One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 17 - You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight - full transcript

Nathan can't be home on his wedding anniversary, so Haley comes to Charleston to arrange a romantic dinner in a run-down but charming townhouse. She proposes to move there so they can be together more, he generously suggests she starts touring again. Understanding lover Julian tries the L-word on Brooke, but that's still too soon. Meanwhile Jamie has a dinner guest which surprises nanny granny: grandpa Dan. Parenting memories first bring the exes together, then open up bitter wounds, how both are guilty of Keith's death. After Peyton's near-miscarriage, Lucas wants to save her, but she's determined to have their baby at any cost.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

- I'm having your baby, Luke Scott.
- I love you.

- Ow!
DOCTOR: I just wanna run some tests.

I thought I was in charge
of the school paper and had final say.

You do. And I have final say
on whether or not you work here.

That was the Charleston Chiefs.
You're looking at their newest point guard.


I had sex last night. It was a mistake.

- It was supposed to be you.
- I know.

Brooke says she needs a buyer
in New York for costumes.

- Maybe I should go.
- I think that might be best.

JAMIE: What's that?
DAN: The thing that makes noise...

...when it's time for me to get better.

I want you to have this.
It means we're going steady.

This is so wrong.

But it's so right.


- You need to go.
- Why? What did I do?

- You know what you did.
- Most girls like that.

Well, not me. Ick.

I'm gonna take a shower.
I want you gone.

I don't understand
why it's such a big deal.

Because I don't do that.

I'm a mother for God sakes.

Look, Brooke, I'm sorry. It won't
happen again. Okay, really. I promise.

- Promise?
- I promise.

- Okay, you caught me a little off-guard.
- Understandable. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I freaked out.

Just as long as it doesn't happen again.

You have my word. Never again
will I say the words, "I love you."

Even though I do, in fact, love you.


- I love you, I love you, I love you.
- Quit it.



What are you doing here?

Picking up the rest of my stuff.
I'm sorry.

I talked to Skills.
He said you'd be at work all day.

That's funny.

Skills told me to be here all day
to wait for the cable guy.

Now I'm thinking
he just unplugged the cable.

So how's New York?

It's nice. I missed it.
It's a really exciting place to be.

That's good.

You know, things have been
pretty exciting in Tree Hill.

People are losing their minds
over this movie business.

I met the guy who's playing me.
It's totally weird.

I could have sent that to you.

I came to get my car.
I'm driving it back.

I thought the point of New York
was that you didn't need a car.

Yeah, but I've decided to stay
on a more permanent basis.


So I guess this is goodbye
for a while, then.

Actually, it's goodbye forever.


Anybody home?

- Hey! Ha-ha-ha!
- Jeez, Haley.

Sorry. I'm really sorry.

- You know bad hearts run in my family.
- I know. It's a good thing I know CPR.

What is this?

You send me a cryptic text telling me
to meet you at this strange address.

- What are you even doing in Charleston?
- Have we ever spent this day apart?

- No.
- Come on.

You couldn't come home this weekend
so I just decided to bring home to you.

Happy anniversary, Nathan Scott.

Since it's just you and me tonight, I am
going to let you stay up past bedtime...

...and watch Thomas & Friends.

I'd rather watch Gossip Girl.
It's so bad for me.

Keep dreaming.

Okay, you're pretty good at math
so I'm guessing Orval is joining us again.

If he even touches my pepperoni,
I will kick his imaginary butt.

Easy, Nanny Deb. It's not for Orval.


That was fast. Pizza's here.


Hello, Deb. You're looking old.

Grandpa Dan.

There's my guy.

What do you want, Dan?

I invited him.

Don't you know there's a rule about
letting pregnant women lie?

Lie as in sleep or lie as in,
"Of course you're the baby's father"?

Oh, no. It's lie as in sleep,
but that too.

You're gonna feel really bad
about that when you see my surprise.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hm.

Is the surprise anything to do with why
you didn't come to bed last night?

Ready to have your world rocked?

Not so much.

- Oh, your morning sickness again?
- Sure.

- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Hey.

Hey. You okay?

Let's get you to bed.

Doctor said you need to take it easy.

I wanna see the surprise.

- It's not a good idea.
- I wanna see it.


Like you said, this is our house now.

It's beautiful.

- Peyton.
- I'm just gonna need a minute.


We haven't even picked out names yet.

I was thinking Anna.

Anna for a little girl, after my mom.

Come on. Don't. Don't.

Or maybe... Maybe Sawyer for a boy.
Sawyer's good.

We need to take a couple days
and process this, okay?


When I think about all the time I thought
maybe I didn't want a baby... l... Like I couldn't handle it.

Peyton, it doesn't work like that.

The universe doesn't punish you
for being afraid.

I know.

I know.

But I can't do it.

- The doctor...
- I know what he said.

You have this baby... could die.

It doesn't matter.

I'm gonna have this baby.

The doctor didn't say
something could happen to you.

He said there was a very good chance.

Peyton, he said we could lose
the baby anyway.

Look, we...

We don't have to make
this decision now. Okay, we can...

...take a couple days
before we go back in, okay?

For an abortion.

That is not what the doctor called it.

That's what it is.

- Look, nobody is gonna say...
- That's what it is!

Okay. If you would like to talk about it,
then call it what it is.

How could this happen in a month?

I had some pain early in the pregnancy.

Why didn't you tell me that?

Because I didn't want you to worry
and they said it was nothing.

This isn't nothing.

Maybe it is.

What does that mean?

It means whatever happens happens.

That is really selfish, you know that?

- Excuse me?
- Okay, you want me to be the bad guy?

Fine. We'll call it what you want.

But if continuing
this pregnancy means I lose you...

...then we end it.

It's not an it. Luke, this is our baby.

All right, you saw its heartbeat.
You saw its little tiny fingers and toes.

- Stop it!
- No, I'm not gonna stop it!

- I want you to think about it, okay?
- Then we'll try again, okay? Okay?

We can adopt, okay?

I mean, if your parents never adopted
we never would've met.

I know. I know, honey.
And I love you for that.

But this little life inside of me,
it's you and it's me.

I want him to have your goofy squint.

- I want her to have my chickeny legs.
- I don't need this kid to look like me.

I don't care about that. I care about
this child growing up without a mother.

Look what it did to you.

You are really trying to guilt me into this.

Yes, I am.

But it's exactly what I'm gonna do if,
in the end, it keeps you alive.

- You are such a dick.
- Then fine. I'm a dick.

What are you doing?

It was too soon.

Stop it. Lucas Eugene Scott, if you don't
stop it right now, I will beat your ass.

You sound like a mom.

I am a mom.

A while back I had a dream.
Something happened to you.

It got me to thinking about my life
without you and l... l...

- Honey.
- No, I can't live that life. I can't.

You talk about how I'm always saving you
and I can't save you from this.

We can't even think like that, okay?

Will you just please look at all the stuff
you and I have survived together?

I mean, car crashes and bullet wounds
and psychos.

Are we really gonna let some doctor
lay odds on us?

And, okay, even if something does
happen to me, you're gonna be okay.

I mean, you can raise this baby
on your own.

Just like your mom did.

How am I supposed to feel about
the child that took you away from me?

God, I don't worry about that for a second
because you are not that person.

And you will never, ever,
ever be on your own.

You have Nathan and Haley and Brooke.

Just think about all that sexy Jake Jagielski
single-dad tail you're gonna rake in.

- Not funny.
- I'm sorry. It's not funny.

Because I would haunt your ass just
to make sure you never had sex again.

How can you joke about this?

Because I'm scared.

You're the one that taught me to believe
in fate. That's what The Comet is about.

It's about accepting your fate.

How can this be fate?

Maybe it is.

Maybe... Maybe the whole point
of you and me...

...and every single moment
that we've shared together...

...has just been leading us here.

Maybe you and I are meant
to create this life.

Because maybe this life
is gonna change the world.

I can't accept that our story
doesn't have a good ending.

Our story already has
the greatest ending.

No matter what.

Because we're together.

I need to know
we're making the right choice.

- Ow.
- What?

Come here. Sit down. Sit down.
I'll call an ambulance.

No, wait.

He's kicking hard.

Do you feel that?



It is okay for you to love this baby.

It doesn't mean you don't love me.

- I can't live without you, Peyton.
- Oh, honey, you don't have to.

And you're not going to.
I know it. I can feel it.

We are gonna live happily ever after.

All three of us.

Millicent, wait.

Wait for what, Marvin?
What else is there to say after goodbye?

- You're not wearing your glasses.
- I had Lasik.

I see 20/20 now.

Well, I guess it was a month of firsts.

Okay. If you're done making fun of me,
I have a long drive.

Hang on. That was mean. I was angry.

Maybe I still am a little.

There's nothing you can say that I
haven't said to myself a thousand times.

Well, maybe there's one thing.

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry for?

For driving you away.

It's my cell-phone bill.

- It's $300.
- Text-messaging fees.

Most of those were texts from Gigi
and a lot of them were my replies.

Why are you doing this? It's cruel.

I'm not trying to be cruel, Millie.

I'm doing this because you're the one
who deserves to be angry.

And you need to know
that you didn't screw this up. I did.

And I didn't even realize
how wrong it was...

...until I saw it there in black and white.

Why did you do it?

I don't know. Maybe l...

I got some kind of rush. I can't give
a reason that won't sound like an excuse.

But if I'd never gone down that road,
then you never would've...

You know.

So before you walk out of my life...

...I need to know if you can forgive me.

That's really noble, Marvin,
but you're a guy. You have needs.

Gigi made you feel special
in a way that I obviously couldn't.

That is not true. You made me feel
special every single day.

But never at night.

All those nights we slept
beside each other...

...there were so many times
I'd lie awake watching you sleep...

...and I'd just wanna rip your clothes off
and attack you.

Why didn't you?

I was scared...

...that what we had was so special
that sex would mess it up.

That the promise of it
could never live up to the real thing.

But now I realize that our relationship
wasn't that special.

Don't say that.

We were amazing together, Millie.

And I know we could be
amazing together again.

The mistakes we made
will always be there between us.

But maybe, if we start over...

...maybe the past won't be there
in our next relationships.

So the mistakes go away
but we're with the wrong people.

We can't just go back
to being Mouth and Millie.

I don't wanna go back. I wanna go
forward being this version of us.

What do you mean?

I mean things were always so easy
between us before, but this is real life.

Yes, we made mistakes. We screwed up.

Maybe we can be that couple that finds
their way through it to something better.

Something we both know is worth
fighting for and protecting.

I don't have all the answers, Millie.
I just...

I know that I miss you.

What do you miss about me?

I miss knowing my day
was gonna start with you.

Knowing that I was gonna come home
to the one person who really got me.

I miss the fact that around 2:30
every morning... snore for exactly seven minutes.


I do not.

And I miss...

I miss the glasses.

The glasses aren't coming back, Marvin.

I can't rewind the clock
and take any of it back.

I know that.

But I didn't love you for your glasses.

I love you for you.

I love you too, Marvin.

But it's not just about you forgiving me.

I have to forgive myself and I can't
do that if I'm seeing you every day.


I have to go.

Or you could stay.

I'm sorry.

- To seven years.
- Seven years.

I can't believe you talked me into
marrying you when I was 16.

What the hell was I thinking?

That's like Jamie bringing home a wife
in 10 years.

- That is so not gonna happen.
- We'd totally be hypocrites.

It's true.

- Where is the boy, anyway?
- Your mom's watching him for the night.

Who's gonna watch him when
we do a dive for breaking and entering?

Don't be a wuss. I've got everything
figured out. Time for fortune cookies.

- Okay.
- Okay.


- In bed. Now that is true.
- It does not say that.

You can add "in bed" to the end
of any fortune and it works.

- What?
- It works every time. Try it.

- No.
- Try it.

Where do you come up
with these things?

"Prepare yourself for a big change."
In bed.

You know what they say
about the seven year itch.

Fortune cookies suck.

Got the change part right.

I know the last couple of weeks
have been hard.

Taking care of Jamie, working full time.

Yeah, that's kind of what I meant. Um...

Listen, uh...

...I haven't exactly been working
full time.

What? Why not?

It's just like a...
You know, I consider it a vacation.

An unpaid one that may never end.

Haley, what the hell happened?

You know that paper
that Sam wrote for school?

- Yeah.
- It was incredible and important...

...and maybe a little PG-13,
and Principal Rimkus told me...

...I couldn't publish it
in the school paper.

So of course you did.


Are you mad?

- Yeah. At Principal Buttkiss.
- Heh-heh.

- That's very original.
- Thank you.

Anyways, she suspended me. So...

But it got me thinking
about where we're headed...

...and just the bigger picture.


Well, for instance...

...what do you think
if Jamie and I come here?

You wanna move to Charleston?

I know. It's totally crazy, right?

But you're gonna be spending a lot more
time here than you will be in Tree Hill.

Next you'll tell me we bought this house.

No. But the realtor is a friend of a friend
in case we wanted to check it out.

You are just full of surprises tonight.

Oh, I'm just getting started.

Come on.

This place is practically falling apart.
It must be dirt cheap.

Ohh. Oh, I think it's beautiful.

Kind of reminds me of the old
Granville house in It's a Wonderful Life.

You know, the one George and Mary...

...used to throw rocks at
and make wishes.

See? Isn't this perfect?

Jamie would love it.
Chester would love it.

I'm sure this place comes with things
that could eat Chester.

Come on.

This could be my music studio.

Oh, and it happens to overlook
the driveway with a basketball hoop.

So whenever I need inspiration
I can watch you play. Shirtless.

I mean, you've just got this
all figured out, don't you?

Well, I'm just dreaming.

Baby, Tree Hill's always gonna be
our home...

...and I don't wanna leave forever...

...but, at the same time,
we never said we'd stay forever.


You wanna dream.


Let's dream big.

You should get back to your music.
But I'm not talking about writing songs... some creaky old house.

You should get back on the road.

Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.

Hey, I saw that look in your eyes
after that USO show.

You get the same rush
from the crowd that I do.

And one attention whore per family
is enough, don't you think?

We can make it work.

Like we did last time?

We are not the same couple we were.
We're much stronger now.

We also have a child to think about.
He has school.

Good thing his mom
is the world's greatest teacher.

- Whose specialty is tutoring Scott boys.
- Ha-ha.

I don't know, baby.
A different city every night.

Living out of a bus. What kind
of a life would that be for him?

It's the kind of life most kids dream of.

I'll tell you what. Come here.

Pretend like we're outside right now
throwing rocks at this house.

You tell me your wish wouldn't be
to go back on tour.


It would.

Then do it.

Nathan, we would have totally separate
lives. What would that mean for us?

- Phone sex.
- I'm serious.

This is our marriage. You can't take
those kind of chances with marriage.

You gotta play defense.

Do you know who you're talking to?
Have you seen my defensive stats?

Look, there's only a couple of things
that I'm certain of in life.

And one of them is
that no matter what happens...'re gonna be the one
wheeling me around when I'm 80.

Besides, I just...

I couldn't live with myself knowing that
my dream kept you from pursuing yours.

You're so amazing.

I know. You got lucky.


- Think about it, will you?
- Yeah, I'll think about it.

Besides, what do you want
with an old house like this?

There's too many rooms.

You forgot how much fun we're gonna
have filling them with kids.

Oh, really?

- All these rooms?
- All of them. It's a big house.


Apparently you missed the part
about me wanting you gone.

- What are you still doing here?
- I didn't know you dated Ryan Reynolds.

What are you talking about?
Where did you get that?

This website. It's called
whosdatedwho. Com.

- It lists everyone you've dated.
- They can't do that.

You're a public figure. The rules
of common decency don't apply.

But this is all wrong.
I never dated him.

I never even met him.

Well, yeah, I would've dated her,
but no.

Colin Farrell. Nice.

Remind me to get tested.

Very funny.

Can't believe everything you read
on the Internet.

Yeah, but even if you can believe
half of it, the sheer volume... Wow.


Playtime's over.

Six hours of battery life, sweetheart.

Why are you doing this?

I'm trying to figure out why you
got so freaked out about what I said.

By examining my ex list?

So I dated a few guys in New York.
So what?

You weren't in love with any of them?

I didn't have time for love, okay?

And even if I had, Victoria would have
never allowed it, so there it is.

So then last time you were in love...

Oh. Now I get it.

Yeah. Was a long time ago.

- Where are you going?
- Lf you have more than one copy...

...of Lucas' book, I'm out of here.

Look, I'm sorry if it's weird for you.

You still love him?

No. I don't.

Yeah, that's what Peyton said.

First of all, Peyton fed me that story
long before she told it to you.

So I've been there. And second,
I love her, but I'm not Peyton.

It's just that I've been
in a relationship that had the stench...

...of Lucas Scott hanging over it.
- And how do you think I feel?

I'm the girl who's dating the guy
who came to town in the first place... get Peyton back.

Okay, not exactly true,
but point taken.

Yeah. It sucks always being the footnote
in someone else's love story.

But you're right, you know.
You're not Peyton.

Lucas and Peyton's story is all about
romance and destiny and fate.

But you're different.

Um, thanks?

Brooke Davis writes her own story,
like with your career...

...and your company and with Sam.

You choose your own path.


But you can't choose who you love.

You're right. You don't.

But you choose whether or not
you open your heart to love.

What do you want me to say?

How about, "I love you too, Julian?"

How about I like you a lot?

This is all happening really fast.

What happened to just having fun?
It's not as simple for me.

- I have Sam to think about.
- Don't do that.

- What?
- Don't hide behind Sam.

- I'm not hiding.
- Yes, you are.

And you wanna know what I think?
I think you do love me.

Or you could love me.

But you're too stubborn and scared
to admit it...

...because the last time you gave your
heart to someone it got broken.

And I get that. I've been there.

Somewhere along the line
you gave up on the idea...

...that you deserve
to feel this way again.

But you don't see what I see, Brooke.

You deserve this.

So I'm gonna try one more time.

I love you.

I'm in love with you.

I'm so lost
and completely in love with you.

I have been ever since I saw you doing
that ridiculous Molly Ringwald dance.



I care about you so much.

Never let it be said
that Brooke Davis is easy.


I'm sorry. That wasn't fair.

You know what? It's okay.
Someday you'll let someone in.

Today's just not that day.

I don't want this to change anything.

No, it won't.

It won't.

You know, you were right. It's my fault.
We were just having fun and I just...

You overwhelmed me a little bit.

It's too soon.

It is a little too soon.

Yeah, I know.

Tell you what. Why don't you
go get ready for dinner?

We'll pretend the last hour
never happened.

Are you sure?

I mean...

...can we really do that?


In fact, in the movie business we do it
all the time. It's called a deleted scene.

Go pull yourself together, Brooke Davis.
You look a mess.

I'll wait for you.



Can I have some ice cream now?

It's okay with me if it's okay
with your Granny Deb.


- One scoop.
- Yes!

He's a good kid.

He's a great kid.

Who unfortunately drank
the Dan Scott Kool-Aid.

As soon as he's asleep, you're gone.

How about the comic stylings
of the good Dr. Seuss?

How about a story about Daddy
when he was little?

You want a story about your dad?
Okay. Let's see.

Oh! There was this time
we all went to Disney World.

That was when your dad was
even younger than you are.

At the petting zoo,
I wanted to take a picture of your dad...

...petting this big brown goat...

...when this bratty kid walks up
and whacks the goat with a stick.

That's when the goat hip-checks your dad
10 feet across the petting zoo.

He didn't even know what hit him.

Grandpa, why'd you and Nanny Deb
stop being married?

Well, J-man...'s like a long race.

And some couples are meant
to go the whole distance...

...and some are only meant
to go halfway.

Do you still love each other?

Time for you to hit the hay.

What about Mommy and Daddy?
Will they ever stop being married?

If there's one thing I know...'s that your mom and dad are gonna
make it all the way to the finish line.

I love you, buddy.

Love you, Grandpa.

Well, the boy's out.

I guess the same goes for me.

I remember that trip to Disney World.

The only ride Nathan would go on
was the tram at the parking garage.

So the two of you spent
the whole day on it, talking basketball.



That was a great day.

We drove 600 miles to ride on a bus.


- Still a great day.
- Yeah.

We were supposed to be this couple.

Tucking our grandkids in together.

Nobody sets out
to have a failed marriage, Deb.

It ends with a million little mistakes.

And a couple really big ones.

Whenever I think the man I fell in love with
is still inside there somewhere...

...I remember that you stood
in that hallway...

...looked your brother in the eye...

...and pulled the trigger.

I've done my time, Deb.

It'll never be enough.

Keith won't get any time back.

You wanna talk about Keith?

Let's talk about Keith.

You're right.

In a single moment of hatred...

...I made the greatest mistake
of my life.

But I did it because I thought
I was getting revenge.

Okay. It's time for you to go.

No, no, no. Not yet.
I thought I was getting revenge.

I thought Keith had poisoned
that bottle of scotch...

...and left me there to burn to death.

But it wasn't Keith. Was it, Deb?

- I don't wanna hear this.
- It was you, wasn't it?

You wanna walk down memory lane
tonight? I thought the reason...

...Keith was trying to kill me was
because I hired Jules to sleep with him.

I did that because in one
of the worst moments of my life...

...I walked in on my wife...

...cheating on me with my own brother.

From the way I see it...

...I pulled the trigger...

...but you loaded the gun.

I've done my time, Deb.

Have you?

You don't think I've thought about
that every day for the past five years.

How I left Karen without Keith.

Lily without a father.

And that's why I hate you.

I hate you for killing Keith
and I hate you for the guilt I feel.

It's good that
you're gonna die soon, Dan.

It makes me believe in justice.

Now get the hell out.


It's time for you to get better.


You know, this house is starting
to grow on me.

Oh, it's been a great anniversary.

But you did all of this for me
and I didn't give you anything.

That is not exactly true.

You've given me
an amazing life so far.

Who knows? Maybe someday when my
body's completely wrecked...

...and your singing days are over,
we can come back here...

...and grow old together.

What do you say?

Yes. I say yes.

Happy anniversary, Haley James Scott.

George Bailey, I'll love you
till the day I die.



BROOKE: Okay. I think I've gotten
pretty presentable.

Yeah, okay. Right.
Yeah, I'll be right there.

- Who's that?
- The production office.

One of the locations fell through.
I gotta go and figure it out.


Do you want me to go with you?

- No, it'll probably take a while.
- Okay.

Well, come over when you're done.

We can still have dessert.

I'll probably just crash at the hotel.

But I'll see you tomorrow.

You look beautiful, Brooke.


This scares me, Peyton.

It'll be okay.

And what if it's not?

It will be.

We are gonna dance
at this kid's wedding.

And we're gonna spoil
our grandkids together.

I know it.

I'm doing this.

I'm having this baby.


We're having this baby.