One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 2 - I Can't See You, But I Know You're There - full transcript

Super-dad Nathan prepares Jamie for being 'the man of the house' while he's with his out of state pro team. He'll soon have to return when the gang gets the news of Clayton and Quinn being shot and in mortal danger, while both's detached spirits watch and worriedly converse. Julian interrupts consoling Brooke in bed over the legal mess ma made of the fashion firm in her name. Chase has chosen Alex over Mia, who grudgingly ends up admitting he was right.

Previously on One Tree Hill...

- Brooke Davis, you're under arrest.
- Wait. Why?!

I am being charged
with accounting fraud.

What are they talking about?

These aren't sad tears.
They're happy tears.

- What is it?
- I'm pregnant.

Oh, my...

You found it!
- No, you found it. Open it up.


I don't think
we should keep it.

Let's get this buried again.

So you need a bartender.

- Alex, your movie just blew up.
- But it hasn't been released yet.

So what do you say,
bar manager?

Want to boss me around?

It's what you do, right?
Break up couples?

I plan to make him happier
than you ever did.

So you should probably
just give up and move on now.

Clay: Something terrible

And I dreamt
that I lost you.

It wasn't a dream.


Haley: Hi, Luke.

Nathan left for camp today,
and the house is pretty quiet.

Should be more time
for me to write.

I've been feeling better
lately, but...

I still think about my mom a lot.

I still feel her sometimes,
hear her voice...

And see her smile.

The truth is, I miss her.

I miss you.
I miss Peyton...

And Keith...
And Karen...

And Nathan while he's gone.

But it helps
to have Quinny closer.

Hey, this is Quinn,
and this is the beep.

Hi, Quinny.
It's me again.

Nathan said he stopped by
and you guys didn't answer,

So... just call me back
when you get this.

You're starting to
freak me out a little.

And I have something
I want to tell you,

So... call me.


The truth is,
when it gets really quiet,

When the silence gets too loud

And I really
start to miss everyone,

I tell myself the same thing --

I can't see you,
but I know you're there.


I guess I picked the wrong day
to ask for a job.

What exactly
are we being charged with?

One count conspiracy
to commit securities fraud,

One count conspiracy
to commit wire fraud,

And three additional counts
of wire fraud.


Could you explain this to me
as if I'm, say... 12?

The security-fraud charges allege

A knowing misrepresentation
of earnings

Filed in quarterly
and annual reports

To the securities and exchange

- On behalf of Clothes over Bros.
- Right.

How about like I'm 8?

We're being charged with
lying to potential investors

about the value of our company

To get them to invest
in the men's line.

We're not proud of that.

Does it matter if I was
completely unaware of all of this?

Well, unfortunately,
they have signed documents

- that prove otherwise.
- Documents signed by who?

Well, signed by you, Ms. Davis.


Long Island Iced Tea,
Freddie Fuddpucker,

Salty Dog, Moscow Mule,
and a Brain Blaster.


Are you trying
to get me drunk?

Yes, and I'm also
proving my bartender skills

To my not-so-bossy boss.

Brain blaster.

Come on.
How come yours is good?

'Cause I'm kind of
awesome like that.

Plus, I changed
the ingredients.

Oh, and check it out.

We're not open yet!

Hey, is this the bar where
Alex Dupre is bartending?

But we're not open yet.

That's fine.
We'll wait.

I might have tweeted
a few things.



It wasn't a dream.
You went to bed.

Do you remember?
You went to the bedroom --

but then I came back.

No, you didn't come back.

Just try and remember.
You went to the bedroom.

I went to the bedroom,
and I turned the light on, and

Katie was there.

- Did you see the same thing I saw?
- She had a gun.

- Clay, I didn't come back.
- Oh, my god.

- Clay, what's happening?
- It's my fault.

Two victims
coming in, both critical.

Victim one -- male.
Estimated mid-20s.

Single gunshot wound
to the chest.

Victim two -- female.
Estimated early 20s.

Single gunshot to the abdomen.

Both unresponsive, time unknown,
with massive blood loss.

- What do we got?
- Two gunshot victims.

Unknown down time.
At least 12 hours.

How the hell's he still alive?
Okay, O.R. Let's go.


Hey. Help her.


Hey -- please help her!

It's my fault.

It's all my fault.

Why is my signature
on these documents?

Because you live in Tree Hill
with your friends,

wandering about, going to
film festivals and the like.

Be careful, mother.

Brooke, we sign all
kinds of things for you.

But you knew this was illegal.

And now my supposed signature
is on everything.

Honey, you empowered
us to do this.

No, I empowered you

to pick a cover model
for the magazine,

not to send me to prison.
This is not my fault!

Nobody's going to prison.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

But let me tell you
something --

If somebody is,
it is not gonna be me.

You did this,
and you helped her,

and I will not
take the blame for this!

- Hi, Hales.
- Hi.

Um, I hate to ask,
but I was just wondering

If you could pick Jamie up for me.

Uh, I tried Brooke,
and I couldn't get her.

Is everything okay?

Well, I can't really talk
right now,

but if you could just, um,
get Jamie and keep him busy

until you hear from me,
that would be great.

He's at, um,
Kennedy Park, okay?

No problem. I'll get him.
Just call me when you can, okay?

Okay. Thanks.


This -- this isn't --

- Okay, it is, but --
- Can I borrow your car?

Is everything okay?

Everything is so not okay.

On second thought...

You better drive.
I've been drinking.

Hey, Jamie.
How you doing, buddy?

- Do I know you?
- Dude...

Who are you --
Victoria Davis?

It's me -- Chase.

Bartender from Tric.
Well, Bar Manager.

I built you that
snow fort in Utah.

Oh, right. Hey.

So, listen, um, your mom
had something come up,

so I'm supposed to
pick you up today.

- You ready?
- Yeah, I don't think so.

No, seriously.

Your mom called Mia,
and we're supposed to get you.

Well, I'm kind of hungry.
Do you have any snacks?


I got some gum
in the car.

Okay, so, you expect me
to get in your car

and take candy
from a stranger?

I'm gonna have to pass.

What's up?

He doesn't want to go.

Hey, Jamie.
Remember me?

I'm Mia.
I work at Red Bedroom Records.

Oh, yeah. Hey. You're really
good friends with my mom, huh?

Yeah, that's right. I am really
good friends with your mom.

So, if you're really good
friends with my mom,

how come you weren't in Utah?

You make a good point.

No offense, but
considering my history,

I'm gonna have to
pass up on you, too.

Jamie Scott.

Dude, your mom left me a message
to pick you up. You ready?

Yeah, sure.
Let's go.


that kid hates me.

I didn't even
get invited to Utah.

I don't understand
what's happening.

I mean, this has to be a dream.

I don't think so.

Will you just stop and talk to me?
What are you looking for?



Oh, thank God you're here.

Oh, my god. I'm so sorry.

I came as soon
as I got your message.

Julian's picking up Jamie.
How are they?

Haley, I'm right here.

- Um, Quinn got out of surgery...
- Hales.

- And Clay didn't.
- Haley!

- It was horrible, Brooke.
- And you found them?

She can't see me.

I can.

Thanks, man.

So, what are Mia and Chase
doing here?

Trying to kidnap me.

Good thing we foiled 'em.

So, what went wrong?

Nothing. Why?

Well, it's just weird
that you're picking me up.

No, it's not. We hung out
together in Utah, bro.

We -- we had drinks
at the bar, El Borracho.

You gave me
the good-luck gold star.

Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna need that back.


I'm gonna have to
use it for whatever

you're not telling me about.

Stop it.

- So, baseball, huh?
- Yep.

Dude, I totally sucked
at baseball.

I always used to strike out,

and then they'd yell stuff like
"Julian's screwed again."

Stupid Brian Fernandez.

I could probably help you
with that.


Well, not the bitter part
about Brian Fernandez,

- But the hitting part.
- Okay, let's do it.

Besides, we're probably gonna
have to kill some time, huh?

Until what?

Until you tell me
what went wrong.

Bro, nothing went wrong.

Come on, kid.
Hung in there this long.

Don't give up now.

You ever heard of anyone
surviving something like this?


Blood pressure dropping.

We're losing him.

Can I ask you something?


Have you had
your eyes checked lately?

Thanks a lot.

You know what -- if you're so
good at it, why don't you come out

and show me what
you got, hot shot?

Jamie: All right.

Beginner's luck.

Okay, I think
the machine's broken.

It's totally
pitching slower now.


It's not that hard.

You just have to swing level.
Don't try to kill it.


Lower your back shoulder
a little bit.


- A little more.
- Yeah?

Now swing level.


- Yeah! Nice!
- Yeah!

That's the first hit
I've ever gotten in my life.

Hit another one.

Aah! Take that,
Brian Fernandez!

You got to let it go,

Yeah, I know.




I thought
they were dead.

I got worried when I didn't
hear from them since Utah,

I just had this feeling,

and I should have
gone out there sooner.

- Haley.
- I should have.

And when Quinn
didn't call me back,

I should have
gotten in the car,

instead of being lazy,
and just gone --

Haley, stop.

You just got home from Utah,

and you found out
that you're pregnant.

It's amazing that you
went out there when you did.

It's more than I would have done.

Do not beat yourself up over this.

You hear me?

After everything
you've been through,

It's not good for you.

And it can't be good
for the baby.

You did everything
you could, Hales.

Now, what can I do for you?


It's just really nice
to have you here.

I love you,
Brooke Davis.

I know.

I love you, too.

I just don't think
we say it enough,

and I'm really sorry for that.

Listen to me.

Quinn made it
through surgery,

and she can make it
all the way back.

All right?

She's a James girl.

I just wish... The doctors
would tell me something.

They're not telling me

And now I have to talk
to the police.

Oh, don't get me started
on the police.

Long story.

It's a long story --

The reasons
I thought we should break up.

You don't
have to explain it.

No, I think I do.

I just hadn't been back
in a long time,

and every night,
I'd sit on the tour bus

and have conversations
with the road.

And what did the road
have to say?

The road said
that a long-distance girlfriend

who sleeps better on a bus
than she ever has in her own bed

Is a gypsy and a nomad

No girlfriend at all.

And then the night
agreed with the road, and...

We all decided
that you deserve better.


I guess
I appreciate that, but...

the truth is,
your texts made it sound like

You decided that
you deserved better.

At least, whenever
you actually responded at all.

I'm terrible with that.
I know I am.

And I'm sorry.


So am I.

So, how'd you get
this job, anyway?

It's kind of a long story.

You know, I asked
Chase if he was hiring

when we were in Utah.

I tied a cherry stem
with my tongue.

Damn it.

Anyways, I thought you used to
be on TV or something.

I thought you used to be
in movies or something.

I'm taking a break.

Yeah. Me too.

Only, uh, mine's kind of
not on purpose.

That's like saying you're
celibate when you can't get laid.

Then I guess I'm celibate, too.

Dude, really?


I asked you for a job in Utah.

Yeah, but she kisses better.

Man, you gave away my job

and you lied to me
about my kissing?

I wish I never made out
with you in Utah.

He's joking.

if that's your story.

So, how'd it go
with your ex,

who's not as near as good
as the current?

It went fine.

How'd it go here?

It went fine.




I'm sorry, but she tied
a cherry stem with her tongue.

Just sayin'.



Jamie, you don't
have to say you're sorry

every time you beat
me at something.

Okay, I told you that
after Pac-man, Donkey Kong,

the rock-climbing wall,
and Skee ball.

Well, sorry.

Didn't you play anything
when you grew up?

No sports,
no video games?

I watched
a lot of movies.

And I watched
a lot of people.

I used to watch people
and make up stories about them.

You didn't have
any friends, huh?

Okay, well,
what kind of stories?

Um, well...

All right,
take that guy.

That guy
works here for now,

But he used to run the sideshow
in a traveling carnival --

Until the bearded lady
broke his heart

and he had to get away.

My dad says I won't be able to
grow a beard till I'm at least 30.

Be happy about that.

Okay, well, what about that guy?

That guy... Hates tattoo guy
because tattoo guy

called his graphic novels
"comic books."

He also borrowed
his first-edition copy

of "The Alcoholic"
and never gave it back.

Chuck's mom
is an alcoholic.

He totally spit
in that drink, too.

All right, you try it.

Okay. That lady...
Isn't really that boy's mom.

She just had to pick him up

And do a bunch of
fun stuff with him

because something went wrong

and she's too chicken to tell him.

Oh, and she's also
about to bribe him

with a nice cold root beer.




How are you doing?

I feel weak.

How's the other you doing?

I don't know.

I was checking on the other you.

We're still alive,
aren't we, Clay?

I mean,
we'll go back, right?

We'll be us again?

Yeah. Of course.

I just don't want it
to be over.

I know.

If I have to be
stuck here,

even if it is forever...

at least I'm with you.

Hey, buddy.

It's me.

Doctor says you can
maybe hear me, so, uh...

If you can, why don't you --
I don't know --

Book me a rainstorm body spray
commercial or something,

and then we can
get the hell out of here.


You know how
you're always telling me

what a warrior I am?

The truth is, you're the warrior.

My life is so much better
because of you.

And I'm not sure I ever said
"thank you" for that.

The, um...

The doctors say it's a miracle
that you're even breathing.

But I know that it's not.

All this is nothing.

'Cause I know your spirit.

And I've seen
your strength.

Okay, so...


Just come back to us
when you can.

Because I never said
"thank you."

And I never said
"I love you."

I love you, too, Nate.

I'm gonna miss you,

You know,
I was thinking the other day

about those little plays

we used to put on
when we were little

for the whole family.

You know,
we would color invitations,

and everybody
got all dressed up.

We made snacks
and lemonade.

And you always insisted
on singing and dancing.

And you were...
Really terrible at both.

And you turned into
this... beautiful swan.

I was so proud of you.

I went to the beach house
to tell you that...

I'm pregnant.

And I want you
to be the godmother,

because it's been everything

having you near me this past year.

They say you don't know
what you've got till it's gone.

And I guess I didn't know
how much I missed you

till you were in
my life every day.

How much I needed you.

Come home soon, Quinny.

And if you see mom,

you tell her to send you
right back here to me...

Because we have
invitations to make

and stories to write.

Just me and my beautiful swan
of a sister.

She's pregnant.

And I'm supposed to be
the godmother.

You will be.

Come on.

It's beautiful.

I was gonna take you here
before we went to Utah.

Well, why didn't you?

I just got busy, you know?

I thought
that we had more time.

Hey, but promise me that
you'll go back here someday.

We'll go. Together.

And promise me
that you'll take the time

To feel... Lucky and
happy and fortunate.

Don't waste days

with "what could have beens"
and "what should have beens."

Clay, why are you
telling me these things?

those things don't matter.


Why are you talking
like this?

Because you have to leave me now.

Paging Dr.Stateman.
Dr. Stateman, please.


I got arrested today.

- What?
- Why? What happened?

Apparently, my lovely
mother and Millicent

lied about the company's earnings

and falsified a whole
bunch of documents

with my signature on them.

Lied to who?


how bad can this get?

I don't know.

I met with our attorney
this morning.

They're saying
some things, but...


How bad can it get?

I could lose the company.

Oh, my god.

Why didn't you
say anything?

Because it's not
life and death.

Because I haven't even
really congratulated you

on your pregnancy.

I am so happy
for you guys.

But I had a thought.

If you really like the new baby,
can I have Jamie?

Yeah, you can have him.

But you have to have
the sex talk with him first.


It's like yesterday
he was...

Going on treasure hunts
with Quinn.

It's my aunt Quinn, isn't it?

Something happened
to my aunt Quinn.

Why would you say that?

Well, because she was
supposed to pick me up today.

And she never misses
her day with me.

Yeah, buddy. Your aunt
Quinn's in the hospital.

Well, I'm glad they
sent you to pick me up.

You don't just treat me
like a kid.

So, can we go
to the hospital now?

Let me call your mom
and check.

I'm really sorry about
Clothes over Bros, Millie.

I'm just sorry for Brooke.

She trusted me, and I
let her down -- again.

There's got to be
some leniency, though, right?

I mean, you make restitution
to the investors

and you pay a fine
or something.

I don't think it's that simple.
It's a federal offense.

Hey, bitch!
What's the haps?

Are you guys
totally re-hooking it up?

Okay. Sorry.
I'm gonna walk away.

So, how's Brooke doing
with her mom?

You were never proud of me,
were you?

Why would you
say that?

Because if you were
proud of me,

if you believed in me
and in the men's line,

you wouldn't have lied.

You wouldn't have felt
the need

to make Clothes over Bros
seem better than it is.

Is that
what you think?

Yeah, it is.

Well, you're wrong.

It's because I did believe.

I thought I could lie to them
because I did believe in you,

because I've seen you do
amazing things.

And in the face
of a poor economy,

I refused to believe
that you wouldn't do it again.

I gamble on your talent, Brooke.

I gamble
on your instinct

and your ability to
make miracles happen.

And I'm usually right.

Gambling is
what you pay me to do.

That other stuff --
that "I'm proud of you" part --

I always did that
for free.

It's always been
the easy part.

What do you mean
I have to leave you now?

I mean you have to go back.

With you.

Quinn, you've been
saying it yourself.

You're feeling weak.
You know why that is?

Because your body's healing,

so it's getting ready
to leave this place.

So what?

So I've been feeling stronger.
My body's getting stronger.

It doesn't matter, okay?
I'm staying with you.

You can't.

Would you just stop saying
things like that, okay?

We're together
for a reason, okay,

And I'm not
gonna leave you.

You don't have
a choice.

Quinn, you can't choose
not to live.

And even if you could,
I wouldn't let you.

None of this is real,

Listen to me.

Haley's pregnant.

She can't lose you
right now.

I mean,
what would that do to her?

And think what that would do
to the baby.

Think what that would do
to Jamie.

Now, remember
what the doctor said.

Got to be positive,
upbeat, okay?

Is it okay
if I talk to her alone?

Yeah, of course.

I'll just be right outside
if you need me, okay?

Hi, aunt Quinn.

I wanted to come see you because
I knew something was wrong,

and I know you'd never miss
one of our days together

unless you really had to.

I'm sorry that people
do bad things like this,

especially to good people,
like you.

Well, I'm just sorry,
that's all.

Anyway, I know
you're gonna be okay,

but just in case,
I brought you something.

I love you, aunt Quinn.

And don't worry,
'cause you look really pretty.

Not long ago, I was here
praying for my mom.

I know.

I'm trying hard
not to be angry.

I'm trying to be

to whatever sickness
or disease

would allow someone
to do something like this.

But I think
I'm losing that battle.

I'm way ahead of you.

You should be at camp.

It'll be fine.

It's fine.


'Cause I need you.

I'm right here.

I want to stay with you.

I know.

And I want that,
but you can't.

I can. Okay?
I'm just fine, Clay.

I'm right here.

It doesn't matter.

I can't have you
here with me.

Wherever this is,
I need you to go back.


Because it was my fault.

It was my fault.

I knew Victoria was
doing the wrong thing,

and I let her do it anyway.

What happened to me, Marvin?
How did I get here?

Are you asking the guy
who used to be

on buses and billboards in Omaha

or the guy who needs you
to pay for his drinks tonight?

I'm really sorry
about what happened to you.

Don't be.

But you came back
from Omaha for me.

And I came back
to a good job.

The rest of it
was my doing, Millie,

So you're not to blame
for this -- I am.

It was my fault, too.

It was my fault.

You were right.

I screwed up my relationship
with Chase all on my own.

That doesn't mean you're not
a bitch, because you are one.

It just means
it was my fault.

It was my fault.

I blamed my mom
and I blamed Millicent,

but it's my company,
and it was my fault.

But you didn't
make them lie, Brooke.

No, I forced them to.

Not directly, but I did
with the choices I made.

Hey, you're not
gonna lose the company.


But even if you did...

So what, you know?

You're here.
We're here.

And after
a day like today,

it all gets pretty simple,
doesn't it?

They can't take away
your talent.

You built this company with
your talent and your instincts.

And no one can take those
away from you.

But everything
is better with you.

Everything is better
and everything is safe,

And I can't live
without you.

I don't want to, Clay.

You won't have to.

You won't.

Then come with me.


Why can't you just
come back with me?

Hey, listen to me.

I can't explain it,

but this is what we have to do.

You just got to trust me.

Then promise me.

I'll do whatever you say,


Just promise me
you'll come back to me.

Promise me
you'll open your eyes

and you'll live a long,
healthy, amazing life.

Promise it.
Promise me.

I'm going to live

a long, healthy,
amazing life...

With you.

I promise.

Till kingdom come.

Now open your eyes.

I don't want to -- not if
it means losing you, Clay.

I can't.

It won't.

I promise you.

Till kingdom come.

I love you.

Now open your eyes.

Till kingdom come.