Well, my God...


The vector was totally effective.

And the sequences remained stable
in each lineage?

Yeah! Yeah, it worked.

It really worked.

Well done, Cosima.

Why don't you re-sequence
the other subcultures?

I will be back.

Wait, so, uh,
what does that mean then?

That... That we've got a cure?

And... And you're gonna
get well, Cosima?


Yeah. Fingers crossed.

Oh, my God.

That is amazing news.

Holy shit!

1 know.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- I know.

We have, you know,
a functioning therapy for all of us,

for all the sestras.

I'm so relieved!
I'm so happy, Cosima.

I can't wait to tell Alison and Helena.



- I miss you guys.
- Oh, God. We miss you too!

- Oh.
- What, love?

Oh, nothing.

I'm just being denied access
to the database.

- What's that?
- Hello?

Wait, what's going on?
They're offline.

And she's locked out of the data.

No. No. No, no.

They can't do this to us again.

Euthanizing severely
deformed newborns

- was the most humane way forward.
- That is the CEO of Brightborn.

Serves her right for, like,
running a stem cell baby factory.

Wow. I mean,
who would have thought

the beauty industry was so corrupt?

I know, right?

- Oh, my God!
- What?

- That's him.
- Who?

My name is Dr. Ian Van Lier.

- That's the guy.
- I am pleased to announce

that I will be serving as interim CEO
for Brightborn Technologies.

Oh, come on.

- Krystal?
- Yes!

And I have intel
about that French doctor.

You mean Delphine?

Yeah, it's about Brightborn and,
like, a Dr. Van Lier.

Okay? But I'm sick of being, like,

yanked around by my brain at this point.


Chain at this point.

So, I am not giving you anything,

unless you tell me
what's really going on.

Okay. Okay.
I know a place we can meet.

That's right, Jim.
I'm here outside the headquarters

of Brightborn Technologies...

I can't get in touch with Susan.


I'm going to arrange a helicopter
to take us back this afternoon.

Hello, Sarah.

Rachel, what's going on?

The second we hear about this cure,
Cosima goes dark.

Yes, well, we've been
having the same problems.

Communication is spotty on the island.

No, she said she was
kicked out of the database.

Well, I'm sure there's
a perfectly good explanation.

Hey, hang up the phone.

How are we supposed to trust that?

- Hang up the phone.
- We brought down Evie Cho

with cooperation, did we not?

You don't know
the meaning of that word.

Look, who's this Van Lier
character who's at Brightborn?

Him. I have something.

Van Lier is on damage control.

Brightborn's genomic technologies
are in no way tainted...

He's Evie Cho's personal physician.

He's been guiding her science for years.

So he's another bloody Neo.

He will steward Evie's side

during the transition.

Wait, what transition?

I thought we put Susan on top.

- I thought that was the bloody point.
- Yeah!

Well, politics.

Oh, God,
will someone listen to me?

- Please!
- What?

- Felix?
- It's Krystal. She called me.

Now, she's got dirt on Van Lier.

Says that he's connected
to Delphine somehow.

How does Krystal figure this shit out?

I have no idea.

She's doggedly wrong,
but she gets results.

What do you think, S?

I think we have two factions of Neos
with competing technologies.

Bots versus clones.

And if we are not careful,

we are gonna get screwed again.

We're not gonna let that happen.

We need to find out
what Krystal knows about Van Lier.

You're with me, yeah?

Keep trying Cosima, S.
Let's get to the bottom of this.

- Be careful.
- We will.




The Wi-Fi is still down.

And these cell replication rates are,
like, off the charts.

We'll still get better, won't we?

We are gonna get so much better.


Are you okay?

Yeah. I just, um...

I just need a glass of water.
Could you get me that?

Room service. Frittata?

I've already eaten, Ferdinand.

But have you been serviced?

Of course, my company
will defend itself resolutely.

Brightborn will recover.

We were assured the euthanizations
would minimize risk,

not threaten us with exposure.

You've set the agenda back years.

Well, hardly.
We can repackage the technology.

Yes, but

we can't repackage you, I'm afraid.

- What is this?
- I'm sorry, Evie.

It absolves the Brightborn
entity of wrongdoing,

and protects the patents
from further legal actions.

No, I built this.

It's my technology,
I'm not about to sign it away.

We just got started.

Look at the big picture.

We're planning for the future here.
This is a minor setback.

We've done great work, Evie.

I promise it won't be for nothing.


None of this is my fault!

It's Susan Duncan and her clones!

Technology is subject to
natural selection too, Evie.

It changes. It adapts.

You're an engineer. You know that.

You built it,

let it take you.

You want for me to kill this Evie Cho?

I don't think
she's the problem anymore.

You better just stay put for a while.

Alison's thinks
we've been hiding out long enough.

I don't think the frontier life
agrees with her.

No, she has the shits.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, I think it's Helena's venison stew.

I'm lovin' it, though.
It's... It's great.

- It's good. Intestines.
- Mmm-mmm.

Uh, I want to help my sestras.

I know, Helena. Just, uh,

stand down for now. Sarah's on it.

We need to figure out
who we're really up against first.

Something's afoot.

Susan's gone dark.
Her timing is suspicious.

Come now.
Clone cures, implanted tech.

All that Neo intrigue can wait,

- can it not?
- Don't.

Pleasure first, business second,

I like the cane.



I'm not the same.

My infirmities.

I don't feel much of anything anymore.

I spent a great deal of time

and I lost a great deal of money

searching for you.

We had plans, you and I.

Your eye is magnificent.

But your self-pity is repugnant.

There she is.

- Get on your knees.
- Oh!

Oh, God, I've missed you.

I've missed you too, Ferdinand.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Cosima's cut off
in the Neolution power vacuum,

and he calls in a beautician?

Sweet move, right?

Hello, Krystal.

Hello, yourself.

So what's this intel you've got
on Delphine and Van Lier?

It's life or death.

Is it?
'Cause I basically don't believe

anything you're saying right now.

Are you guys even for real?

Yeah! If you have
any questions, we're happy to help.

Krystal, we talked about this.

And we told you that the less you know,
the better. Remember?

Well, that's not good enough
for me anymore. Okay?

If you want the scoop on Van Lier,

you're gonna have to tell me everything.

All right.

Buzz us down.

I warn you, Krystal,
this is gonna come as a bit of a shock.

Okay, like,
nothing shocks me nowadays, so...

Oh, this is way more realistic. Yes.

Hello, you. You look nice.

Well, thank you, Krystal.

You're welcome.

There's someone
we think you should meet.

Oi, I'm over here.

I tried. I did.


- Hi, who are you?
- I'm Sarah.

I'm, uh, your clone.

Okay, clones like...

Like Genetic Identicals, made in a lab.

Right. Oh, this is what
you think I look Like?

- Pretty much.
- Yeah.

Okay, are you, like, blind?

'Cause this girl looks nothing like me.

Like, first of all,
my tits are way bigger.

And secondly, even if you could
drag a comb through that hair,

she's like a seven on a good day
and I've been told I'm a ten.

A seven?

She has a point about your hair.

Okay, so, you guys, at this point,

have literally no idea what's going on.
It's so cute.

So let me lay it out
for you straight, okay?

This is about human experiments,

and two factions
fighting to control them.

Shit, that's right.

- Oh.
- Rig ht?

So we have Estee Lauder, okay?

And then we have
this Swedish company called Neolution.

- It's crazy how right you are.
- Thank you.

Krystal, do you think you can
elaborate just a little bit more?

Give us a few more details?


But, like, hold on tight,
'cause this is very confusing.

So, Dr. Van Lier is absolutely Neolution

because he, like,
showed up out of nowhere

with all this medical gear,

like, right after that
French doctor was shot. Okay?

And then they, like,
took her off in a van.

Wait, Van Lier is the one
who saved Delphine?

I'm sorry, who are you, again?

I'm Sarah. I'm your clone.

Right, whatever.

So Van Lier, like, knew my name,

which was super freaky.

And I will never forget his face

'cause he was so pissed at me
for being there.

And 'cause he definitely
had teenage acne.

I could tell. No question.

Uh, thank you for that, Krystal.

Um, you know, there's actually something
you could really help us with.


Neolution's wars of succession
are fought over science.

There's an opportunity here.

You haven't gone all Neo on me,
have you?

All that time with Susan Duncan.


Neolution is a means to an end.

Don't start spouting all that
Leekie pop futurism, I beg you.


It goes deeper than that.

Believe me.

You sound like a true believer.

Controlling evolution,

it's the ultimate power.


Say it.



I have news.


Who is this?


He's just a toy.

He has his socks on.

What do you want, Ira?

Um, Susan's about to call.

She's excited.

Something's going on.

It's tremendous,
and it only gets better.

Yes, we will trial the cure
on them both.

But it's the cell generation rates,

they far surpassed expectations.

I have only seen
numbers like this once before.

In Kendall Malone.


All these years trying to replicate
the original experiment.


Finally, we can restart human cloning.


I can scarcely believe it.

Congratulations, Mother.

Neolution will back you.

The board has been convened,

and Evie has been firmly retired,
I understand.

I travel tomorrow.
I want you both to be there.

We're back on top, Susan.

We hope.
The board will make its recommendations.

Recommendations to whom?

I will see you in the morning.

It took me a while to realize

what the cell regeneration rates
mean to you.

You knew this was on the table, Cosima.

It was there when you gave us
Kendall's cancer cells.

You don't even care
about a cure, do you?

Of course, I do!

We learn from our mistakes.

You're gonna keep making mistakes
on people like me.

That is the cost of what we do,

for progress.

You used me, Susan.

Neolution's founders understood
the cost of progress.

P.T. Westmorland wrote the doctrine
right here in this room.

Okay, that's weird.

I'm sorry, Cosima.
I can't risk you interfering in the lab.



You gotta be frickin' kidding me.

At last, we did it.

Appearing before the board tomorrow.

Oh, I'll have to get my suit pressed.

No, you won't.

What do you mean?

Step this way, little brother.



Dr. Van Lier, please.

- Dr. Van Lier!
- Dr. Van Lier!

Care to comment on the rumors
that there might be other complainants?

Thank you. Dr. Van Lier
has just a moment for a few questions.

What other charges is Evie Cho facing

besides the four counts
of criminal negligence?

I can't comment on any legal action
against the former CEO.

Where is Evie Cho now?

Disappeared behind her lawyers.
We have no contact.

Are you a Neolutionist?

What does, um, Neolution
have to say about deformed babies?


I'm sorry, you are...

I'm TMZ.

I wanna know if you have a comment

on the attempted murder
of Dr. Delphine Cormier?

Dr. Cormier?

- "Neolution?" Can you clarify?
- Sorry, who is Dr. Cormier?

I'm sorry, I don't have time for this.

That's it for now,
I'm afraid. Sorry.

Do you recognize me now?

Of course, Krystal.

There's no need to make a scene.

What do you want?
We can talk inside.

Do I look stupid?

Meet me around the corner.

No photos.


Easy, Doctor. We're just gonna
get in the truck over there.

Miss Goderitch,

whatever you think you're doing,
this is a mistake.

Cut the shit, all right?


Okay, why am I giving away
my gas cans and my food?

We're cooperating,
to survive the zombie apocalypse.

This is so boring.

I don't care about
the zombie apocalypse.

I'm dressed like this
to go on a real mission.

You're Sarah Manning.

Yes, and we wanna know
what you've done with Delphine Cormier.

I passed her along,
to get the medical attention she needed.

Why would you do that
when your protégé Evie had her shot?

I did what I was told.

My orders don't come from Evie.

And who do you really work for?

Why don't you put down the gun?

Your side has won.

Susan finally has a cell line
to restart human cloning.

This was never about the cure.

That's why Cosima's gone dark.

Susan wants the science for herself.

Susan's next move?
Tell me what it is.

Susan is not your problem.

Rachel has reconvened
the board without her.


Neolution has a board?

There's always a bloody board.



Thank you so much
for moving this meeting up.

There are moments
which simply cannot wait.


Human cloning is back on the table.


Where the hell are you,
you horrible bitch?

Damn. Wrong bitch.

This isn't what it looks like.

Oh, Ira.

Where's Rachel?

We're all familiar
with Susan's experiments.

Her patient contribution
to our understanding

of epigenetics in human evolution.

Well, I am not my mother,

and if our goal is genetic change
in the general population,

I want to see it within my lifetime.

This is exactly what Evie promised.

Yes, but Evie had no baseline,

and Susan has no balls.

So let's talk clones, shall we?

We have a saying.
"Neolution follows the science."

But it doesn't throw the deformed baby
out with the bathwater,

if you know what I mean.

We're listening.

Clones are wholly patented,
farmed and monitored lab animals.

We can now produce them
generation after generation.

So I propose we marry
the best of both worlds.

Susan's baseline with
Evie Cho's implanted tech.

Rachel wants to put bots in clones?

In multiple generations.

You clones are so much more
than the sum of your parts.

We operate in countries
where human cloning is not illegal,

where our corporation supersedes

their citizenship, their personhood.

So why grant them
this illusion of freedom?

If we want to know if
our lab rats' tails will grow back,

we damn well will cut them off and see!

I have to say,
this is some of your finest work, Felix.

Thank you, Arthur.

I do respect your opinion.

Excuse me.

What am I doing in this place?

Oh, I've seen you before.


Krystal would kick your balls
into your throat.

Oh, it's you.

I know where Rachel's going.

She's gone back without you, Ira,

because she wants to control
the whole cell line.

She wants to cut Susan out.

No, Susan won't allow it.

Have you heard this?
"Neolution follows the science"?

Have you heard that?

- Answer her, Ira.
- Come on!

- Yes.
- Right.

Well, that's what Rachel's doing.

She's going to the island
to follow it, okay?

And you know...

You know what she's capable of.

Look, I know you care about Susan.

Oh, yeah.

They're shagging.

She's all alone out there.

Which is why you and I

have to get on that helicopter.

You can make the call.


I can still go with you, love.

No, this is my thing.
I'm doing this alone.

It's because it's bloody Rachel,
isn't it?

No, no.
It's because it's Cosima.

And it's the cure.

S, I'm immune. If I don't fix this,

it's my curse to watch my sisters die.

And you have to take care of Kira.

You had a brother with a scar.

I'm nothing like my brothers.

Stay seated.

She's going alone, Ira.
Sorry, you'll be collateral.

You... You can't...

- Shut it.
- Hey, I'm gonna be back soon, okay?

I kn ow.

I'm worried about all the sisters.

There's so many we don't even know.

We're doing this for all of them, too.

I want us all to be free.

- Okay-
- Okay-


Why didn't anyone fetch me?


Who are you?

I've seen you before.

Susan is in the kitchen.

Do not waver.

Who was that man?

A messenger.

Where did he come from?

From the board?

You have no idea
what you've done.

I know exactly what I've done.

I grew up in boardrooms like that.

No, no. Not like that one.

Power does not equal free will, Rachel.

You are owned.

A legal description,
which I can rewrite.

They'll never accept you.

And when the lobbying has ended
and the laws have passed,

who would you choose
as the first face of human cloning?

You are betraying me,

you are betraying your sisters,

and you are betraying yourself.



Hey-What's going on?

Rachel's back and she's very angry.

Susan says that we
have to get to the boat.

Is that the boat
that's in your painting?

Yes, come on.

Wait, Charlotte.
Are there other people on this island?

Sometimes. But we mustn't go there.

Why? Why? Who's there?

Susan says that we
have to get to the boat.

Now, come on,
before Rachel comes down.

Uh... Oh, wait, wait.

You wait here, okay?

- Okay.
- just... I'll be right back.

You should be thanking me.

You created me to be your heir,
didn't you?

A child raised by Neolution.

It seemed like a good idea at the time,
but it wasn't mine.

Whose was it then?

You gave me to this.

I should never have left you.

Is that what you want to hear?

You made me think you were dead.

So now I must do what
Neolution raised me to do.

Make the hard choices.

The hard choice is restraint.

You're fading, Mother.

The future is bolder than you.

Where's the cell line?

I want the cure.

Oh, Rachel.

For all the joy and insight
your sisters haven given me...

We should go.

For every Sarah, every Cosima,

I regret making you.

Sorry, Rachel.

The board does not have the final say.

And I will not allow you
to move forward with any of this.

Don't look. Come on, run.

It's not up to you anymore, Mother.

It's this way.

We have to follow the beach to a trail.


Cosima's done too much for us.

I'm coming home with her,
and I'm bringing the cure.

I'm gonna end this once and for all.

Well, what can we do, Sarah?

I have the runs, but I'm packing heat.

Well, sit tight for now...

and just take care
of each other, yeah?

And make sure Helena
doesn't eat any raw meat.

She is our avenging angel, Sarah.

She saved our lives.
She cleansed our sins with fire.

We are forgiven and...

I would lay down my life
for that sweet little thing.

Okay, I think she means that Helena

will always have a bed at our house.

Or at least in the yard.


Well, at least I know you lot are safe.

You'll bring back Cosima, Sarah.
We know you will.

Yeah. Talk soon.

I think
it's just a little further.

It's getting dark.
Are you sure this is the right way?


Get up. We have to get to the boat.


I'm okay. I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I think we're lost.

It's too cold.

Don't fall asleep.


Susan. Hey!


- Sarah.
- What's happened?

Okay, okay.

Oh, Rachel's gone mad.

Where's Cosima?

I sent her up island with Charlotte,
to a boat.


How do I get to her?

Sarah, Rachel's taken the cure.

The whole cell line.

Did you treat Cosima?


No, Rachel!

Rachel, stop!

Control yourself.

You have what you want.

I warned you, Sarah.

You crazy bitch!

You're not immune to me,

you cockroach.


You're one of us.

One of you?

You didn't even know what you were

until Beth Childs walked off
that train platform.

I was raised for this.

This is mine, my time.

Rachel Duncan, stop!


desist, or I will
shoot you down myself.

You won't shoot me, Mother.

Go on, then.

Pull the trigger.

You can't, can you?

I'm the chosen daughter,

whether you like it or not.

I'm gonna need blood pressure
and core temperature please.


Temperature's a little off.
We need...

She's hypothermic.

Look at me.

Okay, please leave us.

Thank you.

Keep breathing.

Keep breathing.

I'm right here.

I'm gonna keep you warm.

I think I'm dying.

No. No, you're not.

I won't let you.

I finished our homework.



I've made my own decisions.

But I was led here.

I've seen things in my eye.

I've seen the messenger.

I've seen the swan.

Your eye...

He's getting capricious in his old age.

Losing his patience

for natural selection.

Who is?

Who built my eye?

You know.

It's the man behind the curtain.

The man who wrote the book
over a century ago.

That's impossible.

Not for him.

What else am I supposed to do?

Hmm? What does he have to say about it?

He's not happy about any of this.

Of course.

Altruism poses a distinct challenge
to the evolutionist.

His altruism saved you.

That wasn't what it was.

You won't be allowed to stay with her.

I kn ow.

But she's my patient.

So if you'll please excuse us...




We have to be

very careful here.

It's not safe.

Is our homework what I think it is?

You found your cure.

You can shoot me up like old times.

I will.

But you must not tell anyone.


Mom? I need help.


Hello, Sarah.

It's been aeons.

No, don't worry.

The whole family is just fine.

- Hello, Rachel.
- Ian.

- How did you fare?
- It's done.

The science is secure.


Mr. Westmorland will see you now.