One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 7 - I and Love and You - full transcript

Nathan and friends are in nail-biting agony whether Dan's live TV show starring Renee will ruin Nathan's NBA career for good by supporting her claim he's the adulterous father of her baby. Couples reminisce how they met, and some parted, like Clay's late wife's specter haunts him. Julian assures Brooke he loves only her and learns she wanted to marry him even before he left to new Zealand. Dan has a surprise in store, first for the audience, then for Renee. Clay sends Quin back to David, who was on her mind anyway.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

I stripped naked,
and that boy didn't even flinch.

- Sorry, what did l do?
- What you didn't do... tell me that ho-bag
got naked for you.

- Oh, that.
- You, couch. You, fired.

- Did you go home with that guy?
- Yeah.

Nathan doesn't want us hanging out.
I respect that.

How'd you like to stay the night?
Like old times.

That's up to you, isn't it?

I'd been given only days to live.
That was 14 months ago.

I have a proposition for you.

Nathan's your son. It could ruin him.

He's doing this
because he wants to bury Nathan.

The deeper Nathan is buried,
the more money he'Il have to pay you... dig himself out.
- Okay. l'm in.

They're excited.

And l didn't even have to pay them
this time.

It's gonna be a big show.

Dan, you reached out to Nathan,
and he hung up on you.

He was never gonna forgive you,

Sometimes the truth is all we have.

Skills is gonna take Jamie for the day
just to keep him away from the TV.

The first memory l have is sitting on
my father's lap holding a basketball.

Spent my entire life
trying to get me to the NBA.

Now he's gonna take it away.

What are you looking at, goof?

- How you doing?
- You didn't tell me the show was live.

Oh, it's better this way.
Bigger audience, bigger ratings.

After today,
everyone will know your story.

- l'm nervous.
- Don't be.

Speak from your heart
and don't forget to smile. You'Il be fine.

- Mr. Scott?
- Yeah?

What happened between you
and Nathan?

I murdered his uncle,
among other things.

I'Il see you out there.

This should be the last of it.

- l'm so sorry about all this.
- It's fine.

No, it's not fine.

You've been amazing
about everything, and it just...

- l'm sorry. l'Il talk to him.
- These aren't mine.


- Are you coming to watch the show?
- No, l need to watch it here.

- l told Nate l'd call him after.
- Okay.

See you.

- Drive safe.
- Thanks.

Hey, Clay?

I hope everything turns out okay.

You and Nathan are both great guys,
and you deserve better.

So do you, Quinn. l'Il see you later.


So let's run down the list.

There's blondie
from the body-wash commercial.

- She has a name, you know. It's Kylie.
- Of course it is.

There's the actress
who can be in your bed in 20 minutes.

Make it 30. And there's this one,
Nathan's sister-in-law.

It's a little early for a beer, isn't it?

You know what l want?

- Grape Kool-Aid.
- Stop it.

- It's okay if you like her.
- No, it's not.

- Why not?
- Because she's somebody's wife.

So? l was your wife.


But you left me.

Things change, Clay.

She's beautiful...

...and you like her.

She's not you.

Look, l have to watch Nathan's
and my career...

...possibly end on this nightmare
TV show.

- You can go if you want.
- No, don't be silly, babe.

I'm not going anywhere.

- Oh, hey, hey, hey, here.
- Thanks.

- Oh, what is all this?
- David dropped off some of my stuff.

- In the garage?
- Not exactly.

Hales, l thought l'd just watch
from my room... give you
and Nathan some space.

- But l'm here if you need me.
- l know, Quinny. Thank you.


Nathan. Hey, it's gonna start soon.

It's been a good life, huh?


It's been a wonderful life.

When this show is over,
it's still gonna be a wonderful life...

...because l love you,
and your son loves you...

...and nothing that happens
in the next hour is gonna change that.

God, l needed to hear you say that.


I really needed to say it.

My guest tonight's grown rather
infamous over the last few weeks.

Her name is Renee Richardson...

...and she's nearly
four months pregnant.

And she claims that this NBA player
is the father of her unborn child.

That player happens to be my son.

They say that truth is the best
vindication against slander.

So, what is the truth?

Is she lying, or am l about to become
a grandfather again?

We'Il meet her and hear her story
when we come back.

Believe nothing.
Just because a wise man said it...

...or you read it in a book,
or it's of divine origin...

...or simply because your mother told you,
it doesn't make it true.

Believe only what you yourself
can test and judge to be true.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
my guest, Renee Richardson.

Here we go.

Hi, Renee.
Hi. Thank you for having me.

She's pretty.

Crazy-looking as all hell, but pretty.

We're gonna talk about a lot tonight,
but to set the stage...

...tell us about the night
of the alleged affair.

The first time you met Nathan.

We had been to a lot of the same
parties and clubs...

...but we hadn't been introduced.

And that was, what,
nearly four months ago?

That's right.

I remember it was the night
of the Memphis game...

...and Nathan scored
his season high that night.

Thirty-five points, 11 assists,
and six boards? You killed it tonight.

Here is to your contract year
and making my job a hell of a lot easier.


Excuse me? l'm sorry.

I don't mean to bother you,
but could we get a picture?

Absolutely. Just give us one second.

Dude, having you around
is so much better than a puppy.

But, seriously, l'm proud of you,
and l love you...

...and you absolutely deserve this.


Oh, yeah, that's the one.
All right, let's do this.

Nathan Scott, the girls.
The girls, Nathan Scott.

Hi. Nathan. Nice to meet you.

- How you doing? Nathan. All right.
- All right.

Mm. Somebody smells good.

That's the Rainstorm body spray.

All right, let's make it look sexy.

And on the count of two. One, two.

We were really hammered that night.

It was the longest road trip of the year,
and l...

You were lonely.

I'm always lonely.

On the count of two.

That's a long way down.

Thanks. That really helps me right now.

Sorry, l'm just not a huge fan
of heights.

Yeah, you know,
beer bongs l can do.

I think they are
a beautiful college tradition.

Streaking through the quad,
another one.

- Well, l could do that.
- Yeah?

Man, did l pick the wrong school.

- l'm Clay.
- Hi. l'm Sara.

How about we do this together?

- On the count of two.
- Wait.

On the count of two?
Nobody goes on the count of two.

Yeah, l know. It'Il be our thing.

Something we can tell
the grandkids about.

I'm gonna tell them about
streaking on the quad.

Yeah, nobody wants to hear that
from their grandparents.

I take that back.

Everyone would love
hearing that from their grandparents.

Attagirl. You ready? You okay?

One, two.

See? How badass were you?

Tell that to the grandkids.

Let's back up a little bit
to when you were younger.

We did our research and found out
you were once a cheerleader.

And a homecoming queen.

And, more recently,
a hostess in a club.

Yes, but there was
no nudity or anything.

I understand. My wife was a stripper.
A little nudity.

- Have you ever been married?
- No.

But you knew Nathan was married.

I felt bad about it.

I mean, obviously,
I wish that he wasn't...

...but l was attracted to him.

And attraction is not a choice.
It just is.

- Have you ever been in love, Renee?
- Yes.

It feels good, doesn't it?

Falling in love is the easiest thing
you're ever gonna do.

It's the most exciting thing.
It's the most powerful thing.

That's why falling out of love
hurts like hell.

But falling in love,
there's nothing better.

It's the best it ever gets.


Did l ever tell you
how amazing you are?


You're amazing and beautiful.

And talented.

And one of these days,
I'm gonna get you a real darkroom.

Not just some
cramped apartment bathroom.

Stop. Come here. Look at this.

Look how happy you are.

I don't need a big darkroom.

I just need you
to always be that happy...

...because you deserve that.

How'd l get so lucky with you?

you haven't gotten lucky just yet.

But l think you're about to.

We've gotta get a bigger darkroom.

And then you kissed.
- Yes.

- And the kissing escalated.
- Yes.

When we come back,
we're gonna talk about love and loss.

How we're sometimes
our own worst enemies.

Then we're gonna find out
if Renee is telling the truth.

After this.

- You awake?
- Depends.

Good news or bad news?

That video position came up
at work again.

- And l took it.
- David, why?

Because l'm tired of being poor.

We're not poor. We're frugal.

Mrs. Padilla's been driving you to work.

It's just sometimes the car won't start.

- How do you get home?
- l catch a ride or l walk.

- Quinn.
- l like walking.

Baby, what about your documentary?

I stopped at the library
and got the grant forms.

It's what we've talked about.

- It's what you've always wanted.
- And l'Il still want it a year from now.

But this is good money, Quinn.

I wanna get you a house.
And that darkroom.

I don't need those things.

I need you to be happy and inspired.

Well, this will make me happy,
and you'Il keep me inspired.

Please? Say it's okay?

- Say something. Please.
- Okay, okay, okay.

- Promise me you'Il fill out the forms.
- Of course.

And if something comes up,
you'Il take it.

Of course, of course, of course.
I promise.


I love you, you know that?

I love you too.

Falling in love is easy.

But a lifetime of love,
now, there's a miracle.

You know l love you.

And you know l fired Alex,
but you're still working with her.

I like her script, Brooke.

You like her script, or you like her?

Relationships aren't always easy.

I should know.
I'm on my second marriage.

Yeah. How many of you are divorced?

Divorce doesn't just happen.

And relationships
don't just end in an instant.

What'd you do with your ring,

Your wedding band. Where is it?

I don't know.

You don't know,
or you don't wanna remember?

Hey, Sara. What do you think?

You look like a boy playing dress-up.

Come on. This is my shot.
I gotta get in the mailroom...

...I become an assistant,
they make me junior agent...

...and l'm in.
- You're in.


The person interviewing you,
it's a woman, right?


Jeans and a button-up shirt...

...and go heavy on the boyish grin.

- You sure?
- Hey, it got you me, didn't it?

You just don't think
that'Il be too casual?


Married says mature,
stable and dependable.

Everything they'Il wanna see
in a future agent.

Only l'm not married.

Then marry me, you knucklehead.

- Yes.
- Ha-ha-ha.


Well, there's that boyish grin.

We all wanna be loved,
to be happy.

So why aren't we?

Because we've become experts
at sabotaging our own happiness.

Feeling like victims, when, in fact,
it's the choices we make.

The bad habits, the vices.

The inability to show love
and compassion.

These are the things
that tear us down.

We're not victims.

We're assassins
when it comes to love and happiness.

Renee is beautiful, and she's smart,
and she wants love in her life...

...and yet
who did she choose to sleep with?


A man who was unavailable to her.

Now, she may be telling the truth.

And she may deserve compensation,
but she's no victim.


We applaud the sentiment,
but we don't change.

Why? Because we want
what we want.

We do it, say it, try it,
and we victimize ourselves...

...and we hire an attorney,
and it has to stop.

Renee... say Nathan Scott, my son,
is the father of your unborn child...

- Yes.

I believe you.

I think you're telling the truth.

And more than that,
I'm going to prove it.

With the help
of this lie-detector machine.

When we come back.

This is just...

This is unbelievable.

- Two minutes, guys.
- What is this about?

- What's what about, honey?
- l didn't agree to this.

Relax. It's great television.

- No, you don't...
- Here's the thing.

If you're lying,
science will prove it eventually.

And if not,
you have nothing to worry about.

Don't forget to smile.

Do you believe this?
Do you realize how ridiculous this is?

The guy shot his brother
at point-blank range...

...and now he has a TV show.

He's rolling out
some rigged-up machine...

...and l have to sit 3000 miles away
and just take it.

Screw him. l mean it.

Let's not even watch
the rest of the show.

It's a nice day.

It's a nice life.

How can you be so strong?

It's a question of character.

It's really about
who has better character.

Is it Renee or Nathan?

And if you sign with me, l promise you
that the energy and resources...

...that l'Il dedicate to you
and your career will be unmatched.

Okay. l'm in.

- Can l give you my two cents?
- Sure.

- This is also about that wide receiver?
- Yeah.

I think... can do better.

Babe, this guy is a big deal.
He can change everything for me.

But you said it yourself,
he's a bad guy.

If l only represent good guys,
I may have no clients.

No, l don't believe that.
I don't think you do either.

The guy is great, Sara.

He's not great.
He's just a great player.

And the man l love
knows the difference.

That's what's gonna make you
a great agent.

You'Il find players
that you can believe in...

...and clients that become friends.

You'Il find someone who has integrity
and character and heart.

And that will change everything
for you.

And that's the man l fell in love with.

I love you, you know that?

I know.

You really hurt my feelings when
you said we weren't getting married.

When did l say anything
about marriage?

When your dad came to town.
You said we weren't getting married... it was some sort of
completely ridiculous notion to you.

No. Brooke, l was venting.

It had nothing to do with the actual
concept of marrying you.

I think about that all the time.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, good, because that's
what l wrote in the sand.

That night you said you were gonna
take that movie in New Zealand...

...I wrote "marry me" in the sand,
and l didn't tell you...

...because you said you were leaving.




What is this?


This is a surprise,
but we have an expression on this show.

Step into the light...
And get yourself right.

- And get yourself right.

During the break,
we hooked Renee to a lie detector.

And here's how it works.

I'Il ask Renee a question,
and depending on her answer...

...the words "true" or "lie"...

...will appear on the screens
behind me.

For instance,
is your name Renee Richardson?


Excellent. Let's begin.

Did you, in fact, meet Nathan Scott
at a party, as you described earlier?


Did you flirt with Nathan Scott?


Did Nathan flirt back?

- Mm. You smell good.
- That's my Rainstorm body spray.


Believe only what you yourself
test and judge to be true.

Renee, is Nathan Scott, my son,
the father of your unborn child?


Nate, it's Clay.
It's my third time calling, buddy.

Look, l'm watching the show
right now, and l...

I just wanna talk to you.
So please call me back, all right?



Hey, David, do you know what...?

Hey, babe.

Uh... What is this?

Okay, okay, l know it's expensive.

But l just had a thought.

Screening room.

- Okay...
- l'm just saying...

...I go to work, l come home,
I sit here...

...l'm happy.

Remember that old car that we had?
And the futon?

We were really happy then.

Yeah, that futon sucked, baby.

I love this picture of you.


Because that guy was struggling,
foolish and broke.

- That's not true.
- Quinn.

You've got some crazy,
romantic notion of who l used to be.

Of who we used to be.

We were just naive kids.

God forbid l ever go back to that.

Can you hand me a Phillips screwdriver?
It's in that box over there.


How great is this room, by the way?
No windows. It's perfect.

It's a really dark room.

Did you mean it when you proposed?

Yeah, l did that night.

But not anymore.

I don't know right now.

I'm sorry. l didn't know.

I'm sorry l hurt your feelings.

Sometimes we fall short of
the people we are meant to be...

...and sometimes people do things
they're ashamed of.

Thank you, Renee.

And usually, after the guilt sets in,
we make things worse.

My son, Nathan Scott, is a good man.

But sometimes people do funny things
in the face of pressure and desperation.

And the truth...

...well, truth is an absolute,
and the truth can set you free.

My name is Dan Scott.

I love my wife, Rachel.

- What is he doing?
- My son, Nathan, loves me.

I am president of the United States.

I'm Santa Claus.

I didn't kill my brother.

Hey, you guys gotta get in here.

Life is funny, isn't it?

Sometimes bad things happen
to good people...

...and it isn't fair. This is a still frame
of the moment l told you...

...we were gonna do a lie-detector test.
Your pupils are dilated.

Your eyebrows are arched.

It means you were surprised.

This is a still frame after you said
Nathan had slept with you...

...and the monitors said, "True."

You were surprised again, weren't you?

Sometimes bad things
happen to good people.

I think you're a good person, Renee.

Something bad happened and you were
clever enough to see a way out.

All right.

- Mm. You smell good.
- Oh, that's the Rainstorm body spray.

All right, let's make it look sexy.

Okay. Easy. Not too sexy.

That'Il cost us 20 million next year.

On the count of two. One, two.

I don't think you wanted to.

I think you were afraid
and lost and desperate.

You knew Nathan
was in a contract year...

...and you knew he had
too much to drink that night.

Maybe someone lied to you...

...maybe someone
took advantage of you, or maybe...

...being a good person
just wasn't paying off.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

I know. But here's the good news.

You can stop it...

...right here, right now.

You wanted to get some money,
some security.

What's so little to someone
who has so much?

And then you got angry,
and then the press got involved...

...and then there was no turning back.


We have a team of experts backstage...

...who study body language
and heart-rate response and all of it.

You were at that party that night,
and you had sex, didn't you?

And you got pregnant.

But you didn't have sex
with Nathan Scott...

...and you never had sex
with Nathan Scott, did you?


Well, what do you know?

Character changes everything.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's over now.

It's okay. It's over.


He says she's dropping everything.

I'm so sorry
you had to go through this.

I shouldn't have been drunk
at that party, Haley. l just...


You're still young.
We both are. l think...

I think we just forget that sometimes.

What are you listening to?

You know.

I never changed it.

Play it.

I can't.

For me?

If you had not have fallen

I love this song.

- You look beautiful.
- Well, thank you, handsome.

Dance with me.

And l patched up your broken wing

And hung around a while

You know what l want?


Grape Kool-Aid.


I knew someday

You know what l hate?
I hate these pens.

It's either way too much fluid
or not nearly enough.

But it's never the right amount.
And they cost, like, a fortune.

What are you looking at, you goof?

Sara, hey.

Sara, hey.

Leave me if you need to

I will still remember

Angel flying too close

To the ground

Leave me if you need to

I will still remember

Angels flying too close

To the ground


Sometimes l can't see you anymore.

I forget things about you...

...and l'm afraid that l'm losing us.

Like the way you smelled...

...and the sound of your voice,
and how you felt in my arms, and...

If you let someone in,
you'Il erase me.

You won't.

I can't.

Open the door, Clay.

Clay. It's okay.

On the count of two.




I think you need to go home.

Oh, okay. l'm sorry.

- l didn't know it was a bad time.
- To David.

I think you should go home to David.

And l'm sorry too.

I love you so much,
my beautiful wife.

A team of experts backstage?

Nice touch.

So how'd you know she was lying?

He's still my son. l raised him.

I know what kind of man he is.


...takes a con to know a con.

It was a good show.

I love you.


You okay?


I need to know that you feel
the same way that l do.

That you could see yourself
doing this with me forever...

...because if not, what am l doing?

What are we doing? What...?
Who are we?

Hey, look at me.

We're us, Brooke.

You're the girl l love
with all my heart.

And l'm the boy
who's gonna be with you forever.

We don't have to rush into anything.

Forever is a very long time.

It's not fair.

We were supposed to have more time.

And you still do.

I don't want you to be alone, honey.

You like her. Quinn.

Why'd you send her away?

I don't wanna lose us.

No, you can't erase who we were
or what we had. No one can.

We burned so bright together.

You won't lose that.

I loved you so much, Sara.

You were perfect with me.

And you always will be.

But now it's time to let go.

It's okay, honey.

I love you.