One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 12 - The Drinks We Drank Last Night - full transcript

While Nathan dutifully studies a book by professor August Kellerman, the girls pig out so grossly at Brooke's hen night that hangovers are their least concern. More worrying are (or seem) ...

Previously on One Tree Hill...

Marry me, Brooke Davis.

Yes. Okay.

Now I'm redoing

and the more
that I think about it,

the more frustrated I get.

Okay, you know what?
Out of sight, out of mind.

This book
is only confusing you.

Oh, no, no, no.
What if it rains?

No, my son and
beautiful daughter-in-law

will not be married in a tent
like circus folk.

I booked the banquet room
at The Oaks.

I said I can't afford it.

I told you --
I'm taking care of it.

I don't want to take
your input.

I don't like The Oaks.

I don't really like
any of it.

Good luck
with the backyard hootenanny.

Taking this class is like
entering into a contract.

Mr. Scott?

I've been required to pass

marquee athletes for years.

But I don't have to
pass you.

I intend to hold up my end
of the contract.

I won't hold my breath.



Please, God,
get me through this.

I promise I will never
drink again.

Shut up.


Just try not to get so drunk
that you end up puking.

Oh, I can't
guarantee anything.

You know, what happens
at a bachelor party...

That stupid rule
never applies.

Well, you have nothing
to worry about,

especially since
you already helped me

fill my misbehaving quota
for the day --


And a half.

♪ I'll get there somehow ♪

♪ nobody knows... ♪

I just wanted
to remind you

of what you'll be missing
if you screw up tonight.

Seriously, baby,
I want you to have fun.

Is that what
you're wearing tonight?


But I probably won't get
to wear it for very long.

Oh, really.
What do you girls have planned?

Well, let's just say...

I might have random guys' hands
all over me.



Haley's taking us
to the spa.

♪ By the grace of God... ♪

You know, it's really nice
of you to do this for Brooke.

I'm happy to.

She's been through so much
in the last year.

I think
she really deserves it.

♪ Nobody knows ♪

You okay?


I just have to read
this entire book by Monday,

and I can't stop
thinking about Kellerman

calling me a nescient jock.

I don't even know
what "nescient" means.

It means "uneducated."

Why wouldn't he just
say "uneducated"?

'Cause he's a pompous
college Professor,

and you know what I would do
if I were you?

I would read that book.

That's all you got?

Just read the book

and forget about
Professor what's-his-face.



I'll read the book.

Thanks, Hales.

Bye, honey.

Have fun.

♪ Sitting on the fence ♪

No way, Haley.

You are not leaving my party
early to go play tutor girl.

We're not
in High School anymore.

Hey, if you're
gonna throw jabs,

throw them
at the right person, okay?

Nathan's college Professor
August Kellerman.

His name's August?

he even sounds mean.

Like the end
of summer.


This Kellerman guy made himself
a powerful enemy today,

taking you from my party.

Sorry, but you'll at least have Quinny
and Alex and Millie.

Wait. What?

Who invited Alex?

I did.

You invited her to Thanksgiving.
What's the problem?

I was being civil
for Julian's sake!

But this is my party.

I thought we weren't
in High School anymore.

Well, let's face it.

She's always
gonna be the girl

who got naked
in front of my boyfriend.


I can uninvite her.

She did get us
the spa suite.

So, it's up to you.



Our guest of honor...
Is here.

I guess I can be civil.

♪ What I did ♪

Thank you.


Haley, this is
the perfect party.

Wait. There's more.

Open your present!

Oh! Thanks.

Oh, um, no, thanks.
I can't have alcohol...


It's all natural.

Well, what does that mean,

It's perfectly safe.

I think we're gonna stick
with cucumber water.

Thanks, though.

Wow, Millie.

You really thought
of everything.

Oh! Brooke, you
have to wear this.

Uh, no.

I love you,

but I can't wear anything
made of whatever that is.

All right, to Brooke,
on her last day of freedom.

It's her turn.



You want some doughnuts?


No? Oh.


Good morning, ladies!
Rise and shine.

Oh, my God.

Is that a dog collar?

Is that why my neck is sore?

I think I bit my tongue.

My back hurts.

I feel fine!


You have
a massive black eye.


Ow. Ow.

Why are you talking
like you have your retainer in?

Why are you talking

like you have
your retainer in?

Open your mouth.

Oh, my God!
You got your tongue pierced!

Haley, take it out!

Come on!

No, I don't want to.
Help me!

Say "please."




What are you
doing here?

All the couches
were taken.

No. What are you doing
at my party?

The party was last night,

Uh, can you get me
some water?

My mouth is burning.



My engagement ring!

Oh, that's a little tackier
than I remember.



It's like I did
shots of fire.


It's not here!

I do not remember anything
about last night!

This is not happening!


Brooke, play it cool.

Julian's mom
is right behind you.

Is anyone else's mouth
on fire?

Mine is.

Everyone shut up
about your stupid mouths!

My engagement ring is missing!
Nobody move!

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than what I've been
trying to be lately ♪

♪ all I have to do
is think of me ♪

♪ and I have peace of mind ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than what I've been
trying to be lately ♪

♪ all I have to do
is think of me ♪

♪ and I have peace of mind ♪

♪ I'm tired
of looking 'round rooms ♪

♪ wondering what I gotta do ♪

♪ or who I'm supposed to be ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than me ♪

♪ One Tree Hill 8x12 ♪
The Drinks We Drank Last Night
Original Air Date on January 25, 2011

Well, there goes
my security deposit.

It's gone.
My life is over.

What is the big deal?
I mean, it was insured, right?

Personally, I never really
liked that setting, anyway.

why is she here?

We're gonna -- we're gonna find
your ring, okay?

Let's retrace your steps.
What did you guys do last night?

I don't remember.
I don't remember anything.

I don't even remember
Sylvia crashing.

I did not crash.

I came by
to drop off a gift,

and you all insisted
that I stay.

I barely got through the door

before somebody handed me
some -- ugh! --

hippie energy drink.

I loved that drink.

I knew those drinks
were bad news.

What was in those?

I don't know.

I will call and find out.


Ew! Why is there raw meat
in my purse?

Is my ring in there?!


Oh, you know what?
That's a good idea.

Everybody check
their purses.


Well, if it makes you feel
any better, Brooke,

I lost my phone.

It doesn't.

Oh, my gosh, you guys,
it's Julian.

What am I gonna say to him?

I will buy us some time.


Morning, gorgeous.

If you don't get home soon,

I might have to misbehave
all by myself.

Good morning, honey.

Why are you still there?

Why does everyone
keep asking me that?

Uh, well,
why didn't Brooke answer?

Is she okay?

She's as happy as a baby.

Well, let me talk to her.

Uh, no.
It's -- it's bad luck

to talk to the bride
before the dress rehearsal.

I thought it was bad luck
to see the bride before --

it's all unlucky.

Julian, we're dealing
with pre-wedding stuff

and girl bonding and --

and she'll give you
a ring later.

Any luck?

somebody got lucky.

At least they were safe.


This is one of those
good-news-bad-news things.

The good news is, the drinks
were perfectly healthy...

Unless you mix them
with alcohol.

That was the bad news.

I am gonna --

okay, no, no, no.

You already probably made her
pay for it with the...

Oh! This is good.
A receipt from a tattoo parlor.

One embarrassing
tongue piercing...

That's me.

...One tattoo.


It's like an x-rated version
of "where's Waldo?"


Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

That looks like henna
or something.

That's got to be,
like --

oh, it's chocolate.

Did you just taste that?

I'm pregnant.

Well, before you eat
the rest of it,

maybe we should call it.

Found it!

My ring?!

Millie's ho tag.

Ho tag?
It's called a tramp stamp.

What is it?!

Oh. Then why don't
you have one?

I have one.

What is it?!

Come on. Come on.

Don't --

okay. Okay.
Don't let it run.

Why would I get boots?

Why? Why?

Um, because
that tattoo kicks ass.

We could always ask
the tattoo artist.

I'm going with.

This is gonna
be awesome!

We're going
to the tattoo parlor.

Maybe they'll have
your ring there.

Oh, can we take the
skateboarding dog with us?

Take him.
He's getting really annoying.

Come on!
Come on!

Come on.

Hey. You know why
I can't come to the phone.

I'm Dave Navarro.

It's probably not
the Dave Navarro.

Why do you have a rock star's
phone number on your leg?

You tell me.

Tree Hill, last night!

Oh, my God!

What the hell were you guys
doing with Dave Navarro?!

What the hell
am I wearing?!

What the hell
did we do last night?!


Hey. What's up, boots?

I'll be with you
in a minute.

Did that guy
just call you "boots"?

He must have thought
I was somebody else.

Yeah, you're right.

He probably thought
you were some other girl

with boots tattooed
above your ass.

How could I
be so stupid?

I'm gonna have to
explain this tattoo

for the rest
of my life.

Oh, it's not that bad.

I got this one,

and nobody ever asks me
why I got it.

Why'd you get it?

Until now.

It's no secret
I tried to kill myself.

So I use this tattoo
as a reminder

to believe in something.

I mean, it's the only failure
that I'm proud of.

if I hadn't have failed,

I would've missed out
on all of this.

Right, boots?

Millie, check it out!

You're only a few tattoos
behind Dave Navarro!

All right, I'm gonna go
check the box office.

Wow, I haven't been
to a concert in so long.

Melissa and I
used to go all the time.

Who's Melissa?

She was my best friend
growing up.

This one time,

she pretended
to be an A&R rep

so that I could meet
Steven Tyler.

Do you know --

he's with Aerosmith?

Yeah, I know who he is.

Bet you and Haley
have some good...Stories.

We do.

But most of
my concert stories

are with my
best friend, too --


Yeah, I remember Peyton.

Is she coming
to the wedding?

Unfortunately, no.

But don't tell Haley.

I haven't told her yet,

Melissa didn't come
to my wedding, either.


It's probably
for the best.

I didn't really care
for Peyton.

I thought
you liked her.

No, Paul liked her.

So...No ring.


But I did find out why
the concert was canceled.

they lost Dave Navarro.

And the last they heard,

he was riding a bull
with some bachelorette party.

Ring any bells?

♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪

♪ when I'm feeling myself,
I move like this ♪

♪ when you're feeling yourself,
then move like this ♪

♪ now do it ♪

♪ do it ♪

I'm okay!

Where'd you get the shiner?

I don't know.
Why'd Millie get a boot tattoo?

'Cause of her nickname.

I thought the nickname
came from the tattoo.

Well, I guess the tattoo
came from the nickname.

Trust me.

I can do this.

You know, boots wasn't
the only one that got a tattoo.

Who else got a tattoo?

One of her brothers.


Oh, God.

Frat guys?


Yo, it's boots
and the girls.

You guys were awesome
last night.

You guys know us?

You don't remember?

♪ Shawty had them
apple bottom jeans ♪

♪ boots with the fur ♪

♪ the whole club
was lookin' at her ♪

♪ she hit the floor,
she hit the floor ♪

♪ next thing you know,
Shawty got low, low ♪

♪ low, low,
low, low, low, low ♪

♪ them baggy sweatpants and
the Reeboks with the straps ♪

♪ she turned around and gave
that big Booty a smack ♪

Oh, my God!

♪ She hit the floor ♪

Where's my ring?!

♪ Shawty got low, low, low,
low, low, low, low, low ♪

♪ them baggy sweatpants and
the Reeboks with the straps ♪

♪ she turned around and gave
that big Booty a smack ♪

♪ she hit the floor ♪

♪ she hit the floor ♪

♪ next thing you know,
Shawty got low, low ♪

♪ low, low, low,
low, low, low ♪

Hey, boots...
What'd you lose?

A ring.

Why did you guys
nickname me "Boots"?

We didn't. That's how
you introduced yourself.

Oh, dear.


♪ I've cried 10 million tears ♪

Oh, barkeep?


♪ Crying my heart out ♪

Hey, miss Kitty.

Give me something to drown out
this dreadful music.
♪ for no one but you ♪

Isn't it a little early
for a cocktail?

You could try
the boot again.

♪ I've ached 10 million nights ♪
the boot?

"15 types of alcohol
mixed in a real cowboy boot."


Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!

♪ I was falling in love
with you ♪

It's not here.
Let's go, Brooke.

Here. Come on.
Let's go.

Haley is right.
Let's go.

I cannot stand
this music anymore.

Oh, it's not that bad.
I like it.

It's because
it's all you knew,

growing up here
in Tree Hill.

♪ That never came true ♪
music brainwashes you.

Since Julian moved here,
he bought an old truck.

And he wants a backyard
hootenanny for a wedding.

I am sick of you saying ba--



You're calling me
right now.


You're calling me right now?

♪ I was falling in love
with you ♪


♪ I dreamed 10 million dreams ♪


Ask if they have
my ring.


♪ 10 million and two ♪


We'll be right there.

Great news!
They found it!

♪ Sweet dreams, my darlin' ♪
my ring?!

No, my phone.
It's at the fire station.

♪ That never came true ♪

Of course it is.


I can't believe
we stole a dog.

We don't know that.

He skateboards.

Guys, we're in possession
of a stolen skateboarding dog.

A lost skateboarding dog.

And we're returning him.

maybe we'll get a reward.

This is the house.

That guy looks mean.

"August Kellerman."

What does that name
sound familiar?

His name is "August"?
That even sounds mean.

Like the end of summer.

Oh, my God.
Guys, we got to go.

- Why?
- Why?

Because we stole
Nathan's Professor's dog!

Would we really
do all this?

Oh! Oh, no.

Oh, yes!

Whoo! Whoo!

Look what I got!

You want it?
You want the meat?

Come on, puppy!
Come here!

One, two, three!


♪ Look at him
with his sordid eyes ♪

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

♪ He's born of thoughts
that you failed to mention ♪

♪ he came to this place
with an earnest intention ♪

He wants to live with us!

♪ Smokey's got so much to say ♪

♪ hands to the wall,
hands to the wall ♪

♪ hands to the wall,
hands to the wall ♪

We should go.

Yeah. Yeah.

I can't believe
we did that.

I've never tissued
a house before.

I think you mean T.P.'ed.

I'm pretty sure we had
a great night last night.

Me too. Now if I could
remember everything

that happened last night

and forget about other things,
that would be great.

Can I ask you
a question?


What's it like
getting shot?

Well, almost dying
pretty much sucks.

But, you know,
now that Katie's locked away,

I just want to forget
about everything.

Mm. I don't want to forget
what happened to me.

You know, once I accepted
that I can't run from it,

my scars
didn't look so bad.

You obviously haven't seen
my scar.

Own it.

My scars are from
a moment of weakness.

Yours are proof
of your strength.

Well, no ring.
At least you found your phone.


Julian was such a cute kid.

Yeah, I have more.

No way.

That's you.

That is...

Wait a minute.

Oh, wait!
I know that place.

That is where Nathan goes
to watch football.

Please let them
have my ring!


The restaurants in L.A. are
so much classier than this.

I really do think that you would
love it there, Brooke.

It's such a great place
to live.

I like L.A.

I've lived in a city --
New York --

and it was a great place
to visit,

but I love Tree Hill,
you guys.

This is home.

All people do
in these small towns

is have sex
and watch TV.

Oh, you say it
like it's a bad thing.

Welcome back!

I'll get those free wings
for you.

Free wings?

Well, as long
as you're the champ,

you eat for free.

♪ You should have
kept your mouth shut ♪

♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪

And you call yourself
a man of fire!

Ha ha ha!

It's about time someone
gave those firemen

a run for their money.

Hey, how'd it go
with that cute guy last night?

The guy.

The guy you were
making out with.

Wait, was it --
was it Dave Navarro?

No. No,
it wasn't Dave Navarro.

No. No, I wasn't making out
with a guy.

I'm engaged.

I know. I remember.

You said it like
a million times.

But I thought
you were joking

because of the toy ring
you were wearing.

What did I do?

Thank God.

Please tell me
you guys have good news.

It's kind of one of those
good-news-bad-news things.

But the good news is

we found out
where the bulldog came from.

what's the bad news?

What was Nathan's
Professor's name again?

August Kellerman?

♪ This path is taking its toll ♪

This -- this has
to be a joke.


Maybe Nathan can return him
for extra credit.

Okay, I take it
no one found my ring.

It's not gonna matter anyway.

Julian's not gonna want
to marry me

after he finds out that I made
out with someone last night.

That -- that helps.

I'm gonna walk home.

I need to figure out
what to say to him.

♪ An empty soul ♪

Come on, Dogust.

Let's get you home.
Come on.

♪ When did you know? ♪

Did you just see that?

Oh, no!

♪ I promise this time ♪

♪ to keep under control ♪

Maybe this isn't
the right time,

but I want to say
thank you.

For what?

For last night.

I have never
won anything before.

I'm serious.

I know it may just be
a small-town "wall of flame,"

but...I'm a champion.

♪ To keep under control ♪

What am I gonna do,

Just be honest
with Julian.

He can be
very forgiving.

Trust me. I know.

Please stop reminding me
of how wonderful he is.

I finally found the perfect guy,
and I screwed it up.

Brooke, isn't
Clothes Over Bros closed?


Thank you
for reminding me

of another thing
I've lost.

No. Brooke...


My shirt!


And my Brooke.

What...Are you doing here,
Dave Navarro?

You...Locked me in?

Well, don't play dumb.

It's not
the first time

that groupies
have kidnapped me.

Oh, no, I am no groupie.

Oh, yeah?

Nice shirt.

Well, at least I don't wear
my own band's t-shirt.

Honey, it was the only
clean thing left on the bus,

but, uh,
it looks great on you.

Why don't you
hang on to that, huh?

Oh, thanks.

Hey, where's that other chick
that I nailed?

I want to apologize to her
for the black eye.

Well, this has been fun.

This has been fun.

But, uh, I got a show
I got to get to, you two.

All right?
Take care, sweetie.

Uh, actually...
Uh, no, no, no, no.

Let it go. Let it go.
He'll figure it out.

Oh, and, Brooke...

By the way,
you were amazing.

I can't remember
the last time

I busted through that many
condoms in one night.

Hey, how many
did you give him again?

Should be any time now.

So, who wants to be
the lucky lady?


Just call me "Boots."

that's my new name.

I wish I knew why.

You know that cowboy bar
with the mechanical bull?

They've got a pretty crazy
drink special.

The one where they drink
out of that disgusting boot?




Why does every party
I go to...

End like this?

I was worried Julian
would call off the wedding

when he found out
I kissed someone.

Now he's
definitely calling it off.

It's gonna be fine.

Hey, I made a lot of mistakes
in my life,

and I managed to get past
all of them.

I know a way that you can
get through this.

Don't tell him.


...Marriage is about loving
someone for who they are...

And accepting them
for their mistakes.

He deserves the truth.

look what I found.

A water balloon is not gonna
cheer me up right now.

What about
a water condom?

♪ Cut loose with it ♪

♪ cut loose with it ♪

♪ when you slide out
on the dance floor grooving ♪

♪ feeling yourself
to the baserock music ♪

♪ break it down ♪

Look. I'm Mia.

I'm me after being shot!

Oh, my God!

Nailed you!

Right in the eye!

♪ Go ahead, cut loose ♪

♪ got to get yourself juiced ♪

♪ go ahead and cut loose ♪

♪ go ahead and cut loose ♪

This is the best night ever!

♪ Go ahead and cut loose ♪

♪ got to get yourself juiced ♪

♪ go ahead and cut loose ♪

♪ cut loose ♪

Oh! Oh!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

♪ Suddenly you're shaking
with pain ♪

♪ shooting down inside you ♪

I knew nothing happened
with Dave Navarro.

Ohh, me too.

♪ It doesn't stop
till it breaks down ♪

Still doesn't change the fact
that I kissed someone.

Everything's gonna
work out, Brooke.

Haven't you ever forgiven
somebody for a kiss?

Well, I forgave Lucas
when he kissed Peyton,

but I never forgot it.

Has everyone dated
this Lucas character?

It was High School.

In a small town.

Yep, and that
is another reason

that Julian should move
back to L.A.

♪ You try to make your escape,
but the blows keep on coming ♪

Sylvia, have you been trying
to convince Julian

to move back to L.A.?

Well, his life is there.

But what about me?

That's a typical response
from a girl like you.

A girl like me?

Yeah, you're selfish.

♪ It doesn't finish ♪

It had to be said.



Something else
that needs to be said --

you smother him.

I do not smother him.

You showed up
here unannounced

and then tried to bully your way
into our wedding.

All right, you know what?

I don't have to listen
to this anymore.

And I'm not gonna let
some high-maintenance brat

like you marry my son.

Wake up, Sylvia!
It's not up to you!

If you'd stop drinking
for five seconds,

you would realize
that your son is a grown man!

Stop treating him
like a child!

I do not!
He does whatever he wants to do!

Really? I have two words
for you -- dog costume!

It's no wonder
Julian moved away from L.A.

No, he just came to be
with a girl

who can't even give him
a family.

♪ ...And going and going
and going ♪

I would give anything
to give Julian a family.

I better go.


How deep did they go
last night?



What's the craziest thing
that happened?

Um, well, they --
they kind of met Kellerman,

and brought him home
with them.

August Kellerman?

Dogust Kellerman.

Do I even want to know?

Just say you found him
on campus?

Dogust! Oh-oh.

Come on, boy.


Who misses who?
Come on, big dog.

Yeah, come on!

Come on. Come on.

How you doing?
How you doing?

I missed you.

Yeah. Yeah.
Who's that guy?

Who's that big man, huh?



I could have you
arrested, Scott.

I don't think so.
We have a binding contract.

No questions asked.

And according
to what you wrote

in Chapter 11
on moral conduct,

the best thing for you to do
in this situation

is to say "thank you."

It's not bad
for an uneducated jock, huh?

See you in class,

Come on, Dogust.

Don't tell me your night
is just now ending.

What happens
at a bachelorette party...

Oh, wait, wait.

I thought that stupid rule
never applies.

How was girl bonding time
with my mom?

We got into a fight.

Oh, I'm sure it was just
the alcohol talking.

Well, the alcohol said
some really mean things.

She doesn't mean it.

I said some
pretty mean things, too.

Don't worry about it.

You'll -- you'll work it out
at the rehearsal dinner, okay?

We might not need
the rehearsal dinner anymore.

I don't deserve you,

I did something

Well Two things.

my engagement ring...

And...I kissed some guy.

I promise you
it will never happen again,

and it didn't
mean anything.

I-I don't even remember
who he was.

I do.

Hi! Baby!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


So, what was so important

that I had to come
all the way down here?

Well, I was looking
at this earlier,

and I realized I needed to tell
you something right away.

I love you.

I mean, I really,
really love you.



Oh, my.

I'm gonna hold on to this
for you.


I feel so naked.

You should get naked.


Take it off.

No, no, no.
Hold on, hold on.



I'll marry you.

I love you.

We have literally been looking
everywhere for this.

Well, it's where
it belongs now.


Now, go get ready
for our rehearsal dinner

so I can be one step closer
to having you as my wife.

♪ I always wanted you to... ♪

All right,
everything's back to normal.

Kinda like nothing
even happened last night.

Yeah, kinda.

That. Yeah, ow.

Today was fun.

I like you guys.

Even though I have to invite
myself to things.

That's not true.

I know Brooke only let me tag
along because I got the suite.

That might be true.

But I don't care.

I like being around
real friends...

Even if I'm not
one of them.

Well, you are to me.

So sit down,

and let's fix
your...Eye situation.

Oh, no.

It really hurts.

Let me see.

This is it.

♪ If you'll only say it once ♪

♪ then say it now ♪

♪ and if you'll only
come here once ♪

White roses.

♪ Then come here now ♪

When did you do
all of this?

Actually, Julian and I
worked on it last night

while you were doing
whatever you were doing.


Julian had it
the whole time.


This is how you spent
your last night of freedom?

You're only getting married
once, Brooke.

I wanted it
to be perfect.

It is.

Unbelievably perfect.

How did you know
all of this, though?

Um, I may have forgotten to
throw away your wedding book

and just sent it
to Sylvia instead.

Sylvia helped?

Yes, and not only did
she pay for the whole thing,

but she's been
working nonstop

ever since I gave her
that wedding book.

♪ And every dream
you've cast away ♪

♪ is coming back to find you ♪

Hang on.

♪ If you only do it once ♪

I can't believe
you managed

to do all of this
without me knowing.

Well, you wouldn't have
let me, otherwise.

Probably not.

You did all this
for me?

I did this for the girl
my son loves.

I'm sorry
about what I said.

No, you were right.

I've been so busy
trying to hold on to the past

that I miss
everything around me.

Like you.

What you said today
at clothes over bros,

that really got to me.

♪ 'Cause every feeling
that you've lost ♪

I can see why
Julian loves you so much.

♪ Is waking up inside you ♪

And I am sorry, too.

♪ And every dream
you've cast away ♪

It's okay.

♪ Is coming back to find you ♪

You had better go find Haley.
It's time for rehearsal.

♪ When you find your love... ♪


What happened
with Melissa,

your best friend?

Oh, we're still...Friends.

She moved away,
she started a family,

and we just
drifted apart.

Like I said,
you can't live in the past.

♪ Let it go, let it go deep ♪

♪ 'cause when you've found
your love ♪

Baby Sawyer's sick.

Peyton's not coming?

I'm so sorry, Brooke.

I understand.

But I miss her.

Are you okay?


What you did in here...

It's amazing, Haley.

Nobody's ever done anything
like this for me before.

It's funny.

Peyton used to say,
people always leave.

But when they did,

I was always the one
who was here for her.

This year has been the hardest
of my life,

and you know who was
always here for me,

no matter what?

My maid of honor.


Say you'll do it.

I would be honored, Brooke.

Thank you.