One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 6 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea - full transcript

Julian gives Alex another chance and they continue to work on her script which he believes is very good but Brooke is not happy. Brooke reconnects with Chase to make Julian jealous and it works. Mouth gets to tell the truth on air about the allegations against Nathan much to his station manager's horror. Milicent begins to take weight loss tablets after Alex tells her she is a plus-size model. Elsewhere, Haley offers to pay off Renee unknown to her that Rachel and Dan have got to her first.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

- Where to?
- Your place.

Clay, Quinn is Haley's sister.

She has a lot going on right now.
Stay away from her.

You were a huge hit last night.
They think you're amazing.

You don't think l look like
"a frumpy whore on bingo night"?

If l did, would l ask you
to model full time?

Honey, l'm home. Let's do this.

l told you it was realistic.
Hey, honey.

- Alex and l worked everything out.
- Isn't that great?

"Nathan Scott:
A Basketball Star's Love Child."

Like father, like son, huh?

She's so certain.
You don't remember meeting her at all?

You're starting to believe her,
aren't you?

I heard about your problem.

l was wondering if...
You could help?

Save your help for people
who don't know you.

Stay away from me and my family.

reached Renee. Leave a message.

I trust you had a nice flight.

I have a proposition for you.

Okay, folks, that's a wrap.

Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

We haven't even shot anything yet.

- You might wanna call your agent, son.
- You're serious?


What a pity.
I just found my motivation.


This hot body of yours...

...has just inspired me to do something
that l have never done before.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

And it's gonna take
a lot of hard work...

...and it's gonna take
a long, long time.

And l'm gonna need you to start
by taking your pants off.

Oh, that sounds amazing.

But Alex is coming over to work.


You two were up half the night.

It's all business, Brooke.

I don't know,
she seems to have really come around.

I don't buy it.
Once a ho-bag, always a ho-bag.

Now, as l recall, you...

You might wanna consider
what you are about to say...

...very carefully.

Now come kiss me
till ho-bag shows up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You're up early.

It's my peace and quiet.
West Coast wakes up in 3 hours.

- Phone starts ringing.
- Nice.

- You been down for a swim?
- Yeah, l tried but couldn't.

I've been afraid of the ocean
since l was a little girl.

- Mm. Sharks?
- Immensity.


I thought if l just
threw myself in and...

Well, didn't quite work out.

You should start smaller, like a toe.

Work up to ankle, maybe a shin.
Who knows?

Yeah, l'm more of
a "yank the Band-Aid" kind of girl.

All right.

- Ah.
- Go. It's fine.

Hey, man.

Oh. Just relax, all right? l...

Okay, l'Il get into it.

Yeah, fine. l'Il meet you at your place.

Find a phone booth and change into
that super-agent costume.

Yeah, if only it were that easy.

- l hate to run, but...
- Go. Save the day.

Okay. See you.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

I never called Marvin.

Keep it down, Gisele.
I'm trying to write.

I thought you were mad at him.

I was "ignore him
for a couple of hours" mad.

Not "disappear for the second night
in a row" mad.

Well, you can thank me later,
but you were way drunk... l texted him from your phone
and let him know you were safe.

"Melvin... my drink on with Alex.

If you're done being a tool, you should
come rock out with your co..."

- Oh, my God.
- Nope, just little old me.

But l do work in mysterious ways.

So you want me to go on your show
and tell the world my story?

That's right.

And you're gonna be on my side?
Why would you do that?

Nathan's your son. It could ruin him.

But you're the one telling the truth.

You're not telling the truth.

About what?


You said you didn't know her
and you didn't remember her.

I don't.

We've been through this.
Why can't you just believe me?

Her number is all over
your old cell-phone bill.


Excuse me,
why aren't you explaining yourself?

Because l shouldn't have to.

But if you insist...

I'm a professional basketball player.

Girls get ahold of my e-mail, telephone
number. They try to contact me.

When they do,
I reply and tell them to stop...

...because l'm happily married
to a woman who loves and trusts me.

So l guess l did lie, Haley.

But only when l told them
that my wife trusts me.

- Marvin.
- Don't you mean "Melvin"?

Don't be mad, even though
you have every right to be.

Alex called me after she left Julian's.

I was drinking because l thought
you didn't think l was pretty enough.

When did l say you weren't pretty?

- Of course you're pretty enough.
- We could skip the fight...

...and you could be excited for me
because it's official:

You're looking at the newest face
of Clothes Over Bro's.

Oh, well, not this face. But once
it's cleaned up, with a little makeup...

Congratulations, Millie.

I wish l was the one
you wanted to celebrate with.

You understand l can't stay
and rock out...


That was Alex.

Of course it was.

Well, at least she texted me.

I gotta go.

This situation is like a war.
We'Il lose a few battles.

Just stop with the metaphors...

...and tell me what happened
this morning.


What? Similes use "like" or "as."

- "Like a war."
- Guys.

We lost the body spray campaign.

It looks like the shoe deal
is going away.

- What?
- Temporarily.

- This is unbelievable.
- It feels like the sky is falling.

When something goes down,
marketing executives...

...distance themselves
to protect their brands.

Almost always they come back
as soon as the air clears.

"Almost always"?

There was a risk when we decided
not to deal with Renee...

...but it has become a bit of an issue
with the Bobcats.

- They don't want me back?
- You are far too talented for that.

They're using it to their advantage
and negotiations have slowed.

Again, like l said, we expected this.

More importantly, Nate,
the whole agency is on this.

Everybody respects your decision
to fight this, and we've got your back.

You just gotta have some faith in us,
and in each other.


- He'Il have a career when this is over?
- l'm not gonna let anything happen.

Because you didn't see
how dark he got the first time.

This is a staring contest.

Our best chance
is if the press gets tired of this...

...and nobody makes this story
any bigger than it already is.

I'm gonna make this story huge.

But you don't trust me.

I'd have to hate my son
to tell your story, right?

You're smart. l like that.

That means my grandchild
will be smart.

Well, l was in Nathan's situation

I refused to recognize a child
that l'd fathered...

...and it was the second-worst mistake
I ever made.

But l made it in part
because nobody forced me... look at the consequences
of my actions.

By coming out in support of you
and allowing you to tell your story...

...l'Il force Nathan
to take responsibility.

If not emotionally,
then at least financially.

He'Il never forgive you.

I've made my peace with that.

- There she is.
- l know. l'm late again.

We haven't...
Finished inventory.

I found that shipment
that went missing in New Mexico...

...balanced the register from yesterday,
and took the liberty...

...of ordering fabrics from Milan.
You'Il love them.

I can't wait.

- Isn't she amazing?
- l guess, but that's my job.

Not anymore, Miss Thing.

The fashion blogs
are still buzzing about you.

You are officially a model.

Your only job now
is to worry about being pretty.

You might wanna worry
just a smidge more.

I know. l was out late.

And, Brooke,
I am excellent at multitasking...

...and l'd be happy to keep
my administrative responsibilities.

Nonsense. l am not gonna have...

...the new face of my company
doing dirty work.

Now, off you go. Do whatever
models do in their spare time.

Just be back this afternoon
for a swimsuit fitting.

- Swimsuits?
- Mm.

Wow. Okay. l mean, great!

Oh, welcome to Clothes Over Bro's.

- Hey, man, how you doing?
- Doing better than Nathan Scott.

I mean, that dude can't catch a break.

- What do you mean?
- You haven't checked the board.

Oh, God, Mouth.

He's losing his endorsements.

The Sports is breaking the story
tonight at 6.

If Charlie asks for me, tell him l'm...
I'Il be back later.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What, did you run into
some kryptonite?

- You need a friend?
- You have no idea.

Come on.

Seriously, you've been reading forever.
Some is supposed to be funny.

You're not laughing.
You're not even smiling.

- Maybe l'm laughing on the inside.
- Are you?

You're not. You're like,
"wow, does she suck" on the inside.

You're like, "she's..."

This is good.

Like, "I hate it, but there's a story
in there somewhere" good?

No. These scenes are genuinely good.
Sweet, subtle, funny.

Where did this come from?

Well, l woke up
and l was watching Millicent sleep.

And she was, like, totally busted.

So l asked myself what it would be like
if l was that tragic...

...with, like, no self-confidence.
And then l just added a boy.

Who are you?

- Stick around. Maybe you'Il find out.
- l can't stick around.

You were late.
I have to meet Brooke for lunch.

- Oh, come on. Tell her we're on a roll.
- No. She's already a little jealous...

...of our working relationship.
Maybe we can meet back up tonight.

- It's a date.
- No.

- Date-ish?
- Work.

Work date.

We can still pay her.

For what?
The story is already out there.

For a retraction.

The money she wants
is a drop in the bucket...

...compared to the rest of your career.
- It's too late for that.

Nathan, you're being stubborn.

I know l was against it at first,
but if she were to say...

...that this thing has been a lie...
- We're not paying her!

We're not giving this woman
a dime of our money.

You're really worried about this.

There's just so much riding on it.

Quinn, l'm not in Tree Hill
for a vacation.

A while back,
I went off the rails a bit...


...and luckily, l'd earned enough capital
with the agency that they didn't fire me.

They just scaled back
my client roster...

...and suggested
I spend the summer here.

Pull myself together.

And then Nathan's scandal happened.

- So the calm, cool exterior...?
- Is kind of a lie.

Just when l was beginning to wonder
if we had anything in common.

Quinn, l shouldn't be here.

Nathan doesn't want us hanging out,
and l have to respect that.

- No, look, Clay.
- l'm sorry.

Thank you for this.

I mean that.

You're really great.

See you around.

Chase, what brings you in?

Hey. Just doing
a little shopping for Mia.

- You guys have been together a long time.
- Mm-hm.

What about you? l heard Julian
moved here. That must be awesome.


- Or not so awesome?
- No. It's amazing.

I'm just a little annoyed because
at first, l had him all to myself...

...and lately, he has been working
with one of my models.

Mm. Well, l wouldn't worry.
I'm sure it's harmless.

I mean, guys, you know,
don't even really like models.

- What are you doing today?
- That depends...

...on why you're looking at me
like a piece of steak.

I would offered to spot you,
but l max out at, like, 180-ish.

You know,
I don't believe in killing the messenger...

...but every time l've seen you lately,
it's been bad news.

They're running a story at 6 that says
you're losing your endorsements.

- Is it true?
- Yeah.

- l'm sorry, Nate.
- Yeah, me too.

I heard about your demotion.

How long are you locked up
in the basement?

The truth? Till l do a story on you.

Then do the story, Mouth.

- Nate...
- l'm serious, Mouth.

You've already done far more
than l could ever ask.

Take care of your career.

And then he finally looks up,
and he's like:

"After reading this,
I think we should be in a relationship."

He said that? "Relationship"?

He put "working" in front of it,
but a relationship is a relationship.

Except in a working relationship,
you never, under any circumstances... matter how tempted you are,
have sex with the other person.

You're aware of that, right?

- Isn't that sort of a gray area?
- It's actually black and white.

- Crystal clear, written in stone.
- Fine, crabby. Whatever.

Sorry. It's just, Brooke's my friend.

Even if she did give my job
to Calliope.

Tell me you're not regretting
your decision.

This modeling stuff is awesome.

I mean, it's hard work,
but it's "pretty people" work.

I don't know. l was good at my job.

Administrative work is for fatties,
Millicent, and you are not a fatty.

You are a plus-size model.

I take it you looked at
Nathan's phone bill.

If l pay you, what do l get?

I go away.

No, l'm sorry, that's not good enough.

I want a retraction.

I want a public letter that says
this whole thing has been a lie.

Fine, if that's what
will help you sleep at night...

...but it won't be the truth.

And the price has gone up: $250,000.

That's crazy.

Actually, that's the estimated price...

...of raising your husband's child
until the age of 18.

Do we have a deal?

I'Il tell you what.

You can have until 8:00 tonight
to decide.

After that, l have other options.




One sec. Got it.

- Can l borrow you?
- Mm.

Tell me why you were mounting
your ex-boyfriend in the back.

- Because you weren't available.
- Very funny.

I'm serious.

This morning, l looked over... this big, sexy body
and l thought to myself:

"Why aren't you making men's clothes,
Brooke Davis?"

- "Clothes for Bro's"?
- Ka-ching.

But in order to make men's clothes... need a fit model
for measurements.

You were my first choice,
but, alas...

I was busy with Alex, l get it.

Well, l'm here now.

I'm all about taking my clothes off
in the back room.

So you can send
your little boy toy packing.

You're very sweet, but l think
I'm gonna stick with Chase.

I'm already halfway through
his measurements.

But don't worry, baby,
we're all business.

Hey, Chase, break's over.

Drop your pants.

I want back on the air.

I obviously have an opinion.

But at the end of the day,
I work for you.

You are aware
of what's on the board?

Yeah, Nathan Scott
is losing his endorsements.

I took the liberty
of getting a quote from him.

Nice work.

Glad to hear you've come around.

Don't. It's the press.
They've been calling all day.

Beat it, nerds.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

As a favor, it'd be great...

...if you wouldn't give Clay a hard time
about hanging with me.

I'm not a child anymore, Nathan.

You're sure about that?

- What's that supposed to mean?
- l don't know.

Running away from your problems
just doesn't seem very adult.

Says the guy
who's afraid to answer the telephone.

Look, if you wanna sleep around, l'm
sure there's plenty of guys in Tree Hill...

...who aren't responsible for my career,
that could help you with that.

You ever hear the one
about people in glass houses?

Yeah, l have.

If you don't like living in mine...'re welcome to move back
with your husband.

Nice, Nathan.

Speaking of running away
from your problems...

...try answering one of those, coward.

I know you love to say
zero is not a size...

...but technically, zero is my size,
and those are granny panties.

- These are a zero.
- Really?

My diet pills must be working.

- Your vitamins?
- What?

Oh, right. Vitamins.

Okay. Whatever.

I'Il see if l can take these in.

Great. Oh, and speaking of
my perfect ass...

I understand from Julian... might be a little concerned
about our relationship.

Working relationship.

You have nothing to worry about,

I mean, l stripped naked
and that boy didn't even flinch.

He is clearly so in love with you.

- Well, you're not Chase.
- Lf only.

I asked the waitress
if there was a handsome boy...

...waiting for his date.
She pointed me here.

Sorry to disappoint.
Your tall, dark and handsome... getting naked
with my short, hot, and bossy.


He's doing some fit-modeling
for Brooke at Clothes Over Bro's.

It's harmless. l hope.

Hey, can l ask you something?

Lose the shirt,
I'Il go get a tape measure.

No, actually,
it's about being a songwriter.

Do you ever meet people on tour
that surprise you with their talent?

I mean, you know, somebody
who seems simple or goofy...

...or even ditzy...

...and then, bam, all of a sudden
they write this amazing song?

Hi. l'm Mia.

No, you're not like that at all.

Maybe not, but l used to be really shy.

And l think sometimes
all somebody needs... someone to look a little deeper.

Unlock their potential,
like Haley did with me.

Was that answer worth lunch?
Because l'm kind of starving.

On me.

Baby, you are a genius.

The interest in the interview with Renee
is off the charts.

You're not having second thoughts,
are you?

Dan, Nathan had a chance
to take responsibility for this child...

...and he chose not to.

Giving this girl a voice
is the right thing to do.

Well, we don't have a show
unless Renee agrees...

...and l haven't heard from her
since this morning.

You just leave that up to me.

Doesn't matter where l go,
you always seem to find me.

I just follow all the other girls.

They lead me right to you.

It hasn't been easy lately.

Then l guess it's a good thing
I'm here.

How'd you like to stay
the night tonight?

- Like old times.
- Well...

...that's up to you, isn't it?

I called Renee.


She said for $250,000
she would sign a retraction.

Amazing. The economy is crumbling...

...and the truth keeps getting
more expensive.

Well, she's willing to say
this whole thing was a lie, so...

You willing to believe it?

I didn't come out here
to ask for your permission.

I came here to tell you
that l'm paying her.

- You okay?
- No, l am not okay.

Ho-bag got naked in front of Julian!


Alex "my butt is the size
of a kumquat" Dupre.

She is so manipulative
and materialistic...

...and self-serving and naked and...


- What did you say?
- Nothing.

Funny, l could have sworn
that l heard you speak.

I meant, she just seems a little bit
like you were in high school.

You always wanted
high-school Brooke.

Can l put my pants back on now?

Take that as a "yes."

You blame yourself
for Nathan's troubles.

I wasn't a great influence.

The girls, the parties.

- Do you think he did it?
- No.

Then stop blaming yourself and fix it.

Stay the night.

I miss this.

Is that what you want?

That's what l need.

Nathan Scott is a Tree Hill local
who overcame injury and adversity... achieve a dream he had
since childhood.

A dream to play
professional basketball.

Lately, Nathan's career
has taken a backseat... allegations of an affair
that led to the pregnancy of a fan.

In my opinion, continuing to report
on these allegations...

...without any evidence
of their validity... a reckless attempt on the part
of this network to boost ratings.

Now, l'm not saying
athletes are above the law.

I'm saying it's up to science to
determine the validity of these claims...

...not the evening news.

To date,
there has been no new evidence... suggest that Nathan Scott
is guilty of these allegations...

...and yet, he looks guiltier
the more that we report on him.

Sorry, l think l left my camera
in your bathroom.

For my part, l got into sports news...

...because l think reporting on athletes
inspires people to be exceptional.

And while l've never been
an exceptional athlete...

...I can strive to be exceptional
in my own way.

By refusing to bow to pressure.

By refusing to stoop to a level
that's beneath me...

...just like Nathan Scott
has refused to.

Found it.

I believe in Nathan Scott.

But l also believe in my viewers.

I believe you don't want any part
in dragging him through the mud.

So if you want sports news
and not gossip, turn the channel.

Let my boss know
that news isn't just about ratings.

It's about people and integrity...

...but mostly, it's about truth...

...and that still means something.

I am Marvin McFadden,
and this is Sports.

Or at least it used to be.

Her retraction won't change
anyone's opinion.

It might.

They'Il all just assume
we paid her off and we will have...

...which will just make us look
even more guilty.

But you know this, Haley,

...makes me think the only reason
you have left to pay her off... that you're starting to believe
she might be telling the truth.

Haley, if l'm guilty of this...

...not only am l the kind of guy
that would cheat on you...

...l'm the kind of guy
that would father a child...

...and then turn his back.

I'm Dan Scott.

If you think l'm capable of that
you do what you have to do...

...but l guarantee you,
if you've lost faith in me...

...all the money in the world
isn't gonna fix it.

- Yeah?
- You all right?

No. But it's okay.

If l was, l'd be a pretty lousy person.

I'm sorry about earlier.
It's just been...

I know.

I'm sorry that woman
is lying about you.

I know you'd never hurt
Haley like that.

And you're not a coward.

If anyone's a coward, it's me.

But l'm not running away
from my problems, Nathan.

I'm walking away from
something that's broken...

...and that doesn't mean
that l'm not scared.

I just don't know how to let him go.

Well, l guess you do it
a little bit at a time.

You're welcome to stay here
under our roof for as long as it takes.

Thank you.


Candlelit, pool table-top, picnic dinner.

What's the occasion?

I figured my man
was gonna be hungry...

...after spending the day
modeling for his ex-girlfriend.

She get all your measurements?

All but one.

Oh, yeah? What'd she miss?

How much l love my girlfriend.

She forgot the most important
measurement of all?

She didn't forget.

She just didn't have
a tape measure big enough.

Always with the best answers.

Always with the best lips.

If you ask it
who's the fairest of them all, l'm out.

Hey, that was a joke.

Millie, l'm not mad anymore, okay?

Last night was my fault.
I shouldn't have been so...

I think l made a mistake, Marvin.

I don't know if l want this.

Then why'd you say yes?

Because it made me feel special.

I mean, l felt competent at my old job.

I felt smart and capable and reliable...

...but l never felt special.

I think...'re the most special girl
I've ever met.

Thank you, Marvin.

But that night, it was like...

...the whole world believed
I was special.

But who am l kidding?
I'm not a model.

I'm just Millicent.

Come here.

What are you doing?

Funny, you are definitely
the same girl...

...who rocked the fashion industry's
world the other night.

And she was a model.

Have you been through
any changes in the last 48 hours?

- No.
- Hm.

Then unless l'm mistaken,
you're still a model.

And if modeling makes you feel special,
then you should do it...

...because you deserve
to feel that way.

You deserve to feel special
every second of every day.

I'Il explain this in a minute.

Take your time. l am happy to watch.

You work.
I am happy to watch you work.

It's very interesting and work-ish.

I'm gonna get that.


- Come in.
- Thanks. This'Il just take a second.

- You're fired.
- l have a contract.

I'Il pay you out. It's worth the loss.

This is so unnecessary.

Julian and l
have a working relationship.

- That means "no doing it."
- Maybe.

But it's been brought
to my attention...

...that the way you behave
is a lot like high-school me used to.

And l would be insane... let high-school me
anywhere near the man l love.

The man who shouldn't even think...

...about sleeping anywhere
but the couch tonight.

I'm sorry, what did l do?

What you didn't do is tell me
that ho-bag got naked for you.

- Oh, that.
- Yeah, that.

You, couch. You, fired.

Ciao, bitches.

You can sleep here if you want.

Thanks for meeting me. Have a seat.

I know it must be hard to believe
that Dan will put you on the air...

...and let you speak freely about
how awful his son has been to you.

You could say that.

There's something
I think you should know.

When Dan heard about you,
he reached out to Nathan...

...and Nathan shut him down,
just like he always does.


So Dan isn't doing this
to help Nathan see the light.

He's doing this to bury Nathan.

And the deeper Nathan is buried...

...the more money he'Il have to pay you
to dig himself out.

So will you do the show?

Okay, l'm in.

I didn't do it.

I couldn't.

That's what sets you apart from her.

It's one of a thousand reasons
why l could never...

...under any circumstances,
cheat on you.

I don't wanna see you
lose your dream.

- Lose her?
- Yeah...

She's right here.

And l'm never letting go of her.