Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 1 - Nature Under Constraint and Vexed - full transcript

Rachel has kidnapped Kira and Mrs. S. While trying to elude Rachel's thugs herself, Sarah has to decide whether to trust Paul as the person who has the best access to Rachel of those she ...

I saw a girl kill herself.

- Ew!
- Yeah, and she looked exactly like me.

We're clones, we're like lab rats
in an illegal experiment.

If it were my experiment, I would put
an observer close to the subject

to keep tabs and accumulate data.

- Where is Beth?
- She killed herself.

I took her identity.

You're her monitor, aren't you?

Doctors came and medically
examined her in her sleep.

I know exactly who you are,
you're a sleazy watcher spy.



If the German was sick,
should I be worried about that?


I'm all psyched up for you now.

Art, you gotta see this.
It's a match on the Jane Doe print.

Why the hell does she look like Beth?

Sarah Manning!
Put your hands on your head!

You're under arrest.

- I didn't kill her, Art.
- You know who did?

Detective, this interview's over.

This is Amelia.

I'm your birth mother.
I had twins, one to the street

- and one to the church.
- Helena.

I grew up pure in a convent in Ukraine.

You killed someone I've been
dreaming about my whole life.

Sarah Manning. My name is Rachel Duncan

and we are going to come to terms.

Sarah, you can't make a deal.

Any freedom they promise is bullshit.

They patented us.

Sarah, they could claim Kira.




- Pick up, pick up.
- Leave it for Felix. (BEEP)

Fe... Shit! Fe, where are you?

They took them.
They took Kira and Mrs S.



You look like you could use a coffee.

- Yeah, I'll take tea.

Tea it is.



The number you have reached

- is not in service at this time.
- Shit!


The number you have reached
is not in service at this time.



Hi, you've reached Paul Dierden,
please leave a message.


what the hell is going on?

Did Racheljust take my family?

I need you to call me now.

- Nah, first one's on the house.

Thanks, I appreciate that.




RACHEL: Hello, Sarah.

There is a painless way
to reunite with Siobhan and Kira.

Simply surrender yourself.

Rachel, you bitch!

SARAH: Me and Kira are not
your bloody subjects.

- Neither is Siobhan.
- The terms of my offer still stand.

We'll pretend you didn't run.

Rachel, if you touch one hair
on my daughter's head,

- I will...


Evening, fellas, what can I get you?

- Are your eggs the domesticated type?
- How do you mean?

I think my friend is asking
for free-range eggs.


No free-range, no free-run,
just normal eggs.

Then they're not normal.

Your chickens have been interfered with.

They're not my chickens,
they'rejust my eggs.

I bet you ordered up
a whole mess of eggs.

- Who are you?
- She's got the lilt.


This is the one.

SEATED MAN: Uh-uh-uh...

Come on.

After you.

I think we'll let the lady
leave on her own.

He's unarmed, now.

You sure, Sarah?

We've come here to take you to Kira.

Where is she?





Nowhere to run!

- Sarah.
- Oh, shit.


We're your best option.


MAN: Come on.




Get off!




So tonight, you should all
be extra sweet to me.

- Fe!
- (GASPS) It's Chicken. Hi!

- Where have you been?
- Bloody hell, what?

- What are you doing?
- What?

Is this why you haven't
answered your phone?

Yeah, because I'm in the midst
of a five-way.

We have an emergency and you're high?

- Yeah! What?
- You're kidding me!

What are you wearing?

- What, Sarah, what?
- They took Kira!

Mrs S's truck was still there.

Her purse, the place was trashed
like they'd been dragged out.

Okay, wait. Can wejust,
can we back up a sec?

- Okay? Just...
- No, we need to go, Fe.

How do we know that
this isn't Helena again, Sarah?

- No, she's gone!
- She's gone where?

Just gone, okay?

- Shit!

Okay, whoa, whoa, wait. Wait.

You said all the other phones
have been disconnected.

Well, why isn't yours
disconnected, yeah?

Probably because they're tracking
that stupid pink burner.

Yeah, you're probably right.


Hello? Hello?

It's Paul, Sarah.

- SARAH: Who else is listening?
- You know my situation?

Tell them I want to talk to Mrs S.

You're going have to come in for that.
I don't see a better choice, Sarah.

SARAH: I'll meet you alone.

Wait for my call.

She's smarter than you think.

Do one more thing to help her,

so I can put a bullet in your head.

No, no, you can't meet Paul. No.

- No, not in person, no.
- No.

Hey, ow! Shit, sorry. Sorry.

Okay, come on, get your
shit together, you silly tit.

I need you to make
a side trip for me, yeah?

Please just come to the Dyad event.

Hey, think what you're asking me to do.


We can negotiate your position but
you need to start talking to Leekie.


- We need the Dyad now.
- We?

You, if you are sick.

Our relationship can be
whatever we want.

We have leverage.

- You still work for Leekie.
- On your behalf, to protect you.

These samples aren't going to go to Dyad

and you can't tell them that
we know about the patent, either.

I do my own research first.

This is my biology, it's my decision.


You're right.




What the Dickens?

Rachel took Kira?

She can't do that,
we agreed to a code of conduct.

Yeah, well, Sarah didn't sign
a deal, did she?

- Shh!
- Sorry.

I was supposed to ask you
something but ljust...

Oh, can we borrow a gun?

Oh, right, you need a gun.
Apparently, I'm the go-to girl for guns.

- No, no. Okay.
- Right?

- Alison, come here. We...

(GASPS) Holy shit!

What's with the balls of your thumbs?
They're so bouncy.

Felix, are you high?

- I didn't know there was going to be...
- Shh!

(SOFTER)... a huge emergency, did I?

(WHISPERS) Keep quiet,
my children are sleeping.

- (WHISPERS) I'm sorry.
- Look, I do not keep guns

in my house any more.
They're at the range,

in my locker.

Could you maybe just go
and fetch us one, please?

Sarah can't...

just go around shooting people
with my guns.

They're registered to me.

I'm trying to get my family life
back in order,

I'm not drinking any more,
no more little helpers.

I'm doing a musical.

Oh, my God, not Cats.


Oh, my God. Hide!


Hello, Donnie. (CLEARS THROAT)

Who are you talking to?


I'm... I'm running lines.

For the play, obviously.

At 4:00 am?

- I'm not in control of the muse.
- The muse?


- You wouldn't understand.
- No, I don't understand.

Just go to bed.

- Fine, don't be long.
- Okay.


What are you wearing?

- Oh, yeah.
- No, no, no.

Look, I might be able to help
with a firearm, unregistered.

- Seriously?
- Yes, I have a friend.

Let's call him Ramon.

You know a gun dealer named Ramon?

He's a gun enthusiast,

he has many jobs.
He's very hard-working.

- Okay.
- Tell Sarah to meet me

at Glendale Community Theatre, 4:00 pm.



Paul here.

SARAH: Here's how this is going to work.

You Paul?


Twenty bucks.


Can't trust anyone these days.

- I knew they'd be all over you.
- Yeah, you've got about 30 seconds.

Okay, well, now that nobody's listening,

where exactly are they?

PAUL: All they gave me
is a message from Rachel.

Tomorrow morning she's getting
on a private plane with Kira.

You could be on that plane
with her or not.

What? She's just a child, Paul.
How can they use her as leverage?

Sarah, I can't tell you what to do.

But tonight there's a big event
at the Dyad,

Rachel will be there.

Okay, what else?

She's, uh, insulated.
Daniel rarely leaves her side.

But now he's tasked
with bringing you back.

He's coming after you.


She says, "Up yours!"

Hey, can I borrow your phone?

Can I touch your boob?



It's like a glitzy
corporate event, Sarah.

I don't see what good
a gun is going to do.

She's planning on gate-crashing.

I don't have a plan, yet.

- Cosima, where's Delphine?
- At the Dyad.

Getting ready.

She wants me to go
to this thing, maybe... Maybe I should.

I smelled lesbians in my bed last night.

Look, I'm not going to apologise
for my heart, okay?

But I promise both of you guys
that I'm not going to get fooled again.

Why don't I talk to them, Sarah?

No. No, no, no! Just sit tight, okay?

I'll feel better when I have a gun.

This is totally crazy.



- Morning, Mrs Hendrix.
- Hel*lo, Ramon.

Did I catch you on a break?

Oh, customer service never takes
a break at Econo-Mart.

So, uh...

Avamax, Sarafem,
something between A and Z?

No, thank you,
I'm actually taking a break.

- Oh.
- Hmm.

Kicking it natural?

Uh, no, no, no.
Not interested in natura*I, either.

I have a... I have a friend
who needs a piece...

(WHISPERS)... maker.

Mrs Hendrix!

I have a nice selection, all clean,
numbers filed.

If you like a revolver
this.45, is a, uh,

pretty bad-ass matte black.

Is that a lady grip?

Hot, practical.


Thank you, Ramon.

So, how's your mother?

COSIMA: Hey, um, one subject
is showing fresh symptoms.

You think you could take a closer look
at their profile for me?

You mean the one
with some kind of synthetic sequence

you refuse to explain?

COSIMA: Yeah, that one.

No, I can't,
because you told me to erase the data.

I'm sending you a new blood sample.

Dr Cormier.

Dr Leekie asked me to escort you
upstairs as soon as you arrived.

Of course.

Is there something going on
I should know about?

Where's Cosima, Delphine?

Exactly where you want her.

Here in town,
considering your employment offer.

Be careful playing
for the other team, Delphine.

Cosima's scared of us.
She's seen how you've persecuted Sarah.

Sarah is not your subject.

You're a eugenicist, Dr Cormier.

Is that a dirty word for you
as a scientist?


I want Cosima here,

- full-time, starting tonight.
- So do I.

324B21 is showing the same
respiratory symptoms as the other two.


I'm invested, which I'm sure
is what you wanted.


- VOCAL COACH: Okay, people.

Listen up, let's gather.
Everyone, let's gather.

Circle, please, hands.

Troupe, in three days we move
to the main stage for dress rehearsal.

In four days, we open.


Losing Aynsley is...

(SIGHS)... heartbreaking
we are not civilians.

This is the theatre

and we all know
that the show must go on.


Kelsie is going to be stepping
out of the wings

to play Laura.

Um, excuse me.

I'm your Laura.

No, A*li.


We all know how close you are to this

but you've rehearsed with Aynsley,
you know the part,

we want you to play Sheila.

You want me to be the lead?


Give it up.

- You can do this.
- Okay.

- Show them. Hmm? Shine.
- Mmm-hmm.

Okay, people, let's all shine on stage.

Let's pick it up from the point
where everyone helps Sheila

clean up after the unfortunate death.

All right? Mop.


Lovely. Stop crying.

Carter, deep breath.

- One, two, three, four!


# We will sing, sing, sing
away the hours

# Shout till our throats are sore

# And we will raise our voices
to the heavens' garden

# Some will hear a mighty roar

# And we will wipe, wipe, wipe
away the plasma

# Scrub off every stain

# Since I cannot control my asthma

♪ I'll stand by to entertain ♪


- Yes, brava! Bravissima!



Alison Hendrix is in a musical.

What? What musical?

I think Cats.

I think she's playing the lead.

Beth's dead, German's dead,

Sarah Manning gets sprung
on the cusp of confessing

and we're left with Alison Hendrix,
model citizen and thespian.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

You're kidding me.

- That's her.
- Shit!

We're not supposed to be
on this thing, Angie.


- Hey, long time no see.
- Shit!

- Sarah, don't run.

- Come on.

What do you want with Alison Hendrix?

I just told you, they killed a man
right in front of me, Art.

Hey, I'm talking to you.

Tell me what you are to each other.

- To Beth.
- We don't know, that's the whole point.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

The diner,

sounds like the two bodies
that Grigson and Diaz

- caught this morning.
- I know.

- She probably does, too.
- Yeah.

Those are the people behind it,
the same ones that got me out ofjail.

- She's making this stuff up.
- Then arrest me.

You can't, can you?

- Huh?
- Just come on.

Come on.

Let's go check her story out.


It's a fortunate position
you find yourself in, Paul.

How is that, Miss Duncan?

You're the only one who seems to know
what makes Sarah tick.

I need your office this evening.

It's the Koreas, both of them.

Ah. Well, good. Congratulations.

Paul, have you ever been to Taiwan?

Taiwan, no.

I don't suppose you speak Mandarin?

- No.
- Hmm. Pity.

Pack a bag, we leave Tuesday.

Good luck, Pau*I.


- Keeping him up-close and personal?

Of course.

Rachel, did you seriously kidnap
Sarah's people?

The less you know about it the better.

The child may be a biological goldmine
but so's her mother.

Daniel will recover Sarah.

- (SCOFFS) Is that really necessary?
- Yes.

And not your concern.

We have a big evening,
you need to be on point.

- To combine is to create...

...to engineer, divine.

You'll do wonderfully, Aldous.

Come on, let's go check it out.

She probably dropped
those bodies herself.

They have my daughter, Art.

Hey, so what's up?

Best shooting we caught in two years
and the Federales walked in.

Check it out.


- How you doing, Ang?
- So what happened?

George Hudson, line cook.
.45 to the sixth chakra.

Cowboy was still waiting
but shotgun to the mid-section.

What chakra is that?

Uh, somewhere between
the third and the fourth.

There's a possible eyewitness,
tea drinker.

Tea drinker.

Yeah, takes out her wallet,
escapes out the back.

Okay. Thanks, man.

Sarah, if your daughter's missing,
we'll put out an AMBER alert.

These people are powerful,
they got me out ofjail.

You can't do anything.

Just let me go, p*lease.

Just before the lawyer showed up,

you were about to tell me everything,
what this really is.

You don't want to know everything, Art.

You don't want that chick
to know anything.


The Feds took over the scene
from Grigson and Diaz.

- Which Feds?
- I didn't get an acronym.



We're off a case
that doesn't exist, Angie.

You want to walk her in there
and hand her over, you go right ahead.

ANGELA: Come on, you.


- Thank you.
- (SCOFFS) "Thank you'"?

You miss us? You miss Beth's life,
you little grifter?

Piss off.

She almost trusts me, Angie.

No, l"m not letting you turn yourself
over to Neolutionists.

What am I meant to do, Fe? Eh?

If Rachel's got Kira on a plane,
I have to be with her.

Look, look, Sarah, Delphine put me
on the list for the Dyad tonight, okay?

I can go in there and, like,
demand that Rachel let them go.

- Rachel doesn't take demands, Cosima.

That's why I needed the bloody gun.


- MAN: Anybody in the house?
- Ah.

- It's Ramon!
- Ramon?

Delivery from Mrs Hendrix.

Well, those are so Alison.

It's what's inside that counts.

No? Am I wrong, sailor?


(GROANS) Seriously, Sarah,
what good is that going to do?

Alison, you know some
very strange people.

Oh, they look nice.

Sorry I couldn't bring them in person,
I have scads of costumes to alter.

- And thanks for the card, too.
- Are you making fun of me?

- I made that!
- SARAH: No, no, no, no.

- It's good to see you, Alison.

We love you, Alison.

Well, normally I'd say
don't do anything rash

but rash seems to be
a genetic trait, so...

Go get Kira.

Believe me, right now is the time
to resist our predisposition

to impulsive behaviour. We need a plan.

You don't have a plan?

No, the plan's a bit of an issue.

Hey, I know where Rachel is,
that's enough.

Sarah, what are you going to do?

Walk into the Dyad with a gun
and just start shooting people?

- I mean...
- Yeah.

ALISON: Uh, duh-duh-duh...

I don't want to know anything,
leave me out of it.


- Plausible deniability.
- Yeah, sure.

I have to be Sarah Stubbs at 9:00 pm

to do fitting and run lines, so...

- break a leg, Sarah.
- Thanks again.

This thing at the Dyad,
it's like a big do, yeah?

Yeah. Big pharma, big agra,
VIPs, security.

That's good, that's good.

That'll be helpful, they'll be busy.

Okay, what do you want to do?

Plausible deniability.

Oh, no.

It's easiest just to give Rachel
what she wants, yeah?

Me. Just not how she's expecting it.

Okay, even if I agree with what
I think you're thinking,

how do you get next to Rachel
with Daniel in the way?


Alison's not going to like it.


Paul Dierden.

Paul, it's Sarah, let me speak to her.

She wants Rachel.

Hi, Sarah, this is Danie*I.

I speak for Rachel.

I'm ready to make a deal, face-to-face.

Well, Rachel's a very busy woman
but if you tell me where you are,

I'll bring you to her.

Right, I'll meet you at 9:00 pm.
I'll be driving the red minivan.




Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- Let go!






Who in the hell are you?

This is unacceptable, I need to talk
to Dr Leekie right away.

That won't be necessary, ma'am,
this is our mistake.

It won't happen again.





- Hey.
- You came.

You won't regret this, I promise.

Aldous, look who it is.

- Ah, no, no.
- No, no, come, come, come.



I wasn't as sure as Delphine
that you'd come.

Here I am. Um,

it doesn't mean I'm going
to sign your contract, though.

A starting point.
We're in uncharted waters,

really, it's all up to you.

- Okay, then I want my own lab.

Dr Leekie will be welcoming you

to the Dyad Institute.

- Please stand by.
- That's my cue.


you have a bright future ahead of you.

This is the best place
you could be right now.

Thank you, Dr Leekie.


- Enjoy yourself.
- Hmm.

You're Sarah.

Yeah, nice to meet you, too.

Does Cosima know you're doing this?

Depends if I get caught.

- Now, where are Kira and Siobhan?
- What?

Don't play stupid.

Rachel kidnapped my family,
where are they?

I mean, how would I know?
I've never even seen Rachel.

I've seen her and if you want
to keep Cosima out of this,

you're going to tell me where she is.


There is serious business
going on right now

behind the scenes and so,

my guess is that she's using
Leekie"s wing.

- Where's that?
- Down there.

It's impossible to get down there.

You need a specific swipe card
for the tenth floor.

Like this?

You're going to get yourself killed.

- Miss Cormier?

WOMAN: Please welcome Dr Leekie.


Thank you, everyone.

I am Dr Aldous Leekie,

Director of the Dyad Institute,

and it is my great pleasure
to welcome you here

on behalf of the entire
Dyad group of companies.

The keystone of the original
Dyad Institute

was set here in 1918.


Today, worldwide,

the overwhelming majority
of biotech research

is funded by private capital

and today the Dyad Group
spans the globe.

We employ 27,000 souls

in 134 countries,

including Vatican City.


The age of biotechnology is upon us.

It is the moral responsibility
of visionaries like us

to continue healing,

feeding and fuelling

- the future of humanity.

The recent Supreme Court decision...


...characterising the legal status
of natural versus synthetic DNA

was the successful result
of our lobbying strategies.


We are proceeding with the next
tranche of patent claims.


Good, you made it.

I want my daughter.

Of course, and we want you
to be together

but my people found your
foster mother's house overturned.

They were gone when we got there.

- You're lying.
- I lied to get you here.

But we don't have them.

Kira's here and I want to see her now.

You're not going to shoot me, Sarah.

- Lf you don't have her, you're dead.

There are other forces
vying for our fate, Sarah.

We'll get Kira back, together.


Nobody lays hands on me.

You don't own us.

- PAUL: Sarah...

Put it down.


- Where is Kira?
- They don't have her.

They were playing me, too.
Now, lower the gun.

- What are you, her bodyguard now?
- It's you they want.

It is over, Sarah.

Turn around.


In the face?



I'll figure out something to tell them.

Hey, it's me.

Jesus Christ, you are *like a bad sme*l*I.

Look, I didn't know where else to go.


Maggie Chen?

What, you're not having one?

I want it straight up.


It wasn't them, Art.

The Dyad people,
somebody else took Kira.

I know.


The Feds are calling the diner thing
domestic terrorism.

The cowboy that took the shotgun blast

was a religious extremist,
like Maggie Chen.

A Prolethean.

Helena's people.

Why don't we start with that?

Who is Helena?

Are you sure you want to know
what this is all about?

I guess we'll find out.



Excuse me.

My sister shot me.

I need some help here. Trauma team!

WOMAN: Okay, no,
we need a nurse here right now.




MAN: Look at the camera.

OFFICER: Shot point-blank in the chest
and she walks in?

- How is she even alive?
- We remember Aynsley's warmth.

I killed Aynsley.

I watched it happen, Felix,
I didn't do anything about it.

The old wing is where our
most sensitive research takes place.

So, this is where you keep the clones?

Rachel takes insult very personally.

- Would you leave us, please?
- Yes, of course.

Kira? Hello?

They're gone. Young girl matching
Kira's description and some guy.

I said get your hands on the car.

- You're going to regret this.
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