Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 2 - Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion - full transcript

On information from Art, Sarah learns that it is not Rachel who abducted Kira, but rather the Prolethians, the reasons she does not know behind the abduction. However, there is no news ...

I'm your birth mother.

Mrs S, she's not who
she says she is.

You know what to do.


What the hell is going on?

Did Racheljust take my family?

We've come here to take you to Kira.

Tonight there's a big event at the Dyad.
Rachel will be there.

How do you get next to Rachel
with Daniel in the way?

Rachel's a very busy woman
but if you tell me where you are,

I'll bring you to her.

Who in the hell are you?

This is our mistake.

I want my own lab.

Thank you, Dr Leekie.

- You're Sarah.
- Yeah, nice to meet you, too.

I want my daughter.
If you don't have her, you're dead!

Not the Dyad people,
somebody else took Kira.

I know. The cowboy who took the shotgun
blast was a religious extremist.

A Prolethean.

SARAH: Helena's people.


Okay, an Eastern European accent
and scarification?

Angel wings. No ID.
But here are the things in her pockets.

OFFICER: Sugar packs. Lollipops.

Shot point-blank in the chest
and she walks in?

How is she even alive?

It's okay. It's all right. It's okay.


ART: What do these Proletheans
want with your daughter?

SARAH: I don't know, Art.
Everybody's after us.


- Hey.
- We're going to find her.

- Okay. Yeah. Thank you.
- Okay? Good.

Hello, Arthur.

I can't believe you let a cop
into clone club.

Yeah, well, I'm over it.

Finally this whole shit-show's
starting to make sense.

So if these religious freaks have Kira,
how do we find them?


- It's out of town.
- ART: They've got a number of branches.


- We've just got to figure out which one.
- Kira?

- Kira?
- Give it to me.

- Kira? Hello?
- Mommy, I'm not supposed to call.

I'm so glad you did!
Where are you, baby?

I don't know. I'm scared.

There's a weird man here.

Kira? Kira?

It's a listed number.

It's a motel in Bridgelake County.

Let's go or they'll be gone.

Whoa. It could be a trap.

- She's going with me.
- Yeah, it could still be a trap.

- Fe, stop.
- But... Wait! Just a minute, p*lease.

New clone phones.

I'll get these ones
to Cosima and Alison.

Numbers are already stored in there.
This one's for me.

Thank you.

When we're back together,
we're leaving, yeah?

Yeah. Costa Rica.
I've heard that one before.

Look, I need you to keep telling me
we can make it.

We can.

We remember Aynsley's warmth,
her devotion to family, to community.

We remember early mornings
with the Bailey Downs Ice Queens,

long evenings on stage
rehearsing various theatre productions.

And some of us remember book club.

Or as Aynsley called it,
"full contact reading".

She wanted us to...


And she would say almost daily,

"Be true to who you are."

She has got a lot of gall coming here
after sleeping with Chad.

- I mean, assaulting her in the street...

If you wanted to have a glass
right now, I wouldn't blame you one bit.

No, thank you, Donnie. I think
I'll stay clear-headed, indefinitely.

- Where did you get these flowers?

They're Aynsley's.

What? No, no, no, no.
You take those back!

Don't worry, I got it. I got it.
And then we can go home.

- Yes, please.
- Here, hold my coat.

Guys, what are you thinking? Come on.

Sorry, Father.

- Alison?
- Hmm?

- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, thank you, Sarah, really.

I feel like the play is saving
my life right now.

You lost a friend.

And they shouldn't be treating
you like this.

Thank you.

Oh, that's okay.

See you at rehearsal. Okay.


Margaret, hi.

I'll catch you later.

- Ali?
- Mmm-hmm?

- Shall we?
- Yep.

Okay, Gemma, here you go.

Come on. Let's go.

You did wel*I to save her, Mark.

Helena is the twin sister of the
mother, the one that got away.

She almost didn't make it.

- Real close.
- Yeah.

Here, steady her for me. Gentle.
She shouldn't buck a bit.

All right. Now, easy, girl.


Hand me the Al gun.

Now we just...

Slide that in directly into the cervix.


There you go.

The rest is up to the Lord,
just helping along a little bit.

Amen, pastor.

We're going to need a little help, too,

getting that girl out of the hospital.

Yeah, I imagine so.

Well, Henrik? Am I making up
another bed or not?

That is entirely dependent on Mark here,

I'll do my best.

You know we love you like a son, right?

You're the only one we trust
with all this.

Thank you.

So what, you're accusing me of
colluding with Sarah?

To... To... I'm sorry.
To shit-kick Rachel?

Well, I don't know.
Why would I do that?

Aldous... Sarah, she's a con-artist.
She foo*led us, too.

- Did she?
- She stole your pass card.

- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.

I'm sorry. None of us ever trusted her.

Let me just say,

Rachel takes insult very personally.

If you want to help Sarah, you'd be
in a unique position to do so

here at the Dyad.

I for one would like to avoid
a war.

And ljust want to make crazy
science with you in our new lab.

- They're gone.
- Shit.

- When? How long?
- About an hour ago.

A young girl matching Kira's description
and some guy.

Hey, come on.

Wait, Siobhan wasn't with them?

- There was no woman at all?
- No. Just the guy.


- Art!
- Find something?

Yeah. That's hers.

Hold up.

That's Daniel,
Rachel's bloody Doberman.

You stay put.

I've been hoping to run
into this guy again.

Police officer.
Put your hands on the car.

I said get your hands on the car.

Can I help you, Detective Bell?

I have a permit for that.

You're a private investigator this time?

You're going to regret this,
professionally speaking.

- I know where you live.
- Oh, I don't doubt that.

I know where you work.


- You're a bright man, Detective.
- What are you doing here? Huh?

What are you doing here?

You can tell me at the station.



If you want to see Kira,
you'd better shut up and get in.

This is your stop.

If you don't get too stroppy,
I'll help you out.

Where is my daughter?

Someone will be along.

- Where is she? You piece of shit!


What the bloody hell?

Bloody hell!

I'm sorry, Benjamin.
You didn't sign up for that.

No, I certainly did not.

- What the hell is going on?
- Relax, Kira's fine.

- What, he's not a Prolethean?

No, Chicken, you just passed
through an airlock.

- A what?
- An airlock.

When Kira called you,
I knew you'd come for her

and bring your troubles with you.

Here's the phone.

It was ringing.
I took out the batteries.

Thanks, Ben.

- Safe home.
- You too, S.

What happened with Amelia?

I'm not telling you shite
till I see Kira.

Better get a move-on.
We've quite a hike.

Whose side are you on, S?

Yours, love.

It's always been yours.

Now, while it may lack some lustre,

the old wing is where
our most sensitive research takes place.

Like when you were
sterilising lunatics in the '30s?

Before my time.

She's being cheeky again. She knows
that Dyad was inventing vaccines.

Yes, polio, Spanish influenza.

- Manufactured right here.
- COSIMA: Right.

Shipped all over the world
and millions of lives saved.

Oh, so this is where you
keep the clones?

Well, obviously, you're part of
a high-security programme.

Yeah, most restricted projects
are entirely compartmentalised.

Right, so smart people don't know
what they're actually working on.

Ah, but you will.

You're working on yourself.

Uh, do the honours?

- I was right, it's clonejail.
- It's not.

You know, if I wanted an obsolete lab,
I could just go to a community college.

We're going to customise it.

LEEKIE: Here your opportunities
will be endless.

Just last month I emailed a vaccine
to a colleague in Delhi,

who then recreated it on
a 3D biological printer.

That is completely amazing.

Think of what we
could build in this room.

Please, make a list.
Equipment, personnel, just...

blue-sky it. Together.

Well, I know nobody likes
to touch a dead body

but I was really hoping
you'd help me clean up the blood.

I'll help.

# We are blood buds till the end

# It is written in our hearts

# We will be together till the day
that death takes us apart

# And now we must heed the call

# Cleaning the brains off the wall

# The task may be unpleasant
but it's ours

# Try not to complain
as you're scrubbing out the stain

# This is dirty work, dirty work

# Sing, sing, singing away the hours

♪ Shout till I... ♪

Sorry. Fiddlesticks. Left, right, left,
er, left, right?

- Let's do it again?
- No.

We're going to take five,
and I mean five.

Carter, no more sobbing.

Alison, please.


- Sorry.
- It's okay.

- Here.
- Mmm-hmm.

- Okay, now, do you feel that?
- Mmm-hmm.

That is you breathing very high.

- Yes.
- That's anxiety residue.

- Okay.
- What you want to do

is you want to breathe from here,

- from the sacrum.
- What?

From the sacrum to
the diaphragm and out.

- Let's do it, okay?
- Are you sure that's my sacrum?

- No, right. Feel it right here, and in.

- And out...
- Out.

- In.
- Excuse me.

- And out...
- Ah! Thank god!

Sarah, everybody, this is Felix,
my acting coach.

Hello, you all look wonderful.

Hi, I'm Alexander, I'm the director.

Yes, I've seen where that hand's been.

Okay, let's just go.
We'll be right back, thank you.

Donnie is your husband,
Aynsley is your monitor.

- No. No, I was wrong.
- Yes!

I was wrong, Felix.

Vague text messages.
They don"t prove anything.

You have a history of jumping
to monitor conclusions.

What have I done?

Aynsley's dead.

I'm sorry, what?

There was an, uh, an accident
with her garbage disposal.

Her scarf got caught and...

she choked to death.

Oh, my god!

And I was there. I watched it happen,
Felix. I didn"t do anything about it.

Shh. Okay, okay, look.

- Are you joking?
- No!

- No?
- No, no, no. I thought it was her.

We all did. We...

- It was Donnie all along.
- Okay.

- I killed Aynsley.
- No, no, darling.

- Yes, I did, yes.
- No. Well...

I mean, not really, you know,
just, like, hardly.

Oh, god, you can't tell Sarah, please.

You can't tell anybody.

(STAMMERING) I can't...
I can't go tojail, oh, my god.

I have two children. I can't...

Nobody's going tojail, okay?
No one's going to jail.

Wejust need to prove that
Donnie's really your monitor.


I mean, he's bamboozled me
for all of these years.

He is very good at being evil.

Yes. Yes, he is, terribly.

So here's what we do. We set a trap.

Give him some monitorish information
and see if he reacts like a monitor.

- Uh-huh.
- Okay.

Got any ideas
or you just want to keep drinking?

I think I need to keep drinking
for a while and then I'll have an idea.

I made things worse, Siobhan...

- Why didn't you call me?
- I couldn't trust the phones.

There was more than one person watching
the house, I knew someone was coming,

so I tossed the place. I made it look
like an abduction to confuse the issue.

I put Kira first.

You think I didn't?

Hey, I know this place.

This is where we landed
when we left the UK.

Hello, Sarah, we*lcome back.


The birdwatchers.

My old network.

They helped us disappear once.
They're helping again.

Well, look at you.

Brenda, yeah?

Yeah, she remembers.

Well done.

Such a beauty and all grown up.

- I wouldn't say either.
- Oh.


Monkey! Come here!

Oh, I was so worried about you.
I didn't know where you were.

- We came to the birdwatchers.
- I know.

Are you all right?

Are you sure?

Come on inside.

I know I could use a drink.

Could have answered your phone.

ART: What's the point?

I don't know, quash the wild rumours
you're about to get suspended?

Union rep's on it.


So, what, I got to beat it out of you?

What the hell happened?

You know that lawyer?
The real connected one?

Pulled the rug out from under us
during the Sarah Manning thing?

Well, we crossed paths

and words were exchanged.

He's the one trying
to get you suspended?

I got something that might help.

You know Carp, the patrol guy?

Mentioned he's got the weirdest
Jane Doe in hospital.

- Holy shit.
- Yeah.

That's what, *like, number five?

Don't go there, Angie.

Just drop it.

Alison Hendrix...
Just drop the whole thing.

But you're getting screwed, Art.
And what aboutjustice for Beth?

Look, I'm serious. Leave it a*lone.

- You're not going there.
- Not going there.

I'm here about the Jane Doe
that came in last night,

the gunshot vic?

Sure, she's right down here.

Where'd she go?

(SIGHS) You're kidding.

Who are you?


Nervous, Gracie?

It's not usua*I, is it?

I'm sure we seem as strange to them
as they do to us.

Just do as your father says.

Hello, Gracie.

Will it eat?

Of course she will.

Come on, Gracie, don't be scared.

She needs our care.

And we need her trust.


Forgive me.

An old custom.

Hello, Tomas.

I am so grateful to your family
for my rescue and for hers.

I found myself praying for her soul.

- Well, that's not so crazy, is it?
- Abominations have no soul.

Though one could easily mistake the
bullet missing her heart for a miracle.

It is a miracle, my friend. Your charge

has a genetic anomaly.

She's a mirror.

See, her internal organs
are all reversed.


It's a condition that, uh,

sometimes occurs with identical twins.

Kind of a yin-yang sort of thing.

One of them's right-handed.
One of them's left-handed.

One of them has her heart
on the left side

and one of them has their heart...

Her heart is on the wrong side.

This is surely the mark of corruption.

Yeah, well, that's where
I disagree with you.

You see, I steered my faith
through science at MIT

and what I see here...

What I see here is God opening
a whole new door.

But what you see is not who she is.

Your new order should appreciate
this wretch is not merely an affront,

she is the war
for the future of creation.

I got no argument with you there.

You're welcome here, Tomas,
both of you,

for as long as it takes her to recover.

Hey look, that's where Uncle Felix
bashed his head open.

Thanks to his foster sister who was
helping him down the stairs head first.

He asked for it.

We don't get many through these days,

but we could still kit out
an army if we had to.

All sizes and shapes.

- Mrs S says I have your old bed.
- Yeah, I think you do.

Look, that's me and that's Uncle Felix.

Oh, Marjorie, that's horrible.

But I can't, I can't today.
No, absolutely not.

Now, make it sound all dire, you know?

And, oh, mention Sarah.

We're all obsessed with Sarah.

No, not even an emergency.

I can't talk to Sarah. I can't.
That's not my business.

Now set the hook.

I absolutely cannot do it today.

No, no. Fine.

Looking good, Teddy.

Do you need a stretch?

I need to go out.
It's absolutely essential.

I followed her to the cemetery.

You said to call if she had contact
with a Sarah someone, right?

Manning. Sarah Manning.

I don't know who that is.

Oh... Here comes someone.

Yeah, someone's coming, hang on.


Sarah, hi.

Oh, honey, look at you. You're shaking.


Really nice of you to come by
on such short notice.

Of course I came.

It's a *lot, eh?

Aynsley passing
and taking over her role.

Okay, I'm back.

It's Sarah Stubbs.

Who's that?

She's in the play with Alison.

Wasn't that...

My husband.

Uh, I don't know her very well
but she's probably early 30s,

I guess you'd say plus-size?

Donald, stop talking.

That's not the right Sarah.

Okay, well, then,
what do you want me to do now?

Hang up, Donnie.



- Alison.
- Hel*lo, Donnie.

Uh, I guess you're wondering, um...



You haven't even cried yet.

I knew you were coming here,
to see Aynsley. I was worried.

Worried? That I might...

do something drastic?

To myself?

To you?

I was just worried.

Would you like to join us?

No, um...

- You be with your friend. I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

I love you.

She's not used to being cooped up.

Yeah, that makes two of us.

So, what were you planning
to do with her?

Before I showed up?

I've organised drivers,
booked two flights

on the red-eye to London tonight.

London's where this all started.

Will you follow? You and Fe?

They're for me and Kira, Sarah.
You and Felix can stay here with Brenda.

When it's safe,
I'll organise to bring you,

there are people in the UK
I haven't seen in a long time,

- people with answers.
- She's my daughter.

And your next move is what, exactly?
Because so far,

you've done a piss-poor job
of keeping her safe.


It's all my fault, yeah?


No, but it is your reality.

And my care of Kira has always
been bulletproof, has it not?

What is this?

Project LEDA?

Well, you clearly know something
I don't.

Amelia gave that to me.

Well, what does she say it is?

She warned me about you.

As she died of a stab wound
from Helena.

She put you with these people.

I'm sorry, Sarah.

I'm very sorry but I swear to you,
I don't know who they are.

MRS S: Brenda, you've outdone yourself.

It's nice to feed a proper pack again.

To safe travels.


Brenda used to run strike kitchens

on nothing more than scrap meat
and canned veg.

I tried to keep Siobhan in the kitchen,

but she preferred scrubbing
Kalashnikovs to pots and pans.

What kind of strikers need machineguns?

I was on guns for funds.

Running weapons to finance freedom,
it made a lot of sense at the time.

Not particularly effective
but good times.

Then we lost Jamie.

Who's Jamie?

Jamie's my dad.

There's always a high price to pay
for righting wrongs.

Does this extractor fan even work?

- Uh...
- That's okay, we'll get it fixed.


You making, like,
a shopping list for me?

I am.

Okay, chill zone up here.

- With, like, a Persian rug.

And this really nice leather couch.

Hang on, does a gene chip system
make a two-channel array moot?



You're so cute.


Well, so much for security.

Hello. Rachel Duncan.

You sure are.

Uh, I'm Cosima. The real Cosima,

not the one who kicked your ass
or whatever.

Got to love concealer.

I hear you're very clever.

Yeah, I was clever when I was *like six.

Dr Cormier, now that we've met,

you'll need to sign a new
confidentiality agreement.

Would you leave us, please?

Yes, of course.


you're gay.

My sexuality's not the most
interesting thing about me.

How are you feeling?

These are the results
of your last medical tests.

What tests?

You visited your university
GP two weeks ago.

Blood tests.

You have a high lymphocide count,
along with high CRP and ESR.

You were aware of Katja Obinger"s
undiagnosed condition, yes?

- Yeah.
- Here's the data.

Redacted to the pertinent.

It's in our best interests to eliminate
genetic predisposition.

Um, then you should let me examine
the original genome.

Oh, that's not possible.

Why not?

I assure you, the original DNA
was robust.

We believe RSUs stem
from the cloning procedure.

Dr Cormier will schedule you an MRI.

And here's something else
I'd like you to engage with.

Here's what little we know
of Sarah Manning's upbringing

and environment.

And here's her sequenced genome.

I want you to tell me
why she's different than we are.

You mean, why she of all of us
can have a child?

Do make yourself at home.


Our next driver confirming.

Take it outside, please, Barry.

Hold on a minute.

Why does he need to take it outside?

So none of us know the details.

It's just the way it's done, love.

Oh, monkey.

Hey, you sleepy, monkey?

You want to take a kip before we leave?

That's a good idea.
We've got a really big trip ahead.

Any goodbyes are just for now, okay?


(WHISPERING) Okay, come on. Come on.

Should I put my pyjamas on?

Depends what you have to tell me.

What's wrong?

What did you show Mrs S outside?

That. Why?

That's Amelia's. I saw it
when she was snooping in her stuff.

Why was Mrs S snooping in her stuff?

I bet Mrs S has loads of secrets.
Some of them are good, yeah?

Maybe, but I don't think so.

- We should go.
- Yeah.

We're on hold.

If there's trouble, I need to know.

Barry? Is there trouble?

- I'm to make a call in an hour.
- Usual delays.

(WHISPERING) Here, get in.

Barry, I'd like to talk
to the driver myself.

You can't. I'm the contact.

If we delay, we'll be in daylight
on the route with the most cameras.

Well, we'll change the route.

Barry, I'll call and get it sorted out.

I think I'd like to review it
personally, Brenda.






- Mommy!
- Get down!

What the hell are you doing?

For god's sake,
she'sjust a little girl.

We were all little girls once.

Not like this one.

Meaning what, exactly?

It means...


Get out!

Get out of the truck
or Kira will get hurt!

Open this door!

Sarah, I can't let you go!



- Mommy?
- Stay down. Stay down!

Not my boy. Not my boy.

Could you just tell me why?

After all we have been through
together, why?

A lifetime of bluster

about change and justice.

While we starved for our troubles.

Who got to you?

I found God.

It turns out

the Lord has deep pockets.

You sold us to the Proletheans.

Now you can tell me

who are these cursed children
you brought into our lives?

They're Project LEDA.

I don't know what that is.






It's him.

- Donnie took the Sarah bait.
- What?

My husband is my monitor.

Um, I need you to get me out of here
before I snap.

Oh, god, Alison, I'm so sorry. I...

I can't, I'm leaving town for a while.

Leaving? Where?

I'm going. I'm going
with Kira and Sarah, we...

Look, I want to tell you
but it's not safe to know.

Even my own clones think I'm useless.

Oh, no, darling! No, you,
you have a musical to focus on.

I killed Aynsley, Felix.

Aynsley wore a scarf in the kitchen.
Hang on just one second.

Hi, Uncle Felix.

Hey, monkey!

All right, Alison, I'm really sorry
but I've got to go.

- No.
- I know...


Call Cosima, don't tip over,
she'll help you.

And just play possum, okay?

I'm sorry, Alison, I've got to go.
I'm sorry.

How's Auntie Alison making out?

FELIX: You have got enough
to worry about right now, okay?

You excited for our big adventure,

I don't know.

- Yeah, no, it's going to be brilliant.
- Absolutely.

- Yeah.
- No question.

I can't wait. Are we there yet?

1400 acres supporting 40 souls.
God smiles on you.

Well, farmers pray more than most

It's not worth a breath
without hard work and basic biology.


Helena's been with you
for quite some time now, hasn't she?

Since she was 12 years old.

I wondered, Tomas, if you've ever
considered the fact

that seeing as she's a twin of
a fertile clone, well, maybe...

Maybe Helena can conceive as well?

She's defective and dangerous.

Any child of hers would be a monster.

Well, you know her best.

You know a wise man once said,

"Science without religion is lame,

"religion without science is blind."

Einstein didn't believe in God.

It's a brand-new day.

Why am I here?

My father says he wants you
to join our family.

- Who is that?
- They asked me to keep

this videojournal.
They found polyps on my lungs.

We're looking for a little girl
in a custody case.

MAN: They were here yesterday.

- Do you live nearby?
- Yeah, B*lack Oak Drive.

- Oh, Hilldale Crescent, I'm Angie.
- Alison.
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