Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 8 - Entangled Bank - full transcript

Art and Angela investigate Sarah's life. Alison has an affair with her best friend's husband. Paul ties up a loose end. Helena finds Sarah's weak spot.

Hey, Art, let's go.

You ready for this?

You believe in doppelgangers, Angela?

Doppelgangers running around
to confuse the issue?


How about twins?

Beth ever mention a twin sister?

What the hell is going on?

Look, we identified Sarah Manning
as Jane Doe, so...

We gotta make a house call.


You mind keeping this between us?

Just till we figure out
what the hell it is.

- Yeah, sure. Yeah, sounds good to me.
- Thanks.

We can't go back to the town house.

Olivier's boss, Dr. Leekie,
is flying in today.

He'll be looking for you.


For a second there,
I forgot I was a clone.

He thinks you are the
one killing his clones.


Couldn't afford lattes
for Bonnie and Clyde.

Morning, Fe.

Can we torch this, please?

- What?
- Your psycho sister's coat

smells like low tide.

Felix, Sarah's gonna
have to hole up here for awhile.

You, too? Impinging on my creativity.

Shagging in my bed.

- Alison.
- Brilliant.

Invite her, too.
Then maybe we can all cuddle up

with Weight Watchers and Grey's Anatomy.

- Hey. How was couple's camp?
- I came back early.

Cosima filled me in already,
and I'm taking a break from you two.

I need to get my house together.

Isn't that what
marriage counseling was for?

- Donnie and I are getting a divorce.
- What?

I'm fine. It's my decision.

- Everything is under control.
- Okay, now I'm worried.

Well, don't be.

I can take care of myself
and I don't need you...

helping me clear my deck
of liars and spies.

Alison, you don't know
who your monitor is, okay?

Don't fixate.

I'm reclaiming my life, Sarah.
Please respect that.

Aynesley, what are you doing?

Alison, you're home.

I told you I was coming back early.

But not today, silly.
I just came to water the plants.

Did you?

I'll get it.

MRS. S; Hey. Hey, hey. Hey-

What have I said about
answering the door on your own?

Only when we invite someone.

And we have not. Have we?

Kira, go up to your room.


- Siobhan Sadler?
- Who wants to know?

Detectives Bell and Deangelis.

Are you the legal guardian
of Sarah Manning?

Sarah's dead?

I'm sorry.

She was shot.



On or around November 25th.

November 25th, that's two weeks ago.

Identification took some time.

Which you're sure it's her?

Did you know if Sarah
had problems with anyone?

Women, especially, but not exclusively?

Why would you ask that?

I'm sorry, we can't share
much about the investigation at this point.

Did she live here with you?

No. She came of age
and she moved out years ago.

We aren't...

We weren't close.

Did Sarah have a sister?

No. She was an orphan.

Could she have a sister?

If she did, it would be news to both of us.

Neolution is bullshit, Cosima.

No, it isn't, Sarah.
It's an applied philosophy

with profound implications for what I do.

So, you'd go around
black-bagging your subjects?

That was mistaken identity. Okay?

Olivier thought you were the killer, Sarah.

Yes. Well, your good friend
Dr. Leekie is on his way.

Can I expect the same from him?

Okay. You know what?

You were the one
who turned our killer against our creators.

I mean, why the hell
would you bring Helena into the mix?

Oi! Ivory tower.

This all happened because
you got the science wrong.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did, okay?

They knew I wasn't Beth
from the medical tests.

- You said our DNA was identical.
- It is.

You know, maybe it was
your sunny personality that gave you away.

Whose bloody side are you on, Cosima?

Well, hang up. She's a freaky Leekie.

Shit. Fe, Cosima drank the purple Kool Aid.

Well, then to hell with her.

But you can still save Alison.

- Alison's fine.
- She's not fine.

- She's divorcing Donnie.
- It's every freak for herself.

Divorces do really
strange things to normals, Sarah.

They lose their fake happiness,
they forget the way to the mall

and then they come downtown
to find themselves.

- ls)

She's obsessing that
one of her bitchy friends is her monitor.


It's her for sure.

Divorce... You poor thing.

- Where are the kids?
- They are at my mother's.

Do they know? Did you tell them?

You're just full of questions, aren't you?

Well, of course I am. I care about you.

- I know you were unhappy, but...
- How did you know?

By asking questions.

Always asking, asking.

Everything you know
you pried right out of me.

Here's a thought.

Why don't you let me
coach figure skating tonight?

The kids are with your mom...

Have a night in. Relax.

No, you relax.

Figure skating is on my schedule.

And whether my daughter
is in attendance or not, I'll be there.

Ali, I think you need some "me" time.

And I think you need
to give me my house keys back.

What? What have I done?

Keys, please.

I know you're in pain,
so I won't ask for my keys back.

But I want you to know,
I won't abandon you, Ali.

You know...

I'm afraid restoring your brother's
appendage was out of the question.

The tail was too badly damaged.

Must have been a new one for you.

Yes, but fascinating, actually.

That level of surgical enhancement.

He's very committed.
How long do you expect to keep him here?

Between the blood loss
and the risk of infection in that area...

- A few days to a week.
- Thanks, Doc.

I'll wait till he comes to.

Where are you with Cosima?


She... She made a pass at me, Aldous.



Cosima's safety is at stake.

Other subjects, too.

I need to know which ones
she's in contact with.

But she has to initiate disclosure.

I'm not saying disclose.

This is a direct threat.
And so I need you to dig deeper, faster.

"Dear Mummy, I miss you.

"Mrs. S says, 'You are in the sunshine.'"

"Please come home."

"Love, Kira."

Oi! Can you not, please?

I'm not gonna hole up with you
if you can't sit still.

- Does it smell?
- Yes, smells like a foot.

Only worse, because it's yours.

Alison's not picking up.

Who's calling?

Art, again.

Sorry, Beth doesn't live here anymore.

No, she lives with me.

So does her boy-toy bodyguard...

Would you please stop?

- Oi, oi, Mrs. S.
- Oi, oi.

And you're alive.

Yeah. Why?

Two homicide detectives
on my doorstep this morning

quite convinced they'd found your body
in a gravel quarry.

- Who wants mimosas?
- Sit down and shut your gob.

I was tempted to clean the remains
and feed them to you both on toast.

Would you care to enlighten me?

I don't want to lie to you, so...

Not yet.

- What'd they say?
- Very little.

I'd venture little is all they have.


Whatever is going on,
if it takes one step towards Kira,

you need to yell, "Fire."

The home we've built
for ourselves in this country,

we burn it all down if we have to.

That's a promise.

- Hey.
- Hey. Facial reconstruction's come along.

- Hey, well, hang on to your hat.
- Sounds promising.

Sarah Manning offed herself.

Jumped in front of a
train at Huxley Station.

- What?
- Check out the time of death.

Two days before Jane Doe was shot.

Jane Doe can't be Sarah Manning.
Sarah Manning was already dead.

Except the prints match.

Twins right? Twins. Twins prints
are close enough to flag a match.

I mean, environmental factors like wear
and tear can usually differentiate.

Okay, but the foster
mother said, no relations.

That she knew of.

Sarah was an orphan.
Say, Beth's a triplet separated at birth.

Come on, humor me.

Over a couple of days, same city,
one suicides, the other gets whacked?

I mean, it suggests they're in touch,
they're not separate anymore, right?

Then there's only one left to clear it up.

- Beth.
- Hi, got your messages.

Bad time?

So what's this all about?
You miss me already?

Some questions came up
about your work on the Jane Doe case.

Such as?

Well, you told us
there was no print match on the victim.

Yeah, there wasn't.

Well, there's no confirmation
of that in the case file.

There should be.

We ran them again and we got a match.

So, finally getting somewhere.

Yeah, it sounds like it.

Just need to know...

Is this a joke?

Does the name Sarah Manning
mean anything to you?

Who the hell is this?

You've never seen her before?

I... Yeah, yeah. In the mirror.

Come on, no.

Hey, I guess people have look-alikes.

Do they?


Alison, how are you?

Poor hon.

If you need anything, just call.

My God, this is classic Aynsley.

You can't just put on an
outfit and be a coach.

You're not the coach.
You don't know what you're doing.

- I'm here every single...
- Ali, hey.

- Hi, Chad.
- Singlehood, free at last?

What are you doing here, Aynesley?

I know, right?

Chad, go play with your dumbbells.

I told you I've got this covered.

You're in no condition
to be coaching the kids.

Way to rub salt
in the wounds, Aynes.

Yeah. Sorry, I tried.

I'm perfectly fine.

And no one asked you to
sub for me, so leave.

Alison, you're mad at Donnie, not me.

- I told you to stay away from me.
- And I told you you're not yourself.

I know what you're doing, Aynesley.

You wanna mess with my life,
I'm gonna mess with yours.

Sorry to be a bitch here.

But it looks like you buried Jane Doe's
fingerprints to hide your connection.

What connection?

I don't have a sister.
I don't know who this person is.

- Sarah Manning was an orphan.
- Same prints as Jane Doe.

But she killed herself
days before Jane Doe was murdered.

Look, Beth, we just need to know
where you fit in.

Can I see her file?

Sorry, you're a civilian.

Yeah, what you've always wanted.

Art, do I need to lawyer up here?

I don't know, Beth.

Do you?

Have forensics run her prints
as fast as possible.

Got it.


Okay. Fine, you caught me.

Just please don't nark on me to Aynesley,

you know how ape-shit she gets
about stuff like this.



You know, Chad. This is the first hit
I've had since Godspell in college.

I don't know what that is.


Got any more?


Dr. Aldous Leekie will be
here in a couple of hours.

He texted you.

You are conspiring with
at least two clones.

Just one, actually.

Are you crazy?

Despite appearances,

I'm not the one
in a compromising position here, Paul.

You blackmailed an ex-military
intelligence guy to do your dirty work.

Olivier Duval.

That's a classy pseudonym, bro.

Thank you.

Your real name is Kevin.

You're from Wenatchee, Washington.

You have a raft of unsavory sex warrants.

The organization knows that.

Yeah, but the police don't.

And that's why you're gonna listen

when I tell you what happened last night.

I get it.

Smoke through the roof.

Accelerated dissipation.

Fewer air fresheners required.

Speaking of fresh air, cheers to finally
getting Donnie off your couch.

Are you mocking the failure
of my marriage, Chad?


No, don't be.

I gather you and Aynesley
aren't exactly booking nooners.

Hey, you know, the thing
about you and me, Hendrix...

We're sharks.

We stop moving, we die.

Yeah, you certainly got that down.

Those late night runs
in your sleeveless T's.

You ain't so bad yourself.

Tight glutes, nice pecs.

- I bet you could bench press me.
- Easy.

I bet you could bounce me like a ball.

You okay? Maybe you've had too much.

Maybe you haven't had enough.

What are we doing here?

I'm objectifying you,

sexually, to get back at Donnie.

I should really have a problem with this.

But you don't.

Hey, Delphine.

I... I hope I'm not disturbing you.

No, no, no. No, impossible.

So, apparently I've got this thing for,
like, um, jumping to conclusions.

You know, it's just that I've never...

I know, I know, I know. You're not gay.

And I'm a total idiot. So sorry.

- Let me...
- Yes.

Do you... Yeah.

I just wanna make like,
crazy science with you.

Totally crazy science.

I'm so glad to hear that
because you know what?

I was reading up on the Dyad institute,
and did you know that Dr. Leekie...

He has built a dedicated department
for transgenic organ transplants and...

Sorry, I was just dorking out

so hard to their extrapolation
of murine models.

- What?
- Yeah.


You know, it's really, really good to
finally meet someone who gets it.

Who gets... Who gets me.

Yeah, ditto. Obvs.

I can't stop thinking about that kiss.

Like in a not bad way?

Like, I've never thought
about my sexuality.

I mean, for myself, you know.

But as a scientist I know
that sexuality is a spectrum.

But you know social bias is the...
The codified attraction.

It's contrary to the biological facts,
you know?

That's oddly romantic.

Totally encouraging.

My God.

You want me to coach you?

Okay. No.

Let's turn around
right here now, girls. Go on.

You're in the end-zone.
You're in the end-zone.

- Yeah, you're my coach.
- Touchdown.

A“ I'm a sinner, I'm a saint

A“ I'm your hell I'm your dream

Get out!

Get out!

Mira saw you screwing my husband.

Everyone knows you screwed my husband.

Well, maybe if you paid
more attention to him and less to me.

Get out of the car, Alison.

You have no idea who you're dealing with.

No, I know exactly who you are.

You're a sleazy, watcher spy.

Sleazy? That's rich coming
from a back stabbing psycho-slut like you.

Do you...

Stop it. Oi!


Hey, hey, hey, morgie.

We need everything
you got on Sarah Manning.

Caucasian female, suicide by train.

- You processed the body and its release.
- I process lots of bodies.

Is there a problem?

Fingerprints from our Jane Doe
of the gravel crusher.

Forensic says they're spooky close
to two other women.

Yeah, one Sarah Manning,
and other is a totally other woman.

Let's see.

Sarah Manning, suicide by train.

Holy shit.

It's uncanny.

I need the name and the address
of the person who identified her.

What? I...
Colin, please slow down.

What exactly did they say?

I couldn't fie, Felix.

Okay, there are records,
your signature, address...

Okay... I gotta go.

But you just take a hot bath,
I will talk to you later.

Shit! Sarah?

You can handle this, yeah?

Cops? Yeah... I...
Where are you gonna go?

- ls) No idea.


Felix, it's me, Alison.

Please be home.

You effing kidding me.

Bad things have happened to me.

And I would love to hear about them.
I would.

Right now, you need to go.

I can't go back there.

It's just for one night, Alison.

I slept with Aynesley's husband.


I shagged Chad.

And Aynesley attacked me
in the middle of the street.

I degraded myself,

and I disgraced my children,
and I can't go back there.

I seriously underestimated you.

I hope you kicked her arse.

I did. Kind of.

I don't wanna divorce Donnie, but I...

I can't keep lying to him.

And I hate lying to my kids, I hate it.

How can we possibly
sustain this insanity?

We can't.

I don't know if Art's
gonna throw me in jail,

or if Cosima's gonna nark us out
to the neolutionist.

Um, don't forget Helena, she's always fun.

All I know is, I came back to fix things.

Be a real mum to Kira.

So, what if we tell them?

You mean, come out?

I miss you, Mummy.

I miss you, Mummy.

I miss you, Mummy.

I miss you, Mummy.

Scotsburn Avenue,


I replaced your security footage

to show only one clone, Beth.

Sarah was never there.

He's smart. It won't work.

It will, if you stick to
one, there was only one.

And you need to stop blaming yourself.

How could you know...

- Dr. Leekie, I'm...
- Paul Dierden.

I hear great things.


Aldous, she took my tail.

Shut up, Olivier.

You Okay?


You sure?

I... I cry after sex with boys, too.

Poor you.

But you know what?

I am never this hungry.

I could kill for some ice cream.


Your wish is my command.

I'm gonna go to the store
and I'm gonna get us some Eskimo Pies.



I don't think I know it.

- No?
- No.

Prepare yourself, you're about
to become a craving addict.

I think I already am.


She dropped the Beth act
cold right in front of us.

If it weren't for Paul,
she would have killed me.

She said her name was Helena.

She had an accent, Slavic.

She admitted she killed Beth
and took over her life.

Aldous, she is completely insane.

Welcome to the big picture.

Yes, sir.

Sorry, guys. Visiting hours are over.

Sure. We'll... We'll
get out of your way.

And you just rest...

And heal.

What did they say in the military,
"You've, you've proven your mettle?"

No, sir, nobody ever said that.


Well, tomorrow, I'd like
to talk to about next steps.

Excuse me.

Found something?

Promise me Cosima's safe.

Her quest, Aldous, is...

It's all perfectly... Perfectly natural.

Delphine, believe me. I'm protecting her.

Now, what is it, then?

But she's not only researching
her own biology

but she's aware of eight others.

She's had contact.

I need names.

Yes. Well, some of them seem to be dead.

- Um, Janika Zingier.
- Yes.

Danielle Fournier.


- Yes.
- Katja Obinger.

- Yes.
- Helena.

But there's no last name, um...


There's Alison Hendrix,
Beth Childs and Sarah Manning.

Sarah Manning.

Anything else on her?

No, nothing.

Listen, I have to go. She's coming. Bye.


What happened? You okay?

Yeah, it's time, Siobhan.

Time I told you what's really going on.

Well, then, I am all ears.

Siobhan, this is Alison Hendrix.

Pleased to meet you.

Well, tell me more, love.

I mean, it can't
get any stranger than human cloning.

Well, um, we live in Scarborough.

About a million years ago,
I went to university.

You went to university?

Yes, kinesiology.

Where'd you go wrong?

That's just basically
massage therapy, innit?


Sarah, it's very important.

It heals.


Um, and then I got married.

And everything is shit.

She came to see Kira
once in your place, didn't she?

I knew something was up.

Yeah, sorry.
The crazy one, Helena, was after me.

Okay, so, Helena, Alison,

Cosima, Beth is the...

- The police woman?
- Yeah.

Who topped herself, yeah.

- You.
- Now there's probably thousands of us.

Unless Helena's killed them all.

We're all messed up.

Except you, Sarah.

I am the biggest mess there is, Alison.

No, no, no, no. Because you say, "'F' it."

I tried to say, "'F' it" today
and I blew up my whole life.

I just wanted to say, "'F' this. 'F' you."

And I F'ed it. I F'ed it all up.

You know, would you like to see
the guest bedroom at this point, chicken?

Come on.

Yes. You're so lovely.

You know, you're very lucky, Sarah.

My mother wouldn't be this lovely.

She would... My mother would
have me put in, therapy.

Yeah, yes.

That's Sarah.

I was just so shocked.

Seeing her like that on
that slab, looking so...

Dead, really.

So your foster sister
didn't have any sisters?

Just me.

I keep asking myself,
"What did I miss?" you know.

'Cause I never really saw the signs.

Beth Childs.

Who's that?

Mind if I look?

I like art.

No... Yeah, um, by all means.

Those are the many sides of Sarah.

I call that series "Twisted Sister."

llike them.

- It's all working out your grief.
- Yes.

Wherever it takes me.


And sorry again, for your loss.

Thank you.

I've been here before.

What does that mean?




Harley, you pervy bastard,
I know that's you.

Last night, I get a phone call.

Some punk with an English accent
says he wants to talk about Beth.

Then he hangs up.

- Let's bring him in. Let's shake his tree, man.
- No, it's too early.

I wanna get a better picture
of this whole deal first.

What are you doing?

- Any loss of sensation in your feet?
- No.

Just checking.

Get some rest.

And Dr. Leekie sends his regards.

I know there's more here.
Between the lines.

What is that you need, Sarah?

How can I help?

Well, Alison, Cosima, Beth,

their mothers all wanted
babies enough to do in vitro.

So why did mine give me up?

There were rumors...


That some of the kids
we were hiding, the ones that...

came in Carlton's pipeline, like you,
children in the black...

What do you mean exactly,
"in the black"?

You know undocumented,
outside the system,

rumor was these kids

were the subject of medical experiments.

Carlton's pipeline.

- What kind of experiments?
- I don't know, love.

It was a paranoid time in a radical fringe.
Everything was rumor then.

Carlton brought me to you.

Wouldn't he know who my birth mother was?

He may, but even if he did
he might not tell me.

- Do your contacts still know him?
- It's... It's possible.

Can you get in touch with him?

It's 15 years ago.
Last I heard, he was in prison.

I'll try.

- Just wanna know who I am.
- You're still you.

Remember that.

You're a survivor.


It's Helena.




Where are we going?

I'm taking you to meet someone.

How can you be Sarah's daughter, child?

How can that be?

Kira! Stop!

You're just like my mum.

No, I'm not.

She's not real.

Of course she is.



Yes, angel?

What happened to you?

I don't know.


- Kira!
- I should go home now.


- Do you know the way?
- Of course.

Goodnight, angel.

- Kira!
- Mommy!

Watch out!


Seven-year-old female struck by vehicle,
GCS three.

Chest injury, possible internal bleeding.

Stay with me, baby, please.

Bet you 100 bucks,
I know who she's gonna look like

when Beckwith is done
with the reconstruction.

You got no charge
that will stick, yet.

Why is Sarah still alive?

Tell her.

Someone tampered with the security
footage at club Neolution.

I know there were
two clones there that night, weren't they?

- My God.
- Alison.

What? What is this?

We're gathered in spirit
of love and understanding.