Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 9 - Unconscious Selection - full transcript

After Kira's life is threatened, Sarah is on the warpath, but Dr. Leekie makes her think twice about her plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Cosima faces the truth about Delphine, forcing her to choose sides. Now, it's up to Sarah to decide the killer's fate, but the truth about where Sarah came from changes everything.

They knew I wasn't Beth
from the medical tests.

- You said our DNA was identical.
- It is.

You know, maybe it was your sunny
personality that gave you away.

Who the hell is Maggie Chen?

That's the woman Beth shot.

Maggie helped make you.

Then she saw the light.

[Crying] Beth killed
her to protect us.

Art, you got to see this.
It's a match on the Jane Doe print.

Why the hell does
she look like Beth?

Cosima: Paul... reports
to Olivier, his handler.

You just rest and heal.

Dig faster.

Cosima's safety is at stake.

Well, she's not only
researching her own biology,

but she is aware
of eight others.

I think he's my watcher.

I think that I may have
spotted her real monitor.

You want to mess with my life?

I'm going to mess with yours.

I don't want to divorce Donnie,

but I can't keep lying to him.

So what if we tell them?

Siobhan, this is
Alison Hendrix.

What happened to you?

I don't know.

Kira! Kira, no!

[Horn honks, tires screech]

[Siren wails, horn blares]

[Tires screech]

7-year-old female
struck by a vehicle.

GCS 3, chest injury,
possible internal bleeding.

- Stay with me, baby, please.
- ETA: 3 minutes.

[Crying] We're here,
love. We're right here.

Let's get her typed
and crossed for 3 units.

- We're right here. Please.
- Excuse me, excuse me.

This is as far as you go.

No, no, no!

Sarah, Sarah.


We have to let them do their job.

On 3. 1, 2, 3!

I want an ultrasound
and a trauma series:

Chest, pelvic, C-spine.
Let's get a level 1 on standby

and a crash cart.
We may have to intubate.

- O.R.'s being prepped.
- Good.

I should've known
Helena would find us.

I should've stopped her.

I won't have you
blaming yourself.

You did not bring this on.

She's going to be okay, Sarah.

She has to be.

Mm-hmm. [Sniffle]

Can I get anybody some coffee?

Alison, I know you mean well,

I know you do, it's just...

Um, I know, I know. I'm in the way.


I just can't help but feel like

it's my daughter in there.

You should go home.

You should get some sleep.

I can't go home, Felix. I...

I assaulted my monitor.

I'm going to get
black-bagged like Sarah

and carted off to God knows where.

All right,

use my place, then.

Okay. Thank you.

I'll call you if we hear anything.


Ultrasound's up.

Heart rate's at 80.

BP: 85/50.

Doctor, you need to see this.

What's happening?

It looks like Kira's
going to be okay.

What does "looks like" mean?

Well, she's been sedated,
but her blood pressure

and breathing have stabilized.

Her ribs are intact, there's no

internal bleeding, no head trauma.

I think she's gonna be fine.

She was run right over.

I saw it.

Then she's a very lucky girl.

She's okay.

She's okay, she's okay, she's okay.

She's okay.



My baby.

Unconscious Selection

Mummy, she looks like you.

She looks like mummy.

Shh shh shh, shh shh.

Just sleep now, monkey.

I'll keep you safe from her.

I promise.

There was a girl,

a little girl.

Easy, child.

Pull yourself together.

Sarah is a mother.

That's ridiculous!

It's not possible.

The girl was hit by a
car because of me.

Felix: She's all right?

Yeah, yeah, she's fast asleep.

How about you, then?

Are you thanking your lucky stars?

I don't believe in miracles.

Kids are made of rubber, Sarah.

She got lucky,

just like the doctor said.

You didn't see it.

Count your blessings.

Move on to your worries.

Yeah, Helena's got to go.

I got a dozen reasons
to bring Beth back in.

Look, we got three sets
of matching prints,

a jumper who looks just like her,

and we got a smooth little rent-boy

who's connected to them both.

All right, all right.
I know, Angie...

And here, we've got Jane Doe,

the one who started it all.

Bet you 100 bucks I
know who she's looks like

when Beckwith is done
with the reconstruction.

You got no charge
that'll stick yet.

This all comes on the heels

- of that civilian shooting.
- So what?!

So she could be
protecting the killer.

Shh shh shh shh.

How's it going?

Still pushing for a break, sir.

Grigson and Chow just solved

that stabbing in the junction.

Maybe you need

a fresh pair of eyes here, huh?

No, we're good, sir. We're good.

Just give us 'til
the end of the day.

You want me to throw

my ex-partner under the bus, hmm?

If I'm wrong about this,

you'll be the last
partner I ever have.

I don't know, Art.

I'm starting to wonder.

Does she have something on you?

End of day, Angie.

If this is true,

if the child's actually hers...

[Breathes heavily]

How could you let her go?

She's innocent.

I did what I was told...

I used Sarah to get to the others.

Then where are the others?!

Why is Sarah still alive?

That man, Olivier!

- I took off his
beast-tail for you.- Yes!

To get Dr. Leekie's attention!

The child will be valuable to them.


No, no!


That's her!


Tell her to come here.

Tell her!



Is Kira all right?

I'll tell you in person.

Where are you?

It was an accident.

Tell her!



Lovely apartment for
a young couple.

Ahh! [Laughs]

Very convincing.


the lie Olivier told
last night was not.

What lie?

Someone tampered with the
security footage at club Neolution,

but I know there were
two clones there

that night, weren't there?


I've searched for the lost clone,

Helena, for years.

She's my white whale, Paul!

But she's feral.

She couldn't fool you,

impersonate Beth,

under this roof,

in that bed.

But Sarah Manning could.




What the hell?!

A simple "thank you" would suffice.

So, Kira's going to be okay?

Yes, miraculous recovery.


Uh, where's my, um...

Oh, your...

drug paraphernalia is in a drawer.

So is the paraphernalia
that was by your bed.

Did you wash that, too?

My children are at my
mother's house right now.

I'm a danger to them.

So I was thinking I could use

this house as a base

while I apartment-hunt.


Well, Donnie's staying clear

of the house for a few hours,

so I just need to go by

and get some sundries and clothing.

Fine! You can stay one night.

Just don't wake me
on your way back in.



I'm a pariah.

I can't go back there alone.


I need you to be my wingman.

Are you bloody serious?


I need to change.

Fetch me something gay.

[Bell tolls]

Holy shit, Sarah.

I'm so relieved.

Yeah, even the doctors
were stumped.

Do you think, because Kira's mine,

she might be different?

Because she's uninjured?

Yeah, it's just a question.

Well, if they genetically
modified us,

I mean, you could've passed
something down to her.

Like what?

I don't know.

Lizards regrow limbs.

Cosima, Kira's not a lizard.

Right, well,

it's not magic,

it's just stem cells, you know?

Look, I have a guy who's sequencing

the German's DNA alongside mine,

to see if the illness
she had was genetic.

If you want, I can give him samples

of you and Kira, to compare.

Yeah, I'm not giving you

our genetic material.

You'd probably hand
it over to Delphine.

Dude, I'm just doing
what we agreed, okay?

I'm following the science.

Yeah, well,

I worry about scientists
more than science.

[Doorbell rings]

Got to go.


Eh, I got it.


Hey. Coloring books and puzzles.

She's sleeping.

Uh, Mrs S,

this is Paul.



She knows everything.

Well, not everything, clearly.


don't hold it against me,

but I have some bad news.

Dr. Leekie knows who
you are, Sarah.


Let go!

Let go!


Aah! No!

No! No!


I gave you everything!

A reason for living

and, in return... weakness.


No! [Whine]

If you protect this forgery,

you're no better than they are.



You're no better than they are!

[Cries out]


[Crying out]

Leekie wants to meet?

He says he wants to make a deal.

He knows you're aware, in
contact with each other.

How? Did Cosima give me up?

Look, this is an opportunity.


You sound exactly like her.

I don't trust him, either.

But the genie's out of the bottle.


For them, too.

Your interests have
aligned. You can get answers.

Or I could get
black-bagged and abducted.

What if there was a way
to meet him safely,

on your terms?

Over 4,000 base pairs
from each sample,

sequenced and analyzed.

Awesome! Awesome.

Okay, what did you find?

No markers for respiratory disease.

This sequence is anomalous

for cytochrome C and
then this piece

is distinct in each sample.

They're different?

That's... that's crazy.

What are you looking for, really?

Not respiratory disease.





Scott, this is Delphine.


Hey. [Chuckle]

I have to run to class,

but I was wondering if I could

come over later.

Yeah, of course.


Oof! Wow! Okay!



If she wakes up, just tell her

I'm going to be right back.

And will you?


Are you going to be okay here?

Don't you worry about Helena.

Your shotgun. Forgot about that.

One of the great things
about this country...

hunting's not just for the rich.



Kind of busy, here, Art.

Pilates can wait, Beth.

We need to talk.

We already did that.

Off the record, this time.

No one else.

This is your last chance.

Where are you?

You know I get crow's feet

if I don't get enough shuteye.

I will have you back
on your couch in a jiff.

Oh, my God!


Wh... what's going on?
What is this?

We're gathered in a spirit

of love and understanding.


join us.

An intervention?

This is bullshit!


Felix. Gay friend.

Acting coach.

Oh, that's perfectly fine here.

Which one?

Yes, yes.

Please join us.

Alison, your friends
have shown great strength

in setting aside
their pain and hurt

in order to talk with you today.


Um, Donnie, why don't you

go ahead and get us started.




the pills...

and the drinking,

it has to stop.

I don't think you know how
hard this has been for me.

The constant criticism,

the abuse.

You can be specific, Donnie.

You hit me with a golf club.

You burned my chest with hot glue.

It still hurts in
the shower, Alison.


Alison, it's actually
important for you to just

try and listen right now.



you took advantage of my husband

and may have ruined
my marriage, too.

You threatened and assaulted me.

But I think what
really hurts is that

you turned your back
on our friendship.

Donnie, tell her that we...


It's not just about
you and me, Alison.

It's about our kids.

Do you really want to
break up our family?



I have 2 minutes.

2 minutes?

That's all I get,
for 2 years by your side?

Who's that?

Felix Dawkins.

Your lookalike, Sarah
Manning's, foster brother.

Yeah, and?

You visited his place
a few weeks back

with 75 grand in your trunk,

the day I stopped you
from skipping town.

It's all coming back to
the Maggie Chen shooting.

You don't want to go there, Art.

You put the phone in
Maggie Chen's hand.

You helped me make it look
like it was an accident.

I was trying to help my partner.

This is your last chance

to come clean with me, Beth.

We do what we gotta do.


Sarah, you were right.

I was wrong.

Okay, what have you
done with Cosima?

Because this definitely isn't her.

Ha ha.

Okay, listen...

they can tell us apart by our DNA.

That's how they knew
you weren't Beth.

So we're not genetically identical?

We should be,

but there's a synthetic sequence.

I don't know what it is, exactly,

but it's like a barcode, maybe,

- maybe a way to differentiate us?
- Well, that explains

how Olivier knew I wasn't Beth,

but it does not explain

how Leekie knows my name.

He knows who you are?

Yeah, and he knows
we're in contact.

Did you say something to Delphine?

No. Sarah, no. I...

'Cause they're one
step closer to Kira.


Okay, I would never

say anything about you or Kira.

You are the first one of us

to ever even have a child.

I mean, there's not even taxonomy

for the offspring of a clone.

Well, either way, you
got what you wanted,

'cause I'm about to meet Leekie.


Just give him a chance.

You might be surprised.

They care about us.

They... they have to.

Yeah, I was thinking of
putting a gun to his head.

Paul: Sorry for the precautions.

No no, I understand completely.

Hello, Sarah.

Dr. Leekie.

You've gleaned how this works.

There are many questions
I can't answer.

That's not good enough.

I understand your
frustration, but,

like Olivier or Paul,
I only know my part.

So, what is your part?

I oversee data collection

and quantify your well-being.


I look after you.

Not me.

- No.
- Mnh-mnh.

Somehow, you got away.

Jesus Christ. Just tell me why!

What is this all about?

We can go further, Sarah,

much further,

but we need to come to an agreement

on something crucial.


A common enemy,


Olivier said she mentioned
Tomas. Who's that?

Great question,

and one I can answer.

Tomas opposes us.
Science, in general.

They're religious extremists.

Proletheans, they call themselves.

Right, "Neolutionist"
is way better.

[Chuckle] Years ago,
one of their agents

infiltrated our project.

Maggie Chen, the woman Beth shot.


She and Tomas found
Helena in a convent,

then trained a clone
to kill clones.

[Chuckle] Brilliant, really.

That's brilliant, really.

So, what, you want me to kill her?

No, we don't want
to harm her at all.

We want you to bring her in

so we can deprogram her,

get her the help she needs.

You do this,

and we can move forward

with a new understanding.

You and your friends will be free

to live as you choose, no monitors.

Oh, you're going to give us lives?

You've always had lives.

They haven't been
directed, just observed.

Except in your case.

And Helena's.

Helena's been under their care,

which is far, far worse than ours.

Bring her in.

We'll get her the help she needs.


Bonsoir, ma chérie.

I have the truffles
that I promised you.

Are you okay?

Are you?

Well, I was, but...

Delphine Cormier,

not Beraud.

You've already got your doctorate

in immunology, don't you?

I am...

so sorry.

I'm so stupid.

No, no,

no, you're not.

You knew this all along.

Yeah, that transcript you
accidentally left behind,

your fake boyfriend in Paris,

pretending you didn't
know who Dr. Leekie was.

I knew it was bullshit,

but I still thought
you were on my side.

I wanted to trust you.

You can trust me.

You told Leekie I know these girls!

I had to!

Look at me.

He says you're in danger.

Of what?!

You don't know, do you?


Then you're the real
danger, Delphine.

[Knock at door]

Alison, you're only
making things worse.

[Crying] I only want
to talk to Felix.

This is all Aynsley.

She put them up to this.

It's all part of the experiment.

Yes, how do clones
react when ritually

humiliated by friends
and loved ones?





Maybe it's not just Aynsley.

Maybe they're all monitors.

The reverend seems all right.

Actually, he's kind of sexy.

Man of the cloth, and all that.

Felix, what am I going to do?

Put your chin up. Be a woman.

This is backstabbing 101.

I cannot go back out there.

Of course you can.

You're going to face the music,

eat some humble pie,

hug it out, play opossum.

Aynsley's going to think she's won

and you are going to
live to fight another day.



Oh, lord.

Can you help me get my face on?

With pleasure.





Helena still won't answer.

What do you plan to do,

turn her over to Leekie?

I don't know.

I don't know what he's really

going to do with her, do I?

Does that matter?

She came after your daughter.

Yeah, my gut says put a
bullet in her myself, but,

you don't understand
what it's like.

I look at Helena and I see me.

You don't owe her anything, Sarah.

I, um...

I got in touch with my
people back in England,

about where you're really from.


They said they'd get
back to me, but,

they're scared,

as if something is
going on over there, too.

Please, Cosima.

Where are you going?

Why, so you can tell Leekie?

I'm such an idiot!

[Sniffle] What else
did you tell him?


Just the seven names.

Nothing about Kira.

She's an anomaly. You know that?

Delphine, you can use me,

that's fine,

but don't go near that little girl.

I didn't and I won't!

Get out!

Please listen to me.

Just let me tell you
this one thing.

Just listen to me.

I didn't want to fall for you.

I wasn't supposed to.

But I have.

How can I possibly
believe that, Delphine?

Because you feel it!


This is not... it's not a lie.

It's not possible.

You know, I've never
been with a woman before.

Yeah, it showed.



The 23rd, right?

Yeah, east platform, north end.

I was on the other side,
fixing a derailer.

That's her.

What a shame.

That's Beth.

And then this other lady walks up.

Man: That'd be your jumper.

Wait, wait. Rewind that.

Right... stop, right there.


I never saw it from this angle.

[Ring, buzz]

[Ring, buzz]

[Ring, buzz]




You're the only one I
can really turn to.

How do you know it's not a trap?

She was convincing.

It is a trap.

But now you know where she is,

just give her to Leekie.

I'd have to agree with
him, at this point.

And then what? Then
we're partners with Leekie

and then he's going to
find out about Kira.

Tsk. Sarah...

I don't know how I'm
going to play this,

okay? Just...
just give me a minute.

Hey, you're awake.

How do you feel?



You had a big crash,

but you're going to be just fine.

It wasn't Helena's fault.


I went outside to play with her.

She tell you to say this?


She's dangerous.

She's sick in the head and
it makes her want to hurt us.

She just needs your help.

I'm sorry, Kira.

I don't think anybody
can help Helena now.

Meera: Alison,

I saw you in that van with Chad.

My children saw you.

Aynsley: I just wish
you could understand

how much damage you've caused.

I mean, we all trusted you.


you brought us here
today, didn't you?

I care about you, sweetie.

You called all these people

and told them everything.

I'm doing this to help you.

And I thank you.

For scrutinizing every
detail of my life

since the day I moved
into this fishbowl.

You have pried and snooped
and gossiped about me

like I was your own,
personal laboratory subject.

How would you like it

if I turned your life inside out?

If I told all these
people that Chad,

your husband, slept with
the spin-class instructor,

long before me.

Well maybe he acts that way

because you blew the
roofer at the cabin!


Okay, um... Alison, you see...


No more words!

She's right.

This has gone far enough.

Mom, everybody, out, now!

Let's go.

This was your olive
branch and you torched it!

[Singsong] Huge mistake.

[Door slams]

That went very well.

- I think it went well.
- Yeah.

You came.

How is Kira?

You're never going
to see her again.

I would never hurt her.

I wish I could believe you.

Do it.



You care!

No, I don't.

Stay back!

Don't try any shit!

You are all I have now.

[Crying] I love you.

You must be Sarah.

You can't harm her kid!

Harm her? No, never.

The child is innocent.

You are the light, Helena.

You're the original.

You know what that means?

The child is rightfully
your daughter.

- He's lying!
- Helena, Helena.

There's no original.

I told you... we're the same.

Neither of us is the original.

Put her down!

We'll bring the child
home to her real mother.

Helena! Helena.

Look, look...

you know that connection you feel?

[Crying] I feel it, too.

It's us.

She'll say anything
to save herself.

He locked you in a cage!

He lied to you your entire life!

He's going to do that to Kira.

He's going to hurt Kira,

like he hurt you.

You made me this way.


Agh! Aagghh!


I know what you are.

Yeah, I'm the one with the keys.

Maybe I'll give 'em to Dr. Leekie.


Come on.

[Pounding, grunting]

Sarah! Sarah!



Sarah, where are you?

I'm about to give Helena to Leekie.

He knows who I am.
He's going to find out

about Kira, sooner or later.

You can't.

You need to get back
here, right away.

With Helena.

[Pounding] What? Why?

I'll explain when you get here.


[Plaintively] Sarah!

You wanted to see me?


It's about Beth Childs.

I'm sorry.

She said she'd be here.


They didn't show.

Blood is thicker than
you think, Aldous.

Jesus Christ!

How long has Art been
sitting on this?

Just a couple of days, sir.

Really, Angie?

You said by the end of the day.

We're getting an arrest
warrant for Beth Childs.

Lieutenant, Beth's dead.

You need a warrant
for Sarah Manning.

Where's Helena?

I tied her up in the trunk.

What's going on?

Sarah, this is Amelia.


Look at you.


I'm your birth mother.

Yeah, I'm not what you
expected, I'm sure.

I kind of gave up expecting.

I'm sorry to arrive like this, but,

when word came you
were looking for me,

I had to leave cape
town in a hurry.

I was being watched, you see.

After all this time, they...

they found me again.

I was only 22, in a new country.

A wealthy couple asked me to be

their in-vitro surrogate.

They paid me,
provided a flat in London,

a legal arrangement.

But something was off.

The medical tests were excessive

and I overheard the couple

talking with the doctors,

about a child unfettered
by tradition,

an advanced...

evolution, of some kind.


Yeah, but they weren't
a couple at all.

They were scientists.

The child I carried
wasn't meant for them.

I realized the life
inside of me was in danger,

so I ran,

I hid, and gave birth to
the two of you in secret.

The two of us?

Yeah, I had twins.

I knew I couldn't keep you,

so I hid you away...

one to the state and
one to the church.



Who do you work for?

I need to see you privately.

I have something for you.

Mind Amelia.


I found a known associate.

Isn't this place
off-limits to you guys?

- Yes?
- Alison!


Art: Sarah Manning!

Come out with your hands up!
Come out, now!