One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 9 - Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun - full transcript

Haley returns to the stage much to Miranda's annoyance but the gig turns out to be a success and changes Miranda's attitude somewhat. Brooke believes she might be pregnant but is conflicted on how Julian will take the news - but the test proves negative. Julian finishes the script with Alex and heads out to be with Brooke at Haley's gig but gets a call from Alex telling him she's close to taking cocaine again so he goes to her much to Brooke's annoyance. Rachel and Dan arrive back in Tree Hill but his hoped reconciliation with Nathan doesn't materialize. But Dan isn't going anywhere. Mouth meets Rachel and tells her to try and reconcile her differences with Brooke but Brooke isn't having it. Mouth and Brooke are both concerned and angry with Millicent who's desperation to be liked by the public is putting her in a downward spiral. Elsewhere, Clay's hardball tactics with the Charlotte Bobcats and Nathan's contract fail when they sign another player to fill Nathan's spot. What will Nathan do now?

Previously on One Tree Hill:

You were at that party that night
and you got pregnant.

But you didn't have sex
with Nathan Scott, did you?


Says she's dropping everything.

- Maybe we need a vacation.
- Mm.

- The Bahamas?
- Tree Hill.

It's almost morning. l should go.

Or you could stay.

Administrative work is for fatties,
Millicent, and you are not a fatty.

You are a plus-size model.

Honey, l'm home. Let's do this.

I told you it was realistic.

Hey, honey.
Alex and l worked everything out.

Isn't that great?


Uh-oh. The look, followed by the pout.

I just missed you next to me
last night. Again.

I know, baby.
Alex and l didn't finish until 4 a.m.

I know. l watched her leave
on my sneaky-slut cam.

I'm sorry. l'm really trying
to be super-evolved girlfriend...

...but it's hard when my boyfriend
spends all of his nights...

...writing an epic love story
with naked-actress girl.

She's not naked.
She's always naked in my mind.

Not a good time
to insert obvious girl-on-girl humor.


I love you.

And l know me working with Alex
has been hard.

- Excruciating.
- And l appreciate... understanding you've been.

But here's some good news.

I think we're finally gonna finish
the script today.

Finish as in done?
As in no more late nights with Alex?

And lots of late nights
with the most beautiful girl l know.

They're offering two years.
I say no deal.

- This is not bad.
- It's B.S.

Look at your numbers last season.
The team is trying... take advantage of the bad press
around Renee.

Right now, her lie is making
my name less valuable.

But not your game.
That's why we're countering.

I'm gonna ask for four years.
We'Il take three.

- They offered two and we ask for four?
- It's how the game is played, Nate.

- You're sure they won't stop playing?
- Buddy, trust me. They won't.

- Just let me do my job.
- All right.

It's my job to look good, bitch.

Mils, you've been raping my closet
for two weeks.

You should be wearing COB,
not M-E.

- l've been seen in all my COB clothes.
- What about the new stuff?

That dress Brooke was working on
would be the shiz on you.

Brooke isn't done with it yet.

Not to mention Calliope is guarding it
like a virgin's vajayjay.

And since all my old clothes
are so Millie 1.0...

...your closet is my only
high-end alternative.

Oh, my God.
I'm so sleepy and you're so talky.

Sorry. Still wired. Late night.
Major party. You totally missed it.

Doubt it.
The party scene is so lame-tarded.

It's the same people,
same paparazzi, same porn.

- Porn?
- In the VIP's VIP. It's way overrated.

I'm starting to like
just hanging with Julian...

...and working on stuff people take
seriously other than my tight ass.

O-M Gucci!

Score me some of what
you've been taking, you skinny bitch.

You totally look better than me
in that.

- Really?
- Take it off.

Wow. That good?

Good God!


Haley James Scott, tonight at 8,
and l can't even utter the last part.

Free. The concert is free.

One more time and l will wash
your mouth out with soap.

Explain how this concert is getting
your album completed on schedule.

Only if you explain to me the deal
with "schedule."

Miranda, l wanted
to get out of the studio...

...and get some feedback
on my new songs.

You'Il get feedback
in two and a half months...

...when the record is done
and making the label money.

Then you'Il be "free" to perform
at any label-authorized concert.

In the meantime, this one... off.

Okay, but you're gonna have
to tell them.

Go on. l'Il hold the door open.

Well, Americans will line up
for anything that's free.

We're not talking about a rookie,
this is Nathan Scott.

Look at his numbers
and you'Il understand...

...why we feel it is that he's earned
a four-year deal.



We might consider a three-year
if the price is right...

...but a two is not gonna
get us anywhere.

I hope so.

Mm. Thanks. Best part of my day.

- Me or the coffee?
- Maybe a little bit of both.

- So any good news?
- Uh, we'Il see. Now l just have to wait.

How would you feel
about waiting with me?

Come on. l have somewhere
I wanna take you. Grab your office.

It's good to be home.

So this is your dirty little secret?

Yeah, l've been helping here
every Saturday for a couple of hours.

Hales and l used to do it in school.
Hippie parents, raised to give back.

Hi, Miss Quinn!
- Hi.

I guess l kind of missed it.

Hey, you let me in.
I just wanted to let you in.

Hey, Miss Quinn.
- Hi.

Wow. Great spiral, great listener...

...and now this,
the hot Mother Teresa thing?

You know, in girl world,
you just called me hot, right?

- In an old nun sort of way.
- Oh, okay, yeah.

So, what exactly do you do here,
Sister Quinn?

Well, we make these homemade cameras
and then we take pictures with them.

The first time l looked through my lens,
I realized...

...that l could find magic
in unexpected places.

I want the kids to feel that.

- Pretty dorky, huh?
- It's completely dorky, yeah.

l love it.

It's just a sample.
It's top-secret COB for next summer.

I just finished it today.

Here is your super-sassy
rock-star-comeback outfit.

I want you to look
so amazing up there.

You could let me wear
this one to my show tonight.

I could, but then l'd have to kill you.
And if you're dead, we can't talk.

And l really need
a huge Haley heart-to-heart right now.


- Spill.
- l think l'm pregnant.

I'm late and l am never late,
and l'm freaking out.

Why? You wanted a baby
since you were 22.

Because l don't know
how Julian's gonna take it.

Last time we talked about our future,
he said, "What's the rush?"

I am fluent in boy and l am pretty sure
that "What's the rush?"...

...doesn't mean,
"Let's have a baby now."

Maybe not,
but things happen all the time.

Unexpected things
that turn out to be amazing things.

I named mine Jamie.

With all the Alex drama, l wouldn't
want him to think l was expecting it.

Julian's not gonna think
you got pregnant on purpose.

Come on, Hales, you have to admit
the timing looks a bit suspect.

No. You know what? Julian loves you.

Stop worrying. Go to the doctor.

It's your turn to be the girl
who gets the baby and the boy.

So the girl doesn't get the boy?

No. That's what makes
the ending work.

- She doesn't need the boy anymore.
- Says the boy.

Not that you're the boy,
just a boy who doesn't get...

...that some sad girl with bad hair
doesn't wanna spend money...

...on a movie where the girl
doesn't get the boy. It's not American.

Ha, ha. The ending is perfect as is.
Trust me.

Now, a little drum roll, please.

We're done. That's it.
Fade out. Hit print.

What about all your good notes?
You did them all.

You've been so focused
these past few weeks.

Now it's just time to kick the script
out of the nest, see if it can fly.

My Dad used to say that.

- What's next, Mr. Producer?
- l'Il put out some feelers...

...make a few calls,
see if anyone responds to the material.

Which is a no-brainer.
This script is the bomb.

l'Il be sure to lead with that.

I'Il work on scoring production
offices with expensive water...

...and a snobby temp.
We'Il be so legit.

We gotta still sell the script.
That could take months.

So we won't be seeing each other
every day anymore?

No, ma'am.
You are officially off duty.



You have no new messages.

Nice shot.
You got another one of those?

You're good. You got an agent?

Don't need your charity today, all right?

- So you staring or you playing?
- Playing.

Hello, Nathan.

- It's Grandpa. l saw on the security cam.
- Jamie.

- Grandpa Dan!
- Hey there, buddy. Oh...

A warm welcome.

Nathan, you remember my wife, Rachel.


Of course.

When you and Deb are tired
of my high-school class...

...I could rummage through some of
my old middle-school friends for you.

It's good to see you too, Nathan.

It's funny,
I used to want you to be my daddy.

And now l'm your mommy.

Nice to meet you, Grandma Rachel.

Oh. l remember when you were a rumor
in third period.

Dad, can l show Grandpa Dan
my new room?

Yes. Yes, of course you can, son.

I haven't seen you around here before.

First time. Helping out a friend.

Yeah, l saw you with the camera lady.
She your girl?


- Why not? She's pretty.
- You got a lot of questions.

- My turn. You got a name?
- Nope.

I know what you're doing.
You're letting the poor kid win.

That's what you all do, show up,
volunteer for a few hours...

...make yourselves feel good
about whatever.

So, what's your thing?
You a bad dad or something?

I lost my wife a few years back.

- What was her name?
- Sara.

My mom died too.

- Do you wanna talk about it?
- What's that gonna do?

I used to think the same thing.

I had a bunch of memories of her,
my own secrets.

I thought that if l talked about her
with anyone...

...those memories would go away.

I wouldn't have our secrets anymore
and maybe l'd start to forget.

And did you? Forget?

Not one thing.

Sometimes l feel like
she's still here with me.

She is. She always will be.

Moms are special that way.

Brooke Davis.

- You ready?
- l've been ready.

Paul Norris.
Hey, Dad. It's me.


It's good to hear from you, son.
How are you? How's Brooke?

She's good. We're good.

I'm happy to hear that.

So l've been working.
And l found a script l really like.

- l'm thinking about sending it out.
- Yeah.

Kick it out of the nest.
See if it can fly.

I think you said to me a thousand times
when l was a kid.

So, Dad, listen, l wanted to see
if you'd want to produce it with me.

I mean, it's nothing huge.
It's an indie.

But it's about second chances. And...

- l don't know, it made me think of us.
- l'd like that, son.

Very much.

This is some collection.
- Look at this one. Jerry Rice.

I got it for my birthday. l'm 7 now.

I know. l'm sorry l missed that.

I'm sorry l missed a lot of things
over this past year.

I forgive you.

- l always hoped you were watching.
- l never missed it.

I pretended like you never left.

I like that big clock thing
that hangs behind you...

...because it means you're okay,
even if you're still sick.

I'm glad you're home again.

Me too, buddy.

- Surprise.
- Rachel.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for a hello hug
from my favorite boy.

Miss Davis.

I'm sorry,
but the test came back negative.

Excuse me?

You're not pregnant.

So you and mom went to high school
with Grandma Rachel?

Were you friends?

Um, l'm not really sure Grandma Rachel
was friends with anyone.

Like Grandpa Dan?
I'm glad they have each other.

Yeah. They're a perfect match.

Dad, l have a secret.

Sometimes l watch Grandpa Dan on TV.

I know l'm not supposed to.
I'm sorry.

No, Jamie, it's okay.
I knew you were watching.

And it's okay for you to miss him.
He loves you.

He loves you too.
He watched all the Bobcats games.

- Jamie.
- Dad, he's different now.

He helps people.
He helped us with that lady...

...who was trying to hurt
you and mom.


Well, there's things between us
you can't understand, Jamie.

I'm not a little kid anymore.
I understand a lot of things.

I know you do.

I wish you didn't have to.

Dad, it's only three words:
I forgive you.

So...'s life in L. A?
- It's great.

You can be anybody you want there.

- And who are you?
- Rachel Scott.

Dan's ex-screw-up of a wife...

...who has changed her life
with the positive words of Dan Scott.

It's genius.

So l guess Dan helped you step
into the light and get yourself right.


Dan helped me step into the light
and get myself a personal trainer...

...a driver, and a black card.

Same Rachel, different city.

So are we gonna talk about Brooke?
I mean, have you seen her?

No. And l don't want to.

I know l messed up last time...

...but she and Victoria blackballed
me in the industry.

Even after l got sober
I couldn't get a gig.

Then l got un-sober and ended up
shaking my ass on a pole.

I'm sorry that happened to you,
but none of it was Brooke's fault.

- So, what, you're on her side?
- You were her friend.

She went out on a limb for you
and you repaid her by stealing money.

Yeah, l'm kind of on her side.

Go see her. You owe her that.

I guess l was late because of stress.

Julian, Alex, the new line...
It's okay.

It'Il happen.

When you guys are ready,
it'Il happen.

Brooke. Hey.

You were so meant to be a mom.
You are gonna have...

...a houseful of fashionably dressed
little Brooke Davises running around.

You wait and see.


So this is your cave?

Yeah, we can't all have pimped-out
beach houses to hide in.

Says the woman whose cave is in
an NBA player's mansion.


But l'm thinking about getting back
to my artist roots.

Crampy old apartments with character
and creaky floors.

They make the best caves.

- So you're staying in Tree Hill?
- For a while.

You know, it's home. l like it here.

Plus, you know,
the company isn't horrible.

It is.

This is what l love... know,
standing in the pitch black...

...waiting for the smallest moment
to reveal itself right before your eyes.

I have to take this.

- l hope it's what l wanna hear.
- You're super agent. It will be.



Are we sure?

Yeah, that's great.
Just keep me posted.

- Good news?
- Just a rumor, but, yeah, l think so.

- So l should get going.
- Yeah.

But l'Il see you tonight
at Haley's concert?

- Yeah, l'Il see you tonight.
- Okay.


We're not working tonight, Alex.

I know, but l re-read the script,
and it totally sucks ducks.

The main character
is total white noise.

She needs, like, a crack habit
or a brother with cancer...

...something Oscar-worthy.
- The script is awesome.

- Trust yourself. We did good work.
- But l just...

Good night, Alex.
I have plans with Brooke.


I'm just never really good
at being alone.

Come on, stop it.
Go live your life. You're Alex Dupre.

Well, well.
This is quite the crowd, isn't it?

Yeah, l can't believe all these people
showed up after so many years.

I know. There is a lot of people
out there, just waiting. Wow.

So nervous? Because l heard
you get a bit of stage fright.

No, actually. l'm not nervous at all.

I'm looking forward
to getting out there.

Really? Because l'd be nervous.
After all, if the music's no good...'Il be all over YouTube
by tomorrow.

You'Il have to explain what you were
thinking when you put together...

...this free concert
that could ruin good buzz we have...

...about your up-and-coming album.

See? Now l'm nervous.

Break a leg.

That's funny,
leg wasn't my first option for you.

Live your life, Alex.

Mm, can l get another?
Got it.

- Hey, baby.
- Hi.

I hope that's champagne
you ordered...

...because we're celebrating tonight.

Right, we're celebrating.

I'Il be right back.

I told you l'm with Brooke tonight.
No games, Alex.

This isn't a game. l swear.

I found some coke in my suitcase.

- What have you done?
- Nothing. Yet.

But l'm thinking about it.

I don't wanna mess up.

Okay, look, calm down.

Please come. Please.

Okay, just don't do anything.
I'm on my way, okay?

Oh, God.

- What's up, bud?
- Hey.

I hope that grin means
you had a good day at office.

- l'm hearing good things.
- That's awesome.

Don't think l could take any more
bad news today.

- What's up? You okay?
- Yeah, l'm fine. It's just...

- It's family stuff.
- All right.

Chase, my man, l'm in a good mood.

So l'm gonna have one of those
tasty blue brain blasters.

You could have told me they sucked.

- Come on, who said that?
- They sucked and you know it.

And that's why from now on
I'm officially just bar manager.

But who's gonna bring me
my shots and beers?

Hey, Grubbs.

Guys, this is Grubbs,
my new bartender.

Clay here wants a drink.
What do you think?

Shot of tequila, chilled, and a beer,
imported. No, hip domestic.


- Wow, that's pretty impressive.
- Yeah, l know. That guy sucks.

Thanks, Grubbs.

Well, to you.
Thanks for all the hard work.

And here's to next season
not being a contract year.

- Congrats, man.
- Cheers.

- Hey, Nate.
- Hey.

Hey, Quinn.

Oh, hey, check this out.
Grubbs, this is Quinn.

- Hey.
- She needs a drink.

White wine's gonna make
you both happy.

Wow, he's better than Zelda.

Hey! Oh, my gosh!

I've been gone a long time.
But l'm back. It feels good.

Anyway, l want to show you guys
some of my new songs.

And thanks for showing up.
I hope you like it.

Maybe l was wrong

Maybe l was looking
In all the wrong places

Maybe l was wrong

Maybe l was searching
All the wrong places

If l knew that you were coming for me

I would stay in one place

If l knew that you were coming for me

I would have made my peace

Maybe l was wrong

Maybe l was dreamless
And full of suffering

Maybe l was wrong

Every time you said you love me

I went running on my own

But l can see it now

What do you mean you're on your way
to Alex's hotel room?

- Brooke, l'm sorry. She's in trouble.
- And of course she called you.

I didn't have a choice.
She said she found cocaine...

...and she thinks she may relapse.

I can't just leave her alone.
She sounded really bad.

She's an actress, Julian!

I'Il hurry back. l promise.

- Looking at all the wrong faces

Maybe l was wrong

Maybe l was searching
All the wrong places

If l knew that you were coming for me

I would have stayed in one place

- Boo!
- Hey. Where have you been?

- l called, but you didn't answer.
- Sorry. l had to drop by work.

- You like?
- You look great. You always looks great.

You always say that, Mouth.

You called me Mouth.
You never call me Mouth.

I'm coming home

I can see it now

I'm coming home

- What the hell are you wearing?
- It's great, Brooke. l love it.

That dress is not supposed
to be released until next summer.

You need to explain to me
why you're wearing it tonight.

I thought it would be fine.
I mean, l'm the face of COB.

Millicent Huxtable...

...that dress needs to leave this bar
right now, on or off you.

Your choice or your job.

Someone needs to chill out.
It's just a dress.

- There's no one important here anyway.
- No one important?

- What's that supposed to mean?
- l mean, it's TRIC, not the music awards.

Is that why you're taking pills... you can go look fab at someplace
important, like the music awards?

- You were going through my stuff?
- Your stuff was all over.

And that's not what's important here.

- l'm worried about you.
- Worried about what?

You're different. Blowing Brooke off,
messing up at work...

...partying all the time
and now these pills.

So l took a few diet pills
to drop a few pounds. So what?

Brooke hired you for who you are.
You don't have to change that.

I don't just have to please Brooke.
There's an entire industry.

It's a lot of pressure to fit in.
And for once, l wanna fit in.

Marvin, you told me
you supported me.

I wanted you to be a model
because it made you feel special.

And that's sweet, and noble,
and one of the reasons why l love you.

But it's not that simple.
I wish it were, but it's not.

l'm sorry.
Stop saying you're sorry.

You're the only one l could call
who wouldn't want to do it with me...

...or report it to the tabloids.

- What about your sponsor from rehab?
- Rehab was for publicity.

My sponsor isn't good for anything
besides scoring the best blow.

The only time l stopped doing it
was when l started working with you.

I'm not trying to pressure you.
It's just the truth.

- Well, l'Il take it and go.
- But l could just go out and get more.

- Would you?
- l don't know.

Right now, l want it so bad.

Tonight was hard.

I didn't have anywhere to go.

It was so quiet in here.

And l hate myself when it's quiet.


You are so much more than you see.

The girl l've been working with
is bright and funny...

...and independent, and strong all
by herself. She doesn't need that stuff.

I wish l could see her.

Let's just get you through tonight...

...and hopefully you will.

The playback sounds great.

- Playback?
- l recorded a little.

I thought we could
"accidentally" leak a song.

Get the fans excited for more.
This little concert was genius.

- l'm so glad l thought of it.
- Yeah, me too.

- Studio tomorrow, bright and early.
- Where are you headed?

Have you met Grubbs, the bartender?
He's kind of hot, in a dirty...

in-the-morning sort of way.


Hey, you.
- Hi. Oh, thank you.

I could get used to being the one
watching from the stands.

No, it's my job. l'm not giving it up.

Oh. You were amazing, Hales.
Thank you.

I couldn't stop thinking
about how lucky we are... we got everything we dreamed
of, Jamie and how far we've come...

...and it feels like nothing can get
in the way anymore.

Why do we say things like that?


Well, l didn't want to tell you
this before the show, but...

He is the healthiest-looking dying man
I have ever seen.

I guess evil does a body good.

It's everything l took from you,
plus interest.

Well. Not that l have anything to say
to your thieving ass...

...but you took a lot more than money,

And l'm trying to take responsibility
for that, Brooke. You should too.

I'm sorry. Is that hair color seeping
into your brain?

What, in your twisted little head,
am l responsible for?

You left a envelope full of money
with a junkie.

Says the junkie.

True forgiveness is about accepting
our own fault in things.

You'd know that
if you watched the show.

Now, l have given you an apology
and a check...

...and you've given me nothing.
But that's okay.

I forgive...

Stay away from me, bitch.

Whiskey, straight up.

I'd have guessed blood.

Interesting choice for the poster boy
of redemption and clean living.

I know l surprised you today.

I'm sorry about that.

You're always sorry, Dan.

So why are you back?
What do you want?

A chance.

It's not gonna happen, Dan.

And l'm thinking you should cancel
your plane ride to ask Lucas too.

I'd hoped fixing things
between you and Renee...

...would help thaw the ice a bit.

- So you did that for yourself?
- No.

I did it for you.

Well, l already said thank you.

You know, there's never gonna be
a golden ticket back into my life.

I'Il tolerate you for Jamie.
But you're dead to me.

The moment Keith died, you died.

It's like watching an antelope
at the watering hole in the Serengeti.

This antelope hasn't hooked up
at the watering hole in weeks.

There's a nun
that's been hogging all my time.

Excuse me. l guess
I've been messing up your game.

It's okay. The game was getting old.

I thank you for today.

I'm glad that you got me
out of the house.

- Those kids were good for me.
- Yeah. l know, right?

It's all about finding magic
in unexpected places.


So did you get that call
you were waiting on?

Not yet.

But l've done a lot of deals like this.

Silence is just one of their tools.
It'Il work out.

- l hope so.
- Yeah.

I should get going. l have to be up
early and bring coffee to this friend.

He kind of depends on me.

I'Il see you tomorrow.


Who says tonight's over?

I just thought you'd be home
by now.

Look, me too, but she's all alone.

So am l.

Brooke, you know l love you.

I just don't think
I should leave her yet. She's...

I'm worried about her.

Well, l'm worried about us.
But you do what you've gotta do.

I was stupid to think
he'd let me back in.

Baby, let's go back to L.A.

Let's leave these small people
in this small town.

This small town's the closest thing
we have to home.

And l'm not running from it.
Neither should you.

- Who says l'm running?
- You are.

We both are.

And l'm not leaving
until l get what l came for.

What's that, Dan?


Come on. You totally can't see it?
Look closer.

I swear that there's a face
on the moon.

Oh, yeah. Look at that. It...
Wow, it's entirely made of cheese too.

- Yeah, and you totally suck.
- And you totally crack me up.

You know, l haven't laughed so hard
in a long time.

You want to go for a swim?

Says the man that knows
I'm afraid of the water.

What if l'm afraid too?

Okay, l'Il play.

What are you afraid of?

To move on.

And to feel something
for someone new.

But l'm tired of being afraid.

There are so many reasons
that l shouldn't have done that.

But l've wanted to for so long.

Me too.

You can do it, Alex.

I know.

Wait. l don't understand.

I do. You've been lying all night.

- Nice performance, Alex.
- No, l wasn't lying. l swear.

Julian, please. It was full.

Why can't you be the girl who gets
the boy and the baby, Brooke Davis?

As the Phillies roll...
- Hey.

You know that this thing with Dan
is gonna be okay, right?

He can't hurt us anymore.

- Yeah, l know.
- Good.

So, how about a little
special encore performance...

...for my sexy-ass husband?
- Yeah?

Big news in the NBA, the Charlotte
Bobcats opened up their checkbooks...

...and capped out acquiring Derek McDaniel
in a hush-hush deal late today.

That's bad news for Nathan Scott...

...who is going to have to find
a spot elsewhere, if at all.