Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 9 - Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done - full transcript

Cosima takes a turn for the worse, forcing Sarah to take desperate action - with tragic consequences for those she loves. The Proletheans set their ultimate plan in motion. Alison and Donnie tangle with the law.

ALISON: My neighbour Aynsley always
thought she was better than me.

- You have to learn to forgive...
- Then I killed her.

Listen, DeAngelis, you want
Alison Hendrix, you show up tomorrow...

- With my paperwork.

Do you smell salt?

I may have spiked his tea.

I don't know what kind of
game you're running, Vic,

but you better call me.

Must've been the pressure of Family Day.

We want to take you to your children.

You took my babies from inside me!

Your eggs. My father, he...

He made them whole for you.

Hello, Helena.

Take me to my babies.

You gave me Kira's stem cells?

It is a finite source.

Unless you bring her in for more.




Hello, Father.

How is it the unmonitored tramp
was successful?

In her fertility?
You are all barren by design.



Leekie killed Rachel's mother.

My father sends his regards.
It's already over.

Let me know when it's done, yeah?

Go now. You might survive.

- Get in!

You ruined my marriage.

I quit!

Where is Aldous?

Aldous suffered a fatal heart attack
on one of our jets.

I killed Dr Leekie.

I cleaned the car. What are you doing?

I think those are his brains.

- They're congealed.



Pitter-patter, Donnie.
Come on, let's get to it.

- Donnie, grab it.
- Well, you"re whipping it in my face.

Do we... You want to do the body like
this? Or like this?

I think we need to go...

- Diagonal?
- Yeah.

Hold up. Hold up.

If you're not gonna hold it together...

Okay. No, I got this. I got this.
I got this.

DONNIE: You ready?



Oh, God.

Oh, God. I can't. (PANTS)

- I'm going to throw up.
- Don't throw up, honey.

Please, don't throw up.

It's just asymmetrical, it's difficult.

I'll lift it up. I'll lift it up.



All right. You just hold on to
Alexis's hand there, she's the midwife.

I've done this many times.

You may feeljust a little bit of
discomfort right now.


You're doing very well,
and you're very strong.

It's just the catheter threading
through the cervix.

What is cervix?

Well, when the time is right,

it'll open wide enough
to let the baby pass.

Now, for the embryos.

Those are my babies?

That's right. Now, I'm gonna inject
these into your womb.

And then they will implant themselves
in the lining of your womb

and they'll start to grow,
just as nature intended.


That's it.

God willing, in nine months

we'll be welcoming a brand new you
into the world.

Maybe even twins.

RACHEL: How is she?

DELPHINE: The growths have spread
from Cosima's uterus and lungs

to her oesophagus, all her epithelial
tissue, and now her kidneys.

You know there's a way.

Oh yes. But it's Kira.

Only until we can buy the time
for Duncan to find a cure.

We need to convince Sarah we have
no designs beyond that treatment.

Duncan was one thing, but her daughter?


Things are different now.

I've been lied to as well.

She won't believe you.

Do you?

I am in the middle,
committed to my subject.

Well said.


Dr Cormier,

I'd like you to take over as
interim director of the program.


The chair is vacant.

You understand the human side
and the science.

You'd be a wonderful ambassador.

And you need to sway Sarah.

It's not a bribe.

Or a ploy.

You're uniquely qualified.

We could take this program
in an entirely new direction.

SARAH: So you're the new Leekie.

Interim. I didn't ask for it.

- (SCOFFS) Right.
- We know what Rachel's after.

And my daughter already pulled out
her own tooth, Delphine.

I'm sorry. Umm...

The stem cells had limited effect.
The disease is spreading too rapidly.

What about Duncan? Gene therapy?

His synthetic sequences?

Even if we pinpoint the genetic cause,
a therapy is months away at best.

But if we can re-boot
her immune system...

With my kid's bone marrow?

Please. Rachel claims that she's serious
about forging a new relationship.

- Oh... And you believe her?

I believe that she's as invested
in this as any of you.

I don't know if I trust Rachel.
But at least we could save Cosima.

I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't her only chance.

COSIMA: Yeah, it totally freaked me out
but I'm feeling way better.

SARAH: Oh, Cosima.

How about these nose tubes? Sexy, right?

The new "la lingas." (LAUGHS)

ALISON: I had no idea it was so bad,
Cosima. (SNIFFLES)

COSIMA: Oh, hey, don't. Don't, don't,
don't, don't do that, please.

Just seeing you guys is making me
feel better.

SARAH: We wanna help, Cosima. But

we're not gonna bring Kira
into Dyad. I...

COSIMA: Of course not. No, Sarah,
I don't want you to do that.

I'm so sorry I put you in this position.

ALISON: And I feel like such a child.

I mean, I'm so, um, caught up
in my own problems. (SNIFFS)

COSIMA: No, dude. They're real problems.

How's it going with Donnie?


(WHISPERS) Ask her.

We're working through it, you know?

SARAH: We're gonna discuss things
on our end and we'll,

we'll get back to you soon.

One thing. One final thing, um...

Did anything come of, uh,
Dr Leekie's demise?

(COUGHS) What do you mean, like...

Officially he died on a private jet?

SARAH: Oh, that's bullshit.

ALISON: Uh, and so, what,
no investigation, no body, nothing?

It's Dyad.

SARAH: They'll do anything
to keep the whole thing secret.

Why say Leekie died on a plane?
He didn't die on a plane.

No. He died in your car.

Yes, I'm sorry.
But why the Dyad cover story?

Maybe they think he's dead.

Maybe they told him to be dead
and go live in Guadalupe,

only he's in our freezer.

- I know what to do.
- Oh you do, do you, Donnie?

Mmm-hmm. As long as no one finds
a body, we're clear.

So we dump it in the lake.

With weights.

Do we have a boat?

Have you ever seen Dexter?

I mean, random scuba divers
are finding everything.

We can't risk transporting him, Donnie.

Fine! Then we bury him in the yard.


Not in the yard.



- Just *let me do it.

- I got this.
- Donnie.

All right, fine. You try it.

Good luck.


How are you feeling?

I have gas.

There's plenty more of that to come.

Now, let's get you dressed.
I have something I'd like to show you.

- This is our nursery and preschool.

Feel free to spend as much time
here as you wish.

You're part of our family now.



Thank you.

Thank you, Gracie, we'll be all right.

HENRIK: You look tired, Mark.

Nightmares again.

When I think about what you've done
for country, just 19.

And for what? For profit, for glory?

They only ever gave me a mission, but...

You gave me a purpose.

Well, I thank God every day
that you went AWOL.

Mark, it's no secret
that you and Gracie are...

Well, that you're fond of one another.

Don't worry.
Son, you've got my blessing.


Thank you.

But, Mark, it's time for Gracie
to bear fruit.

So, what I need to know is, are you
ready to stand by her as her husband?

It could work if it's our own terms,
our own security.

I'm not even sure
if I want this on the table.

(SIGHS) S, if there's an option
for Cosima, I have to consider it.

- No.
- Shh. Shh. Shh.

Hey, God, Kira's gonna hear you.

Now, what's going on?

I have a friend,
works at a private paediatric clinic.

She, she might be able to help us.

It's not without risk.

- Well, okay then, we're not gonna do it.

My sister's dying, Fee.

End of the day, it's not your decision.

MRS S: It's not any of ours.

Does Auntie Cosima need another tooth?

No, she needs something else now. Um...

Something called "bone marrow".

And they take it out of your hip.

They have to use a... a big needle.

I don't like needles.

I know. I know.

But they... they, uh, they put you
to sleep. So you don't feel anything.

You don't have to feel bad, love,
if you don't want to do it.

Will Aunty Cosima die?

(CLICKS TONGUE) She's not doing
too well. So, she might.



Oh, God, you're the bravest thing
I know. (SNIFFS)

I'll make the call.

I have her phone, she's clean.
So is the kit.

Thank you, Benjamin.

This is Dr Parks,
she"ll be doing the procedure.

- DR PARKS: Hello.
- I'll take you back

- when you have what you need.
- Okay.

- Hello, Felix.
- Delphine.

Hey, you promise you'll take care of
Cosima, yeah?


Let's see how Kira's doing.

You can wait right here
until they're ready for you.


Are you going to stand there all day,
Mr Funt?

I'm here to help.

Really? And where did you get
your genetics degree?

MARTIN: I can source another computer.
Anything you need?

No, we're good.

Couldn't get my hands on
a 6502 processor,

but this one shares a chip set
with a 65C02.

He's a virgin,
in case you couldn't tell.



Ah, shoot-darn. It didn't work.

ETHAN: Oh, but it did, my good man.

That's the infertility sequence?

God, no wonder we're all screwed up.

It's encoded.

It's a Vigenere's cipher
and I brought the key with me.

I'll need you to generate
a transcription algorithm, Scott.

This is just killer. (CHUCKLES)



Donnie, don't. P*lease.

Lord and butter, Donnie.
Don't spread it around.

Keep it on the plastic.

Look, this isn't easy for me, all right?

Oh, I know.
You're not a tools guy, are you?

Not the tools, the whole thing!

I'm not as perfectly comfortable
with manslaughter as you.

At least I had the good sense
to leave mine where she dropped.

He was in my car! I can't do anything...

- Mommy.
- Hey-hey!

No, no, no, no.

- Get out of here. Out, out, out, out.
- Come on, get out.

- Out. Out! This isn't some...
- But there's a man here to see you.

- Come on, let"s go.
- Okay.

Okay, out. Lock the door, Donnie.


- Hi, Alison.
- Get out of my house.

VIC: Just, *listen...

Everybody upstairs.

Go! Everybody.

I'm staying.

- Go!
- This is not a good time, Vic.

Yeah, I can see that.
What's up with your garage?

- Renovating.
- Oil change.

Donnie, right? I'm Victor.

Don't talk to him. What do you want?

All right. Alison,

we need to air... (SNIFFS)
Some things out...

for our recovery. You know, my stuff
with Sarah, and how you two are related.

And the thing you told me
about Aynsley.

- You told him?
- Told me what?

Uh, I don't know. I don't know.

Please, man, talk to me.
I'm in a lot of pain.

You get out of my house!

You're cold, you know that?

Oh, give me a break.

- You deserve her.
- Out!

Adi?s, amigos.

Yeah, that's right.

I think he's gone.

HENRIK: So, the doctor sailed north
to the Arctic, amongst the icebergs,

but his creation pursued him
with a terrible vengeance.

Because the doctor

had never shown his creation any love.

So, they finally came face to face.

He sat down and they had a great
big bowl of iceberg cream.

Okay, children, nap time.

Come on, let's go.


One day, this room will be
full of your children.

It's time to get ready, Gracie.


ALEXIS: You're not listening, Faith.

I just wanted to touch her hair.

- Don't talk back to me.
- Ow, you're hurting me.

You're lucky you're
not getting the strap. (SLAPS)

ALEXIS: It's nap time.

Do as you're told.

Shall we head back then?


There was a woman in convent like you.

You touch her again
and I will gut you like a fish.



I'm gonna be here the whole time, okay?

I'll hold your hand, yeah?

Can you count back from 100, Kira?

One hundred.




Sleep tight, monkey.

FELIX: Okay.



She won't feel a thing, I promise.

What kind of mother am I?

DELPHINE: The best and the bravest.
FELIX: It's all right.

And a very, very good sister.

Oh, God. I am sorry.


This is the last one.

She'll wake up in a few hours.
But she should rest here tonight.

She will be fine in a couple of days.

And Cosima?

This... gives her a real chance.

- FELIX: All right, sweetie.



Ah, ah, ah, don't move.

I've used this before
and I'll do it again.

- Come on, take it easy, bro.
- Get up.

- Take it easy.
- Get up!

- I wasjust looking for your washroom.
- Let's go. Shut up.

ALISON: You used me in rehab
and now you're harassing my kids.

And, and peeping in my garage.

Alison, it's not what you think. I don't
really give a shit what you're doing...

I think I shou*ld shoot him, A*li.

- I... Donnie, don't.
- That's how I see this ending.

It doesn't have to be that way, buddy!

Donnie, please relax!

Baby, I'm telling you
this is a hair-trigger.

One second you're here,
the next second, bang!

Christ, I don"t want to die. You can't
shoot me, there's a cop outside.

All right? There's a cop
in the van outside!

Angela DeAngelis?

Alison, she's been squeezing me.

I don't even think it's official,
Alison. She thinks there's five of you.


- There's eleven, ese.

Why you got to keep messing with
my head like that?

Not so tough, are you, huh?

Safety's on.

- You were bluffing?
- Yeah.

I learn from my mistakes, Alison.

You're not gonna shoot me?

Not accidentally.

God, I hate this garage.

This is how we take care of this family
from here on.

That was quick.

Whoa! Hey! Hey!
What do you think you're doing, man?

I'm Donnie Hendrix.
And you've been harassing my wife.

This is police business.

DONNIE: My ass, it is.

Beth Childs police business?

How about Art Bell?

Suspended for doing far less than this.

All these women and you just can't
put it together, can you?

- I'm confused, too.
- Shh.

You don't want to know what we know.

And if you come near my home,
or my family again,

I will bury you.


Have a shitty day.



now that you're both in a family way,
you can keep each other company.


You are sad to be pregnant?

Might as well eat.

You will be fat soon, anyway.


I thought you liked Mark.

You don't get it, do you?

My... my father is the father.
I'm carrying your babies.

My babies in your cervix?

For your genes, Helena.

Haven"t you been listening
to anything my father says?

Not really.

Okay, one adapted
transcription algorithm.

It was Susan's sterility concept.

Degrade the endometrium, prevent
ovarian follicles from maturing.



Why an auto-immune condition?
Why not...

Tweak our hormones? Or, or modify
our reproductive organs somehow?

Normal development was
the prime directive.

This was the least invasive solution.

Unfortunately we didn't, um,
foresee the consequences.

SCOTT: And key meet code.

- Done.
- Thank you.

And now, Cosima, we can begin the task
of correcting my mistakes.

How long will it take to decode
the remaining sequences?

Well, that depends on Dyad's intentions.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

Each sequence has a distinct key.

And I have no intention of sharing them
just to allow Dyad

the opportunity
of perpetuating this experiment.

No offence, Cosima.

None taken.

Hello, Gracie.

Are you well?

She has no idea.

He puts babies in all these women?

Yes, to multiply is divine.

Try and eat something, Gracie.



You love her like puppy.

But you let him make her broodmare.

The women here don't see it that way.
Tel*I her, Gracie.



Oh. You caught me reminiscing.

Aldous certainly filled this room.

Yes. He had a way.

Heart attack on one of ourjets?

I'm bereft.

Dr Cormier is an interesting choice
for the chair.

She's telegenic. She has scope.

And an intimate relationship with
her subject, always handy.

How are you, Rachel?

Besides bereft.

You've learned a lot
about yourself lately.

Tell Jobside that Rache*I is fine.

I know what our goals are.

And I've only just taken charge.

I'm glad to hear it.

But this is a personal call.

Sarah Manning intrigues me.

Doesn't she you?

Biologically, yes.

But it's not just her biology
that's gotten her this far, is it?

You were bred into this.
Given every advantage.

But Sarah...
Sarah is a product of chance.

Yet here we are at loggerheads with her.

She's in hand.

I assure you.


Sorry, Dad, they're all gone.

MOTHER: That's right. Sorry, love.
They'rejust meant for us.

FATHER: No! That is outrageous.

Well, I'm going to have to come
after you and tickle you.


I love you too, Daddy.

I love you too, Daddy.

FATHER: Thank you, darling.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


RACHEL: Dr Neelan.

Yes. It's Rachel Duncan.

I'm fine.

Yes, of course. It's a terrib*le *loss.

But it's not why I'm calling.

I need your expertise.

You've done it.

Well, not yet.

But we have the marrow
processing for a transplant.

Then, thank you for letting me
use your office.

Oh. Well...


Martin, yes.




What time?

Thank you. Bye.

SARAH: Okay. Here you go.

Good girl.

Yuck. Yucky.

Time to sleep now for a bit. Yeah?

There you go.

W-What are you doing?

I don't belong here.

But, where will you go?

To my sestra.

You're a good girl, Grace.

But if you don't want to have my babies,
don't have my babies.

I would never do that.


I'm coming with you.

This way, it's faster.

You disappoint me, daughter.

Go back to your beds.

No, father.

We trusted you to counsel her,

to help her embrace her purpose.

I'm not afraid of you.

Neither am I.

Mother's gone out west to find
more broodmares.

Both of you can go to hell.


Oh, Gracie.

What would your mother say?


- No! No! (GRUNTING)

I hate you! I hate you!


HENRIK: Leave her a*lone, Mark.

She's got a lot of thinking to do.


Come and help me with Helena.

She's your daughter.

Yes, Mark.

You had to put your own child
inside of her?

You had to be the father, too?

Helena is a mirac*le, Mark.

She defies the laws of science.

It is a sign that I cannot ignore.

You're not locking Gracie up anymore.



Gracie. Gracie.

HELENA: Go! Run.


Come on.


I've always wanted to do that.


It's okay,
I didn't put our initials in it.

I have never been more attracted to you
than I am right now.



- Take this off.
- Oh, yeah.


The bedroom.


- Workbench.
- No, no, no.

BOTH: The freezer.

ALISON: Oh my God!

I wanna be nasty.

Come on, Donnie.



Helena? Helena, what are you doing?

Why do you sound so scared?


We saved you.


Helena, I am the father
of your children.

They are going to need me
when they get older.

Daddy, how do they make babies?

Would you like... horse baby? (SNIFFS)

Cow baby.

Is this how you do it?

You've made your point.
This isn't funny.

Do I look like I'm trying to be funny?

Helena. Helena.


Don't do this.

Oh, no.

Don't. Helena.




Hey, chicken.
I don't know why... Delphine's here.

She's outside.

What's going on?

I saw something about that man
that works with you.

Benjamin Kertland.

I couldn't call.
They could be listening.

What is it?

You must not overreact
or they will know.

Tell me.

Rachel may have compromised him.


Sarah? Sarah, wait. Be carefu*I.

What does she want?

To warn us. Rachel's making a move.

- What kind of a move?
- I don't know.

I'll be with Kira and you make sure
the elevators are secure.


Hey. Hey, hey, what's going on?

We're not safe here.

What are you talking about, eh?

- Where are you gonna take her?

I don't know yet. I'll let you know.

- Sa...

- Pleasure to meet you, Felix.

Where did you come from?

- Keep him away. He's with Dyad.
- MRS S: What?

BENJAMIN: What are you talking about?
I'm not with Dyad.

Oh my God.

SARAH: No! Felix.

MRS S: Oh, Felix.
SARAH: Felix, wake up.

Oh, shit.

- Oh, shit.
- He's been drugged.

- Felix?
- You. What did you do?

- Nothing.
- MRS S: Sarah, I thought it was you.

It was a trick. Rachel's taken her.

MRS S: Fe*lix, come on. Felix?

What's wrong?


I made a terrible mistake.

What have you done?




My name is Rachel.

How are you feeling, Kira?

Where's my mom?

Where's Mrs S?

Dear child...

I know how frightening
this must be for you.

But... you'll get used to it.

You may even grow to like it here.

Just as I did.

And if I refuse?

You'll be on the plane.

You used me!

You forget, Dr Cormier,
none of this is personal.

DELPHINE: If you let her die without me,
it is personal.

Is my mom here yet?

- Soon.
- SARAH: I left her with you

for five bloody minutes...

MRS S: You left her with...
SARAH: And she's gone now!

SARAH: My name is Sarah Manning.


And this is my unconditional surrender.
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