One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 11 - The Heart Brings You Back - full transcript

After Deb's confession to have slept with Keith, Karen shows her the door and later has a misunderstanding which makes her break up with Andy. Haley chickens out on her music career at the last minute, so Chris leaves alone. When ...

Previously, on One Tree Hill...

I've got a way for you to leave,
but you've got to go in the morning.

-What's wrong?

You know how much
I care about you, Anna...

but there's somebody else.

Is this what you're after?


I lied to you.

I slept with Keith.

Hey, Jules. It's Keith.

I just realized something
and I had to say it.

I love you.

Nice work, Jules. Just like we planned.

Haley, you owe it to your music.
You owe it to yourself.

Your dreams are a bus ride away.

I know it's scary.

But just tell me
if you can show me your heart.

If you do, I'll guard it with my life.

Tennessee Williams once wrote.:

''When so many are lonely
as seem to be lonely...

''it would be inexcusably selfish
to be lonely alone. ''

-I don't even have a toothbrush.
-I think they have those in New York.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

You did good, married girl.

I can't do this.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I figured.

You're not ready.

I'm sorry, Karen. I should have told you
about Keith--

I think you should go.


Haley didn't mess around.
You're Nathan, right?

-Yeah. Do I know you?
-You should. I'm your sister-in-law.

-Don't make me smack you.


Haley never mentioned me to you?

-Can I come in?

-You wanna grab that?
-What? Excuse me?

-My suitcase.

So, Haley never said you were coming.

She didn't know. So, where is little sis?


That's vague.

I guess we'll have to get acquainted
until she gets home.

Yeah. Sure. Just make yourself at home.

Careful what you wish for,
little brother-in-law.

-Who the hell are you?
-Who the hell are you?

Rick, never mind. I made a mistake.

High school girls.

You were dreaming.

I think you're okay now.

Are you back for good? Where's Jenny?

I didn't bring her.

I'm only here a couple days
to check on you.

So, what's got Lucas so worried,
he's gonna call my cousins in Savannah?

Nothing. Now.

So, you never answered any of my e-mails.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I didn't want to give Nicki
any chance of tracking me down.

I didn't want you to get caught up in
this even more, just in case.

-Have you heard from her?
-No. But she's out there.

She might still be in Seattle.

That's where Brooke and
I told her you went.

Are you gonna see Lucas
while you're here?

I don't know. I'm gonna see my folks...

but, other than that,
I kind of just want to keep a low profile.

-Our secret, okay?

Anyway, go back to bed.
We'll talk about this in the morning.

-I'll crash on the floor.
-Jake, don't be stupid.

Sounds like it finally stopped raining.

Maybe it finally did.

Where the hell have you been?

I needed to clear my head. Nathan--

Little sis, look at you!

-Tay, what are you doing here?
-I'm on break...

and I wanted to see the house before
the new people moved in.

I haven't seen you in forever...

and Mom told me that you got married,
so here I am.

Nathan said I could stay
for a couple of days.

-Actually, I--
-You won't even know that I'm here.

Yeah, okay.
Can you give us a second, please?

You said she could stay? Do you think
maybe that was worth a conversation?

I told her she could make herself
comfortable because you weren't here.

You were with Chris again, weren't you?

-Yes. But I--

Will you just listen to me, please?

It's over, okay. He left town.
He wanted me to go with him.

-I said no because my life is here.

He didn't mean anything to me, okay?

Besides, we're gonna
have to stick together...

if we're gonna survive Hurricane Taylor.


-How are you?
-I was confused.

I mean, after you showed up at my door
talking about other girls.

But once I remembered you had
a reputation for being a total ass-hat...

it pretty much cleared things up.

Hey, Brooke.

Nice necklace.

Thanks. Felix gave it to me.

I thought you guys were done.

That was before we cranked it up
to full-on dating. Thus the loot.

Are you sure about this?

Look, Lucas, I know you don't like him.
But you don't really know him.

Look, Brooke. I just want you to be happy.

If I'm dating Felix and you're dating Anna,
does that mean we are somehow related?

-Actually, Anna and I--
-Hey, Brooke.

I forgot something.

This. See you after.

Lucas, I'm happy. I hope you are, too.


I was looking for Andy Hargrove.
I must have dialed the wrong number.

Actually, I grabbed his phone by mistake.
He bought us both the same kind.

Is he there?

He's in the shower. Who's this?

A student. I'll call back.

Karen? Are we ever going to talk?

-What is there to say?
-That I made a mistake.

Maybe what you did
with Keith was a mistake...

but lying to me about it was a choice.

One that I can't accept from
a business partner or my friend.

So, since your mom
hired me to work here...

Keith helped me do a crash
refresher course on bartending last night.

Ask me anything.

Okay. What's in a Long Island Iced Tea?

Wouldn't you rather have a screwdriver?

Hey, toss me that.

-Lucas. Hey. It's early.
-Yeah, I know.

-Can I talk to you?

I was meeting Keith for breakfast
and, as usual, I'm late.

But other than that....
Let me grab my shoes.

-Everything okay?
-That's what I'm here to ask you.

Is this about your mom?

Because Keith told me the whole story,
and if you feel like I'm horning in.

-How do you know Dan?
-Do I know a Dan?

Dan Scott, Keith's brother. He called you
on your cell yesterday at the club.

-Oh, that Dan.
-Why'd he call you?

I bought a car from him...

and Dan had some questions about
my credit references. What's going on?

I'm just looking out for Keith.

-Keith's all grown up, Lucas.

-Can we just forget this?
-Forget what?


-Peyton, this place is amazing.

It can be. It's's harder
than I thought.

When did you ever give up?

Anyway, the big news
is Nathan and Haley got married.


-For real?

And it turns out Haley is, like,
this mega-talented musician...

and she's going for it.

What's the face?

When I got off the bus,
I saw Haley kissing some guy.

He was kind of scrawny, had a guitar case,
sort of pelty hair?

-Who's he?
-Someone she shouldn't be kissing.

Hey! Open up top!

See, I don't know CPR, and even if I did,
I wouldn't give you mouth-to-mouth.

Try not to drop
when I'm the only person around.

I'm getting the stupid test.
Give me the damn ball.

Forget it.

Nice air ball.

How about PlayStation?
Nobody croaked from that?

That would involve me going home.

You and Haley still fighting?

-Her sister's here for a few days.
-Which one?


-Dude, she's crazy.

The thing is when I saw her,
I got that deja vu thing...

like I'd seen her before.

When we were freshmen,
she was a senior.

So you probably saw her around school.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure
I've seen more of her than that.

Two years ago, when they put me
on varsity from the freshman team...

the seniors threw this kind of out-there
party at my parents' beach house.

-Taylor was there.
-This is ugly.

Yeah. I was pretty wasted...

and she was kind of the first girl
I ever had sex with.

Great. Laugh it up.

The only good news about this is that...

I don't think
she really even remembers me.

You rocked her world, huh?

-This is not funny!
-You're right. It's hilarious.

-Come here. Come on.
-Heart patient, remember?

How bad is it?

Let's see. My mom threw our last piece
of Waterford at my dad last night...

and it shattered
where the Hopper used to hang.

Now he's sleeping in the pool house
while we still have one. So....

They talking about moving? Say no.

Not so much talking as yelling constantly.

It's kind of gotten to the point where
I just don't want to go home.

Then we won't.

Come on. I'll buy you a nice dinner.

No. Felix, we can't go in there.
Are you crazy?

Why not?

Because this is the place
where you made me do...

the dine-and-dash thing on Dare Night.

-What is so funny?

Do you honestly think I'd do that to you?

I paid the maitre d' on the way out
when I left you.

-I'm full of surprises.
-You're full of something.

You're home. Sorry about the mess.

I needed a major hot soak
after my ten-mile run.

-You run?
-How do you think I got this great ass?

Are you blushing?


Run with me tomorrow if you can keep up.

If you can keep up.

I bought some beer. You want one?

Yeah. Sure.

Look at you. You're such a jock.

So come talk to me. How bad is it?

How bad is what?

This thing between you and Haley.
Dinner chucked in the garbage...

little sis coming home
in the middle of the night...

hushed arguments behind closed doors.
Well, that, and she told me all about it.

And she told you
Chris is out of the picture, right?


Right. You were pretty threatened
by him, huh?

Only because Haley was buying his crap.

For a smart girl, Haley sure can be stupid.

What's your issue with Haley?

I think she blames me for all the pressure
she puts on herself.

How so?

She didn't want to disappoint
our parents like I did, I guess.

I tend to screw up a lot.

Yeah, I know how that is.


-Mind if I get another beer?
-No. I insist.

Yeah, okay.

I still can't believe
little sis snagged such a hottie.

I mean, usually I get them first.

Do want anything else?
After-dinner drink, dessert, new shoes?

You don't have to buy me things.

-Debit card okay?
-Of course.

-It's okay, Brooke. You're with me now.

I'm gonna take care of you.

Looks like you were hungry.

Yeah. I had a friend over.
You just missed him.

-It's not like that.

I was gonna call you. It was just...

the last time I saw you,
it was Pile-on-Peyton day.

So, I'm sorry.

You had a right to be pissed at me.
You needed a friend.

And I wasn't there for you.


can I still take you up
on that we-can-talk-anytime offer?

Yeah. Come on. What's up?

Lucas kind of broke up with me.

I mean, I'm not sure if we were even
dating, but now there's not even a chance.

I'm sorry, Anna.

-I don't know what I'm doing, Peyton.
-None of us do.

Do you think
there's something wrong with me?

What? No!

I think maybe there's something wrong
with Lucas.

Because you are great.

Come here.

-Oh, my God.
-Anna, that's not really my thing.

-I'm sorry. I gotta go.
-It's cool. Anna!

I hope this is okay.


I don't know what came over me.

I was just pretty upset,
and I wasn't really thinking straight.

-You know what I mean?
-Anna, it's cool, okay.

Now a lot of stuff makes sense...

like how you acted at the formal...

and how you blew me off
after the whole locker thing.

Can we please just forget the whole thing?

Absolutely not.

Don't be afraid to be who you are.

We can still be friends, right?

I don't know if I can do that.

-Beat the girl! Such a gentleman!

-Sorry. Good run.

If I don't run every day I go nuts.

Started when I left home.
Been running ever since.

-I know the feeling.
-Now I am all about the future.

Speaking of which, we haven't
had our Molakarian Bathing Ritual, yet.

Our what?

The Molakars are a tribe
in the South Pacific...

who celebrate weddings
with a family bath.

-They must have a big tub.
-In the ocean, dumb ass.


It symbolizes the washing away of past
sins, and the rebirth of the family soul.

You have any idea how cold that water is?

But I'm gonna appeal
to your competitive side, sissy.

AII right. On three.

-One, two--

What? Get back here.

It's cold.

Got you!

-Molakars is a bar in Durham!

I warned you, man.

-This is really getting old.
-Not as old as you hurting my sister.

-She's at home crying because of you.
-I'm sorry, man.

But I don't see
how any of this is your business.

Because I make it my business.
You hurt her, I hurt you.

You don't want to do that.

You're right.
What I want to be doing is this.

Forget it.

Yeah, one more thing.

Damn, boy. Why aren't we living here?

It's my dad's. I've got the keys though.

Tell you what, I'll turn on the fireplace
if you grab the towels.

-They're next--
-I know where they are.

Varsity basketball....

I was pretty wasted that night.

-Oh, what? You don't remember me?
-No, of course, I remember you.

I didn't think it would come back
to bite me in the ass.

This time I'll only nibble.

Why didn't you say anything?

I was having too much fun
watching you squirm.

Does that make me bad?


So, are you gonna tell me
why you're really in town?

I screwed up at school.

I got caught cheating on an exam.

And then my professor and I got caught
cheating on his wife.

He was paying my rent, expenses...

until she found out,
and then that was that.

So, I got kicked out.

And the next thing,
I'm knocking on your door.

So, how about we make a deal?

You keep my secret, and I'll keep yours.

That sounds like a good plan.

Speaking of Haley, we should get back.

I guess we could do that...

this time.

You know how you find a song
and you just listen to it, like...

over and over again
until it becomes this, like...

soundtrack until you find a new one?

Or until you want to forget the things
that it reminds you of.

-How's your life, Jake?
-It's been hard.

I'm not in school...

and I'm working crummy jobs.

And the whole time I just keep
looking over my shoulder...

thinking that Nicki's gonna swoop down
and snatch Jenny away.

You know I have to go back, Peyton.

-I know.
-I'd stay if I could.

I want you to know that.

-So when are you leaving?

I promised my folks
I'd have dinner with them tonight.

But I'll stop by in the morning
before I head out.

Can you stay here again tonight?
Just to sleep?

I'll come back after dinner.

I thought since you weren't answering
my calls maybe you'd been abducted.

I assume your mother has an accent.

Not to me, but yeah.

-And you said you don't have a sister.
-Just one loser brother. What's this about?

I called you in New York...

and a woman answered
and said you were in the shower.

Now this might not be fair to you,
but with everyone lying to me lately....

Who is she?

Look, Karen...

this is something
that I'm not really proud of and--

Tell you what.

From now on, I'm the student,
you're the professor...

and I'll see you in class.

Nice. You guys finally decided
to come home.

-I left you a note. We went for a jog.
-To where? Atlanta?

I'm gonna go take a shower.

We are supposed to be working
on our marriage.

At least you knew where I was.

This has to stop, Nathan.

I don't want to lose you.
It's obvious that we have issues.

-Now it just feels like you're avoiding me.
-I'm not avoiding you.

Why are you spending
so much time with Taylor?

-What? Are you threatened by her?
-I don't trust her.

-Oh, girl. You look happy.
-I can't keep this.

Why not?

Because my mom married
my dad for his money...

and you see how well that worked out.

-You think that's all this is?
-I don't want to be like her.

And you're giving me nice gifts
and buying me expensive meals...

and I don't want to do it anymore.

-Are you breaking up with me?
-No. Just with your money.

I need to start feeling good about myself,
so I can feel good about us.


I really don't want to go home.

-Spend the night with me.
-I'm not in the mood.

So? Spend the night anyway.

You really are full of surprises, aren't you?

Trouble sleeping?

Just listening to you breathe.

And thinking about stuff.

AII right, Peyton, I've gotta ask you.
The other night, when I found you...

that was a drug deal, I mean, right?

Lucas called me for a reason and....

I did coke with that guy,
but it was one time.

And it was stupid. I know.

You've got so much going on.
Why would you need a crutch like that?

I was weak.

-You don't have to worry about me, Jake.
-I know.

But what if I want to?

-Hey, Jules.

-People are gonna start talking--
-You lied to me about how you know Dan.

I checked you out at the dealership.

Come inside, okay?

So, I know you paid cash for the car...

which means there was no credit check.

About two years ago,
I was engaged to this guy.

I was crazy about him,
even after he hit me a few times.

I thought it wasn't
going to happen again...

until he put me in the hospital
for two weeks.

He disappeared after that...

and my welcome-home present was
finding that I was over $150,000 in debt...

with no way to pay the medical bills.

I was beyond desperate, Lucas.

So I posted an ad on this website...

saying I'd do anything legal for money.

And Dan answered.

He said he'd help me out.
He started paying my medical bills.


-what did he ask you to do?
-Make Keith fall in love with me.

Then break his heart.

I tried to tell Dan that I wasn't going
to go through with it, but it's too late.

I never thought I was gonna
fall in love with Keith.

But I did, Lucas.

You have to believe me.

I love him.

I thought I was having a bad dream,
only to wake up and find out it's real.

But I know that you have to go.

Last night you said you were feeling weak.

Let me show you something I use
when I'm feeling weak.

''If my hopes could bring you home,
you and Jenny would be with me now.''

Is this the first e-mail I sent you?

It's, like, I'd be working one of those jobs...

or feeling like I was gonna be on the run
forever and I'd read those words...

and it's like this sudden calm
would wash over me.

You are so strong, Peyton.
You don't even know it.

You got me
through some pretty dark days.

I've been thinking that if I can get all that
from some words on a piece of paper...

just imagine what it would be like
to have the real thing every day.

I'm tired of running, Peyton.

Come with me.
Let's bring Jenny back home.


-What are you doing?
-I'm helping you pack.

-Am I packing?
-That's where I'm sending you. Packing.

-Wait a minute.
-You know what?

The complaint window is closed.
It's time for you to go back to school.

-I'm done with school.
-I'm sorry.

I need to be here working on saving my
marriage, and you're getting in the way.

I need a few days to figure things out.

A few days is gonna turn
into a few weeks. I know you.

By then it might be too late
for Nathan and me.

We have to let her stay, Haley.

She's family.

Just until you figure out
what you're gonna do, all right?

Sure. Thanks, Nathan.

Today we're gonna pick up
with managerial ethics...

where we left off just before my trip.

Actually, no. Change of plan. Forget that.

Who can tell me the word that I wrote
on the board on the first day?


-That's right.

It's a motivating factor in business,
religion, politics....

I know it sure as hell motivated me.

Or it used to.

Three years ago,
I was barreling along in my SUV...

on my way to yet another meeting
with yet another financial group.

At that point in time my liquid assets
totaled around $31 million.

On my cell, I had a broker...

who could have pushed my net worth up
by another quarter of a million.

And I was so on my game this day.

I was saying all the right things,
turning all the right screws, when...

I didn't even see her...

until I got out of the car.

By that time, she was lying
in a pretty impossible angle...

and there was so much blood
that I was sure that I'd killed her.

But she survived. Her name is Miriam.

And, she's gonna carry that accident
around with her forever.

As will I.

Since then I've tried to do right by her,
and twice a year...

I visit her and her son...

to make sure they're okay.

And some people will say that I do
that out of guilt, and that may be.

But there's another reason I do it.
I do it to remind myself that, in this life...

there's a point when enough is enough.

If you're haggling over money that you
don't even need, enough is enough.

Just believe me on that.

So if you'll still have me...

managerial ethics.

-Tunes for the road?
-Yep, right here.

-You got your bag?
-In the trunk.

Beef jerky?

Come on, you can't have a road trip
without beef jerky. You're buying.

Okay. How about, I got my debit card.

-We'll just stop at the first truck stop.
-Now we're talking.

Top up or top down?


I don't think it's gonna rain today.

I know you have no reason
to believe anything I say...

but I feel awful about this, Karen.

Our friendship has gotten me through
some pretty dark days.

I never meant to betray that.

But I can have my lawyer draw up
the papers to dissolve our partnership...

if that's what you want.

It isn't, Deb.

Just please don't lie to me again.

Felix told me what happened.

I'll live.

I kind of owe you the biggest apology
in the world, Lucas.



I've been blaming a lot of stuff on you
that isn't your fault.

The last place we lived,
the all-girl school I went to...

there were these rumors
that got started...

and my family found out.

And I made a big deal out of it all,
and we moved.

Felix was pissed at me because of that.

But the thing is, Lucas,
those rumors weren't just rumors.

They were true.

What were the rumors?

That I like girls.

You're the first person I've ever said
those words to out loud.


I'm into guys, too,
so it's kind of confusing...

and I guess I put all my hopes on you...

which wasn't fair.

I thought since you liked me,
and I liked you...

maybe that would make it go away...

until you broke things off, and then there
I was, right back where I started.

I'm not proud of it,
but that's why I was mad at you.

Only I guess I was really mad at myself.

This is a new one.

I'm not ready for people to know.

Especially Felix.

I won't say anything.


And I won't say anything
about you and Brooke.

What about me and Brooke?

She's the girl you like, right?

I mean, it's kind of obvious.

I thought I was cooler than that.

Apparently not.

Come here.

-I want you to have this.

It's a gift, not a payment.

And I didn't buy it for you
as much as I bought it for me.

Seeing you wear it makes me happy.


You like crow?
Because I've been craving it lately.

Don't worry about it.

It's about time I owned up to my mistakes.

Me, too.

-This isn't really crow, I hope.
-Turkey with Swiss.

Apologies on the side.


-Can I talk to you?
-Sure. Come on in.

Did I happen to leave my MP3 player here?

-No, haven't seen it.

What? You wanna come in and hang out?

No, I'm okay. See you.

Feeling left out?

A little.

You wanna be left out together?

Do you need some help?

Yeah, sure.