Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 7 - Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner - full transcript

With Paul missing, Sarah is forced to confront the conspiracy head on. But when Paul learns Sarah has kept essential information from him, the fragile trust between them threatens to shatter. Meanwhile, Cosima grows closer to Delphine and the dangerously fascinating Dr. Leekie.

Olivier called Paul in hours ago
and he's not picking up.

Well, that isn't out of
the ordinary, is it?

How should I know?

There's nothing normal
about any of this, is there?

Sarah, this is the new normal, okay?

So, Paul's a monitor.
He reports to Olivier, his handler, right?

As long as Paul is on our side,
we can start to finally get some answers.

That's my point, Cosima.

What if he's not on our side?

I mean, what if he's
selling us out right now?

Let's go back eight months,
before Beth's shooting.

We already did, Olivier.

When you first stated,
"She doesn't seem to be herself."

Yeah, she began abusing prescription drugs.

Why are you taping this?

At the time, you felt it was a typical
response to the stresses of police work.

- Do you view it any differently, in hindsight?
- No.

Her decline led directly
to her civilian shooting.

She only got worse from there.

This, through your lens
as a former soldier.

If you told me what this was about,
perhaps I could help you.

Perhaps you are helping me.

Don't do it, Cosima.
Stay away from Delphine, yeah?

Well, if we're going to get past
our monitors, we have to engage.

- Yeah, look where that got me.
- Into bed with him?

Okay, look where it got Alison, yeah?

She smoked her husband with a golf club
on a hunch that he was her monitor

and now, they're away at a couple's
retreat, trying to repair their marriage.

Okay, I'll obviously approach Delphine
way more logically than that.

No, you won't.

Sarah, my situation is way
different than yours is.

Right, 'cause you're such
a brilliant scientist.

No, because she doesn't know that I know.

I'm the one who's monitoring her.

Can you please just stay away from her

until I find out if Paul's
selling us down the river?


Got anything else we need
to be paranoid about?

God, I hope not.


Where am I?

You're getting stronger.

Olivier told Paul to meet him
at an underground club he owns.

That's Paul's car, so...

What a mess.

You know, even if he's not
ratting me out in there,

those medical tests could
still tell him I'm not Beth.

- Cosima said they wouldn't.
- Yeah, well, she's blinded by science.

Maybe, but, from everything I found online,
she's right.

You and Beth are clones,

so you and Beth have identical DNA.

- Identical?
- Yep.

The DNA samples from the Jane Doe
in the gravel crusher

and the killer in the bathroom,

a match, same person.

That doesn't make any sense.

Someone in the lab must've messed up,
contaminated or mislabeled the samples.

- Not on my watch.
- Then what, Janis?

I took Jane Doe DNA from a femur.

Our suspect killer's DNA came
from blood we found in the bathroom.

Maybe the killer planted
Jane Doe's blood there.

What, so she carries around
a couple of pints of Jane Doe's blood

and just splashes it around?

Well, that's more likely than,
she walked into my lab

and tampered with the samples.

Maybe someone with access tampered.

Are you trying to turn my ulcer
into a heart attack?

No, we're missing something,
from the very beginning, on this thing.

Yeah, IDs.

So, if the high tech's broken,
we do it the horse-and-carriage way.

Start from the beginning,

comb through that whole shit pile again.

Where's that damn Jane Doe
facial reconstruction?

It's coming. The face went
through a friggin' gravel crusher.

"Someone with access"?

Beth would never tamper with evidence.

Okay, maybe not,

but you had questions about
her run-in with the killer, didn't you?

Square one, like the man said.

Open minds.

We'll see what we find.

Hang on.


That's interesting. I know those people.

Enough waiting. I need to know
what Paul's up to. I'm going in.

What? No! No!

You can't go in there,
with your recognizable mug.


Clubland is my world.

You carry that around with you everywhere?


Well, hello.

Neolution's a private club.

I know, but you look so lonely.

Not even a little.

Good. You look a little more important.


I've come all the way from Brixton
to party at Neolution before I die.

My friends told me to mention Olivier.

You're dying?
Then you're not familiar with Neolutionism?

There's an ism.

Augmentation? Self-directed evolution?

I'm intrigued.

Is everyone here a Neolutionist?

No, not everyone.

We've got techno-progressives,
body mods, bio-hackers.

Now, wait, what about your eye?

Is that a permanent augmentation?

It will be, one day.

I've got other enhancements.


Well, a philosophy so physical
makes for a very handsome tribe.

What about Olivier? Is he enhanced?

Darling, you have no idea.

When's the last time you and Beth
were sexually intimate?

Three days ago.

Who initiated it?

She did.

How would you characterize it?

I'm not sure I understand the question.

Would you describe the
intercourse as intimate,

aggressive, perfunctory, sensual?

I would say passionate.

Beth's generally a "cold fish."

Your words.

It's hard for me to help,
if I don't know what's going on.

All of this architecture...

The psychological profiling,

physical exams, social metrics...

You must know,
it doesn't exist for Beth alone.

- I don't assume anything.
- Of course you do. You're trained...

Surveillance, intelligence, security.

The problem with clandestine ops is that,

information and security
rarely go hand-in-hand.

Which is why I have been told rather late,

that someone is killing our subjects.

Thank you, Tomas.

Why did you let the imposter live?

She's different than the others.

But how could it be different?

I don't know.

We have a connection.

But it's nothing.

Just one of your fingernail clippings,
like the rest of them.

She said I am not the original,

that we are all the same.

How could you believe such a thing?

Forgive me, Tomas.

- Why are you following me?
- I'm not following you.


I thought you might want a blowjob.

- Shit. Shit!
- Hey, Paul, Paul.

He's with me, okay? He's my brother.

Jesus Christ, Sarah.

- What are you doing here?
- Sorry. I was worried.

- What happened?
- Not here.

Meet me at home.

Don't bring him.


- You all right?
- Yeah.

Your task is more difficult,

since the real Beth Childs
shot our friend Maggie Chen.

The copies, they're harder to find.

Maybe we could use the imposter.

I'd like to see her again.


It will say anything to justify itself.

I'll be strong.

The path to the shepherd
is through the sheep.

Find the impostor,

bleed it for what it knows, then kill it.

You are the original.

You are the light.

I am the original.

I am the light.

Let's go over what you know again.
There's nine of you.

No! There's only one of me,

just like there was one of Beth.

That's not what I meant.

Yeah, Beth figured out
there were nine of us,

so far.

I've only met Alison.

Who else knows, besides your brother?

Just me and Alison.

What about Alison's husband?

They've been together since high school.
He's not her monitor.

We don't know that.

Don't lie to me, Sarah.

What is going on?

Is Olivier on to us, or what?

Olivier told me someone
is killing the subjects.

You know anything about that?



He just said to watch Beth closely,

protect her, make sure she's not aware.

Aware of what?

Of me, of us.

This is high-level shit, Sarah,

an illegal human-cloning trial.

You think I don't know that?

Aren't you the least bit worried

that someone might be trying to kill you?


But at least it's not you.

And I still need to see my daughter.

Take my car.

It's in the underground.


In case someone is tailing you, all right?

My job is to keep you safe.

At least let me do that.


I'm not here to hurt you.

I just want to talk.

Helena, just stay away from me!

Please. I have an offer for you.

But we must talk.

And eat.

Let's have lunch.


I dreamed that we were friends.

We're not friends.

We will be.

I've seen it.

Don't they feed you, wherever you go?

This is a nice restaurant, isn't it?

Yeah, five stars.

You know my name.

Tell me yours.

This friendship isn't there yet.

You're Russian?


I grew up pure in a convent in Ukraine.

Ukrainian nuns?

Is that who made you kill Katja Obinger
and the others?


They saved me from abandonment.

Excuse me.

I want my knife back,

the one you took from me.

Right, right, the flying-fish blade.

You got a thing for wings, don't you?

I'm supposed to kill you, too.

But you let me live.

Yeah, so let's call it even, okay?

- We'll go our separate ways.
- We'll never be separate.

Tell me the names of the others
and I will spare you.

You move your foot, or I'll stab you again.

You have until midnight
to tell me the names.

Call this number,

or you die first.


Beth's paperwork's a mess.
It's like she's never done it before.

Jane Doe's fingerprint results
aren't even filed here.

Yeah, I know. We ran them. No match.

Yes, Beth checked the results.

I remember, but even if there's no match,
they should still be here.

The man said double-check everything,

so let's get forensics to pull the hand,

run a fresh set of prints.

We're hitting the morgue?

- Thought you'd like that.
- Sweet.

- Hello.
- You have a problem.

What kind of a problem?

I just received the results
of Beth's medical exam.

- Okay.
- She's not Beth.

Well, which one is she, if she's not Beth?

That's none of your concern.
Just bring her in.

She's back?

She's back?

Yeah, and she wants your names by midnight,
or I'm first on her hit list.

Holy shit, Sarah.

Don't worry. I won't give you up.

You know, maybe you should.

Not to Helena, but to Olivier.


You were the one who said,
if your blind subject

suddenly became aware, you'd terminate.

Right, well,

I'm beginning to rethink that.

Great, she's got a new hypothesis.

So, our creators, whoever they are,

they have a tremendous
investment in us, right?

Our conception, our whole lives.

Don't you think they'd try
to protect us from Helena?

They know somebody's whacking us.


Yeah, and Paul said it's
more of the same...

Observe your lab rat, keep her stupid.

Do you know this futurist,
Dr. Aldous Leekie?


You know, he's the poster boy
for this movement called "Neolution."


Olivier owns a club called Neolution.

That's interesting.

Yeah, Felix said it's
a bunch of bio-hack, body-mod freaks.

Olivier's supposed to have a tail.

- A tail, for real?
- Yeah.

That's what Felix was told.

Okay, well, tail or no tail,

they have a philosophy.

Went with Delphine
to one of Leekie's Neolution lectures.

Cosima, you agreed to stay
away from Delphine.

No, I didn't. You just told me to.

You're going to end up strapped to a
gurney, with doctors giving you the probe.

I probably already have been.

Can we please just get back to Helena?

You know what? Just stay out of
my end, I'll stay out of yours.






- Hi.
- Hey.

- Sorry, I'm...
- I'm early?

- No, no, no, no, I'm late, I'm late.
- Okay.

I'm kind of always late, though,
so, kind of always sorry.

- Can you give me two seconds? Just...
- Of course.


Where is she?

How'd you get in here?

My key.

We bought this place for you, remember?

So that you would not only appear
attractive to Beth, but,

moderately successful.

Where is your subject?

She's visiting Christine.

You were to keep a close eye on her.

It was a girls' lunch.
I couldn't force the issue.


Your subject isn't who we think she is.

She's an imposter.

I saw her just a few hours ago.

It wasn't her.

Is this a test of some kind?

The person killing our subjects
looks exactly like Beth.

You mean like a twin?

Yes, Paul, like a twin.

Now, get dressed.



Sorry, monkey.

That was wonderful. That was really good.

Well, at least she didn't get your tin ear.

I never learned to play piano.

You were too bad, weren't you?

Your mom just didn't
work hard enough at it, love.

All right, move over.

I want to teach you some Queen.

- Uncle Felix wasn't bad.
- He was a different kind of bad.

What's this?

Mostly me.

But some of you.

England was burning, Maggie Thatcher
firing on all barrels at Ireland,

the Falklands.

She sacked Social Security,

went after the immigrants,
the poor, the unions.

What do you remember about Brixton,

about my people, then?

Not much.

There were always women around.

Kids would come and go, wards of the state.

They weren't all wards.

We were a, a safe house.

Some of us worked in Social Services,
helping women and kids, refugees,

deportees, radicals on the run,
that kind of thing.


This boy, Carlton.

Yeah, Carlton.

I remember him.

He was a fine boy.

Fine man.

Sometimes his pipeline would bring in
a child in the black, a child to hide.

You were one of them.

Why'd he have to hide me?

We didn't ask what we didn't need to know.

I had the chance to legitimize a child,
so I became your legal guardian.

The last time I heard from Carlton,
he was about to be arrested

and he warned me, he begged me,
to move you away,

to hide you deeper.


I left everyone I knew

and I brought you and Felix here.

I should've left him when I left Paris.

Yeah, cold turkey,

it's the only way to go.

"Cold turkey," what is that?

It means "abruptly."

Yes, that's what I should've...

You know, he was supposed
to follow next month, but,

I changed my mind.

My God. You're the asshole.

I am the cold-turkey asshole.

Dr. Leekie! So nice to see you.

It's Dr. Leekie.

Should we invite him?

Your usual table?

You're single now.

No, no, no. He's too old.

But his mind is sexy.

I will go get him.

You know you guys already checked
the prints, right?


We're looking at the whole chain again.

Check that shit out. Finger straightener.

You are in the wrong department, Angie.

- You want her?
- Ha-ha.

Hey, you ever seen a postmortem spasm?

Well, I'm still trying to work it out
with my advisors,

but my dissertation is on epigenetic
influence on clone cells.

It's a fascinating field.


Are either of you familiar
with our work at the Dyad Institute?

Your immunology papers, yes.

Then you'll be interested
in this too, Delphine...

We've created a pluripotent stem cell line
from human baby teeth.

Dr. Leekie, you've perfected a number
of proprietary cloning techniques

in bacteria, amphibians,
insects, human skin grafts.


And you're patenting
transgenic embryonic stem cells?

Well, we hope to, once we get
the necessary approvals,

but that is not public knowledge.

Yeah, I did some digging,
and then just guessed.

She... She is very, very...

What's the word?

"Cheeky," I think, is the word
you're after, "cheeky."

She is very cheeky, this girl.

But that's why I like her.

Beth's dead?


I can't tell you that.

Who is she?

All I can tell you is that
she comes from Europe.

So, did this imposter kill Beth?

We suspect so.

And she's killed other subjects.

Yet, Paul, she still
seems to share your bed.

I don't know what to say, Olivier.

To me, she's still Beth.

Regardless of what you think,
I need you to bring her to me.

Where in Europe?

Does that matter?


It's a big place.

England, Spain, what?

Whether I believe you or not,

loyalty is proven in the moment, after all.

And loyalty has its rewards.

I know what I did, Olivier.

Help make this right,
Afghanistan goes away,

you're free of your debt to us.

You get your life back, Paul.


Can I have my phone back?

What do you think, the both of you,
of applying to the institute?

Who, us?

Well, why not?
You could be the next Watson and Crick!

I'm just a geek girl from Berkeley.

I can tell you have
a very unique perspective, Cosima.

Please, you could be on
the cover of Scientific American.

Scientific American doesn't
put scientists on the cover.


every rule needs to be broken.


If you... If you have to go back
to go forward, I understand, but...

Just tell me, okay?
It might still be dangerous.

Yeah, I think so, too.

I can keep Kira safe, just like I kept you.

Put it on speaker.

One more story, mummy?

You already had a story, didn't you?

It's time for bed.

Monkey-swing to Felix.

Okay. My gosh!

- Come on, I'll squeeze you to sleep.
- I'll be right up, okay?

Do your teeth!

- Hello?
- Hi, Beth.

- What's up?
- Not much.

I need you to do something for me.


They know you're not Beth.


Okay, I get it, I do.

Black-ops Paul just proved
he's down with you for real,

but he also said run.

I can't just leave him in there, Fe.

It's probably my fault he's in there,
in the first place.

Well, how do you even know he's still here?

I don't, but I've got to try.

So, then, what are you going to do?
Are you going to take Cosima's bad advice,

fess up to Olivier?

I've got an even worse idea.

How was your day, Paul?

Yes, I also had a pleasant day.

I went working and shopping.

Pardon me. It's work.

It's almost midnight.

- Do you have names for me?
- I do.


That's not the name of a sheep.

A sheep?

Look, Helena...

He's more important than a sheep, okay?

He's a shepherd.

I need you to come meet me.

I saw Paul come up from the basement.

I know that Olivier's office
has got to be down there.

Okay, if I'm not back in 15 minutes,

call Art and tell him everything,

and make sure Kira's safe, yeah?

Yeah, I...




Just don't die,

because your first funeral
was just agonizing enough.

What are you doing down here?

I'm looking for Olivier.

Who are you?

You know how bad this can get.

I'm not working for anyone.

Then why protect her?
I told you she was a killer.

Was she that good?

I have Beth to see you.

You must be Olivier.

Well, this is unexpected.

She was carrying this.

I told you to run.

Yeah, I don't do run.

Leave us, please.

Come on.

Call me as soon as you can.

All these years, I've never seen
one of you in the flesh.

You're even more beautiful in person.

He thinks you're the killer.


You've got it all wrong.

We have medical evidence
that proves you're not Beth.

How can you tell that,
if we're genetically identical?

I'm not a scientist.

Well, you've still got the wrong girl.

The one who's killing us is blonde,

she's Ukrainian,

she's a religious nut.

You've created a whole
new brand of fratricide.

You're not listening. It's not me.


What do you people want?

The future.

Self-directed evolution?

You want to grow a tail,
that's your business.

You know about
my modest enhancement?

You've got a tail?

The fact that I can have a tail,
millions of years after we shed it,

reminds me of what we can achieve.

Would you like to see it?

God, no.

Argentinean bio-hack.

Blood flow, nerve endings,
warm to the touch.

But it's merely performance art,
compared to you.

You are our greatest achievement.

Perhaps later.

This is Olivier.

What's so urgent?

I have her, Aldous.

The killer.

Get her ready to travel.
I'll be there in the morning.

And be careful with her.

She's irresistible, isn't she?

Now I know why you did this.

If I was in your position,
I'd fall in love with her, too.

Hello, friend.

God! About time.

Do you want to be saved?

Yes, Helena! Untie me.

Give me a name, first.

I gave you Olivier.

I want the name of a sheep, too.

Okay, I'll give you another name.

Tell me.

I offered you a way out,
and you made a fool of me.

You made a fatal error, Paul.

You trusted the wrong person.

Who are you?

I want to see your tail.

Now, show me the tail.


That's good.

How is this possible?

Did you lie with a beast?

Please. You're a miracle.

Let me help you.

I have a message for your master.

From Tomas.

I guess there's a few things
I should've told you.

You think?

Come on, Sarah.

Yeah, one sec.

Detective Art Bell.

Hi, um, detective.

You don't know me, but, um,

I need to talk to you about Beth Childs.

Beth Childs? What about her?

I was told to call, um...

Shit! Christ!

- Let's go.
- Wrong number.



You had to give Helena a name?

Yeah, mine.

I told her who I was.


Psst! She's got a thing for me.

Well, three's a crowd,

so I'm going to go get drunk
by myself at Bobby's Bar.

We can't go back to the townhouse.

It's not safe. They'll be looking for us.

We should...

Working with Dr. Leekie could be
the opportunity of a lifetime.

I know.

I know.

Then why are you being so coy?

Don't you think it's time
we admit what this is really about?

L, um...

God, Delphine.

- Did I make a huge mistake?
- No.

I have to go.

It's okay.

- Bye.
- Delphine, just...

Hey, I'm going home.

- You should, too.
- What, and miss all the fun?


Art, you got to see this.

Holy shit.

It's a match on the Jane Doe print.

Who's Sarah Manning?

And why the hell does she look like Beth?

- Siobhan Sadler?
- Who wants to know?

Detectives Bell and Deangelis.

Get out of the car, Alison!

You have no idea
who you're dealing with!

Where are you with Cosima?

I can't stop thinking about that kiss.

- Welcome to the big picture.
- Yes, sir.

Siobhan, this is Alison Hendrix.