One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 18 - Searching for a Former Clarity - full transcript

Julian's dad is fired as studio boss, his projects therefore in doubt. Director Reese Dixon worries about saving pay and perks, masterly. Dan's heart finally arrives, but is lost in a ...

I have a problem with the essay.

I thought I was in charge of the paper
and had final say on what went in it.

I have final say on whether you work.

But if continuing this pregnancy
means I lose you...

...then we end it.

I'm having this baby.
- We're having this baby.

What do you want me to say?

How about "I love you too, Julian"?

How about "I like you"?

If you wanna talk about Keith,
let's talk about Keith.

The way I see it, I pulled the trigger,
but you loaded the gun.

It's good
that you're gonna die soon, Dan.

Grandpa, it's time
for you to get better.

Look, I'm not saying I do
or I don't have any illicit narcotics...

...currently in my domicile...

...but if I did, and my dog
happened to eat, say, three ounces...

...of, actually,
some really nice Lebanese hash...

...would you say he'd be okay or no?

Sit your stupid ass down,
and I'll call a veterinarian.

Mr. Scott,
we'll get you prepped in a moment.



Is everything all right?

It's fine.

I'm getting a heart.

It's about time.

I need a helicopter.

For the final scene. Lucas told me.

You can shoot it with a crane.

Yes, but I've never had sex
in a helicopter.

Excuse me, Julian.
Brooke Davis on Line 1.


- I have to call her back.
- Okay.

Is that the girl
that auditioned for Peyton?


She was about to be the new office PA
having sex with me in a helicopter...

...until you ruined it.

- I wonder if we could do it in a crane.
- Julian, you have a call.

It kind of gets crazy before production.
Can you take a message?

Okay, but it's the head of the studio.
I mean, your father.

He said it was urgent.

Yeah, Dad? What's up?

All right. Eight seconds left,
down by two.

Here's what I want.
I want you here, here, here, and here.

Set the picks there, there,
knock down the shot...

...and send they sorry butt home in O.T.
You got me?

All right, Big-Game James, I want you
to inbound the ball and take the shot.

- You with me?
- Yeah.

All right.

"No mercy" on three.
One, two, three.

No mercy!

Over here.
Over here, over here.


Over here, over here!
- Madison, the ball!

- Madison, the ball, the ball!

Hey, ref, that was a foul, man.

Dude, there were, like,
a dozen fouls. Go home.

I asked you here today...

...because I thought
we should talk things through.

Having a teacher on suspension
is never good for us.

I would be happy to not be
on suspension. That's up to you.

I'd be happy to end your suspension... long as you agree to print
an apology... the next edition
of the school paper.

I've prepared it for you.

I'll also be taking over the paper's
publishing responsibilities going forward.

In addition, you'll address your class
and explain that you were wrong...

...and that you showed a serious error
in judgment.

And if I don't?

You'll be fired.




Just give it to me and go, okay?

I won't tell, I promise. Just go. Go.

Dr. Sebastian to O.R. West.

Dr. Sebastian to O.R. West.

Dr. Jameson,
please call Extension 2524.

Dr. Jameson,
please call Extension 2524.

Dr. Casper to the ER.

Dr. Casper to the ER.

Nurse Henderson to Admitting.

Shoplifting, Sam? You have everything
you could ever want...

...and you are out stealing
like a common thief?

They're not even pressing charges.

Because I cried and begged
and told them you were retarded.

That is not the point. What the hell?

Did you ever consider that maybe
it was a case of mistaken identity...

...and maybe I wasn't shoplifting,
and that maybe, just maybe...

...they got the wrong person?
- The wrong person...

...with the pack of hot dogs
and no receipt?

I don't even like hot dogs,
and I have the money.

The thing is,
you're an unfixable little smartass...

...who is gonna do
whatever she wants. Don't.

Hey, Brooke, it's Julian.

I'm sorry I've been kind of
out of touch...

...and I need to talk to you. Call me.

That got anything to do with
why you're so mad at me?

No. I am mad at you...

...because it doesn't feel
like you're making any progress.

You stole from me at Clothes Over Bro's
and I figured, okay, you were desperate.

You lacked guidance.
You felt unloved. So, what do I do?

I forgive you. I take you in. I care for you
and give you anything you want...

...and you make me feel like an idiot.

Is that what you really think?
That I'm unfixable?

Oh, don't put this on me, Sam.

I am not the one
who got caught stealing...

...and tried to lie my way out of it.
- I'm not lying...

...and I wasn't stealing either,
but whatever.

Believe whatever the hell
you wanna believe.


Well, maybe you can make a few calls,
then get back to me.

Yeah, thanks.

- Is everything okay with Peyton?
- Yeah, so far. Thanks for asking.

- What's up?
- My dad called. He's been fired.

Wow, that's too bad.
How's he taking it?

He's taking it with a cash settlement
and an overall production deal.

- Oh, so he's good.
- I don't think you understand, Luke.

Korman, it's me. Yeah, I heard.
Listen, I'm pay or play, right?

You're the man. Bye.

Well, boys, it's been a good run.
At least I'm getting paid.

Reese, hold on.

What's going on?

What's going on is the movie just died.

Our movie just died. And you just lost
your $300,000 production bonus.

- Is that true?
- When the studio head is terminated...

...most of the projects that aren't
shooting go into turnaround.

Okay. All right, well,
what's turnaround?

- It means they put things on hold.
Tell the truth, Julian. Come on.

Luke, it means your movie's dead. Done.
Over. It's like they're all in third grade.

The new guy doesn't wanna play
with the old toys.

He throws them out.
Buys his own toys.

No. Not always. Not always.

This movie got a ton of love
from executives...

...that are still with the studio,
so just hang tight.

Let me make some calls, okay?

I'm gonna do everything I can
to fix this.

You do that. This movie's so over.

We're really sorry, Coach Uncle Skills.

It's okay.

It's not okay. We stink.

- We suck.
- We're hosed.

Oh, wait, hold on, now.
We only lost by two points.

Yeah, but we still lost.

Yeah, but you gotta look at things
from the bright side.

Chuck, you played
the whole game today without fouling...

...and without punching somebody
in the crotch.


Madison, you didn't start...

...doing your homework
until the second half...

...even when I knew it was killing you
to relax and have fun.


All right.

Jamie Scott, 14 points.
Andre Fields, eight points...

Two points,
two rebounds, and no pee in the pants.

Y'all give it up.

All right. Don't do drugs,
stay in school...

...and Nanny Deb has all the snacks.

- Y'all get on out of here, rock stars.
- Yeah.

Hey, Nanny Deb.

- Sweet, crackers.
Sweet, crackers.

- You are so good with them.
- Hey, I love kids.

Maybe one day,
we'll have some of our own.

Hey, wait. Save me a juice box.

I am so pissed off.

So she expects you to apologize.

Yeah. Can you believe that?

Wow. Well, I bet our kitchen drawers
are really organized right now.

Why do you say that?

Because that's who you are,
Haley James.

Even though Rimkus is wrong, you're
thinking about taking the high road.

You're a good teacher
and you care about your students.

When you're young and you look
at how great your life's gonna be... don't think
about having a Rimkus...

...with her apologies and policies.
It's unfair that I have to apologize...

...when I don't even think I was wrong,
because I wasn't wrong.

I get it, and I completely agree.

If you wanna tell Rimkus
to shove it, I'm good with that.

But I think you know
that if you do that...

...these kids are gonna lose
the best teacher they have.

- Yeah.
- So I'm thinking...

...I'm just gonna love you even more.
You're gonna take the high road...

...and be gracious and honorable...

...because that's who you are,
Haley James.

Our kitchen drawers
are really organized, by the way.

Hi, Q.
Uncle Lucas let me come say hi.

We had a game today and I scored
a bunch of points, but we lost.

He's doing really good, Q.

He's got your crossover dribble.

Andre did great too.

I know he misses you a lot. We all do.

I'll be right back, okay?

The truth is,
I see how worried the doctors are...

...and how terrified Lucas is... I'm trying to be strong
through all of it, but I'm scared, Mom... if you could put in a good word
for us up there...

Thanks, Mom.

This place is way too full
of people I love and miss.

There's not any room for any more.

You hear me?

Not even one.

- Hey, I'll go wait in the car.
- Okay.

- You ready to go, Jame?
- How did Great-Uncle Keith die?

He was shot, Jamie.

- Like Quentin?
- Yeah.

Why do people do bad things like that,
Uncle Lucas?

Maybe you should ask
your Grandpa Dan.

Is that all you got, huh?

Is that the best you could do?

A crazy-bitch nanny and a dog?

That supposed to be
some kind of karmic lesson?

Well, I don't need your lesson.

And I'm not gonna apologize either,
or cower or beg or cry.

I've done that.

It's over.

And let me tell you something else.
I'm not gonna pray.

You hear me? I won't.

I showed remorse. I said I'm sorry.

If that's not good enough,
you come and get me, God... miserable son of a bitch!

I give up.

Great day to be alive.

It's over. I talked to everybody I could
at the studio...

...and unfortunately,
they're shutting down production.

It's just politics and bad timing, Luke.

- So it's definitely not happening.
- I'm sorry.

I gotta go tell people
they lost their jobs.

What about Brooke?
Did you talk to her yet?

I tried calling her, but I'm not
really worried about Brooke Davis.

Something tells me she'll be just fine.

I didn't mean the job part.

Yeah. I didn't either.

- See you guys around. Bye, Jamie.
- Bye.

Well, you were worried...

...about the book
becoming a movie anyway.

All the stuff with Keith.

- Can I have this picture?
- Yeah, sure, Jame.

Ugh. What now?

Hi, it's Peyton.

- Okay.
- What's wrong?

They don't like the song.

- Who? John or the A&R guys?
- Apparently, all of them...

...and it's not like they hate it.
They just don't love it the way we do.

- Well, they're wrong.
- I agree.

- What do they wanna do?
- They thought we should try it...

...on guitar instead of piano.

- It's perfect on piano.
Maybe so, honey...

...but if you love this song
and you wanna keep it...

...maybe you should just try it.

What do you think, Haley?

Sometimes you have to play the game.

- What game you playing, boy?
- "Sims. " I'm making my own Tree Hill.

- Is there a Skills character?
- Yeah...

...but he mostly just gets all mushy
with Nanny Deb.

I like your style, baby.

See if you can give Uncle Skills
two Nanny Debs.

- Okay.
- Good man...

...but just don't tell the real
Nanny Deb I said that, okay?

That kid is a genius.

And his nanny's kind of great too.

You okay?

I've been meaning to talk to you
for some time now.


I think we should end this. Us.

I think we should break up.

Wait, why?

Because you should be a father
and have a family.

One that I can't give you.

Look, baby, you're not that old.

I mean, you could still have kids.

Yes, I could, but I don't want to.

Okay. I'm good with that.

You're such a sweet
and wonderful guy...

...and we have
so much fun together...

...but at the end of the day,
you deserve more than this.

I don't want more than this.

I think this is good enough.

For me, but not for you.

I'm sorry.

Brooke, it's Julian.

It's Julian.

I don't wanna talk to him.

Are you guys fighting?

Not exactly.

What not exactly happened?

Nothing, and I'm still pissed at you
for shoplifting.

- You should talk to him.
- We're fine.

Some time apart
might do us some good anyway.


Hi, Julian. Yeah. She's right here.

When I hang up, I'm going to kill you,
and then your dead body is grounded.

Hi, Julian, what's up?

I'm sorry, that's terrible.

So, what does that mean for you?

Wow, that's soon.

No, take it, take it. I'll call you later.


They pulled the plug on the movie.

He's leaving town soon. For good.

Looks like you got that time apart
you wished for.


You're evil, you know that?

What tipped you off? Our miserable
marriage or the prison term?

The insidiousness.
How dare you pin Keith's murder on me?

You're right.

- Wasn't your fault.
- It wasn't my fault.

I know.

So I thought
you were getting your heart.

Yeah, it's not gonna work out.

I was wondering if I could
take Jamie for a couple hours.

Why, Dan? Why would I do that?

Because he's all I have left.

- No. Forget it.
- You can come with us, Deb.

- It's just for a little while.
- To do what?

To say goodbye.

Grandpa Dan.
- Hey, there's my guy.

Did you get your heart already?
Can I see it? What's it feel like?

Sorry, buddy. It was a false alarm.

Well, where's your pager?

Two hours.

Don't make me regret this.

All right, sweetie. Grandpa's gonna
take you for a couple hours.

And then I'll see you for dinner, okay?

You wanna come with us, Nanny Deb?

Oh, uh... No, honey.

This is where I say goodbye.

- Wait for me right outside.
- Okay.

Goodbye, Deb.

Don't feel guilty.

I feel guilty.

Julian was being so nice to me
and I freaked out...

...and I took it out on Sam.

I am a horrible person.

As a teacher I must adhere
to a higher standard.

I failed to live up to that standard,
for that I am sorry.

I'm also sorry Principal Rimkus
is a hairy-backed bitch.

Guitar. Play it on guitar.
That's their great idea.

Maybe I can just play it on spoons.
A nice spoon ballad.

What the hell she mean
I'm too good for her?

I'm not too good for her.
Trust me, I know me.

Luke, am I too good
for anybody you know?

Dude, I just lost $300,000.
Do you understand that?

Three-hundred thousand dollars
and you lost Deb?

Shut up.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- Ha-ha! Celebrating.

I just got paid for doing nothing.

Everybody, drinks on me.
Who's with me?

Yeah, I'm gonna miss it here.

More than you know.

Hey, I gotta run. I'll see you in L.A.

Sorry about the movie.


It's okay.

So you're just gonna leave now?

- Yeah, but it's okay, Sam.
- It's not okay.

What about Brooke?

That wasn't gonna work out.

You're an idiot if you believe that.

The only reason she didn't call you
was because she was mad at me...

...for shoplifting and she...
- Hold on. Shoplifting?

What's that all about?

I did it for Jack. He was hungry.

- And I just took the fall.
- What did Brooke say about it?

I didn't tell her.

She called me unfixable.

- You know she didn't mean that.
- Yeah, I know.

She was just mad at you.

I don't get you guys. One minute
you're making out on the couch...

...and the next minute you're not
even talking. What happened?

I told her I loved her.

She didn't say it back.

But the movie's over now
so it doesn't really matter.

No, it does matter.

It's the only thing that matters.

You know, Jamie, I'm gonna miss
watching you grow...

...into the man
you're gonna be someday.

Because I know you're gonna do
great things in your life.

You know I'd be there
if I could, right?

Come here, buddy.

- Grandpa?
- Yeah?

You wouldn't lie to me, would you?

Of course not.

Because I need to ask you something.

Anything, buddy.

Who killed Great-Uncle Keith?

I did.

It was me.

I wanna go home.

Look at it this way, Luke, you lost
a movie and a huge production bonus.

I lost a movie, a huge production bonus
and two amazing girls.

Yeah, what happened
with Brooke anyway?

Well, we started out just having fun.

But then she told me
she needed to be more than that.

So I made it more than that,
at which point she freaked out...

...and said that she just wanted
to have fun...

...which made it really not fun
for either of us, sort of.

Hey, you know what, maybe you
and Brooke will still work it out.

Yeah, we'll see.

We'll see.

- What?
- It's Brooke Davis, okay?

So if you don't try, you're an idiot.

Thank you.

Peyton said she came home
to find love.

Maybe Brooke'll leave home to find it
with you and your big-ass forehead.

I like to think of it as a five head,
thank you.

Peyton happened to love it,
among other big things I have.

You know, I'm really glad
you're leaving.

Here we go.

Oh, Jesus.

Boys, boys, boys.

Have I taught you nothing
this entire time that I've known you?

You have a very small window where
excessive irresponsible consumption... allowed. For God sakes,
drink something expensive.

Especially when production
is paying for it.

- Does anything matter to you, Reese?
- Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Look, I mean, Julian and I
really wanted to make this movie.

Lucas has a point.
You don't seem upset.

I get it, you guys. If we had run
even one measly frame of film...

...through that camera, you would be
sitting on a huge production bonus.

That's a lot of money, you're upset.
I respect that.

See, that's just it, man.
It's not about the money.

Well, so, what's it about, then?

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I'm not a writer...

...but let me take a shot at this.

It's that we found a story
worth telling.

We got the script right,
we got the crew right...

...we got the perfect cast
and we were, oh, so close... being able to make something
that would affect somebody.

Someone we've never met
but for two hours...

...we can have a dialogue
with that person.

Speak to them.

And maybe, just maybe illuminate a small
part of their world... telling a story in ours.


Here's the piece of the puzzle
you boys are missing.

the beauty is in the attempt.

We took a shot.

We gave it everything we could
and we did it well.

Just didn't work out.

Now, when that happens,
you got two options.

You could sit in a public park like homos,
pouting and drinking cheap beer...

...or you can celebrate the attempt.

Raise your glasses right now,
both of you.

Get them up.

To the friendships we've made
along the way...

...and the insane amount of ass we get
for doing this job.

You were so close. So close.

But above all, don't let this
get you down.

Pick yourself up, find the next one.
It's what we do, boys.

It's what we know.

See? Look at how happy my baby is
that we saved the movie...

...and she gets to play Peyton.

- But that's not true.
- But she doesn't know that.

All right, now wait for it.
You two dorks are gonna love this one.

Oh! I almost forgot. I left you guys
a little present in the limo.

Seems I ran a little bit of film
through the camera anyway.

There was a sunset last night.
Gorgeous. Had to have it.

You just got
your production bonuses, boys.

But you can't do that.

Just did.

And when you speak of me,
speak of me well. Bull Durham.

You may not like him, minister,
but you can't deny he's got style.

Harry Potter.

You know he charged that helicopter
to the movie.

I've been asked to speak with
all of you because there's a chance...

...I may have shown a small error in
judgment when I published Sam's essay.

Which is not to say Sam's essay wasn't
a wonderful piece of writing. It is.

- It's just that...
- Ms. Scott.

- This is still my classroom.
- For now.

What's the first thing I taught you
about writing?

- Tell the truth.
- Tell the truth.

So I would be a hypocrite if I stood up
here and didn't tell you the truth, right?

Look, the truth is I love teaching
all of you and I'm proud of you.

But I did what any good teacher
would do when I published Sam's essay.

It was a powerful piece of writing.
It was honest and naked and real...

...and everything
your writing should be.

And by the look
on Principal Rimkus' face...

...I should probably say goodbye.

Just remember it's too early
for you to start playing the game.

Hell, it's too early for me
to start playing the game.

Stand up for what you believe in. The
truth matters, so tell it. No matter what.


- Hey.
- Hey.

I was gonna call you but...

But I said I loved you and you didn't
say it back and I said it was fine...

...but it wasn't.


I heard about Sam
and the whole shoplifting thing.

But the thing is, it wasn't her fault.
She was just covering for Jack...

...and she promised she wouldn't tell.

I called her unfixable.

I know.

But she's not.

And you know she's not
because she loves you.

And so do I.

And you know what, that's okay
because sometimes...

...the beauty is in the attempt.

I gotta go.

This is crazy. I don't want you to go.

And I don't wanna go.

But I have to.

Julian, I...

I'm gonna miss you, Brooke Davis.


Someone's a little rusty.


It's like this.

Hey, I'm sorry about the movie, man.

Hayley told you, huh?

She tell you she got fired?

- I thought she was just suspended.
- That was until this morning.

I don't know. I leave town
and everything goes to hell.

Hayley gets fired, movie falls apart.

Dan's heart.

Yeah, my mom called me,
told me there was a problem. What's up?

- Oh, he didn't tell you?
- No.

- Dog ate it.
- What?

I'm serious. A dog ate his heart.

You're kidding me.

I'm standing right there
and this stoner guy's dog...

...trips the paramedic
and gobbles up his heart.

- Are you serious?
- I'm not joking.



So I guess this means he's gonna die.


I owe you an apology.


You are not unfixable.


Come here.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I'm really sorry.

But I found you something
to show you how sorry I am.


No boys in your bedroom.



Well, close the door, you idiot.
You live in a barn or something?

You're the idiot.

Hey, how'd it go?

Would you like a full-time producer
for Mia's record?

Oh, God, what happened?

I told the truth.

Well, then, yeah, I mean,
we would love a full-time producer.


So? How does "Manhattan"
sound on guitar?

It's not bad, actually.


Now let's put it back.

When you started, did you wanna
make great records or not-bad records?

- Great records.
- Great, great records.

Good. So that's what we'll do.
We'll make a great record.

If the label can't hear it,
then they can argue with Peyton.

Oh, I like this team.

I love this team.

So you're good here?

I'm good.

Okay. Well, I'll see you
in the morning, then.


I'm glad you're here.

Me too.

You're my sons...

...and I failed you.

I'm sorry for that
and for so many other things.

But I'm proud that each of you have
become the kind of man I can never be.

You're good men.

And you're good brothers.

Don't let the world change that.

James Lucas Scott, what are you
still doing awake?

Making Tree Hill.

See? That's Quentin.
He's still alive here.

That's nice.

And this is our house.

And that's Daddy and you and me.

And Uncle Luke
and Peyton live next door.


And this is Brooke and Sam
and Julian.

Is that Grandpa Dan?

Yeah. He gets a new heart.

- Who's that, sweetie?
- That's Uncle Keith.

He's still alive. He came to make sure
Grandpa Dan was okay...

...because him and Grandpa Dan
still love each other.

Okay, Jaime. It's time for bed.

Say good night to Tree Hill.

Good night, Tree Hill.