Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 10 - Endless Forms Most Beautiful - full transcript

Dr. Leekie offers deals to both Alison and Cosima. Sarah meets Rachel Duncan. Delphine tries to make amends. Alison tries to get her life back together. Helena escapes.

- Ready?
- Yes.

I carried you both. I need to see her.

I don't think that nine months of gestation
entitles her to risk us all.

Hey, look! Helena is my twin sister.

- She has a right to know.
- Because you shared a womb?

Helena is dangerous.

She's had her whole world turned inside out.
Just like I have.

How Helena takes this determines
what we do with her.

I need to see you privately.

Away from here.

- What for?
- I have something for you from back then.

About my in vitro treatments.

Okay, I've got a place we can meet.

Helena, this is Amelia.

Your birth mum.

Hey, look! Hey!
You listen to what she has to say!

Or I'll put right back in the trunk
and I'll take you straight to Leekie.

How can you be my birth mother?

Helena, I am birth mother to you both.

Who's here?

Monkey, you're not supposed to be up.

What's the matter, love?

I think something bad
is going to happen again.

Yeah, that's what this is.

A connection.
We were implanted by doctors, all of us.

You split inside me into two baby girls.

And I hid you because
I felt you were in danger.


You're my twin sister.

I don't want to be your sister, meathead!

Look, I just want you to know,
you're not the original.

Got it? You were born of science.

Not of some immaculate womb
or whatever bullshit Thomas fed you.

This is the police!

Shit! Sarah!

- This is your last warning!
- Sit down. You're just visiting.

- Sarah Manning, come out now!
- Sarah Manning, come out!

Put your hands on your head.

Turn around.

Sarah Manning, you're under arrest.

Let's go!

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Orphan Black
01x10 - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Original Air Date - June 01, 2013


I still see Beth.

I didn't kill her, Art.

No, you watched her commit suicide.

And then you went straight for her wallet.

Beckwith finished Jane Doe's
facial reconstruction.

Who's this one?

You've been obstructing this investigation
from the minute you took over Beth's life.

You're the prime suspect, Sarah.

- I didn't kill her, Art!
- You know who did?

We've got your foster brother Felix
in custody for abetting.

And your daughter, she's gonna be one lonely
little girl unless you start talking.

You wouldn't believe it.


Try me.

Good! Slide it out again, go!

Good, come on! Feel it work, go!

Push it up. You got it.

Clap it high. You know what?

Slide it out for two. Here's two.

Slide it to the right again. Go here...

- Yes?
- Alison.

Dr. Aldous Leekie.

- It's a lovely home.
- I'm warning you. I'm armed.

What do you want?

To make amends.

So, you want me to sign a contract.

More like a treaty.

Rules both sides will abide by.

Even though everything
you've done is illegal.

You must think I'm so stupid.

Stupid suburban Alison.

Quite the opposite.

You're a pragmatic and decisive individual.

And now that you're self-aware,

we can start to answer
some of your questions.

I don't want answers anymore.

I want my life back.

I want my family back. I
want my privacy back.

I want you out of my life.

And I want things to be normal again.

I'm so glad you said so.

This enshrines your family's freedom.

Guarantees protection
from the likes of Helena

and ensures you'll be unmonitored.

- Unmonitored?
- Yes.

But in return, you agree
to twice yearly medical testing.

Private and noninvasive.

I don't want to scare you,
but there are health concerns.

Katja's respiratory disorder.

Helena's mental illness.

Regular testing is in
everyone's best interest.

So, read it over.

And discuss it with Sarah and Cosima.

And as a gesture of good faith,
your monitor has been lifted.

She has?

Don't get up.

Purposely misidentified the body
of a police officer?

It was a terrible case
of mistaken identity.

You know, it's fraud by
false representation.

It's two to five with your priors.

I thought it was my sister.

Do you know, Angela Deangelis,
I'm actually quite a fan.

But you really need to get laid.

Yeah, tell me about it.

But all I seem to meet are gay men.

So, public defender then, is it?

We'll get you a real shitty one.

Thank you.


Please don't be alarmed.

I'm beyond alarmed. I'm pissed!

Let me give a lift to your hotel.

I have an offer you may find interesting.

It's your phone.

Well, it's Beth's phone actually.

So, help me wrap my head around this.

Art, if you're hearing this.

We found a body. It's not Beth.

It's me. My name is Sarah Manning.

And, you're about the only person I trust
to figure the whole thing out.

Sarah, my partner killed herself.
I didn't see it coming.

Help me.

Help Beth.

I know you care.

There's a reason
we look exactly the same, Art.


Why the prints match,

and the DNA's all screwed up.

But you have to promise to protect
me and my daughter.

If that's what you need.

I promise.

- Detective, this interview is over.
- What is this?

Sorry, Art.

Miss Manning, I'm your
lawyer, Daniel Rosen.

Unshackle her, please.

Miss Manning
will be leaving with me.

Thank you, gentlemen.
Miss Manning.

This is an employment contract
for the Dyad Institute.

Very generous compensation.
We want to work with you, Cosima.

You've got to be kidding me.

This is your complete sequenced genome.

3.2 billion base pairs.

My offer is the freedom
to study yourself and your sisters.

Unfettered research.

We share the same concerns,

the same questions
about organism stability,

but nobody is more invested
in your own biology than you.

It's yours.

Just think about it.

Where are you taking me?

We had your brother released as well.

Who's we? You work for Dr. Leekie?


Great. Should have known.

Can we have a minute?

You left me hanging with Leekie
when you didn't show up with Helena.

Do you work for Leekie now?

They still have Afghanistan on me.

And why is that?

You changed the game for everyone, Sarah.
Now I can only help you from here.

Listen to what they have to say.

Do I have a choice?

Right. Sarah Manning.

So, my name is Rachel Duncan
and we are going to come to terms.

The agreement defines mutual disclosure

and formalizes contact
with what I call top-side.


So, is this the part where 20 more
of you robot bitches walk in for effect?

You're not an orphan anymore, Sarah.

We found you.

And my role is to transition you
into self-awareness.

Clone fixer. Brilliant.

You know, maybe it's time I just embrace
my clonage and went on Oprah.

We could be famous, you and me.

We're not the enemy.
Helena and her ilk are.

And we're going to help with that.

You wanna help? Why don't you tell me why?

What am I doing, sat here looking at you?
What are we for?

Disclosure is defined herein.

We want your trust.

You want precious answers
that cut to the core of who you are.

But, above all,

I know you want to make the right choice
for Kira.

You're very lucky.

Motherhood is wonderful.

Forces behind Helena
will never stop, Sarah.

The most important thing in this for you,
is protection, for you and your daughter.

No, thanks.

I'll get by on my own.

Scrambling to stay alive?

You'll remain free to live
as you wish with Kira.

Provided for, unmonitored but available.
Call it sovereignty association.

Like I said.

I'm not interested.

Take 24 hours to think about it.

Midnight tomorrow.

They're offering us security.

A truce.

Rachel didn't feel like a truce,
she felt like a gun to the head.

Okay, little reminder.

While you and I were being arrested,
Helena escaped.

Thank you, Felix.

Would you also like to remind me
my birth mum popped around

and Helena's my twin sister?

Jesus Murphy!

- Hey.
- Hi.


Sarah, I so should have listened to you
about Delphine.

You all right?

A career at the Dyad Institute.

Yeah, studying us.

What are you going to do, Cosima?


We have to know our own biology.
That's what this is all about. Right?

Maybe I can help us best from the inside.

I want to know what you are going to do.

Well, I can't trust this
Rachel bitch, can I?

Not if Kira's the first child of a clone.

Scientifically unclassified,
she could be what Rachel is actually after.

Who is Rachel? Can someone tell me,

so she doesn't just show up at my door
and I have no idea who she is?

Um, Amelia said she heard of doctors
back in the day

discussing a child raised by Neolution.

She's a pro-clone.
God, you three are weird enough.

If there won't be any more spies
in my life, if my kids are safe,

I'm sorry, but I have to tell you
I'm inclined to take the offer.

Yeah, that's okay. That's
totally your choice.

Yeah, no judgment.

Shit! Delphine just got off a plane.

Here? Stupid lady bitch.


She wants to help, right?

Just like Art, Paul, and Rachel
and everybody wants to help.

I'm going to Mrs. S's.
I'm going to be there when Kira wakes up.

Okay, Chap-

Yeah, I mean we make our own decisions,
but I wouldn't trust anybody.

- Katja Obinger. German?
- Yeah.

Finally ID'd our Jane Doe
and she falls under federal jurisdiction.

This whole thing reeks.

Hey, you still wanna get
to the bottom of Sarah Manning?

I found a known associate.

I guess my turning point
was when the love of my life,

well, let's just call her Sarah,

Sarah broke up with me
by faking her own death.

Initiating events which began
with the loss of my finger.

Led to various other humiliations

and ultimately to the business end
of a nail gun.

That's when I just said to myself,

"I need help, I need help."


Like I said before, my name's Victor.

I'm an addict, maybe, you know...


Peace out.

- You're moving.
- Yes.

Chad got his own place with the dog and I
got a very handsome offer on the house.

It's the perfect opportunity to get the
kids out of this toxic environment.

That's priceless.

Goodbye, Alison. I'm packing.

- Alison, get out.
- Admit it.

Admit what?

That I organized your intervention?
My bad. Sorry I care.

Dr. Leekie came to see me.

Who? Cray cray!

If it's professional help, I'm all for it.

I want the truth, Aynsley.

The truth is that you screwed my husband

and I'm moving because of you!

Look at this. Yours.

Gifts from my best friend.

A felt Christmas angel?

I made that!

- Yeah?
- Yes.

Well, to hell with you
and your Christmas angel.

You... You turned this whole thing
around on me because you're jealous.

You're barren and you can't have
your own children!

My God.

Alison, help.

Alison, help.






- Nice speech.
- Yeah, I'm moved, personally.

Hey, isn't this place off
limits to you guys, you know...

Sacred ground or something?

Not if you got an outstanding warrant
for selling stolen meat.

No, smoked pork.

I didn't know it was stolen.

You know what, that's lame.

But I'll take the collar.

Hey, come on, come on, man.

- I'm trying to turn my life around.
- All right, okay.

So then give us something useful
on your femme fatale Sarah Manning.

Of course, Sarah.

Step nine of the program,
I got to suck it up and apologize

for shit that I did to
her, you believe that?

But since she's not gonna apologize back...

Last time I saw Sarah,
she was playing housewife in the suburbs.

Husband, kids, minivan, whole shebang.

That... That isn't Sarah Manning, is it?


That is another person entirely.

You got to be freaking kidding me.

When police come, Mommy goes away.

No, darling, not this time. She's back.

To keep us safe from Helena.

Don't worry about Helena, Kira, okay.

I don't, she's not a real monster.

Okay, we're gonna have to hide this bag.

We might have to go on a trip,
but you can't tell anybody.


Not even Mrs. S.

It's a secret, yeah.

- Promise?
- Okay.

Do you have a spare toothbrush?

- Go get it.
- Go.

Where are you off to?

Meeting Amelia.

You all right?

Just edgy
with Helena in the wind.


Sarah, mind Amelia.

Why? It's true, right?
That she's my birth mum?

Yeah, it... it all seems to track, just...

- She didn't raise you.
- Yeah, I know.

You did.

It was all a long time ago.

You all right?

Yeah, yeah. Sorry.

Now I get it.

Um, is Cosima...

It's Delphine.

She's got baggage-

You know, if Sarah were here,

she'd kick your wormy ass.

I promise you I did not tell Leekie
about Sarah's child.

What difference does it make?

Why are you here?

Because I...

Because Leekie is a liar.

And I think you can prove it scientifically
with that,

your synthetic sequence.

He gave me my whole genome.

Yes, but you...

You can't find that sequence anymore,
can you?

He would have scrubbed it.



I'm on your side now.

Please believe me.

You need to trust someone.

I think the sequence is...

A message, um...

Like a...

Dr. Craig Venter

watermarked his synthetic DNA.

It's... It's a key to our origins.

May I?


Thank you for meeting me, Sarah.

- Drink?
- Just water.

That poor child, Helena...

How can two fates be so different?

You two are like... night and day.

Thank you.

I'm sorry to bring you such burdens,
but I must warn you, Sarah.

Your foster mother, Mrs. S,

she's not who she says she is.

I have something you should see.

How did scientists put babies inside you?


You gave me to them.

You let them make me this way.

Helena, what have you done?

We missed you, sister.
Come join us.


Donnie, I...

Ali. Ali, you're shaking.

I'm a horrible person.

No, no, honey. I am.

I let those people in our home.

They had no right
to intervention you like that.

They don't know the real you.

Judas Priest, what have I done?

No, no. No, no, no.

Doesn't matter.

We can put it all behind us.

- Every little bit of it.
- Really?



Okay, here's the synthetic sequence.

And this is the differentiated portion.

Yes, this is, an encrypted ID tag,
it's how they tell you apart.

Okay. But how to decode it?

I have four nucleotides to work with.

G, C, T and A.

And no idea how they are encrypted,
I mean there's thousands of permutations.

- And we are running out of time.
- Yes, but I know your tag number.

- You do?
- Yes, I saw it many times.

It's numeric so,

if we know how that translates
then we can figure out the rest.

Okay, what is it?

It's 324B21.

Right. I'm 324B21.

I'm sorry.

Well, let's run these letters
through a decryption program.




None of these results match the ID tag.

Okay. Okay, think. We're molecular encoding

from 30 years ago.

Yes, but we're looking at it from now.

Of course, they weren't coding

They used whole base pairs?

Not four letters but two. AT and GC.

Ones and zeros.


They were coding in ASCII.




Keep pressure. I'm gonna get you help.

What's this?

Your foster mother.

She what? She what?

Foster mother.


She what?

My twin.


I'm sorry. Mother isn't very well.

She's dead. You psycho.

You killed someone
I've been dreaming about my whole life.

She separated us.

She tore us apart.

But now we're together.

No, we're not. You're nothing to me.

Just some crazy bitch wearing my T-shirt.

London Calling.

Scientist made one little baby
and then we split in two.

So, I cannot kill you, sister.

Like you could not kill me.

Sarah, we make a family. Yes?

I've already got a family.

Okay, moment of truth.

It's your ID tag. You cracked it.

Let's see what else there is.

Okay. C-A-G-T-G-T.

Rachel Duncan.

It's Sarah.

Yes, Sarah.

I wanna know my daughter won't
have to live like this.

We can do that.

I'm coming in.

One down, two to go.

What's going on over there?

None of our business.

Your track suit?

I'm going for a jog.

I've been a lump. You deserve better.

I feel like a weight has been lifted.

- All right.
- Okay.

- Here we go.
- Bye.

- See you in a bit.
- Be safe.

I will.

Going up?

- Sarah.
- Don't.

You asked me what happened in Afghanistan.

I was a private contractor.

I killed six marines, friendly fire.

They covered it up.

That's what they have on me.

If you were born outside their control,

what do they really have on you?

- Yeah.
- Sarah, you can't make a deal.

- Why not?
- Any freedom they promise is bullshit.

They're liars. That synthetic sequence,
the bar code I told you about.

It's a patent.

- A Patent?
- We're property.

Er... Our bodies are biology.

Everything we are, everything we become
belongs to them.

Sarah, they could claim Kira.

They patented us.

Back on track, I think.

It's the seven year itch. It's not easy.

She's not easy.

You know what to do.

This organism and derivative
genetic material is restricted

intellectual property.

I'm sick, Delphine.