Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Mitigation of Competition - full transcript

The formal alliance between the sisters on one side Susan/Rachel/Ira on the other side begins in earnest. Cosima has arrived on the island where she and Susan will begin the process of ...

LEDA will be dismantled for its assets.

Sarah and her self-aware sisters

won't get such humane treatment.

Alison is Sarah's twin sister.

Your bail hearing's
not going to be until Monday.

- Monday?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Shingles.
- Yes.

You'll be the first to take
the new generation of bot this week.

Those shingles will be
a thing of the past.

- A swan?
- Stop saying it like that.

It was a vision of a swan.

What is happening to me?

- This is from my ma.
- No, no, no, no!

What if we created a blastocyst?

We'd need fertilizable LEDA eggs.

And castor sperm from Ira.

Where are you going to
get the eggs from?

The only problem is
we don't have the resources to do it...


I want to work with Sarah Manning

and the others to restore you
as the head of Neolution.

Are you sure you can work with Sarah?

I look forward to it.

I just want you to find a cure.

We will.


I saw it again.

The same man.

- I think I was on the island.
- Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

- It's fine.
- You need to see this.

Turn it up.

When the refinery shut down,
my father lost his job,

just like a lot of folks in Tisdale.

You had a serious illness too,
didn't you?

Severe combined immunodeficiency?

That's right.

We couldn't move.
Instead, it was a steady stream of

of goodbyes, friends, teachers...

That must have been difficult.

I got through it.

But, as you know,
Tisdale is still suffering.

So when Brightborn decided to
build a new research facility,

I knew just the place.

Two hundred and sixty new jobs,

a new walk-in clinic...

She's painting herself
as some kind of hometown hero.

Yeah, she's ingenious.

I believe Tisdale can rebuild.

And here at Brightborn,
we just want to be a part of that.

Right, so it's press conference
day today. Give me something.

What are you going to say?

It's just another big
step for Brightborn.

You'll just have to wait and see.

You can probably give me one thing?
just one little...

just give me one thing.

Her government approvals
have come through.

Then we should act now.

That's them.

Are you sure you're all right?

Scarcely believed it.
A CASTOR who favors slacks.

- You must be Felix.
- Hello, Rachel.

Thank you for coming, Felix.

This is a bad idea.

Mom, Mom, slow down!

I think I saw a deer.

- Where?
- Do you see something?

- Oh, I think I see it.
- Morn, look, look!

Oh, my gosh.

- Mom! Oh, my gosh!
- Mom, it's a Sasquatch!

- No, it's just a girl.
- Oh, my gosh, she killed a deer!

Oh, Mommy! Mom! Oh!

Mom, she killed a deer!

Away from the window.
Away from the window.

- Drive the damn car.
- Oh, jeez.

I'm sure we can all agree

that this little diplomatic exchange
is rock bottom.

Susan gets the brilliant
and delightful Cosima

forging ahead to save your lives,

while we get you, Rachel,

and your half-baked plan
to take down Evie Cho.

I can assure you,
it is not half-baked...

Ira, you fertilized
my sister's eggs for science.

- You don't get to speak, too.
- So what does it mean, then?

Evie's got approval for
clinical trials of the new bot?

It means implanted gene therapy works.

They'll prove it suppresses
certain genetic disorders,

only it's a Trojan horse.

'Cause they can alter their DNA
however they want.


including germline editing.

Changing their clients' children's DNA
without consent.

She wants to get the technology
to the public within three years.


Evie Cho might be
a more cunning villain than you, Rachel.

Her villainy is exactly how we get her.

Go on.

Evie developed her tech
with illegal human trials.

We've learned that two carriers

recently fled
the Brightborn maternity lab.

Tabitha Stewart and Kendra Dupree.

You want to find them before Evie does?

No, we want you to.

With what these girls know,

- I can destroy Evie.
- Right.

And then Susan Duncan can take her place
at the head of Neolution again.

Evie is hunting you, Sarah.

We both need her gone.

1 have...


My limitations, but Ira will help.

We do this,
it's with our people, our way.

Give me the file.

We'll let you know how it goes.


- She's gone.
- Oh, no.

I'm sorry.

It came for you this morning.

"Leave us alone,
or the whole video goes online."

Like I'm going to let that happen.

They could ruin everything.

- Why haven't we found them?
- We are working on it.

Traced the email to a fixed address,

but the less you know
about that, the better.

And what should I know
about Detective Duko?

He disappeared tailing Sarah.

Evie, you need to focus
on the press conference tonight.

Let us handle this.

I have jobs for each of you.

- Honey!
- Oh, Donnie, thank God!

Oh, my God, it is so good to see you.

Oh, Donnie! Donnie, please.

I just...
I never thought I'd see you again.

- Let's just go home...
- Contain yourself.

Adele is coming over
to talk about your defense, okay?

Well, she can wait!
Daddy needs his conjugal, baby.

Donnie, our lives are imploding

and all you can think about
is your stiffy?

You're right. I'm sorry.

You've been such a rock.

How are the kids doing in Florida?

Oh, they're safe, except for my mother.

Yeah? What about you?
How's the musical?

It's a fraud.

We're singing Jesus Christ Superstar,

and I've completely lost touch
with my faith.

- No, you haven't.
- Yes, I have!

I'm Judas,
and I can't even pray anymore.

- Well, listen.
- Oh! Donnie! Oh.

Come on. Let's just go home, all right?

We will let Adele
get us out of this first,

and then I'll make you
see God, Ms. Hendrix.

- Donnie!
- Mmm-hmm.

- Here, hold my undies.
- Oh, God!

- They're dirty!
- Are they...

Kendra and Tabitha were both full term.

Kendra's got a four-year-old son.

All right, you're a single mom...

and desperate enough
to surrogate a monster for money.

- How far can you run?
- Yeah...

Tender mercies, Donnie's out of remand.


Hendrix is on bail,
Cosima's on the Island of Dr. Moreau

and Helena is AWOL.

I'm meant to be bringing us together,
and we're falling apart.

- Well, at least you still got Rachel.
- Oh, God, yeah.

All right, I gotta go.

I gotta go make sure the Hendrixes
don't let my bio-sister into Clone Club.

- Love you.
- I know. You, too.

You got something?

Uh, maybe.
Description matches two women

checked into the
Centertown Shelter yesterday.

One pregnant, the other with a newborn.


Now prick the oocyte right in the center
to avoid trauma.

I don't want to screw this up.


You're merely
fertilizing LEDA with CASTOR.


Now draw up some plasma
so we know the membrane is ruptured

and drop it back in the center.

And we are on our way
to compatible stern cells,

thanks to
Sarah and Ira's contributions.

You all right?

Yeah, I think the trip up here yesterday
took it out of me a little.

I will put our egg in a culture.

Why don't you lie down for a bit?


I have brought you some reading.

No way.

It's very rare.

"On the Science of Neolution.

"P.T. Westmorland."

Oh, no.

Centertown Women's Shelter.

This doesn't look good.

Shit. No, no, no. You stay right here.

You're not Beth Childs today.

All right, fine.

I... I just talked to her.

It doesn't make any sense.

She told me to meet her here.

No, I'm hearing you.

But you have to let us do our job now.

I saw cruisers. What's going on?

In here.

Looks like we have a suicide.

So no signs of foul play?

No, not that I can see.
Forensics is on the way.

Though she checked in
with a girl named Kendra,

but now we can't find her.

- Jesus.
- Yeah.

Her other friend out there
found her hanging from that pipe.

No vital signs for her or the baby.

Oh, shit. Helena!

Hello, sestra.

we've been worried about you.

Why haven't you answered
your clone phone?

I think ringing is broken.

Okay, where are you?

I have a place of my own now.

How is Kira?

She 3 getting bigger.

How about you? How are yours?

Yes, much kicking.

They're fighting like us.


I'm happy for you.

Glad you're far away from all this.

Why? Is problem?

No, no, no.

- Is problem with family Hendrick?
- No, look...

It's nothing for you to worry about.

It's just the usual shit.

Oh, I've gotta go.

You keep those babies safe. All right?

Say yes.


Okay. Bye, meathead.

Er... Trina?


Why are you dressed like that?

Er, I'm undercover.
I'm, ah, plainclothes.

What's wrong?

You were right about Brightborn.

It's way worse than I thought.

These wounds look to be defensive.

Could be.

You seen Marty Duko lately?

- No, why?
- Guy blew his shift.

Nobody knows where he is.

No, I haven't seen him.

Hope he's okay.

Tabitha called me
as soon as they broke out.

Scared shitless.

It wasn't a suicide.

- No way.
- I believe you.

- But, uhm, what about Kendra Dupree?
- Oh, my God.

I hope she got away.

- Where would she go?
- I already told the detective in there.

Okay, that's good, but I...

Can you tell me?
I feel like I could help.

Kendra talked about, ah,
an empty house somewhere.

A friend of her family who died.

Something Steinbeck. Clara? Mary?

Any idea where?

I just know that
the house wouldn't sell,

because the town's economy is so crap.


That would make sense.
Kendra's from there.

You gotta find her before they do.

Yeah, okay. We will.


I'm at the scene.

The one that got away, Kendra Dupree,

I got a little tip
she's headed to Tisdale.

But you're not the only ones
looking for her.

Okay, could be worse.

Er, they've charged you with
possession, trafficking and importing.

Importing? No, no, we weren't importing.

Shh. Er, what is their evidence?

Er, we won't know
for a couple of weeks.

Until then, just comply
with your bail conditions

and try not to worry.

- Okay-
- Okay-

FYI, there's two plainclothes

parked outside your house
in an unmarked car.

- We're under surveillance?
- Mmm-hmm.

Is that normal?
We've already been charged.

Seems like Detective Duko
has quite a hard-on for y'all.

It's not him.

Why couldn't it be him?

'Cause he's on leave.

Okay, how would you know
if he's on leave?

You know what?
Maybe we should review the scope of

- lawyer-client privilege again.
- Mmm.

Okay, is something going on
with Detective Duko?


- No.
- No, I don't think there is.

Great! Uhm, we can continue
this conversation at home.

Let's maybe have a drink there.

- We'll leave you two.
- Bye!

It's functioning perfectly, Evie.
The therapy's underway.

Well, I won't miss the shingles.

Just promise me
that you'll find that carrier, Ian,

- or none of it will matter.
- I promise.

What do you
know about this place?

Tisdale? Nothing.

I mean, it looks rough.

I'm guessing Brightborn
offered Kendra money

and she thought, "How bad can it be?"

Pretty bad.

So, how many more Steinbecks
we got left?

Er, two. And one Steinbeck.

Rachel, I told you I'd call you.

Yes, an hour ago.

Well, we're still looking
for Kendra Dupree.

Well, we have new information
that could help.

Kendra took her four-year-old son
William to friends in Pickering.

I'll send the address.

No, we've got our own leads out here.

Where are you, then? How can we help?

If I need help, I'll ask.

You really don't like each other,
do you?

She put a pencil in my brain.


We have the location
of Sarah's last phone call.

She's in Tisdale.

You should go, then.

Contingency, in case she falters.

You're the sick one.


You're the sick one, too, right?


I don't feel very sick yet.

That's good.

How do you brush your hair?

I don't.

Just wake up and it looks like this.

You wanna feel?

- I used to have pigtails, too.
- Do you like the book?


But I'm finding it
a bit overwhelming right now.

I didn't even know that this guy,

P.T. Westmorland,
was involved in Neolution.

This is my favorite part.

Is this
the island that we're on?

It's made
out of Precambrian rock,

almost four billion years old.

We're at this end.

You're right. That is a very cool part.

your foster sister does a test on us,

like she's got geneticists
at her disposal,

and then I meet her suburbanite
twin sister, the drug dealer.

And her husband gets thrown in jail,

and the cops just
throw the book at him.

Did your family
threaten Duko or something?

Adele, you're making it sound
like we're the mob.

What? So I'm reading this wrong?

Well, you did just mix
mood stabilizers with gin, darling.

That's brunch.

Hello, Felix.

Hey, Helena!

Hi! Adele, Helena.
Helena, this is Adele.

This is my half sister.


Different mother, same father.

So you must be Sarah's other sister.

Yes. Same mother,


- So it's triplets now, huh?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah.
- From different regions.

- From the same stomach.
- Yeah.

Countries in there?
Different countries?

- This is... I should go.
- That's probably best.

Nonsense, I think you should stay.

I have so many questions for ya.

All starting with
where you got that hat.

Have you named it yet?

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Can you use a different word?

- Just... just call me a bad man.
- Oh, you're a bad man.

- I'm a bad man who runs this cell block!
- Oh, you run it.

- I run this cell block!
- Yeah, you run it.

Oh, honey, I love you.



Donnie, would you pray with me, please?

- Right now?
- Yes, yes.

Just close your eyes.
Close them.

Oh, dear Lord...

I know we haven't been
very good Christians lately,

but we are very grateful
that Donnie's out of remand,

and we're trying our best to be good...

To be good.

Oh, crap. I'm... I can't do this.

Oh, God's forsaken me.

I'm sure he gets the point.

No, no.

Everybody knows we're criminals.

They stare at me in the grocery store.

And there are cops
outside of our house, Donnie.

We have to get out of here.

Honey, we can't.

I forfeited my passport
as part of my bail conditions.

Well, we'll...

We'll go to Niagara,
and we'll pretend it's a holiday.

We'll send for the kids,
and we'll go hide

in one of those waterpark hotels.

The last time we went to Splashdown,

Oscar got foot and mouth disease.

Donnie, would you
work with me here, please?

Er, yeah.

- Let's go to Niagara.
- Good.

All right,
this is the last Steinbeck on the list.

There's baby stuff.

Just do it quick.



Kendra Dupree?


I won't let you hurt my baby.

Get away from him.

Get away from him.

We're not from Brightborn.

- We... We don't want to hurt your kid.
- I don't believe you.

Listen very carefully.
I'm a police officer,

I'm going to reach into my pocket
real slow and show you my ID.

There you go.

- All right? Just put down the gun.
- Move.

Okay, okay-

It's okay-

It's okay.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

See, Felix neglected to tell me twice
that Sarah's got sisters.

Oh, and you're so preggo and foreign.

Because it wasn't pertinent
and I'm not a gossip.

- Oh, you're not a gossip.
- Right.

Where is Sarah?

She's good. Good, darling.
She's just busy. Busy, busy.

- Alison? Donnie Hendrick?
- Yeah, they're great.

- All great. Totally fine.
- Oh, yeah, they're doing real well,

aside from the fact that they're
currently under federal prosecution.

- Adele!
- What? Shouldn't she know?

- They are sisters.
- What does this mean? Jail?

No, no.

Well, maybe Donnie. Yes. I don't know.

Because of Pouchy?

So she knows about the killings?

Tangential, of course...
To drugs and missing cops.

You have a loud voice.

Yes, I do, because,
see, my brother here,

he's got more secrets than a freemason,

and I'm getting real tired
of sifting through all his bullshit.

Maybe bullshit is where you belong.

Did you just step up to me,
little triplet?


Okay, whoa! No, you don't
want to do that, all right?

It's okay.

We don't need to do
any of that, all right?

All good.

Uhm, sestra, you give me
an hour here with Adele,

and then I promise we are
going to catch up right proper, okay?

You are safe?

Yeah, hope so.

Wow. She was something else.

And I don't think that hat
was store-bought, neither.

You're gonna sober up,
and then you're gonna go.

I'm not leaving without an explanation.

Adele, you are so
beautifully unsullied by all this shit.

And I'm not going to be the person
that ruins that for you.

Okay, okay-

Genetics doesn't really
make a family, does it?

- No.
- Honesty and...

And, ah, acceptance?

That's what it's all about, hey?

This is my life.
I'm really sorry.


Mmm. Okay.

Uhm, I'm gonna leave you
with your real family for a while.


- How did you find me?
- We spoke to Trina.

Uhm, I knew her from before.

I was just coming back with lunch.

They killed Tabitha, didn't they?

Well, if they did,
they made it look like a suicide.

We know about Brightborn.

You want to tell us what happened?

Shh. It's okay.

Tabitha and I were nearing full. Term.

We heard rumors some of the babies
were born... Different.

One night, the nurse fell asleep,

so we snuck out of the ward.

We heard a baby crying,

saw two doctors sneak into
an operating room...

I'd snuck this phone in to call my son.

See this dysplasia?

Must be excruciating. Hold her steady.

Just a little bee sting,
and then you won't feel anything at all.


She's gone.

The next day we ran.

I named him Jacob.

They put this beautiful baby in me,

but he was born blind.

If they find him,
they'll put him down, too.

If you're willing to
come forward with this,

we could expose them.

We could end all this.

Look, you take the video
and you leave me out of it.

That won't work, Kendra.

Without you,
the video could be discounted.

Look what they did to Tabitha.

I have another son.

They'll hurt us.

I know they will.



What do you think
of Neolution's forefather?

I think he's fascinating,

for a racist blowhard
who thinks that poverty is genetic.

Consider the era,
the Victorian mindset.

Is your mindset so different?

Our ethics debate again.

Well, I just met a little girl
with a deformed leg

and a terminal illness.

When I created Charlotte,

I was under tremendous pressure
to continue LEDA.

I didn't have Kendall's
replicating cell line.

I don't understand. What pressure?

It doesn't matter.

She is a life.

She's unique. She's...

She's happy-

And, hopefully, we will cure her.

The cumulus cells
are starting to strip off the egg.

That's excellent news.

Tomorrow, we should have a zygote!

Of course she's reluctant
to come forward.

You have to convince her, Sarah.

I'm trying, but it's not our decision,

is it? It's hers.
listen to me.

If you found her,
Brightborn is right behind.

Tell her we'll protect her.

What if we can't? I'm not lying to her.

Then let me.

Or use the information
I gave you about her other son.

I'm not
blackmailing her, Rachel.

Oh, Sarah, don't be naive.
We have one chance at...

- Still here.
- Sarah won't act.

We need that contingency plan.

All right, but there's a complication.

- He's sleeping.
- All right.

We're not safe here.

We need, ah...
We need you to come with us.

Like protective custody?

Honestly, there are police
that we can't trust.

But we've got a safe house,
and it's very well protected.

This is crazy.

I don't even know you people.

Brightborn is after us, too.

And we both have daughters,

and we put them first every day,
just like you're doing with Jacob.

But we need you to help us end this.

Could you go get him, please?



They're outside.

- Kendra!
- Let her go, let her go.

She'll keep him quiet.

Whose phone is that?


- Whoa.
- Shit.

- Hello?
- Kendra Dupree?

Listen to me carefully.

I have an associate waiting for you
in a car outside.

I know Sarah is there.

I also know your son, William,
is with Carrie Munroe,

14 Emerson Drive, Pickering.

If you do as I say, he won't be hurt.

Don't move! Police!

Drop your weapons, nice and slow.

Kick 'em over to me!

Get on your knees!

Put your hands behind your heads.

Lock your fingers!

You again? Where's your usual partner?

Why? Do you miss him?

You go get Kendra.
I'll take care of these guys.


Ira, Stop! Kendra!

What happened?

She's gone with Ira.

Rachel's screwing us. I'm so stupid.

Did you kill that woman at the shelter?
Hey? Hey?

Oh, no, no! Hey! We're not doing this.

We're going to drop them off
at the precinct.

We'll be out by morning.


Well, I'll be real interested
to see who springs you.

Swimsuits, a hair dryer
and earplugs for your snoring.

Er, I grabbed some Imodium
in case you want that crab salad again.

- Hey, the cops are gone.
- Oh.

There's just an ambulance
parked there now.

- Good. Good time to skedaddle.
- Yep.

Let's get out of here...
Wait! Flip flops.

- Er, basement. Basement.
- Right. Okay, okay, okay.




Oh, Lord!

Sorry to barge in.
We're going to have a little chat.


Large-scale clinical trials
are just the beginning.

Soon, Brightborn will offer
advanced gene therapy

directly to you and your families.

I can think of no better place
to begin this genetic revolution

than in my hometown of Tisdale.

Thank you.

Okay, I'm ready.

- What is it?
- Rachel Duncan is here.

- In the city?
- Downstairs.

She says she has information
about Kendra Dupree.

You're the tough one
in the family, aren't you?

I guess you'd have to be.

This one is first generation.

It's glitchy as hell.

Messed up a lot of people.

I need you to tell me what Sarah
got up to with Detective Duko.

He disappeared tracking her.

By the time I count to ten,
you're going to answer,

or this goes in.

I love you, Donnie.


- Lord, please...
- two, three...

hear my prayer.
I have sinned and sinned.

- Four, five, six...
- I have turned my back on my community.

I've lost my way.

- Please, forgive my husband.
- seven, eight, nine...

Protect my children!

And have mercy...


Where... Where did you come from?

Beavertail National Park.

It was very peaceful.

Donnie Hendrick,

you look like roast pig.

Hey, what the hell are you up to?

- Where's Kendra?
- She and her baby are safe.

Did you threaten to hurt her kid?

Hey? You're worse
than bloody Brightborn, mate.

We're just doing what needs to be done.
What you would not.

Where's Rachel?

She's meeting with Evie.

You let her do that?

It's not what you think.

You're stupid, mate.
She is playing you.

Rachel just wants power.
She'll cut us all down.

Including you.

You're supposed to be on the island.

Well, I'm here.

And lucky for you,
I have your solution.

You know where my carrier is?

She's in my custody,
along with her video.

It's abhorrent.

I'm surprised you left
yourself so vulnerable.

So this is a shakedown.

I prefer to think of it
as a negotiation.

Project LEDA is obsolete.
Off the table.

- Fine.
- Same as Susan.


Her day has passed.

Don't tell me
you want Sarah and her sisters spared.

- You don't know me at all, do you?
- Well, then what?

I take great offense to
something you said to me once,

that Neolution would never allow a clone
a position of power.

Today, that changes.

You want a seat at the table.

And in return,
I give you Kendra and her video,

and no one need know

about engineered birth defects
and euthanized newborns.

- The video's on there?
- Yes. There are no copies.

- And what about Kendra Dupree?
- She's in my hotel room.

- And the child is with her?
- Yes, that's right.

Do we have a deal?

Like I have a choice.

One question.

Why euthanasia?

Surely with
Brightborn's resources you...

You're recording this?

And ready to upload it
to every major news network.

Let them live out
their shortened lives.

If even one of these children
were discovered,

decades of science
would have been shelved.

At the end of the day, euthanizing
severely deformed newborns

was the most humane way forward.

Now if you'll excuse me.

Wow, she did it.

Well done.


What if I were to tell you
that in a few short years,

immune deficiencies
could be eradicated?

Cancer cured.

Blood disease, haemophilia,
hereditary blindness,

all in our past.

Sound far-fetched?

Not to me. Because here
at Brightborn Technologies...

severely deformed newborns

was the most humane way forward.

Today, we are pleased to
announce federal approval...

Must be excruciating.

- Of phase three clinical trials...
- Hold her steady.

For implantable,
bio-engineered gene therapy.

- She '5 gone.
- These randomized...

Excuse me. Are babies being euthanized
at Brightborn's birthing facility?

Do Brightborn treatments
cause deformation?

What are you talking about?

Well, we have video of you admitting
to euthanizing Brightborn babies.

How do you respond?

Can you confirm that these are
Brightborn doctors?

No comment.

No further questions.

Excuse me.


Is it happening again?

What did you see?

It isn't a glitch.

It's the island.

There were people there.

Someone's trying
to show me something, Ira.

I have Intel
about that French doctor.


Controlling evolution,
it's the ultimate power.

You don't even
care about a cure, do you?


We don't belong
to anybody, mate!

No, Rachel!