One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 19 - Letting Go - full transcript

Julian offers Brooke tickets to move to L.A. with him and Sam. However, she keeps doubting and whining that she can't uproot Sam, although she's willing. Even Chase warns her not to waste such an opportunity. When Jamie asks about Keith, Nathan and Lucas take him to his auto-shop. Jack braves suspension to make all Haley's class walk out of Brumkin's boring English class. Even a college dorm PJ party can't console love-sick Mouth.

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I could have sent that to you.

I came to get my car.

I'm driving it back.

I guess this is goodbye
for a while,then.

Actually,it's goodbye forever.

I think we should
end this -- us.

You deserve more than this.

You'll address your literature class

and explain that you were wrong.

And if I don't?

You'll be fired.

I should probably say goodbye.

I'm glad you're here.

I said I loved
you,and you didn't say it back.

And I said it was fine,but it wasn'T.

I don't want you to go.

But I have to.

If continuing this pregnancy
means I lose you,then we end it.

I'm having this baby.

We're having this baby. YTET-????

One Tree Hill
Season 06 Episode 19

- Up and at 'em.
- What?

It's a beautiful day --
you,me,jamie,the river court.

Come on. Let's go,chop-chop.

I thought I'd go shoot a
round with nate and jamie.

Think you'll be okay?

Honey,you don't have to check
up on me every five minutes,

even though I do love you for it.

I know.

I guess it's just 'cause,well,I'm
the only one who knows.

I know. I know.

I should tell brooke -- the
whole "no secrets" thing.

Maybe I will.

You go play.


I love you.

Yeah,I sort of like you,too.

It's kind of quiet in here.

Yeah,mia had a couple of
gigs left on the schedule,

but the label really
loves that new song I sent.

Another one?

Geez,that's girl's
been a writing machine

since she hooked up with chase.

True,but the song
they're really crazy about

is "feel this" by haley james scott.

- Dude,you totally thudded me!
- Right.

I'm sorry. I didn't know I wasn't
supposed to be promoting your career.

Well,it depends on what they said.

Uh,they said...

they want more.

And they're really excited
about the new promotional angle.

Which is what,exactly?

The singing maverick teacher

that punched out the principal
and slept with a student.

I never hit anyone.

And that other thing
was seven years ago.

I was a tutor.


Sorry,I had to stretch it a little bit.

How's the new stuff coming?


'Cause I keep thinking I should
be in third-period english

and wondering how my kids are doing.

* I keep thinking of you *


You set a new record for failing.

We didn't fail. You failed.
Bring back miss scott.

You -- detention
in my office,um...

here's how little you know
-- I'm not even in this class.

You shouldn't be,either.

Anyone else?

He's got a point.

Maybe we wouldn't be failing
if you hadn't fired our teacher.

All I'm saying is that either
we all got instantly dumber,

or you should have been
a little bit smarter.

I'll see myself out.

We need to teach rimkus a lesson.

And just to be clear,by "lesson,"

I don't mean throw on a ski mask
and beat the crap out of her.

pack a bag. We taking a road trip.

I'm sleeping.

No,what you're doing is
feeling sorry for yourself

because your girl broke up with you,

because I've been
doing me de saamn thing.

Now pack that bag.

Dude,I'm sleeping.

You can sleep in the car.

Now,you want to ask where we going?

Where are we goi?

To fix your broken heart.

Now move your
feeling-sorry-for-yourself ass.

- Let's go.
- Hey,man!

- Let's go!
- No!

* I've been thinking of you a lot *


All right,now go in for a lay-up.

Piece of cake.

- Nice!
- Nice.

Kid's growing up fast.

Tell me about it.

He's been asking a lot
of questions lately.

All of a sudden we're
supposed to be the grown-ups

that have all the answers.

Birds and the bees already?

That would be easier.

No,they're actually,um
-- they're about keith.

Ever since dan admitted to
jamie that he killed keith,

join the club.

Actually,I was thinking
maybe you could help.

He feels bad he never got to meet keith.

You knew him better than anybody.

I thought maybe you could talk to him.

You know what,I've got a better idea.

Did you come to say goodbye?

Well,I was thinking maybe
this didn't have to be goodbye.

What does that mean?

You said you didn't
want to be a footnote

in someone else's love story.

Well,maybe it's time we
write our own epic love story.

This time tomorrow,we could be
walking on a beach in malibu.

But what about sam?

I can't leave her here.

Yeah,I thought you'd say that.

And I agree.


Look,I know you're gonna come up

with a million reasons
why you shouldn'T.

So I'm just gonna give you
this one why you should.

I love you...

brooke davis.

Come with me.

* You're on my mind *

guess what.

Your ex-boyfriend just asked
sam and i to go with him to L.A.



This isn't funny.

I mean,that's a really big deal.

It is good,though,right?

No. It would be
ridiculous to go with him.

I -- I have a
store to fill.

My friends are here. My life is here.

And what about sam?

You know,my parents did the same
thing to me when I was in high sool.

When they left,I was
going out with lucas.

And now he's the father of your baby.

And you're pregnant,and
I'm your maid of honor.

How could I leave you?

Brooke,I'm gonna be fine,okay?

You should go.

We came back here for
each other,P.Sawyer.


You came back here for
me,and I love you for that.

But I want you to be happy!

This is what you want,right?

I want more time to
figure out what I want.

Do you remember how
unhappy you were in L.A.?

Well,yeah,'cause I was alone,

because the boy that I loved

asked me to be with him,and I said no.

So just think about that,all right?

And whatever you decide to do,I
want you to know I love you.

And what if it doesn't work out?

What if it does?

where are we?

When I was your age,jamie,

this used to be my favorite
place in the whole world.


Well,this is your
great-uncle keith's auto shop.

Well,the guy that
owns it now --

he gave me a key so I
can come whenever I want.


Hey,whoa,uh,be careful.

This was a great idea,luke.

Yeah,well,the mustang
needs a tune-up anyway.

All right,I'll pull it in.

Hey,nate,uh,I wanted to ask you...

when haley was pregnant,

did you ever worry about all
the things that could go wrong?

Of course.

Just Stay off the internet.

It's full of horror stories.

Haley oked up one of
her symptoms one time

and was convinced jamiwas
gonna be born with two heads.

You know what the doctor told us?

Childbirth is the ordinary miracle.

You can't believe it happens every day.

Jamie,do you want to help
me pull the mustang in?

- Cool. Are we gonna work on it?
- Of course.

- Can I help?
- Yeah,come on.


hey. Did you get one of those for me?

Thanks. I need it.

I've been so exhausted lately.

Yeah,that's 'cause
you've been depressed.

But tonight,all that's
gonna change,my brother.

sleeping --

well,unless sleeping
with horny coeds counts.

Big college party tonight,baby.

- What college?
- Your alma mater.

What? Skills,gigi goes there.

I know

You just texted her and told
her you was rolling through.

No,I didn'T.

And she texted you back and said
how excited she was to see you.

Dude,where's my phone?


"Your ass is so fine"?

Thank you.

No,I mean you texted that to her?

It's all good,man. She liked it.

Gigi's the reason I lost
millie in the first place.

No,you're the reason you lost
millie in the first place.

Now it's time for you to have some
wild-ass,no-strings-attached sex.

And gigi is the one for that.

Turn the car around.


You're not the only one
that needed this trip.

Do it for me,okay?

The second you want to bounce,I
promise,we out of there.

"You dirty little freak"?

That one came from her.

Sam,jack,what are you guys doing here?

Oh,we wanted to see you.

How did you get in?

I'm good with windows.

Why aren't you guys in school?

Rimkus kicked us out.

Sorry,but I can't have two students
in my house during school hours.

Good,'cause it's not just us two.

okay,so,does anybody want to tell me

why an entire
english-literature class is

in my "I wish you would have called so
I could straighten up first" living room?

You ever see"dead poets society"?

Oh,my god,who died?

We took a stand for a
popular teacher -- you.

You guys,I'm really touched,but
principal rimkus is gonna lose her mind

if you don't get your butts
back behind those desks.

We're not learning anything there.

She just she just handed
back our papers on "catch-22,"

and we all got d's and f'S.

We want you back.

I feel your pain. I really do.

But just think about
it from her perspective.

Walking out on her isn't gonna
make her respect you any more.

Who cares?

I mean,nobody likes her.

She doesn't even know our
names,and she's a total bitch.

Hey,watch your language in my...


- Listen,I really appreciate you guys' initiative and your heart.
- Thank you.

But this is not the right thing to do.

You have to go back to school.

We all know rimkus screwed
you,and she's wrong.

I mean,look at the
difference you made for me...

for quentin?

Sam,a teacher doesn't have to be your
friend or even somebody that you like.

In fact,out in the real world,

you meet a lot of people that
you're gonna disagree with,

and you have to learn to work with them.


how about we disagree with you
and you learn to work with us?

Because we're not leaving here
until you teach us something.

Man,I miss school.

I see why,too.

What's up,little mama?

Ooh,look at this one. What's up,silky?

Hey,yo,I'm gonna holler at you later.

I got you.

Hey,look,man,I'm about
to go fix my broken heart.

I suggest you do the same.

- You seen gigi around here anywhere?
- Yep.

... 28,29,30!


- Oh,I loved your texts.
- Hey.

We got to do a keg stand!

Gigi,it's still light outside.

I know,but not for long. Bottoms up.



let's go,mouth! You got this,baby!

Got it!

All right.

There you go. Good job,jamie.

- All right.
- This is fun.

Plus,if you can fix cars,

you're gonna score major points
with the ladies,like miss lauren.

I thought we weren't
gonna talk about that.

Oh,that's right. I'm
sorry. You moved on.

What's the,uh -- what's the
piano girl's name -- madison?


You know,jamie,it's okay.

My uncle keith used to tease
me all the time about peyton.

Really? Why?

Well,it's just what guys do
when they work on cars together.

They tease each other
about girls,you know?

It's like your dad here.

You know,he had to trick your mom into
liking him by pretending he needed tutoring.

I wasn't pretending.

I was dumb as a post,jamie.

Hey,whatever happened to aunt lindsey?

Put the spark plug back in,you goof.

All right,buddy,you ready? One,two...



Come on,boys.

Drink up,baby.

Okay,sexy city.

That's yours.

Drink it!

Having fun,marvin?

So,next we have orr.

Now,how would you
describe this character?



Uhwell,he's always
trying to crash his plane.

Um,it makes him seem kind of
stupid or nuts or suicidal.

But is he?

No,he's,uh,working on a plan to escape.

Which means?

He's the smartest,the least crazy.

Yes! That's it!

Did you read the book?

Saw the movie.

So,do we see how this
relates to our theme now?

Yeah,catch-22 -- it's another contradiction
on how messed up the world can be.

If rimkus had made it this interesting,we
wouldn't have all gotten f'S.

You think?

It's open.

Did you come by to beg me to stay?

Brooke said you asked her to go to L.A.

Did she?

I really hope you're serious,

because she hasn't been serious
about anybody in a long time.

You haven't trusted me
since the day I came to town.

Because you looked like
you had an ax to grind.

Maybe I did.

But somewhere along the
line,this place changed me.

Brooke changed me.

I told brooke I love her because I do.

I invited sam because I
want us to be a family.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

All right.

For the record,I do believe you.


I hope it works out.

Thank you.

Wait,she didn't happen to mention
which way she's leaning,by any chance?


No,she's not going,or,no,she
didn't mention it?

I really have no idea
what she's gonna say.

But I do know this
-- if brooke says no,

it won't be because she
doesn't care for you.

She has been very protective
of her heart for a long time.

She's afraid.


- That was fast.
- I know. It's crazy,right?

Maybe,maybe not.

I guess that means
owen's out of the picture?

Uh,owen had a problem with sam.

Or maybe you just didn't let him in.

So he let himself into my assistant?

You know,when you left for new
york,sometimes I wish I'd gone after you.

So you're saying I should go?

I don't know.

I mean,I didn't go.

And eventually I found
mia,and she's been great.

So you're saying I should stay.

I guess I'm trying to say you'll
always be able to find someone,brooke.

- I mean,come on. Look at you.
- Thank you.

But you remind me of
that springsteen line --

"there were ghosts in the eyes
of all the boys you sent away.

" Figure out what you want,brooke.

But until you let someone
in,you'll always be alone.


****missing**** english lit.

I saw the mass exodus pass my window.

Back to school now.

You can't suspend us all.

No,but we can start with
you,mr.Daniels. Who's next?

Okay,can I speak with
you in my kitchen,please?

Uh,I realize I'm probably in
no position to give you advice.

Last I checked,you
had no position at all.

See? That's --
that's it right there,

the way that you speak to me
and the way you speak to them.

These are not third-graders.

They're young adults.


And you have to treat them that way.

If you give them a class they want
to be in,they will come to you.

Okay,you guys,third-period
english lit is over.

I'm serious,and it's
not in my dining room.

It's back at school.

Tomorrow,I expect all of you to be
back in principal rimkus' classroom.

It's the right thing
to do,and you know it.

You left some things in my classroom.

I'd like them gone
by the end of the day.

man,marvin mcfadden,you disappoint me.

girls -- good.

-- good.

-- good.

Where the hell is your head at?

so, jack, this wasn't
your worst idea ever.

Kids always like an
excuse to blow off school.

Yes, but it was still a nice thing
you did for me, and I appreciate it.

Eh, you know.

Well, it's just payback.

I mean, you took the
fall when I shoplifted.

Thank you.


You, too.

Okay, you two, thank you so much
for staying behind and cleaning up,

but you have to go back to school, also.

Not me.

I'm suspended.


bye,miss scott.

hey,uncle lucas,who am I?

Wow,it's mini keith.

Uncle keith must have been so cool.

Yeah,well,not just fohis
unique sense of style.

Come here.

You know,your great-uncle
keith was the best guy I knew.

He was always good to me and my mom.

He always helped me out
whenever I was struggling.

Sounds a lot like you,uncle lucas.

I don't know about that.

What I do know is that he
loved me and he was proud of me,

just like I love you
and I'm proud of you.

Maybe you're right.

How about you fire her up?

- Me? Really?
- Yeah.

All right,jamie!

double "g" is looking for you.

Things were so much less
mplicated in college.

How so?

I remember walking these halls,

hoping that someday
I'd be a sportscaster...

okay,you got that.

That I'd have a full life,good friends.

You definitely got that.

And every night before bed,

I'd wish that someday
I'd find the right girl,

a good girl,you know?

Someone who loved me as
much as I loved her back.

I don't suppose that
girl's name is gigi.

Okay,I made you a promise. Let's go.

You okay to drive?

Dude,I haven't had a drink for hours.

I've never been so sober.

what,is your next line
inspired by "twilight"?

There is no next line.

Have you looked around?

I might as well go back
to selling coffee here.

Oh,gee,that seems like a lifetime...ago.

What's going on with you?

everybody else has families
and kids and careers,and...

I have this.

Brooke,don't sell yourself short.

You've got all of us.

You've got a godson who loves you.

And the reason why I came by today

was to tell you about something
really rare that I saw.

Guess what it was.

A unicorn.

I've always wanted to see a unicorn.

Even more rare than that.

It was a group of students
who wanted to study more.

They came over to my
house this afternoon,

during school,and guess
who was their leader. Sam.

It's amazing how far she's come

since I found her sleeping
in the backseat of a car.

She's socialized.

She's a solid student.

She's writing.

I think she has a budding
romance with jack happening,too.

And they stayed behind to clean
up the mess after everybody left.

Well,that's a lot more than she did

when she trashed this
place and peyton's gown.

That's why I wanted
to tell you --

because you should be proud
of her and of yourself.

All that girl needed
was a stable environment,

and you gave it to her.

yeah thanks.

oh,you again.

Oh,no,no,don't let me
interrupt your flow.

I want you to keep writing.


I loved this story you wrote.

My only note would
be -- More,please.

Sam,you have what most
writers would kill for.

A troubled childhood?

A voice -- you have
stories to tell.

All you need is a little structure.

Thank you.

Can I still call you
when you're in L.A.?

I totally meant it
when I invited you,too.

Invited me where?

Uh,I gave brooke two plane tickets...

for you guys to come with me to L.A.

- When?
- Tonight.

I guess she didn't tell you.


Geez,I thought brooke
was in a dark place.

Oh,god,I didn't realize
how late it d gotten.

Got a little carried away drawing.

What's up?

I don't think I've been honest with you.

One of my classes came
over to my house today,

and I realized that,

um,the reason I've
been dragging my heels

when it comes to
committing to my next record

is that I really love teaching.

Well,you may feel different

when you're teaching to an entire
stadium of students with your music.

And besides,you still have a
really great student in mia.

You did a wonderful
thing in discovering her,

and it makes me feel really good to know

that you're always gonna
be there to guide her.

Well,so will you.

mean,when the baby comes,

I'm not gonna be around as much.

We're still a team,though,right?

Of course.

Man,these college girls are nasty.

Can I ask you something?

How are you dealing with
this so well so fast?

I'm dying here.

It still hurts,bro.

I mean,it always does.

But you know what I do?

You freaky text and watch porn?

No,I just tell myself that if deb
is the one,then she'll come back.

And if not,then I'm all good because I
know she's still out there -- the right one.

I just haven't met her yet.

You once told me if a girl
dumps you,she's not the one.

Maybe nathan's mom just wasn't the one.

Okay,sorry. That sounded weird.

P-pull over. It's my turn to drive.

So,I might be moving to L.A.

Since when?

Uh,since julian invited brooke and me.

Don't freak out.

When would you be going?


Well,that'll be pretty cool.



Listen,I know this sucks for us,but
I really want to do this for brooke.

Jack,she's done so much for me.

Then I guess you should go.

Better start packing.


I just...

wanted to do that,um,in case I
didn't ever get the

I'm sad I never got to meet uncle keith.

Yeah,I'm sad about that,too,buddy.

And I'm sorry about
what grandpa dan did.

Yeah. We all are,jamie.

Am I still allowed to miss grandpa dan?

Yeah,jamie. Yeah.

I like it here.

You bring something
broken,and you fix it up.

I always liked it here,too.

Mouth,wake up.

- Where are we?
- At millie's place.

What? How?

Well,maybe the texting I was doing
before was actually with brooke,

and maybe brooke just hooked
me up with millie's address.


I told you this morning we was
going to fix your broken heart.

So,go fix it.


Um,I just came by to
pick up some of my stuff.

Pulling an all-nighter?

your students walked across
town to be taught by you.

It's hard to get them to walk
down the hall for most classes.



would you ever consider...

I love teaching,but I would never
sacrifice my beliefs to do it.

You fired me right here in front of
all my kids just because you could.

So,congratulations,principal rimkus.

You made a good teacher ntt wa to teach
and good students not want to learn.

You be proud of that.

I wish that I could get over
things as easily as jamie.

- Well,it's easier when you're 5.
- Yeah.

You know,when I see
you with jamie,I think,

"if my little brother
can be such a good father,

then maybe I'll be okay,too.

" Of course you will.

And besides,you got a hell of a
head start being raised by keith.

Look at today.

You're already doing it with jamie.

You'll be great.


I needed a day like today
-- service and repair.

Service and repair.



What are you doing here?

I was just in the neighborhood.

Actually,that's not true.

I'M...I'm here because
I can't live without you,

millicent huxtable,and
I don't want to anymore.

And I'm sorry.

- What are you doing?
- Julian told me he invited you to L.A.

So I packed your bag.

No,he didn't invite me.

He invited us.

Hang on.

I packed my stuff,too. I just
didn't know if you wanted me to come.

Sam,you have school.

They have schools in L.A.

You have jack. You have a life here.

This is a stable environment.

I'm a survivor. I'll roll with it.

You shouldn't have to
keep rolling with anything.

That was the whole point of
you coming to live with me.

He loves you. He's a great guy.

He wants us all to try it out together.

Don't you get it?

Most people dream of this moment.

Why aren't we already out the door?

Because most people don't
leave their lives behind

to run off to california with someone

that they have only known for a month,

sam --
that's why.

Brooke,you're a good peon,a cool
designer,and a kick-ass mom,but......

Sometimes you're your own biggest enemy.

You're 22.

You have your whole life ahead of you.

You have this awesome dude
at the airport who loves you!

God,you have to go. You have to.

* I want to rock 'n' roll *

* I want to give my soul *

* I'm wanting to believe *

* I'm not too old *

* don't want to make it up *

* don't want to let you down *

* I want to fly away *

{6}* I'm stuck on the ground *

where's sam?

She's not coming.

You're not coming.

I have a life here,and
sam has her life here.

- It's okay.
- It's not okay.

And it doesn't
-- I mean --

brooke. Brooke.

It's okay.

If this were a movie,it
would end different.

But life's not a movie.

I guess that makes two
films that didn't work out.

{6}(Final boarding call for
flight 406 to los angeles.)

Goodbye,brooke davis.

I guess we're not going to L.A.


about that kiss...

well,this is awkward.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Now,that Was a good day.

Yes,it was.

- You tell nathan?
- No.

- Brooke?
- No.

Yeah,well,there's always tomorrow.


Hey,I'll be in in just a second,okay?