One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 2 - What Are You Willing to Lose - full transcript

Brooke looks for a model as the new face of Clothes Over Bros. Mia and Haley fall short of selling a million records. Dan finds a confidant in an unlikely person. Nathan deals with being distant from the ones he loves, while Clayton reminds him he's in the NBA. Tree Hill's former bad girl - Rachel Gatina returns.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

I decided not to produce the movie.

There's this girl
that l'm kind of in love with...

...and l couldn't be away from her
for another day.

The label's gonna run a lot smoother
with you at the helm.

I'm not here to run the label.
I'm here to close it.

You're mad
because l want you to move out.

It's because l'm trying
to step things up with Millie.

You trying to get rid of me
with your naked ass. It ain't gonna work.

You know earlier
when l said l miss David?

- What happened, Quinn? You said...
- l left him.

Does that girl look familiar to you?
- She was at the party today. Why?

She says she slept with you
on the road, Nate...

...and she's going public.

And where will you run?
Back to the life of a peasant harlot?

Perhaps l will.

Should l return to a life
of more meager means...

...I will do so with my dignity intact... heart pure and true.

And yet you had no dignity nor purity
in my bed a fortnight ago.

Meager means indeed.


Leave the dress!

Millie was right.
Alex Dupre is the perfect choice... be the face of the new campaign.

She's smart. She's talented.
She is crazy beautiful.

I'm shaving.

How come this movie never came out?

Because smart, talented and beautiful
got all hopped up on goofballs...

...and had to be checked into rehab.

Those dailies are top secret.

I had to call in about a dozen favors
to get them.

My baby's so good to me.


I am really gonna like this
living-together thing.

I want you to move your stuff in, okay?
This is our house now, not just mine.


Then how would you feel
about going back to our bedroom...

...for a little while?

I'd make a joke about meager means,
but it would simply be untrue.

Hey. You know
I'm not judging you, right?

Clay, listen to me,
you've known me for a long time now.

I don't care what that woman says.
I did not sleep with her.

- All right?
- All right.

It's unbelievable that she can
show up, spout lies...

...and the next thing,
I'm in the headlines... family's in the headlines.
I'm guilty before l'm innocent.

Don't freak out.
You're not in the headlines yet.

Believe it or not,
this kind of thing happens a lot.

You're a public figure.

- l'm in a contract year, Clay.
- l know.

Here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna stay in shape,
stay focused...

...and you're gonna let me handle it.
All right?

All right.

It has been ringing off the hook.

Quinn, what happened?

I mean, what actually happened
between you and David?

He just changed, you know?

I mean, he used to see the world
exactly the way l saw it.

He just doesn't anymore.

But he still loves you.

I know.

But l don't know if that's enough.

I gotta go.
I gotta go down to the studio...

...and take care of this
"shutting us down" mess.

- Do you need my help?
- No.

You just stay here and enjoy your day.
I'Il see you later.

It's gonna be okay, Quinn.

- l love you.
- l love you too.

Is it okay?
You're good.

- Damn it, Skills!
- What up, Millie?

You and Marvin need to stop
this naked standoff!

He started it,
trying to get me to move out.

Okay, look. l'm going to pick up
Alex Dupre from the airport.

I'm gonna work a full day...

...and when l get home, you two idiots
better have your pants on!

- So, what are you gonna do?
- l ain't moving out. That's for sure.

Why not? If Chester hopped around
without his fur on, l'd move out.

Yeah, well, it's a long story.

- So you ready for the beach?
- Totally.

You think l can bury you and Miss Lauren
in sand?

Cool with me.

Oh, and, um, don't tell Miss Lauren
about the whole moving-out stuff.

- Why not?
- Just don't. Wait. Here she comes.

Hey, boys. Ready for the beach?

What are you guys up to?



Never believe that you can deceive.

You might think
that you can get away with it.

You might actually get away with it
for a while.

But your life is made up
of choices and decisions.

- Hi, Julian.
- Dad.

What are you doing here?

I came to talk you
out of the worst decision of your life.

Poor choices, poor life.

Bad decisions, bad life.

Come on. Where is it?

Page 17, item 4.

It's the part of contract that says...

...we can acquire the label
whenever we'd like.


As you know, l've been there.

I'm not alone. My wife was too.

She was deceptive and manipulative.
She abused drink and drugs.

She was promiscuous.

But today, she stands beside me
a changed woman...

...a caring woman, a better woman.

Ladies and gentlemen,
my wife and the love of my life.

- l love you, honey.
- l love you, honey.

- l didn't make a bad decision, Dad.
- Is that right?

You walked away
from a potential blockbuster movie...

...days before production, and for what?

- For love.
- Love. With Brooke Davis.

- Be careful, Dad.
- Julian, she's Brooke Davis.

I read the tabloids. This is a fling for her,
and it could cost you your career.

I think you need to leave.

Your career was one movie away
from being prestigious.

This movie.

And you walk away.

For what?
A promiscuous fashion designer.

Oh, this glass is gonna look amazing
in my loft in Los Angeles.

Miranda, l know that you have
a legal right to shut down the label...

...but you don't have to be
a total bitch about it.

You're a good producer, Haley...

...and a great artist,
but you don't have time to record...

...because you're running
what is essentially a vanity label.

A vanity label?

You guys would not have Mia Catalano
if it wasn't for this label.

You wouldn't have had the time
or patience or interest... develop an artist like her.

That's what small labels do.
We develop and nurture artists.

It's something
corporate labels will never do.

I've always wanted a pool table.

I can't believe your Dad
came all this way... tell you you're making a mistake.

He couldn't call or text
or tweet that to you?

He's a movie producer, Brooke.
He loves the dramatic.

Well, what else did he say?

He wanted to know what my plan was.
Was l actively producing?

Do l have a development staff
finding me new properties?

- That is some poster.
- What? Oh, right.

- You like it?
- Yeah.

- It's different for the living room.
- He was just so crazy, my father.

Do you think you would like that better
in the spare bedroom...

...or in your office?
We could get you an office for that.

My Dad just flew five hours... ask me if l'm quitting the business
and getting married.

- What did you say?
- l asked him to leave.

No, about the "marriage" part.

I told him he was crazy.

We're not getting married.
We just moved in together.

I don't know what the hell got into him.

Hey, you.

The clock, it was a good idea.

I think it reminds people
that every second counts.

It's easy. People don't have
to work that hard to get it.

We have that dinner tonight
with the investment guys from Texas.

I think you should tell them the whole
"phoenix rising from the ashes" story.

They'Il love it.

It was a good show today.

I think
we might have reached some people.

- Do you think it was a good show?
- l'Il let you know after l see the ratings.

I gotta go.


- l love you.
- l know, baby.

Wear your gray suit tonight.
You always look good in that suit.

Miss Dupre? Miss Dupre?
Could l get an autograph?

Yeah, sure, you pretty thing.
What's your name?

- Tanya.
- Tanya?

I loved you in Heart So True.
You were so brave in that.

Oh, thank you, sweetie.
But that's just acting. Heh.

- You're the brave one.
- Thanks.


Alex, Millicent Huxtable,
Clothes Over Bro's.

- Welcome to Tree Hill.
- Thank you.

Can l just say
that l am your biggest fan?

It's because of things like that,
that you would take time... inspire that girl in the wheelchair
after such a long flight.

- They kind of creep me out.
- What?

Cripples and retarded people.

They're always drooling
and smiling weird. It's gross.

Water, water, water.

Um, is there any wine in here?

Um, l thought you were sober.
You just went to rehab.

Ugh. Do not remind me.
They took my phone away.

Besides, wine's not alcohol.
It's like grape.

Ugh, it's so hot out there.

Where the hell are we?
It's like the devil's ass in this place.

- When do l get paid?
- l think your agent takes care of that.

Can l just tell you, l hate that woman.

She's like a complete alcoholic,
and her fingers look like chicken feet.

BTW, l am starving. Is there any food?

I read that you only eat organic food... we have an entire organic feast
waiting at the hotel.

I just made that stuff up.

Can you drive through a Mickey D's?

I could totally eat
the butt off a skunk right now.

Um, drive on, please.

Nate, it's gonna be okay.

We haven't heard from this woman
since the one e-mail... until it's real, it's not real.

And besides, who the hell would wanna
sleep with you, anyway?

Okay, l know it's bad timing, but damn.

Dude, quit checking out my sister-in-law.

- Hey, dumb and dumber.
- Hey.

Nice day, huh?

Maybe you're right. Maybe it's nothing.

Actually, uh, now it is something.

Hey, Jamie, l have an itch on my nose.


- My hat!
- l'Il get it.

- Can you move?
- Not a muscle.

- Me neither.
- Heh.

Man, l hope that knucklehead
come back.

So, listen, Peyton, here's the thing.

Uh, you know how l insisted that
you keep that 1 percent of the label?

Well, it kind of killed the label.

But, Haley...

I'm sorry. l can see that l'm upsetting you...

...and l don't want to do that.

So, um, let me just, uh... to Lucas.

Jeez, Haley, l don't know, you know?

This just really meant a lot to Peyton.

I know.

I'm a terrible friend and there's nothing
that l can do unless l...

You might be a genius, Haley.

Thank you, Haley.

- Jamie?
- Aunt Quinn.

Hey. Who let you off your leash?

Uncle Skills,
but he didn't bring the leash today.

- Okay, where is he?
- He's over there. Miss Lauren too.

This is her hat.

I was on my way to get a snack.

- Can l tempt you?
- Sure.

You should probably tell them
you're with me.

Denzel, this is Macaulay.

I'm going for a snack
with Aunt Quinn. Over.

Okay, all set.

Stupid, crazy nanny.

Hop on.

There we go. What do you want?

- Hey, give me a sec, okay?
- Okay.

- Mind if l join you?
- Spare a few bucks?

First, you mind telling me
how you got here?

You probably one of them religious guys
or something.

No. l got nothing against religion.

If you ask me...

...the one man you gotta believe in
is you.

I stopped believing in me
a long time ago.

Why? You made some mistakes?

You failed sometimes?

Listen, no matter
what mistakes or failures you had...

...they weren't even close to mine.

There's a book you should read.

You talking about the Bible.

No, man, it's not the Bible. It's this book.

Listen, there's a used-book shop
around the corner.

Now, you can take this book,
sell it for a few bucks... yourself a bottle
and feel good for a few minutes.

Or you could read it
and feel better for the rest of your life.


- What your name is, man?
- My name is Dan Scott.

And l believe in you.

He probably didn't mean it.
It was the way he said it... if the very idea
of us ever getting married...

...was somehow
completely ridiculous to him.

And then he hung this ugly
army-man poster in the living room.

I have to talk to him.

He might freak out
if you start talking marriage so soon.

No, about the poster, you dork.
It has to go.

I am really excited to meet Alex, though.
How is she?


She's really something.

She just wanted to freshen up.
You're gonna love her. Heh.

- She's gonna hate you!
- Go away, you witch.

Witch? Witch?

- Look, missy, my ass is on the line here.
- You mean your big ass.

- Really? Really? Get up!
- l'm tired!

You better get untired
because you're going over there...

...and convince Brooke Davis...

...that the half-million dollars
she's paying you is not a waste!

Half a million dollars?

So you wanna talk? Talk.

What, no hello? No introductions?

Your name's Renee.
I recognize you from the picture...

...when you trespassed
at a 7-year-old's birthday party.

You have a last name?

You're kind of hot
when you're all fired up.

I know he didn't do it.
I don't know what your angle is...

...and l don't know
why you targeted Nathan Scott...

...but what l do know
is that he didn't do it.

You're quite the party boy, aren't you?

- l'm single. He's not.
- Oh, like that matters.

Maybe not to girls like you,
but to Nathan, it does.

"Girls like me."

You know what's so great about justice?

It doesn't discriminate
against "girls like me."

What do you want from me?

- Walk away, Nate.
- Huh?

- Hi.
- You need to stop this.

- Outside.
- You need to stop this. Do you hear me?

Why are you doing this to me?

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- l just wanted to talk to her.

In front of a room full of people
with camera phones and video... wanted to talk with her?

- l'm sorry. l screwed up.
- Yeah, you screwed up, Nate.

- What does she want?
- l don't know. l was about to find out...

...until Nathan Scott
stormed in like a madman!

Look, l said l was sorry, jackass.
Let it go.

I'm gonna see
if she'Il sit down with me again.

In the meantime, you just, um...

...try not to get thrown
through a window, all right?

Damn it, Nate.


- Please don't fire me.
- Shut up.

I'm an actress. l got this.

Alex, hi, l'm Brooke Davis.
It's so nice to meet you.

Oh, my God! You are so beautiful.

Thank you.

Can l just say
that l'm so happy to be here?

And l think it's so great that you make
designer clothes for plus-sized girls.

I never knew it was based on you,
but l think that's so sweet.

Uh, no, l'm normal-sized.

Oh, l know,
but l have the best diet for you.

You're so gonna lose that weight.

Okay. How was your flight?
You flew private, right?

Uh-huh. They let me ride
in the cockpit. It was so rad.

In the cockpit?

They let me steer the plane.

- They let you fly the plane?
- l know. l'm so a cockpit girl.

That's what she said.

- Who?
- Who what?

You said she said something.
I don't know who you mean.

No, it's an expression.

When someone says something
that sounds sexual... say, "That's what she said."

- Oh, ha, ha. Right.
- Ha. Okay.

- Why don't we show Alex the new line?
- Great.

You're gonna love it.
It's kind of elegant and kind of edgy...

...and the pieces are a lot like this one.

- No, l don't like that.
- Why?

Uh, first of all, it's purple. When l was little,
there was this dinosaur thing...

...and it freaked me out,
and it was purple.

- You mean Barney?
- Heh, yeah.

That's what she said.

That's totally wrong, but, ha-ha-ha...

I know. l'm so funny.

My best friend, Kimmy, told me
I should do more comedy.

She says most people are really uptight,
but l'm not tight at all.

- That's what she said.
- Who?

Oh, Kimmy? Yeah, she said that.

She said l'm so much funnier
than Cameron Diaz.

I mean, plus, have you seen my ass?

Come on. Way better than hers.

Like way.

Could you excuse us
for just one minute?

- Sure. l have to pee anyway.
- Great.

- Second door on the left.
- Okay.

I'Il just clean out my things and go.

Remember that time l stayed with you
and uncle David for a whole week?

We made pancakes every morning...

...with chocolate sauce
and whipped cream?

Maybe if David comes,
we could do that again.

Yeah. Maybe.

You sure Skills and Lauren
won't be worried about you?

Oh, man!

At least l got your hat.

So can l talk to you yet?

Would you like to speak with me
or talk to me?

Oh, ho, ho, brother,
you are a piece of work.

You're excited about my record.
John Knight's excited about my record...

...which is why you wanna close
Red Bedroom... free me up to record?
- In part, yes.

If you close Red Bedroom,
I'm not gonna make an album.

You need to remove the emotion
from this. It's a business decision.

- It's not personal.
- It is personal.

Everything about this label is personal.

Why Peyton started it,
why she made me her partner.

It's as personal as it gets.

If you don't record with us,
you don't record at all.

We have a contract with you.
We own you.

But you don't own me.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Mia.
I've seen you perform...

...but we've never been
formally introduced.

Miranda Stone.

Haley's told me a lot about you.

Red Bedroom Records will always be
important to us, but at the moment...

- Cut to the chase.
- How is Chase?

- He's good. He says hi. Thanks.
- Aw.

- l was there at your first date. Ha-ha-ha.
- l know. You and Nathan were so great.

I sold more records
than any artist on our roster last year.

- But if this label goes away, so do l.
- How so?

You distribute my records, but l record
for Red Bedroom, exclusively.

- Peyton made sure of that.
- It's true. l checked.

Wow, everyone has their price.

No, not everyone. Peyton and Haley
are responsible for my career...

...and you can't put a price on that.

And even if you do, l won't accept it.

Congratulations. You're about to lose
your biggest artist.

- Does that pretty much do it?
- Yes.

- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.

- You look so cute.
- Thanks.

I'Il let you two talk. Yeah?

Who's the bitch now, bitch?

I'm sorry.
I should have met with her first.

I thought she was the girl
from her movies.

It's okay. l thought so too.

She has been in that bathroom
a really long time.

- What are we gonna do?
- Tell you what we're not gonna do.

We are not gonna pay
that dum-dum $500,000.

We'Il just have to tell her something.

We'Il say
the company went bankrupt or...

Or maybe
we should just start speaking Spanish...

...and she'Il get really confused
and leave.

- l don't think that's gonna work.
- It might. She is really dumb.


It's okay.

I, uh... l know l'm not what you expected.

You don't have to pay me. It's just...

That's one of my designs.

Since rehab, this dress is all l have.

When l felt like l was nothing,
it gave me strength and dignity.

So no matter what happens to me
or where my life takes me...

...l'Il wear this dress, your dress...

...and l'Il be fine.

It's okay. Of course we will pay you.

I think you look beautiful in that dress...

...and l think you're gonna be perfect
as the face of the line.


That is so rad!

Oh, ha-ha-ha.


Hey. Look at this.

It's all over the Internet.

The buzz is really positive.

I didn't really have "buzz" in mind.

I know, but that's why you have me.

Well, hi.

- What are you doing?
- Fixing you dinner...

...and thinking
about getting rid of my poster.

- Why?
- Because you have to eat...

...and because you hate it.

- l don't hate it.
- Yeah.

No, l don't. l just...

- l don't really like it there.
- It's okay.

My father, as you know,
was always gone...

...always on some distant location
or at the office... know, making movies.

But this one time,
he came home and surprised me...

...and took me to see The Thin Red Line.

And then we spent
the rest of the day together...

...just him and me.

And that didn't happen very often.

Actually, that really never
happened again.

But that day...

That was a good day.

That was probably the best day
I ever had with him.

And that was the day l decided
I wanted to make movies too... my Dad.

- l appreciate you meeting me.
- Oh, so now you appreciate me?

What happened to confrontational Clay?

I'm confrontational
because l'm protective over Nathan.

And because of all my clients, he's the
last one l'd expect to be in this situation.

And what situation is that?

You tell me.

- Ask me what's in the envelope.
- l'm not here to play games.

The night Nathan scored 35 points
against Memphis... threw a big party for him
after the game.

I should know. l was there.

It got pretty wild.

Get to the point.

The pictures of what happened
between me and Nathan that night...

...are in the envelope.

Whatever's in that envelope
is meaningless or fabricated...

...because we both know...

...that whatever you're accusing him
of doing, he didn't do.

Maybe you should take a look.

I spoke with John Knight.

He thinks Mia's bluffing,
and he still wants to fold the label.

But l recommended we don't.


Because integrity and loyalty still matter.

Does that surprise you?
That l actually have a heart?

A little.

And besides, l don't think she's bluffing,
and she makes us a lot of money.

If l do this, if...

...your album needs to be finished
in the next six months.

Why did Peyton start this label anyway?
You said it was personal.

She thought that major labels
were soulless.

We are. Don't forget it.

It's open.

Brooke. You wanted to speak with me?

You know, my whole life...

...I wanted to get my mother
to be proud of me.

And then one night...

...Julian threatened to exile her
from our lives...

...and l would do the same to you.

I'm just not sure it would matter.

You're upset.

I have this poster
hanging in my living room, Paul.

Of course, l'm upset.

And the only reason
that it's hanging there... because you took him
to see that movie...

...and for one day,
that boy felt close to his father.

He felt loved and appreciated.

And the sad part is
that there was only one of those days.

Because in my book...

...the day that he didn't feel that way
should be the unique one.

Fix it.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How'd it go at the label?
- Uh...

I think l fixed it temporarily.

Now l gotta fix my sister.

Did you talk to David?

There's not that much to talk about.

We grew apart.

We stopped laughing as much,
stopped caring as much.

Did something happen recently?

One night in New York l went to go see
Spring Awakening with some friends.

And after, we took the subway... this ridiculous open-mike night
in Brooklyn...

...and we watched
these horrible performers...

...who, for whatever reason...

...had to get on stage
and be seen and heard.

And as l'm watching them,
I'm thinking that l understand them.

You know, they were messy and unsure...

...and maybe a little confused, but...

But they were doing
what they needed to do.

You know,
what their hearts needed them to do.

And then David called my cell phone
and l didn't wanna answer.

There was a time when he would have
been sitting right there...

...and l would have loved that.

But he hasn't been that guy in a while.

You guys were great together, you know?

I mean, you were really happy.

And then one day, we weren't.

I know there's supposed to be some big,
important reason why...

...but there's not.

It's a feeling that l have...

...that this isn't what l want
for the rest of my life.

People have a right to change, Quinn.

Yeah, but they also have a right
to stay the same.

They have a right to be
exactly the person they've always been.

Okay? l didn't change, Haley.
David changed.

And now somehow l'm the one
who's broken because of it.

So tell me what the worst act was
that you saw that open-mike night.

Come on.

There was this really angry guy
who sang "Cats in the Cradle."

- Yeah, l swear he was a serial killer.
- Ha-ha-ha.

When he got done, everyone clapped...

...and he, like,
sneered at the people who didn't.

I guarantee you
they're missing right now.

- l missed you, Haley-Bob.
- l missed you too.

You're not broken.


I hope not.

Hi, son.

I was just heading back to L. A...

...and l wanted to say goodbye.


Listen, l came here to tell you...

...that l think...'re wrong to put your relationship
before your career, but...

I think it's me who's been wrong.

I wasn't around enough.

And l was too busy
caring for fictional characters...

...instead of caring for the real ones
in my life.

You did fine, Dad.

That poster...

...that was a good day for us?
- The best.

I don't remember it.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay.
- No, it's not.

I'm proud of you, son.

You go live your life and be happy.

And whatever you do,
don't be like me, okay?

I'Il see you.

What'd she say?

That night after your big game
against Memphis, we had that party.

We got pretty wasted that night.

Yeah. So?

Well, that was three months ago.

She's three months pregnant, Nate.

And where will you run?
Back to the life of a peasant harlot?

Perhaps l will.

But should l return to a life
of more meager means...

...I will do so with my dignity intact.

She's good in this. You were right.


I love you, you know that?

I love who you are.

I don't know how you got there,
but l'm glad you did.

I'm glad l did too,
because you're here with me.

Leave the dress.

This dress is all l have.

When l felt like l was nothing,
it gave me strength and dignity.

So no matter what happens to me
or where my life takes me...

...l'Il wear this dress and l'Il be fine.

- l read your book.
- Did it help?

It did when l sold it.

- How you doing?
- Better now.

I had such a crummy day.

Oh, yeah?

Well, l think it's about to get worse.


I have something l need to tell you.