Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 3 - Mingling Its Own Nature with It - full transcript

Sarah is able to escape with Kira from the bird watchers and Mrs. S, and now, along with Felix, are on the run with no money. They decide to take refuge at a secluded house where the owner ...

I feel like the play
is saving my life right now.

Everybody, this is Felix,
my acting coach.


- I killed Aynsley.
- No!

We just need to prove
that Donnie is really your monitor.

- My old network.
- Mommy!

Project LEDA?
I swear I don't know who they are.

- You sold us to the Proletheans.

You excited
for our big adventure, monkey?

You did well to save her, Mark.

She's a mirror.

See, her internal organs,
they're all reversed.

It's a brand-new day.



All right, Fe?

Oh, yeah. I adore camping.

It's not really camping, is it?
More like sleeping in a truck.

I slept in the bed of a flatbed.
In my world, that's considered camping.

Otherwise known as
homeless in the country.

- Hey.

How much did Kira see
of Barry birdwatcher's,


- Demise?
- Yeah.

She didn't see Siobhan take the shot,
thank god.

Jesus Christ.

Our dear old mum's
a dead-eye with a rifle.

It just makes me queasy.

Yeah, she was cold, Fe.

Like she'd done it before.

FELIX: This is insane.

It's S, you know? She makes tea
and she taught me piano.

Oh, bloody hell!

Come on!

That's... Don't laugh.

FELIX: Is it bad? Disgusting.

- FELIX: No!
- What's so funny?

- Uncle Felix camping is funny.
- No, I'm not.

God, I'm going to have
to wash my whole foot.

Okay, look, we need
to get to civilisation.


Sorry, Henrik.

- Shouldn't have put my faith in them.
- Nah.

Nobody said it was
going to be easy, Mark.

Just going to have to work
with what we've been given.

- Helena.
- Mmm-hmm.

Light 'em up.


When are we going to get breakfast?

We'll get you something. Now, yeah?

Well, I would have happily taken us
to that last greasy spoon,

but Mummy threw my visa card
out the window.

Because they might track us.


Hey, kiddo.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey. Hey, little missy,

did you, uh, did you forget something?

Because you kinda gotta
pay for it first.

I don't have any money.

Hey. There you are.

Yeah, look, somebody forgot
to pay for something. So...


Kira, I told you to wait
till I gave you money.

SARAH: Didn't I? Sorry about that.

I think that should...

CLERK: I got it.

Sorry. You got it? Okay, thanks.

- No problem.
- Is that good?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Okay. Sorry.

- Yeah.
- Bye.

Well. Yeah.

What are you doing here, Angie?

Got something that might
tempt you out of obscurity.

Let me guess, you went to the hospital
after I told you not to.

Hey, you still got it, Art.

And guess what?

That Shakira-haired lookalike? Gone.

Poof. Surveillance shows
some guy wheeling her out.


No ID on either one of them. Yet.

Sit your ass down, Angie.

No, I think I'll stand, Art.

I told you, let it go.

If you don't,
I will go to Hardcastle myself

and tell him you're still after it.

You know you're letting down
two partners now, right?

Me and Beth.

FELIX: Well, I mean, it was just
a complete disaster, you know.

It was like my worst nightmare,
not having done my hair for picture day.


Hey, baby,
that thing we did at the store,

we don't do that
unless we have to, yeah?

I know, Mom.

Just go get your stuff from the truck.


SARAH: You know, I've been
in this area before.

FELIX: When?

There was loads of cabins
and summer houses.

We'll just find an empty one
and we'll hole up for a bit.

She needs a proper bed, Fe.




Hey, stop.

Alison, come on.


What are you doing here?
Why aren't you at work?

I told you,
Susan Teller is in Austin this week.

So your boss is away.

That's why you're playing hooky?

- Uh, yeah.
- Hmm.

Hey, honey, the other day
with Sarah Stubbs in the cemetery?

I'm worried is all.

You've been so wound up.

And I know...

Well, you've got that
big dress rehearsal tomorrow, right?

- Who's my little star?
- That is not helping.

Well, why don't you sit down right here
and let me relax you?

You know, morning's my best time.

I just showered.


SARAH: This is nice, hey?

Doesn't look like anybody is around.

Oh, looks well-appointed.

Okay, let's have a look.


I don't know, bachelor, maybe?

A photographer.

Dr Cormier, look at you waltzing into
Leekie's office whenever you want to.

Well, yeah, only when he is away.

But he's away a lot
and I like it in here.

We should mess with
his like little bioenergy hobby farm.


I'm going to put like an electric eel
in one of these tubes.

He'll be like, "Great Scott,

"I've created life itself."


- What?
- Come here.

- What?
- I just found out.

I think you have the right to see this.

All right.

I just want to show you.

- Oh, whoa.

Who is that?

I'm Jennifer Fitzsimmons.

I'm a teacher and swim coach
at Sheldon High.

So, uh, they asked me to keep
this video journal

because they've found polyps
on my lungs.

I was having trouble breathing
and went in for tests and...

Yeah. Unidentified polyps.

Jennifer was the first to show symptoms,

six months before Katja Obinger.

We have hours of these tapes.

Is she all right?

She died.

Three days ago.

- I'm sleeping here tonight.
- Oh! Me, too!

Felix already called it.

No, he didn't.

- When are we going to see Mrs S again?
- I don't know.

I was wondering the same.

She protected us, though, didn't she?

Even though she was lying?

Hey, well, I'll protect you now.

I know I wasn't always around
but I'm here now.

Nothing bad is going to happen to you.

All right?


Stop, no!


Yeah, just out by county line here.

Probably abandoned.
Plates have been removed.

I got a VIN number, though. You ready?

All right. India, Foxtrot,
Alpha, nine, Charlie...

Look at her, Gracie.

Men schemed for years to build her

but only God can make her fertile.

You think far too highly of her.

Grace is your name?


Why am I here?

Father says he wants
you to join our family.

I've already got a family.

You're barely even human.

I have a twin.



Where is Tomas?

Gone. My dad said
back to Europe and the Dark Ages.

Good riddance.

(WHISPERING) Hey, Sarah, wake up.

Someone's here.

They're coming.

No, we've got to go. Now.

- Run!

- Hey!
- Hey!Hey!

Ca I, Ca I, Ca I.


You know him?

What the hell are you doing in my house?

We were in a bind.

We broke in. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- A bind?
- No.

You've got so much nerve.

The last time I saw you,
you took ten grand and my car.

You brought us to the house
of one of your marks?

- Are you insane?
- Hey, hey.

- Felix, relax, relax.
- One of your marks?

Felix, foster brother
and an avowed pacifist.

Sure, no of fence, but get out.
I don't want to know you.

- Cal, please. Cal, please!
- Get out!

Mommy, what's going on?

Oh, baby, come here.

Come on. Are you okay?

Why did you get scared?

I'm sorry, it's just... It's just Cal.

He's an old friend.

Yeah. Well, actually, I'm not.

You okay?

Are you my dad?


Blow me down.

- Is this a scam?
- Right.

You're with a cute little girl
and she goes,

"Are you my daddy?"
And I get fleeced again?

It's not a scam, Cal.
I was here with you for a month.

The timing's right. She's yours.

You're killing me.

Look, I didn't come here
for a father figure for my kid.


I just needed a place to sleep.
That's it.

Well, what kind of shit
are you into now?

We're going to leave.

We're going to get our stuff.
We're going to go.

- Great. Walk away.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- It's your specialty, isn't it?

Hold on, hold...

I'm not going to kick this little girl
out on the street.

You can spend another night
if it helps you out.

- All right?
- Thank you.

Just don't steal anything.

# Blood in the bathroom
# Blood in the shower

# Covers the tiles and the bathroom mat

# And did you know
the thing that's really strange

# The police do not arrange
to clean the mess, they take the body

# And the family in distress is left
to deal with the splatter

# How they feel doesn't matter

# And there's no one you can call
to help you through it

-# Thank God, you're here... #
- Okay, okay, okay.

Okay. That's great.
That's great. That's great.

- Alison.
- Hmm.

Let's save that beautiful instrument
for the audience. Okay?

Guys, let's just do the dialogue.
Okay? Dialogue only.

Holy! Fiddlesticks.

Sorry. Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.

Um, I'm locked out of my car.
My phone's inside.

Can I borrow yours
to call my husband at the office?

Oh, yeah. Um...

- Been there.
- You're a life-saver.

Oh, I love your kicks.
Do you live nearby?

Uh, yeah. Black Oak Drive.

- Oh, Hilldale Crescent. I'm Angie.
- Alison.

Hey Laura, it's me. Is he in?

- Did you say Hillsdale Drive?
- Yeah.

- Oh, I've never seen you before.
-We just moved in.

Hey, hon, it's me. Brain cramp
over at the community centre.

Um, I locked myself out of the car.
Can you bring me the spare key?

You're the best.

Half an hour.

Hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee
as a thank-you?

No, I have to pick up my kids.

Okay, no worries.
Um, maybe some other time.

I know I should have told you but, um,

I wanted you all to myself.

But you always left.

You know, I never had a real
mum and dad.

- Yea h?
- Yeah.

When I was your age,
it made me very angry.

And I was, um, so confused.

And I don't want that for you.

I guess I brought you here because
there's two parts of you. Yeah?

One of them is me

and one is your dad.

Do you get that?

Do you like Cal?

Yeah. A long time ago,
I liked him very much.

I like his beard.

Make yourself at home.


I'm not snooping.

Just wandering.


Listen, I am intimately acquainted
with my sister's bullshit.


My concern is for Kira.

Whatever you're angling for, man,
just ask.

Good. Okay, who are you?

Sarah must have come back here
for a reason, so what is this?

What exactly do you do?

It's what I did.

- Pollinators.
- Sorry?

Mini-drone pollinators for areas
where bee populations have crashed.

I designed the micro-optics.

But my partners forced me out and
sold the technology to the military.

Now they kill people from
bases in Virginia with it.

But I don't.

Moralist with money. Perfect mark.

For child support?

She already robbed me once.


The bad news is
the cough is getting worse.

But the amazing news is

Dr Aldous Leekie of the Dyad Institute

says he can help.

So, they're going to fly me
out for the treatment,

thanks to this amazing guy.


This is Greg, my amazing boyfriend.

- O h, my god.
- Our new semester starts today.

Halle sent me a picture of the new
class. They look like a good group.

That's enough. You've seen all of it.

- That's her monitor, right?
- Yeah.

Sometimes I forget that you're mine.

That's good.

He kept her completely in the dark.
She had this total fake hope.

It's not fake. Not for any of us.

The fact that she was naive
did not compromise her treatment.

You know,
we are telling you everything now

but if you can't handle it...

- I can handle it. Don't be a bitch.
- That's what I thought.

Better get ready.

What the hell am I doing?

I'm going to die here.

You brought us here on purpose.

You wanted Kira to meet her father.

I didn't even know he'd be here, Fe.

Bollocks! That is bollocks, Sarah,
and you know it.

For eight years,

eight years you pretended
you didn't know who he was?

You let me narrow it down

to Ziggy the drummer or that guy
you met in Orange County at that bar.

You knew the whole time.

Look, after yesterday,
stealing to feed Kira...

We were in the area, I just...
I knew it was time to...

You are a bloody wrecking ball.

You are an exploding cigar.
Do you know that?

Just let me patch things up with Cal.
He's a good guy, Fe.

- I bet he is.
- He is!

Resourceful, big firm biceps...

Yeah, he's completely disconnected
from all this shit we're dealing with.

I think Kira deserves something...

Something nourishing. For once.

Even just for a few days.


No, you're right.

She just met her father,
you can't yank her away.

But Uncle Felix isn't going to be
babysitting while you negotiate custody.

Come on, Fe.

I've got other drama in my life, Sarah.

Alison's musical opens tomorrow.
She needs me.

There's no place for me here.

There's nothing more to say,
except goodbye to Kira.

You ready?


I take it you did
a rotation in pathology,

- Dr Cormier?
- I did.

Then... (COUGHS)

- Are you okay?
- Mmm-hmm.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Okay, are you fine to help me with this?
Because I...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

So, as you can see, the intestine
has been tied off.

- So I'm going to cut it free.
- Yeah.

What are those sores, um,

-on her lips?
- Oh, look.

From the treatment.
The same reason she lost her hair.

So it's not Wegener's granulomatosis?

Or Churg-Strauss Syndrome?
It's got to be autoimmune, right?

Yes, but unclassified.

And immunosuppressives
had limited effect.

Look, on the uterine wall.

The growths, they're more pronounced,
more mature.

So this could mean that they have
originated in the uterus

and spread from there.

That could be the cause
of her infertility?



No. Right now is not a good time.

Sorry, it's my mom, I have to...

Sorry. I'm kind of in middle of it.

Red alert, Cosima,
I've just been approached

by another monitor, which means
they know I know about Donnie

which means you definitely
can't trust Delphine.

That's complicated.

Complicated? My play opens tomorrow.

- Yo u r p la y.
-Don't belittle me, Cosima.

Felix is gone, Sarah is gone.

You and I are the only ones
who can hold down the fort now.

Look, I'm having enough trouble
holding down my own fort today.

Sorry to bother you

with the very crucial information
that I'm being double-monitored.

I'm sorry. Okay? Uh...

just go through the motions
with Donnie, okay?

Break a leg, or whatever.

I'll call you tomorrow. Okay?

Unless Delphine blackbags you
into the back of a SUV

and puts you in a rabbit cage somewhere.
Then I'll never speak to you again.

- Hey,you.
- Hey!

Hatha yoga today.

It's mostly an older crowd

but at least I don't get hipster dudes
staring at my ass, right?

So, you must be in that play
that starts today?

Look, I know what you're doing, Angie,
if that's even your real name.

So, you can just go back to your bosses
and tell them it didn't work.

Okay, wait. Wait. You're right.


I'm a police officer. Yeah, like Beth.

So, why don't you tell me
about that, huh?

How about Sarah Manning?

Look, I can help you.

But you've got to tell me what you know.

You stay away from me.

Well, she's out like a light.

She wanted me to say goodnight.

You know, back then when you left,

it took me a long time to admit
to myself that I'd been played.

Yeah, well...

What you don't know is that I already
had all your bank codes and passwords.

I was going to take you for everything
you had selling your company.

Why didn't you?

You just made it...


I'm not that person any more, Cal,
but I'm still just as much trouble.

- Get down.
- What?


Local cop. You want to say hi?

Hey, Tom! Great to see you, man.

- Cal.
- How's that spey rod working out?

Oh, I don't know how you
cast that thing, 16 feet long.

I spend half the day
tangled in the bushes.

You know you're supposed to
use it on the water, right?


So, uh, what's going on?

Oh, bunch of nothing probably.

Some shoplifters hit up the store.
Mom with a little girl

-and another guy.
- Yeah?

I found a stolen truck
just down the way.

May be connected, not sure.

Huh. Well, it's been all quiet here
since I got back last night.

Yeah, well...

You know, I've never asked any questions
about why you moved here.

Or about the little weed patch
you got out back.

Come on, man.

Look, all I'm saying is I'd like
to think you can trust me by now.


If I thought there was anything
you should know, I'd tell you.

Good enough.

- Night.
- See you later.



I shouldn't have put you
in that position.

- Listen, come on, it's all right.
- No.

He's a friend. He's not going
to say anything. He's gone.

- No, no, no. We're gone, too.
- Now?

- Yeah.
- Kira's sleeping.

Yeah, well, she's used to it.

Come on. just hold on.
Where are you going to go?

Just, I don't know, somewhere.

- Tell me what's going on here.
- It's not your problem.

- You're safe here.
- I can't trust that, Cal.

Then trust me.

Can't you stop running for a minute?


♪ Meow, meow, meow ♪

Okay, troupe.

Troupe, lets gather. Kelsie.

Everyone, Alison? Alison?

- Sorry.
- Let's gather.

Everyone join hands, please.

Okay. Today's performance is dedicated

to our dearly departed Aynsley.

Aynsley, we know you're with us.

And we are going to do you proud.

- For Aynsley.
- ALL: For Aynsley.

Oh, Sheila, why didn't you just tell me
the truth?

You would have turned me in. You...

You never...

You would never.

You would never have helped me

unless you were wrapped up in it, too.

I would have helped you
clean up, anyway.


# Forgive me, please, forgive me

# Oh, God! What have I done?

# I should have known
that this would be

# The ending to the story we've begun

I'm sorry.

# Now, I must marry

# And someday I knew
I would one day find someone

# To make me complete

♪ I'll walk down the aisle... ♪


- Someone get a doctor.
- Someone get a doctor.

Honey, are you okay? Ali? Oh, my God!

You don't want to confuse Kira, huh?

Good intuition.

I guess that's where she gets it.

- Coffee?
- Yea h.

Name's Peter White,
a detective from Gresham.

Looking for a little girl
in a custody case.

May be with a dark-haired woman
in her twenties, British accent?

They stole a truck that was up here.

Yeah, yeah. They were here yesterday.

They distracted me while some new-waver
stole a bunch of food.

New-waver, huh? Sounds like them.

Any idea where they might be headed?

I hear you're not happy
with our plans for Helena?

- She doesn't belong here.
- No, you're scared.

I understand that.
But what do we say about fear?

Doubt's first cousin, am I right?

You have doubts, Gracie?

- No.
- Come here.

Close your eyes. What do you hear?

- The wind.
- Mmm-hmm.

- The men working.
- Him. You hear Him, don't you?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

Gracie, you're my firstborn.

But Helena does have a soul,
she does have a purpose.

And she is going to be a part
of our family now.

That's what tomorrow is all about.


I'm guessing you're the detective
been asking questions in town.

Yeah. Sorry I didn't pop by to say hello

-but time is of the essence.
- Hmm.

Any help you could provide
would be much appreciated.

Well, if the folks you're looking for
were still around, they'd be in custody.

Guess I'll be on my way, then?

Probably best.

KIRA: Last card.
SARAH: Uh-oh!

- I win!
- Oh, no.

- You shark, you.
- You beat him. She beat you.

Can I go feed the chickens again, Cal?

Sure, go for it.

Those are going to be some fat chickens.

You going to tell me what's going on?

No. I'm not going to put
that shit on you.


- What's that mean?




She's fine.

Just get in the car
and she'll say that way.

Don't... Don't hurt her.

Get back in the house, Cal!

He's got nothing to do with this.

- Yeah, he does now.
- Kira!

Kira, run!

- Mommy!
- Take her inside, Cal.

- Get off! Get off!
- Mommy!

You shot up a cop? Are you mad, man?

Ten thirty-three. Ten thirty-three.

Get up! Get up!


Tom, Tom, do you copy?

Ca I!

- Send out the girl.
- No!

Not going to happen.

Take me. Please, just take me. Please.

Who's this?

Get in. You're driving. Get in!

Miracle on top of miracle.

Although we are small in rank,

we have broken away from the old
world because we know what they do not.

Man's work

is God's work,

as long as you do it in God's name.

Helena was created by man,
not in His name.

But God shone his light down upon her.



You are hereby bound together
before God.

Lord, we are asking you
as simply as we can,

reclaim Helena from eternal damnation.

Bless us with your bounty.

We are your instruments

in the war for creation.

- Amen.
- ALL: Amen.

- Where did you get this?
- I'm not telling you shit.

Yeah, I have Sarah but not the girl.

Look, don't worry,
I know who she's with.

We have another problem here,
she has a photo.

Project LEDA, '77.

We'll be back in eight hours.

Look, Kira's got nothing
to do with this.

She's your daughter.

You touch her and I will bury you.

Just drive.

I demand to speak to
Dr Leekie right this second.

You're trespassing, Detective Bell.

- Dad, it's awake.
- She's part of the family now, Gracie.


Does that mean
that Mrs S knew the whole time?

What else is she not bloody telling us?

Twenty years ago you brought
an orphan to my door.

She's the key to all of this.
Ripped By mstoll