One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 16 - Screenwriter's Blues - full transcript

Julian and director Dixon, who enjoys the 'fringe (bed) benefits' to the fullest, press Lucas to make up his mind about casting. Their pressing for even more sexy actors/costumes then the originals stirs Brooke most. Nathan convinces coach Bobby Irons to field him instead of dumb selfish Devon, who still turns out to be a family man too. Dan enjoys coaching Jamie's 'first date', but the boy resents his teacher Lauren taking an adult interest in his mentor. Peyton bumbles trying to prep a childproof home. Haley braves the dictatorial new principal's threat to her job by publishing a frank essay by Sam.

Previously on "one tree hill"...

Ain't nobody gonna give no roster spot
to no fool with no green elf shoes on.

What are the chances of another
heart becoming available?

This time when it goes off, call us.

I'm taking that last shot,
or i'm taking a seat.

Take a seat.

Child services keeps
showing up, looking for me.

I probably won't see you for a while.

I never had a letterman jacket.

Now you do.

I want you to have this.

It means we're going steady.

I want a director who can make
the little thingsthe big things

And you are just not the guy to do that.

Pick one -- If you don't,
i'm gonna choose your director for you.

Appreciate you meeting me.

- What do you want, reese?
- I'm directing the movie.

It's done!

One Tree Hill 616


You can work your whole "i'm
nathan scott, mr.Big shot,

Scoring my touchdowns"
on somebody else, because --

I don't even play football.

Whatever -- The point is, at the end
of the day, all your bluster and b.s.

Don't mean anything to math,

because math don't care,
and neither do i.

Well, does english care?

'Cause i pretty much suck at that, too.

Thank you.

thank you for that.

I like her poncho.

Why am i shirtless?

Yeah, let's do one where he wears
a poncho and she's shirtless.


He was kidd...

You guys were great.Thank you.

So, what'd you guys think?

Really? Didn't realize julian had
given creative control to all four of us.

They're the real people. Don't you
think their opinions may be valuable?

They seemed fine.


I stand corrected.Let's get the
studio on the phone right now.

Tell them we found two
actors who seem fine.

Why don't you tell them their
director's a jackass while you're at it?

Okay, we should go, and i will stop
by later toee how you're doing.

You know, even when he talks back
to me, i still find him likable.

All right, lose the shirt, buddy.

The simple things in life are
not small always and forever.

It sucks i can't stick around for this.

It sucks even more you're
gonna be gone for two weeks.

At least i'll have all these
shirtless nathans to keep me company.



A crib.

Thank you, karen and andy.

Thank you, karen and andy.

Were you allowed to date in prison?

Some people did. I opted not to. Why?

Well, there's a girl at school -

- Oh, you like her?
- No.

- Yes, you do.
- No

You like her a lot.

No, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Anyway, i was wondering if maybe i could
invite her over to your beach house someday.


Why not today?
I'll clear it with your mom.

Well, i never asked a
girl over to play before.

What do i say?

Well, lucky for you, women have never
been able to turn a scott man down.

So you just flash your million-Dollar smile, say a few
nice words, and pfft -- It's like putty in your hands.

Yeah, that's the one.

Just smile and say something nice?

That really works?

Every time.

What are you smiling about?

I-I can't help it.That was amazing.

No wonder you were so
popular in high school.

Excuse me?

Sex did not make me popular.

I made it popular.

Well, either way, i'm just happy to
be a part of that crowd for a change.


With this face, you were
probably mr.Popular.

You might be surprised.

Anyway, i wish i could stay, but
i'm already late for casting.

For which character?

Don't --

- Peyton sawyer?
- Yeah.

Go have a seat with the other peytons,
and we'll call you when it's your turn.

Oh, no, no, no.I'm sorry.
You don't understand.

I -- I am peyton sawyer.

I really appreciate your confidence,
but you still have to wait your turn.

What's your name?

Peyton sawyer.


Why do people always leave?

Oh, god.


I'm here to read for the
part of Peyton sawyer.

First of all, you don't know me
second of all,

you don't know me.

God, why are guys such jerks?

Too old, but she would make a great deb.

She's the real peyton.

Did you come to watch?


The baby-Proofer's coming
to the house, and ve got to go

register for our wedding
And baby gifts,

and your mother sent us a crib,
but the instructions are all in italian.

You're stewed, buttwad.

Weird science.

I really wish i could help,
but i'm kind of slammed.

No, it's okay. I just came by to wish you
good luck and to bring you lunch.

Why are you so good to me?

I don't know.

Maybe because i am a riddle
wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch.

What woman isn't?


You wanted to see me?

Yes.Take a seat, please.

Do you know why i called you here?


I guess i'm in trouble,
but i don't know what for.

And i'm sure as hell not
gonna start admitting stuff.

I think you know exactly what you did.

You won the essay contest, and, as promised, you're
gonna be published in the school paper tomorrow.

You suck.

Congratulations, samantha.

Oh, you're gonna be a published writer!

That is, if that's okay with you.

Hell, yes.

- She said yes!
- That's great. What time's
she coming over?

I don't know.

What kind of food does she like?

- I don't know.
- What do you know?

She said yes!

Well, that is the most important thing.

Now, how do i get her to like me?

Well, if she's coming over, she
probably already does like you.

Now all you have to do is make sure you're
dressed nice and tell her how good she looks.

Is that how you got nanny deb?

That and gin.

Got any gin?

Don't worry.I'll be there
the whole time if you need me.

Still i'm working now
is that your heart again?


I'll be fine.

I wish that beeper would beep already.

Me too, buddy.


Lucas is casting his movie in here
today, so the studio's off-Limits.

Mmm. Sweet.
Snow day. Later, teach.

Oh, no, no. Not so fast.

We still have work to do.

You're kidding, right?

You're italian, right?

Easy, girl.

- I saw that.
- What?

Did you greet all the
other brookes that way?

No, ma'am.That i saved just for you.

And the guy playing
whitey, who is just so cute.

So, do you want to meet brooke dav?

Shut up. She's here?


I just got butterflies a little bit.

Now i know how people must feel when
they're meeting me for the first time.

Missy, this is.

- Brooke davis!
- Yep.

Brooke, this is.

Missy me!

- I guess we made the right choice.
- Hi???

Okay, i want my part in
the movie to be the best.

So anything that you need, you just ask.

Okay, great, because i'm a method actor,

so i'm gonna need to know your
likes, dislikes, mannerisms --

Basically be glued to you until
the movie starts. What do you think?

Sounds. Great.

You wantnted to see me, coach?

I did.

I want to ask you
something in confidence.

What do you think of devon?

In confidence.

I think he puts up big numbers,
but he won't win you any games.

He doesn't care abt the team.

He only cares about
getting himself to the nba.

And you don't want to get to the nba?

No, i do.

But you're the only reason
i have a shot at it, so i owe you,

and i'm gonna play my heart out.


If you started me, you'd be replacing your star player
with a player that gives you wins instead of headaches.

You sound like a salesman, nate.

I believe in what i'm selling.

So do i.

You're starting next game.

Be ready.

I want to draw something that
means something to someone.

You're always saving me, lucas.

I love you, luke.

But i've chosen darkness.

That was great.Thank you.


I loved "trouser hound, " by the way.

He loves you, too.


There's something about that one.

She wants to sleep with you?

There it is. So, we done?

I liked the first girl.

I'm just not sure.

Two things -- Number one,
big wedding ring.

Number two, even bigger nose.

She can lose the ring, but the
schnoz is gonna need its own trailer.

Okay, there's nothing
wrong with her nose.

Besides, i'm not casting this movie
based on who i want to sleep with.

He has no idea what he's doing.

It's called having integrity.

It's called being naive.

Look, you have decision to make, okay?

Audiences like boobs.
I didn't make that up.

It's just -- It's
the way it is.

Sex sells.

So i say go with the
girl with the nice rack.

Now, if you want to disagree
with me, fine, go ahead.

But just make a damn decision, man.

Adam, maybe you should take a break.

You're right.

This place is dead anyway.


Julian, i didn't get to
choose a director i like.

I'm not making the same
mistake with peyton.

Okay, that's fine.But reese is right.

You need to come to a decision
you can both live with, okay?

Like it or not, we have a deadline,
and you have a job to do.

This job sucks.

I don't think this is right.

Itit looks fine to me.

Done and done.

Okay, well, then, what is that for?

I don't know -- To keep
the baby from moving?

Why don't you just have lucas do it?

Because he's busy, and we
are two strong, capable women.

We can do this.

- What's chase doing?
- Uh, no.

He's busy.

With me.

So, i'll see ya.

I mean, arrivederci.

I got it when i was 12, but i
don't know why you need to know.

How many cigarettes do you smoke a day
to get your voice to sound like this?

I don't smoke, and my voice
doesn't sound like that.

How many guys did you
sleep with in high school?

Gee, i don't know.

I was never very good at math.

Dumb at math.Got it.

- What do you think of this outfit?
- What do you think of this outfit?

I don't think that brooke
would wear something like this.

I am brooke, and i did
wear something like that.

But don't you think it should be a little
more revealing or easy to strip off at least --

You know, brooke-Ish?

I don't strip things off.

The outfit is fine.

Julian, what do you think?

Um, it could be a little sexier.

Should i just go ahead
and put her in pasties?

Come on, brooke.Did you really
wear that in high school?

Yes, i did.

Maybe during your "clean teen" days.

Just make it a little sexier, you know?


Oh, you totally have a type.

He looks a lot like lucas.

That's another thing you should
know about me for the movie.

I lash out sometimes.

"Part of me is glad that jack's gone.

"Gone is a place i dreamed
of when i was hiding in a closet "

from whatever drunk
parent i had that month.


Whose phone is that?


- Is everything okay?
- Hey.

I just wanted you to
be the first to know.

I'm starting next game.

I couldn't have done
this without you, hales.

I love you.

Tell jamie i'll call him later, okay?

I love you, too.

He's -- He's starting!

Sorry, sam.

But i got lucky.

You must be lauren's mom.

You must not talk to many women.

I'm lauren, jamie's teacher.

He invited me to his
grandpa's house after school,

And i just couldn't turn down an afternoon
with a cute boy and a little old man

You're not a little old man.


Grandpa dan, aren't you
gonna invite her in?

You look very nice, miss lauren.

Thank you.It's what i was
wearing at school earlier.

Well, it's very becoming.

Shall we?

Thank you.

So, what did you do?

Nothing.The principal just
wanted to meet with me.

You're probably in trouble.

With the new principal,
everyone's in trouble.

Mrs.Scott, could you come in, please?

Am i in trouble, principal rimkus?

Do you know why i wanted to see you?


And i'm not gonna start admitting stuff.

I have a problem with the essay
you selected for the school paper.

Oh, sam's essay?What's wrong with it?

What, you mean besides all the
references to sex and drugs?

She's witnessed some really
horrible things growing up.

I think that's what makes
the essay so important.

Well, that may be.

But i have the students and
their parents to worry about.

I-I understand,
but with all due respect,

i thought i was in charge of the school paper
and had final say on what went in it.

You do.

And i have final say on
whether or not you work here.

Pick another essay.

So, when you stop to think about it,
where does the sidewalk end?

You know, i never
really thought about it.

Jamie's always been
advanced for his age.

Right now he's reading
the "time traveler's wife."

Oh, that's one of my favorite books.

Mine too.

That's great.

How about i refill your kool-Aid?

Well, thank you, jamie.That
is very gentlemanly of you.

We have wine, if you prefer.

Kool-Aid will be fine.

Back off.???

Hey, skills.You looking for luke?

No. I'm the baby-Proofer.

Why didn't i know that?

Who brags about being
a baby-Proofer?

Oh, okay. I mean, i think
our house is pretty safe.

I can spot at least 20 pbis already.


Possible baby injuries.

Like what?

- Well, for one, lamp cord strangles.
- Okay.


And i'm guessing you probably don't
have a lock on the toilet seat.

Luke barely remembers to put it down.


But you know what's not so funny?

When junk was a kid, he fell
in a toilet --Almost drowned.

He was dead for 40 seconds.

I'm -- No, i'm sorry.You're
right.That's totally not funny.

Um, i have a lot of work to do, huh?


But you got lucas to help you, right?

No, i mean, he's over at
tric casting his movie.

But i ha-- I have it.

It's fine.That's not done, by the way.

I hope not.

I can see at least 30 pbis already.

If you need help putting that
thing back together, give me a call.

I'm also a handyman.


Heard any word from jack yet?

No. That's kind of why i hang here.

I figure this is where he'll show
when he decides to come back.

If he decides to.

I'm sure he will.


I hope so.

Could you really get fired
for publishing my paper?

Where did you hear that?

I've already lost jack. I really don't
want to lose you to some stupid paper.

You -- You're
not gonna lose me.

And your paper's
anything but stupid, sam.

Well, i better get going.

Don't want brooke to worry.

Listen, haley.

I appreciate it. I do. But ...

if i were you, i would
just choose a different paper.

It's not worth it.

Looks like 12's the new 23.

What's up?

Like you don't know.

Coach cut his best player
to start his best friend.

I didn't know he was cutting you.

I thought --

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm going to the nba anyway.

- Somehow
- daddy!

Hey, boo.
There's my team.

Daddy's gonna be okay.

What you looking at, 12?

You're not the only one with a family.


Wedding. Wedding.


Is there a reason that we're registering for
the wedding and the baby at the same time?

Well, they're happening at the same time,
so why not register them together?

Because i may have registered
the baby for a boning knife.

That's got to be a pbi, right?

I swear, i love you, but are you sure you
would not rather be doing this with lucas?


He is busy and there is no one i would
rather do this with than my best friend

and my maid of honor.

Maid of honor? Really?

Well, it shouldn't be a surprise.

But it's so nice to hear!


Want to know what i think?

I think that nathan likes tutor girl,
but tutor girl likes lucas,

and i know i like lucas, and i don't
know who the hell you like anymore.

This is all turning into one big love
rectangle plus one, whatever that is.

Pretty good, right?

Yeah. Awesome.

Dude, she sounds like you.

I was never that annoying.

I know how you feel.

I was in tric earlier today, and there were
10 peyton sawyers bitching and moaning.

Oh, so there were 11 of
you bitching and moaning?

I think i like that other one better.

So, i'm driving jamie home from school,

and he suddenly yells at me to stop
the car because orval got out of the bag.

- Oh, and who's orval?
- My question exactly.

Orval is his pet
rabbit's imaginary friend.

Oh, that's so cute.

So, since we're already there,
why not grab some pizza?

Oh, he's crafty.

You're making fun of me?

no I wasn't.

You're trying to embarrass me so
miss lauren will like you better.


He was in prison!

Hey, yo, man.

I heard you was castg today.

Hey, who's gonna play fergie?

Uh, man, uh.

You know, when i turned
the book into a movie,

i had to omit some of the characters.

Look, i'm really sorry,
fergie. I didn't.

Then who did luke hang
with on the river court?


And skills.

You gonna play me like that?

That's cold, dawg.

Look, fergie.

Which do you like better?

They look the same, man.

We're gonna need you to sign off on
a few locations before we can move on.

- Okay.
- Hey, man, i am trying to wrap my
head around this dan character.

I don't get why he's got
all this hatred for keith.

Reese wants to sign off
on peyton number three.

Are you okay with that?

No!I like the first one.

Antouc sam?

Peyton's a love interest.

Think about it with your other head.

I know you have a vision, lucas, but maybe you
need to trust reese's experience on this one.

Our table read is tomorrow,
and we can't do it without a peyton.

I know, all right!I just
need to think about it!

We don't have time for that.

Well, make time!


So, which ones do you
think lucas will like?

Whichever ones you're naked in.

Speaking of naked.

I slept with julian.

Come again?

That's what she said.

She being me-- It's a joke.

I-I know. I get it. Um,

God, why am i just
finding out about this now?

'Cause i've been really
scared to tell you.

I know that you said it's fine,

but i kind of still feel like
it violates girl code somehow,

And i know you're happy and
engaged and pregnant, and --

And he's charming.

Brooke, hey, really.

It's fine. We talked about
this, all right?

Girl code was shattered years ago.

You promise?

You're not gonna revoke
my maid-of-Honor car god.

Of course i promise.
Come here.

I mean, you know that's like
three guys we've shared, right?

Lucas, julian.

Um, sex tape?

Sex tape. I forgot about that, and
i kind of wish that you had, too.

Oh, no, no, no.

Um, so just how did it go
from being a non-Date to sex?

It was the grin, right?

That didn't hurt.

And then he threw in a touch
of sweet and so much sincerity.

And then he threw in the
letterman jacket i made him.

Oh, well, letterman jacket.
That's a good touch.

High-School brooke did letter in sex.

How's the movie biz?

Well, i had my first diva moment--
Threw a temper tantrum.

No way. Damn.

Wish i'd have been here to see it.

Uh, stick around.
I'm sure i'll have another.

Is it really that bad?

I can't even pick a basketball much less a peyton
without feeling like i'm making the wrong decision.

My gut says one thing,
and everybody else says something else.

Who cares what everybody
else says? Go with your gut.

Just like that, huh?

Lucas, this was your book,
and now it's your movie.

You know the characters, and you
know tree hill better than anybody.

You should have some faith in
yourself, for crying out loud.

- I love you. I love you. You know that?
- I know

You know, they should name
an antidepressant after you.


Great with everybody else's proems.
It's my own i'm a basket case with.

All right, well.

Psychotherapist luke.

Can i help you with anything?

Sam wrote this paper for my class.

It was gritty and harsh and
honest and really beautiful,

and i want to publish it in the school paper.

And principal rimkus won't let me.

Well, what else can you do?

I could publish it anyway.

Kids like sam, they -- Sometimes
all they have is a voice,

And if you take that away from them, especially
after everything that she's been through,

Then what's the point of me even
calling myself a teacher anymore?

Well, it sounds to me like you've
already made your decision.

I'm just not sure it's the right one.

Man, you got to have some
faith in yourself sometimes.

No, go with your gut. Come on.
What's the worst that can happen?

I could get fired,
or at least suspended.

I've been suspended --
Not that bad.

You're pretty good
at cheering me up, too.

Go away!You're mean!

That's why daddy and
uncle lucas don't like you.

That's true.

i was mean. And they have
every reason not to like me.

But ever since i got sick, i've tried
real hard to be a better person.

Then why were you making fun of me?

I would never make fun of you.

You're my best friend.
Don't you know that?

Actually, you're my only friend.
I don't even have an imaginary one.

Miss lauren doesn't think i'm a joke?

Of course not. You're
her favorite student.

She told me this is one of the
best dates she's ever been on.

She said that?

She sure did.

You should go back in
there and finish the date.

And if i hurt your feelings, i'm sorry.

I would never do anything
to hurt my best friend.

I forgive you.

Well, aren't you coming?

You'll be fine without me.

I just wanted to make sure i
got your signature move right.

What is with you idiots?

This is not my signature move.

And fyi, i did a lot more in high
school than just have sex, okay?

I was student-Body president.

I was the captain of
the cheerleading squad.

I started a clothing line.

It is amazing that i
even had time for sex!

Sorry.I didn't mean to offend you.

I was just following the breakdown.

"Brooke davis -- Gorgeous brunette"
with an amazing energy and smile.

"Her three favorite things --"

"Sex, sex, and sex."


Ntedi wa to talk to you about devon.

I didn't mean for you to cut him.

Well, good, because it wasn't your call.

I cut devon because he
wouldn't play for me.

And that crap he pulled the other
night -- That's the last straw.

Okay, well, maybe you could talk
to him about it or something.

Coach, the guy has a family.

So do you, nathan. So do i.

Look, this is a business.

You two aren't the only ones
whose end game is the nba.

I'm certainly not gonna get
there coaching a losing team.

I understand.Okay, maybe
devon and i can work together.

It's done, nathan.

You're my starter now.I need
for you to focus on that.

Who's more important
here -- You or devon?

My family is more important.

All right, then.

We're done here.

I'll see you in practice tomorrow.

Stop it!

He already cast me.


Excuse me.

It's like "the twilight zone" in here!


How could you write such
horrible things about me?

You, who called me your pretty girl and said
that i was gonna change the world someday?

What are you talking about?

Tell me that you didn't write that!

I didn't write this.

Then who did?

I'll take the third haley's legs,
the first brooke's fun bags,

and the last peyton's ass.

I take the real brooke davis.

Here's your stupid jacket.

I should have seen this coming.

You related to my character in the book, and

you wanted all my wardrobe to be sexier,
and you gave me your letterman jacket.

You want high-School brooke?

I have news for you.
I am not that girl anymore.

There is a lot more to me than just sex.

- Brooke --
- High-School brooke graduated!

Hey, brooke!

Don't worry. I know where you can
find five more who look just like her.

Oh, hey.
You're baby-Proofing.

Don't forget the laundry room.Jamie
used to take naps in the dryer.

Yeah, i got it.

The toilet, the cupboards, fridge.
What else does a baby get into?

Your heart.

I love it.
Good. Thanks.

I saw you registered for a ning knife, but i
figured that was more practical for a newborn.

How you holding up?

I don't know.

One minute, i'm shopping, and the
next, i feel like i'm gonna cry.

Tell me that's normal.

Just remember, things are never
as bad as you think they are,

even though your hormones are
trying to convince you otherwise.

I know, i know. Um,

i just -- I keep telling
everybody that i'm okay.

But doing all this baby stuff just
really makes me wish that lucas was here.

I've got this doctor's appointment
tomorrow that i really want him to go to,

but he's so busy with the movie.

Well, if you want him to go,
why don't you just tell him?

I did. I told him last week.

But with everything that's going
on, he's -- You know, he's swamped,

And i don't want to be a nag.

I think you should nag him
anyway.That boy needs it.


And thanks for being so good with luke.

You make everything better for us.

Sorry i'm late.I'll start dinner.

Or we can order pizza.

Sam, i am not in high school anymore.

I can make you a grown-Up
dinner, like a salad or a...


Okay, i was just thinking
maybe we could celebrate?


What should we celebrate?

The fact that i filly ditched my clone

or that julian thinks that
i am a teenage nymphomaniac?

Um, i was just kind of thinking
maybe we could celebrate me

winning the school essay contest.


Sam, that's amazing.

"Homeless in high school."

It's about me and jack --

How rough fe can be on your own.

All that fun stuff.

I am so proud of you.

Thank you.

Can i put it on the fridge?



I don't know why you're so mad at
julian, but at least he's still around.

I would give anything to have jack back.


But we should be celebrating that.

So, what do you want to do?

I want to eat pizza.



So thanks for tonight, jamie.

I'll see you in school tomorrow?


So, how did the rest of your evening go?


She just wanted to talk about adult
stuff like a new car and maroon 5.

Next time, i think i should
date someone my own age.

Or younger.

I'm sorry i called you mean.

Next time, we should
just do a guys' night.

So, uh.

We still friends?


Hey, it's me. Um,

God, i'm sorry.
I know you're busy.

Just today has been.

I tried putting the crib together.
I did. It just totally sucked. And

every squarench of our house needs to be
baby-Proofed, or our kid's gonna end up like junk.

And i don't even know
what we're registered for.

I really just wish you
could have been there. Um,

and i wish you could be there for my doctor's
appointment tomorrow, but i know you're busy,

and i just --

If you're satisfied with
your message, press 1.

If you would like to erase and
re-Record your message, press 2.

Hi! It's me. Um,

i put the crib together.
It's awesome.

So, i just want to call and say hi and
i miss you and come home soon, okay?


You want to know what i think?

I know what you think.

You want the girl with the big breasts.


when i was casting "trouser hound, "

I had a really tough time trying to
decide who should play miss kittington.

A director friend of mine told me to
close my eyes during the auditions.

He said that was the best way to be able to
hear the actress and not just see a hot girl.

Is that what you do?

No! I picked the actss
with the best rack.

You just looked like
you needed some advice.

- Hey
- Well, hello.

Leave us.

Actually, i-I want to
speak to both of you.

I really want to play peyton.

I feel that i identify with her.

We were both in the popular crowd in
school even though we felt like outcasts, and

we both feel that the first song you hear
in the morning can affect your entire day.

And i'll totally sleep with you.

- You too.
- Well, look at you go.

You just made my decision
very, very easy.

Mine, too.

Playing the role of peyton
sawyer is miss heidi jay.

Sorry, but the other girl just
wasn't peyton. I had to go with my gut.

No worries.She was peyton
last night -- And i was lucas.

Everyone, welcome to the table
read for "an unkindness of ravens."

I am adam reese, your director. This is
lucas scott, the writer and producer.

- Lucas.
- All right,

here it goes."Fade in."

Exterior tree hill high school. Night.

"Steady traffic filters into the parking lot"
as a solitary figure enters frame,

- "dribbling a worn basketball."
- I'm really lucky to have basketball.

"It's pretty much my shot at
everything from here on out.

If i lose that, it's over for me.

well, well.

If it ain't the jolly green-Shoe giant.

Oh, that's right.

You only 6'2", so i guess
that'd make you sprout.

What are you doing here, nino?

Playing point guard.

Or at least i will be as soon as
you get the hell up out of my spot.

See you on the court, 12.

"When i'm tutoring someone and they get
it "and that light goes on,

i feel good. I feel worthy.

"So i put soap in my foster mom's wine--
Cleaned her mouth out for a change.

That's so awesome.

Hey, sam, great article.

"I wanted you to fight for me.

"I wanted you to say there's no one else that you could
ever be with and that y'd rather be alone than without me.

Does that look like mr.Popular to you?

I know you're not the person you were
in high school, 'cause i'm not, either.

And i'm glad, because that kid never
would have stood a chance with you.

Were you really a mathlete?

I was the mathlete.

But i'm not anymore, and i
don't want high-School brooke.

I'm sorry the breakdown
hurt your feelings.

It was meant to describe who the character
was before anyone got to know the real person.

That's a breakdown describing
the brooke davis i'm looking for.

Gorgeous brunette with an
amazing energy and smile.

Funny. Intelligent. "Kind-Hearted.


Simple. Complicated.

Motherly. Childish.
Tough. Sensitive.


Way cooler than she was in high school.

Hat girl has been
nearly impossible to find

But worth every second of the wait.

Are you gonna make
sure missy knows this?

I'm gonna make sure everybody knows.

"I'm glad you're here.

I know we kind of lost each other for a
while there, but hopefully that's over, right?

It's always gonna be
there, isn't it -- You and me?

Is the father going to be joining us?

- No.
- Yes.

He is.

Hey. How'd you know?

You told me last week.

I'm so happy you're here, luke.

Are you kidding me?

I wouldn't miss this for the world.

That's exactly what i needed to hear.

That's your baby's heartbeat.


And that is exactly
what i needed to hear.

You're beautiful.

"they eye each other,
just a boy and a girl,

Alone but together in this
place called tree hill.

Let's make a movie.