Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 10 - By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried - full transcript

After the successful abduction of Kira, Sarah prepares to surrender to Rachel and the Dyad Group; but the Clone Club has other ideas as they band together to pull off the ultimate rescue.

I quit!

Aldous suffered a fatal heart attack on one of ourjets.

I have never been more
attracted to you than I am right now.

I'd like you to take over as interim director.

The disease is spreading too rapidly.

But if we can reboot her immune system...

With my kid's bone marrow?

For the embryos.

My father is the father.
I'm carrying your babies.

You had to put your own child inside of her?

Don't do this. Helena!

We're not safe here.

Where are you gonna take her?

Pleasure to meet you, Felix.

What have you done?

I know how frightening this must be for you.

You may even grow to like it here.

Just as I did.

Do you have any known allergies?

Are you taking any prescription or medication?

In the first place, giving the bone marrow of a child.

She's eight years old...

I should have known.

I should have seen it.

She is eight years old,
she doesn"t get a choice in any of this.

What is your sexual orientation?

Do you now or have you ever used
intravenous drugs? Any sexual partners?

- Are you ovulating?
- I don't know.

- Are you ovulating?
- I don't know!

Five bloody minutes...

You cannot come over again...

...and again, Sarah.
I thought it was you.

She looked like you, she...

When did you first have sexual intercourse?

Fourteen... Fifteen.

- Have you ever had an STD?
- No.

Have you ever been diagnosed with a reproductive disorder?


Have you ever had an abortion?

Have you ever had an abortion?


Have you ever been diagnosed with mental illness?


Do you use birth control?

Sometimes, yeah.

Be strong, child.

I don't know whose side you're on,

but I know you always put Kira first.

And we'll do that now.

But first, we need to get Felix checked by a doctor.


Felix, honey, you...

We have to get you for the toxicology test.

No, not a chance. I'm fine.

No. No, love, we can't be sure
what you've had...

We don't know...
Sarah, you better tell...


- My name is Sarah Manning.
- Speak up, please.

My name is Sarah Manning.

And this is my unconditional surrender.

Good morning, Miss Manning.

My name is Dr Nealon.

Nice to see you again.


At our first encounter, I thought you were Beth Childs.

Blood work told us otherwise.

You examined me in my sleep?

I'm glad that will no longer be necessary.

You began menstruation very young.

Look, I'm gonna cooperate, but I wanna see my kid.

Kira's fine.

You have my word.

Come on, honey.
It won't hurt, it'sjust cotton.



There. All done.


Hey! You can't take that. Hey!

We just finished processing that material, Martin.

And your transplant is being booked.

The marrow's being sent directly to Dr Nealon.

- What? Who's Dr Nealon?
- Your new physician.

What? I have a new physician?

Dr Cormier didn't tell you?

This is all on Rachel's orders.

Effective immediately,
you'll no longer be working with clones.


And if I refuse?

You will be on the plane.

You have everything you wanted.

Everything Dyad wanted.

You used me.


Let me say goodbye to Cosima.

Cosima will be well-cared for.

And Sarah's procedure is imminent.

You forget, Dr Cormier, none of this is personal.

I love her.

And if you let her die without me, it is personal.

No one's more familiar with her illness than Delphine.

We need her.

Dr Nealon has all of Dr Cormier's records.

She'll get the best possible care.

She had the best care. You took it away.

This is not a debate, Mr Smith.

If you wish to remain involved...

Uh... Martin?

Look, I just...

Can you tell Dr Nealon that
I am really excited to work with him?


Is there anything that I can do for Sarah?

I... ljust don't want
anybody to get hurt.

Maybe if I can't see Sarah, then I can see Kira?

You know, she's just a little kid,
and it'll be a nice gesture

from you guys...
You know, we can...

Foster cooperation.

I'll see what I can do.

Awesome. Thank you.

What are you up to?

I don't know yet.

Cosima, you should really leave.

Yeah, I know. I probably should.

But they're planning something for Sarah.

Delphine just sent me Rachel's itinerary.

So, we know where she's gonna be?

And we know where Sarah's gonna be.

In 16 days, when you begin to ovulate,

we would like to harvest your eggs.

- You would?
- Yes.

Well, I would like to see my daughter.

Sign consent for the procedure,

and I will make that happen.

Look at me.

Do I really need to sign?

- Does that really matter?
- Bureaucracy.

Now take me to her.

You want some tea?

Hello, sweetheart.

Are you comfortable?

Is my mum here yet?


I hope.

The last time I saw your mother,

she laid hands on me.

- Do you know what that means?
- No.

It means she wasn't very nice to me.

And then she kept running away,

just as she ran from you so many times.

Did that make you sad?

Yeah. But she says
she"s all grown up now.

I hope she is.

Even mothers have to do as they're told sometimes.

Don't they?

Absolutely not.

What part of this are you not understanding?

No... No, you listen.

Amber alert is not an option.

If I say you're making a car bomb,
you will bloody well make a car bomb.

I'll call you back.

Who was that?

That was, uh...
That was nobody you need to know.

Hey, Mrs S?

- Who are you?
- I'm Cal. I'm, uh...

Kira's father.

- Kira called me this morning.
- And when did she give you this?

Oh, for Christ's sake, Siobhan.

I can vouch for him.

After eight years, you finally meet
Kira's dad, you don't even tell me.

Oh, yes, let's do open a rollicking
debate about keeping secrets, shall we?

Guys, guys.

Please, can you put the gun down?

Look, Sarah never told me anything, okay?

I just... I just kind of figured it out.

Genetic identicals.

Kira knows it too, even though
she doesn't really know what it means.

I'm here to help.

I did a lot of digging on Dyad.

- He's handy that way.
- Is he?

Arthur, what can you tell me?

Well, I can tell you I just came home

to find someone at my table.

What do you mean? Who?

She's eating.

Hello, sestra- brother.

I want to see Sarah.

Holy shit.

- Helena's back.
- Do not tell her about Sarah.

Art, have you told her anything?

No, of course not.

I want you over there, Felix.
She is too unpredictable.

Hang on just a second.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

Oh, God!

Just keep feeding her, Art. All right?

I'm gonna be there as soon as I can.

- Yeah.
- Bye.

Just keep her on ice, clear?

Do not let Helena out of your sight.


- Duncan.
- Sarah.

Don't despair, my dear.

Don't despair.

I fell in love with a boy called Jesse.

But after bar fight, I think he had
to go to war and become...

A tow truck driver.


Okay, look, there was a fire
at the Johanssen ranch last night.

Do you know anything about that?



Did you burn down the fish people's ranch?


- When do I see Sarah?
- Soon.

She said that Kira can't wait to see you.

After my heart was broken,

I became roommates to a very good girl.

Okay. So tell me about that.

She had...

A crisis of faith.

What's done is done, Gracie.

We can start afresh.

Am I a sinner for wishing my father dead?

He deserved it.

God's just gonna have to deal
with the both of us then, isn't he?

Yes, he will.

Because we're together now.

That means the child inside you, too.

Dyad group has these key people

on dozens of corporate boards, you know.

I'm talking super packs and research groups and lobbyists.

All a concerted effort to try
and effect biogenetic patent law.

- Mmm-hmm.
- I can use the Internet actually, Cal.

No, you can't.

No offence.

Well, what have you discovered?

Oh, it's not "what", it's "who".

Someone from Dyad tried to hack me,

so I... I hacked him back.

I followed this person on Darknet,

and I saw him asking the same questions as me.

Jesus, you fell for that?

But they had real information.

Project leader, clones.

And they know I'm Kira's father.

I think this is an insider.

And high up too.

They get to you, they get to Kira.

They already have Kira.

And yet, this person is still here.

They're there now?

''Can you help?''

Oh, come on.


Tell him you're with Siobhan Sadler.

- "With Siovan..."
- It's with a B-H.


Sorry about that.

Come on.

Does that mean anything to you?

Don't know your mythology, do you, Cal?

Luckily you're not the only person with an inside man.


I didn't peg you for a Major
back in Professor Duncan's house.

I wasn't.

A lot has changed since I came back in.

But you are still prepared to play double agent.

Like you, I wanna know the truth.

I'm impressed, Paul.

I'll be impressed if you can actually pull this off.

Cup of tea while we wait?

Suddenly, I heard a thud and a hissing
behind me and looking round,

sprang to my feet with a cry of horror.

Against the warm dawn

great tumultuous masses of black smoke

were boiling up out of the enclosure...

Are you enjoying yourself?

... shot flickering threads
of blood-red....

I've brought tea.

Just hot water for me.

I brought my own bag.

- Do you remember this day?
- As often as possible.

It's the day I would have never seen

had it not been for your synthetic sequences.

And yet, Martin tells me

you've encoded them with
a non-repeating substitution cipher.

Why would you deny existence to more of us?

We're your life's work.

I've given you the sequence to help Cosima.

Cure her, and we'll talk about unlocking another.

Unlock another,

and we'll talk about curing Cosima.

Well, since none of us seem to know
what you're actually for,

I think your attempts to make new clones
should meet with failure.

I want the key to your cipher.

I've had 20 years to work on it.

It's rather good.

Where is it?

Is it with Sarah's people?

My dear, I didn't write it down.

You know, I can recite Pi to 6,000 places.

Do you recall, Rachel, not the memory,

but the feeling of...

how much we loved you?

The reason I watch these tapes so often

is because I don't remember at all.

What have... What have you done?

What have you done?

- My poor, poor Rachel.
- No!

- My poor, poor Rachel.
- Why?


It won't take long.

No, no, no.

No, you can't leave me again.

You can't leave me again!


I'm afraid you don't...

...deserve me any more.


So you know what I need, if this gets Sarah out of there.

I'm well aware.

This should be interesting.

All right, they're willing.

Paul, meet Cal.

He's Kira's father.

Hi, Paul.

What's so funny?

Ah, you're a friend of Sarah's.

Just look at the two of you.

I don't know how she does it.

Okay, what's happening now?

We are hoping that there are still good people

in the most corrupt places.

You, the monitor, Paul Dierden.

Yeah, I think I know who you are.

Apparently we're both willing to risk our necks

to get to the bottom of this. Hmm?


You guarantee that Sarah and her daughter

will be released and protected.

I can get them out.

The rest is up to Sarah.

You like your new dolls, Kira?

No, not really.



Do you wanna do some science?

- Science class?
- Yeah.

It's my favourite. Pure science.

- You wanna do it? Okay.
- Yeah.

We're gonna do an experiment.

I want you to try to push your favourite pencil

through this paper.

Okay? See if you can do it.


How come that didn't work, I wonder?

'Cause you know what? You need more...



So force equals mass...

...times... Peow! Acceleration.

How can we get the pencil
through this paper, do you think?

We need to make it sharper?

That's a really good idea.
High-five for that.

What about trying speed?

Maybe acceleration?
Should we give that a shot?

Nice one!

You won the experiment.

You won science.

You're a scientist now.

You wanna make, um, a picture for your mom?


Okay. Maybe we can explain to her
what we learned today.

Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Cosima...
- I'm okay. I'm okay.

- Sorry. I'm okay.
- Cosima, it's not going to work.

It has to work.

She needs us.




Let me do this.

Where'd you get that?

We're only gonna get one chance.

What's going on?

Let go. Let go!

What are you doing?

Why are you doing this?

Okay, here she comes.

No, move that.
Move that to the other side.

Three, two, one.

What are you gonna do?

Got it.

Cosima says "Hey".

We're gonna help you get
out of here. Just...

What is this?

We're performing an oophorectomy.

A what?

We're removing one of your ovaries.

For research.

Bullshit you are.

- That's not what I signed.
- You'll still have one.

We don't wish to render you infertile.

On the contrary,

I hope you look forward to
another pregnancy as much as we do.

Dr Nealon.


Miss Duncan.

I'd like a second to speak to my sister, please.

Two minutes. Everybody, stay prepped.

Okay, everybody out.

Kira gave me something for you.

You psycho.

You also gave her bone marrow to cure Cosima.

Duncan is dead.

- What?
- He took his own life.

But I know he gave you the key
to the synthetic sequences, didn't he?

What key?

To his cipher.

He wrote them down for you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Rachel, I don't know.


Enjoy your oophorectomy.

We'll continue this when you're done.


- I'll tell you.
- Good.

Where is it?

Where has he written it?

Right here.


Take Kira.


- Oh.
- Mommy.

She's ready.

- I wasjust about to get you.
- Come here.

You're free to go, you don't have to run.

I'm very impressed by you, Sarah,
by both you and your mother.

Who are you?

My name is Marian Bowles.
I'm from Top Side.

I've opened the doors, but this does not end with Rachel.


If you ever wanna stop running,

if you want the truth,

if you wanna know what this is really all about,

then you meet me tomorrow.

Cal can arrange it.

He"s downstairs waiting to take you home to your sisters.

Well, tonight was certainly informative.

- Give me five.
- Later, Cal.

- Take care.
- Yeah, nice to meet you.

He's hot.

Well, that's us.

Yeah, it was, uh, a pretty standard group of sisters.

Yeah, I think so.

Um, I'm gonna be around, okay?

I wanna help with Kira, and getting the marrow and stuff.

I don't think we can do that again for another six weeks.


So I don't know what's gonna happen to Cosima.


I'm sorry about that.

Whatever you did to get Marian Bowles,
thank you for doing that.

Don't thank me, okay?

I'm not doing this for thanks.

I'm doing it because I...

Oh, hello.

Steamy potatoes.


- Cal?
- Yeah.

You're not gonna be bringing
all that game into my bed, I hope.

No, unfortunately not.

It's, um, clones only tonight.

I know. That means me too.

- See you later.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Listen, I don't know if this is a good idea or not,

because it's crazy, but Art has someone downstairs

who really wants to meet her sisters.


Oh, my God.

This is your sister Cosima.

- Hey.
- You should not be up.

I'm up. Come here.

You're very beautiful.

Thank you.

I like your hairs.


I like your hairs too.

Helena, this is your other sister Alison.

Hello, Helena.

Lovely to meet you.

Pleased to meet you, too.

- You are married?
- Yes.

Oh, yes, very much so, um, to Donnie.

I will be married, too, one day.

Well, it's very rewarding if you can
get through the rough patches.

Auntie Helena.

We thought you ran away from us.

I came back to see your little face.

I'm so happy to see you, I'm going to eat your finger.

She all right?




Uh oh.

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.

Come on.

Come on.


Whoo! Whoo!


Go, Kira.


What were you thinking about?

Oh, Buckmintser Fuller and sacred geometry.


See this spiral?

This is the golden ratio

and it's a mathematical pattern that
just repeats itself in nature

in flower petals and honeybees

and, you know, the stars in the galaxy and...

And in every molecule of our DNA.

God, we're so different, all of us.


I know.

I don't even know how to look at art.

Don't tell Fee.

I won"t.

You're the wild type, Sarah.

You propagate against all odds.

You know, you're... restless.

And you survive.

I can't do this without you, Cosima.

You'll be fine.


Just have to keep moving forward.

Forward through the looking
glass with Marian bloody Bowles.

What could go wrong?

Thank you.

Aunty Cosima?

Aunty Cosima.

Aunty Cosima!

Don't be afraid.

I will never leave you.


Will you read me a story?




Are you hiding?


It's Sarah.

Don't be shy, love. Come on.


You know her.

You're my big sister.

- How old are you?
- Eight.

I have a daughter your age.

Her name is Kira.

I'm her cousin.

Aunt, actually, but we're gonna go with cousin for now.


"That dog was the first dog to
make the long journey west."

So the puppy followed the explorer that whole way?


Cool, huh?

Can you read another?


What you got?

Whoa! The Island of Dr Moreau.

It's about a man who makes monsters.

I know. I love this book.

It's special.

Where did you get this book?

Professor Duncan gave it to me for a present.


So you're her monitor.

I'm her mother.

- You carried her?
- Adopted her.

Like Siobhan.

I'm invested.

I thought they couldn't make any more of us.

Oh, we tried. There were 400 attempts.

Charlotte's the only survivor.

But you survived too, Sarah.

Against all odds you found your sisters
and you fought for your own.

Now, I'm counting on that fierce loyalty
because what I'm about to share

could put me at grave personal risk.

You won't find Top Side in any company directory.

We steer the Dyad group

with many other multi-nationals.

- You're a cabal.
- Yes.

Securing monopolies on a future that embraces

genetic engineering, synthetic biology...

A future I passionately believe is inevitable.

And if you don't profit, someone else will.


But it's not only about profit.

There are other forces at work beyond Top Side.

I had evidence of another agenda,

but I couldn't verify without your mother's help.


Sarah, the military never shut down Project LEDA.

It was compartmentalised into two autonomous operations.

While Dyad carried female clones to term,

a military faction carried the males.

This is Project Castor.

I know him.

Sarah will never forgive me.

You did what you had to.

And do you, Mark, promise to be faithful to Gracie?

- I do.
- Mark, you may kiss the bride.

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