One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 11 - Darkness on the Edge of Town - full transcript

Jamie subtly pretends not to know the word 'entrepreneur' so his friend Madison can win. While they are driven home by their teacher, a storm knocks down her car. Because Nathan has a flat, the first to pass by is Brooke, who meanly somehow blamed Julian and his ma for her choice making a move to L.A. logical. Meanwhile Quinn, home alone, must fight for her life, over and over against Clay's viciously vindictive ex Katie Ryan, who madly enjoys dueling. Brooke can't cope, but Julian rides to the rescue even before a second hit and run turns the situation desperately.

Previously on One Tree Hill...

So, what's up with this need
for sudden male bonding?

I need to find a best man
for my wedding.




Very nice!

Okay, next one.

You ready?


Nate, there's something
that I've never told you.

I used to be married...

Before you and I met.

Her name was Sara.

And she died.

Sara! Hey!

I'm gonna get that Agent.

As it turns out...

I'm his type.

What are you doing here?

Honey, it's Sara.

Don't say that.


Sara's dead.

And she's not
coming back.

And neither are you.

All right?
Do you understand me?

Don't ever
come back here.


Why do you have a photo
with her?

Because it's not her.

It's Sara.

You'll never be Sara.

Neither will you.

We'll see about that.


Well, it's rainy, and it's
windy, and it's cold out there,

and at this point,
i would advise everyone

to batten down the hatches
and get inside

because we are fast approaching
one serious storm.

your word is "Tsunami."




That's correct!

Jamie, your word is


No, no, no,
he's got this.

He corrected this
on my last paper for class.









I'm sorry.
That's incorrect.


Madison, if you spell
this next word correctly,

you will be...

Tree Hill grade school
spelling bee champion.

The word is





That's correct!

♪ Is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

You did great, Madison.

Thanks, Jamie.
You did great, too.



Great job.

♪ Is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

Well, second place.

Also known
as the first loser.

You should be ashamed
of yourself, you know that?

As a matter of fact, why don't
you walk home in the rain

and think about how badly
you screwed up?

Grampa Dan?

Nice call.

You killed it up there,

I am so proud of you.

Thank you.

Oh, and by the way,

Clay said he's sorry
he had to miss it.

He's out checking in
with some clients,

and he couldn't get back in time
because of the storm.

That's all right.

But I know he's gonna be
proud of you.

Now, what do you say
we get out of here

before this storm
gets us, too?

Actually, I was hoping

that I could go back to town
with Chuck and Madison.

Ms. Lauren said
she'd take us.

Hi, buddy!

Ooh, you did so awesome!

Okay, thank you, mom.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Jamie wants to go home with
Ms. Lauren and his friends.

Oh. Well, uh...
I mean, I think the storm's

really bad out
tonight, hon.

So? Chuck and Madison
are going.

Chuck's mom
is an alcoholic.

Mom, come on.
I'm not a baby anymore. Please.

I know you're not

I'll give you a choice.

You can either ride home
with Chuck,

who's probably standing behind
me right now making fun of you,

or you can go with your mom
and dad who love you,

and we'll stop by and see
aunt Quinn who's all alone.

It's your choice.

Thanks. See ya.

Fine. Go,
you little dork.

You're the dork.


Who took my baby and replaced
him with that monster?

I told you we should've
sold him to Brooke

before she lost
all her money.

You do realize
we live here, yes?

Yeah, I understand that.

What I don't understand
is why we live here.

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe because
it's my home?

Oh, well,
my home was in Los Angeles --

a home I gave up
to be closer to you,

because your work
was here.

And was that
so horrible?

No, but at least acknowledge
that it was a sacrifice,

one that I was happy
to make for you.

But your work
isn't here anymore.

That's mean.

I'm not saying it
to be mean.

I'm saying it
because there's got to be

so many more

for you in Los Angeles --
I don't --

and there's definitely more
opportunities for me there.

I suppose this was
your mother's idea?

Come on, don't drag my mom
into this, please.

Oh, how am I not
supposed to?

She drags herself into every
other aspect of our lives.

I said "please."

You know, it all makes
perfect sense to me now.

You wanted me to lose
the company.

What's that supposed to mean?
It means...

You encouraged me
to give it up,

because it makes it
so much easier

for you to move us
to Los Angeles!

That's ridiculous. I --
is it?

I tho--
Brooke, look at me.

I thought you would be
happy there,

but if you don't want
to move there, that's fine.

We'll just...

We might have to spend
more time apart.

It's not that big
a deal.

Brooke, where are you going?
There's a storm outside.

It is a big deal!


Damn it!

So you won't be back
till tomorrow.

No, I-I'll be fine.

Although I do
totally hate storms.

They really freak me out.


Clay, you still there?

♪ Is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

I love you, too.

♪ Is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

♪ is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than what I've been
trying to be lately ♪

♪ all I have to do
is think of me ♪

♪ and I have peace of mind ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than what I've been
trying to be lately ♪

♪ all I have to do
is think of me ♪

♪ and I have peace of mind ♪

♪ I'm tired
of looking 'round rooms ♪

♪ wondering what I gotta do ♪

♪ or who I'm supposed to be ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than me ♪

♪ One Tree Hill 8x11 ♪
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Original Air Date on December 7, 2010

He's fine.

It's really bad out here.

Maybe I should just call Lauren
and check.

And, what, distract her
while she's driving in this?

He's fine, Haley.
You heard him.

He's not a baby anymore.

Yes, he is.
He will always be my baby.

Are you okay driving?

Yeah. I actually
like it like this.

We've had a lot
of interesting moments

in the rain, you and I.

Mm, interesting.

Oh! Hold on.

You all right?

What was that?


I had to jinx us,
didn't I?

♪ ...Paper planes ♪


Shoot. All right,
you call roadside assistance.

I'll call Lauren.

♪ far away from the same old thing ♪

I'm not getting anything.

Yeah. Me neither.


Looks like I've got
a tire to change.

Oh, no!

We should have rode home
with Ms. Lauren.

Cover me.


Good luck.

♪ Don't want to hear about
what you think ♪

♪ do your best
to get the best of me ♪

♪ nothing in my blood ♪

♪ Is ever gonna follow suit ♪

♪ Follow suit ♪

♪ the cloth I'm cut from ♪

♪ don't take too kindly ♪

♪ To being held down
in this restraint ♪

♪ It's under my skin ♪

♪ it's so unnerving ♪

♪ it kicks around
in this tiny cage ♪

♪ yeah, I got a long list
of enemies ♪

♪ what's another gonna do
to me? ♪

♪ I don't care
if you don't approve ♪

♪ don't want to hear
about what you think ♪

♪ do your best
to get the best of me ♪

♪ nothing in my blood
is ever gonna follow suit ♪

♪ Ever gonna follow suit ♪


Where are you?

I don't know.
I'm just driving.

you need to come home.

There's flooding

They're saying that
the levee might break,

and on top of all that...

I'm sorry.

And I love you.

Please come home.

I don't know if I can,

I can barely see
the road.

Okay, well, I'll come
and get you. Where are you?

What? Ok-- I'll get you.
Where are --

I can't hear you!

I said, where are you?

Just stay put,
and I'll come get you.

I'm coming up
on the Gabel Bridge.

I think if I can ju--


Brooke?! Brooke!

Come on, come on,
come on.

Oh, my God.


Chuck, sweetie,
what happened?!

Are you okay?!

We had an accident.


Oh, my God.


Chuck, sweetie,
what happened?!

Are you okay?!

We had an accident.


Oh, my God.


I want you to go get in my car
and stay there. Okay?

Help us! In here!

I'm right here.

Aunt Brooke!

Are you okay?!

I think so.
I'm stuck.

Ms. Lauren won't wake up.

Uh, okay.
It's gonna be okay.

You're Madison,
right, sweetie?

Are you hurt?

No. I don't think so.

Will you stand up for me?

Okay. Okay, honey.

Come to me.
I'm gonna help you out.

Give me your leg.
Okay. Come on.

♪ Right foot followed by your left foot ♪

♪ Guide you home before you... ♪

I gotcha.

Okay, sweetheart,
I want you to go

and sit in my car with Chuck,
okay? Good girl.

And I want you to use my phone.
You try to call 911.

Tell them
we're on the Gabel Bridge.

Can you do that?
I can do it.

I know you can.
Go on.

Hang on.


Jame, I'm coming.

All right.

Let me get under here.

I can't get it, buddy.

Is Ms. Lauren
gonna be okay?

Yeah. We're all
gonna be okay, Jamie.

I promise.

Come here.

Hey. Are you okay?

I've been better.

Still no signal?

I got to say...

I'm kind of down
on this rain thing right now.


Raining pretty hard.

Hey, if I wasn't pregnant,

we could have sex
in the backseat.

Well, now I'm kind of down
on the pregnancy thing, too.


♪ Your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ it struck twice,
there's nothing new ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ it struck twice,
there's nothing new ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body
was black and blue ♪

♪ your body was black! ♪


Lauren, can you hear me?



It's okay!

It's okay.
It's Brooke.

It's Brooke.

You had an accident.
Everything's okay.

Don't move.


The kids!
No, no, no, no.

They're okay. They're okay.
They're okay.

I need you not to move,

Jamie's right here.

Chuck and Madison
are in my car.

Everything is okay.

It's okay.
I'm gonna go get some help.

Just stay here.



How you doing, champ?

I just want
to get out of here.

I know. I know.
I'll be right back.


Madison, sweetie,
hand me my purse.

It's in the front seat.

The phone won't work,

I don't think
Chuck's doing so well.


Buddy, I need you to stay awake
for me, okay?



keep trying the phone.

Hey, honey, it's me.

I'm surprised I got through.

Anyway, I think
I'm gonna crash out early

and try to stop my mind
from imagining things.

So I just wanted to say
good night

and that I can't wait
to see you.

And I love you.


♪ I was in the dark age ♪

♪ searching for the ones... ♪

How you doing, Jame?

Okay, I guess.

How 'bout you, Lauren?

I'm okay. I think the air bag
just knocked the wind out of me.

How are the kids?

Uh, I think Chuck
has a concussion,

and you've got a really good
gash on your head.

Don't worry about me.
Just take care of them.

Is help on the way?

The phones are down,
so for now it's just us.

I really don't want
to move you,

but all things considered,
I think that we should.

Do you think you can
crawl out of here?

Um, I-I don't know.
I could try.


I'm gonna put this
over you.

There might be
some glass.

You okay?

All right.

Jamie, I'm gonna get
Ms. Lauren out,

and then I'm coming back
for you, okay?

I'll be here.

Okay, honey,
just try to crawl to me.

Just give me your hand.

Brooke, it's Chuck!

Go, go, go!


What is it, sweetie?

He won't stay awake.

Okay. Okay, you go help
Ms. Lauren, okay?


Hey. Hey, buddy, I need you
to stay awake for me, okay?

I can't.

I don't want to.


Hey, guys?
Chuck needs a doctor.

I can take him.
Lauren, I don't know.

Your head's really bad.

No, no, I'm gonna be fine.
But what about Jamie?

He's stuck
in there pretty good.

It might take me some time
to get him out.

Are you sure
you can drive?

Yes, I am fine.
I promise.

You take the kids,

and I'll stay here
with Jamie.

Just send somebody back.

All right. I will.

Hey, Brooke.

Be safe.

You too.



Are they leaving?!

It's okay, buddy.
They're gonna go get help.

Now, let's get you
out of there.

All right.

Can I help you?


You can help me
by getting back in the car,

you pregnant goof.

Please? I feel really bad.
This storm is terri--

oh! Oh!

This is so
"Christmas story."

Back in the car,



Rise and shine.

Hide and seek.

I love this game.



Well, well. Déjà vu.

Except for the part
with the knife in my leg!

Then again...

Bullets didn't work on you
the first time, did they?


Knives it is.

I love this game!

Come on!

Are you serious?

I think this is
gonna work, buddy.


Hey, whatcha got there?

My ribbon
for the spelling bee.

Second place.

You got second place?
That's awesome!

Madison got first.

She spelled
"entrepreneur" correctly.


Second place
is still really good.

So, where were you
going anyway?

What do you mean?

When you found us.

I was just driving.

In a storm?

Easy, 20 questions.

Yes, I was driving
in a storm.


It's okay.

I got in a fight with Julian
over something dumb.

And I got mad because...

Because I'm stubborn
and I'm stupid sometimes.

You're not stupid.


I was about this.


How about you spell
some words for me?

Like...How about...





You really think
I won't find you?

Like you think if I didn't know
you were watching me...

With your camera...

And your anger!

Where's that anger now, Quinn?!

It must be hiding
with the rest of you.

♪ It's the same thing ♪

♪ right or wrong ♪

I knew how to spell

I said "u-e,"
and I knew it was "e-u."

Did you get nervous?

No, I missed it
on purpose.


Because I wanted Madison to win
the spelling bee.


I like Madison.

I think she's pretty cool.


You know,
she asked about you.

She asked me
if you were okay.

What'd she say?

It's not what she said,

It's more
how she said it.

Trust me.
Girls know these things.

So what's the first thing
you're gonna do

when you get out of here?

Tell my mom and dad
I love them.

What are you gonna do?

Tell Julian I love him.

And I love you, buddy.

♪ Are you there? ♪



It's Julian!

We're in here!

We're okay!

♪ It's the same thing ♪

♪ right or wrong ♪

No, stop!

Stop! Stop!!



♪ It's the same thing ♪

♪ right or wrong ♪

We're okay!

No, stop! Stop!





Oh, my God, Brooke!


We're sinking!
We're gonna drown!

No, no, we're not sinking.
The car's on the bottom.

Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.

And the water won't rise
that fast, so just calm down.

Are you okay?

I think so.
Just get me out of here, please.

Okay. Brooke, talk to me.
Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

I think --
my leg's just stuck!

Just help Jamie.

Okay, try to get
your leg free.

I'm gonna help you in a second.

Come here.

Okay, Jamie, I got to check
on Brooke's leg, okay?

If I can get her free,
she can help me,

or go look for help,

I just need you
to trust me.

Are you sure
we're not sinking?

We're not sinking. No.

I'm not gonna leave you.

Besides, you're gonna be my
best man in our wedding, riging?

Yeah. Yeah.

So there's no way
I'm leaving you. It's a promise.

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm sorry about earlier.

Shh! No, it's okay.
It's my fault.

I'm gonna check that sexy leg
of yours.

Don't go anywhere, okay?

Hey, you okay, buddy?
Are you sure you're not hurt?

No, I'm not hurt.


Your leg's stuck
under the steering column.

No problem.

I just need a crowbar
or something.

I had a crowbar.

I put it in the car
after I got Lauren out.

All right, good.
We just got to find it.

Hey, best man, you want to
help me find that crowbar?

I wish.


Hey. I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It was stupid.

I didn't mean it.

Can you hear that?

What's that noise?

What is it?

It's the levee!



What's happening?

It's the levee!
I got to get you out now!


We're gonna drown!


I can get you out.
Hold on.

I can do it.
Julian, he's just a boy.

I can get it.
Hold on!

Hey. Jamie? Relax.

He's gonna get you out of here.
Okay? I promise.

Julian --
I can do it.

Help him.
I can do it.

Julian, he's just a boy.
I can get you out, Brooke!

Julian, save him,
and then save me.

He's just a boy.

And he loves you, and so do I.

I won't leave you here.

I know. Now go.

Go! Go!

It's gonna be okay, jame.

I'm gonna drown!
Okay, come on.



Come on! Oh!

Okay. Come on.
I got you. Let's go.


I won't leave you!

I'm coming back!

I know! Go!

You go on!

Run into the storm!

But I'm your storm!

And I'll find you.

Lie awake at night.

Be afraid of the shadows.

Be afraid to close your eyes,
because when you do...

I'll be there.





I'm here.
Hold on, baby.


Where's the crowbar?

Where is it?!

Please, God, where is it?

This isn't happening.
This isn't happening.

We're gonna stay right here
in Tree Hill,

you and me, together!

We won't go to Los Angeles.

I'm never ever
gonna leave you again.


I love you.

Brooke, I got it!

I got it!



Come on, Brooke.

Hold on, Brooke.

Brooke! Julian!


Brooke, Julian!

Brooke, Julian!

Brooke, Julian!

Brooke, Julian!

Come on. Please.

Come on.

Yes, you got her!
Is she okay?!

Julian, is she okay?!

♪ ...And the guns in the world ♪


♪ All the gold ♪

♪ and the guns ♪

♪ and the girls ♪

♪ All the boys ♪

♪ all the choices
in the world ♪

♪ I remember when
we were gambling to win ♪

♪ everybody else said,
"better luck next time" ♪

♪ I don't want to bend,
let the bad girls bend ♪

♪ I just want to be
your friend ♪

♪ is it ever gonna be enough? ♪

Julian, is she okay?!

I need you to go to the end
of the bridge

and wait for me, Jamie.

But, Julian!

I need you to do that,
Jamie, now! Go!

♪ Is it ever gonna be enough? ♪
Come on, baby. Come back.

♪ Is it ever gonna be enough? ♪
Come on!

Come on, Brooke!

♪ is it ever gonna be enough? ♪

♪ is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

♪ is it ever gonna be enough? ♪
Come on, baby.

Come on, breathe!

Brooke, come on.
Don't do this to me, baby.

Come back to me!

♪ Is it ever
gonna be enough? ♪

Come on, Brooke!
♪ is it ever gonna be enough? ♪

♪ ooh ooh ♪

♪ If you had not have fallen ♪

♪ then I would not have
found you ♪

♪ Angel flying too close ♪

♪ to the ground ♪

♪ and I patched up
your broken wing ♪

♪ and hung around a while ♪

♪ Tried to keep
your spirits up ♪

It's empty,
you stupid...

♪ I knew someday ♪

♪ that you would fly away ♪

♪ for love's
the greatest healer... ♪

Come on, Brooke!

♪ be found ♪

Is that...Jamie?!

Stop, stop, stop, stop.


♪ Leave me if you need to ♪

Jamie, what are you
doing out here?!


Aunt Brooke is dead.

Wait here.

Just wait here.

Come, back
to the car.

Come on.

Come on, baby.
Come on, Brooke, breathe!

♪ Angel flying too close
to the ground ♪

Come on, Brooke, fight!

Come on, Brooke!

Come on!

Brooke, come back!

Come on!

Come on!


Come back!


Come back!

Come on, Brooke.

Come on!


Oh. Yeah, baby, baby.
Breathe, baby.

Breathe. Come on.

Oh, baby.

♪ Fly on past
the speed of sound ♪

♪ I'd rather see you up ♪

I can't --
♪ than see you down ♪



I know.

It's okay.

You'll pass out soon.

♪ Leave me if you need to ♪

But unlike me,

you won't lay there
for 12 hours.

Only a psycho
would let you do that.

♪ Angel flying too close ♪

♪ to the ground ♪

♪ Watching the water ♪

♪ watching the coast ♪

Right here.

I'm right here,
and I'm not going anywhere.

♪ Suddenly I know ♪

♪ What I want the most ♪

♪ and I want to tell you ♪

♪ still I hold back ♪

♪ I need some time ♪


♪ Get my life on track ♪

I'm your storm.

♪ I know that look
on your face ♪

♪ but there's something lucky
about this place ♪

♪ and there's something good
coming for you and me ♪

♪ something good coming ♪

♪ it has to be ♪

♪ and I'm thinking about mama ♪

♪ and about the kids ♪

♪ and the way we lived ♪

♪ and the things we did ♪

♪ how she never had a chance ♪

♪ never caught a break ♪

♪ and how we pay ♪

♪ for our big mistakes ♪

♪ I know so well
the look on your face ♪

♪ and there's something lucky
about this place ♪

♪ there's something good coming
for you and me ♪

♪ something good coming ♪

♪ it has to be ♪