Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Few Who Dare - full transcript

After killing her mother, Rachel is able to abscond with the cure to lead the project. Elsewhere, Ferdinand has kidnapped Mrs. S and Kira, their whereabouts unknown. Sarah, who is still on the island, is injured, but is determined not to leave without Cosima. Sarah, while nursing her injury, has to evade the Neolutionists, who she knows are after her. She also discovers that there is someone, or something else out in the forest that may provide an added threat. Cosima learns from others around her where she is being held, it a "camp" called Revival where Charlotte is also being held. With Delphine also there providing clandestine support, Cosima may have other thoughts as to her situation than Sarah. Alison and Donnie, hiding in the woods with Helena, discover the situation from Felix, they only being told that they should lay low and stay out of sight. They feel somewhat like open targets as they know the Neolutionists are after them while they have no idea as to what is being done either to protect them or to rescue Sarah and Cosima. Felix, Art, Scott and Hell Wizard, with few leads, are working together to find Mrs. S and Kira, and to help Sarah. They hope that Ira, who no longer has an allegiance to the project now that Rachel has taken over, will provide whatever information he knows. Art may be preoccupied himself as Lt. Hardcastle assigns him a new partner, Maddy Enger. Knowing that the police department is rife with Neolutionists, Art soon discovers if Enger is someone he should trust.

We date back to the Victorians.

House of Westmorland.

Have you thought about
how insane you are,

jumping in the chopper to a
mad scientist's private island?

Have you seen Marty Duko lately?

No way.

There are cops outside of our house
Donnie, we have to get out of here!

Rachel just wants power.
She'll cut us all down.

You'll bring back Cosima,
Sarah. We know you will.

Sarah, Rachel's taken the cure.

Delphine was alive
when they took her away.

You found your cure.

You can shoot me up like old times.

You won't be allowed to stay with her.

Mr. Westmorland will see you now.

- That's impossible.
- Not for him.

No, no. Don't worry. The
whole family is just fine.

- Sarah.
- Felix.

My phone is gonna die. Just listen.

Okay, yeah, I'm listening.

Ferdinand took Kira and Mrs. S.

- What?!
- Go check the safe house!

This is all Rachel. She's
taken over from Susan.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

No you're not, you're lying!
I can hear it in your voice.

Look, it doesn't matter. Okay?

Okay? Rachel took the cure
before Cosima could get to it.

- What's happening?
- Just, Sarah,

get your ass off the island.

I'm not leaving without Cosima.

Put me on speaker.

Ira, Susan said she
sent Cosima to a boat.

- Where is that?
- Is Susan alright?

Answer the question!

On the west side of the
island, there is a boathouse.

It's at a river mouth,
downstream from the village,

- but...
- Downstream from what village?



What village?

Come on! Come on!


Sorry, monkey.

Please, please, please. Please.

Yes! Yeah!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Mommy, wake up!

Come on!

There's so much to do today!

Wake up, Mommy!

- Wake up!
- Kira?


Who's there?

I'm right here. I'm gonna keep you warm.

You won't be allowed to stay with her.

I think I'm dying.

You must not tell anyone!


Oh, good!

What? No. No. No.

No. No!

You know that she's sick!

What do you want me to do?


Good morning, Cosima!

Who are you?

Oh, uh, right.

Welcome to Revival.

Sustaining life off the grid since 1908.

My name is Mud.

And these...

are your wellies!

Do you know where
Delphine went just now?

Uh, to work, I think. At the clinic.

- She'll be back.
- I really need to talk to her.

I know! It's a lot, right?

You woke up in a yurt. You're
wondering who all these people are.

You just wanna know what's going on.

Yeah. Are you gonna tell me?

I'll show you.

This is Revival.

Come on.

We're almost completely self-sufficient.

We generate our own power,

we have our own comms...

Great. I-I need to talk to my sisters.

Oh, you're not gonna
be allowed to do that.

And our greenhouse is over here!

We raise all our own livestock,
uh, there's a fish farm.

We have everything we need!

All these people are chosen
from every part of the world.

Why are they here?

To genetically improve the human race!

We all contribute and we all benefit.

I-I had some pretty beneficial
science stolen from me.

Do you know a Rachel Duncan?

Oh, we do now.

Yeah, this is a big day for all of us.

- She's in seclusion with Him.
- With who?

The founder!

We're all his children here.

You lost me. Who-whose children?

P.T. Westmorland.

He lives here, with us.

Really? How old is old P.T. now?

170 last June.

Are you familiar with his 1880 paper

on post-subjectivity and
collective research living?

It's totally visionary!

Wow. Okay.


Hey, Charlotte!

Oh, my God! Hey.

Tweedle Small and Tweedle Tall.

Just ignore her. What
were you doing in there?

It's... sort of a school.

Okay. That's weird. I...

How are you feeling?

I'm feeling Okay, but what
happened to our treatment?

You let me worry about that. Okay?

Delphine, my friend?
She's-she's got our back.

- What about Susan? Is she Okay?
- I heard she'll pull through.

- How did you hear that?
- Rumours.

P.T. and Susan go way back, but...

family feuds, who's to say?

- Oh God! It's me!
- Oh my God, Arthur!

I almost hit you with a pan!

Yeah, well I almost
shot you, so we're even.

Did you find anything?

Corkscrew through the back
of the hand, pub fighting.

Classic Siobhan.

That's a good thing? Now,
Ferdinand's pissed off.

Art, I just need you to think.

Where would he take them?

I need you to tell me that we've
got something to go on here.

Hey, there's always something to go on.

I can't contact Siobhan's network.

- Worried they're blown too.
- Look, I'm going to help you.

There's a vice on me down at the
station right now over the Duko thing.

I don't even know who's legit
police and who's Neo right now.

- So one favour.
- Yeah?

The Hendricks's. Make
sure they stay put.

We can't put anyone else in harm's way.

Yeah, I'll pass it on.

Kira and Siobhan are
going to be alright.

Okay? We'll find them.

Art and me, we're hatching a plan, okay?

We're going to get them
back soon, I promise.

Felix, what
do you need us to do?

Nothing. I don't need anything.
Just... where's Helena?

- She's out hunting.
- Trapping.

It's all categorized as hunting, Donnie.

I know, but specifically,
she's trapping.

Okay. This is dire,
Donnie. He needs some ideas

of a concrete plan on how to save Kira.

No, no, no. I don't, Donnie.
I just need you to stay put

and stay safe. Art's request.

Just keep yourselves and
particularly Helena the blonde

under wraps for now.

He's right. Think of our babies.

Great! I'll talk to you guys soon, okay?

- Bye.
- Felix?

Ugh! Poop on a stoop, we don't
even know what the plan is.

The plan is to sit tight.

- Sit tight in a national park?
- Yes.

Right. With Sarah
stranded and Kira missing,

and no word from Cosima?

- Yes?
- Well, get packing, mister.


I've got a present for you.

Yeah? What's that?


You know Matty Enger?

Hey, Art!

We've met before.

Yeah. Vice, right?

- Big time.
- Vice is not a current problem.

Her current problem
is she's a misogynist.

My partner was overly versed
in sensitivity training.

Regardless, there's a
divorce in the family,

so we're shuffling the deck.

You finally got a new partner, Art.

My advice to you both:

Go at it slowly this time, huh?

Make it last.

Just like that, huh?

Just like that.

Boat's still here.

- No sign of her.
- Where's Amar?

- Come in, Amar.
- Just upstream, Coop.

- Bringing the dogs from the village.
- Hurry up.

The Old Man was clear.

We don't go home until she's back
at Revival with the other one.

Roger that.


You're Afghan.

From Afghanistan? Yes?

Do you speak English, Aisha?

Do you know why you're here?

- To get better.
- Yeah.

Can you open your mouth for me?

Thank you.

We came for the fountain.

Good luck.

- Why is this door locked?
- What?

Open up!

- Coming!
- Open it!

The new arrivals just left. They
must have locked it on their way out.

- What?
- It's time.

He wants to see you.




All satellite maps of
the island are blurred, but...

Susan's compound is...

down here. Boathouse...


And the village is up here somewhere.

They call it "Revival",
but that's all I know.

Susan hasn't been there in years.

She avoided the subject altogether.

You expect us to believe that?

Ira, Rachel has forsaken
you, so for God's sake,

pick a bloody side!


Now would be time for
some good news, Scott.

Sorry, Felix. It's enough to
start a rescue mission, but...

Scott, how? Jet-skis? Frogmen?
I'm on a bicycle, boys.

Well, we're reaching
out to the Masked One.

What do you mean? M.K.?

That's good, actually.

She's skilled, but skittish.
How exactly does one reach out?

Well, we know she games hard, right?

So, I spammed hundreds of platforms

with hundreds of avatars
named Sarah Manning.

We'll see who gloms.

I have no idea what he just said,

but M.K. once contacted
Kira through a game.

- It was this, um...
- Minecraft.

Thank you! I saw her playing
on her laptop at the safe house.

- Do you think that would help?
- It could, yeah.

Great. Alright, I'm on
it. Just keep after him.

Major crimes.

Man, I tell you, it's
good to be back home!

Then why are we so
far outside the city limits?

Do you have a case, Matty, or
a reason why we're out here?

Yeah. I want to make out.

The file is here somewhere.
You ever work vice?

- No.
- The things I saw down there,

sex stuff, extreme
body mod, torture crap.

That shit'll rot your teeth out.

But this...

is truly incestuous.


No cracks.


Damn, you're a survivor.

But the thing is, your preppy
friends are only worth what they know.

And I'm betting they
know where this one is.

You ever meet the psycho?
Running around all pregnant.

No. Never seen her.

I'm realizing...

you don't know how
far we're willing to go

to bring all these clones in.

You better embrace this new future, Art,

because it's going to be here real soon.

Yes! Skills!

What the Dickens are you doing?

I'm loon calling Helena!

I'm like Jeremiah Johnson over here!

She's close, by the way.

Good. Well, I packed all of her things.

Yeah, yeah.

Is that the emergency loon call?

What do you do with furs
that still smell like fur?

Don't move.

Donnie! Donnie!

Donnie! Donnie!

Let go! Let go of me!

- It needn't be so hard.
- Shit!


- Which faction are you from?
- My name is Mr. Frontenac.

There is only one faction now.

Oh. Consolidation.

The bane of diversity, if I may say.

Particularly under dear Rachel.

You needn't fear the change upon you.

Rachel has taken a special
interest in your family.

Yeah. I can see that.

Shall you and I do this... amicably?

You fudgy fudgers! I can't breathe!


Stay calm.

- Where are Donnie and Helena?
- How should I know?

Helena was out murdering God's
creatures and my husband abandoned me.

Where do you think they'd go?

What is happening, Art?

They want you to come in, Alison.

Your sisters, your family.

They want a truce.

A truce? Kidnapping children is
the Neo definition of a truce?

You need to understand the
benevolence on offer here.

It comes from above.

I'm sworn not to harm a single
hair on a single clone head.

Now, where's Helena?

- Uh, in the woods!
- What's her back-up plan?

- I don't know her back-up plan!
- You do.

- No! No, I don't.
- She ran.

Where does she go when she runs?

I don't know.


I believe you. No harm.

We good, Art? We done?

We're just getting started, partner.

Let's take you home and tuck you in.

And maybe we'll all
live long, healthy lives.

"We are all Revival's children,

"chosen for a brighter future,

"where our frail bodies
become so much stronger;

And death and aging haunt us no longer."

- This place is scary.
- Yeah.

Do you know what a myth is?

It's an old, old story,

and some it is true
and some of it is not.

But it's told to us
to teach us something.

- Delphine.
- I'm so sorry.

- I thought you were dead.
- I wasn't allowed to contact you.

Why are you here now?

Please listen. There's no time.

- Transport is ready.
- Could you give us 10 minutes?

- What's going on?
- Please.

This isn't what I want either.

- Where are you taking her?
- She has a research trip.

I'm going to Sardinia.


We each have a role here,


I don't understand.
This place is insane!

What, you were saved
by a 170-year-old man?

The science is real, Cosima.

In here, you can't make
the obvious assumptions.

It's like nothing I've seen before.

You didn't think it would be there.

I need something to hold on to.

This entire island...

is a decades-long pro-longevity study.

- And everyone here is participating?
- Yes.

Stem cell therapy, cryonics,
caloric restriction,

immunotherapy, cloning.

When you think about it,

if you want to genetically
improve the human race,

life extension is the first principle.

This place...

this is the heart of Neolution.

There's a child and she has cancer.

I've seen others like her
brought here for some...

- experimental treatment.
- What does this have to do with me?

Rachel is ramping up their agenda

and this has something to do with it.

It's time.

There's a clinic...

across the camp with a
red cross on the door.

This is the key, okay?

Come on! Let's go!

I hid your treatment
in the back of a fridge

It's ready, enough
for you and Charlotte.

- Let's go!
- Okay?

Follow the crazy science.

They're scenting her this way!

So what are you waiting for?

Who's hanging game way out here?

Just track the girl down.

- That's what he wants.
- Move it, Amar!


- Mommy, wake up!
- Ugh!


Cooper, what the hell
is going on out here?

Could it have been the girl?

- Nah-ha.
- Then what was it?

Must've been the bear.

It wasn't a bear.
Something stabbed it!

It was a bear.

You got that?

It's going to be dark soon.
Let's cut and head back.

What about the girl?

Good luck to her.


Do you want to be left alone?

That's a complicated question.

I know.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Yeah, well...

we never really had any,
uh... real control over it.

Wow. Wow, it's time!

It's time!

What is going on?

P.T. has something to tell us.


Thank you.

I am humbled to have pierced the veil

and to address you on
behalf of Mr. Westmorland.

Like you,

I was selected.

I know now his hand

guided my entire life.

I know Susan Duncan, my mother,

once stood here as I am,

appointed to move the future forward.

And she did.

She created me.

It is time to be brave, to sacrifice.

The fruits of nearly 200
years of Neolution science

are now within our grasp.

And we, here,

shall drink from the fountain first.

- Freeze!
- Woah!

On your knees, hands on your head.

Okay. Just calm down.

Oh, Jesus...

Ouch! Oh!

- Helena? Helena?
- Ouching.

Oh my God!

Stick in belly.

Okay. Okay, just... Oh my God.

We're to get you to the hospital, okay?

This is going to hurt.

Oh, God.

Oh my God!

Shh! Shh! It's me. It's me.

Sarah? What? What...

- I came to get you.
- How did you get here?

Oh my God... you're bleeding.

- Hold on.
- There's a boat house.

- I found a boat.
- Sit. Sit down.

What the hell happened?

Rachel went mad.

Yeah, I know.

Just, here. Let me take a look at you.


Uh, what? I'm sorry!

I... I didn't fall asleep.

What about your cure?

Uh, well, Rachel didn't get all of it.

You're meant to put that in your uterus?

I was kind of hoping
you would, actually.

No! No way.

You and I are going to go find Charlotte

and we're going to get
you to somewhere safe.

They'll treat you there.

Who gives a shit if the founder
of Neolution is still alive?

I do.

You're crazy.

- We need to go, Cosima.
- No, I can't.

What are you talking about?

Look. Think about it, Sarah.

Whatever this place is, it's the answer.

I don't give a shit.
I came all this way.

Rachel tried to kill me, Cosima.

- You're going to come home with me!
- No, you need to go back

and take care of Siobhan and Kira,

and I need to stay here for us.

We'll never be free if I leave now.

- She's not here.
- What?

That's got to be for me. You have to go!

Oh, Christ.

I really don't want to leave you here.

This way is clear. Come on.

There's something in the woods, Cosima.

- What? What do you mean?
- I don't know. I don't know.

It attacked me, all right?

Just take care of yourself.

Find some answers.

Yeah. Yeah.

What are you doing?

She's here!


Leave us, please.

Not the easiest procedure

to perform on oneself, is it?

I knew some of the
cell line was missing.

You keep very thorough logs.

Stop, Cosima.

You'll hurt yourself.

Give me the needle.


I'm as invested in this as you are.

Thank you.

Come. Lie down.

You sure you know what you're doing?

It has to be inserted
into the uterine wall.

Shh, shh, shh. Relax.

Just breathe.

There's no need to be afraid anymore.

He wants you to be part of this.

You and I are going to cure us all.

Just hit me, Rachel.


Night, night.

It's a new day, Sarah.

- Kira!
- We'd like to study her, here at Dyad.

We found M.K.

Rachel wants to restart human cloning.

The easier you make this for us,

the easier you make it
on my new partner, here.

My babies are special like Kira.

They want our biologies.

I know you created me,

so what the hell is the
point of all of this?

We are going to take
such good care of you.

You bitch!