Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 10 - History Yet to Be Written - full transcript

Kendall may be the key to stop Castor; the sisters appear to be thwarting their most dangerous foe.

Neolution gives us the opportunity at self-directed evolution.
You're going to see glaciers and hot springs.
There's reindeer in Iceland.
Topside is sending an investigator to Dyad. You have to play Rachel.
Who's a dirty clone?
Rachel. I trust you had a...pleasant journey abroad.
You'll wake up with a perfectly matched prosthetic eye.
Take care of...Krystal.
Now you come to me because now you believe your girlfriend
is a mole for Castor.
I don't know who Castor is.
Tell me everything.
Oh, my God, it was you?
They told me that I could help save Mark. I love him.
SMASHING GLASS How long do I have?
We'll find the original Castor.
She's the Castor original?
Absorbed a male twin in the womb when I was formed.
I got two cell lines, me.
It's your mum!
Castor and Leda are siblings.
She's Leda!
Do you remember that day?
Sorry, Daddy, they're all gone.
That's right. Sorry, love. They're just meant for us.
Leekie killed my Susan.
"..Boiling up out of the enclosure, and through their stormy darkness
"shot flickering threads of blood-red flame.
"Then the thatched roof caught..."
Oh, Rachel.
'Don't leave me again!
Is anyone here?
This place has been tied up in court for months.
Your friend seems to be making himself at home.
FELIX: Ahoy there, Scotty.
- Nice work, man. - Hey. - You'll be safe.
No-one will find you here, OK?
Hey, I can't thank you enough for this.
Well, I do what I can for the sisters. You know that. Just call.
I'll be close by.
FELIX: See you.
All right. Scott?
Should we bring her in, then?
Voila, the woman of the hour.
Get off me! I'm not a bloody cripple.
Threatened and arm-twisted onto a plane.
Stuffed into a bloody clown suit in the back of a van.
Give 'em here.
There you go.
What are you gawpin' at, ya toothy little git?
< Get your arse in the tent.
Get off me! Jesus!
Hey, how come my original looks nothing like me?
Yeah, that's one of the cool things about a chimera.
I'm right bloody here.
Sorry. With two different cell lines in your body,
they express differently in combination.
- But isolate the female genome and you get... - But...
her other half is Castor.
You're still breathing now, Ma, but I will incinerate you
if it looks like one speck of your flesh will end up in their hands.
Uh, no-one is getting incinerated, all right?
Hold fast, Scotty. Cosima's on her way.
We're not safe here.
- I can feel Castor coming after us. - You know they're coming.
Not only that. Delphine has Topside breathing down her neck.
Yeah, cos we've got what they want. We've got the original.
- They're all coming. - Well, we're not going to avoid them, then, are we?
No, we're not. Gird your loins, Scotty.
Is the director on board?
Well, I'm not sure. TINNITUS RINGS
BALL CLANGS Can he take care of himself?
- Of course. - Maybe.
I'll take care of my boys.
All right.
Mr Benchman.
- How are you feeling? - I'm fine.
Did you see the director?
Sarah found your original.
I want you on the ground there in two hours.
The director wants you to know how much he appreciates your service.
I can make it.
Just tell me what needs to be done.
Sarah's gone to ground with the original.
None of her people are visible, except for one.
Who do you think it is?
The soccer mom.
I am so thrilled to be here on this sunny election day,
and I challenge us all to think of our children today
and vote for Hendrix for inclusion.
Can I get a little neighbourly love for Bailey Downs?
Thank you, Maggie! Thank you, Gavin!
So nice to see... ..Marci. FEEDBACK SCREECHES
Alison, we're not in India.
There's no provisions for loudspeakers on election day.
Well, I think that's what you call a loophole, Marci.
You are perilously close to violating the election charter.
Kids, not cuts! OK?
Who would like some free soap?
Vote for Hendrix!
Deep breath. OK, wait for it.
What is this surprise, Donnie Hendrick?
No, I'm not going to ruin it for you!
Are we going on election bus with Sestra Alison?
I am, but you're not.
All right, press it. Middle one.
OK, go, go, go.
- You found my boyfriend. - Surprise.
We thought...
You know, it would be nice for you.
OK, go.
Howdy, Helena.
Howdy, Jesse Towing.
Shay, it's me.
- Are you with your psycho girlfriend? - No, I'm alone.
I'm sorry, I know you didn't do anything.
- So I'm not a corporate spy now? - Delphine just...
We work on classified science. We have a lot reasons to be paranoid.
Reasons? Hmm. She's insane.
You know that? She told me she was going to
open my veins and let me bleed out in my bath.
I don't even know what to say to that, I'm sorry.
Yeah, I bet you don't.
Why didn't you tell me you're in the military, Shay?
She do a background check on me?
You're not practising Chinese medicine, are you?
No, I quit that, too. I'm just an RMT.
Why would you lie about that?
Because we met on Sapphire, a dating app,
where you fluff up your profile, reinvent yourself.
You know, for that I'm a liar?
Because, really, I think from day one,
you've been the liar.
I have... I have, like, no clue who you really are, do I?
I wish I could tell you.
So tell me. Just...
Just tell me.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Just go.
Dr Cormier has blocked off the rest of the day for you.
How thoughtful of her.
Dr Cormier.
Hello, Ferdinand.
Could you leave your man outside, please?
I'm impressed, Delphine.
You eliminated Rachel, and Sarah's done
what no-one else could...
found the original.
All I found was a council house,
burned to the ground.
No casualties, thank goodness.
No trace of any organic material at all.
Ever wonder if you're overplaying your hand?
- Constantly. - Delphine, there is nowhere
I like to be more than under the heel of a woman,
but sometimes it...
makes me seethe.
Rachel was special.
She was so...
beautifully brittle.
I want the original.
Once I return her to Topside
and I have my own seat at the table,
and then you can toil under MY heel.
- How's that? - That's not how it's going to work, Ferdinand.
- Ferdinand. - Miss Manning! - I'm going to give you one chance at a deal.
You've become quite the player, haven't you?
Last time I saw you, you were shackled in the basement.
Was I? "You've come all this way across the pond.
"Why not try some local colour?"
Who's a dirty clone?
You are.
You two.
That was you. All the time? As Rachel.
You're not getting Kendall Malone.
All you need are biological samples.
With her genome, Topside can finally reproduce Duncan's cloning trials.
- But I want Castor dead. - You're the lesser of two evils, Ferdinand.
Virginia Coady is trying to weaponise their pathogen,
but, without her science,
without the original, Castor dies out.
I can get Coady for you.
But if you cause any bullshit,
Malone's incinerated.
Every cell.
You wouldn't kill Leda's only chance of a cure.
I'm immune.
- You OK? - I'm nervous now.
I'm having, like, hot flushes.
- Hey. - You ready?
I'm not going to let one of them touch my blood.
Blood and tissue, in fact.
Look at this one. Like a pikey with that hair.
Another pikey bloody doctor, stealing my genes like Duncan.
- Oi, you think it's funny? You think I'm a laugh? - No, no, not at all.
I think that we should get you out of this suit,
because it's totally unnecessary.
Oh, it's unnecessary for me to look like a bloody fool(?)
Hey. I'm Cosima.
May I?
Oh, that's better.
You know, um... Your clones, we call each other "sister".
Call yourselves what you want. You're just a bad copy of me.
We're kind of over the whole "bad copy" thing.
It's way more accurate for us to call you older sister.
Touch me and I'll gut you.
It's OK.
Hey, I got it, I got it.
I think I should stay, though.
- She's not going to gut me. - I wouldn't be so sure.
I don't owe you nothin'.
No, no.
In fact, I owe you.
You gave me the stuff of life.
And you're...the closest thing I'll ever get to a cure.
So, could you give a sister a little blood?
Awesome, thank you.
You sure it's them?
ARTHUR: 'Yeah, they're under assumed names,
- 'but, uh, it's them, yeah, room 207.' - 207.
- What are you going to do? - 'I'm right here and I have no idea. - I do.'
Thank you, Arthur, that will be all, OK?
'We'll talk to you later.'
You always think that I can't handle
the tough stuff, but you know what, Sarah?
This time, follow my lead, OK?
Holy shit! It worked.
- That was badass, Fee. - Thank you.
Get up, you bleeding weasels. You got company.
You gave them the book, the most valuable thing we had.
So what? So you could buy your way out of Castor?
What do you think, Coady's just going to call you
from Mexico and tell you she's got a cure?
She's not interested in a cure.
No, she's interested in that weapon inside you.
She's not going to let you just walk away, Mark.
All I know is this feels like freedom.
We just want the next few months together before...
- before it kills me, too. - GRACIE WEEPS
Mark, you can help us.
We can stop Coady, but we need to know what her next move is.
GRACIE: Just tell her.
If those two can sequence your genome,
your miserable genetics might actually help.
They're your genes, too, and this is how you treat me.
No bath. No bed to sleep in.
Bath, is it?
Here's your bath now.
What's that, then?
Sulphuric acid.
Two ways to thoroughly destroy genetic material...
incineration or chemical reaction.
Huh! And here's me thinking you were going to kill me with that bat.
I was planning garden shears, actually.
Some satisfaction for my John.
John Sadler started that fight.
I just finished it.
He got what he deserved.
But I loved him.
I loved him, and you took him away.
He took YOU away from ME.
But now you've got my precious blood,
you can finally get your revenge.
Not quite yet, but I promise you,
if anything goes sideways, if it looks like
Castor has located us, you are going into that acid.
Ferdinand thinks Rachel is dead,
and he's...poking around.
I'll have her moved to a private facility.
Right away, please.
Oh, my God.
Rachel, I need you to calm down.
- Where... - Nurse! Nurse, I need some help!
- Where... where am I? What? - Shh, shh, shh.
You're that doctor from...from the salon!
- What?! - You're the family doctor.
- What am I doing? Why am I here? - It's OK. - What's happening?
- What happened to my eye? - No, no, no. - What happened to my eye?
Lie down for me again.
- Dr Cormier! - What?
- Should I get Dr Nealon? - No, no, please, just wait outside,
and do not tell Nealon.
- Am I blind? - Relax. - Am I blind?
- Just lie down. - What happened? - Just breathe.
We're going to look at it, OK?
Just breathe for me. Relax.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I can see.
- OK. - You're fine. No, I'm not fine!
Why do weird things keep happening to me?
What's in my nose?
What is it in my nose?!
Where am I?
Tell me where I am!
Who's keeping me here?
- Wait, a prison break? - Yes. Holy moly.
Yes, much moly.
I break free my sestra,
and now Mrs S is my new mother.
And I live here and make soap.
And...teach children karate.
Wow. You do live large.
Man alive, it really is good to see you again.
I have science baby inside me, but you are my first.
Gosh, sweetheart. You had me at soap-making.
- Wait, wait... - Where is that thing? - Here. - Where is it?
This is new phone from my brother-sestra.
My family needs me.
Wait, um, right now?
I have waited long time for this.
I can wait longer.
So can I.
- Over here. Smile, Alison! - One more shot, please.
- One more shot. - Great! Thank you!
- OK, five minutes max to kiss babies. - Mm-hmm! - OK.
Three more stations to hit before the polls close.
OK. OK. Thank you, Sarah, thank you.
- Alison, I feel really good about your chances. - Thank you, Denton.
We really appreciate your support. Keep your fingers crossed.
Oh, Lordy!
OK, everyone on the bus!
OK, yeah, let's, let's go, go...
Go, go.
S, we're back.
Just trust us.
We know what we're doing.
OK, everyone, on board!
All the way to the back, please!
Thank you.
- Everyone on? - Yes, honey, come on, let's go.
ALL SING: # Here we go, Alison, here we go
# Here we go, Alison, here we go! #
'It's from Donnie.'
Rudy's tailing Alison.
Just like he said. He's gone after our weak flank.
I still do not trust him.
All right, can we get on with it? There isn't a lot of time.
Now eye.
He's still there.
# Here we go, Alison, here we go! #
- You all right, honey? - Mm-hmm.
Uh, we'll...we'll be making a little pit stop,
just a quick stop.
- Are you OK with this? - Yes, Donnie, I'll be fine.
All right, everybody, let's go on to the next polling station.
Come on.
This is a surprise, but I guess it's fitting.
I hoped I would see you again.
Prison rules.
Only one of us leaves alive.
Hmm. It's happening to you.
I don't tape.
You will be sorry when I slice your bicep.
Rudy, what happened?
I went after Alison and found Helena.
But, Mom, she led me right to the prize.
Get back! Get that thing out of my face, ya little bastard.
- Rudy, where are you? - I'm sending you the location right now.
She's on her way.
Not long for you.
You're almost at the end.
(Go, go!)
You are winding down like toy.
Oh. Shit.
Virginia Coady.
I'm Ferdinand.
You won't find what you're looking for here.
You did the right thing, Mark.
Do you remember your childhood?
Every minute.
I remember sleeping,
my brothers breathing in unison.
We'd sleepwalk out of bed
and pile up in a corner like puppies.
When I was nine,
I was made to shoot puppy.
We're just like you, Helena.
You poison women.
We had a purpose.
Just like you.
You are rapist.
All right, so, Castor's down and out and Ferdinand has Coady.
Then as soon as we give him the original samples,
this should be over.
But since we have a few minutes, why don't we...
- Why don't we finally chat, we three. - About what?
About you, love. Right, Ma?
She is your clone sister. That means her daughter is your niece.
My niece?
Please, Ma. Whatever it is you're holding back,
help my daughter understand who she is.
It all goes back to Duncan.
- All right. - Five, six years after he harvested me,
Duncan returned. Admitted what he'd done, cloned me.
Now he was in fear of his life.
From who?
Something called Neolution.
He was paranoid.
Didn't know who to trust.
He said they polluted everything,
poisoned the science, corrupted his wife Susan.
he'd hidden me, the source, from everyone,
even her. Duncan said there was one child outside it all,
lost in the foster system.
I sent him to my daughter the rebel.
You had the connections to hide Duncan from them,
and in return, he steered the lost clone to you.
You put us together.
I couldn't expect forgiveness, but I wanted you to have her.
She's your blood, too.
A little piece of me. All I had left of my foul life to give.
Jesus, Ma!
Shit, they're here.
We know Rachel flew to Austria
as "Krystal Goderitch".
She took a car to Innsbruck, was admitted to a private hospital,
and disappeared.
You'll never understand anything, Delphine,
unless you adjust your frame.
Tell me who you work with.
Turn on the screen.
You won't be disappointed.
Where am I?
Who's keeping me here?
- We were there... - Hello! - ..from the very beginning.
Topside pursues its profits, the military pursues its weapons.
We steer it all from within.
It's down the stairs, gentlemen, and don't be pricks.
Neolution is nothing but pop science. I did my time with Aldous.
Leekie was a useful face for seeding ideas,
but we run far deeper than that.
We've infiltrated and manoeuvred all the players
in this experiment since day one.
Castor and Leda are our Adam and Eve.
Siobhan Sadler, I'm such a fan.
Kendall Malone.
You certainly are a woman in demand.
Are you ready?
This will conclude our business.
I assure you my man will be gentle.
'Soon, Delphine, Topside will unknowingly deliver
'the genome right into our waiting hands.'
To what end?
Wherever you think the science is at, I guarantee you're wrong.
I don't believe you.
We have a place for you. It's a one-time offer.
You're finished.
You won't live till morning.
There, now.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
- 'Yeah?' - Sarah?
You cannot give the genetic material to Ferdinand.
- Why not? - Because both Leda and Castor are run by Neolution.
Look, we're all part of a larger agenda. Ferdinand's just a pawn
to get them the original genome.
Tell him Rachel's alive and that Neolution has her.
All right.
Who was that, love?
That was Delphine.
Rachel's still alive.
She was taken by Neolution. Delphine says you're just a pawn.
What are you looking at?
Continue with the swabbing.
They haven't just infiltrated Leda.
- They run Castor, too, both projects. - Makes sense, no?
Those genetically obsessed zealots.
I hate Neolutionists.
I hate them.
I hate them!
- Hate them, hate them! - WET CRUNCHING
- Hate them! - CRUNCH!
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
Neos in Castor, Neos in Topside,
Neos right next to me.
- We're everywhere. - I knew it! They're like ticks!
You never know when you've got one on you.
This changes everything, doesn't it?
We can't very well hand over
your precious genetic material now, can we?
- I don't know what the hell's going on! - Which makes us new BFFs.
I'll assume you have a plan to hide your dear mum?
- We might. - Good.
Far away. I don't need to know where. But I'll be in touch.
You might want to push off now.
This is, uh... not going to be pleasant.
Oh, stop whining!
You OK, chicken? >
ALISON: Excuse me! Coming through!
OK, here it is.
- OK, there we go. - Oh, wow.
Everybody, everybody, quiet, this is it. This is the call.
Yes, yes, this is she.
I see.
I understand.
Thank you.
56 what?
I beat Marci Coates by 56 votes!
All right!
Go, before I call the police.
Shay, please. I don't need to come in.
Just hear me out.
I know what I did was unforgivable,
but I also know that Cosima really cares for you,
and I think...
- I think you two fit. - I don't give a damn what you think. - Just know this.
I won't be in your way any more.
But it has to begin with the truth.
I want you to give her this.
And tell her that I said to tell you everything.
If she wants to, it's her decision.
Be good to her.
Our original mother-sestra is not coming?
She had a bit of a day. She's resting up before the big trip.
- Tsukor, please. - Sugar?
Oh, no, no. None for her.
Oh, yeah. Sorry, monster.
Yeah, because in a chimera, each cell line
influences the phenotype of the whole.
The epigenetic implications themselves are just mind-blowing.
Donnie, you're a civilian. Would you please say something understandable?
The frickin' beef is the bomb.
Thank you.
- You've been quiet. - It's just a few of us missing is all.
To Beth.
I wish I'd known her.
To Beth, for giving us all her strength.
To Beth.
To Beth.
To my sestra,
and to Kira's little face!
- DONNIE: - Who's speechifying next, huh? Who's... Who's going?
Honey, why don't you go? You're the big winner today.
- Come on, Alison. - Let's go. - Give us a few words.
- Go on, then. - We're so proud of you. - Oh... OK.
All right.
Um, I'm all speeched out,
but this is... this is from the heart.
I know school trustee isn't much,
but it's something that we all fought for,
a little victory amidst all the bull cookie.
Thank you, sestras,
for your bravery,
for protecting us, for making us feel normal.
I know that whatever comes next, we'll face it together,
as a family.
And to Donnie, my amazing husband,
for always doing what's best
and standing by me through it all.
- PHONE BUZZES - OK, everybody eat up.
- Enough of this. Sorry. - That's OK.
- You all right? - Yes.
ALISON: Well, um, save room
for the ethnic cake. Wh... What's it called, Helena?
- Babka cake. - Babka cake.
- What is that? - It's a sort of Ukrainian...
- traditional...thing. - Meat bread. Meat bread.
- Is it a... Is it meat? - Meat-stuffed bread? - No.
Hey, you came.
Yeah, unfortunately, I-I can't stay.
Oh. Just for a little bit?
No, I'm sorry. I need you to keep the sequenced genome safe
and Kendall Malone far away.
Yeah, I think Mrs S is really good at that stuff,
so...she's got a plan.
I know why you did everything you did.
To Shay and everything.
I'm sorry I made you make those hard choices and then...
And then blamed you for them.
Give your sisters all my love.
What will happen to her?
Ah! Aah! Ah!
Who... Who's that?
Charlotte. Charlotte.
Yes. Yes.
And you're Rachel.
Do you know where... where...where I am?
She said you're going to be my new mum.
Professor Duncan.
Hello, dear Rachel.
Welcome home.
Mummy! Mummy!
Feet of bloody ice I've got.
- Oh, quiet, Mum! - Whoo!
Oh, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you.
- I have someone who wants to meet you. - Who is it?
In a bit.
I just want to look at you.
My monkey...