Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 1 - The Collapse of Nature - full transcript

A flashback to Beth Childs' final investigation, days before her suicide.

- Clones.
- Genetic Identicals.

we counted nine of us so far.

When Beth died, I took her identity.

You're her monitor.

You observe her and she killed herself

because the man that she loved

turned her whole life into a lie.

Who the hell is Maggie Chen?

That's the woman Beth shot.

A Neolution gives us the opportunity

at self-directed evolution.

Wherever you think
the science is at,

I guarantee you're wrong.

They haven't
just infiltrated LEDA,

they run CASTOR too. Both projects.

I hate Neolutionists.

I assume you have a plan
to hide your dear mum.

- We might.
- Good.

Far away. I don't need to know where.

- Hello?
- I saw them.

The Cheek Choppers.


- Follow the coordinates.
- What?

Remember, don't trust anyone
next to you.


Who's that?

No one.

What is this?

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Sorry, tip from a source.

What time will I see you later?


I wanna make you dinner.

You're being a cop in
your own bedroom again.

Yeah, it's a problem.

But dinner would be nice, yeah.

Go easy out there.

The call came
in the middle of the night?

What kind of anonymous tip

brings you all the way out here?

Hell if I know.

Think it's one of your CI's?

Uh, I didn't recognize his voice.

Did you get any sleep at all?
You look like shit.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Body bag?

Tidy, huh?

Of a brand widely used by mortuary

and emergency services.

- Shall we open our present?
- Yeah.

Okay, well that's cheeky.

Cause of death...

I'd have to go with exploding cigar.

Good, case closed.


- That's mildly interesting.
- Wait a minute, just one?



Thanks, gorgeous.
We just wanna know your name.

Well, damn. You ever seen
one of those before?

Surgically bifurcated penis.

- He did that to himself?
- Mmm-hmm.

But I don't see any advantage to that.

Perhaps it's a statement of
masculine/feminine duality, Arthur.

No, it isn't.

Okay, so our guy's into body mod,

so is that what the cheek's about?

Well, the cheek's been
rather skillfully removed

but I see signs of a struggle.

- Hey Janis, can you...
- Yeah.

His good side.

Got footprints.

Two sets coming in.

One size small, one size giant.

Big one does all the heavy lifting?

The smaller one's a woman, maybe?

Hey, you're hungry, right?

How could you tell?


- See you there.
- Yeah.

You're up early.

Dude, you need to talk to Alison.

Why, What's going on?

I need to pay my tuition.

I'm changing schools for you guys.

If the money's not
in the account today...

I'm sorry, but your sick German's gonna
have to wait till next semester.

Alison will pay, all right?
Don't worry about that.

She wants an expense report.

I'll talk to her, okay?

Yeah, well, can you hurry?

'Cause I'm technically homeless

and I just split up with my girlfriend.

- Everything else okay?
- Not really.

You ever heard the one about
the lesbian and the U-Haul?


Never mind. Forget it.

I want answers, Beth.

I know there's a shitload
you're not telling us.

I'll know more soon, all right?

All you need to do is travel
safe, okay, Cosima?

- I'll see you soon.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.

Okay, see ya.


We used to talk
through our personal shit all the time.

I got cop problems
and a shit relationship.

Maybe you remember your divorce.


I remember that you were there
for me when I needed you.

I don't need you yet.

You just had a rough couple of months.

God, what is it
that's got you so twisted up?

Hmm? Is it just Paul?

It's my shit.

Don't take it on.


So what's up
with the mutilated face

and modified dick?

I'm sure you're gonna
hazard a guess, Ang.

That shit is darkly sexual.

You guys always catch the weird ones.

It's mathematically unfair.

So how you doin', Beth?

I'm great, Angie, thanks.

- Should we go?
- Yeah.

She's shaky, dude.

She's fine.

- I'll catch up with ya.
- Yeah.

Look, Constable, I only
popped round for a drink.

The bar at the Highcroft is very classy.

All the bartenders in their
little matador jackets.

You were arrested there for solicitation

six months ago, as well.

But I was released without charge.

Only this time we caught
your Bay Street Blow Boy, too.

Well, now I'm confused.

Is that a sexual or narcotic reference?

Possession, solicitation,
public urination, that's nice.

That was a performance piece,

and I never should've been charged.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Raj!

You're gonna kill somebody here.

Thanks, Beth.

Straight up, I need a favor.

With this Paul shit
I've been telling you about...


Are you gonna break up with him?

I think he's cheating on me.


Think I could borrow a little
surveillance gear on the DL?

Uh, yeah.

Thanks, man.

So what's the deal?

Someone dropped this in your lap?

Yeah, anonymous tip to my work cell.

I'm waiting on a trace.

Yeah, between the tattoos
and the body mods,

I'll have an ID soon.

I'm gonna shake up some sources,

see if it's somebody I know.

That cool?

She making her meetings?




- Anybody home?
- In the back.


Right here.

This again?

I thought we were meeting
in person this time.

- Put the mask on.
- I'm not wearing the stupid mask.

Why aren't you here?

You drove your car.

I told you always come on foot.

You're not scared enough.

You convinced me my boyfriend's a spy.

Is that not enough for you?

Ooh. You have three minutes.

Could you at least take off the mask?

You said face-to-face.

There. It's a nice face.

So, tell me about this body.

What did you see?

I saw Neolution.

So this is the guy,
the guy you met online?

I'm not stupid. I never met him.

I just watched.

His name was Basspair86.

- So he's Neolution?
- No. Well, yes, but no.

He's just a tadpole.

Neos put their ideas in these
stupid tadpoles' heads

so they can experiment on them.

Did you tell the others about me?

I never reveal a source.

That's why you brought me
into this in the first place, isn't it?

But you told them what they are?

Yeah, they deserve to know.

It puts them in danger.
You gotta get it.

The only reason I'm alive is
because they think I'm dead.

Neos are everywhere.
I tracked one into your bed.

I tracked one into the police,
it might even be your partner.

Art's not a spy.

You know what, screw this.

No, Beth, please, please don't leave.

I don't have many friends.

Well, then we need each other.

I'll do the legwork
but go back to these "Cheek Choppers:

Black female, white male.

Where did they kill Basspair86?

- An ambulance.
- An ambulance?

It's getting harder for them to hide.

Their secrets squeeze out
through these stupid tadpoles

so start at the bottom.

Club Neolution.

Time's up.

Mika, you...

You can meet us in person.

You don't have to do this alone.

Tracked down the tattoos.

Our Vic's name is Edward Capra.

Capra, okay.

Yeah, I got an address,
I got parents to visit.

- What do you got?
- An online handle.

Mr. Capra might go by Basspair86.

Tell me something,
how the hell do you know that?

Uh, I'm busy out here, all right?

Tell Raj to check the body mod forums.

Tell him I said he's good at that.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm looking to have
my breasts surgically modified

into like corkscrews.


Yeah, and, unfortunately,
we're members only.


Detective Childs.

Oh, yeah. Yes!

And they're riding nicely
on your hips, too.


I knew you'd love this piece.

- Olivier Duval.
- Yeah, it? Astrid.

There's a cop upstairs.

I'm busy. What's his name?

Her name is Childs.

Did you guess that I was a cop, too?


Implants, magnets.

So she implants magnets in fingers?

She implants lots of things
in lots of places.

Totally out of the blue,
does she ever bifurcate dicks?

That's an alteration, not an implant.

Ah, right.

I see the distinction.

So, are magnets like a Neolution thing?


Neolution is just an ethos.

Like about creating yourself.

Individual evolutionary choice.

It's also kinda cool.


Totally cool.

Do you know a guy named
Edward Capra, by any chance?



This guy here?

- What happened?
- Well, I'm homicide,

so somebody hastened his demise.

Anybody cares about this guy,

they should get in contact with me.


- Hello?
- I'm here, Alison.

Where are you?

I sent a courier.

How do I put bullets in this thing?

You don't. You wait until I teach
you how to use it, okay?

I just wanna blast something right now.

Yeah, I know that feeling.

- How's Paul?
- We're great.

No, you're not.
I can hear it in your voice.

Ugh, well, we're fine.


Is this a flower guy?

Yes, I arranged them myself.
His name is Ramone.

- Ramone?
- Yeah.

Delivery from Mrs. Hendrix.

Oh, you, uh, must be her sister.

- Yeah, we're related, yeah.
- Oh.

Here you go.
Ah, there's a card in there.


Good-looking family.

Hmm, horny little bastard.

These are nice, though.

Frosted greens, muted orange.

I can't stand those garish
tropicals everyone's using.

I couldn't spare too many helpers but...

It's okay. This little
bottle's the other thing?

- Mmm-hmm.
- I really hope it's not yours.

God, no. It's my daughter's.

Please don't mix it up with anything.

I won't, I won't.

Okay, you repeat after me.

I promise that I will not gun up

until Beth has shown me
basic firearm safety.

I promise.

And I promise to put Cosima's
tuition and airfare

into her account this afternoon.

Yes, fine, fine,

but you have to administer
the funds from now on.

I can't keep running off to the
bank at a moment's notice.

- Thanks, Alison.
- Toodles.


Olivier. Olivier, just tell
Paul to take her on a holiday.

The relationship is disintegrating.

Paul has neither
influence or insight left.

Beth needs a new monitor.

- There's no other candidate in place.
- Aldous...

She just walked into my club

and I can't tell if it was
a coincidence or not.

Well, how could you?
It's police business.

I have other levers.

- You do?
- of course. Leave it with me.

Is there a problem?

I would say so.

One of my subjects seems to have
exhumed one of yours.

I beg your pardon?

Dr. Leekie.

Wow, this is an honor.

A detective studying biotechnology.

- Yeah, truthfully, I'm just cramming.
- Mmm.

You're wanted, Aldous.

So I understand that your followers wear

a single white contact lens,
is that right?

- I wouldn't call them "followers:
- Right.

Well, I have a victim of foul play

who was wearing
one white contact lens so...

Do you know an Edward Capra?

- No, I'm sorry.
- No?

So this guy had some pretty
serious body mod going on.

Not exactly this crowd,

but your "Freaky Leekies"
really ran with the ball,

didn't they?

is an open-source concept.

We embrace the fringes,
the fiction to our science.

Well, your book
inspires them to play God,

to tinker on themselves
in basement labs.

Every scientific discovery
in history, including God,

began with "tinkering in the basement."

God was a scientific discovery?

A little joke.

We're all impatient
for the future. Excuse me.

One more thing.

Mr. Capra had his cheek
cut out, post-mortem.

Can you think of any reason for that?

No, that's horrifying.

It certainly is.

I'm Evie Cho.

Hello. And, uh, how are you connected?

I'm not.

Alas, we can't help you, Detective.

I'm so sorry.

You must absorb a tremendous
amount of pain in your work.

- Comes with the territory.
- Yes.

The paths we choose.

That was a LEDA clone, wasn't it?

You know, I've never seen one in person.

I'll steer her away.

You look after your end, Evie.

Please welcome to
the stage, Dr. Aldous Leekie.

Hey, I got a text. Where's Art?


Hey, what's up? I got called in.

I got the trace from your tip.

You did?

That's crazy.
I've been calling all day.

The number was activated
and used only once.

- A burner.
- Okay, so...

Could be random,
could be someone you know.

Either way, you're off the case.

What? You serious?

- Beth...
- No, no, no, no. That's bullshit.

That's my case.
They called me, Lieutenant.

That's an order.

Might... Can I see you for a second?

- Yeah.
- It's a thing upstairs.

Right UP-

- See your union rep.
- Why?

A piss test. I should've known.

This is the stuff you wanted, right?

Jeez, you really came
through for me, man.


Hey, yourself.

You look nice.

Did you have a good day?


Shit. You know,
if things are so bad at work,

I was thinking I have some weeks banked,

you take a leave,
and we'll take a holiday.

- A holiday?
- Sure.

How about Barbados?

How bout we just lock the door and drink
and screw for, like, two months?

No, we're not gonna
solve our problems like that.

We're not gonna solve
our problems at all. I can't breed.

Yeah, I made it clear
I can live without kids.

So did I.

I made it clear all I really need is a
lover who can look me in the eyes.

Can you look at me?

Look at me.

Can you see me?

Can you knit me together,
or just tear me apart?

Stop it.

What are you on?

- Hmm?
- Hmm?

Touch me. Touch me.

Come on. You're supposed
to reach inside me.

Come on.

Kiss me.

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.

Kiss me. Just...

- just...
- Kiss me for real, please!


Why are you doing this?

Do you realize how paranoid that sounds?


You're hollow, Paul.

There's nothing inside.

I filled you in with hunches

and all I know for sure is
you won't protect me.

You're right.

Just tell me what you want.

Do you want this to end?

This is all for you.

You say it's over and it's over.

You end it, you coward!


I come in peace.

Everything all right?

- Hey, Maya.
- Hi, Beth.

Can I just watch TV with you guys?

That's it. Just that. That's all I need.

All right, Maya, it's time for bed.

- Dad...
- Come on now.

Come give Beth a hug.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Don't let the bed buddies bite.

Let's go.

Hold me there.

What is happening with you?

Look at me.

See me.

Whatever it is, just say it.


Detective Childs.

It's Trina.

What? Sorry, who?

Uh, Trina. Do you remember me?

One second.

I'm sorry,
it's so loud in here. Can you hear me?

Hey, Trina.

Hey, uh, we spoke
today at Club Neolution.

Oh, of course!
Yeah, of course I remember.

- What's up?
- I'm, uh...

I'm worried about my boyfriend... Aaron.

He left to go meet these hardcore Neos.

Okay, who are they?

I, uh, I dunno.
They came here to the club.

A black girl and a white guy.

I'm gonna call you from the car, okay?

They're going to Aaron's lab.

Chinatown is where
all the biohackers are.

Okay, I'm close.

Why would he let them implant
something in his cheek?

They said it was a biometric study.

A dentist inserted
this tiny little grain, but now...

It's growing.

Okay, well, I'm gonna make
sure he's all right, 'Kay?

So, I'm in the tunnel,

now where do I go?

Okay, around the corner,
you'll see the building.

You have to go
up the fire escape to the third floor.


I'm gonna call you back, all right?

I can't do that any more.
I'm sorry.

That's not what we like to hear.

But it's not up to us.

I know I'm breaking my word.

Just please, please just get it out.

Okay then, hop up.

At least he didn't try
to take it out himself like Mr. Capra.

That's tampering,
and it's well covered in the contract.

Go on. Go under.

When you wake up, it'll all be gone.

- He had to go.
- God damn it.

Did you even try
to talk him out of it?

He wouldn't listen to reason.

They're not gonna be
happy about any of this.

- Can you see? Do you need more light?
- It's good.

It's right there.


Lifting it off.

- Beth?
- I messed up bad, Art.

Margaret Chen?

No idea?


I shot a civilian.

I shot a civilian, Art.

They're gonna take you to IA
to be formally interviewed.

I don't know who she is.

I don't know.

You saw a gun.

No, I didn't.

You saw a gun.

Okay? Do you hear me?

We'll get your story straight.

You can do this.

We can do this.

Do you hear me?

I'll get you through this.

They'll take you down now
to get your statement.

This is Detective Duko.

He's with the union.

Don't you worry, Detective.
I'll be with you the whole time.

You sure you weren't followed?

Yeah, and I...
I ditched the car. Don't worry.

I'm sorry. I didn't know
where else to go.

Tea. I'll make some iced tea.

You were right. Neos are everywhere.

Duko's with the police union.

The guy's supposed
to protect me. I'm screwed.

Who do I trust now?

God, no wonder you live like this.

Sorry, I didn't mean...

That came out wrong.

MK, what was that thing they
pulled out of the kid's face?

I don't know.

But we'll find out.


I shot somebody!

They're gonna take away my badge!

You warned me. I should've...

I should've never
told Cosima or Alison.

I dragged my partner into it, too.

I just screwed him two different ways.

Thirty-five milliliters crystals
to 275 milliliters water.

Christ, is this my life now?

I can't even think any more.

I'll think now.

I usually think all night.


Hey, it's Art. Did I wake you?

Who is it?


One second. Go to bed, babe,
it's still early.

I'm sorry. I know
it's the middle of the night.

Yeah, Art, what's going on?

Yeah, well, I got no clue.

But there's someone I think
you need to talk to.

Sarah Manning, my name is MK.

I knew Beth.

Neolution knows where you are.

They're coming for Kendall Malone.

How do you know that?

Listen to me, Sarah,
you need to run. Right now.

Step back. I've gotta keep her moving.

They all want a piece of me.

I need you
to tell me Delphine's alive.

It felt like she knew
something bad was going to happen.

Alison, why are you here?

You haven't been answering
your calls, Mister.

This is the point of no return.

You're playing my wife.

- Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix?
- Yes?

- Get off!
- Whoa! Whoa!

Where the hell are you going?

Back to the beginning of all this shit.