One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 1 - Asleep at Heaven's Gate - full transcript

Super-dad Nathan prepares training-buddy Jamie to being 'the man of the house' while he's with his pro team. Julian has a fun and games with Brooke, who believes ma's shenanigans wrecked the fashion firm by irreparable image damage. Chase is now courted by both Alex and Millicent. Clay has a nightmare before he stars a wonderful beach day with Quinn, only to find it come bloodily true in the end by Katie's vicious hand.

Dear Lucas...

...I know that I could call you
or e-mail you or Skype you or whatever...

...but there's something about putting
pen to paper that feels right for us.

It seems these days,
I have so many thoughts in my head...

...that if I don't get them out,
I might explode.

I wanted you to know
that Tree Hill misses you.

The Rivercourt misses you.

And I miss you.

I don't think you're supposed
to replace stuff in your hotel room.

Heh, whatever,
I'll be out of here soon anyway.

I think I might get a place of my own.
Maybe stick around a while.


Sounds kind of normal and stable.


Perfect. Well, almost.

Say you'll go out with me
and then it will be.

Okay. Yes.


You know what I like best
about the movie?

What's that?

You get the sense that
they're all gonna live happily ever after.

They are.

You okay?

These aren't sad tears,
they're happy tears.


How about from now on
we do smiles for happy instead?

I'm pregnant.

And I think it's gonna be a girl.


Oh, my God.

Nice work, daddy.


- Hey.
- Hm.

You're falling asleep,
why don't you go to bed?

- I like it here.
- Mm-hm. I like it here too...

...but you sleep like a rock
and you're too long to carry.

You're mean.

You say I'm too long,
and you say I lose things.

But I also love you.

And the truth is that without you,
I'd be the one who's lost.

Nice save.

- I love you.
- I love you too.



What's wrong?

- Are you okay?
- Of course. I'm fine.

- Come here.
- Baby, what happened?

I, um... I just, uh...

I must have fallen asleep.

- You're okay?
- Yes, I'm fine. We're fine, okay?

I'm right here.

I always will be.

It's like a dream.

This night.

The way you look and the way you are.


My life.

Tomorrow I leave for my job in the NBA.

I leave this house that I own,
my miracle of a son... wife who is so far out of my league
I hope she never figures it out.


Yeah, I want a daughter just like you.

I wanna look into her eyes
and feel my heart break...

...because she reminds me so much
of her beautiful, kind, strong mother.

What if we have a boy?

Then we'll sell him and try again.



- Oh, I missed that laugh.
- Oh.


You feeling okay, baby?

Feeling less of that weight?
That darkness?

Yeah, I feel like me.

And I feel like yours.

Mm. It feels good.

- Where'd you go?
- Mm.

I was thinking about Jamie's snow fort.

- Peyton and I used to build snow forts.
- Hm.

And we'd sit inside and worry about
what our worlds were gonna be like.

It's like we'd hide from it all.

But I think if we could have seen
what our lives were gonna be...

...we wouldn't have believed it.
How lucky we'd be.

How lucky we are.

All of us.

That ring looks sexy on you.

You look sexy on me.

I've been thinking about this whole
"we're not able to have a baby" thing...

...and I was thinking
maybe we should try for a few hours.



- And then try again for a few more hours.
- Uh-huh.

And then I'll wake you up in the morning
and we can try all day tomorrow.

That sounds perfect.

That's good.

I know you, Brooke Davis.

You sure do.

Forty-five, 46, 47...

...48, 49, 50.


Good man, thank you.

When camp starts tomorrow, you're
a big part of the reason why I'm ready.

Yeah, I know.

You don't seem
excited about that, buddy.

No, I am.
I mean, I'm glad you're a Bobcat.

I just wish you didn't have to leave.

- Yeah, I know, Jamie. Okay, you ready?
- Mm-hm.


All right.

Do you think the other Bobcats
do this workout?

Ha, ha. I don't know, buddy.
Probably not.


One more.

- All right, you ready?
- Uh-huh.


I was thinking you might wanna come
out on the road with me this season.

- You mean with the team?
- Yeah.

You just gotta keep your grades up,
help your mom out around the house.

- Oh, I will.
- Attaboy.

Oh, and, uh, Clay said you can ride
with him to home games this year.

I think you're old enough for that.

- Totally.
- All right.

I'm also gonna need you to look after
your mom while I'm gone, all right?


It's just the three of you now.
Well, four, actually if you count Chester.

No, three with Chester.

Um, actually, it's four with Chester.

I don't get it.

Well, looks like we're gonna
have another baby.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Sweet. I'm totally gonna have a brother
like you and Lucas, Dad.

Or a sister.

Yeah. Or that.

He's your kid.




- How was Utah?
- It was good, you know?

- Julian's movie is really good.
- Good.

Did you get my text?

I did. I just didn't reply because...

Morning, boyfriend.

Oh, hello.



- Good morning, fianc?.
- Oh, no.

Not again.

- Not again what?
- This happens all the time.

I sleep with a girl and the next morning,
it was so amazing...

...she starts planning the wedding.

Be careful, mister.
Speaking of, Peyton says hi.

Oh, ouch.


We don't need this stuff.
I've been planning my dream wedding...

...since I was 9.
- Seriously?

Pink and black color scheme, first dance
"Hopelessly Devoted to You"...

...peonies flowers
and a pineapple-orange torte cake.

Did I mention I loved Grease 2?


I'm sorry I'm gonna
have to disappoint you, princess.

This bride will be wearing
a Clothes Over Bro's original.

The flowers will be
exotic white roses...

...our first dance will not be to a song
by Olivia Newton-John...

...or Elton John
or Lil Jon for that matter.

But you might be able to talk me
into that orange pineapple-y cake.

If I don't decide
to do red velvet cupcakes...

...because it's what
all the cool kids are doing right now.

I should probably get another job.

Here's the great thing about that.
I have a few bucks squirreled away.

I own a clothing line. Clothes Over Bro's,
you might have heard of it.

Oh, you're that Brooke Davis.

- Like, the rich Brooke Davis.
- I am she.

- I chose wisely.
- You did indeed.

I believe we have plans for the day.

I'll see you in the shower.

Your scruff is tickling me.

You smell amazing.
Did I ever tell you that?

You taste kind of good too.

You taste kind of good.

- This is nice.
- Yeah, it is.

What are you thinking?

Uh, I'm thinking
that your feet are enormous.


How have I not seen this before?
They're like dude feet.

Babe, stop.



Is that a phone in your pocket
or did my feet do that to you?

- I didn't bring my phone.
- You didn't bring your phone?

Nope. That's totally crotch.

Nice shooting, Dad.
Should we finish up on the road?

- Sure. Do Madison Square Garden.
- Okay.

Scott, you suck.

You hear me talking over here?
Yeah, you, fella.

You score again,
my Cousin Angelo has you whacked.

- Ha, ha.
- Bada bing, bada boom!

All right, now do Boston.

Get out of the Garden.

You should've stayed in your car,
you retard.

Hey. Don't say retard.

I heard someone call you that in Boston.

All right, but you don't say it.
Los Angeles.

- Yes, I was thinking sushi.
- Heh.

Yeah, I'm at the game.

No, I don't know the score.
I'm not even watching it.

Man, Nicholson got wrinkly.




- I'm gonna miss you, buddy.
- Yeah, me too.

So that baby thing,
how does that work?


Mom's gonna have a baby, right?
I just wondered, you know, how?

HALEY: You said the basketball hoop
was like my uterus?

Uh, he caught me totally off guard.
He was like a ninja.

Like a 3-foot-tall,
"where do babies come from?" ninja.

Where did you leave it?

Kind of uncomfortable and confused,
and that was just me.


I started babbling about the birds and
the bees and he was looking at me like:

"My dad was totally my hero
until this very moment...

...when I realized
he's actually a complete ass."

- Hm.
- He said he's gonna talk to you.

- Oh, great, thanks a lot.
- Yeah, good luck with that.

Hey, so I've been thinking
a lot about this...

...and I think you and Jamie
should come to Charlotte with me.

- Today?
- This season.

Okay. I'm not sure
what kind of job the boy can get...

...with his 3rd-grade education, but...
- You can homeschool him.

I feel bad about the timing of this and
everything with the pregnancy and...

My depression.



I'm okay, I feel better.
And when I'm not, I'll tell you.


I promise.


I really appreciate the fact that my sexy
husband doesn't wanna leave home.

Besides, if we go with you, you're gonna
have to give Jamie the sex talk with me.

That's a good point. I'll miss you.

I'll talk to him.


Hye, have you spoken to Clay?
I've been trying to get ahold of Quinn.

I wanna tell her we're pregnant,
but she's not answering her phone.

Uh, Clay has this thing where he didn't
talk to me the day before a road trip...

...and I played great, so he blows me off
the day before I travel.

did you see those two in Utah?

- They probably haven't left the bedroom.
- Sick. Party foul on the mental image.

Although Clay looks kind of hot.

Watch it, you.


I'll probably stop by
on the way out of town.

I might have to give them the talk too.

Yeah, because you did so well with it
the first time.

Damn it.

Did you find your next movie yet?

Brooke, I'm on page three
of the first script.

BROOKE: So does that mean
you're gonna read all day instead?

Why, what'd you have in mind?

Grease 2.


Yeah, I like your idea better.
Let me get my T-Bird jacket.


- Hey.
- Hi.

That's a cool jacket.
What is that, Grease?

- Grease 2, actually.
- Oh.

I never saw that movie.
So, what's going on?

- Uh.
- Get ready for my greased lightning.


Oh. Oh. Ew. Ew.

Oh, my God, I'm sorry, you guys.
Speaking of that...

...I'm pregnant. Don't hate me. Bye.

Congratulations! Selfish baby-haver.

Your greased lightning?

I'm sorry about the boyfriend comment.
I mean, not that I said it, but...

On second thought,
I guess I'm not really sorry about it.

It's fine.

It's just...

Mia texted me.

She thinks maybe we made a mistake.

And maybe we did,
but the timing was completely brutal.

I mean, not the timing of you and me
just the timing of the whole thing.

I don't know.

I know I like you, Alex.

Well, don't just sit there.
Make a case for yourself.

You're dirty.


I like you too,
and I wanna be close to you.

Grubbs is on tour, right?
So you need a bartender.

Your movie just blew up.

At the festival. It hasn't been
released yet, so it's better I wait.

When it's a big hit, I'll have the power
to shoot my next film in North Carolina.

Near my new boyfriend.

So, what do you say, bar manager?

Wanna boss me around?

So think I should take that job
in South Africa?

- Clay? Are you okay?
- I just realized that I haven't seen...

...a single person on this beach
the entire day. Have you?


Do you know what that means?


Skinny dipping.



So Haley's pregnant again.

It's gonna be really good for them.

She's been so sad since her mom died.
Now they'll have a new baby.

I'm really happy for her.

Mm. A little selfish though.

Totally. They already have Jamie
and we can't even have one.

- So greedy.
- Maybe we could kidnap this one.

Or maybe you could meet me
in the bedroom...

...and I could romance your ovaries
until they surrender.

"Ovaries" isn't very sexy.

No. I know.

I'm gonna change.


At least I have pants on this time.

Brooke Davis?

I was totally joking
about the kidnapping thing.

- You're under arrest.
- What?

Wait, why? What did I do?



How long will it take?

Jeez, you scared the life out of me.
You are like a little ninja.

Sorry. Just wondered when the baby
was gonna get here.

Well, that won't be for a while.
Usually it takes about nine months.

Your Dad said you had some questions
about that.

Yeah. He just babbled something about
basketballs and eggs and stuff.

- He said you'd explain it.
- Oh, he did, huh?



I said something
about Chester falling in love.


No, it's not awesome.
I'm looking at my son...

...who was born like three weeks ago,
and he's asking me about sex.

And I tell him Chester the bunny rabbit
is falling in love and getting married.

And it was just really bad.

Speaking of which, um,
Brooke and Julian got engaged.

Jeez, what else happened in Utah
that I missed?

- Um.
- Alex and Chase? Yeah. I heard.

I'm sorry, Mia.

Don't be. It's my own fault.

Hey, speaking of slutty,
congratulations on being pregnant.

Oh, thank you. I think.
Just don't ask me to explain it to you.

I know, I'm a nerd. I have to go. Okay.

Hey, if I haven't said it lately... means a lot to me that
you came back to help with the label.

Hales, of course.
As long as you're feeling better.

I am. Thanks.

- And good luck, by the way.
- Why?

Alex is gross, pick Mia.

Well, I assume she'll be released
but that's not the point.

No, the press isn't here yet,
also not the point.

The point is Brooke's been arrested...

...and you're her business partner
and her mother.

So you need to get Alexander's dingo
out of your wallaby and fix it. Now.

- You feel any pain here?
- No.

- Here?
- No.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I just wanna run some tests.

- You feel any pain here?
- No.

- Here?
- Nope.

Everything okay?

I just wanna run some tests.


So your mom's gonna meet you
at the store with Millicent...

...and your attorney
should be there shortly.

Is there anything I can do?

You're doing it right now.

Just take me to the store.



Well, have him call me
the minute that he lands...

...and do not speak to anyone else,

Do you...? I have to go.

- Honey...
- Don't.

Before you say another word... should both know
that I have just come from the city jail...

...where I was frisked by a large
supposedly female cop...

...who was very thorough
in her cavity search.

Now speak.

- Honey, it's not that bad.
- Not that bad?

Not that bad?

I was just arrested...

...and explored by a woman
with a moustache and man hands.

When you look up "bad"
in the dictionary, this is it!

I had her.

Man hands.

You're being dramatic.

Oh, yes,
I sure as hell am being dramatic...

...because there are three people
who run this company...

Actually, two lately.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means that you have been
a little absentee of late.

And you've been a little slutty of late,
old woman. Getting railed by Alexander.

- Maybe we should all just calm down.
- Great idea, Millie.

- Have any cocaine we could snort?
- That's not fair.

Well, when you get arrested,
you can stop playing fair.

I am being charged
with accounting fraud.

Financial misrepresentation.

- What are they talking about?
- They're saying that we lied... our investors about our profit.
- Did we?

MILLIE: Brooke...
- Don't speak.

You're not the boss of me.

Which, let's face it,
is completely ridiculous.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- We have a half-ass assistant...

...and part-time model
running a multi-million-dollar company.

And zero is a size, by the way.

And 50 is an age, by the way.

I am not 50.

Okay, stop. Both of you.

- I am barely 40.
- And I'm only a two.


These charges...

...lying to our investors...

...tell me we can fix this.

Tell me that we can prove
that this is a mistake.

Honey, listen to me...

No. It's not a mistake.

I can't believe your parents talked to you
about the S-E-X. That's so cool.

Tell me again what they said.

I told you. Just a bunch of stuff
that didn't make sense.

- Maybe we could find it on the Internet.
- I tried.

Uh, yeah, that was before I disabled
your parent protection settings.

- Dude, no. You have to put that back.
- It's no big deal.

I'm not supposed to mess with that.
I promised.

You wanna find out
where babies come from or not?


Okay, I guess I'll type in "mom"?


"Lady" and "rabbit"?

Oh, put "sex" in there too.

Ew, what the heck is that?

Hey, my mom has one of those.

Okay, Chuck, your...

- I didn't do it.
- I don't like it.

Did you have sex with her?

It wasn't like that.

I don't know why I asked that.
It doesn't matter.

It does matter. But it wasn't like that.

But you like her.

- You broke up with me by text message.
- And then I tried to fix it.

By text message.

Yeah, but you were in Utah and...

Nobody talks on the phone anymore.


I'm sorry, you know.

It's just, Alex asked me out in person.

And what'd you say?

I said yes.

I said no.

Just so you know, when Chuck wanted
to mess with the computer, I said no.

But you did it anyway.

Two weeks. No computer.
No cell phone.

- But, Dad...
- We can make it three.

This is not about your being curious.
Being curious is okay.

It's just about your computer and the
promise you broke. You understand?

I just don't understand about rabbits
and bees and eggs and basketballs.

Okay, here's the thing, buddy, um,
it's my last day home before camp.

So we can either talk about this...

...or we can play the new "Gears of War"
game I got you as a going-away gift.

- It's in your room.
- Sweet.

I'm sorry.



What? That is gonna buy us
at least another year.

Make war, not love, babe.

Oh, ha, ha.

You're pushing your luck.


I said no.

Just so you know...

...when I figured out
what Victoria was doing, I said no.

But you did it anyway.

You know how she is.

Oh, she's always been that way.

- We have a meeting with our attorney...
- Why did you do it?

Why did she do it?
Lie about our profit.


We needed investors
for the men's line.

We believed in the line
and we wanted to launch it...

...but the economy never rebounded.

So we lied to investors and told them
we were more profitable than we are.

- Victoria thinks she can fix it.
- She's wrong.

Once a company's financial integrity
is challenged, it's over.


You remember this?

That was my first sale in Tree Hill.

You wrote that check despite Victoria.

You stood up to her that day.

It's amazing how far we've fallen.

I never asked you about the doctor.
How'd it go?

Oh, um.

Great. Everything's fine. You?

Same. Everything's fine.

You ready to go?


Yeah. I thought I'd stop by Clay's
on the way out of town...

...tell Quinn to call you.
- Thanks.

I also, maybe, threw your things
in the car. Jamie's too.

Thought I could make you
change your mind.

I wish.
We're gonna miss you so much.

Yeah, about that.

We have money, you have time.

Stash the kid with Brooke
and get my baby and my other baby... Charlotte as much as possible.

- Promise me.
- I promise. Cross my heart.

All right. Don't make me ground you.
You've seen how I lower the hammer.

- I don't mess around.
- I have. It's pretty scary.

- Come here.
- Ha, ha.

Mm. I love you.

I'm in love with you.
It's nice after all this time.

It's everything, after all this time.


One more time.


You got it.

Can I help you?

Hey, I, uh...

I just...
I know you have a history with Chase...

...and I hope that
there's no hard feelings.

It must've been a surprise,
me and Chase.

No, not really. It's what you do, right?
Break up couples?


Yeah, it kind of is. But not this time.

You screwed this up all by yourself,
didn't you?

You can go now.

By the way, I plan to make him happier
than you ever did.

So you should probably just give up
and move on now, okay?

Great. Now I can go.

Everything is gone.

I'm not.

I dreamt that I lost you.

You went to bed
and something terrible happened.

And I couldn't save you.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't wanna ruin today.

You didn't. Today was perfect.

I'm glad.

What do you say... get dressed and let me watch?

I can do that.

- Clay?
- Yeah, babe.

What's happening?




It wasn't a dream.


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