One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 20 - I Would for You - full transcript

Nathan and Haley are considering a better school for genius Jamie, but doubt that academic excellence outweighs posh elitism and absence of sports. Nathan is expected to step up as leader - by coaching his ingrate rival Nino. Peyton has a car accident, which wrecks Lucas' Comet on wheels. Sam's boyfriend has found cool foster parents, and must leave Victoria expects Brooke to help save the company she stole, if not out of family loyalty then for the employees.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

You scare a lot of these guys.

This league is their NBA.

And they know it's not yours.

LUKE: But if continuing this pregnancy
means I lose you...

...then we end it.

I'm having this baby.

We're having this baby.

I'm here because I can't live
without you, Millicent.

I think we should end this.

You deserve more than this.

I'm calling the lawyers and I'm divesting
my interests in Clothes over Bro's.

Now you have a company
and no daughter.


Well, maybe it's time
we write our own epic love story.

This time tomorrow we could be
walking on a beach in Malibu.

But what about Sam?

He loves you. He's a great guy.
He wants us all to try it out together.

God, you have to go, you have to.

- You're not coming.
- I have a life here, and...

Goodbye, Brooke Davis.

Sam, cut it out.

Well, well.

- Oh! My eyes.
- It's called sunlight.

And it's not that bright.

It is not the sun. It's your face.

What are you doing here?

The last time we talked was
the last time I wanted us to talk ever.

We need to discuss the business.

I'm not part of the business,
which is what you wanted.

You got a company,
you lost a daughter. Now get out.

Whatever. You pull yourself together.
I'll be back.




Are you okay?

She frightens me.

Yeah. Me too.



Good job, guys. Nice work, Nate.

Nino, take the point. Run it again.


Great. Great job, guys.

Good practice. Hit the showers.


Seems I've got a problem.

My two best players
are playing the same position.

If we have a chance at winning, I need
you and Nino on the court together.

So I'm moving back
to shooting guard.

No, I'm moving Nino
to shooting guard...

...and I'm keeping you at the point.

But I need for you to help him
with the transition.

- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.

Nathan, it's time for you to step up
and be a leader.

This is your team now.

- Hi, Miss Lauren.
LAUREN: Hey, Jamie.

Haley. Hey.

I have some good news.

Jamie scored through the roof
on standardized tests.

Really? That's great.

I know, it is. Have you heard of
the Oppenheimer School for the Gifted?

- I used to dream of going there.
- They tend to monitor these things...

...and they're really interested
in meeting with Jamie.


Been a long time since we done this,

You gotta be kidding me.


Look, I'm sorry about the movie, bro.

Thanks. I mean,
I was reluctant about it at first...

...but now that it's gone, I miss it.

Ain't that the way
it always is?

So, what's been going on with you?

I mean, besides being insanely lucky

Well, you know,
coaching Jamie's basketball team...

...I split up with Deb
and I took Mouth on a road trip.

Whoa. What was that middle part?
You broke up with Deb?

Okay, actually, she broke up
with me, but...

I don't know, I'm trying to get past it.

I'm sorry about that.

But, hey, at least Mouth'll
have someone to hang out with.

And misery loves company.

Actually, Mouth's doing just fine.


Wow. You look so much better in that shirt
than I do.

Yeah, but you looked so much better
in my camisole.

Hey, you said you wouldn't tell.

Where's your head?


I don't know why we ever waited.

Hey, as long as we ended up here,
it was worth the wait.

I have a surprise for you.

You're just full of surprises,
Marvin McFadden.

Broadway tickets to In The Heights.

Are you serious?

- You're amazing.
- No, you are.

I promised myself
if I ever got you back...

...l'd do everything I could
to make you happy.

You didn't have to do that.
Being here with you makes me happy.

Okay, good. I can probably scalp these
for twice what I paid.

I'm not that happy.



Hey. Where are you?

Oh, you are gonna be jealous.

Try me.

Top down, listening to a great Mia
Catalano song, very happy to be alive.

I am jealous. That's a great song.

It is. And I'll be in as soon as it ends,
okay? Bye.



She's okay. She's gonna be all right.
They're running some tests.

And the baby?

Lucas, what's the face?
What it is? Tell me.

There were some complications
with the pregnancy.

Before the accident.

What are you talking about,

Peyton has a condition
called placenta previa.

What's that? What does that mean?

Well, it means that she runs the risk
of hemorrhaging during pregnancy...

...or during the delivery.

Okay, but she's gonna be okay,
her and the baby.

Yeah, if everything goes perfectly,

Lucas, come on.
What if everything doesn't go perfectly?

Well, then we could lose her, Brooke.

She could die. And the baby too.

Coach talk to you
about moving to shooting guard?

Maybe. What's it to you?

He wants me to help you out.

He wants you to help me out.

That's what he said.

Considering how I'm better than you...

...there's nothing you can teach me
I don't know.

You think you're better than me?

- I know I am.
- Okay.

Prove it.

Hoo! Just like magic.
All day, Scott. All day.

Make it, take it.


You can't stop this, baby.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

But you're a two guard now... let's see the jump shot.

I won't even guard you.

- All right.
- It's all you.

That's what I thought.

Game point. Next basket wins.

What are you gonna teach me now,

If I'm a point guard, I'll drive.

If I'm a shooting guard...

...I shoot. Game. Lesson's over.

Now, you can either learn
how to play shooting guard and start...

...or you can be a backup point guard.

It's your choice.

I'm telling you,
that woman was like a zombie...

...a vampire and Principal Rimkus
all rolled into one.

- And she's Brooke's mom?
- Yep. Totally scary.


Name one thing that scares the hell
out of you, other than Brooke's mom.

Being alone.

And you kissing me again.
That was gross.


You wanna know what scares me?

You know that Burger King guy?
Like, the king?

- Mm-hm.
- He scares the hell out of me.


So I've been talking
to some possible foster parents.


What are they like?

They actually seem pretty cool...

...but they live in Charlotte.


You should go.

- You're going, right?
- I don't know.

Why wouldn't you go?

Being alone scares the hell out of you.


Oh, crap, it's her. Hide.

You might as well stand up.
I can see your unfortunate split ends.

What is this now, a homeless shelter?

I'm Brooke's foster kid, Sam,
and this is Jack.

You're here to sponge off my daughter
just like the rest of her so-called friends.

Well? Speak.

We don't like you.


VICTORIA: Where's Brooke?
I need to speak with her.

She's actually outside on the patio
working on some sketches.

Well played.

Too bad I have a key.



Hey, Brooke Davis, you are not crying.
I'm okay, it's okay.

I'm okay.

That's not what Lucas said.

He told you.

Why didn't you?

I was going to, but I wanted you
to go to L.A. With Julian.

And I knew that you wouldn't go
if you knew.

You suck for not telling me,
and I'm not going anywhere, so...

What are we gonna do, P. Sawyer?

How am I gonna help us
get through this?

I don't know.

We just will.

You're damn right we will.

Home sweet home.
Let's get you to bed.

Luke, you can stop worrying.

I'm going to worry and keep worrying
for the next few months.

Honey, I'm fine. The baby's fine.

It's mid-afternoon, I don't need a nap.


What's that? The baby says
it's definitely time to take a nap.

Good call, baby. I agree.

Let's go.

All right, safe and sound. Here we go.

Speaking of safe and sound,
how's the Comet?

Don't worry about the car, okay?

I'm sure it will be okay.

Damn, that car's dead.

How in the world
did she walk away from this?

It's a miracle.

It's gonna take a second miracle
to put this thing back together.

Cost more to fix it
than what it's worth.

It's worth more than you know.


Oppenheimer has the best curriculum
in North Carolina.

We even have pre-kindergarten
computer courses...

...and all of our students matriculate
to top-tier universities.

So this is where all the kids I beat up
came from.

Why don't we have Jamie take a seat
while I show you the rest of the campus?

Okay. Just try and have fun.
Okay, buddy?

All right, buddy.

What could be so important...

...that you'd bother someone
who hates you?

I'm here because of the business.

It's in trouble.

So it's tanking?

Looks like you're not the one
who spins the straw into gold after all.

It's just a little difficult
to find decent straw these days.

I need you back.

Should've thought about that before you
hired the runner-up from Project Runway.

I had to hire somebody.

I wasn't exactly expecting my daughter
to quit on me.

To quit on you?

You told me you wished
I had never been born.

After you showed up
at my apartment with a gun...

...and accused me
of having you attacked.

Look, we both said things.

We both were wrong.

It doesn't matter anyway,
I'm not gonna help you.

You're on your own. Sorry.


You know, it's one thing
to refuse to help me.

But what about all those other people
that used to work for you?

Those people who made you
who you are.

They'll all be out of work.

But you could change that.

It's a shame.

Jamie, why don't you introduce yourself
to the class?

Go ahead. It's okay.

How's everyone doing?

Last week, my mom asked me
how I liked going to school.

I told her not as much
as I like coming home from it.

Why wouldn't you wanna go
to school?

Here, why don't you put this on?
That way you'll feel more comfortable.

Okay, students, it is time for recess.

Everyone get your recess books out.

It's been so beautiful here this week.

I didn't realize
how much I missed the city.

Yeah, it's nice.

Remember when I was telling you that
maybe there is this better version of us?

I think this is it.

Me too.

Well, almost.

Why "almost"?

You have to go back
to Tree Hill tomorrow.

I wish I could stay, but I'm already
the world's flakiest employee.

I know.

Let's just enjoy today. This.


So, what is this?

Here at Oppenheimer
we don't offer sports...

...but we do try to incorporate them
into learning exercises.

This is called "mathketball."


We have some of the best math-letes
in the state.

That's a three-point math-ket.
In your face.


More like math-holes.

There's no way he's going here.
Come on, Jamie. You ready?

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

What are you doing?

You should be in bed.
That's why they call it bed rest.

The doctor said take it easy. That
doesn't mean I spend every hour in bed.

Yes, you do.

So does this mean you're not
gonna give me a ride to the studio?

You're not going to the studio.

I'm the one with the car
and I'm not driving you anywhere.

End of discussion.

Speaking of, have you had a chance
to go look at the Comet yet?

Yeah, about that.

How bad?

Well, I...
We can get another one, okay?

Look, it was just a car,
Peyton. That's all.

It was the Comet.

They put our son in a cardigan.

I used to wear cardigans.

- And that's because you were a nerd.
- Comments like that make me wish...

...l'd had an opportunity
to go to a school like Oppenheimer.

Oh, yeah, and then you could have
lettered in mathketball.

That little jackass was talking trash
to our son.

Like you've never talked trash before.

When somebody talks trash on the court,
doesn't it motivate you? It does.

Jamie's not gonna see a court.
They don't even have one.

He would get an excellent education.
There is more to school than sports.

- There's more to school than just school.
- This coming from a C student.

A C-plus. And you were my tutor.


Ah, there's the man.

So how did your visit
go at that new school?

Shh! I haven't told anyone yet.

Hey, I'm sorry, little man.

I didn't realize
this was supposed to be on the DL.

Extreme DL.

Hey, I'm Lauren. I'm Jamie's teacher.

Hi, I'm Jamie's
basketball coach, Skills.

Antwon. Taylor.
Antwon "Skills" Taylor.

Yes, I know.
Jamie talks about you all the time.

You know, he says
you're not very good at video games.

Yes, I am.

I don't really play that much
unless Jamie wanna play.

I let him win sometimes.
Gotta keep the kid confidence up.

Oh, of course.
I'll see you tomorrow, Jamie.

Antwon "Skills" Taylor.

Damn. You sure
you wanna leave this school?


Well, well.


So looks like all that good music
we've been working on nearly killed you.

Yeah. Good music
and some idiot running a red light.

Yeah, Brooke told me about the accident
and about everything else.

- It's all gonna work out, Haley.
- You and Lucas always beat the odds.

Hey, I'm gonna need your help
with something.


Finish producing Mia's album.

- Of course.
- You discovered her in the first place.

Well, we both did.
We're a team, remember?

- I'll be there in spirit. Deal?
- Deal.

I will take care of Mia,
and you will take care of my niece.

Or nephew. But I'm hoping for a niece.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


What are you so gloomy about?

Jack found a foster home.

He's leaving today.
He's moving to Charlotte.

I'm sorry. I know it's hard.

Believe me, I know.

Yeah. If that's your story.

Hey. What is that supposed to mean?

I think you know.

Okay, if you wanna get into this,
we should get into it.

You have been moping around the house
for the last two weeks...

...pouting about Julian.

He wanted us to be together.
He wanted you. He wanted me.

We could've been a family.

Sam, you don't know
what you're talking about.

I know he loves you. I know...

I know to follow my heart
instead of locking it away.

I know if I could,
I would go with Jack.

Sam, you're in high school.

Your love is totally different...

...and if you were older,
you would understand.

Do you know who you sound like?


Okay, that is a cheap shot,
and you know it.

It is so much more complicated
than me just doing what I want.

- Why? Because of me?
- Not because of you.

For you.

I have to do what is best for you,
whether or not you see that.

Don't use me as your excuse.
Please, just stop.

Please just admit
that Julian loved you...

...and you were too scared
or too stupid to love him back.

Tell me about Ms. Lauren.

If you let me score,
I'll tell you all about her.


- Get to talking.
JAMIE: She likes flowers.

Man, every girl likes flowers.
I need more than that.

If I give up everything,
I'll have no bargaining power.

- It's called supply and demand.
- You smart for a 5-year-old.

Haven't you heard? I'm a genius.

Kid's smarter than both of us, Skills.

- He definitely gets that from his mama.
- Can't argue with that.


- Can we talk?
- Yeah, sure.

- You got this, Skills?
- I got this. One on four. My ball.


Traveling, traveling, traveling.

- Um, so I was thinking...
- Me too. Um...

I think I was a little harsh
about the new school.

Great. I was thinking it's probably not
such a great idea to send him there.

Why the change of heart?

Because he loves basketball
and he likes his teacher.

He's got all his friends there, and...

Would you rather him be a big fish in
a little pond or a little fish in a big pond?

That's the same reason Dan gave for
not sending me to Oak Lake Academy.

We want Jamie to be a big fish
in a big pond.

Dan never gave me that option.

Maybe Jamie deserves to have all the
opportunities we didn't have, you know?

- So, basically, we just flip-flopped?
- Yeah, I guess we did.

- We suck at this.
- Ugh...


Well, it's not like we can't visit.

I mean, we can meet up somewhere,
like Coachella during spring break.

Yeah, and Bonnaroo's the last week
of school.

I don't like finals anyway.

Well, you'd have to actually go to school
to have finals.

- True.
- Oh, and we can do Reading in August.

Yeah. Going across the pond.

Wait, are we gonna be back
in time for Burning Man?

Burning Man's for freaks,
so you should definitely go.

You're the freak.


I'm gonna get you a refill.

What? Chicken.

- Hi.
- So I've been wondering:

How exactly did you con my daughter
into taking you in?

I shoplifted from Clothes Over Bro's,
assaulted her.

Then she found me sleeping in a car
and decided to take me in.

But I've made up for that
with my sunny disposition.

- I'm amused on the inside.
- I'm not.

Well, you should be.
You hit the jackpot with my daughter.

Why so morose?

Not sure you'd understand.
You'd have to actually have a soul.

Try me.


My friend Jack is leaving.

Moving away.

Well, my company
is called Clothes Over Bro's... I'm not exactly sympathetic
with your cause.

Should've known, considering
all the hurtful things you said to Brooke.

What would you know about that?

You said you never wanted her.

- Not exactly mother-of-the-year material.
- And what happened to your mother?

She bailed.

So which would you prefer:
A mother who left you...

...or a mother who stuck around
and was bad at it?


Where's my coffee?

You're too short anyway.
How horrible was she?

I don't know.

Hi, you, Sawyer, P.E.

Hi, you, back, Davis, B.P.

How you feeling?

Pretty good.
Lucas keeps hounding me to stay in bed.

We're having a little difference
of opinion of what taking it easy means.

Well, now that we know I'm doing fine,
what's going on with you?

Bitchtoria is back in town.

She wants me to come back
and save the company.

Victoria? Seriously?

And if I don't help her,
all those people...

...who work for Clothes Over Bro's
are gonna lose their jobs.

I mean...

What do you think I should do?

I mean, I don't know
what you should do.

I know what you will do, though.

And that is?

You're gonna help Vic-whoria...

...and you're gonna help
all those people...

...because you always sacrifice
to help everybody else.

That's why we love you.

Have I told you lately
how much leaving you sucks?

I wish you could stay.

We'll be the couple that makes
the long-distance thing work.

We will, won't we?

And every time we see each other
will be like a reunion.


I'll see you soon, Millie.




They're here.

Oh, wow.

They're much younger than I expected.

- Hi, Jack.
JACK: Hi, how are you?

- Good.
- Hey. Hey, yeah.

Where'd you get the Vampire Weekend
tour shirt? Hot Topic?

- No, Bonnaroo. Have you ever been?
- It's awesome. Yeah, we go every year.

Fine. You guys rock. I'm impressed.

So you must be Sam, that
dominates all of Jack's conversations.

MAN: Yeah.
- We were hoping to meet his girlfriend.

- She's not my girlfriend...
- Yes, I am. Hi.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.

This is Sam, my girlfriend.

Well, I hate to spoil the goodbye,
but we should probably get going.

Yeah, yeah. Um, you know what?
We'll be in the car, okay?

- It was really nice meeting you, Sam.
- Yeah.

So I'll come back as soon as I can.

Coachella's in April.


Uh... Bye, Sam.



When you kissed me, it wasn't...

It was nice.

That was too.

I don't wanna leave. I like it here.

You mean you don't wanna leave and
go back to your pro-basketball career?

You know what happened to the boy
that got everything he wanted?

- He lived happily ever after.
- I know, and I am happy.

It's just there's this new guy,
Nino, and he's a pain in the ass...

...and Bobby expects me to help him
transition to shooting guard.

I'm sure Bobby wouldn't have asked you
if he didn't think you could handle it.

I don't know, Hales.

- Can I talk to you guys?
HALEY: Uh, yeah.

What's on your genius of a mind,
little man?

Well, I've been thinking
about everything...

...and I think I should get to pick
where I go to school.

Is that right?

Well, if you could pick,
where would you go?

I wanna stay at my school.
I like my friends. I like my teacher.

And besides, I did good on that test
because you guys teach me stuff.

And I like it that way.
So can I stay, please?

We'll talk about it.

We really appreciate you coming to us,
though, baby.

- Okay. Good night.
HALEY: Good night. Love you.

Kid makes a lot of sense.

Yeah, maybe we should've
asked him first...

...since he's the genius.

You know, you could learn a thing
or two from that kid.

He and Chuck used to hate each other.
Now he doesn't wanna leave him.

- Your point?
- My point is... should go back to Charleston
and play nice.


You think
the third time's gonna be the charm?

You know, I did forgive you
for falsely accusing me...

...and trying to intimidate me
with a firearm.

And you think I'm gonna forgive you?

I hope so.

Okay, here's the deal.

I'll come back to the company
for 51 percent ownership.

- Fifty-fifty.
- Fifty-two.

- Fifty-one.
- Fine.

But understand: This is business.

You still don't have a daughter.

Nice shot.

I know.

Why does it always have to be so hard
with you?

Look, you're good,
but I can make you better.

With me, you're gonna get more chances
to score, all right? I'll get you the ball.

All you have to do
is knock down the shots.

Oh, I'll knock down the shots.

All right, well, good.

Because if you can do that,
the scouts will come.

We'll both get noticed and never
have to play with each other again.

Okay, point.

Teach me something.

We'll start with this move
I got down the other day.

I'm gonna plant my foot here.
As I drive...

Who's the flowers for?

A girl.


For you, Ms. Lauren.

Oh, wow, thank you, Jamie.

They're not from me.
They're from my Uncle Skills.

He thinks you're cute.


JAMIE: I'm staying.
KIDS: Yeah!

Morning, Marvin.

Morning, Millie.

PEYTON: What are you guys doing here?
- We're a team.

- You can't come to the studio, so...
- We brought the studio to you.

Sorry, but in spirit just wouldn't do.

What do you wanna hear?

Something great.

He's gone.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Come on.