One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 4 - We All Fall Down - full transcript

Seasoned golfer Chase takes novice lover Alex to the links for a fun day of lessons, truth or dare, getting to trust each-other and precisely by not pushing makes last base. Julian proves himself the ideal babysitter as well as Broke's pillar of strength, finds the perfect wedding location and discretely starts a new film project, on Nathan's ailing career. Finding everything relative after what happened to finally recovering Clay, Nathan decides not to tempt fate with his back injury and remain closer to home, to Haley's satisfaction. Confronted with the results of her near-bankruptcy for small investors, Broke decides to throw in her personal assets to complete compensation.

Previously on One Tree Hill...

Can I help you?

I know you have a history
with Chase,

and I hope that
there's no hard feelings.

It's what you do, right?
Break up couples?

But not this time.

You screwed this up
all by yourself, didn't you?

Is it true?
Are you going to prison?

It's more like a country club.

It's prison, mother.

How could you do this?

Because you're my daughter,
and I love you.

You look pretty.

Oh my God.

God, I missed you.

Dear Lucas...

Every time I write that,
it sounds so strange.

How did our lives drift
so far apart?

And how, without even trying,

did we make our lives
so complicated?

I guess what I mean to say is...

It all seemed so much easier

when we faced the future together.

Crisis intervention.
How can I help you?

Hey. Yeah.

I feel...So lost.

I can't get a girlfriend
to save my life.

I've never had a real job,

and I'm like 15 minutes away

from having to live
on my mom's couch.



Hey, buddy.


Crisis intervention.
How can I help?

What are you wearing right now?

Crisis interven...

I'm in the middle of a crisis.
Can you please help me?

What's the matter?

I just took my chocolate souffl?
out of the oven,

and it fell.

My guests get here in 20 minutes.

I'm sorry.
This is a crisis hotline.

I'm having a culinary crisis.
Does that count?

Okay, uh, do you have
any instant jello?

Good, make up the jello,

layer it with the whipped cream

you were gonna use
for garnishing the souffl?,

top it off with a fruit
you have in the house,

and if you hurry, you can bang it out,
five minutes to spare.

You're a life saver.

Yeah. Not quite
what I had in mind, but...

Crisis intervention.

This is not what I had in mind
when I said, "fix it."


You're not the one who has to
wear this hideous jumpsuit.


And we are far from broke.

In fact,
we have a lot of work to do.

We may have saved the company,

but we are gonna have to reorganize and
streamline in just about every division.

Let's start with the men's line.

You're doing work?

>From in here?

Of course.

Brooke, many captains of industry

have done their best work
while incarcerated.

There's no shame in it.

Let's get a meeting with the warden

about these miserable jumpsuits.

That'll be all, Adele.

She's better than that Calliope.

And besides, everyone in here
needs their own bitch.

I'm just saying.
I did not make the rules.

So, I think we can spin
this whole prison thing

to our advantage.

I want you to think
of an urban direction

for your new designs.

I've been told
I'm gonna have mad street credit

when I get up out of here.

Okay, I don't even know
who you are right now.

Morning, boyfriend.

I think I can get used to this whole
dating this smoking-hot-actress thing.

smoking-hot bartender.

I stand corrected.

Dupr? twosome...

Dupr? twosome to the first tee.

I like the sound of that.

Don't you?

Since when did my boyfriend
become a stalkerazzi?

It's this new digital camera.

They're letting me demo it.

Turns out I'm on the "hot young
directors to watch" list.

Well, you are kind of hot.


So, how is public enemy number one?

Oddly enough, she seems to be
adjusting to prison pretty well.

She might actually be
enjoying herself.

Me? I have to jettison
the men's line,

reorganize the magazine staff,
close half of our stores,

and put up with an unbelievable
amount of humiliating press.

And scene.

Let's take a drive.

Hey! Good news.

Quinn just called.
They're releasing her today.

That's great.

I was actually gonna go check on Clay.
Is there anything I can do?

Nope. I'm gonna get her.
Thanks, though.

Uh, actually, there is something
I wanted to talk to you about.

I was hoping that Quinn
could stay with us,

at least until Clay gets released.

I think it's a good idea.

Okay, thanks.
I love you.

Have I told you lately
what a great husband you are?

Come here.

I'm sorry.
I love you.

Love you, too.

You're still here?

What, they won't give you
your own room?


I happen to like the company
in here a whole lot better.

How you feeling?

Not so good.

How do I look?

Am I that bad?


You look perfect.

It's just...

For a while there,

I wasn't sure if I was gonna
be able to see you again.

I'm so sorry, Quinn.

I should've seen it coming,

and I should have protected you.

It's not your fault,
and you know that.

We're here, and we're together.

And as long as we're together,
we're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be more than okay.

You ever play, uh,
truth or dare golf?

Excuse me?

For whoever loses the hole,
it's either a truth or a dare.

Your pick.

Let's make it a dare.


Loser plays the next hole
in their underwear.


Like I'm wearing any underwear.

Alex Dupr?, my girlfriend.

This could get interesting.

I don't know. I thought that the
people who would be calling in

would be struggling,
like I was, you know?

And that's not what's happening?

No, but if I need to start
a 976 line or a cooking show,

I'm golden.

I don't think I've helped anybody.

Well, it only takes one person,
you know?

And at some point,
you're gonna pick up that phone,

and the person on the other end
is really gonna need you.

And you know what?

They're gonna be lucky
it was you who answered.

Hey, speaking of helping people,

I've discussed it with Nathan,

and we both decided
that it would be best

if you move in with us
now that you're coming home.

Just for a little while,

at least until Clay is doing better.

And you're sure
it won't be too much trouble?

Only if you argue with me.

Then I'd like that very much.

Who's ready to be released?

Is that really necessary?

Sorry, honey.
It's hospital policy.

I'll make sure she doesn't make
a break for it. I got it from here.

Are you ready to go home?


You okay?

Yeah, it's just...

After the shooting,
when you were unconscious,

I prayed for this moment
when you would come home to me.

After losing mom,

the thought of that
not happening was just...

I know.

I love you.

I love you, too.

You want to see Clay
on your way out?

Yes, please.

That feels sweet.

That's another hole for me.

You owe me a truth,
so pony up, girlfriend.

What kind of truth?

Tell me a secret,

something you've never,
ever told anyone.

I've never been in love.

I mean, I've had tons of boyfriends,

and some of them
I genuinely liked, but...

I've never been in love.

I've never had
that one special person.

I think I know what love is,

what it should be, you know?

At least I...

I know enough to know
I've never felt it before.

Well, you might not have ever
been in love with them,

all those other guys
that you've dated,

but...I can't imagine
they weren't in love with you.

Think so?

Yeah. I do.

You know, you're a lot sweeter
than I thought you'd be.

You haven't heard my next dare.

Come on!

What fairy tale did you bring me to?

This is the Biltmore estate.

I thought it would be
a nice spot for our wedding.

I want my girl to have her dream.

It's beautiful.

But is this okay?

I mean, with everything going on,

this wouldn't be selfish?


No, and know why?

Because years from now, when
we look back on this moment,

we not gonna remember
the trouble with your company,

or the bad press,
or even your mom being in jail.

We're just gonna remember
how great our wedding was.

You think so?

I know so.

And when we look back on it...

I want to remember it like this...


You of all people deserve it.

Hey, Quinn told me about
what you were gonna do.

Donating a kidney
and ruining your career?

That has to rate
as one of your worst moves ever.

What were you thinking, Nate?

I was thinking you were gonna die.

And that was
completely unacceptable to me.

I love you for that, buddy, but...

It would've killed me
if you threw it all away for me.

It's a game.

Clay, some things
are more important.

And truth be told,
it wasn't even a hard decision.

No big deal.

It was a big deal.

I mean, it's a really big deal.

Thank you.


And that shot spells disaster
for Daniels on the 18th.

This is kind of a disaster.

You're not having fun?

No. It's not that.
It's just...

I kind of suck.

You do not suck.
Come on.

You're just saying that because
you want to sleep with me.

I am not.

You don't want to sleep with me?

No, I do.

I mean...

I don't.

Do or don't...
make up your mind.

Can you just hit?

Bad for you.

Good for me.

I'm sorry.
We're closed.

Yeah, I-I know.

Well, if you're press,
I have no comment.


I'm not press.

I'm actually just an investor
who believed in your company.

We did hit a rough patch,

but I think that the company
is gonna be okay.

We are completely restructuring,
and we will recover.


This is a picture of my daughter...


She's lovely.

She's a great student,
a self-starter.

In fact she just got accepted
to college

and was gonna study
fashion design, just like you.

I never really got a chance
to go to college myself,

but what I did, miss Davis,

was I worked and I saved
most of my life

to make sure she'd be able to go.

That's very nice.

Well, I just wanted a chance
to meet you,

and I really wanted you to have
a chance to see her picture,

because you're the reason
I have to tell her tonight

she won't be going to college
after all.

What do you mean?

I invested a hell of a lot
of money with you, miss Davis.

And my money's gone
because you lied to us.

You lied.

And you should be ashamed
of yourself.

Sir, please wait.

But, uh, you know, I'm glad
your company's gonna be okay.

Wish I could say the same
for my little girl.

Well, what kind of idiot invests
everything they have in a clothing line?

The kind that trusted us.

They gambled on us,
and it didn't work out.

And when it didn't,
somebody had to take the hit.

Just be grateful it's not us.

I want to pay them back.

You can't,

not without losing
the company entirely.

We'd have to sell.

Maybe we should.

Don't be crazy.

You want to throw away
everything we've built

just to pay back
every Tom, Dick, and Harry

who's ever invested
in clothes over bros?


They are people, mother.

People with wives
and husbands and children,

and they trusted us.

And for the record,
they didn't invest in a company.

They invested in me.

Brooke Davis.

Don't do this, Brooke.

If you do, it'll be the biggest
mistake of your life!

You ready?


What do you mean?

You're finally getting out of here.

I know. It just feels wrong,
leaving without you.

Aw, come on.

I'll be right behind you.
I promise.

I'll call you every night.

And I'll come visit you
every day, okay?

I'm gonna hold you to that.

We made it, Quinn.

I love you, and we're gonna
be together soon.

Nothing's gonna stop that.

Let's go home.

I'm not sure,

but I think my drive might be
slightly better than yours.

You're such a show-off.

It's no fair.

Where'd you learn to play so well?


Golf team.
High School.

You in High School.

I wish I could've seen you
back then.

I was a little different.

Wait. Don't tell me. Let me guess.

You were way cute.

Kind of a good student
until your ADD kicked in.

You didn't hang with the jocks,
but you weren't a geek.

You were more of a skater boy,
and people liked you.

And the nice girls
secretly crushed on you.

- How'd I do?
- No girls crushed on me.

- I said "secretly."
- No girls crushed on me.

I was a clean teen.

A what?

A clean teen.
Virgin for life.

I didn't see that
with my crystal ball.


I wanted the first time
to mean something.


How'd it go for you?

I let the clean teens down.

I did, however, skate.
I loved it.

See? I knew I was right about you.

All right.
Let's play some golf.

Why are we stopping?

This is you.
This is how far your drive went.

Okay, so maybe your drive was
a little better than mine.

And I think I was right about
those girls crushing on you.

But if I wasn't,

I know one that's crushing
pretty hard right now.

It's quiet around here.

Where's Jamie?

Jamie has a playdate with Chuck.

I just wanted to make sure
everything was really peaceful for you

when you got home.

That's nice, but you don't have to
change things around here because of me.

You know, I can...
I can get this.

No, I can get this myself.
I'm... look, I'm fine, really.

The doctor said that he wants you
to take it easy for right now, okay ?

And that's exactly what we're gonna do.
I've got your room all set up.

I'm gonna cook you
a really nice dinner,

and everything will be perfect.

I forgot. I wanted to call Nathan
to make sure

he stops by the beach house
to get the rest of your things.

Yeah, no problem.

Yeah, I'll stop by
when I'm done with Clay.

Yeah, I love you, too.

You've got an amazing wife,
Mr. Scott.

You play your cards right,
you might have one, too.

No, I'm serious.
Haley's got things here under control.

You should go to camp.

It's important.

So is this.

Quinn's home.

I'm gonna be out of here soon.

But the game
is not gonna wait for you.

You've got to get back to camp.

More flowers...
very nice!

Who are these from?

They're from me and Brooke
for Quinn.

Of course they're from Brooke.
They're the nicest.

She's such a girl.

Thank you.


- How's Quinn doing?
- She's good.

I'm just glad she's home.
You know?

- So... where's the little guy?
- He's at a playdate.

Damn! I was hoping you'd let me
kidnap him for the afternoon.

That's so sweet. He loves hanging out
with you and Brooke.

In fact... and I guess
this is really why I'm here...

I know you have a lot going on
right now.

You need anything, anything at all,

we want you guys to just
pick up the phone. Okay?

Thank you. We will.


All right.
I got to go.

Tell Jamie hi,
and give our best to Quinn.

I will. Thanks.

I picked out the flowers,
by the way.

- You did?
- Yeah.

I'm sorry. I didn't reali... they're...
I mean, gee, you did a beautiful job.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I mean, I was hoping
for calla lilies,

but I had to settle
for regular lilies.

I think the snapdragons
really complement them.

In my mind, they really make
the arrangement.

I'm just...
Going to go.

Let me see.

You owe me four dinners,
three breakfasts in bed,

a bunch of lap dances,
and a car Wash.

It's the last hole.
Let's make it a good one.

What are we playing for?

Loser does
whatever the winner wants.

No questions asked.

That's big.

Very big.

I admire your gusto.

Come on.

You can do this.
Just keep your head down.

You know how to keep
your head down, don't you?

- Okay, that's heckling.
- I'm not heckling.

Sexual innuendo is heckling.

Hey, that is your
interpretation, not mine.

- I'm just giving pointers.
- Heckler!

Damn it, man!


She's still alive,
ladies and gentlemen.

It's a 30-foot putt,
but she's still in it!

Come on!

Still in the game.

Okay, I missed.

So make this putt,
and you win the dare.

After what you've put me though,
you better hope i miss this, pal.

Come on.

Let me have it.

What do you want me to do?
Carry your purse for a week?

Sing to you every night?
Drive home naked?

You need to kiss me...


Tough day.

Tough couple weeks.

I just left Clay's house.

- Anybody been out there since...
- No.

And I'll tell you something.

You walk into something like that,
and suddenly

all your own problems
don't seem like such a big deal.

Well, I got next round.

Can I get a couple beers here?

Look, I've been meaning
to thank you.

- For what?
- For spending time with Jamie.

Don't mention it.
He's a great kid.

We've been playing baseball.
Kid totally fixed my swing.

He's great.
He loves it, so...

Nice work, dad.

Baseball, huh?

Yep, of course, he told me he's gonna
play basketball like his old man does.

You mean like his old man used to.


I've been avoiding it now
for a while, but...

My back is done.


I'm gonna finish this beer,
and then I'm gonna go home

and tell my wife
that I'm done playing.

That's huge.

When did you decide that?

Just this second.


Haley's pregnant.

Clay and Quinn are recovering,


I didn't even know
my own son liked baseball.


Give Brooke my best.

And tell her I said
not to be afraid of what comes next.

I made your favorite chicken
and dumpling soup,

- just the way mom used to make it.
- What ?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

You know, some people
are clearly just angels

sent down to earth
to take care of the rest of us.

I'm just lucky that one
of those angels is my sister.

Thank you.

Haley says Quinn loved the flowers.

What's wrong?

I'm gonna lose my company.

What do you mean?
I thought Victoria fixed it.

She did.

And you know how?

By screwing our investors.

We are surviving at the expense
of all these people

who put their hard-earned
savings in our hands.

Okay, well...

There's got to be
some other way out.

I've gone over everything.

There isn't.

How can I set foot in my store,

in our offices,

knowing that I kept them
by deceiving people?

I can't.

It's over.

You know, Brooke...

At the end of the day, all you really
own in this world is your integrity.

And once you give that up,
you can't ever buy it back.

I know.

Hey, come here.

You're doing the right thing.

And I love you for that.

You've got Quinn's bags.
You're a life saver.

Thank you.

How is she?

She's okay, I think.

I'm just glad she's home.

I wanted to say thank you.

- For what?
- For staying.

I don't know what I would've done.

I don't know how I would've
gotten through all this without you.

I couldn't imagine being
any place else right now.

So, when do you leave for camp?

I don't.

I'm not going to.

I've been thinking a lot about this,

and I feel like my back
is just too much of a risk.

And obviously, this is a decision
we have to make together.

'Cause if I retire,
our life is gonna change.

Well, what do you want?

I made it to the league, you know?

I had a dream, and I lived it,

and that is more
than most people ever get.

I just... I have this voice
in my head that keep saying,

"walk away from the game while
you can still walk away from the game."

And I just... I want to be healthy
for you and Jamie and the baby,

so even if that means
never playing again...

Then that's what I want.

Because if there's one thing
I've learned from all this,

it's that money and things
don't matter.

It's just...Us.

And our family.

Then I guess you better get used
to having me around.

Are you okay...

I mean, are you gonna be okay
with this?

I'll be fine.

I'm ready for the rest of my life,

and I'm happy
I get to spend it with you.

Just brought some of your stuff
from the beach house.

How you doing?

I'm okay.

You know, when I'm not,
Haley makes it better.

Word of advice?

Do what she says.

I've found that
to be the best strategy.

How was it?

The beach house?

It's fine.

It'll be good for you and Clay
to get back home

when... when you're ready.


When we're ready.

{\pos(192,210)}That was fun.
I had a really good time.

{\pos(192,210)}Me too.

{\pos(192,210)}And just so you know,

I do think we make
a pretty good twosome.

You're sweet.

I would invite you in, but...

I think I really like you, so...

I'll see you.

That makes no sense at all,

but I like you, too, so...

good night.

Are you really leaving?


I knew I was right about you.

Get in here.

I know it's scary
that he's up there.

Yes, well, if you leave him be,
and he will come down, I promise.

Yep, I'm sure.

How do I know?
I know because...

have you ever seen a dead cat
up a tree?

Okay, that was rude.

See you guys later.

Crisis intervention hotline.
How can I help you?

I'm not sure if I should be calling.

I'm having a hard time,

and I just needed someone
to talk to.

What's your name?

Do I have to give my name?


I'd rather not.

Well, why don't you
tell me what's wrong?

Well, that's why I'm not sure
if this is where I should be calling.

Because it's... It's sort of everything,
and it's nothing.

I mean, when I think of my life
and who I am...

I guess I'm just struggling
to believe in it all, you know?

That good things
will happen to good people,

that things will work out,

that it gets better.

Are you still there?


Maybe this was a mistake.

No. It wasn't.

This is exactly where
you should be calling.

Tell me what you're afraid of

and what makes you feel like this.

Failure, I guess.

So, you see, even if you were
to liquidate all the company's assets,

you'd only be able to pay back
your investors 70% of what they lost.

What if I need it to be 100%?

Well, that's just not possible.

Where would you secure
the cash reserves?

What if I liquidate everything?

Are we talking about
your personal fortune?

Everything I have.

Everything I own.

Will that do it?


Do it.

We all struggle.
It's part of life. It's part of living.

What are you doing here?

You should be home in bed.

We should be in bed.

Do you have anybody
that can help you while you struggle?


And that's the worst part...

The loneliness.

A crushing, black loneliness
that makes me feel like...

like there's no magic left
in the world.


I know the future is scary.

I know the world can be threatening.

But you should know that

sometimes when things
seem most the desperate,

people find you.

Help is out there.

And you are not alone.