One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 1 - 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad) - full transcript

The tree hill gang must learn that to live an exceptional life doesn't end once you've achieved your goals. With Lucas and Peyton gone, Nathan's a year into his NBA career, Haley has taken over Red Bedroom Records, and has to deal with the return of her free-spirited 26 year-old sister, Quinn. Brooke is still happy with Julian.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

- l'm not on the Chiefs anymore.
- What?

I'm the point guard
for the Charlotte Bobcats.

- You're in the NBA?
- l'm in the NBA.

You told me that someday
I'd be ready to let someone in.

I think today might be someday.

I love you.

I used to wonder why l was still alive.

I'm not. And this is my hell.

Pull the trigger. Take the pain away.

Maybe you're still here for redemption.

I sat there in the dark, alone, broken.

On the eve
of my son's first game in the NBA...

...I sat alone on a playground
basketball court and waited for death.

I had been given only days to live.

That was 14 months ago.

I like to say
I'm making use of my time

While you've been away

And it's true
I've been at my piano every day

Thinking of you

They talk around
I hear them whisper

It's the funniest thing really
They think you're gone forever

I know the truth
It's just getting hard to believe it

And they all tell me it's over

Even the stars are aligned
And l

I follow the signs so clearly
And still l fall in

Quicksand's pulling me down

I follow the signs so clearly
And still they catch me

The quicksand's pulling me down

Listen, because we
have a history of helping each other...

...and because l'm the best damn
sports agent that you deal with.

Now, you guys turned it around
last season in a very big way...

...but Pennington needs receivers.

Hackett's big, he's fast...

...and you throw that ball anywhere
near him, he gets up and gets it.

Mm-hm. That's absolutely true.
But he's also going into his third season.

Historically, you know that's when
NFL wide receivers flip the switch.

Santana Moss, Steve Smith.
Hackett is gonna be with them.

Bill, this one is so easy.

You have the money.
You need the player.

All you need to do? Pull the trigger.

I follow the sign so clearly

And still they catch me

You know what? l gotta cut you off.
I got New England on line two.

You're doing the right thing.

You're getting a great player
at a great price.

Yeah. l'Il have my office send
the paperwork over. Thanks.

Hey. And, hey, congratulations. Yeah.

But l just want to feel your breath inside me
So l could breathe

Hey, Mom. l gotta call you back. Yeah.

It's never too soon, It's never too late
So l start screaming out

I see your face, l see your hand
Reaching down and l yell to you and l say

I follow the signs so clearly
And still l fall in

The quicksand's pulling me down

I follow the signs so clearly

You could come with me.

I can't. You say that every time.

- And you say "I can't" every time.
- Because l can't.

But the movie's almost over...

...and then you can come back
to Tree Hill...

...and we can finally be together, right?

Yes, of course.

Pulling me down

Aaah, oh
Oh, oh

Aaah, oh
Oh, oh

Good morning, Clothes Over Bro's.
Please hold.

Clothes Over Bro's. Please hold.

Go online and find some pictures.
Recent ones.

And call their reps, get headshots.

Call Prime and cancel the dinner
reservation l had for tomorrow night.

This is good, but l want it in green.
Green is the new orange.

I'm heading back to Tree Hill
so book me a flight.

Call me and tell me which terminal.

- Is that my coffee?
- Mocha double latte, no foam.

Last time there was foam. Is there foam?

No foam. Victoria wanted to see you a...

About the model to be the face
of Clothes Over Bro's.

We're going with an actress.
Cancel the meeting.

- She's not gonna like that.
- Yeah, well, she works for me.

Don't tell her l said that.

Okay, now go. Chop-chop.


You're a good assistant,
but have some fun, okay?

You're only young once.

Season's over, Nate.

For some guys.

For me...'s preseason for next year.

You see, that is why
I love being your agent.

Most guys are on vacation,
but not Nathan Scott.

He's in the gym doing work.

And l'm not the only one who's noticed.

- What did they say?
- All the right things, man.

They love you, you had a great season,
and you're a part of the future.

Any of this mean l have a new contract?

Not yet.

But what did l tell you, man,
when you came up on that 10-day?

- Just do the work.
- Just do the work.

And you have.
You worked hard, you played great...

...and now it's gonna cost them.

You love this stuff, don't you?

Hell yeah, l do.

And l'm good at it, man,
so don't sweat it.

I'd never do anything to jeopardize
you, Haley or Jamie.

I know.

Speaking of, little man's got
a birthday coming up, right?

Any idea what he wants?

You spoiled him
with the autographed jerseys.

He's moving through your client roster.
I think he's up to Jerry Rice.

It's a good life, Nate.

Did you ever think knuckleheads like us
would end up here?

I thought l would. You, not so much.

Hey, can l ask you a question
about your meeting?


Couldn't you have a least worn a suit?

I mean, the jeans, man. Really?

I probably cost you at least
a million dollars right there.

It was a very bad choice.


Man, this crazy.

Nobody buying used CD's no more.

Half the record stores done closed down.

This collection was strong too.

Look, Tribe Called Quest...

...De La Soul and Biggie. What?

- Maybe try Goodwill?
- Goodwill is not getting my Tupac CD's.

- They wouldn't take them either, huh?
- Nope.

Listen, while you're cleaning out
some clutter... might wanna
move some other stuff too.

Oh, word? Like what?

Like all of it?

All of it.

- You want me to move out?
- l don't want you to. l just...

Don't you want your own space
with Lauren?

Do l want my own space? Yes.

But can l afford it right now when
I'm trying to start a new business? No.

- l can't believe you kicking me out.
- l'm not. You're on the lease too.

- l just...
- You want me to go.

I want you to stay.

Yeah, l know.
You look sad, Brooke Davis.

- l'm not sad.
- Yes, you are.

You've been moping around
ever since that night at the beach.

- l'm just gonna miss you, that's all.
- But you don't have to.

What's keeping you in Tree Hill
now that Peyton's gone?

- You went back for her.
- So did you.

That's not fair.

Look, if you can run
Clothes Over Bro's from Tree Hill... can run it from anywhere.

But Tree Hill's home.

We'Il be okay.

- All right, here we go.
- Julian.

This is a great night.

I'm proud of you.

Good morning, little man.
What are you all dressed and waiting for?

It's my birthday.

Hate to break it to you,
your birthday was yesterday.

- You slept right through it.
- Whatever, Mom.


Happy birthday!

- l can't believe you're 4 already.
- Seven.

- Would you settle for 5?
- No.

We could feed you coffee and cigarettes,
keep you small.

I'm 7. l've been waiting
a long time for this, you know.

I know. And l am sorry
we had to cancel your party.

- You're really not that funny.
- Hey, l can make you laugh, though.

What, you too old to be tickled,
Mr. Seven?

Help. Where's Dad when l need him?

He can't help you now. He's at work.

Mm. You always smell so good.

It's my Rain Storm body spray.

It's gonna be a stormy night.

Come here.

And cut.

Let's check it.


You are terrible at this.
You're so wooden.

I told you l didn't wanna do this.

- l'm just playing, man. You look great.
- No, l don't. l look wooden.

I'm a wooden tool that uses body spray.

Come on, Nate, this is a great gig.

A guy works all day, has a date,
wants to smell nice.

He reaches for Rain Storm body spray.

And why?
Because that's what Nathan Scott does.

You know what else Nathan Scott does?

He takes a shower.
He actually washes himself.

- Body spray?
- You might wanna keep it down.

They're paying you six figures
and it is your only source of income.

And who's fault is that?
Oh, that's right, my agent's you.

I don't know why you hurt me like this.

The contract negotiations, endorsements,
the never-ending love and support.

Okay, now l really do need
some body spray to cover all that crap.

It all comes full circle.

Picture's up.

Look, you sell the products, l'Il sell you.

But go and get this right
so we can eat some cake.

Otherwise, it's gonna be a stormy night.

- Okay.
- So stormy.

Roll speed.

Hey, man. What's up?

- Okay. It ain't gonna work.
- What?

Trying to get rid of me
with your naked ass.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm just hanging out in my apartment.

It ain't gonna work.

Ain't gonna work.

Can l come out yet?





This is gonna be the best birthday ever.

See, all this, and not one scary clown.
Hey, do you wanna see your cake?

Wait. This is not...

"Happy Birthday, Jam"?

This cake is so good.

Aunt Quinn.

Hey, kid l can't remember.

Dude, you're like what, 32 now?

- Seven.
- Seven, right, of course.

I was talking to your mom.

- Ha, ha. What are you doing here?
- l had an assignment in New York.

I thought, "I haven't seen
my dorkiest sister in forever."

What, Taylor wasn't home?

- You're so funny. Get your butt over here.
- Hi.

Aunt Quinn, you ate my cake
before l made a wish.

Nah, see, l don't think
this is your real cake.

If you look really, really close...

...if it was...

...I wouldn't be able to do this.


You're so dead.

You're about to have a face full of cake.

- Don't ruin my cake.
- Hey.

Are you crazy?

Oh, you're so dead.

Hey, can l borrow a pen?

- l gotta sign Jamie's card.
- Don't know why you take this personally.

- l'm just airing things out.
- No, you're not.

You're mad because l want you to move...

...because l'm trying
to step things up with Millie.

It's not like
I don't consider you a friend.

It's not like l don't wanna hang with you.
You're my friend.

- l love you.
- l love you too.



Good to know the stereotype's not true.


...I want you to know
I totally took one for the team...

...and l made you some closet space
in the spare bedroom.

So they called me about that film
in New Zealand.

They want me to produce it.

It's a big movie, Brooke.
It could make my career.

Wow... Um...

When does it start?

Right after this one.

So basically, now.

For how long?

Eight months.

- l don't have to take it.
- No.

You should. You have to.

Time's gonna fly by.

And l promise...

...then we'Il be together. Okay?


You know what? Let me get that for you.

- Thanks, Clay.
- And by the way, you look gorgeous.

Easy now.
Did l mention he only makes 10 percent?

But l wasn't making out
with a model all morning.

We weren't making...

- No making out.
- l'm kidding.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, buddy.

So you having a good time, 7?

Yeah. Aunt Quinn is here.
She surprised me with a fake cake.

- Last girl l took home surprised me with...
- Hey, who wants to open presents?

Check it out.

- Hey, he thinks you're hot.
- l am hot.

- Hey, Nate.
- Hey, Quinn.

- Clay, my sister-in-law, Quinn. Quinn.
- Hi.

The Bobcats got no depth... step up and get this guy paid,
Jerry Maguire.

I like her.

Hey, it's me again.

I just thought you might
wanna wish Jamie a happy birthday... call when you get this.
Or any of the other three messages.

Okay. Bye.

Okay, we're gonna open presents.
Are you all right?

Julian's starting that new movie
in New Zealand. You know how it is.

Tell me about it.
Nathan's gone most of the year.

Yeah. Well, at least the NBA
has an off-season.

Apparently, Hollywood doesn't.

- How's your new record coming?
- So-so.

The label is sending somebody
to run the day-to-day stuff... l can get more done.
They said something about freeing me up.

- Well, that's good, right?
- Yeah.

Come on, Mom, chop-chop.

- Chop-chop?
- He gets that from me.

Presents. Mom.

The bossiness too.

All right. Which one's first?

Uncle Lucas.

Read the card.

"Jamie, Peyton and l miss you
every day.

This present was my best friend
until l met your mom.

I got it from my Uncle Keith
when l turned 7...

...and now l want you to have it.

It got me through all kinds of stuff,
and l hope it helps you too.

I love you. Uncle Lucas."

Cool. It's Uncle Lucas's basketball.
Check it out, Dad.


That's what l'm talking about, baby.

Awesome. CD's.

Old school hip-hop.
Tupac. Biggie. Run DMC. Hey.

Wait, l'm sorry. You just gave a 7-year-old
your tired old used CDs?

Look, baby, l had to.
Goodwill wouldn't even take it.


Don't worry, l bought you something.

Awesome. A Jerry Rice jersey.

Man, that is exactly
what l was gonna get you.

An autographed Jerry Rice jersey.

It's not autographed.

Let's see. One second.

Jerry. Hey, it's Clay.

Listen, l'm at Jamie Scott's
7th birthday party, and...

- He thought you were 6.
- Seven.

Claims he's 7. Yeah, he's a little short.

Hey, anyways, l was wondering if you
could maybe sign his jersey sometime.

All right, cool. Yeah.
Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

- Not a problem.
- Sweet.

Especially since he's in the house.

Where's the birthday boy?


Hey, where's Jamie?

Would you look at that? It's Jerry Rice.

How are you guys doing?
What's up, Jamie?

Oh, damn, my gift sucks.

Happy birthday. All right.

Let me sign that for you.

Hi, Nate? Do you mind if l get a picture?

Yeah, sure, no problem.

You had a great season last year.
Did you re-sign yet?

No, not yet. Hopefully soon, though.

I hope so.

Well, it was good to see you again.

You don't remember me, do you?

Hey, Dad. Check it out.
Jerry Rice signed my jersey.

Look at that. That's great, buddy.

Hey, little man.

You want your present, or what?
We have a tradition.

- l know. It's my favorite.
- That's what l wanted to hear.

All right, you get this much
for being my godson.

And an extra zero
for being my very favorite guy.

Whoa! Thanks, Aunt Brooke.

You're welcome. l love you, buddy.

What did you wish for?

If l tell, it won't come true.

But maybe l can wish something for you.

Mom says l get one wish for me,
and l can wish stuff for other people too.

Dude, hook me up.

Okay, here goes.

Wow, you're good.

- What are you doing here?
- It's Jamie's birthday.

What about the movie?

Well, l moved some things around.

Look, Mom. Aunt Quinn got me luggage.

- Uh-huh.
- That's good. l got it, buddy.

- So how long do we get you?
- l don't know. A few days.

That sounds wonderful. Come in.

I don't know. l'm still working on it.

One of the great things about this house
is that there's all these spare bedrooms.

Where nobody ever goes.

Really? Would you guys get a room?

And not one of ours, please.

Welcome back, Julian.

I'm sorry. We're going.

Thanks, man.

I think l gotta take off pretty soon.

I gotta knock out some work...

...and the body-spray girl's coming by.

The girl from the shoot today.

- She has a name. It's Kylie.
- Of course it is.


I got him.

Someday when he's older...

...and he thinks back
on his best days as a kid...

...he'Il think of this day.

A day he was happy
and safe and loved.

That's a hell of a gift, Nate.

- All right. You fellas need anything?
- Just you.

Oh, well. All righty.

Your sister's hot, Hales.

Yeah, so is her husband, Clay.

She's always been amazing, talented,
artistic, wonderful marriage.

Okay, guys. We got the greatest receiver
in the history of the game right here.

- We're going deep to Jamie.
- Oh, man.

- Lauren, run a slant. Andre, stay short.
- So, what do l do?

Jerry Rice, you block. Ready? Break.

Two-hundred-seven touchdowns
and they got me blocking? Darn it.

Okay, ready?


I got it.

The girl throws a mean spiral.


My sister Quinn.

The beach is becoming our spot.

I don't think you can call it a spot...

...if it's every other month.

I guess that's fair.

No, l'm sorry.

Do you remember
how it was in the beginning?

Even if we were apart,
we'd talk every night.

And my heart raced with every text...

...and every time my phone rang,
I hoped it would be you.

- l still do that with you.
- Yeah?


Peyton used to say,
"People always leave."

Who knew she was actually
talking about her stupid ass?

I'm just lonely.

- We're here now.
- l know.

- And it's amazing.
- Mm-hm.

And it's what l wished for.

Wanna know what l wished for?



You did not.

Uh-huh, l did. You coming or what?

That's what she said.

You know, l think our son
had a great time today.

He has his mom to thank for that.

I have his dad to thank for a great life.

The last days
when you were on the road...

...this is all l dreamed of,
nights like these.

I think it's what l've always dreamed of.

It's more than l dreamed.

- Who's creeping all up in my hood?
- What?

- Skills gave me his CD collection.
- Oh, Lord.

- Did you have a good birthday?
- The best. l'm glad you are my parents.

We're glad we didn't leave you on the
steps of that orphanage. Some days.

Very funny.
You got your new ball, huh?

Birthday's not over yet.

What do you say we go see
if this has any good shots left in it?

Cool, l'Il get ready.

Wanna come?


No, it'Il be good for him
to have some time with his dad.

I'Il hang out with Quinn.

You know, l'm glad Quinn's here.

- You guys will have fun together.
- Yeah, me too.

- l'Il see you.
- Okay.

- Oh! Summer night, bottle of wine.
- l know.

If l was Taylor, it would totally be on.

Oh! Oh, you brat.

Well, well. My rock-star little sister...

...hanging out at her lavish pool
with her pro-basketball husband.

Speaking of husbands, how is David?
Where is David?

David's working on a documentary
to save the world.

Wow. That sounds like David.
You miss him?

Yeah, l do.

You know, sometimes
I think about the way we grew up...

...that house and the noise, the family.

I miss it, you know?

Why, Haley Bob?

I mean, you have it all right here.

All right, big man.
Let's see what you got.

You know, this old ball's
probably a little rusty.

Why don't you try again?

There we go. That's what
I'm talking about. Good as new.

- Was Uncle Lucas a good player?
- Yes, he was very good.

How come he stopped playing?

Well, he had a problem with his heart.

Like Grandpa Dan?

Yeah. Yeah, kind of like Grandpa Dan.

I miss him. Uncle Lucas, l mean.

Yeah, l know you do, buddy.

Tell you what. Instead of playing "Horse,"
why don't we play "Lucas" tonight?

All right, you go first.

Really? It's like that?
- Yeah.

All right, so if l miss this, l get an L?

Yes, you do.

If l make it, you give me 50 bucks.


- Dang it.
- You get an L.

Hey, it's me. Let's roll some calls.
Try Mitch from the Lakers.

So how's the movie going?

Well, we ran into a couple issues
with work visas and permits.


Meaning it's gonna be more
like 10 months, not eight.

You're killing me.

I know. But l do have some good news.

I decided not to produce the movie.



But why? That was an important movie.

No, it was a lucrative movie.
It wasn't important.

And l wanna make important movies.

And, besides, there's this girl
that l'm kind of in love with...

...and l couldn't be away for another day.

Look at the history,
and the last five contracts...

...given to players under 25
with his numbers, you'Il see...

Well, l think you'Il see
that we're not being unreasonable.




Nice place.

I assume there's a bedroom?

Yeah, ha.

Uh-huh. Well, there's been a baseline
set by the marketplace, so...




I'Il see you in there.


Bob, l gotta call you back.

And there's wild animals...

...that roam about everywhere.

And when little boys turn 7,
just like you...

...they go out into the wilderness
and live alone for a whole week.

Whoa. l probably couldn't do that.

- Okay, time for bed, buddy.
- Okay.

- Good night, Aunt Quinn.
- Good night, monkey face.

Happy birthday, buddy.
I'Il be up in a minute.

I think he really missed you. l know l did.

I missed you too.

That's weird. It's the studio calling.

- Why's that weird?
- Because it's my studio and l'm here.

Please don't be me calling.
Ha, ha.



- Hi.
- Interesting business hours.

I waited in the bar for half the day,
and finally the manager let me in.

I'm so sorry. It is my son's
birthday party today. Ha, ha.

Um, l'm Haley, anyway.
It's nice to meet you.

Miranda Stone.
John Knight sends his best.

- We're looking forward to your music.
- Thank you. The process has been slow.

It's been tough to focus on my record
while running the label and raising my son.

Yeah, we lost Peyton to one of those.

- Sorry?
- Kids. You know, family.

Uh, well, we are just
so happy that you're here.

I know the label's gonna run
a lot smoother with you at the helm.

When we said we'd free you up,
that's not what we meant.

I don't understand.

I'm not here to run the label.

I'm here to close it.


Hey, can l talk to you for a minute?

What? What's going on?

You know earlier when...
When l said l missed David?

I do. And l have for a while now.

What happened, Quinn? You said he...


I left him.

Oh, honey.


Because he's not the man
I fell in love with.

And he hasn't been for a while now.

I didn't agree to spend the rest of my life
sleeping next to a complete stranger.

Dude, no way you're still up.

- l don't want it to end.
- Bed. Now.

Always keeping a brother down.


Dad, was your 7th birthday
as good as mine?

You want the truth?

Dad, l'm 7. l can handle it.


...we had this big party planned
just like yours.

But then Grandpa Dan realized
that there was a basketball tournament... we canceled the party.

My team ended up losing the game.

He didn't speak to me
for the rest of my birthday.

Did you ever forgive him?

I wish l could say yes, son.
But l'm not sure l ever did.

Well, l think you should.

Well, you're a good man, Jamie Scott.

Hey, Dad?

You're good enough to forgive him.
You're Nathan Scott.

Forgiveness is never easy.

Bitterness is easy. Hatred is easy.

But forgiveness, that's a tough one.

Sometimes, people say
things they don't mean.

Or do things they can't take back.

Sometimes we do things
we can't take back.

So we feed ourselves to starve the pain.

Get a list of all the free-agent
and restricted point guards...

...and find out if the Bobcats
are talking to them.

Call that kid from Arkansas.

Set up a meeting
to discuss representation.

Saturday is the 14th.

Send flowers.

We're all afraid of something.

I'm scared.

What if we ruin it?

What are you talking about?

That feeling that l get
when l see you after a month.

And the way my heart aches
when l smell your skin.

I don't want it to go away.

It won't. We won't let it.

I was afraid. l was dying.

But in the face of great despair,
I had an epiphany.

What l've done is who l am.

But what l've done is not who l'Il be.

Hey, you.

Come to bed.
I'Il make it worth your while.

I can't. l...

Actually, l gotta go.
You can sleep here. Uh, l'Il see you later.

Wow, nothing like love at first sight.

I don't believe in love.

It's been nearly 37,000,000 seconds...

...10,000 hours, 14 months...

...since l realized what l've done
is not who l can be.

Unburden yourself from
the mistakes of your past.

And when you do,
your heart grows stronger.

I should know.

Mine was supposed to go out
a long time ago.

It doesn't mean
what you've done is forgotten.

- It's 4:30 in the morning, Clay.
- Yeah, l know. l'm sorry.

What's going on?

Does that girl look familiar?

Yeah, she was at the party today. Why?

She says she slept with you
on the road, Nate.

What you've done is out there.

And she's going public.

What you've done remembers.