One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 11 - You Know I Love You, Don't You - full transcript

Victoria bails Millicent out of jail the morning after her arrest and tells her to get herself together before she shows herself again. But Victoria is doubtful that Millicent has learned her lesson and proceeds to keep an eye on her and she is proved correct when Millicent steals a dress from Brooke's new collection to give to her model friend Makenna is exchange for a packet of blow. Mouth is distraught at the change in Millicent and they break up. Clay tries in vain to hold onto his one client but it is not to be and so he packs up his apartment much to Quinn's dismay. Nathan is told by his agents that he won't play NBA this season and his only option is to play in Spain and be ready for the next season but this move coincides with Haley's planned record tour of the US. Skills records a video with the help of Jamie for a new job in L.A. Elsewhere, Julian mistakenly tells Alex that Brooke cannot have children which further deepens the rift between Brooke and Julian after Alex tries in her own way to help Brooke. Despondent after being told to stay away from Julian Alex slits her wrists in the bath and leaves Julian a voice-mail telling him she won't bother him anymore.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

- What's wrong?
- l don't have a job.

I asked you to make sure l play
for the Bobcats...

...and stay away from Quinn. You're fired.

Something went wrong
because Clay got careless.

With me? If that's what he got fired for,
then l'm happy he's not in Nathan's life.

So there's this sports-coordination
company called SportsArc.

- They wanna talk to you.
- Good looking out.

- We do a live broadcast.
- From where l murdered my brother?

Where your classmate
committed suicide?

It's not happening for the script.
- So it's really over?

Yeah. l'm sorry.

It's Millicent.
I got arrested and l need your help.

I can't help you.

I'm sorry,
but the test came back negative.

You can't have children?
They told you that?

- l'm sorry.
- Hey. Brooke.

Kind of nicely dressed
for a guy who just got fired.

Well, an agent should wear a suit.
Plus, l don't wanna get drowned again.

- So which clients are staying with you?
- None. ISC got to everyone.

- Every single one?
- Everyone they knew about.

But there's a kid in Arkansas that agreed
to sign with me not too long ago.

They don't know about him.

And there's a little secret
that only l know about him.

And what's that?

In four years, he is gonna be
the best quarterback in the NFL.

That's so great.

You can do this.

I'm so proud of you.

Thanks. That means a lot.

It means everything, actually.

Great. Yeah, l'Il see you in a few. Thanks.

That was the agency.
They got an offer coming in.

- That's good news. From where?
- l actually am not sure.

- They're on their way over to fill us in.
- Sounded good, though, right?

I'Il be playing in the NBA.
That's all that matters.

- Oh.
- Ha-ha.

So l was thinking
about taking some time off from...

...well, doing nothing.

How would you like to spend
some quality time with your boyfriend?

I can't.

- Oh, come on.
- No, really. l need to go talk to Millicent.

I am so pissed at her, so pissed that...

That you're gonna go over
and check that she's okay?


Love my girl.


I don't need kids to make me happy.

I just need you, Brooke Davis.

What did l do to deserve you?

Okay, "sizzle reel"?

Yeah, you know, "sizzle" like hot.

A reel that l could use
to show the company in Los Angeles...

...that l could actually do this job.

Julian said if l turn in a good reel,
then they'Il hire me.

l just don't know what to shoot.
You should get these guys.

White Men Can't Jump. It's my favorite.

These guys are awesome.

Someday, l wanna play just like them.

So, what are you and Chuck doing
this afternoon?

Hold that thought.

Hey, Brooke. What's up?
- Hey. Where's Millie?

I don't know.
She didn't come home last night.

- You don't know?
- Know what?

Millie got arrested
for drunk-driving last night.

- l'm sorry. l thought you would've heard.
- l'Il call you.


Victoria, what are you doing here?

Right now, having second thoughts.

- Did you just bail me out?
- A simple thank-you will suffice.

And now, if you're quite finished
with your star turn... The Slutshank Redemption,
I think we'Il be on our way.

I'm so sorry, Victoria.

Save the gratitude for someone who cares.
I'm protecting our investment.

Zero may not be a size,
but it's clearly your IQ.

Now get yourself home,
clean yourself up...

...and don't show your face
at Clothes Over Bro's...

...until you're ready
to act like a professional.

So, what you have to understand... that right now
every NBA team has a full roster...

...and most are capped out.

So, what do you guys propose?

- Regal Barcelona.
- Spain?

- l already turned down a European offer.
- The timing's different now.

We could probably get you
the league minimum somewhere.

But that's gonna hurt your profile
in the long run.

Barcelona is a good get.

You see, the trick right now
is making sure your quote stays up...

...and keeping you viable
now that the Bobcat deal is dead.

Barcelona does both those things.

But he wants to play in the NBA.

And he will.
Nate, you got to trust us on this.

Take the family to Spain,
work on your game...

...and next year,
we'Il have you back in the NBA.

Bright and early, as discussed.
Very commendable, Haley James Scott.

Our accidental release of your track
went viral on the Net.

Your fans are eating it up
like Christmas trifle.

- We have to finish this album.
- Yeah, about that.

How do you feel about me
finishing the remaining tracks in Spain?

Do you understand
what's happening now?

Lightning in a bottle.
It's been years since your last album.

You have momentum.
We have to capitalize on that.

Nathan got a job offer in Spain.

You can send him a copy of the album
when we finish.

I'm serious, Miranda.

He's worked really hard for this.
It's his dream.

And what about your dream?

- Maybe it can wait a little longer.
- Well, this says it can't.

That's a ticket to the start of your tour
in advance support of your smash album.

You ship out next week.

Not to do so would be a violation
of your contract.

I'm not sure l can do this, Miranda.

Well, the survival of this label
depends on it.

So you better get sure.

Millie, this is like the fourth time
I've called. Where...?

I'm glad you're okay.

But all of this needs to stop.

I need you to figure that out.

And l'm really afraid of what
might happen if you don't figure it out...

...because l miss the old Millie.

I miss the Millie that would rather stay in
and play video games...

...than stay out all night without calling.

I miss the Millie
who cared about her real friends...

...and worked hard at her job.

I miss that Millie.

I want her back.

I still love you, Millicent.

I'm sorry l said l love you.

It's okay.

Come in.

Fact is, l'm sorry about a lot of things
I've done these days.

I know l drive everyone crazy.

And Brooke must hate me right now.

It's hard because l just thought that...

You thought what?

I thought we would be doing
this great thing.

And now it's all over
before it even started.

Hey, l loved the script too...

...but there will be other scripts,
other projects.

- You think so?
- l know so. You're talented.

The important thing
is to just keep moving forward.

You know how Hollywood works.
It has nothing to do with you.

- You always make me feel better.
- It'Il be okay, l promise.

Besides, l need to spend
some quality time with Brooke right now.

Is everything okay?

It will be eventually. It's just...

Just what?
Don't tell me it's because of me.

- No, it's nothing like that.
- It is. You're mad at me.

No, Alex, it's just...

Just forget it.

It's obviously about me.
If it wasn't, you'd tell me.

We found out Brooke can't get pregnant.
She can't have kids.

Oh, my God.

You must... She must be devastated.

- Is there anything l can do to help?
- No.

God, l shouldn't even have told you.

So please,
let's just keep it between us, okay?


You know, to be honest...

...I didn't even know
I wanted to have kids...

...until the moment l found out
I might not be able to.

That's so sad.

You would have been such a great dad.
I'm sorry.

Okay. All right.

Nothing riding on this.
Just your whole career.

But you've done this thousands of times.

Kid with a big dream
wants to see it happen... make it happen.

You are the dream merchant.
And you are back.


Excuse me, l seem to have gotten lost.

I'm actually looking
for the next hot NFL qb prospect.

I wonder if you could point me
in the right direction.

Mr. Evans. It's good to see you.

- Yeah, likewise. How you been, man?
- Good. You doing all right?

Penny for your thoughts.

You might want your money back
after you hear them.

Try me.

I think we should go to Spain.

I've been wrestling with it all morning,
and in the end l think Ken is right.

If l sit out a year,
I may never make it back to the NBA.

Spain keeps me viable.
Spain assures that l will make it back.

There's no other option?


And look, l know that it's not ideal,
but it makes sense.

And it's only for a year.
At least we'Il be together.

- Yeah.
- What? What's wrong?

The record company wants me to tour
in support of my new album.

I'm supposed to leave next week.

Game ball from the conference
championships, right?


Yeah, that... That was a great game.

- What did you pass for?
- Four hundred yards.

It was 428. And five touchdowns.

But who's counting, right?

- You don't miss anything, do you?
- It's my job not to miss.

And l promise you that l won't with you.
All right, Troy?

I will do everything l can to get you
the best deal, the best endorsements...

I know, but...

What's going on, Troy?

Ken Arthur called my dad two days ago.

He said they fired you.

I'm Dan Scott, and l've shown people
how to rebuild their lives...

...through the power of forgiveness.

But what about me? Can l be forgiven?

Tune in tomorrow for a special edition
of Scott Free Redemption.

And remember, the truth will set you free.


That was good.
But l think you can go bigger.

- You don't think it's already too big?
- Too big?

No, it's genius.
It'Il take us to a whole other level.

Everyone back to one. We're going again.

Millie? Oh, my God, are you okay?

- l'm fine.
- Was last night terrible or what?

It is what it is. l said l'm fine.

- Have you seen my Sevens?
- No.

- Are these what you're looking for?
- Yes.

Can l have my jeans, please?

Or is this what you're after?

Alex, that's mine.

- Alex, don't. Don't.
- Millie...

No! No!

- You did not just do that.
- You have to stop.

- l've been there, trust me.
- How dare you?

- l thought you were my friend.
- l am.

Millie, you can't see it now,
but l know what l'm doing.

- You don't.
- You think you're better than me?

Well, you're not.

You're some washed-up actress
that's too dumb to realize...

...she's chasing a boy
that has no interest in her.

And if you had half a brain,
you'd understand that.

Julian doesn't want you in his life.

And neither do l.

- You're coming with me.
- l thought we were in a fight.

Right now we're taking a timeout,
because l need my big sister.


This farm's been in my family
for five generations.

- It's nice.
- Yeah.

But how much longer do you think
my dad can really work this place?

There's a lot riding on me right now.

I stand to make more in the next year
than my dad made in his whole life.

But l have one shot at this.

My family has one shot at this.
It's everything.

I like you, Clay.
And l know that l said l'd sign with you.

But you're an agent without an agency.

This is my whole life.

If you were me, what would you do?

Who did Ken Arthur tell you
he was gonna pair you up with?

Mark Wetton.

Hmm. l'd go with Jim Mitchell.
He'Il make a better a fit.

And good luck with everything.

I'Il be seeing you around.

If you're looking for your partner
in crime, try Central Booking.

That's not why l'm here.
I know what you're going through.

My sister went through it too.
Of course, she was a lot older than you.

Julian told you?

- l can't believe this is happening.
- He did. Don't hate on him for that.

It's just we talk about everything.

And he told me how much
you wanted to have kids.

So the important thing
is that we get you some help.


- "We" who? You and Julian?
- Yeah.

Since you talk about everything...

...l'm sure he finally told you
the real reason your script died.

What real reason?


His dad said that it was unmakeable
with you attached.

You are the reason the project is dead.

- No. No, that's not true.
- It is true.

Maybe you should ask Julian about that
next time you talk about everything.

Get out of my store.

You know, l really need you right now.

It's not fair to hide in my dreams and
not be here when l need you the most.

Talk to me, Sara.

- Jamie's not here.
- l'm not here to see Jamie.

What do you want?

I want you to know before it gets out...

...I plan on doing a show
about the day we lost Keith.

The day you killed Keith.

If you're gonna ask for forgiveness,
get it right.

I don't expect you to be okay with it.
Just keep an open mind.

This show's about helping people.

No, it's not.
You know what l see when l watch it?

I see a lot of miserable people
and you taking their money.

- Just try to give it a chance.
- A chance?

You think l didn't wanna believe
that you're a better father...

...than the man in front of me?

I've given you a million chances.

Fact is, if you ever really helped anyone,
if you did just one thing... show that you care about anyone
but yourself, then maybe.

But l know you, Dan.

So forgive me, but l'm all out of chances.

What's up, my boys. You all ready?

You know the first play?

Just get out of my eyeline
and someone call action.

Let's go, Jay.

Check it, chump.

All right, let's try one. Action.

This just might work.

This will never work.

If we go to Spain, l screw Peyton
and Red Bedroom Records.

And if l go on tour, then Jamie
gets homeschooled on a tour bus...

...and l don't get to see my husband
for months.

- Spain sounds cool. Good margaritas.
- l think that's Mexico.

- What's Spain?
- l don't know, sangria?

- God, l love sangria.
- Really?

Okay, l'm sorry. Where were we?

I was saying that l want Jamie
and Nathan to be happy...

...but l don't wanna let Peyton down.

- See, that's what l love about you.
- What, that l can't make up my mind?

No, that you're always worried
about what everyone else wants.

Now l think
the most important question is...

...what do you want?

So, what do you want?

It's just there's this big party tonight
and l was wondering if you could...

- l mean...
- l could score you some more coke?


Oh. Bitch, you rock.

Well, counting the last few favors,
you owe me 600 bucks.

I don't have it right now.

That's a problem.

- But you might have one thing l want.
- What's that?

You know that red dress
I was supposed to wear... the Clothes Over Bro's show?

You get me that dress, we'Il be square.

That's an unreleased original
from Brooke's new line.

She'd freak if that got out. l can't.

Then l think the weather report
for Millieville is gonna be mostly cloudy...

...with very little chance of snow.

So am l selfish if l wanna go on tour?


Am l a bad person if l give up Red
Bedroom Records so l can go to Spain?

- No.
- So, what am l supposed to do?

You're supposed to help
make this decision.

Okay, look.

When we were growing up,
I always depended on you.

I mean, nothing has changed about that,
Haley James.

You're an amazing sister.

The one thing that l do know is that
you always make the right decisions.

So if you go to Spain,
you're gonna be good.

And if you go on tour, you'Il be good.
Because you're always good, Hales.

You're kind of bad-ass like that.

Hey, l'm sorry
I've been tough on you lately.

I guess there's a part of me
that just wants to try and fix everything.

Forgive me?

I don't know.

Does this mean our fight
is officially over?

I don't know.
I haven't made up my mind yet.

Shut up. Ha-ha.

You either smoke or get smoked.
And you smell like smoke.

Your mom and my game,
they are so phat.


High-five, low-five, chest-five.

Toe-five. Boo-ya!

That's my boy.

Brooke, what's wrong?

You told Alex that l can't have children?

- L...
- That was personal.

That was between me and you,
and you told her?

I'm sorry. It was wrong. l just slipped.

How could you do that?

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

You know, what's even worse
than you telling her... that you told her you want kids.

You told her the truth and you lied to me.


High-five, low-five, chest-five,
toe-five. Boo-ya.

Oh. Ha-ha. You did such a good job,
Antwon. You made the kids look so cute.

I think they were an inspired choice.

You're so getting this job, Uncle Skills.
It's in the bag now.

Yeah, well, if l do...

...l'm sure gonna miss you
when l'm kicking it in Cali.

- You're moving away?
- Yeah, well, the job's in L.A.

But you never told me that part.

Oh, l'm sorry, bro.

I mean, it kind of just happened so fast.

I thought you knew.

I'm not going on tour.
I want you to have your dream.

I wanna show you something.
Come here.

What is this?

A map of your tour, but more than that...

...this is the adventure you and Jamie
are gonna have while l'm in Spain.

See, you got Disneyland in L.A.,
Grand Canyon outside of Phoenix.

And then when you get to Chicago...

...there's this great rib joint
I know Jamie's gonna love.

I got it all figured out.

- Every stop in every city.
- Nathan...

When you guys are done on the tour... and Jamie can come to Spain
to see me.

See? Now you can have your dream too.

We should be together.
Our family's been through so much.

Do you remember our anniversary
in that old house?

You told me then that you wished
you could go on tour again.

I want you to have that wish.

We should just be us, Hales.

If we do that, then l think
everything's gonna turn out fine.

I love you, Nathan Scott.
And l love our little family.

I love you too.


It's nothing.

You're crying.

Mom, l can't have kids.

Well, l don't accept it. l just don't.

- We'Il see a specialist.
- l've been to a specialist.

If there was anything
that could be done, l would be doing it.

Well, doesn't mean
you can't have a family.

- We'Il adopt.
- That's not the same.

Yes, it is.

I just wanted it so bad.

How did Julian take the news?

He told Alex he wants kids.

Well, maybe he's not the one for you.

But what if l'm the one for him?

I'm sorry l made you sad, man.

But it ain't no big thing.

I mean, just because l'm in L. A...

...that don't mean
we won't get to see each other.

Like l see Uncle Lucas?

I know it's hard for you
to understand right now...

...but sometimes, us adults...

...we have to do certain things
that we don't like.

I mean, it's just part of being a grown-up.

And even though he's gone,
your Uncle Lucas loves you very much.

You know how l know that?

No, how?

Because l love you too.

So you won't forget about me in L. A?


And maybe when you're older,
you can come stay with me in Cali.

Because l'Il always be your Denzel.

And l'Il always be your Macaulay.
But l'm never leaving Tree Hill.

I said was leaving.

What do you mean?
What happened with the quarterback?


And you know what? He's right.

I have no business
jeopardizing a kid's career.

I'm not an agent. l'm a liability.

In six months, l'Il just be the cautionary
tale they talk about at company retreats.

So that's it? You're just running away?

Do you think Sara would let you quit?

What do you think she'd say?


Sara's dead.

You know, when l said l was staying,
I'm staying...


Guess l'Il see you.

Mr. Scott.

Could l please trouble you for...?

For an autograph? Sure, no problem.

Is there something special
you wanted me to say?

You don't know who l am, do you?

I'm sorry, l meet a lot of...

How dare you profit
from the death of my Jimmy?

You let everyone believe
that he was a murderer.

I had to bury him alone.

Alone and ashamed.

And you have the nerve
to talk about forgiveness?

Well, l just came here today
to tell you...

...that you will never find forgiveness
with me.


Where's a camera crew
when you really need one?

There you are. Good.
You took what l said to heart.

I was worried you'd be too ashamed
to show your face around here.

No. l'm really sorry about last night.

Now that Alex is gone,
a lot is riding on you, Millicent.

You're the face we're putting out
into the world.

Brooke is counting on you.

Don't mess it up.

What the hell was that?
I asked you not to say anything.

You marched over
the first chance you got.

- l never should've trusted you.
- l was trying to help.

Help? What, you call that help?

Because of you,
Brooke and l aren't even talking.

- Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
- What's that supposed to mean?

It means l can give you
everything you want, and Brooke can't.

I thought we covered this ground
after your last text...

...which, by the way,
you said was a big mistake.

Maybe l lied.

Because l love you.

And deep down inside,
I know you love me too.

Alex, let me be perfectly clear.
I do not love you.

- l don't even like you.
- Don't.

- Alex, this is goodbye.
- But you like me.

- You said l was talented.
- Well, maybe l lied.

Brooke told me about the movie.

The real reason it didn't sell.

It was because of me, huh?

So it's true, then?

That nobody wants me?


I've been looking all over for you.
Didn't you get my calls, my texts?

- My phone died. Sorry, l have to go.
- Millie, you can't go.

I wasn't asking you, Marvin,
I was telling you.

Hey, you need help, okay?

You have a problem,
and you need real help.

My only problem is you.


If you walk out that door, don't bother
coming back. Do you understand me?

You okay?


But worse than that, we're not okay.

You should've never stayed here.

Being here means
you have to give things up.

And l am tired
of making you give things up.

L.A., work, Alex and now...

- Brooke, l don't care about having kids.
- That's not true and you know it.

You want all that.

And you should have it.

I don't wanna be the girl
that keeps denying it from you.

I think you should take another movie.

And what about us?

What are you really saying?

I'm saying l need some time.



- You were Clay Evans' assistant, right?
- That's right.

I was wondering if you could help me.

What are you wearing right now?

Are you kidding?
That's the worst line ever.

Where are you?

I'm just trying to get an early start
on this whole long-distance-romance thing.

It's gonna be all right
leaving Tree Hill, right? Tell me.

It's gonna be okay, l promise.

- And you think Jamie will understand?
- He'Il be fine.

All right?

Driver, let's go.

I don't wanna do the show. l'm done.

You're funny.

This is your end.

It's enough for you to start over.
You have your whole life ahead of you.

But we're just getting started.

Do you have any idea
how big this is going to be?

How much is enough, Rachel?

Give me the number
that'Il make you happy.

You're serious.

- Are you trying to get rid of me, Dan?
- No, of course not.

I just wanna stop.

We can run away and just live our lives.
We can grow old together.

You're already old.

What we have is enough.

It will never be enough.

And l shouldn't have to remind you
that as your wife, l'm entitled to half.

You're missing a few zeros.

Of course, when that clock
stops running, l'm entitled to all of it.

It's gonna be a great show, honey.

We always give them a great show.

The sizzle reel is officially in L.A.
I just uploaded it.

- You think l'Il get the job?
- Yeah, l do. You deserve it.

- l couldn't have done it without you.
- Yeah.

So how'd everything go with Millie?

Not good. Really bad, actually.

Can you fix it?

I don't think so.

I'm sorry, bro.

So promise me right now that if l get
this job in L.A., you'Il go with me.

Don't leave me hanging, dawg.



My man.

Hey, this is Julian. Here comes the:

I'm just calling to tell you how sorry l am
for all the trouble that l've caused you.

You don't have to worry...

...because from now l won't be around
to cause you any pain.

And in spite of everything that you said
to me, l will always love you.