Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling - full transcript

Red and the others weigh their options. Gloria wrestles with her conscience as she moves forward with a plan. Lorna takes over the pharmacy.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This must be what the
Maasai tribesmen feel like

after they've speared an elephant.

Except white men aren't exactly
an endangered species,

and this animal is going to wake up.

Ah, he'll be out for a couple hours.

- Where the hell are we?
- It's a long story.

- What do we do when he wakes up?
- We torture him into a confession.

Don't you think that we have
all already suffered enough

in service of your revenge scheme, Red?

Did he do that to you?

I think you need to go lie down.

- I'm fine.
- You are not fine. No one here is fine.

You don't look so good either, Red.

Yeah, Red, that terrifying clown look?
Doesn't really work on anybody.

- You have something to restrain him?
- Something? I got everything!

But we should move him.

Let's get him down into the pool so
we have room to work, just in case.

Girls, give me a hand. We'll carry him.

- Yeah, I'll get right on that.
- You know my right knee is for shit.

It's difficult for me to condone
violence, even if it's him.

Nicky, please.

If we don't get his confession,
this was all for nothing.

Don't make me beg.

How many times has this woman
been there for you, huh?

Even if it's just an extra
fucking cup of Jell-O.

And, yes, she is withholding,

and not the archetypical mother you
spent your whole life wishing you had.

Regardless, we ain't gonna
get through this shit alone.

See, that much I know.

Why don't you go upstairs and get
some Tylenol or something, okay?

And I will deal with this.

- I'm fine...
- Go.

On my count.

One, two...

Three years without a Pap
smear, Ms. Figueroa.

I figured it's healthier for
Duchess to go without 'em

than to subject her to that old
pervert they be calling a doctor.

You know what he did
the one time I went?

There I am... legs spread... breeze
blowin' through my south half.

He's standing there, a good
five feet away, lookin' at me.

He ain't even close enough to see nothin'
where he's supposed to be lookin'.

And you know what he say?

"Shame about your legs.

At least they let women
wear pants these days."

And now I know the fucker blind 'cause
I got some fine-ass legs right here.

I hate myself for asking...

I really, really do. But... Duchess?

Yeah. 'Cause my nay-nay be noble.

- Of course.
- You ain't got a name for yours?

What are the chances of
getting a cup of coffee?

Hey, Mr. C...

Your girlfriend got a
name for her pussy?


Go fuck yourself, Joe!

And she's not my girlfriend.

Okay, I got to know where
this one come from.

I told you mine.

Yo, you tell me, then we'll see
about getting you some, uh, coffee.

Tracy Loomis and I were best friends

until she went through puberty
before me and got more popular

because it was rumored that she
let David Rosen titty fuck her.

So I named it after her

because my vagina's a bitch.

She is not wrong.

That's some weird shit, Ms. Fig.

For real, though. I mean,
just let the girl...


it has been 12 hours and we
haven't gotten anywhere.

- Your point was?
- Healthcare.

Do you know what happens
when we get sick?

A CO decides if it's essential or not.

A man who don't know or
care nothin' about us

tells us if we sick enough
to go to the doctor.

And if it ain't essential,
you gotta lie in your bunk,

hoping that your fever
don't get too high,

or you gotta find a friend who can
afford Tylenol from commissary.

Look... last year, a girl
had an infected tooth

and it took so long for a
guard to take her serious,

that the infection grew and now
she blind in one of her eyes!

Yeah, that's right. She a damn
pirate 'cause of this place.

So you tell me that an emergency
trip to the ER ain't more expensive

than getting us decent
care in the first place.

- She's right, you know.
- Oh, shut up, Joe. Jesus.

Fine, I will make it happen.

You win healthcare.

Now can someone get me a
goddamn cup of coffee?

I am right on it...

Tracy. Sorry.

I think I should slap you
and then you could slap me.

I don't let nobody hit me.

But it's like a sleep fighter.

Gets your adrenaline goin' or some shit.

- Yeah?
- Adorefins.

- Do it gotta be the face?
- Hmm. Not really sure.

But when my moms would try
to keep my stepdad up,

it was always the face.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- What I told you about that shit?
- What happened?

I can't help when I sleep
fart. It just slips out.

Ugh, that's disgusting.

- What's going on?
- Don't worry, I got it.

You, long pants. Let's go.

Aren't all pants long?

- Didn't you hear me? I said let's go.
- I don't understand, I was...

Hey, did I say you could talk?

Let's go. I'm taking him to the Poo.

Let's go. Close the door.
Keep your eyes on them.

They're up to something.
I could feel it.


She maybe got good potential.

We got ourselves an intern.

What's up now?

You feel them adorefins?


- Did you sleep?
- No.

I'll go get us some coffee.

I broke the vase.


The vase... the one in your bedroom.

It was, like, green
or blue or something?

That was a long time ago.

I made Benny say it was his fault.

I told him I'd take his
Spider-Man if he told you.

You know what I remember?

At the pool...

You must have been nine or ten.

Benny sat and watched you and your friends
dive off the diving board all day.

He wouldn't even swim. Just watched you.

And then right before
it was time to leave,

he ran over and climbed up.

And I thought, finally... the boy
has found his guts, you know?

But when he got to the end...

He froze.

- And what did you do?
- I went to get him.

You took his hand, counted to three...

and you jumped together.

That's what I remember.

Also the slap on the water
when he landed on his back,

and the crying, and...

But he went holding your hand.

You taught him how to be brave.

- If he dies...
- He's not gonna die.

- But he...
- He's not going to die.

I wish Mom was here.

Me, too, bubbaloo.

You want milk and sugar?

Yo, I thought we were
taking him to Medical.

We can't. Don't know how
Medical gonna help a dead man.

- Then where we going?
- Man, hell if I know.

This is a bad idea.

Then come up with a better idea,
Your Majesty, Queen of the Obvious.

This is that place.

Some things happened.

There's a lot of feelings
in this place. A lot.

Oh! Yo, she like accidental genius
sometimes, swear to God. Yeah!

Leave him just for now, right? Too
long and that shit's gonna stank.

What the fuck?

- He died?
- Oh, no.

For real? You shut the fuck up!

I mean, you keep flappin'
your big ass lips,

and our whole peace in the
Middle East thing? Canceled.

No, no, no, no, no.

- No, you lied to me.
- No, I didn't...

You lied!

- He died!
- Don't...

- Shut the fuck...
- Lying is very bad.

- Dying is very, very bad.
- Oh. Suzanne.

Suzanne, I'm gonna need you
to calm down, all right?

You're a liar, liar, pants on fire!

You've all been fed a bunch of lies.

I mean, they wanna put labels on you,
like crazy, psycho, deranged stalker.

But we're not gonna let
them do that, are we?


Because there is nothing wrong with you.

You are perfect, just the way you are.

It really is about getting
up in the morning,

looking in that mirror and
sayin', "Self, you're great."

That, and a little bit of lipstick,
that is all the medicine you need!

Go on, get out of here. Go on!

What if your self still has a headache,
even after you tell it, "You're great"?

Well, I hadn't, uh, considered
that particular situation.

This is more of an anti-depressant,
anti-psychotic kinda theory.

- So can I have an Advil or something?
- Well, I can't see why not.

As long as it doesn't
affect your self-esteem.

You know, I gotta say,
you seem real nice.

Aw, well, thank you.

- Now, what is your name?
- Kasey.

Well, Kasey, it is very,
very nice to meet you.

Likewise. It's cool when
people surprise you, you know?

I guess I assumed La Loca...

I mean, that's "batshit"
in spic language,

but here you seem real normal and nice.

Oh, my mistake.

Looks like we're all
out of Advil. Sorry.

Crazy fuckin' dago!

- Move along!
- Jeez!

Someone on that side

is not carrying their weight, literally.

Hey, I was upfront about my knee issue.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch his head.

Fuck his head.

Okay, ready?

One... two... three!

Fuck yeah.

Sisterhood is powerful.


He deserves it.

Yeah. Call me crazy, but the morality
of this particular situation,

uh, it just sort of makes it tricky
to define who deserves what.

Kind of a gray area, if you will.

Here, let's put him in the chair.

- One, two, three!
- Two, three.


Thank you, girls.

So, again, we're all just totally fine

with the fact that we're inside of
an empty pool right now, right?

Like, nobody wants to talk about that.

Yeah, I don't know if
rope will be enough

to keep him properly
propped. Let me look around.

How come you have all his toys?

Did you build a secret bunker?

- Piper, help push him back up, would you?
- No, absolutely not.

Nicky's motivational
speech got us this far,

but I am not going to be a
part of whatever this is.

I won't do anything he doesn't deserve.

Wow, there it is again, huh?

We're just really playing fast and
loose with that word today, huh?

This should do the trick.

You're gonna abandon everything
we're trying to do here?

The mattresses are made out of vinyl.

And let's get serious. You know that some
of us needed a shower anyway, right?

Right, sucia?

Oh, don't give up so easy, you know?
It's a storm. It's gonna pass!

We heard negotiations
are going real good.

- What?
- Healthcare and better food,

and maybe even Beyoncé
gonna come say hi to us.

- Huh?
- You don't wanna miss out on that!

Beyoncé ain't comin' to Litchfield!

How dare you doubt her?

Look! Look, guys, come on!

- Move. Just walk.
- Take Dixon or Josh. Why is it me?

- Fuck.
- Doesn't make...

- Shut up!
- I'm the nice one!

- Get in.
- Please...

Hey, now that I'm in here and everything,
can you please tell me what I did?


- Pardon?
- You didn't do nothing, all right?

I got a plan. Just... Fuck.

Just... just... Just trust me.

Oh, yeah, I have literally
zero idea why I would do that,

seeing as how you just locked
me in a shithole for no reason!

Listen. You gotta be patient and wait.
I'm gonna get you out of here soon.

Oh, wow. That is less than specific.

All right, listen. Do me a favor.

When I tell you it's time, go
with it. Please. Hey, got it?

Yeah, no idea what you mean
when you say, "Go with it."

Oh, shut up!

And get ready. Fuck!

So lonely.

He's not in there anymore,
okay? It's just his body.

- His soul is in a better place now.
- He's in heaven, Suzanne.

Hey, Cindy Rubenstein... you
don't believe in heaven.

I believe you're referring
to the modern cultural Jew

who typically doesn't believe in a
stringent concept of heaven and hell.

However, historically,

Judaism does subscribe to the idea
of Olam Ha-Ba, the world to come.

Converts are always the worst.

Y'all think they'll let us into
heaven after we've been in prison?

Maybe this is not the
time for this, yeah?

It's something I think about.

- Is Poussey in heaven?
- Of course she is, honey.

In my faith, we call it paradise.

Hmm. I bet you she's up there right now,

having a heck of a time
looking down at us,

laughing about this mess
we got ourselves in.

Wait, so, the dead bad
person is up there with her?

In the paradise-heaven-better-place?

- Absolutely not.
- Well, she said he's in a better place.

You... you...

He is. It's just a different better
place than the one that P's in.

Wait, so you can be a bad person and
still end up in the better place?

Okay, look. Nobody knows, all right?

It's just shit people say to
make each other feel better.

Oh, it's too much! It's too much death!

It's too much. And... and you're
all lying, lying, lying, lying!

You liars! Oh, God!

Too much death! Too much, it's too much!

That's right! You're liars.

You lie. You lie!

Too much! Too much death! Too much!

All right, what you wanna do
is keep 'em on their toes.

Yeah, you gotta mess with their brains.

- Why is your face all red?
- Oh, I slapped her to stay awake.

But we good now. We got something
better. Yo, check this out.

Go, go, go. All right, so, see this?

You take your coffee,
then you take your card.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. And you
gonna line that bitch up, right?

You gotta get yourself a pen,
take it apart like this. You see?

All right.

Watch, watch.

Oh, fuck!

We found an extra can
in somebody's locker.

Fuck, we could've used that
shit in the coffeehouse.

But you know what? Well, fuck
it. I'm livin' in the now.

Fuck. Shit. Is my nose bleeding?

Just a little. But whatever.
Yo, let me do a line.

Come on, come on. Fuck
it. Grab that shit.

Watch this shit.

It's amazing.

The more it hurts, the doper
the... the high, right?

- Totally.
- I think y'all crazy.

Excedrin work just as
good and it don't hurt.

- The pain lets you know that you're alive.
- I know I'm alive.

- You were talkin' about the guards, right?
- Yeah, right.

You gotta fuck with 'em.

- Oh, man, this is my favorite.
- Yo.

You know how this goes.

Ain't gonna happen unless
you all looking at me.

I need ten eyes, right here.

The slick one ain't looking yet.

I can stand here all day waiting,

so you better get your
dude over there in line.

The longer we wait, the
more of you going to Poo.

"Two Girls, One Cup." It's a
classic, but still hard to beat.

No. Fuck this.

- This is bullshit!
- Uh-oh, we got a rebellion.

- Oh, I got this.
- This ain't doin' shit!

You didn't learn your lesson
from your friend earlier?

What lesson? There ain't no lesson here!

Just a bunch of sociopaths
torturing us, and for what?

You think getting better food is
gonna make you not a criminal?

The world already considers
y'all a pile of garbage,

and that was before you went and held
a bunch of innocent people hostage.

You think people will
be on your side now?

You, with the boobs. You, too.

- Me?
- No, her.

One of you has an opinion, the rest
of you are gonna suffer for it.

I was just sitting here. I
didn't do anything. Please.

I'll stare at the shit eaters some more.

What do you want me to
do? I'll do anything.

- Out. Now!
- What?

Damn it, Dixon.

- Come on.
- You're a fucking idiot.

Can't let them get too
comfortable, right?

Nice job, Mendoza. Mental
warfare, I like it.

Yeah, you a good student. Z,
help her down to the Poo.

Nah. We'll be just fine.

- Ay!
- Ooh!

Get in!

Move it! Move. Move, move, move, move!

Get in!



Fuck yeah! Fuck!

Now, can someone tell me how throwin'
someone in a room by themselves

and denying them access to
sunshine and other people

teaches them any kinda lesson?

- That's what I thought.
- Psst!

Man, how you gonna mess
up my rhythm like that?


Pardon me one second, would you?

Yo, you was killin' it in there!

Yeah. I know.

That's why this better be
motherfuckin' important.

Look, we got a... a little problem.

Great, it's a little problem.
Little means you can handle it.

Oh, no, no, no. Mmm-mmm.

We got a dead guard and
Suzanne is freaking out.

- Are you fucking serious?
- I know, man.

I know, it's bad! Come
on, I'll take you...

No, you misunderstand.

You think I got time to
handle more bullshit?

I'm in there busting my ass,

trying to make shit better
for all of us by myself,

and you bringing me some nonsense?
That Suzanne is freaking out?

Well, spoiler alert. That's
what the fuck she does.

She freaks out!

Look, I ain't got no magic
Suzanne wand. Just deal with it.

Look, but... Whoa, whoa,
maybe you missed the part...

about the dead guard?

Oh, you mean the part where you
thought it would be a good idea

to run up in here and tell me some shit

that can make this whole thing
fall apart if somebody heard you?

You smart, man. You a damn genius.

You ain't got to be mean
about it. Shit, man!

Do you get what's going on here?

- Oh.
- Do you understand what's at stake?

This ain't a game, yo. This is our life.

What's going on in there is gonna
change the lives of hundreds of women.

And maybe if we do this right, other
prisons will listen, too, all right?

We got a chance to really change things.

And I'm in there tryin'
to make a difference,

and you know what?

I'm good at it. I'm getting somewhere.

So you tell me what's more important...

one girl who can't handle not
getting her breakfast on time

or the rest of us who is in here
tryin' to survive every day?

That's what I thought.

Live on the scene here
at Litchfield Prison.

No new activity in the last few
hours. We are still awaiting any...

- Hey, I was watching that!
- And I was turning it off.

You better get your
booty to the bus stop.

If the bus leaves without
you, you got a long walk.

And I'm not writing no late-excuse
letters to the school.

It's like you don't even care about her.

- Who?
- See? Cindy. My sister?

Your daughter. She's in
that jail that's going off,

and you're pretending
she don't even exist.

I care about her very much.

- You're not worried?
- Honey...

I didn't tell you before because
I didn't want you worrying,

but Cindy's not in that place.

She was transferred to another
facility a couple of months back.

And I'm sorry for keeping it from you.

She got transferred?

Yeah, something about behavior
infractions. I don't know.

Point is, she's all right and you
don't have to worry about her.

Focus on school, okay?

She got transferred?

Where did you get that?

It doesn't matter. You're a fucking liar.

You watch your language!

- Why should I listen to anything you say?
- Because I am your... your mother!

- I wish you weren't.
- Well, sometimes I wish that, too.

- Found the pliers.
- Wonderful.

- You're actually going to torture him?
- Nothing he hasn't done to us.

Yeah, but he's a monster. You're... Red.

You know what, kids?

I believe I've had, uh, quite
enough fun for a while.

And blood? It's not
really my thing, so...

Boo out.

This man is no better than we are,

and yet he gets to roam free and
make our lives a living hell?

Because the system that
condemns us protects him?

This is insane. I need
to go check on Alex.

All right, Piper, come on. We can't
just leave her down here alone.

Oh, yes, you can. Leave
me here. Go, all of you.

I'm a big girl and I don't
need your moral elitism.

- Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Oh, oh, okay.

Okay. Oh, boy, that really undercut
your whole independent lady thing, huh?

Norma, you bitch!

Impressive. Girl scout?

All right, uh, give me a
hand over here, right?

I wish that we could go back
to the us from two days ago

and let them know that this
is where we were gonna be.

- Blanca, you'll carry the torch, yes?
- Actually, Red, I'm pretty tired.

All right, let's pretend we're
at a Jewish wedding, right?

One, two, three!

I hate all of you.

Aw, we hate you back, Red, but with love!

- Hey!
- You came back!


I should get kidnapped and held
hostage by a psychopath more often.

I've had a lot of guys make a lot
of excuses for disappearing on me,

but that by far is the most
ridiculous one I've ever heard.

Okay. I'll work on it.

Hey, girl, what happened to your face?

- Your friend, the feral one?
- Ah.

She's mad at me. She thinks
I stole you or something.

Is that what's going on
here, Miss Von Barlow?

Are you trying to steal me away?

- What happened to your suit?
- Oh. Yeah.

Victim of the riot.

I really liked that suit.

Yeah, well, you should
see me in suspenders.


Come here.

- Oh!
- What?

How can I put this politely?

Have you been rolling around in a pile
of horse shit since I've been away?

I had to hide in the Poo to
escape a Mexican mongoloid!

Wow, I don't even know which part
of that is the most offensive.


Oh, God.

How about I get you a nice hot shower?

Oh, my God, that would be so nice.

Well, I happen to know a place.


Hello? I need Suzanne Warren's
medication. All of 'em.

Oh, she doesn't take those anymore.


Yeah. As a pretend licensed
medical professional,

I made an uneducated but still
very thoughtful decision,

- and I took her off those.
- The fuck?

She's sick. She needs her medication.

No. No, no, no! No.

That is the problem around
here. You are the problem.

Okay, she is not sick.

She is wonderful and beautiful and unique

and just because her brain doesn't think
like everybody else's around here,

doesn't mean we should
stuff her full of pills.

- Do you know why we do that to people?
- Hmm?

So we can feel more comfortable,

so we don't have to deal with anyone who
isn't what we think they should be.

I mean, who... who's to say
what normal is, anyway?

Look, Professor Fakey Pants,

I don't know what normal is,
but I know it ain't you.

And because you took these medical
decisions into your own hands,

Suzanne is freaking the fuck out
and we can't get her to calm down.

So, now, I'm gonna need the medication.

What's she take?

No, that is confidential
patient information!

Whoo! You are runnin'
hard on the psycho path,

but maybe it's time to
take a water break.

No! No, no, no, no, no! No,
you can't touch those.

What are you doing? Put those down!

- You can't take that!
- Look...

sometimes the greater good matters
more than one raving lunatic.

Now her crazy is puttin' us all at risk and
scarin' the fuck out of me personally.

Uh-uh! Get... the fuck... out of my way!

Spread the word. This bathroom is
off-limits for at least an hour.



You know, if I close my eyes,

this is exactly like the
Serenity Day Spa in Utica.

Except for the faint notes
of shit and piss in the air.

Utica? I thought you
were from Connecticut.

You know, it is a little
known fact about Connecticut

- that we actually also have a Utica.
- Mmm.

Yeah, it's near New Haven.

Well, now, aren't you just a little
bundle of Connecticut trivia?

I kill at trivia night.

In Connecticut.

Specifically in Connecticut. Mmm.

Fuck, would you look at me? I'm
all giggly and gay for you.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure
you're gay all the time.


I'm just not typically "gay" gay.

Aw, are you gonna pass me a note
and ask me if I like you now?

God. I love it when you're a bitch.

It's just so... me.

Mmm. That's what
relationships are, right?

- Hmm?
- Well, it's just finding someone who...

Reflects those parts of yourself
that you want everyone else to see.

It's narcissism, but
in a prettier package.

Well, then I guess I want everyone
to see that I'm a hot piece of ass

with a big set of brass balls
and a mouth to back them up.

I've never felt so seen.

- Fresh towel?
- That sounds lovely.

Great. Be right back.

A prize!


What'd you find, babe?


that mildew stain on
the wall, it's, uh...

Looks like a set of tits, doesn't it?


Yeah, I can totally kind of see that.

Looks like I missed out on all the fun.

Guess you're real committed
to your team, huh?

All it took was a little rain
to get your ass back in here.

What the fuck happened to all the guards?

Gloria been kicking their asses!

She been sending them
shitheads to the Poo all day.

It's been mad entertaining.

Yeah, she's like Scarface or some shit.

Nah, she's like that dude
in the karate movie,

the one with the kid! What's it called?

- Karate Kid.
- Right.

'Cause we like the old dude
who's been teaching her.

Hey, why do you guys
care about this thing?

The real question is, why don't you?

You know this means we're
in here forever now, right?

We're never getting out after this.

Yo, this is our time, man.

These days is all we got.

Rest of our lives, people
gonna treat us like garbage.

But right now, people are
listening. Right now, people care.

You wanna miss out your chance
to change some shit around here?

You wanna sit out the one
time that you got real power?

Take some fucking responsibility,
so when all this is over,

you can say that you stood
up and did something.

Be a fucking role model
to your kids and shit.

Or at least don't get your ass
kicked by the rest of us.

Hey, guys! It's Flaritza with
your favorite beauty tips!

Ladies, hair is your most valuable tool.

Got a lazy eye?

Just like that, boys will think you're
mysterious instead of cross-eyed!

Forehead looking like a sixhead?


You sit the fuck down before I rip
your eyeballs out one by one!

Got it?


You sit the fuck down before I rip
your eyeballs out one by one!

Got it?

Yo, hostility is not a good look.

Sorry, guys. We'll be back
soon with a chiller vibe.

Will someone untie me already?

Are you gonna run back down there?

- Yes.
- Then no.

You can't stop me from taking him down.

Maybe instead of continuing to obsess
over this whole revenge thing,

you could, I don't know,

uh, look around at the consequences of
your drug-fueled actions and apologize.

For what?

So we're still in the
denial phase. Noted.

This is sort of all your fault, Red.

Oh, don't be ridiculous. Nothing
is ever one person's fault.

You and your heavy-browed minion
over there lured him in here.

I got them shaped. I look more like
Brooke Shields than Frida Kahlo now.

I don't know who the
fuck Brooke Shields is,

but that's what Flaritza said.

Look, we were trying to help all of you.

By inviting a bloodthirsty,
armed maniac into the prison?

By making his crimes public

and ensuring that he
never works here again.

None of this sounds insane to you
now that you're off the drugs?

I didn't know they were
drugs. She lied to me!

- Please, you lied to yourself.
- She ain't wrong.

We were just sitting here,
minding our own business...

Selfishly hoarding all of these supplies.

It's not our fault we're
enjoyable company...

and Frieda invited us.

There's also that part where the
two of you made us look like

radical Islamic terrorists
on the news. Remember that?

Uh-uh. I went back downstairs.

I think that we're starting to
split hairs here a little bit.

Don't even start with
us, you Cheeto stealer!

Don't you laugh at me.

What? You were all "ra-ra
riot" for a while there.

Piper "Pussy Riot" Chapman.

You know, at least she was
doing something, huh?

That's right. At least
I was doing something.

Where were you when your mother
was popping her little helpers?

Hey, look, lady, some of us
were trying to stay out of it

while others of us were
cutting the electricity

to the entire fucking prison!

But who can really say
what's worse, am I right?

I was trying to help!

Don't intentions count for
anything? And it's back, right?

She was saying intentions
count for something.

We were trying to bring
Piscatella over here!

- Oh, shit. You put them in together?
- Ain't got room otherwise.

You are fire, yo.

Oh, you see that?

Yeah, I'll be right back.

- Lourdes?
- Gloria.

They're taking him into surgery.

If you want to talk to
him first, I thought...

maybe he can hear you.

Yes, yes, eh...

- You'll hold the phone to him?
- Yes. Go ahead.


Hi, baby.

I know you don't like it when I call
you that, but you're still my baby.

And everything's gonna be okay, you
hear me? It's gonna be all right.

The doctors, they're
gonna take care of you,

and I'mma be there real soon.

I'mma be there when you wake up.

I got a plan... and I'mma be right
next to you before you know it.

Mama's coming for you.

Until I get there, I need you
to... I need you to fight.

You put up those fists and you fight.

I ain't never gonna tell you that again
after this, but today... today...

Today, you fight. You fight like hell!

I love you. I love
you, Benjamin Mendoza.

I love you so much. I love
you more than my life.

I would trade places with you. I would
trade places with you if I could.

I love you.

You there? I'm sorry, did I cut you off?

No, no. It's fine.

They're here to take him down. I'll
call you as soon as I know anything.

Lourdes. Thank you.

You okay?


Yeah, I'm all right.

You sure?

My kid is in the hospital.


- Sorry.
- Yeah.

It's ironic, you know? I'm
this fucking criminal...

but I never thought about killing
anyone until I had Pepa.

And then suddenly...

there was this tiny
little girl that I made.

And when I looked at her...
when I saw her little feet,

I knew I would do anything for her.

I would murder someone if I had to.

Releasing the hostages so
you could see your son,

is that worse or better
than killing somebody?

What the hell are you talking about?

I made a deal.

Head of MCC say he will give me furlough

if I released the hostages
and ended all of this.

Are you serious?

- How the fuck...
- I'mma take 'em to the Poo...

I'mma cut a hole in that fence and
I'mma run. I'mma run like hell.

You're running with them?

- Yeah, yeah. That's the plan.
- Shit.

You a brave motherfucker.

Bitches in here would lynch
me, not call me brave.

Look, I don't give a shit
about this thing, all right?

So if you ask me, you brave.

You fuckin' brave.

You do what you gotta do, you know?

You don't owe nothing to no one in here.

- Really?
- You ain't doing nothing

every woman in here wouldn't do
if she had the chance, so...

Hope it works.


What are you doing? She loves those.

She don't need all that sugar, Ma.

Ay. You're too strict with her.

You let me have that
crap when I was little?

No. But it's different.
She's my grandbaby.


Aw! Look how cute!


Hi. Hi, hello.


She's beautiful.

- Is she yours?
- Yeah.

What's her name?

- Pepa.
- Pepa.

Hi, Pepa. Your father's very handsome.

Aren't you a lucky little girl?

He's single.

Have a nice day.


Yeah. You, too.

Why do you always do that?

- Do what?
- Ignore girls.

- I don't need no girl, Ma.
- You do.

And don't think I don't know
what you're doing, huh?

Waiting around for Maria.
Hoping she's coming back.

Nothing's too good for my son.
Only jailbait criminals for him.

Don't call her that again.

Do you mind?

But of course.

Oh, God.

I wonder when this insanity is gonna end.

Why? Do you have some important
prison business to get back to?


But, uh, it's gotta end sometime,
right? This can't go on forever.

Yeah, well, Attica
lasted, what? Four days?

I say they'll come in here and kill us all
if we don't surrender within 24 hours.

There are innocent people in here.

I mean, I don't even belong...
I mean, there are...

There are people in here that
didn't do anything, you know.


Oh, I'm sorry... sweetheart.

That's okay. Just... be gentle.

Oh, I'll be gentle.

Are you okay? You're acting weird.

- Weird?
- Yeah.

Hmm. That's strange. I
wonder how that could be.

I mean, it's not like I've
been lied to, led on,

or happen to be sleeping with the enemy.


That is not...

- I... I didn't...
- Didn't what?

Sneak in here undercover for
the outside, you fucking mole!

No, I really didn't do that.

And the only thing you haven't
lied about is being a cunt.

- Please. This is a huge misunderstanding.
- Really?

'Cause I'm pretty clear about
Caputo's dick in your mouth.

No, I... have a narrow jaw.
That's... not the point.

Please, just... Okay.

If you just listen to me, I
promise you, I promise you,

I will tell you the truth, okay?

Okay, it's...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Jesus, come on! What is wrong with you?

That's enough!

Look at yourselves.

Fighting. Yelling. And breaking my shit.

Sorry about the chess board, Frieda.

We're supposed to be the good guys.

- How did we get here?
- Speed.

- Pot.
- Power does weird things to people.

You know, I... I think not sleeping
or eating while also being,

you know, kidnapped and tortured might
have just something to do with it.

Also, we're in the middle
of overthrowing a prison.

Still not completely clear on
the trajectory of that one.

- Thank you, Norma.
- Okay. Now what?

We need to establish a rationing system.

And try to hold on to our dignity.

Does someone want the other half of
this because, uh, if not, you know...

If we're not gonna torture Piscatella,
what the hell are we gonna do with him?

We're gonna keep him tied up
until this thing is over...

and then we'll hand him over.

I can't believe that man
is going to walk free.

Uh... would this help?

No! Stop it!

Oh, I've had enough of
this insubordination.

You are federal inmates...

Holy shit! Gina, you magical nymph!

I stand corrected.

This totally makes up for
the electricity thing.

Fuckin' A!

To you exactly what you
are doing to us right now!

You both look great in those curtains.


Please get down. Just stop it.

That's... that's...
that's not how it works!

I think we gotta be firmer with her.

Yo! Stop! Yo! Yo! You better
get your ass down here

before the rest of these
bitches throw it down for you!

What the hell is happening?

- She's trying to find heaven.
- Say what now?

It's like she's
hallucinating or something.

- Man, where's Taystee?
- I got this.

I don't wanna be here anymore!

I hate this place!

I wanna go to the better place.

Please, let me in! Let me in!

I'll be good, I promise.

I'm good! Please! I'm good.

I'm good, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good,

- I'm good, I'm good.
- Suzanne.


It's time for your medicine.

- I don't take medicine now.
- Yes, you do.

You know your schedule, right?

Pill line, 10:00 and
4:00. 10:00 and 4:00.

Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm. That's right. And
guess what time it is right now?

- 10:00?
- Mmm-hmm.

So get your butt down
here and take your meds

before the COs gives you a shot.


- Listen, what the hell are you doing?
- I'm getting her calmed down.

- With what, exactly?
- Uh, lithium.

Look, I read somewhere it's
good for... for crazy.

Are you kidding me? You don't
even know what it does.

And I'm not a bad person.

I'm guessin' she'll sleep for
a little while, so what?

I am good. I am good.

She damn near ruined
negotiations last night.

You want her to keep that shit up?

Everything's going to be okay.

Shh! Yeah.

This is fucked up, man.


- Shh!
- Tell me I ain't handling shit.


- Shh!
- Hey. Hey. Here you go.

Will these make me good?



You wanna lie down?

Take a little nap?

Watch yourself.


Hey. Come on.


You know, my baby sister used
to ask me to sing to her.

You want me to sing?

Do you know "Take Me
Out To The Ball Game"?

The baseball song?

My dad used to sing it to me.

And I like that part about the home team.

All right. Sure.

♪ Take me out to the ball game ♪

♪ Take me out to the crowd ♪

♪ Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks ♪

♪ I don't care if I never get back ♪

♪ For it's root, root, root
For the home team ♪

♪ If they don't win, it's a shame ♪

You gotta try it, Gloria. It'll
take your shit to the next level.

Yeah, we don't even gotta sleep no more.
We like some advanced kinda human.

- Yeah.
- I'll stick with drinking my coffee.

What the fuck?

- Where... in the...
- No, no.

No, no, no, no.

No! No, no, no, no!

Oh, no!


Holy shit!

Come here, you little shit!

No! No!


Don't let our finger go!

He's too fast!

- How the fuck did that hole...
- They escaped!

I'll be damned.

No, no!

- Fuck, no.
- No, no, no!

No! We're all in this!

- We all stay in!
- No!

Please! You don't understand!

- It's... it's my son, I gotta see him!
- Your son?

Is that what this is about?

You think the rest of us ain't
got kids we'd like to see,

you selfish piece of shit?

He's gonna think I lied to him.

Don't worry about it.

I'm sure it's not the first
time you disappointed him.


- Come on.
- No!