Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 8 - Variable and Full of Perturbation - full transcript

A new player in the clone conspiracy turns up at Felix's door, sending him into crisis mode. With Cosima running out of options, Sarah struggles with the decision to surrender a crucial piece of leverage and make a deal with DYAD.

Six scientists incinerated in lab explosion.

Once you've gone, your father will remain here.

If anybody moves against this house,
I will put a bullet in his head.

- Rachel.
- Hello, Father.

What have we there?

Everything, Mrs Sadler, absolutely everything.

You gave me Kira's stem cells?

This is my decision and not yours!

There is no decision, Cosima,
you have one way forward and this is it.

Get out!

Kira might be her only chance.

Will this help? My tooth?

I give you Duncan, you give up on Kira,
and we disappear once and for all.


- Clone?
- I don't think he knows.

You destroyed us with the spying and the lies.

Rachel, is it done?

- It's in motion.
- Wait for...

Go now.

Dr Leekie. Get in!

You ruined my marriage.
I quit!

What the hell are you doing?
Huh? Are you all right?

I'm fine.

- Ah, shit!
- Just give me a hand.

We gotta switch cars.

I thought you said you had that place cased, man.

It was a friggin' ambush.

Who were those guys, huh? Not cops.
Not feds either, in $400 shoes.

I told you to stay with the wimp.

Yeah? If I'd stayed there you'd
be in the morgue right now.

Let'sjust get to the car and get out of here.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit! Oh, shit.


Oh, please don't... shit.

Tony! Get out of here.
Just forget it, man, you gotta go.

Just go!

I should have told you months ago.
I was set up.

What? Who set me up?

Remember that cop that called?

She called out of the blue, buddy.
I didn't tell her nothing.

I know.
She wanted you because you're... Ah!


Hey, hey. You're all right, okay?

- Yeah?
- You gotta make me a promise.

You gotta pass on a message.

All right. What message? Huh?

You gotta find that cop.
You have to find Beth Childs.

Where's Kira?

Oh, they're not coming by until I know it's safe.

- Hello, Sarah.
- Hi.

Benjamin has four men on watch.

Rachel's been warned,

if she tries anything I will pop her papa in the brain.

I like to think she's bluffing.

I'm not, Andrew.

Please call me Ethan.

If I'm to be your pawn, I'd like to reclaim my given name.

At any rate, we hold all the cards.

Ethan here, is information.
And Kira.

Kira's not part of any deal, S.

I bloody know that. But Rachel's
reunion with her father was real.

Let'sjust see how it all lands
at Dyad. I mean...

Confirmed. All clear, S.


They were in the alley.

- Mrs S!
- Hello, darling.

Let's wait outside.

Thank you, Benjamin.

Safe enough yet?

You are a sight for sore eyes.

- What about me?
- Come here, you.

It's good to see you.

Cosima. Cosima!

Hold on to your hat.

Hey, my pass card is not... working.

Yeah, I locked you out.

- Is that for me?
- Yep, a package from Sarah.


- I can override this lock anytime.
- Go for it.

I just really don't want you here.

- Cosima?
- Wow, girl fights are mean.

So, the donor's a child?

You are aware a far more effective and obvious treatment

for 324B21 would be the kid's bone marrow?

Yeah Scott, we are aware of that.

Donnie! Donnie?

Why didn't you come pick me up?

Hmm? The kids are truant.

There's cleaning product all over the
laundry room. What's going on here?

- Hmm?
- Just stop, okay?

I don't feel very well.

Okay. I know. It's a lot to

take in, isn't it?

- Mmm.
- Your wife's a clone.

See? I use the "C" word, too.

- Ugh.
- It's okay.

We'll deal with it together, okay?


- What's that smell?
- Um, no...

No, no. What are you doing?
What are you doing?


Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, you're drinking?

God, drinking alcohol the day I get back from rehab?

Are you insane?
Do you want me to relapse?

- I know all your little hiding spots.
- Do you want that? Hmm?

I know about the pills you keep in your feed box,

your mini-bar in the tub
labelled "buttons".

Give me that!
You"re supposed to be supporting me!

- Argh!
- Does that hurt? Does that hurt yet?

- No.
- Okay.

It's time to get ready for school.

Tonight we're gonna stay at Grandma"s
house until Daddy feels better. Okay?

Let's go out the door. Good.

You take today to think.

Who the hell are you?

You're Tony?

No, I'm Harry freakin' Potter.

Where's Beth?

- You leaving already?
- Oh, yeah.

Kira's in the bath.
I thought we could hang.

My work as child smuggler is done for the day.

What's your daughter's name again?


And she's how old?

She's none of your concern.

Hey, is there something up?


Arthur needs my help
with something clone-y.

All right? But no, we've got it.
Okay? You just...

You need to stay here with Kira.
I'll call if I need to.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Bye.
- Bye.

My daughter was about Kira's age when she was taken.

You mean Rachel? By Leekie.

Let's hope you can end this war, Ethan.
That's how you make amends.

I'm afraid Dr Leekie's unavailable.
Would you hold?

- You must be Dr Cormier.
- Uh, yes.

Paul, your absence is inconvenient.

And your silence is irksome.

Please, you know I hate to worry.

Good afternoon, Dr. Cormier.

Could I get you tea? Coffee?

No, thank you.

Where is Aldous?

Tea, please, Martin. And could you
send a man round for Paul?

Aldous suffered a fatal heart attack on one of our jets

- bound for Langley last night.
- Excuse me?

I'm sorry.

I know you were close.

For now, you will report to me.

- That's, umm...
- Difficult.

For us both.

But despite this tragedy,

it's come to light that Aldous buried

crucial information about the origins of the experiment.

A line of communication is now open with Sarah.

Delphine, we may have a breakthrough for Cosima.


For us all.

Uh, I didn't give you permission to break into my flat.

What the hell's with you?

Felix, Tony.

What, Beth's not coming now?
All right, yeah, great.

What the hell was I thinking trusting a friggin' cop!

Just take it easy, all right?
It's complicated.

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Then I'm out.

No, no, no. You wanna stay.
You want to stay.

Oh, yeah? And who are you? Hmm?

Arty boy.


I'm a friend of Beth's. We're both
friends of Beth's, all right?

We're safe friends.

Art's a cop. He's suspended.
Which is the only kind of cop I like.

Just make yourself at home. Just sit
down, I just need 30 seconds with him,

out in the hall, all right?
And then we'll explain everything.


Thirty seconds... Fifi.

You call me that again, we don't tell you a thing.


Holy Tilda Swinton.

Where in the hell did he come from?

I kept my cell phone active hoping it might ring some day.

Can you clarify what's going on here?

That'll be a single chromosome.

So I got it right? She's a trans clone?

He's trans. He is, yeah.

Just another variation in my sister's skin.

Well, he said that Beth contacted him,

that a friend of his was just whacked by suits.

And now he'll only talk to Beth.

Okay. All right, um...

Does Tony know that he's a clone?

I don't know. He's sketchy as hell.
I didn't wanna tell him anything.

Good. We can't. Follow my lead.

Oh, shit.

Just one. I'm a few.
No family too. Who am I?

Pretty gay, by the looks of this place.

Tony, Beth's dead.

Then I got no business here.

You do, Tony. Yeah, you do.

What did Beth tell you exactly?

She said we might be related.
And then she said she was a cop,

so I hung up. Now Sammy's got
a message for her and she's dead?

- What's the message?
- No way.

I wanna know what's going on here.

All right. Yeah.

But here it is, Tony.
We know things. We don't know you.

So how about I go check your story out?

While you stay here with Felix.

Look at this.
We need Auntie Alison stat.

You like that?

- Should we put more angels on it?
- They remind me of Helena.

Yeah? Me too.

Is she okay?

Yeah, she's fine.

I sort of had to leave her to her own devices,

but she asks about you all the time.

Should we hide?

Has something happened to Cosima?

Um, no.
Actually, I'm here on Rachel's request.

Hmm. To what?

Leverage your girlfriend's life for
my daughter's stem cells?

No. Sh-She has a new proposal.

Leekie is dead.

She says it was a heart attack.

Bet she does.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

I believe Aldous was the lesser of two evils.

But it's too late now.
This is now about Professor Duncan.

- Go on.
- The key to a gene therapy cure

which does not require Kira's stem cells

lies in Duncan's synthetic sequences.

But we need him to come into
the Dyad and begin immediately.


But Kira stays with you, where she belongs.

Do you think I could trust Rachel?

Or you, Delphine.

We didn't bring Duncan all this way not to use him.

Please tell Rachel that we will consider her proposal.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Jeez. I thought you
went home for the night.

We were gonna play in the cafeteria, but...

- Sorry.
- Um, are you

minding the dental probe and the incubators?

Yeah, absolutely.

Cool, then I don't care if you're making bathtub acid.

Uh, Cosima, the Dyad Runewars Club.

My sworn enemies, Doomsday, Painmaker, Youwish97.


Play on, hale fellows.


All right, read 'em and weep, gentlemen.
You know, you know.

Ha! Missed.


Hello, special.
Goodbye, forest guardian.

I win the battle.

All right!

Whoa, dream on. Your wyrm
can't use a special ability twice.

And Mad Carthos slays before you ever 'plague breath'.

Mmm-mmm. Sorry. Mad Carthos's
abilities only work in battles he's in.

Scott gets the damage.

He doesn't draw again, but who cares
because the guardian is toast

and these beastmen go here.

Do you, like, wanna play?

I don't know if you're ready for that.

Boom, don't even think about it.

Teleport card, so all your routed units are dead.

I've got the city and dragon round,
and... Pillage!


Cosima, are you okay?

We need to talk.

Play on.

Cosima, things are moving too fast to be this way.

I think they killed Aldous.

- What?
- Rachel was at his desk.

And she's selling it as a heart attack on the private jet.

Listen to me.
I think you are running out of time.

And Kira's tooth was a band-aid.
But Duncan?

He may hold the key to an actual cure.

I'm trying to help.
Tell me what you want.

Hey, battle bitches,

can you pick up your beastmen and beat it?

I'm gonna keep the promise that
I made to you when we first met.

That one day I get you completely baked.

Orphan? Ah.

At least you didn't know your real parents were assholes.

You know, mine were so full of shit...

Made sense when Beth said we were related.

How long did you, uh...
How long did you know Sammy?

Long enough.

How come you're so interested in Sammy?

I'll tell you if you give me the message he had for her.

You gotta work smarter than that, buddy.

Can I borrow some clothes?

- No.
- Come on, I been...

driving for two days, gotta bathe the boys.

You know what I mean?

I know your game, Tony.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

- What is that?
- Pushing buttons.

Testing boundaries.

Deep. Like an artist or something.

Oh! So just how does Tony
the trans bandit

go over with the hoodlum set? Mmm?

Jesus Christ. When did you come out?


Yeah. Tony, what you're doing here is
more complicated than sex or gender.

Oh yeah?

Just shut up and run me a bath.

Run it yourself, bitch.


He's meaner than he looks.

You are so much like my sister.

What are you doing?


I'm leaving.


We are not there yet.

No, we have a whole mountain to climb.
We aren't even at base camp yet!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I've already hurt you so badly.

You're better off without me.

So is this the real Donnie Hendrix, then?

Just picks up and abandons
his kids in the middle of the night?

Don't you love me any more?

Did you ever love me?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about the porn and...

I'm sorry about putting you in rehab and
I'm sorry for hating your mother and...

Everybody hates my mother.

Oh, God.

I have made such terrible mistakes, Donnie.

No. No, Ali.

Not like this one.

Then try me.

Finding a cure means handing Dyad the keys to the kingdom.

Synthetically speaking.

Can you really cure Cosima?

Yes, though it's immodest to boast.

Then there's no question.

Arrange to take him to Dyad.

I guess we'll see if he's still one of them.

This is kind of nice, you know?
Kicking it in a limey boy's tub,

all bohemian and shit.

Have we got any more smokes?



I can't stand you sober, so I'm going
downstairs for some booze.

All right. Sounds like a plan.

Maybe we can hit the town later.


- What have we got?
- Tony.

Formerly Antoinette Sewicki.

- Sewicki?
- Yeah, and Samuel Dean.

Both convicted thieves.

Seems Sammy got himself shot in the
middle of a job day before yesterday.

Assailants? Unknown.

His body turned up at a Cincinnati garage.

No. No, no. I smell monitor
all over dead Sammy.

Why? Why would he know Beth?

They met. Her phone records show
a dozen long calls to Cincinnati.

And she flew there twice.

Did you get the message out of him?

No, he keeps getting up in my kitchen at
the same time I'm getting up in his.

Well, did you tell him he's a clone?

What the hell? Do I have to take
responsibility for that, too?

Oh, shit. Look.
Let'sjust see what he says

after I get five or six of these into him.

Okay. I'll see where the search for him
is at, but I'm telling you,

whoever shot Sammy is gonna come looking for him next.

- Dyad?
- I don't know.

But if I were you, I would call Sarah
and get it over with.

No, um, let me just take one more run
at him before I bring the big guns.

- Yeah?
- All right.

Bloody hell.

What do we have here?

You want a hit?

A warm, fuzzy rush of big T.


No thanks.

Once a week, come hell or high water.

Or my buddy getting killed.

Or Beth.

Or you lookin' so good.

You're too kind, Tony.

Tell me something, yeah?


Beth contacts you, and then Sammy sends a message to Beth.

So it seems to me that they knew each other.

You think?

How about you tell me how you knew Beth.

Same old story.

Rent boy meets police officer.
Intrigue ensues.


Hey, you sure you don't want a hit?
It'll put some hair on your chest.

I get to shave mine.

Quick, aren't ya?


Well, you've got absolutely nothing I haven't seen before.

Let's drink to that.

"You cannot imagine the strange colourless delight

"of these intellectual desires.

"The thing standing before you

"is no longer an animal, a fellow creature,

"but a problem."

Hey, do you seriously think that's appropriate?

- We're ready.
- Benjamin.

It's time, Ethan.

Don't worry. Hmm?

I'm nobody's pawn.

- Hello, Felix?
- Hey, Sarah.

- Oh, God.
- What?

It's... It's another naive clone.

Shit! Who is she?

That's the thing. She's a he.


A boy clone?

It's some whole new batch, then?

No, no, it's definitely your batch.

Can you just get here as fast as you can, all right?

Okay, great, thanks.

Who was that?

It was my sister.

Foster sister?

Yeah, it was my foster sister.

Tasty Tony.

Fluidity doesn't shock me either, Tony.

Something did.



Who's this over here?


This Beth Childs?


Is Beth Childs your sister?

No, that's my sister.

You want me to punch you in the head?

What's with her dick? Hmm?

Creative license, nothing more.

Care to tell me what the hell's going on here, Felix?

Depends, Tony. You gonna tell me
what Beth's message is?

I am helium and I'm way funnier than...

Oh, my God.

- Helium is way funnier than polonium.
- It is, oh my God, it is!

Is the helium voice gone now?

Uh... Yes. It is.

Good, because there's something
important I want to tell you.

Je t'aime.

Is that why you didn't tell me
that they were Kira's stem cells?


Is that why even before I got here
you gave Dr. Leekie my blood samples?

Even though I told you not to.


It's your life.

It's not just that.

It's all of us.

You have to love all of us.

Then I love all of you.


'Cause if you betray us again,

I have enough dirt on you to destroy your career.

And I love you too.

I don't know. I don't know.
I feel like someone

pulled the planet out from under me.

Yeah. That's good, keep going.

I thought I was doing something
worthwhile, a sociological study.

I feel so stupid.


Goddamn Leekie.

With his big, stupid face.

Sneaking doctors in here, examining you.

My own sweet wife!

I understand "furious" darling.
Being humiliated by

unspoken things.

I have to confess something about

Aynsley's accident.

Please don't think I'm horrible.

I killed Dr. Leekie.

You are killing me now.

How come you have a friggin' painting with my face on it?


I want to tell you. It's not my place.

Right. Right.

You know, my buddy Sammy,

he didn't give a shit what was going on between my legs.

He just saw me.

All right? And he sends me here
with some freakin' message

and you're not gonna explain to me why?

It's just 30 minutes, all right?

I've given you all friggin' night, man.

I will tell you everything, if you just wait.


You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.

- Get out of my way.
- Tony!


- Whoa.
- Shite.

Tony, this is Sarah.

Your sister.

Never had to do this with one of our own before.

Cosima's sort ofjumped me into the whole clone thing.

- Sarah?
- Yep?

Shut your yap for a second.


Jesus Christ.

My mom always said that they made a
mistake down at the IVF clinic, but...


You all right, mate?

It's a lot to take in.

Yep. Yeah.

Look at us, we're hot.

Damn, girl.

Not our usual identity crisis.

I did all that work a long time ago.

There's only one Tony, and you're not me, sucker.

Guess this is the new guy.

- Hmm.
- Yeah, damn right.

Let's cut the shit.

All right? I got a message and
I want to know who they were.

- "They"?
- Them.

All right? The suits who
ambushed me and Sammy.

Sammy was ex-military, so a lot of our
jobs came from his old army contacts.

What's the message?

Sammy's exact words.

"Tell Beth, 'Keep the faith.

"'Paul's like me. He's on it.
He's a ghost."'

A ghost?

- That's it?
- Yeah, then he died.



No trace? No travel alerts,
no digital trail? Paul's disappeared?

Keep looking.

Professor Duncan.

Hello again. Rachel.

I'm so relieved we could arrange this.

Would you like some tea?

Oh, yes, please, my dear.

Um, with lemon?

I feel I must apologise for our last meeting.

I was overly emotional.

Well, we both were, my dear.

It was a day I'd dreamt of for 20 years.

Well, I have not.

Our relationship must
remain... professional.

For all concerned.

Do you remember I used to read you
The Island of Doctor Moreau?


How does it go... Umm, the bit about

how he'd be forgiven for hate

but not for irresponsibility.

I don't recall.


I hope you can forgive me for being
glad that Aldous Leekie is dead.

Of course.


Umm, I'm pretty sure he crapped himself.

Oh, Donnie.

I'm sorry, I was gonna take him with me.

That's the director of the Dyad Institute.

He just got in and I whacked him.

I didn't even mean to.

- Oh, God.
- Okay, just relax, Donnie.

It's not at all well-wrapped.

You're worried about the trunk?


I'm gonna make a new liner. And I hope
that you threw the weapon in the lake.

I put it back in your gun locker.

You used my gun!

This message is like Sammy's trying
to reassure Beth about Paul.

They're both military. I mean,
what the hell does that mean?

I don"t know.
Leekie's gone, Paul's AWOL.

- Enjoy it.
- Is he gonna be all right?

Yeah. But he's got
some of your worst qualities.

You're the very best of us.

I know.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Be safe.

Do you want another whiskey?

I've got sisters.

That you do, Tony.

That you do.

You know what? I think I'd get along
with dreadlocks over there, but...

That one with the soccer ball looks like a douche.

She's a functional alcoholic.

But she's not that bad.

Lucky for you,

we need to keep you away from all this.

For now.

These are items I need to begin
unlocking the synthetic sequences.

- A floppy disk drive?
- Well, I only claim the road map.

Coordinates, entirely low-tech.

Once you've located them, Cosima has unlimited resources.

Ah. But the child is still
the prize, isn't she?

Little Kira.

Answer me this, Professor.

Why Sarah?

Of all of us.

How is it the unmonitored tramp was successful?

In her fertility?

Huh! Rachel, she's a failure,
not a success.

You are all barren by design.

I supposed you couldn't have created
a reproducing prototype, could you?

That would be irresponsible.

Which is unforgivable.

Dr. Cormier will introduce to Cosima.


It's time we begin fixing your mistakes.

- Get all your stuff?
- Mmm-hmm.


The cops found your stolen car, Tony.

Which means that Dyad"s not gonna be far behind.

We do get it, Arthur, okay?

Can you give us, like, two minutes, please?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll be downstairs.

But he needs to be on a bus.


Tell me something.

Why is it that I'm not worried about you?

'Cause this is how I roll.

Can't fence this shit in.

All right there, Tennessee Waterfall.

Take this.

There's three numbers in there, yeah?

Me, Art and Sarah.

You call it if anything goes wrong.

You little...

Later, sister kisser.

Hey, come on, Scott, they're almost here.

Ugh, give me a break!
What are you doing?

- No!
- No?

All right.

- Wow. The original geneticist.
- Yeah.

I assume he's here to help us
with 324B21, 'cause otherwise...

Scott... It"s me.

I'm 324B21.


Do you need me to beam you up, Scotty?

It's an honour, Cosima.

An honour to be working with you.



- This is...
- Professor Duncan.

- Hi, umm, my maker.
- Oh, please, don't call me that.

It's Ethan.

It's not every day you get to meet your,

uh, Ethan.

No, I suppose not.

We're ready to work.

- We're very optimistic.
- Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.

Uh, this is Scott.

He's new to the whole thing, but...

But, umm, indispensable.


Cosima, can you hear me?

We need help, now!


What's up with your garage?

- Oil change.
- Renovating.

- For the embryos.
- Those are my babies?

Feel free to spend as much time here as you wish.

You're a part of our family now.

I'd like you to take over as interim director.

The disease is spreading too rapidly.

But if we can reboot her immune system...

With my kid's bone marrow?

- Will Auntie Cosima die?
- She might.
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