One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 10 - You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father's Son - full transcript

After losing his place on the Charlotte Bobcats Nathan reaches breaking point with Clay and fires him but this ends up causing a rift between Haley and Quinn with Quinn moving out to a hotel. Dan takes it badly that Clay messed up and tries to teach him a lesson by nearly drowning him in the surf. Later Clay is fired by his boss for stuffing up Nathan's contract. Victoria arrives unannounced and takes a liking to new TRIC bar manager Grubbs. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Julian that it is doubtful that she will ever be able to get pregnant and he promises to get different opinions and they will work it out. Elsewhere, Millicent's increased drug taking alarms Mouth and her model like tendencies and demands disgust Brooke. It prompts Victoria to call the police when she sees Millicent driving drunk. Millicent calls Brooke from jail but Brooke tells her she cannot help her.

Previously on "one tree hill"...

Maybe we need a vacation.

Tree Hill. I want to go home.

Hello, Nathan.

I think I'm pregnant. I don't
know how Julian's gonna take it.

The test came back negative.
You're not pregnant.

What do you mean you're on
your way to Alex's hotel room?

She found some cocaine and
she thinks she may relapse.

I don't understand.

You've been lying all night.

Blowing Brooke off, messing up at work,
partying all the time, and now these pills.

It's a lot of pressure to fit in.

And for once, I want to fit in.

I'm gonna ask for four
years. We'll take three.

- It's how the game's played, Nate.
- You're sure they won't stop playing?

Buddy, trust me.

All right.

What are you afraid of?

To move on. To feel
something for someone new.

But I'm tired of being afraid. I...

Big news in the NBA...
The Charlotte Bobcats

have opened up their checkbook
and capped themselves out,

acquiring Derek McDaniel in
a hush-hush deal late today.

That's bad news for local star Nathan
Scott, who is going to have to find

a spot elsewhere, if at all.

One Tree Hill - 07x10 - You Are
A Runner and I Am My Father's Son

In the national league, the
Dodgers beat the Cardinals...

Nathan, what's happening?

- They signed a point guard.
- Well, what does that mean?

It means... it means I lost my job.

- But...
- Look, they signed Derek McDaniel, okay?

He's an All-Star, he plays my
position, and he costs a lot of money.

- Okay.
- There's a salary cap, all right?

Each team can only spend so much money.

That report said the team's capped out.

- So that means...
- They're done.

The roster's locked. They signed
a point guard, and it's not me.

- I have to go see Clay.
- Nathan, can Clay fix this?


As of five minutes ago,

I'm not gonna be a Bobcat.

You know, I told Clay to make sure
that he closed this deal for me,

and he said he would.

Now I want him to look me in the eye

and tell me why he lied to me.

You lied to me.

Julian, wait! It was
full of cocaine! I swear!

Come on, Alex. You were
lonely and you wanted me here,

so you made up some story about a
cocaine vial that you knew was empty.

That's not true. I wouldn't lie to you.

Oh, right, because your track
record of not lying is so impeccable.

I don't deserve that.

Then where is it?

You tell me what... what the cocaine
fairy did with your supposed vial of blow,

and I'll take it all back.

Until then, don't call me ever.

Who you are is who you are.

We're liars.

We're thieves.

We're addicts.

We take our happiness for
granted until we hurt ourselves

or someone else.

Brooke, are you awake?

Could you open the door, please?

I'm sorry.

We hold grudges.

And when faced with our
mistakes, we reinvent the past.

We reinvent ourselves.

At least, we try.

We're prideful and we're lustful

and we are incredibly flawed.

And eventually...

our flaws catch up to us.

- Nate. What's up?
- We need to talk.

- What's wrong?
- What's wrong?

What's wrong is I don't have a job.

It's gonna be okay. We countered.

- And?
- And I'm waiting to hear back.

Well, you can stop waiting. The
Bobcats just signed Derek McDaniel.

No, they wouldn't do that.
That would cap 'em out.

It did cap them out!

That was my team, Clay!
We were building something!

Hold on. Wait. Where did you hear this?

It's on "Sportscenter,"
for God's sake, Clay!

You're my agent! What the
hell have you been doing?!

Baby, where's that beer you promised?

No, I... I take it back.

- You were my agent.
- No. Nate, would you just wait?

You knew how important it was for
my family that I play close to home.

- I know that.
- So why didn't you close the deal?!

- Because I thought we could do better.
- Oh, that's great.

I asked you to do two things for
me... make sure I play for the Bobcats

and stay away from Quinn.

You're fired. Enjoy your date.

What? Nate!


Gene, you told me you weren't
pursuing any other point guards.

You said you were
negotiating with Nathan,

and that you were spending the
rest of your money on a center.

Absolutely Derek McDaniel's a fantastic player,
But we were in the middle of a negotiation.

So I assume that the 2-year offer is...

You're capped out. Right.

Yeah. I'm... I'm sorry, too.

I appreciate you taking
the call so late at night.

Negotiations are about risks.

You take calculated risks.

- I was doing what I thought was right.
- Of course you were.

I made a mistake.

Can I help you?


But thank you.

I, uh, I actually should... I
should probably just call my bosses

and just see what I could do for
Nathan somewhere else in the league.

So, you know, you... you
probably should get going.


You know, just...

I dragged you along to the volunteer
thing, and I was here tonight, and...

It's not your fault.

I'm so sorry.

Hey, it's not your fault. Come here.

- If there's anything that I can do...
- There's not...

But thank you.

I'll call you.

Look, you should call
Nathan and talk to him.

You know that he loves you.


Antwon, it's 3:00 a.m.

I know, baby. I was checking
to see if Julian called.

He said he was gonna hook me up with
his sports-coordinating contacts.

I know that's what he said, and I'm sure he will,
but nobody's gonna call at 3:00 in the morning.

- He could.
- He won't. Nobody's up 3:00 a.M.

Somebody's up.

- Millie?
- Oh, hey.

- What's going on?
- I'm getting rid of my fat clothes.

At 3:00 in the morning?

I couldn't sleep.

Okay. Uh, do you want some company?

No. It's okay. You can sleep.
I'll come to bed when I'm done.

Millie, are you okay?

Never been better.

Hey. What are you doing up?

- Worrying. What a you doing out?
- I was at Clay's.

Yeah, I know.

- Do you know Nathan fired him?
- Yep.

- Yeah. It's not right, Haley.
- Don't talk to me about what's right.

- In fact, don't even talk to me at all.
- Oh, are you gonna fire me, too,

- because I was with Clay?
- You feel bad for Clay?

- Of course I do.
- You should.

You were a huge part of him getting
fired tonight. And you know it.

Why don't you sleep on that?

How'd you sleep?

Not good.


I'm sorry. I thought Alex
was in trouble, and I reacted.

She okay?

- She's fine.
- Imagine that.

Brooke, you would have done the same
thing if she would have called you.

Yeah, but she didn't call
me. She called her boyfriend.

I mean, my boyfriend.

Look, I know we were supposed to have a
night together, but we can do that tonight.

Or any night, okay? Don't get upset.

I'm not upset about that.

- Yes, you are.
- Not about that

- Well, what else is there?
- I thought I was pregnant.


I'm not. So you're good.

I would have been good if you were.

If we were.

Don't say that to me.

You knew last night.

I'm such an idiot. Come here.

I'm sorry. I messed up.

Are you sad?

A little.

It's gonna be okay.

I need more clothes. Mine a way too big.

Did you ever hear of this place called
a store? They actually sell clothes.

The "sell" part's the problem.
I'm so broke right now.

Well, then you need to call
my agent, like I told you.

How'd you get in, anyway?

I've had a key to your place
since, like, forever, remember?

Which explains why you've pretty
much taken everything in there.

- You're up early.
- I didn't sleep.

I mean, I couldn't sleep. I just totally sorted
through my clothes and threw out, like, 90% of it.

Most of it was ass-ugly anyway.


Nate, it's Clay. Look,

I know you're upset, man, and
you have every right to be,

but will you at least
please call me back?

We've been friends
for a long time, and...

I'm sorry. Just call me back.


- Oh. Hi, baby.
- Hi.

What's going on?

Well, I came here last night just
to take a walk down bad memory lane,

and I had an idea.

For sweeps.

We do a live broadcast...

right from here.

From the hallway where
I murdered my brother?


Where one of your
classmates committed suicide?

I was in the classroom that day.

I can lend an authenticity to it.

We can reach out to the
disenfranchised or whatever.

And you can finally come to term
with the choices you made that day.

Oh. It'll be riveting television.

Little insensitive, isn'it?

Not as insensitive as
murdering your brother.

Think about it.

- What?
- I know who took the coke.

Alex, you...


- Why not? Who?
- I can't tell you.

It's perfect.

- Y-You know what? It doesn't
matter. - It does matter.

- You said you didn't want to speak to me.
- No, Alex, it doesn't matter.

I just got off the phone with
my dad. I was about to call you.

It's not happening for the script.

- What do you mean? A... already?
- It's good script, Alex. It's just...

there are a few other scripts with
similar story lines already in production.

But our... our script is
good. I mean, it... it's great.

It's just bad timing.

So it's really over?

Just like that?


I'm sorry.

Ken, I'm sorry.


I heard that Sacramento
was gonna sign McDaniel.

I had been told it was a done deal.

No, I... I wasn't being overly
aggressive. They offered Nathan two years.

I countered at four, but...

Yeah, there was a 2-year
offer on the table, but...

I said I'm sorry, sir.

- Don't expect me to say I'm sorry.
- You shouldn't have fired him.

- It's business, Quinn.
- No, it's personal, and you know that it is.

Do you like staying here?
In your big guestroom?

'Cause I just lost my job, Quinn.

It is business.

Talk to him.

It's not him. It's his agency.

Nathan, do what you have to do, but
please don't tell them that you fired him.

He's going through some stuff, and
he has always been there for you.

Just think about it, please?

This is Nathan.



What are you doing here?

You asked me to come.

I did not.

Well, not in so many words,
but a call after midnight

with no message is a call for help.

So, what's wrong?

It's Julian and Alex, isn't it?

Kind of. It's...

Julian and Alex and me.

It's the new line and my idea
for the men's line. It's...

- all of it.
- And where's Millicent?

Or does my boss no longer help
you now that she's one of them?

Millicent is the least
of my worries right now.

Clothes over bros.

It's for you. It's Millicent's agent.

Millicent has an agent?

They say they're Spencer
and Heidi people. Go figure.

I wonder what she wants.


- That's what you paid Alex. -
She's an award-Winning actress.

Not anymore. Now she's one of
two faces of clothes over bros.

Oh, wait. You fired her. That leaves me.


you hear the words
coming out of your mouth?

The campaign's a hit for us,
Brooke. The press loves it.

I just want what's fair.

What's fair?

What's fair?!

What's fair is that we're friends!

What's fair is that you
started out as my assistant,

and I trained you to
run the entire company!

What's fair is that when you
were miserable in New York,

I moved you home so
you could be with Mouth!

And I appreciate all of that.

But I don't see how it has
anything to do with this.

Well, it does. Because
you're being ungrateful.

You are an ungrateful employee.


I'm an ungrateful model.
And that costs more.

Bad time?

Hey. No. Come on in.

You sure? 'Cause if you're writing
the next "wanted dead or alive,"

- I don't want to interrupt.
- Bon Jovi? Really?

I love that song.


How you doing? Do I need to go
platinum so we can keep the house?

No, not yet.

The agency called this morning. They're
saying all the right things but...

You think I made the right
decision by firing Clay.

I don't know. It's a tough
question. On one hand, he's Clay.

You guys have been friends for
over a year. And he's a huge reason

- why we are where we are today.
- I know.

On the other hand you're unemployed
a bunch of million dollars poorer.

He didn't do what you told him to,

and you're not gonna be able to
play close to home next season.

And he's sneaking around with Quinn.

I know. That's a lot.

Yeah, it is.

You said the agency called,
did you them that you fired him?


Quinn said he's going
through some stuff, so..

Yeah. Quinn's going through
some stuff. You know, we're,

we're all going through some stuff.

This is your career, and
we've sacrificed a lot for it.

I think you should put yourself first.

I need to make a call.

- Man, I thought you was never gonna call.
- I said I would.

- Why, you waiting by the phone?
- No.

All right, so there's this sport-
coordination company called Sports-Arc.

They do a bunch of tv show and movies.

They want to talk to you.

That's what I'm talking about.
Baby, that's good looking out.

So they're out in LA. They're a great bunch of guys,
you just got to call them and introduce yourself.

I'll huh...

- I'll text you the number.
- Wait, so if... if they're in LA,

would I still be able to
work from here like you do?

Uh, eventually, but I think you'd have to move
out there for a little while, at least at first.

Okay, so... Los Angeles.

Look, I got to take off. I'll text you their
number. I hope it all works out, all right?

- All right thanks again man. I owe you one.
- Don't worry about it.


- What's up?
- Just waiting for a text.

Okay. You sounded weird on the phone.

- You need to stop doing cocaine.
- What?

You're a funny bitch.

Don't call me a bitch.

You need to stop doing cocaine.

And you know I say that with no
judgment and a lot of experience

because it's my cocaine
you've been doing.

- Alex...
- That you took out of my closet

with all of my clothes Miss "I've
been up all night and I have my own key

to your room."

So don't lie to me.

I'm sorry.

Have you ever done coke before this?

Then trust me... it's time to stop.

I will.

And you can?

Of course I can. I just wanted to
try it, but I don't need to do it.

That's right. You don't.

You can roll with me,
and we'll have a blast.

But I can't be around cocaine,

and I can't have friends
that are doing it.

I won't.

Okay. I promise. I'm done.


Now come here. I need a hug.


Because I have to stop my drug, too.

- She must be high.
- No I'm not high. I just had

three martinis at lunch.
Okay, I'm a little buzzed.

Not you drinky. Millicent.

She expects me to pay her

$500,000 to model for this company.

That's not high. That's smoking crack.

That's what I said! You know, this is
all Alex's influence. That little bitch

has been a pain in my
perfect pilates ass since

she rolled out of rehab and landed here.

You leave Alex to me.

But, you know, as far as Millicent...

the campaign is working.

That is not the point, mother.

Actually, it is.

I'm just saying that, you know,

we can negociate, find a happy meeting.

Forget it.

I'm closer to firing her
than to negociating with her.

I understand.

I do.

But you can't fire everyone.

- Hey.
- Hey. They're in the living room.

- How long have they been here?
- About 20 minutes.

- I called you as soon as I found out.
- Thanks.


I can't reiterate enough
that while this is a setback,

we feel like there's still a great
deal to make for youwith another team.

- And what deal is that, Ken?
- I don't think this is the time

or place, Clay.

I'll be upstairs with Jamie.

With all due respect, I think it is.

What deal were you
gonna get Nathan, Ken?

- Actually, we've o...
- Shut up, Jay.

What teams have you spoken with?

'Cause since last night, I talked to
every GM or assistant GM in the league.

Nate, this is what they do, all right?

At the first sign of blood,
they insist upon seeing you,

and they promise you a ton
of things they can't deliver.

Actually, I called them.


Nathan tells us you're not
representing him anymore.

And we respect that, considering
what happened with the Bobcats.


And I think it's best if you resign

and leave the agency.

No, I can't do that.

I made a vow to someone
that I would never quit

and I'm not about to betray that now.

Then, unfortunately, as of today,
you're no longer employed by ISC.

You're not to enter your
office here or Los Angeles.

Kelly will send you
your personal belongings.

I'm sorry, Clay.

It's okay, Kelly.

I'm sorry, too.

This seat taken?

No, but yes.

I appreciate what you did for Nathan.

I assume since you're here,
your station manager didn't.

Good luck with the job hunt.

It doesn't matter...

what you did and what I did.

Nathan still lost his job.

Since when?

Since they signed Derek McDaniel.

Television's funny, isn't it?

It can erase all your mistakes

or hold them against you.

Doesn't erase anything.

And you didn't make a mistake.

Remember that.

0 is so a size.

Hey. It's Millie.

I need a favor.

Wow, look at that. My sister,
Quinn, running away again.

You know, before you say anything else like that,
you might want to remember that I can kick your ass.

Going home?

I'm going to Clay's.

- That is such a bad idea.
- Yeah?

So was firing him. I saw the look on
Nathan's face when he saw me there.

Really? You're gonna
make this about you?

This is about Nathan's
career and business.

It's business, but
it's not just business,

and you know that, Haley.

He was hurting, Haley. And
he protected Nathan from it.

He swallowed his pain,
and he put Nathan first.

And in trying to get you more and
him more, something went wrong.

And those things happen in business.

"Something went wrong"? Maybe something
went wrong because Clay got careless.

You mean with me.

Because Clay was being careless
and spending time with me.

You know what? Fine.

You can tell yourself that.

But the truth is, Nathan
doesn't have a deal

because Clay didn't
think it was good enough.

He thought that Nathan was worth
more than what they were offering him.

How dare he, right?

I mean, where does he get off
holding Nathan in such high esteem

that he thought that he deserved better?

If that's the worst thing he ever
does, if that's what he got fired for,

then I'm happy he's not
in Nathan's life anymore

Because Clay deserves better than
that. He killed himself for Nathan.

He believed in him, and
he loved him. For what?

Look, I love you,
Hales, but this is wrong.

So now you can sleep on that.


They're beautiful.

So are you.

How you doing?

Not so good.

Yeah, I know.

I don't think you do.

No, I suppose I don't.

But I want you to know something...

I know that I've talked about
slowing down and taking our time...

but I want you to know that
whenever we do get pregnant,

That's gonna be a great day.

And I'll be more than okay with it.

We're not gonna have that day.

Baby, we will.

No, we won't.

They didn't just tell me that...

that I wasn't pregnant.

They said I'm never gonna be.

I can't.

You can't have children?
They told you that?

I'm sorry.


- Hey, shh. Baby, it's okay.
- It's not.

It is. It's going to be.

I love you so much.

But I want to have babies with
you. I want to have a family.

Then we'll get a second
opinion. And a third, okay?

We'll find the best doctors out there.

- What if ...
- Hey, shh, shh.

I love you.

That's all that matters. I love you.

I love you, too.


Just a minute.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Makenna's over. It's
just... model stuff.

Okay. Um... I kind of
have to use the bathroom.

Hold on.

- You must be makenna.
- Yep.


- What's going on, Millie?
- What?

You're up all night. You're
in the bathroom with strangers.

- She's a friend.
- Not to me.

What's happening to you?

I don't... I'm sorry.

I just... those diet pills. I'll cut
back or I'll just stop taking them.

- What's this all about?
- I don't know. What is that?

- Are you doing drugs?
- Why are you saying that to me?

Because you're in the
bathroom with some stranger,

you're pacing around like a lunatic, and
there's cocaine on your makeup mirror.

It was Makenna. She does
it. I swear it was just her.

I wanted to tell her no,

But I work with her, and I just...
wanted to be part of the group.

Are you doing cocaine, Millie?


I told you no.

And I am so sick and tired of you
being so threatened by all of this.

It's like I can't do anything right
anymore, and I'm really sick of it!

And you need to stop!
Stop accusing me of things,

stop judging me...

I think this is yours.


A lifetime spent chasing a
dream and you piss it all away?

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh, yeah?

- Why don't you enlighten me?
- Why?

What are you gonna do?

Shoot me?

Ever since Nathan was born, I
had a vision for him, a dream!

Let go!

- What did you do?
- Stop!

He fired me! I'm not his agent!

Yeah? Well, this is your lucky
day, 'cause this is your baptism.

You got any fight left in you, kid?

Come on! That's it. Fight back.

Fight back! There you go!

You think getting fired is
hard? Try going to prison!

Try being given just days to live!

You're out of your mind!

Your new life starts today, kid.

If you're worth anything at all,
you'll find a way to make it right.

I already told you! I'm
not his agent anymore!

And who's to blame for that?

Your life is still your own. You
want to be an agent? Go be an agent.

Just put on a suit, for God's sakes.

So wait... he just attacked you
and then dragged you into the ocean?

He said he was baptizing me.

That if I wanted to be an
agent, I need to wear a suit.


- It isn't funny.
- It's a little funny.

That a murderer tried to drown me

and then give me fashion
advice... that's funny to you?

- The girl who's afraid of the ocean?
- A little.

It's a lit... it's a
little funny, actually.

I had all this coming.

I was arrogant with Nathan's deal.

I was arrogant in general.

You didn't deserve to be fired.

Or to have a killer dunk your
head and criticize your wardrobe.

Thank you.

- I mean it.
- You're welcome.

I just... I feel terrible.

- You know, I know Nathan didn't want me here and...
- I want you here.

I left the house. I moved out.

Stay here.

Yeah, I... I can't. I'm sorry.

It's okay.

You know, I do think he
was right about the suit.

So, I've been watching this
little psychic bartender act

you have going... the way you predict what
people like to drink. What's the trick?

It's no trick. I just
pay attention to people.

Okay. What's my... drink?

That's easy.

You're a martini woman.

Uh, you detest cheap vodka.

And you like your martinis dirty,

the dirtier the better.

And you like your martinis shaken,

a bit roughly, at that.

I'm looking for a lover.
You just made the list.

Hi, Mrs. Davis.

I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Really? Come on.

Oh, I remember. You know my daughter.

Your name is Fetch or Dash or something.

- Chase.
- Right.

But I didn't just date
your daughter. We were, uh,


Yes. For about 30 seconds,
from what I've heard.

We should shave that woman's head
and check for the mark of the beast.

I thought she was kind of hot.

Hi, grungy, kind of hot bartender guy.

Four shots of tequila,

no salt, extra limes.

- And can you tell how I like to...
- Mostly on top.

Huh. Nice. You just made the list.

- Hey. You okay?
- No, I'm not.

- Me neither.
- Let's drink.

But your sober... why did you do that?

You know that text
message I was waiting for?

I never got it.

- Stay with me tonight, okay?
- Sure.

Not exactly what I meant when I
said, "take control of your life."

At least the suit looks nice.

Guess some people just
don't have the fortitude.

My wife died.

Suddenly and unfairly.

But she believed in me, and she
believed in what I wanted to do.

So, I buried her, and I
picked out her headstone,

and then I went to work.

So don't tell me about fortitude,
and don't lecture me about dark days

because this is far
from my darkest day.

You want to get a drink?

I might be in a dark place.

At least there's hope
for me with Nathan.

I wouldn't say the same for you.

All right. Let's go
someplace fun. Come on.

We should call a cab.

Yeah, because that's how we roll.

Come on.

Yes, I'd like to report a drunk driver.

Hey. Just wanted to
say goodbye to Jamie.

- You staying with Clay?
- No. A hotel.

Okay. I'll see ya.


All my life I've looked up to
you, my beautiful artist sister.

But I don't anymore. You
seem lost to me. You seem...


I hope everything works out for Nathan.

Step out of the car, please.

You never called back.

There wasn't anything else to say.

Except for this...

I'm sorry.

Not for where I set the bar for you,

But that I didn't get
you what you wanted.

You're the best client I've ever had.

I'm gonna miss representing you.

Yeah, but more than that...

you were also the best
friend I've ever had.

I'm gonna miss that more.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Brooke, it's Millicent.

I'm sorry.

I got arrested, and I need your help.

I can't help you.

Who was that?