One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 8 - I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight - full transcript

When the boys go camping in the woods, Julian proves to generously-hospitable tent-mate Nathan that a 'sissy city-type' can be of use too, as campfire-story-teller and even with Jamie, who after all doesn't always feel like copying super-daddy. Meanwhile the girls party reveals to Haley that Brooke and Quinn fed her space-cake for years, before a 'medium' stresses them all. Clayton stays at home with his late wife Sara's specter, and even after she leaves firmly turns temptress Quinn away. Dan has new nightmares about death and fatherhood.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

You were at that party that night, but
you didn't have sex with Nathan Scott.

- No.
- It's over.

I'd been given only days to live.
That was 14 months ago.

How'd you know?
Takes a con to know a con.

That night you were gonna
take that movie.

I wrote "marry me" in the sand,
and didn't tell you.

- You said you were leaving.
- l didn't know.

- Hey.
- l think you should go home to David.

I don't want you to be alone, honey.
Why'd you send her away?

I loved you so much, Sara.
I don't wanna lose us.

But now it's time to let go.

Don't worry, senor.

You won't feel a thing.

So tell me, doc, how many
heart transplants have you done?

Wait. Doc, l'm not under yet.
I'm still here.

Hey, doc, doc, doc.
I'm still here. l'm still here, doc.

I'm still here. l'm still here!

I'm still here!

It's okay, baby.

It's okay. It was a dream, right?

It's just another dream.

He's going.

All right, Haley, l just wanted to spend
this weekend with my son and friends.

- l barely even know this guy.
- He's going.

- You're going.
- An entire weekend in the woods.

You realize l know nothing
about camping?

What's this guy know about camping?
He makes movies.

And not very good ones.

Julian lives in Tree Hill now.
It's time he hung out with the guys.

I'm not a guy's guy.
I don't have homies.

I don't think anyone
has had homies since 1989.

My close friends
have always been girls.

- You mean like Alex?
- Yes, exactly like...

- l'm going.
- Yeah.

Hi, Clay.

You know how cute
I always thought you were.

Oh, l bet you'd like that,
wouldn't you, you perv?

I'm sorry.
Fast Times was on cable last night.

Show a little respect for the dead,
you goof.


- This isn't healthy, is it?
- Oh, l don't know.

Healthier than all the women
you've had in your pool in real life.

Then again,
skipping the guys' weekend... spend time
with your dead wife?

Probably not so healthy.

Man, when l said "guys' weekend,"
I pictured us by the pool... the Bellagio, room and drinks
comped because we rolling with Nathan.

Exactly what l wanted. A weekend
at some casino sports book.

Fifty TVs, 50 stations,
none of which will hire me.

Yeah, but the damn woods, with hungry
animals and dudes with hockey masks?

Camping's a great way
to forget your life.

- No TV, no Internet, no cell phones.
- Yeah, no way to call for help.

No, l guess it'Il be all right.

Hi, Coach Skills.

Oh. Chuck.

And above all, just be yourself.

Brooke, it's a camping trip,
not the first day of school.

Oh. Well, did you remember to bring
the little thermos with the sippy cup?

I got it covered.

Jeez, Eddie Bauer,
did you buy the whole catalog?

First rule of camping: Be prepared.

I think.

First rule of camping: Travel light.

Attention, all campers.

Bill Murray? Meatballs?

- Hey, look everyone, it's Julian.
- Who the hell is Julian?

Have a good weekend! See you!
See you!

- See you, fellas.
- Bye, guys.

Have fun. Be safe.

- Think we'Il ever see them again?
- l wouldn't worry.

Julian has enough equipment to survive
in the woods for seven years.

Well, l hope you're ready for girls' night,
because Quinn made brownies.

- Mm. They smell incredible.

They should. They're Taylor's recipe.

Oh, sweet. l love Taylor's brownies.

When Hales was in high school
she used to get stressed about tests...

...and we would always make
special brownies.

Special brownies?

Yeah, you know, the usual:
Eggs, milk, brownie mix...

...a little weed.

- Does she know that?
- No.

Looks like the boys aren't the only ones
going on a trip tonight.


- Uncle Skills, we pitched our tent.
- Way to go, guys.

All right. Here's your merit badges.

- What's that all about?
- l got these at the Army Surplus store.

We got merit badges all weekend.
Check this out.

Hey, who wants to get their
go-get-me-a-beer badge?

- l do!
- l do!


So this is the same tent the Japanese
climbers took to the top of Mt. Everest.

Well, then you should be good here,
100 feet above sea level.

If only the instructions
weren't also in Japanese.

Well, l think that looks pretty good.

So would you call that
a two-man tent?

You might wanna slow down a little.

That's the thing.
The more l eat, the hungrier l get.

Yeah, there's a reason for that.

Girls' night, right?
All about spilling secrets?

Oh, no. What'd you guys do?

Okay, Taylor's recipe calls
for an eighth of Granddaddy Purple.

What is that,
some kind of breakfast cereal?

Not exactly.


- l have to go throw up.
- No, no, no.

Relax, Haley-Bob.
You're about to anyway.

All those years,
you and Tay were getting me high.

Yeah, who knew tutor girl
was actually stoner girl?

We never gave you the full-strength recipe
until now.

l can't do this, l have a child!
Who is away for the weekend.

You have had
a rough couple of months.

It is perfectly acceptable
to mellow out a little.

- l'm so getting you back for this.
- Come tomorrow, you'Il be thanking me.

Maybe l've built up an immunity
to these brownies.

I've had two already,
and l don't feel anything.

They say they represent
the lollipop guild.

Do you think that's a trade union?
Why did they unionize?

Did they need shorter hours
or longer sticks or different flavors?

Look at their little suits.
It really cracks me up.

Wow, that didn't take very long.

Brooke, are you okay?

Please tell that munchkin
to stop looking at me.

Great. She gets chatty,
and you get paranoid.

A classic overcorrection.

You asked for it.

Just give me something
simple, elegant, beautiful.

You just described
everything l love about you.

I thought
you didn't believe in love.

- Isn't that what you told that girl? Kylie?
- l meant...

...I could never love anyone
as much as l loved you.

Except for Quinn.

It's not like that with Quinn.

I could always tell
when you were lying.

The ratings are in. Last week's show
with Renee was our highest ever.

- l'm glad.
- We have momentum.

We need something big for sweeps,
and then Dr. Phil can suck it.

Well, maybe we can get Lucas
to do a guest spot.

It's not like he's doing anything.

Hey, Lena, beat it.
He's got enough eyeliner.

Okay, what's going on? Does this
have anything to do with the fact...

...that Nathan never called
to say thank you?

Of course not. l never expected that.

Good, because we both know
that's not gonna happen.

Now, get your head in the game.

We have an empire to build.

Alex isn't that bad
once you get to know her.

I'm saying
I've known Brooke a long time.

I saw how hard it was for her
to get over a broken heart.

Well, nobody's gonna break
Brooke's heart.

Well, good, because if you do,
you'Il answer to me.

Yeah, and l seen him naked.
He's been working out.

- Hanging with the guys rules.
- So how you doing, Chuck?

My mom says
you can't marry Miss Lauren...

...because you don't make
enough money.

Well, guess who just lost their
keep-their-damn-mouth-shut badge.

Over the last few months,
with everything that's been going on...

...were you ever scared?
Not really.

I knew Grandpa Dan
would save us again.

So can we forgive him now?

Last week,
I helped a confused young woman... herself from her tangled web
of lies and deceit.

But tonight is about you.

So tonight l ask you
to turn your gaze inward...

...and confess the truth
inside yourself... turn your gaze inward...

...and confess.


Confess the tru...

We should've saved that
for sweeps.

Yeah, Chuck.

All right, Chuck!

That was awesome!

One bravery badge coming right up.


It's your turn, J. Luke.

So far down.

This was my favorite part
of camping when l was your age.

All right, Jimmy Jam,
let's see what you got.

I can't do it.

- What are you talking about?
- It's too high.

I'm going back down the trail.

I better go with Julian.

Jamie, we've been talking about this
for weeks, man.

But he might get lost.

That's true.
I am directionally challenged.

Okay, well, l guess l'Il see
you guys at the bottom, then.

- Thanks, man.
- No problem.


You're a genius, you know that?
Who could miss a single episode...

...when Dan Scott could keel over
and die at any minute?

I saw something out there, Rachel.

In the audience.

A boy.

He was bleeding.

Felt like my heart was
gonna burst out of my chest.

You're crazy.

Your heart's fine.

Without a new heart,
you're gonna die.

Maybe l wanna die.

Lon called from Putnam and Pratt.
He read the first three chapters...

...of your book.
He says it's gonna be a bestseller.

Think of all the good we'Il do,
all the people we'Il help.

All the money we'Il make?

That too.

How much is this heart costing us?

Five thousand.

- Very reasonable.
- It's a fortune to these people.

Now, get some sleep.

Tomorrow you're gonna be a new man.

Sara, did you feel any pain...

...when you died, in that moment?
- No.

Well, l did.

And l do, every day. And it's not fair.

Life isn't fair, Clay.

But you being miserable
is never gonna change that.

These leftovers are incredible.
I am such a good cook.

What's going on with you
and the hot agent?

- Clay?
- Mm-hm.

- Who are we talking about?
- Nathan's agent, Clay.

Right. Is something going on
with the two of you?

No, but it's better that way.

My psychic told me to avoid
emotional entanglements.

You have a psychic?

She's not really mine.
Her name's Zelda.

- Oh, my God, she does house calls.
- Oh, my God, we are totally calling her.

No. No, no. No.

Please, no creepy psychic.
I can't handle that right now.

See if she can bring us a pizza.

We did this in a movie l just produced.
We just need one spark.

All right, Spielberg. Why don't you
produce us some marshmallows?

So the girl say
she thinks she heard a noise...

...scratching on the car door, right?

So she freak out.

She tell the dude,
"Take me home now."

So he get all mad because he know
he's not getting no action tonight, right?

So he drive the girl
all the way home.

And get out the car to try
to help her out.

And there on the door handle
was a bloody hook.

That story isn't scary,
not when you have a bravery badge.

- You wanna hear something really scary?
- Bring it, Julia.


Well, this is a true story
about an old witch...

...who used to live
in these very woods.

Her name was Drag-leg Laura.

And they called her that
because she had a wooden leg.

You could always hear Laura coming...

...because she would drag it behind her
in the mud.

Well, the day after Laura died...

...some kids decided that
they wanted to dig up her body...

...and steal the wooden leg.

So they took it back to their tent.

And then just about midnight,
on a night just like tonight...

...they heard it.

Laura was coming back for her leg.

Wow, that was fast.

Because she's a psychic, she probably
knew that we were gonna call her...

...and started heading here.
This is so creepy.

Oh, l'm sure she's not that creepy.

Okay, she's creepy.

Nice going, Hollywood.
You scared the piss out of Chuck.

Good thing his mama packed
extra underwear.

Drag-leg Laura works every time.

I wasn't scared. It's just a story.

Drag-leg Laura, zip lines,
we're all scared of something.

Not my dad.

All right, buddy.
I think it's time for bed.

- All right. Good night, guys.
- Good night.

Dad, l'm sorry
I didn't do the zip line.

It's okay, buddy.

- Maybe tomorrow, if you want, huh?
- Sure.

All right. Come here.

A million dollars for your thoughts.

And l'Il throw in back-end points.

Just thinking about sweeps.

You're right. We need something big.

Maybe l come clean, show them
all that l've got a new heart...

...that l'm not living on borrowed time.

You do that, and all this goes away.

Maybe not.

Maybe they've been listening.
Maybe they'Il forgive me.

No. They'Il tolerate a criminal.
They'Il look the other way at murder.

But if they find out
that behind the curtain...

...Oz is just a man,
they'Il never forgive you.

Eventually that clock
has to stop ticking, Rachel.

Does it?

You've given these people
something to believe in.

Don't take it away
to quiet your own guilt.


You know,
I never said thank you, Mouth.

You don't have to.

Yeah, but you spoke up for me
when nobody else would.

I'm really sorry you lost your job, man.

Is there any chance they'Il take you back?

Probably not.

I committed the cardinal sin
of broadcasting.

I told people to turn the channel.

Networks don't really like that.

Yeah, well, the whole landscape
of television's changing anyway.

Yeah, but what's next?

The Internet. It's faster, it's cheaper,
and it's everywhere.

Is your career path laid out for you... soon as your parents
name you Zelda? Zelda.

It's kind of like
if they call you Bambi or Oprah.

What are your questions
for the universe, my child?

I'm sorry. Okay.

Will Nathan play for the Bobcats
this season?

Prospects are hazy. Ask again.

You sound like
one of those magic 8-balls.

You sound like you've been
eating pot brownies.

- Okay, best sports movie ever.
- Easy. Field of Dreams.

- l'm gonna go with Coach Carter.
- Oh. Strong.

Cool Runnings.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

All the sports movies of all time...

...and you're gonna pick Cool Runnings?
- Yeah, l like it.

Jamaica, we have a bobsled team

Hoosiers, hands down,
best sports movie ever made.

Definitely Hoosiers.

I know the guy
who coordinated the basketball.

What's that?

The actors didn't make that stuff up.
There's a sports coordinator...

...who comes up with all the plays.

I'm sensing something.

- It's Julian, isn't it?
- It's Julian.

- And he's...
- Conflicted about something, right?


- It's...
- Alex Dupre?

Yes. It's Alex Dupre.

I knew it. Zelda, you're good.

You're creepy as hell, but you are good.

Let's talk about
what Alex Dupre look like naked.

Oh, let me guess, Chase Adams.
I thought bartenders were supposed to...

...keep their mouths shut.

They also supposed
to make good drinks too.

Enjoy the buzz.

That's what you meant by
"not that bad once you know her."

It was a misunderstanding. A very brief,
somewhat naked misunderstanding.

There ain't nothing wrong
with a little window-shopping.

Yeah, well, she's no Brooke Davis.

But you guys have all seen her
naked on film.

Wait, who we talking about?

She's the only actress in Hollywood
who insists on doing nudity.

Yeah, Alex, that's what l thought.

- Wait, who were you talking about?
- Skills.


Nathan and Brooke kind of made
a sex tape in high school.

Okay. Good night.

See you guys in the morning.
Or maybe just one of you.

I never told Nathan we were married.

Why not?

- There was never a good time.
- To mention you had a wife?

I know. It's just...

People mean well, but they
don't really know what to say.

They try, but just...

After a while, it was just easier not to.

For who? You or them?

I don't know.


Both, maybe.

Well, it might help you
to tell someone.

And it might really help you
to tell the right someone.

There's a man in your life.

He suffered a great loss.

He's struggling.

- My husband, David.
- No, it's not David.

But whoever it is, l'm getting the strong
feeling that he needs you right now.

Ooh, Magic 8-ball, is Zelda really psychic?

What? "Outlook not so good."

I told you. She's a total fake.

Magic 8-ball, is Zelda standing
right behind us?

You may rely on it.

You're not alone in this house.

What? Wait! Zelda, you can't do that.

She just cursed us.

Quinn, your creepy psychic
just cursed us.

- Okay. On that note, l gotta go.
- No, Quinn, you can't, the brownies.

Yeah, l didn't actually
have any brownies.

Someone had to keep an eye on you.

And you're gonna come down
any minute, l promise.

I knew that woman would bring
a demon into your house.

- That's kind of harsh. She's my sister.
- Not Quinn. Zelda.

She said we are not alone.

Oh, stop it.
I'm sure we're perfectly safe.

If there is an evil spirit, this is
the best way to keep it from killing us.

It's just a mass-produced
board game, dude.

That doesn't matter, dude.
Now, what did Zelda say?

Oryctolagus something.


- It wasn't that. You're so bad.
- l wouldn't be afraid of that.

- Okay. Let's do it.
- Okay.

Oh, great Ouija board,
is there a mean spirit in this house?

- You're pushing it.
- l'm not.

- You totally are.
- l'm not. Okay, fine, don't touch it.

Ouija board... there anyone in this house?

Let me get this straight.
You were on a break from Peyton...

Oh, come on. It was eight years ago.

I was so drunk, l don't even remember.

- Well, good thing you got it on tape.
- Just let it go.

It's a nice tent.

I have a lambskin sleeping bag.
I'm quite warm.

Don't change the subject.

Look, l get it.

The idea of me and Brooke
is weird for you.

I lost my virginity to my sister-in-law.

Think that makes Thanksgiving
a little awkward?

- You still awake?
- Yeah.

What'd you think
about what Julian said?

I don't know.

Maybe he's right. l could have
my own sports show on the Internet.

Then l could say anything.

Call the website
something like "Raw Mouth."

I'm pretty sure that's already taken.

My father's new wife is my age...

...and she hit on me
after she slept with my Uncle Cooper.

- Yeah.
- Don't even get me started on my dad.

Yeah, your old man and my old man
should get together and go bowling.

Breakfast Club.

You really gotta quit
with the movie quotes, man.

I can quit that.

But l wish l knew how to quit you.

Okay, so enough about
your new porn site.

I'm talking about the Hoosiers thing.

I was planning on
starting my own business, right?

But sports coordinating,
I think l'd be good at that.

You'd be great at that.

Julian's cool.

That's not cool, man.

Lighten up, Francis. Everybody loves
a good Brokeback Mountain joke.

Not when you're sleeping
in your lambskin condom.

You're the one who showers with dudes
on a nightly basis.

- Do you think Drag-leg Laura is real?
- No. l can tell you a real story.

It's about this girl named Nanny Carrie.

And it actually happened... me.

You're good with the kid,
you know that?

I've had my moments, believe me.

Your dad was a dick, and somehow
you turned it around for your own son.

They should give a merit badge for that.

Zelda said Julian's conflicted
about something.

L... Listen, l realize the irony
of the following statement...

...but you can't take everything
Zelda says too seriously.

I feel it, Haley.

Brooke, that boy loves you.

He would move mountains for you
if you asked him to.

I don't know.

What if the guy l wanna spend my life with
doesn't feel the same way?

That's just the brownies talking.

No, l think they're wearing off.

I could see spending
the rest of my life with Brooke...

...but l know she wants kids.
And l don't know if l'm ready for that.

I don't know if l'Il ever be.

- Jamie likes you.
- Jamie likes that l suck at stuff.

What do you mean?

I'm saying when you have
Superman for a father...

...sometimes it's nice
to hang around with Clark Kent.

- Rain? Really?
- l wouldn't worry.

I hear lambskin is the safest
form of protection. You'Il be fine.

All right, come on.

You should've gone on the camping trip.

I wanted to spend time with you.

You're not with me, Clay.
You're alone.

And l don't want you to be.

What can l say? l'm good.

Let her in.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Look, l know this is gonna sound weird,
but are you okay?

Yeah. l'm fine. Why?

Oh, it just...

Never mind. Can l come in?


When are you gonna get it, Quinn?

You can't be here.

You need to go.

I'm sorry.

I don't get it.
I don't even know what l'm doing.

I don't know what we're doing.
Are we even doing anything?

I like you, Quinn. It's just...

Her name was Sara.

And l loved her.

She was my wife.


...she died.

And l've never told anyone...

...up until now.

It was sudden.

It was just one minute, she was there...

...and the next, she was gone.

So that's when l just threw myself
into my work.

But l learned that
it doesn't matter how fast you run.

The pain will always run faster.

That's when my life
just went completely off the rails.

And that's why your agency
sent you to Tree Hill.


That's also why l told you
to go back to David.

I know what it's like
to lose the one thing... love more than anything
in this world.

I'm so sorry, Clay.

I wish there was something
I could do for you.

You're doing it, Quinn.

You're alive, baby.

You have a new heart.


- Where'd you get the heart?
- What are you talking about?

It was a boy, wasn't it?

He was on life support.

I paid his family the money,
and they pulled the plug.

You paid them?

He might have gotten better.

We bought his death. We killed him.

I did what l had to do to save your life.

I'm not a murderer, Dan.

That would be you.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?
- Drag-leg Laura! Listen!

That's definitely Drag-leg Laura.

What are we gonna do?
- Only way to get rid of her... to catch her in the eyes
with the beam of your flashlight.

Don't worry, my dad will do it.

What? No, no. No way l'm going out
there, man. l'm way too scared.

All right, l'Il go.

Hey, guys, it's not Drag-leg Laura.
It's just some stupid old gate.

Wow, Jamie, that was awesome.

Jamie Scott, one bravery badge.


Chuck, you might wanna go
change your underwear again.

Okay. If this is our last night on Earth,
I just want you to know...

...I am really glad we are together.
- This is silly. You are paranoid.

We weren't hearing things.
It was the brownies.

It's coming from the closet.

This is ridiculous.


- Oh.
- That's what Zelda said.

The evil spirit.

In the closet.

Here l come.


The Latin word for bunny rabbit.

That Zelda's a bitch.

Kids are finally back asleep.

How'd you know about the creaky gate?

I just saw it
when l was out getting firewood.

- Nice performance.
- Hey, Julian.

You knew Jamie needed that.

Oh, it was no big deal.

Being a father is 95 percent instinct.
And you have good ones.

When the day comes, you'Il be ready.

Thanks, man.

You know,
that was my first-ever fist bump.

Don't over-think it.

Come back to bed, baby. You need rest.

You're right. l do.

In fact, l've been thinking.

Maybe we need a vacation.


Now, that's my boy.

Where do you wanna go?
The Bahamas, Hawaii?

Tree Hill.

I wanna go home.

It's almost morning. l should go.

Or you could stay.

Tell me more about Sara.

She would've really liked you.