One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 3 - Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered - full transcript

Nathan and Haley have to decide what to do about Renee's pregnancy claims as Clay thinks paying her off is the best way as it is Nathan's contract year. Mouth is asked by his station manager to investigate any titillating scandal about Nathan but decides not to tell his boss about the alleged pregnancy. Mouth and Skills come to an agreement about living together and Alex tests the patience of Millicent during a photo-shoot. Later she gives Julian a film script. Meanwhile, Quinn's husband David comes to find her when she won't answer his calls.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Millie was right.
Alex Dupre is the perfect choice... be the face of the new campaign.

Alex, Millicent Huxtable,
Clothes Over Bro's.

- Welcome to Tree Hill.
- Thank you.

I want you to move your stuff in, okay?
This is our house now, not just mine.

Quinn, what actually happened
between you and David?

He used to see the world
exactly the way I saw it.

He just doesn't anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen,
my wife and the love of my life.

That night after your big game
against Memphis...

...we had that party.

We were pretty wasted that night.

- Yeah, so?
- Well, that was three months ago.

She's three months pregnant, Nate.

- What do you want from me, huh?
- Hi, Nathan.

You need to stop this now, okay?
Do you hear me?

Why are you doing this to me?

Brooke, I'm shaving.

Gotta go. I'm late.
I have a big day. I love you. Bye.

I'm gonna kill you, Mouth!

Alex? Oh, well,
at least she's awake.

Alex, come on, we gotta go!

Oh, my God. Keep it down.
I'm so tired.

- You've been out all night?
- I have to sleep.

But the shower.

I leave it on.
I like the sound of the rain.

Now I have to sleep. Go away.

No, no. Alex, you have a photo shoot in,
like, now. You have to get up.

I can't hear you. I'm asleep.

Oh, there's a sheep.
Hello, counting sheep.

Ha-ha-ha. You're funny.

Well, there goes your counting sheep
with your half-million dollars.


- Can I just say that I hate you?
- Mm-hm.

- Oh, it's cold!
- You shouldn't have left it on, you jerk.

Man, that guy's such a jerk.

You don't do that to no brother. No.

No, you wanna strip down...

...and parade your flaccid business
around the apartment. That's cool.

Go ahead with your naked ass.
But this time, you done went too far.

It's cheap, it's mean,
and it's crossing the line.

Okay, time to man up.

Emergency situation. Life or death.
What do you do?

What do you do?

Who do you call?


Hey, yo, Jamie Scott.
I need your help.


- You're friends with Nathan Scott?
- Yeah, old friends. Why?

- Anything going on with him?
- Uh, he's in a contract year.

Right, whatever. A friend of mine
was having lunch yesterday.

Said he had some misunderstanding
with a woman in a restaurant.

- Okay.
- It might be newsworthy.

You're kidding, right?

Well, I had a disagreement
yesterday at lunch with Jerry...

...over who got the last slice
of key lime pie.

- It's not exactly news.
- And you're not exactly newsworthy.

He is. Check it out.

Mouth, if there's nothing there,
there's nothing there...

...but I figured you'd wanna be the one
to find out.

You know I didn't do anything, right?

I did not sleep with her
or do anything else.

You have your arm around her.

I get asked to take a lot of pictures.

You have your arm around her
at a party with a beer and a smile.

- Haley...
- I get it, Nathan.

You got married in high school,
and you had a son at graduation...

...and you didn't have time
to go out and party with your friends...

...and drunken sluts with perfect teeth.

I just took a picture with her.
That's all.

But it looks bad, Nathan.

And she's smart enough to know that.
You should be too.

What they see is who you'll be.

Entertainment is news.

Gossip is news. Rumor is news.

And the truth...

Well, that's negotiable.

Or is it?

You see, I say the truth is absolute.

I say the truth is unafraid.

- And the truth is...
- You're a murderer!

Murderer, that's what you are!
Tell them the truth, Dan!

Tell them what you are! A murderer.
How do you sleep at night?

How do you look at yourself
in the mirror?

Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!

Shall we cut, Mrs. Scott?

- Rachel, shall we cut?
- No, keep rolling.

But the guy called him a murderer.

So? He is one.

Hey, I'm so happy
we could make this work.

Haley's been showing me your work
and I am such a fan.

Thank you, Brooke. You know,
I wear your designs quite a bit.

I really feel like I can capture the energy
you're after with all the new designs.

Plus, I am so excited to shoot
Alex Dupre. I mean, what is she like?

Wow, she's like...


- Alex, what happened to you?
- Jet lag.

Jet lag, my foot.
You flew in from New York.

- Are you hung over?
- L... I just need my pills.

Excuse me? You just got out of rehab.
What is that?

- What did you just take?
- Vitamins?

No. No. Give it.

- Ew.
- They're just vitamins, you hags.

Hags? Half a million dollars.


You might want to start
with a little lying-slut remover.

This is our rejuvenation cream.

It does wonders for jet lag,
but it smells a little bad.

Whatever. You know you farted.

I did not fart.

Ha, ha. That's too bad, because I just did.

Tell me again
what this thing looked like.

What's that magical thing called?
I think they call him Puff.

- The magic dragon?
- Yeah...

...that's exactly what it looked like.
A dragon.

But it was like Puff's evil twin.
Oh, man.


See, Mouth knows
I'm scared of creatures, right?

That's why I know
he did this on purpose.

- You think you can catch it?
- We can catch it.

You can catch it.

The new Cameron Crowe film, right?

Perfect, yeah.
Okay, thanks for letting me know.

Hi. Are you gonna work on
a Cameron Crowe movie?

No, that was the video store.
I'm renting one. I got coffees.

Mocha double latte, extra foam.

- Thank you.
- Mocha double latte, no foam.

- Thank you.
- And coffee, black, two sugars.

- I called Haley.
- Oh, thanks.

- Julian.
- Quinn, you made out in my bed.

- Hey.
- Hey, so did you.

Sorry about that.

Hello. Hot PA boy.


Oh, you must be Alex.

You must be yummy.

- What'd you get me?
- You get chocolate...

...perfect for alleged jet lag.

Word's on the street.

And the entertainment trades,
barely read.

Mm. I like him.

Ha, ha. Yeah, well, you got
a little competition on that one.

Please, you're way too old for him.

So 200 grand and she signs
a confidentiality agreement.

She goes away
and you have nothing to do with the kid.

I already have nothing to do with the kid.
It's not mine.

- Why is she doing this to me?
- Because you make a lot of money...

...and because you're in the middle
of a very public contract negotiation...

...with a team that cares about its image
and the only team you want to play for.

Which leads me to this.

Maybe we pay her.

- Tell me you did not just say that.
- I did, because I'm your agent.

I wouldn't be a good one
if I didn't point out...

...that she could do a lot of damage if
she went public or filed a paternity suit.

- It's not true. I'll take a blood test.
- By that point, damage could be done.

Your next contract could be worth
$18 million to $20 million minimum.

The endorsement deals predicated...

...on the fact that Nathan Scott's
a good guy.

He's a good father
and he's a family man.

- She's lying.
- So she's lying.

You know the way it works.

They print the accusation on the front
page and the retraction on the back.

- Lf I pay her, then I'm saying that I did it.
- I disagree.

I think you're paying a little for a lot,
and that's all.

All I'm saying is that it's a valid option
we should consider before she...

...goes public. Ah.
Great. Here comes the press.

- Hey, Nate. Clay.
- Hey.

- Nate, can I talk to you?
- About what?


- It's cool. I'll catch up with you.
- Nate.

I just wanna
talk to an old friend, okay?


How you doing?

That depends.

You here as a reporter
or as a friend?

Well, it depends on
what's going on.

My station manager had a friend
in the restaurant...

...where you had lunch yesterday.

Said you were upset about something.


Listen, if you need someone to talk to,
I'm here as a friend, off the record.

Off the record?

There's a girl who's threatening
a paternity suit...

...unless I pay her a couple hundred
thousand dollars to keep her quiet.

Jeez, Nate.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

- I didn't do it. I don't even know her.
- Good. I'm glad.

- Does Haley know?
- Yeah.

- What are you gonna do about it?
- I don't know.

What are you gonna do about it?


Look, I should get back, but you let me
know if you need anything, okay?




But look, if this thing
turns into something...

...she files a paternity suit,
whatever... do what you have to do.

I hope it doesn't come to that.

Yeah, me too.

Okay, I'm good. Why don't you two
step in for a couple of test shots?

Sure. Come pose with me.

Hold it.

He is so cute.

With big hands.
He probably has a really big thingy.

You do know that's Brooke's
boyfriend, yes? As in serious boyfriend.

- She dates a PA?
- He's not a PA. He's a producer.

- Yeah, she dates the PA.
- No, you said he's a producer.

- As in movie producer.
- No, I didn't.

Julian. Julian.

Oh, my God, he's Julian Baker.
I heard that they were dating.

- Damn.
- Okay, she's ready.

- How do I look?
- Oh, fabulous.

I didn't ask the help.
How do I look, Millie?

- You want my opinion?
- Of course.

You're the only one who tells me
the fricking truth around here.

- You look amazing.
- I know. I'm such a slut.

All right, bitches. Let's do this.

- I hate her.
- Yeah.

Let's talk about today's disruption.

That man wasn't wrong.

We were talking about the truth...

...and what he said...

...was true.

I am a murderer.

But I won't hide from that.

I can't hide from that.

I step...

...into the harsh light...

...of the truth.

Because when you stand
in the light...

You get yourself right.

You find forgiveness.

You find happiness.

You find love.

I found love.

You remember my producer, Rachel,
who also happens to be my wife.

I remember the night we met.

It was so romantic.

Incredibly romantic.

- Dan Scott?
- Nice ass.

Our courtship was old-fashioned.

- Phew!
- Chaste.

Not bad for a guy with a bad heart.

Spend the night
and we'll see if you can kill me.

It'll cost you. A lot.

It's okay. I'm rich and I'm dying.

Works for me.

He had all of the things
I was interested in.

So did you, sweetheart.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, man.

Sure you don't want to use
the net? That thing is terrible.

I think I'll be okay.

So how come Mouth wants you
to move out?

He wants this place
all to himself with Millie.

- You can move into Miss Lauren's.
- Yeah... Wait, listen, man.

- We gonna catch this thing or what?
- I'm not so sure anymore.

I might need a little convincing.

- Forget it.
- Okay.

- I guess it'll just stay in the bathtub.
- Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on.

Okay, okay.

Uh, here's 10 bucks.

Which is just enough to catch a mouse
or maybe a guinea pig.

Now, that's dragon money.

- Okay, wait here.
- Okay.

Wait, hold on. Be careful.

Look out!

- I named him Percy.
- Aah!

You're doing great, Alex.
Do you need anything?

Uh, just some more water, please.
Thank you.

You're looking at that thing
like there's a ghost calling you.

There is.

Husband troubles.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, me too.

You know,
you and Julian seem so happy.

Mm. We are.

But I think he's bored out of his mind.
He just gave up a movie to be with me.

And I'm sure he's glad that he did.

In our case I think part of the problem
was knowing what to give up...

...and what to hold onto for ourselves.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm sorry.

I know.

I just wish there was a way
to make all this go away.

There is.

You wanna pay her? You know this lying
whore didn't sleep with Nathan...

...and you wanna pay her $200,000?

Whoa. I don't want to.
I simply suggested that it was an option.

It's not an option, Clay.

While we're suggesting things,
let me suggest...

...that you are a huge reason why
this is happening right now.

- Okay.
- You love the parties, the women...

...and you love having Nathan
alongside you more than anything.

- That's not fair.
- No?

The picture, the one of that woman
draped all over my husband.

What party was that at, Clay?
Who threw that party?

I'm not saying you don't love him,
I know you do...

...but you love having him
at your side more than anything else.

You could have protected him from this.

- How, Haley? He's a grown man.
- So are you.

Start acting like it.

I don't think it's very fair.

That Mouth wants you to move out,
I mean.

Man, how could you even
look at that thing? Ugh.

- It's cool.
- It's gross. That's what it is.

- You sure it ain't gonna get out?
- I'm sure.

All right.

Anyway, thanks for seeing things
my way, man.

Good looking out, bro.

- I just think it's your place too.
- That's what I'm saying.

- Well, what did he say?
- What?

When you told him this was your place
too, what did he say?

Oh, well, I ain't exactly
get to talk to him about it.

Look, I didn't have time.
He stripped off his drawers.

- I had to fight fire with fire.
- You guys are weird.

He know that if I move out...

...Miss Lauren gonna want me
to move in with her...

...or get a place of our own.
And I do not need that kind of pressure.

- Well, don't you like Miss Lauren?
- Of course I do. I love Miss Lauren.

Well, if you love her,
why wouldn't you wanna be with her?

Dude, I brought you over here to help me
catch this little dragony thing...

...not to give me grief
about my commitment issues.

- Now, come on. Let's get you home.
- Okay.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.
What about the thing?

What about it? Lts name is Percy,
and it eats bugs and stuff.

- No, no, no. You catch it, you keep it.
- I already have Chester.

Maybe you can trade Percy in at the
pet store and get something else.

Either way, you should talk to Mouth.
He is your friend.

I'm sorry.

Everything you said was true.

I love Nate and you and Jamie.

And I should have done better
by all of you, and I'm sorry.

We're not paying her.

If that's what you decide,
then, of course, we're not.

But it's not my dream,
and it's not your dream.

In part it is,
but this is Nathan's dream.

He's worked so damn hard for it...

...and he deserves it,
and I just wanna protect it.

I mean, for him and for you.

- This isn't fair.
- I know it's not...

...but if paying this woman the money
he makes off one commercial...

...protects Jamie from all of this...

...if it keeps his name safe
and his career safe...

...and you both get
what you've been chasing forever...

...I think it's something
we should consider.

It's not fair, Hales.

But none of this is.

- Do you believe in redemption?
- I believe in money.

So, what's your story anyway?

Just hang out in strip clubs,
waiting to die?

- Could be worse.
- Could be better.

- Lucas' novel.
- Yeah.

Reminds me of who I used to be.

- You do know you're the villain in this?
- The villain has power.

I'm in here.
I'm naked on the Rivercourt.

I know. Page 88. It's bookmarked.

So, what's with the self-help books?



People are so lazy.

Instead of changing their bad habits,
they just buy a book.

People aren't lazy. They're afraid.

They're afraid of dying without leaving
their mark on the world.

Because they're lazy.

What about you?


I left my mark on the world.
I just can't seem to die.

But I do know one thing.

If people saw my life,
they'd feel a lot better about theirs.

You wanna get out of here?

- I can't.
- Sure you can. We both can.


Don't drink that.

I need you.

Hi. Thanks for the trades.
I was going crazy...

...without news from the real world.
- This is the real world, Alex.

Not for us.

Too bad about your last movie
falling apart, you were good in it.

Oh, my God.
Those wigs made your head so itchy.

After every take, I was like: "Grr!"

Oh, crap. I'm stuck in my extensions.
A little help?

So how come you're not doing that movie
in New Zealand?

Ow. I slept with a couple actors on it.
And a few crew guys.

Maybe at the same time.
Anyway, how come you're not doing it?

Um, I'm just looking for something else.

I have something else you might like.

Thanks. Ha, ha.

P.S. You're totally cute.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- How's she doing?
- Your sister? She's amazing.

Believe it or not,
this knucklehead actress...

...might actually be worth it.
- Oh, that's great.

How are you doing?



Not good.

It just sucks, you know.

Everything was going so great for us,
and this woman comes along...

...and just turns our whole world
upside down.

I've been in the tabloids
as much as anybody.

They lie all the time.

People will give Nathan
benefit of doubt.

- You know that, Haley-Bob.
- Unless he did it.

My friend Kimmie accused this guy
of getting her pregnant...

...and turns out he totally did it.
He had to give her a load of money.

And then she got an abortion...

...and bought the raddest fur coat.
Like, way rad.

- We need a drink.
- Yeah.

Not you. Millicent, come get her!

McFadden. Hey, what's the story
with Nathan Scott?

Nothing. There is no story.

Here's my problem.
It's not the money.

I mean, it is the money.
But what if it comes out...

...that we paid to buy her silence?
- She'd never be able to talk about it.

She'd have to sign
a confidentiality agreement.

What's gonna stop her?

Since we're clearly dealing
with such a trustworthy human being.

- Right.
- I don't understand.

Woman claims she's pregnant
and Nathan's the father...

...but in this day and age,
you can prove that thing so easily...

...with an amniocentesis,
or eventually a blood test, so...

He didn't do it. He said he didn't do it,
so I believe him.

- Okay, but then...
- Look, she's hoping that Nathan caves.

She's pregnant,
she doesn't have any money...

...and she knows that Nathan Scott
has a lot to lose... why not take a shot?

I say you call her bluff
and don't pay the dumb bitch a dime.

That's what I said, but it's
gonna go public and affect Jamie...

...and Nathan's basketball contract
is up for renewal.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'll be right back.

- Alex, you can't drink those.
- Fine! But I love tequila.

Used to.

Here. You drink them,
and I'll just have the limes.

- No.
- Please? Pretty, pretty, pretty, please?


- Ugh!
- Nice! Are we drunk yet?

- We're buzzed.
- Oh, I miss being buzzed.

Okay, don't tell
any of the boys that I'm sober.

That way, if I do anything slutty,
I can still blame the booze.

Thanks, Millie. See you.

- So the photo shoot went well?
- It went great actually.

This one's kind of good at her job
for being a James.

Former James.

Possibly future James. But thank you.

You know, I used to make Haley-Bob
pose for me all the time.

Remember, Hales?

Sorry. Um, I'm sorry, you guys.

I really appreciate this,
but I'm gonna go talk to Nathan.

- I'll catch up with you later.
- Hey.

- I'm here for anything.
- I know. Thank you.

- I'll see you at home.
- Okay.

I should probably go
get some work done.

- Do you wanna go?
- No, I think I'm gonna stay here.

- Do you wanna talk about it?
- Truthfully, I wanna drink about it.

- Okay. You did great work today, Quinn.
- Thank you so much, Brooke.



Yeah, ha, ha, very funny.
You got me good too, man.

No, I did not scream like a little girl.
No, I did not.

You would scream like a little girl too,
if a reptile ambushed you like that.

Look, anyway, I wanna call a truce.

So, we need to talk
when you get home later, all right?

No, it was just something
Jamie said.

So I guess I'll see you later...

...and I guess I'll try
and explain it to you.

All right, bro. All right. Later.

How am I gonna explain this to him?

Maybe you won't have to.

I hate that somebody can do this
to you and get away with it, Nathan.

I do. But...

You're the one who fought as hard
as you did to get where you are now...

...and you're the one
who never gave up on yourself so...

...if you wanna make this whole thing
go away, then you do that...

...and I won't speak of it again.

Can I get a, uh, Dixie
and a shot of tequila, chilled?

I love tequila. Used to.

Doesn't go too well with rehab.

Alex Dupre, right?

Right. You're that boy
who owns the big house on the beach.

I'm the boy that rents that big house
on the beach. Clay.



Go ahead. Just do it quick.

I miss that. Ha, ha.

The kissing or the drinking?


Wow. You're a piece of work.
My sister's in tears... brother-in-law's unemployed
and you're sucking face with dumb girls.

Wow, your husband must be so happy
right now.

I'm sorry. That was unfair.

Yeah, it has been
one of those days. I...

How you holding up?

If I was one of your clients,
I'd be listed as "day-to-day".

Aren't we all?


Okay. I'll take care of it.

I gotta run.

Hey, Clay?

- I hope you know what you're doing.
- You too.

I can be in your bed in 20 minutes.

Make it 30.


- You're that guy?
- Ha, ha.

I am tonight.

What's on your mind, baby?

I'm sorry about what happened today
with that man in the crowd.

You worked so hard for me
and the show, and I just...

- I'm sorry.
- I'm not.

I hired him to do it.


Because you can't hide
from what you did, Dan.

And because whenever we shine
a light on your mistakes... fight back,
and that inspires people.

Besides, it makes for good TV.

- Hi.
- Alex.

What can I do for you?

You said you were looking
for something different.

Look, Alex, l...

I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking I'm hot.

And you're also thinking the dumb actress
just gave you a stupid script...

...but it's not stupid,
and I'm not dumb.

Heh. Okay, well, I'm a little dumb...

...but I know a good script
when I read it.

Okay. I'll take a look.

Hey, when I said
I had something different for you... thought I meant me, huh?

Um, no. Some other boy gets me tonight.
We can meet up after if you want.

- That's okay. I'm good.
- Yeah. I'll bet you are.

Answer it, Quinn.

You're gonna have to talk
to me sometime.

Well, at least you're wearing pants.

Look, if I move out, Lauren gonna want me
to move in with her.

- So what? You love Lauren.
- I know, but...

First we move in together and then
she gonna wanna get married.

Man, we even ain't even gotten
into that yet.

Look, I'm not even sure
if I ever wanna get married.

And I'm not saying that I don't
love Lauren, because I do.

- I'm just not sure what I wanna do yet.
- Well, you should have said that.

Yeah, well, you should have asked.

You're a good roommate, Skills,
and a good friend.

You stay as long as you want,
all right?

I didn't expect
her to be such a mess.

- I'm sorry about that.
- No, me too...

...but I'll tell you what,
the camera loves her.

She looks healthy and smart.


I appreciate you meeting me.

I just want what's fair.

This is, uh...

This is the amount that we're
willing to pay to make this go away.

- It's empty.
- That's right.

It's empty
because you're a lying bitch...

...and we're not paying you a dime.

Go to hell.

He talked to her. It didn't go well.

It's gonna get worse.

I should talk to Jamie.