One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 3 - The Space in Between - full transcript

In hospital, Quinn starts a full recovery, but Clayton's situation looks hopeless unless he gets a kidney donated faster then is likely. After getting Jamie's blessing and consulting Haley, Nathan volunteers his own, even if that probably ends his basketball career, which is likely to be broken off soon anyway as he back injury worsens again, but is diagnosed incompatible. Julian and Brooke are delighted, yet suspicious if they can believe it, that she get off with a fine and some restructuring. Fraudster Victoria arranged this, willing to go to jail herself. Unemployed Mouth concentrates on his virtually unknown blog, making parallels with famous sports movies.

Why is my signature
on these documents?

Honey, you empowered us to do this.

No, I empowered you to pick
a cover model for the magazine,

not to send me to prison.

This is not my fault!

- Clay, what's happening?
- It's my fault.

Two victims, both critical. Victim
number one... male. Estimated mid-20s.

- She can't see me.
- I can.

I wanna stay with you.

- And I want that, but you can't.
- Why?

Haley's pregnant.

She can't lose you right now.

- Promise me you'll open your eyes.
- I promise.

Till kingdom come.

Now open your eyes.

"Dear, Lucas.

"I feel so lucky
that Quinn is getting better.

"It means I can breathe again.

"The darkness
that I've struggled with

"now seems a world away,
replaced by my concern for her.

"I made a promise
that if she was okay,

"I would try to give back.

"I thought I might
volunteer somewhere

"and try to help people who have
struggled with depression

"or who have faced a crisis
of their own.

"She's been recovering
for about a week,

"and the entire family was here.

"But now they've gone,
and it's just me and Quinn.

"Every day
brings another small victory,

"and with it, the hope
that Clay wakes up soon."

"With NBA training camps
now a week old,

"exhibition games will begin soon.

"Rosters will be trimmed
to the mandatory 13 players,

"and dreams will come true or die

"in sweat-soaked practice facilities

"and exhibition game box scores.

"The Charlotte bobcats
have been thrilled

"with the addition of Joe Turner."

You hear that, Buddy?

You're the badass
that made that happen.

You can do this, Clay.

Believe that.

"Closed Over Bros.

"Fashion designer Brooke Davis

faces charges
of financial corruption."

We'll skip that one.


Good morning, daughter.

If you're spelling morn "m-o-u-r-n."

Always with the drama.

Let's see if we can
turn that frown upside down.

Your problems are over.

What do you mean?

I mean that our attorneys have
spoken with their attorneys

who've spoken with
half of the federal government,

and we've reached an agreement.

We will pay a fine,
we'll restructure,

we'll get a slap on the wrist,

and you will keep your company.

And your freedom.

But how?

Let's just say that I've always
had your best interests at heart,

and I still do.

So breathe.

And, uh, don't eat that.

You're gonna be just fine.

I can't believe it.

What, no "thank you"?

Thank you?

You want a "thank you"
for getting me into this mess?

No. I want a "thank you"
for getting you out of it.

How 'bout a "you're fired"?

You want one of those, too?

No thank you necessary.

And contrary
to what you might think,

I am sorry
for putting you through this.

I'm sorry...

For putting you through all this.

Well, it's about time
you apologized.

You really are so selfish.

How's Clay?

He's the same.

But he's stable.

Nathan's in with him right now.

Will you take me to see him?

Quinn, every day you ask me that,
and every day I tell you

the doctors don't want you
moving yet.


I promise as soon they say
it's okay,

I will take you to see him.



Hey. Wake up, Buddy.

Aunt Quinny's awake.

Hey, there, little man.

Hi, aunt Quinn.

I have your star right here.

It's helping you get better.

I know it is.

Hey, will you do something for me?

Will you go give this to Clay
for a little while?

He needs it now.

Oh, Cheryl.
Good call on the hair.

Old man from 307, your son is
still trying to change the will!

Geez. What the hell happened to you?

Dog bite.

Who said that?

This sucks, huh?

Now I know why they call it
the waiting room.

Hey, I was thinking that...

there they are!

Hi, Jimmy jam.

Good timing.
She's awake.

I was actually wondering if I
could talk to you for a second.

Oh. Dude, they restocked
the cafeteria

with all sorts of sugary goodness.

- I'm buying. You in?
- Sweet.

Mom, can I?

Do your worst.



Quinn's really broken up about Clay,

and Jamie is getting worried,

and I was just hoping you guys
could take him for the day.

Thank you.

How are they?

Quinn's getting better.

Clay's the same.

What's going on with you? What's
happening with your company?

I think it's gonna be okay.

That's great, Brooke.

Hey, mouth and Millie
send their best.

They just didn't want
to be in the way.

Of course.
Are they back together?


Sleep well?



Pretty good, yeah.

What's your day like?

Oh, same day as yesterday.

Pretty much deal with the fact
that I got Brooke arrested

and almost lost the company.


Oh, same as yesterday.

Pretty much... Nothing.

So, I guess last night
we must have...


Yeah, I guess so.

We should probably get up.

You can see me?

Of course I can see you.

You look like ass, by the way.

Now, the girl
you're keeping watch over...

What's her name... Quinn?

Yeah, she's fine.

Dude, really?

I haven't spoken to anyone
for a week,

and this is how you come at me?

Well, I'm just saying, you know?

If you don't live,
I'm all over that.

I can smack you, right?


Ow. Dude.
Just checking.

So what about that?
The living part, I mean.

Do you know what this is?

Do you know how we can
even get back?

We're in between, man.

We get back by living.


Hope that's not me.

What... Can you help him?

It's not.

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One Tree Hill, Saison 8, ?pisode 3

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The respirator's
always a tough break.

I'm on one, too, if it helps.

It doesn't.

I can't be on a respirator.

I mean, I need to find a way
to get back.

What happened to you, anyway?

I got shot.

What's that like?

I-I... I don't remember.

Well, if it helps,
you... you look a lot better.

It doesn't.

Oh, come on, man. I've had
no one to hang with for weeks.

Stop being a baby.

My mom's gonna have another baby.

Yeah, I heard.

Do you know anything about that?


Where babies come from.

Stork, bro.


Aunt Brooke, do you know
where babies come from?

Not from me.

So where's Skills?

Oh, uh, he's working for that
sports coordinating company in L.A.

I thought he came back for Lauren.


Uh, that didn't really...

Got it.

Oh, God.
You and Lauren aren't...

no. No.

How 'bout you?
Are... are you...


So how's the job search going?

It's kind of grim, actually.

Just been sending out r?sum?s
and looking online,

but mostly I've just been
working on my podcast.

Oh, yeah?
You have a podcast?

Yeah. It's this sports website
I'm working on

where I talk about sports
and sports-related topics,

but I don't know.

I've only gotten 48 hits.


Well, uh...


Well, it'll probably
just take some time

to catch on, you know?


Ebay took some time.


I should probably go.

Oh. Okay.

I, um...

Thanks you.

Thank you.

I'll see you later.
Or soon.

You know, I never told you

on your pregnancy.

Well, you were kind of busy

with the whole
trying-to-live thing, so...

I'm glad you did.

Me too.


We need to talk about Clay.

Is he awake?
No, he's not.

His organs are failing.

He's on a respirator,

and it's breathing for him
right now.

He's gonna be okay.

He needs a kidney transplant.

If he doesn't get it,

they don't think
that he's gonna make it.

I need to see him.

You can't.

Hales, I need to talk to him.


I'll try.

They make us cry sometimes.

They make us cheer for the underdog,

celebrate teams over individuals,

and sometimes
individuals over teams.

I'm Mouth McFadden,
and today we're talking about

the best sports movies of all time.

For me, one of those films
will always be The Natural.

Starring Robert Redford,

The Natural is the story
of Roy Hobbs,

a man in his prime
who is shot at close range

by an obsessive woman.

I was wondering...

What are the odds
a kidney becomes available?

It's hard to say.

To find the right match
could take some time.

Does he have much time?


Take mine.

He can have one of my kidneys.

Nathan, we're not even sure
you're a match.

Let's find out.

That's a wonderful gesture,

and a Noble one,

but you need to know something...

if you give him a kidney,

your basketball career is over.

The plot thickens.

Let's see if you can
hit my fast ball.

Okay, I guess you're good with that.

Here comes a curve ball.


You're so going pro.

Nah, I'm gonna play basketball
like my dad.

I would lead a normal life.

I just wouldn't... Be able
to play basketball.

Which is completely unacceptable.

Nate, we worked so hard!

Come on, man. Shut up.
I want to hear this.

Are they sure
that you couldn't play?

There are a couple of unique cases

where guys going through this
have played,

but I... I wouldn't be one of them.

Maybe they could find a donor.

Ah, that's right. That is right.
Good point, Hales.

He's getting worse, Hales.

What if that were me in there?
What would you say to Clay?

That's not fair.
That's not fair.

Clay could still do what he loves.

He could still be an Agent.

I don't know, baby.
You've worked so hard.

That's what I said.

They ran some tests on my back.

It's getting worse.


I didn't tell you because
of Clay and Quinn and Brooke

and everything that
you've had to deal with, but...

My back is degenerating.

I could maybe play this season

or even next and it could be fine,

but nobody can really say for sure.

The only thing we do know for sure

is that if I do this for Clay...

I could save his life.

I love you.

I love the person that you are,
your strength.

Where do you think I learned it?

I can't believe
he's giving up the game.

Oh, come on, man.
He's doing this for you.

Besides, you heard him.
His back is all screwed up.

We don't know that for sure.
He's using me as an excuse.

He's saving your life.

You know what?
Why don't you just stay out of this!

I don't even know you.

I think you might want to remember
what you could lose, Clay.

How 'bout you just say "thank you"?

There's a moment
in "Field of Dreams"

where Moonlight Graham knows
he'll never play the game again.

And he's at ease with it because
he had his moment in the sun.

And because he had
something else in his life

to take the game's place.

- You have a good day, Buddy?
- Yeah.

How are Clay and aunt Quinn?

Aunt Quinn's doing better. But...

Clay's not doing so good.

He needs a kidney transplant, Jamie,

so they're gonna see
if they can take one from me.

- Will you be okay?
- Yeah. I'll be fine.

I won't be able to play
basketball anymore, though.

Do you have to?
Give Clay your kidney?


No, I don't have to.

But if I don't,
then Clay might not get one.

And if Clay doesn't get one...

He might never wake up.

Maybe he could have my kidney.

That way he would be okay and
you could still be a Bobcat.

I think you're a little young
for that, jame.

I love you for the offer, though,
and I know Clay would, too.

Do you understand how important
this is for Clay, Buddy?

I know you loved
that I was a Bobcat,

so I understand if you're
a little disappointed. But just...

Just try to think about Clay, okay?

We'll talk about this more
in the morning.

- I love you, Buddy.
- I love you, too.

Hey, dad?

Clay's the reason you were
gonna be a bobcat this year,

so if he needs help,
we should help him.

You're a good man, Jamie Scott.

So are you, dad.

Promise me
you're well enough for this.

Are you okay?


I'll be outside.


Hi, honey.

It's me.

I'm right here.

Hey, handsome.

You know, my whole family was here.

It's usually best
to be in a coma for that, so...

Nice work.

I also need to tell you
that it's gonna take longer

to get into Nathan's basketball
games next year

because my right boob is gonna
set off the metal detector.

Apparently, I still
have the bullet in me,

so you can cross that off
your fantasy-girl wish list.

So just between us,

everybody's putting on
a really brave face,

but I think
they're all really scared.

Because they can't imagine
losing you.

It's too much to imagine.

But that's not gonna happen, is it?

My man is too strong for that.

So why don't...
why don't you surprise us all...

And open those beautiful blue eyes

and take my breath away

like you know you do.

Just open those eyes...

That see me
like no eyes ever have.

And I'll be right here waiting.

I took the moon for granted.

I wouldn't do that
anymore, if I lived.

I also like to think
I'd be nicer to people, too.

I'm not saying I would be,
but I'd like to think I would.

You're supposed to talk now.

The girl who shot me
shot Quinn, too.

The thing is...

She compelled me, at first.

I mean, she was...
just imbalanced and obsessive.

I've just been thinking, and...

I don't know, man. Maybe, I...

- Maybe I led her on.
- No.

No. Crazy is crazy.

It's not your fault.

What? It's catchy.

Can I ask you something?

You know what comes next?

You know, like if we die?

I've been kind of worried
about that.

No. I don't know what comes next.

And I don't want to know.

Like I said...

I've been worried about it.

I took Quinn to see Clay tonight.

She tried to be brave,
but you could...

you could see the desperation
in her eyes.

I remember sitting in the hospital
after the state championship game.

I was praying that you'd wake up,

just sitting there,

desperate, helpless...

And responsible.

But here we are.

You were pregnant with Jamie
that night.

I remember thinking that I
didn't want to lose what we had.

But I also didn't want to lose
what we'd have...

The rest of our lives together...

Our family...

Our someday.

That's all she wants... someday.

They deserve that.

Everyone deserves that.

It was nice having Jamie today.

I don't know
if I'm allowed to say it, but...

Despite everything,
it was a good day.

He likes being with his aunt Brooke.

No, he likes being with you,

and I like seeing you two together.

I love that you're so good to him.

Does it make you a little sad?


I know.

So what's happening
with the company?

My mom says
that we're keeping the company,

and that she and the attorneys
can handle everything.

But do we trust her this time?


I don't know
if I'll ever trust her again.

Damn it.

That's Brooke.

- Shouldn't you take it?
- I'll talk to her eventually.

- But...
- Where were we?

You know, Victoria, I know you're trying
to help, but this is how we got here.

I hate I didn't involve Brooke the last
time, I don't feel good about it now.

I understand that.

And I respect it.

But consider this...

if we had involved Brooke
the last time,

she'd be going to prison
instead of me.

Is that what you'd prefer?


So where were we?

You were talking about
how to deal with the press.

Yes. You're gonna have to
do some research.

Brian's song was a true story...

a buddy film, a sports tale,
an emotional tearjerker,

all wrapped up into one great
underdog sports movie.

But at its core, Brian's Song
was a tale of two friends...

one who was dying,

and one who would've given
anything to save him.

I'm sorry, Nathan.

You're not a match.

There has to be something we can do.

Tay says you've been calling
everybody in the family

shopping for a kidney.

There has to be something.

He doesn't have much time, Quinn.

I'm sorry.

I don't want to live
without you, okay?

I'm sorry.

I love you so much,

and this world is too big
and it's too dark

and it's too much if you leave it.

I know this sucks,

but it's got to be nice to know
that someone loves you like that.

Brooke and Julian picked up Jamie.

I'm not strong enough for this.

My whole life, I've willed
myself to face things.

Anything that was bigger than me,

anything that defeated me,

I just kept going until I beat it.

Not this.

This is too big.

I never really understood what you faced
when you lost your mom until today.

I'm not strong enough, Haley.

Yes, you are.

And when you're not, you have me.

What are we gonna do?

"What are we gonna do?"

On the eve of the fight of his
life, Rocky Balboa can't sleep.

So he goes to the arena,

and finding no comfort there,
he goes home to Adrian.

She wakes up and sits with him,
there in the shadows of the night,

and he confesses that he can't win.

It's a fight he's going to lose.

And Adrian waits for a moment,
and then she says...

What are we gonna do?

"What are we gonna do?"

Not "what are you gonna do",
but "what are we gonna do?"

And that's what I love about Rocky.

He knew he wasn't gonna win.

He didn't win.

Good night, aunt Brooke.
Good night, Julian.

- Good night, Buddy.
- Sleep tight.

Aunt Brooke, Julian...

you guys are gonna make
great parents someday.

He didn't get
everything he wished for.

But he stayed on his feet
long enough to find love.

Please don't be the police.

Millie, what are you doing here?

- It's early.
- I know. I need to tell you something.


She told you, didn't she?

Is it true?
Are you going to prison?

Well, it's... it's white collar.

It's more of a country club, really.

It's prison, mother.

How could you do this?

Because you're my daughter,
and I love you.

I don't want you to go.

It's my fault.

We should get confetti.

For when Clay wakes up.

Honey, Uncle Clay is very sick.

I know, but remember when you won
the state championship game?

And Uncle Lucas
made the winning shot?

Remember how that felt?

So, I think it's gonna feel like that
when Clay wakes up.

So we should get confetti.

I love you.
You know that?

I love you.

You know that?

But I want to talk to you...

About Sara.

Because I know how much
you loved her,

and how much she loved you.

And I don't... I don't know
how it works in heaven,

but I'm sure that
they have a plan for that.

For you to be with her but...

But to also be with me.

Because in my heaven...

It's just us.

You and me.

They must have a plan for that.

I'm in love with Quinn.

But I had a wife
that I used to love, too,

but she died.

How do you suppose that works?

I don't know. It just does.

You think?

Because I've been trying
to make sense of it, and I can't.

So what?

Look, this doesn't
make sense, does it?

Couple of ghosts sitting on a roof?

But here we are.

I never asked you, but...

How'd you get here?

Car accident.

I'm sorry.

It was my fault.

I was texting.


Do you know how stupid that is?

I do now.

So what's your name, anyway?

It's Will.

Most great stories
are stories of will,

of determination and courage
in the face of great adversity,

of the will to win,
of the will to fight,

of the will to survive.

I love you, Quinn.

I don't know how to do this.

I guess you'll know when you know.

I don't want to die.

Most great movies, whether
sports films or otherwise,

remind us of why we're here,

of how precious
and precarious our lives are.

And of how lucky we are
to have each other.

It was good hanging with you.

It's not your fault.

I love you, Clay Evans.

Till kingdom come.

"Victoria Davis,

"the key player in
the Clothes Over Bros financial scandal,

"reports to prison today
in North Carolina.

"In exchange for her guilty plea,

"ms. Davis was convicted
of conspiracy to commit fraud,

a reduced sentence that carries
with it a shorter prison term."

"The Charlotte Bobcats

"are still without recently
signed point guard Nathan Scott.

"No timetable has been set
for his return to the team.

"The team says they may explore
free-agent options

"and would also would consider
trading for an established player

"before the season begins."

"The Atlanta Falcons are still
without their top draft pick,

"quarterback Troy Jameson.

The Arkansas prospect
continues to hold out."

You look pretty.

Oh my God.

God, I missed you.

Is this heaven?


Just my version of it.

"Will Bennett died Monday evening.

"Mr. Bennett was an active
sportsman, a son, a brother,

"and beloved by many.

"His organs were donated
so that others might live."