One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 10 - Don't Take Me for Granted - full transcript

After the prom, Anna sleeps over at Peyton's- Felix sneers she's getting a worse reputation then his, while Peyton has a hard time with lesbianism-innuendos, even though Brooke says that appeals to boys, but ends up making a stand...

Previously on One Tree Hill.

Hey, Mouth, have you seen Brooke?

Yeah, she's benefiting with Felix.

If my mom ever asks,
I got the test and I'm fine.

If that's what you want.

Dan told me that you slept with Keith.

-Is that true?
-No, of course not.

I spent the whole night waiting for you,
all while you were with Chris.

-Can we leave him out of this, please?
-Why? Are you into him?

Just because people say something,
doesn't make it true, Felix.

-Those were rumors.

How do you think rumors get started?

It's okay,
I already flushed it down the toilet.

I've only done it that one time.

You don't get to have me...

not my body,
and sure as hell not my heart.

We're done.

-We should do this more often.
-Do what?

Be friends.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote.:

''No man, for any considerable period...

''can wear one face to himself
and another to the multitude...

''without finally getting bewildered
as to which may be the true. ''

-Hey, I'm sorry to bother you so early.

Nathan and I had a fight last night
and he didn't come home and--

I talked to him.

-He's okay.

-do you know where he is?


The next time you talk to him
can you ask him to come home, please?

Okay, I will.

AII right, look. Don't worry yourself, okay.
I'm sure he's fine.

-AII right?
-Okay, bye, Luke.

Thanks for covering for me, man.

You're welcome, but it sucked.
I don't lie to Haley.

-You just did.
-Why don't you go home? Work it out.

It didn't sound like Haley
was going to school anyway.

Yeah, why would they
have the formal on a Sunday?

I don't know, to keep students
from partying, getting wasted...

-arguing with their wives.
-Yeah, well, it didn't work.

How did it go with Anna, anyway?

Let's just say we didn't exactly
end the night together.

Who did you end up with?

Only in Tree Hill.

-You two realize you're related, right?
-Hi, Brooke.

-Double ew, if Tutor Wife is here.
-She's not.

What's up?

My car is now out of commission.

Thanks to my jealous,
spiteful stain of a neighbor.

And I was sort of thinking that...

you might want to
walk to school together.

Unless, of course,
you're waiting for your boy toy here.

Go ahead, I'll catch up with you guys later.

AII right. Go home, Nate. Work it out.

Angel of the morning.

Okay, look,
I wasn't with Lucas, so just chill out.

Where were you, Anna?

-I stayed at Peyton's.
-That's great.

-Mom and Dad will love that.
-Then don't tell them.

Just let me know
when I need to start packing again.

-New digs for your return, Danny?
-No, new digs for your return.

You did a hell of a job
while I was away, Keith.

What do you say?

-Who do you think did it?

We kind of stopped benefiting.

I'm glad.

I mean,
not about the windshield thing, but...

-about the rest of it.
-Why? Because you don't like him?


Because you're better than that.

I miss this, you know...

talking to you.

What happened to you?

I'm not talking to you.


But if it makes you feel any better,
Brooke dumped me.

You told her, didn't you?
About the dollhouse and Tric?

I thought she should know the truth.

Whatever. I deserved it.

It's a rule of life, Mouth...

whatever crap you pull
always catches up to you.

-It's a part of the game.
-It's not a game, Felix.

Come on, Mouth...

it took her less than an hour to crush me
and hook up with Lucas.

-Lucas wouldn't do that, he's with Anna.

It's okay to freak out, Mouth.

I did, last night.


I'm sorry.

I was....

I was wrong last night, and...

I found your letter from the camp
and I want you to go.

It's not about the camp, Haley.
It's about trust.

I want you to stop working with Chris.

-He's incredibly talented, Nathan.
-I want you to stop seeing him.

I won't do that.

Hey, did you hear about my window?

Somebody bashed in
my car windshield last night.

Do you believe that?
I mean, could things get any worse?

You wanna ask me that again?

-What's this?
-An estimate for my windshield.

-You think I did it?
-I know you did.

I didn't break your window, baby,
just your heart.


With men like that in the world,
it's a wonder we're not gay.

You see how everybody's looking at me?

-Nobody's taking this seriously.

Because half the girls in PE
wouldn't change in front of me.

That's 'cause you look better
than they do naked.

You have any idea who did it?

If you ask me, they did you a favor.

Boys love lesbians.

Come on.

The old P. Sawyer
would have just rolled with this.

I haven't been the old P. Sawyer
in a while, have I?

Hey, your real friends are here for you.


Okay, you know what?
I'm gonna get out of here.

Do you want to come with me?


I have a quiz next period and if I miss it--

-No, it's cool. I'll see you later.

What's up? Looking for your wife?

You're funny.
You're also done messing with Haley.

-We're just rehearsing, man.
-No, you were rehearsing.

-That's over now.

Can't you trust her?

I mean, isn't that what this is about?
You love her, you married her...

but can you trust her?

Because if you can,
you got nothing to worry about, right?

Come on, man.
I don't have a problem with you.

See, you do have a problem with me.
A big problem.

You can smile and act cool if you want to.
But the fact is, man...

I used to destroy guys like you...


It'd be a shame
if something happened to this hand...

and you couldn't play that guitar anymore.

Just like it'd be a shame
if you were taking advantage of Haley.

Don't cry, rock star.
You'll ruin your makeup.

Pick up.

You've reached Sawyer Dredging.
lf you would like to leave a message...

for Larry Sawyer,please do so after--


So, I saw you cut out of lunch today.

I just wanted to know how you're doing.

Been better.

Hey, come here.

Sit down.

So, do you know who wrote it
on your locker?


I don't even want to know,
I just want it to all go away.

Just, all of it.

You miss Jake, huh?

You should go.


Okay, you can't just walk in here
and ask me something like that.

When is the last time we even had
a conversation about something real?

I just thought you could use a friend.

Yeah, I could use a friend, you know.
You don't qualify as that anymore, Lucas...

because a real friend would know about
all the crap I've been dealing with lately.

Like what?

Just go, please.

Okay, I'll go.

Whatever you think...

I really do care about you, Peyton.

You sneaking away
without saying goodbye?

Actually, I was....

I was thinking about staying.

Dan offered me a management position
at the dealership.

Did you say no to Charleston?

Not yet, but, I might.

-You know I care about you, Keith.

Then listen to me.

I know how much
teaching in Charleston means to you.

I've seen you light up
when you talk about it.

Not as much as I light up
when I talk about you.

One of the reasons I fell for you
was your independence.

You made your own way in the world.

Your brother's business is his.
Charleston is yours.

Don't let him take that from you.

-Can I give you a piece of advice?
-Nice to see you, too.

Next time you want to lie
about something...

you might want to make sure
your mom is in on it.

She told me
about Nathan sleeping here last night.

Nathan just needed some time.

And if you were here
I'd have done the same thing.

-Lucas Eugene Scott!
-That sounds bad.


-Why would you lie to me?
-Yeah, get in line.

-Mom, what are you talking about?
-Dan's heart condition.

Is it genetic?

-Why didn't you tell me?

-What kind of doctor doesn't call me?
-Ma, I told him you were in Florence.

Why? When there's a 50% chance
you have a genetic heart defect!

-No, he's fine.

-He doesn't have it. He took the test.
-But you didn't?

-Who told you?
-You are taking that test.

-No, I'm not.
-Are you out of your mind?

How can you be so reckless and cavalier
about a potentially fatal condition?

I'm gonna go home.

You're gonna give me the name
of the doctor that you've spoken with...

and you're packing a bag,
because I'm driving you to that test.

No, I'm not taking the test.
I don't want to know!

-Why not?
-For lots of reasons.

Basketball, the way I want to live my life.

Lucas, basketball is a game.
Now, I am glad that you have a talent.

But do you really think
that I will put a game before your life?

-I would.
-Grow up!

That tragic hero crap
only works in the movies.

And you know what they don't show you
after they fade out?

The hero's mother
putting her foot up his ass.

Mom, you can threaten me all you want.
But you can't make me take that test.

I sure as hell can. You think about that!

Until you come to your senses,
your basketball days are over.


You need parental permission to play,
and you just lost yours.

-Okay, come on.

Hey, guys. What's up? Junk.

How about a little two on two? Come on.

Luke, I don't know much, man,
but I do know one thing.

You damn sure ain't touching
no ball around here.

-What's going on?
-Your mom told us about your heart.

She said you'd be in danger if you played.
We'll be in danger if we let you play.

-She was scary, Luke.
-Guys, I'm fine.

That might be true.
We'll let your mom tell us that for sure.

Let's go, man.

-What's going on with you?
-I heard about your heart test.

-I'm fine.
-Are you sure?

I'm not gonna see Chris anymore.

I don't want him to come between us.

I just don't want anything
to come between us.

-You told my mom about the heart test.

I'm glad she knows,
if it forces you to reconsider.

You promised me.


What did you see when you died?

After the accident,
when your heart stopped...

what did you see?

Because when my heart failed, I saw you.

Your mother can't bear to lose you.

Neither can I.

I rang the doorbell.

I know, I just didn't want to answer it.

I'm sorry I blew you off at lunch today.

You know,
it's really starting to be a pattern...

you showing up in my room
to apologize to me.

You're right, but....

At my last school...

there were some rumors about me.

About a relationship
I was having with another girl.

I tried to ignore it,
but the stories just kept getting worse.

Until, finally,
my parents decided to move us here.

And that's why Felix
is so protective of me.

He was really happy in our last town.

Okay, but I thought you said
they were just rumors.

It doesn't matter.

You know how high school is.

Once a story gets out...

it might as well be true.

So when I saw your locker...

and the way
that people were looking at you...

I guess it scared me.

It was a horrible time for me, Peyton.

-What are you gonna do?
-I don't know.

You could always just let it go.
I mean, you're not gay...


Come here.

Read that.

''First they put away the dealers,
then they put away the prostitutes...

''then they shooed away the bums,
and beat and bashed the queers.

''Turned away asylum seekers,
fed us suspicions and fears.

''We didn't raise our voice,
we didn't make a fuss.

''It's funny, there was no one left
to notice--

''When they came for us.''

Anna, it's not about who I am, okay?

It's about who they are.
They are people who hate...

and they divide and they feed off people
that don't fight back.

Yeah, I could laugh this off.
But what about the girl that can't?

Who's gonna help her?

Silence only makes them stronger.

Hey, Haley. You here to see Chris?


You know what?
I'll catch him later, it's okay.


I accepted Dan's offer.

You know, Charleston was always about...

hope for me, Jules.

A place where, maybe,
I could find something special.

But I found that right here...

with you.

You've given me that hope.

You are the best. What do I owe you?

Nothing. I called in a couple favors.

-Are you serious?

Hi, Brooke.

-You ready?

Okay, bye.

-I guess I'll see you at school.


-Hey, Luke. Can I talk to you?

I heard that you fixed Brooke's windshield.

-Yeah, you know, she needed some help.
-I want to pay for it.

I took some money out of the bank.

-Mouth, you don't have to do that.

-I want to.

I'm the one who did it.

I broke her windshield.

Miss Sawyer.

You know we have a policy regarding
wardrobe that is offensive or profane.

Does that policy extend to lockers?

'Cause you haven't removed that yet,
have you?

You know the drill.

Go to the office and change
or be sent home.

Okay, Mr. Turner,
have you ever heard of Victor Jara?

No? He was this musician.

He fought injustice with his songs,
and when they broke his hands...

and when they taunted him,
he just sang even louder.

Look, Peyton.

Oppression's not exactly
a mystery to me, okay?

-I feel your pain.
-No, you don't.

I'm sorry, but you don't know
anything about my pain.

Maybe so. But there are counselors
you can talk to...

-literature you can read--
-Okay, I'm not gay, Mr. Turner.

But you know what? If I was,
I wouldn't let other people...

tear me down because of it.

And I sure as hell wouldn't be looking
for my answers in one of your pamphlets.

The policy is clear, Peyton.
Remove the shirt or be suspended.


Can you hear my song now, Mr. Turner?

Enjoy your suspension, Miss Sawyer.

You probably think I'm an idiot.

Actually, I'm kind of hoping
you have an evil twin.

Look, vandalizing Brooke's car....

-Mouth, that's just not you.
-I guess that's why I did it.

Girls see me as their little brother.

-They always tell me how nice I am.
-That's 'cause you are nice.

That's why you have
so many friends, Mouth.

And no girlfriend.

Haley fell for Nathan when he was a jerk,
Brooke went for Felix.

Luke, you've screwed up a lot this year,
and you've had a different girl every week.

Sorry, I just....

I tried to be honest with Brooke.

I told her the truth
and then she left with Felix anyway.

-Yeah, to end things with him.
-But I didn't know that at the time.

AII I knew was that,
I was at another party...

where everybody had someone, but me.

And then, I kind of got drunk.

-You were drinking?
-Sort of.

I had one drink, but it was a big one.

The next thing I knew,
I was at Brooke's house.

You drove to Brooke's house wasted?

I rode my bike...

I fell a couple times.

In the morning,
I felt terrible about what I did...

and even worse
when I found out you fixed it.

-You know she thinks Felix did it.
-I know...

and I'm gonna tell her the truth.

You know, I like Brooke a lot.

I guess I have, for a long time.

But it was okay
when you guys were together.

I guess I always thought
your hearts were the same.


Hang on a second.

What is this?

-That should cover your window.
-Then you did do it.

No, I didn't.

-Who's the ho?
-She's not a ho.

Her name's Kaela
and she was my last girlfriend.

We dated for two years,
and I was never happier.

Then one day, she passed me a note,
and that was it.

I don't believe you...

because you said
you only do friends with benefits.

I have, since then.

See, I was just like you, Brooke...

doing friends with benefits...

because I was afraid of getting
my heart broken again.

But I guess it doesn't matter.

I'm supposed to believe
you didn't break my windshield...

but you're paying for it anyway?

You don't have to believe it, any of it.

But it's true.

What's with them?

Dan told my mom about the HCM test.

I guess it's my bad
for trusting him to keep a secret, right?

He didn't tell her.

I did.

-I told her.

Because I knew that if she found out,
she'd make you take the test.

She's not gonna make me take the test.
And that sucks that you told her...

after I covered for you with Haley!

About where I crashed for a night,
not about my life.

You know, whatever. You promised me.

I guess Dan's not the only one I can't trust.

Luke, he's right, man.

I mean, you're wrong
not to take that test, dog.

Come on, man,
it's not fair to us or your mom.


You know what, Skills...

why don't you just run with Nathan
from now on?

How about you take the test
and we all run together?


I was gonna call you in a while.

I'm sorry to just drop by,
I just need somebody to talk to.


I just.... I need you, Brooke.

There's so much stuff piling up,
and I don't think I can handle it anymore.

Okay, what's going on? Talk to me.
I mean...

you said you're not feeling like yourself,
but what's wrong?

Just everything.

Karen is really counting on me
at the club and I don't even have a band.

And I'm suspended, and that's
gonna look great on my transcripts...

and I miss Jake and Jenny...

-and my mom.
-Hey, it's gonna be okay.

I should be stronger than this,
you know, I should.

And I don't want to be a person
that needs help...

but I feel all alone.

You are not alone.

You have me no matter what.

Come here.

I'm just glad
you're not seeing Felix anymore.

I missed you.



-Oh, God.

-No, I'm sorry to interrupt.

-Peyton, don't go.
-It's cool. I'll call you later.

No, Peyton.


-Sounds good.

It's getting there, you know.


I hope you know how much I appreciate
everything that you've done for me.

But I don't really think
we should work together anymore.

So he got to you? Nathan.

No, I just think it's for the best, you know?

It's just as well.

You know those labels from New York.

They offered me a showcase.

I think I'm gonna take it.

-Wow, that's great, Chris.

I'm leaving tonight, so I won't
be able to play the show at Tric anyway.

So, I guess this is goodbye.


Wait, Haley, come here.

-What are you doing?

Is that what this is all about?
You just hitting on me?

-Haley, it's okay.
-No, it's not okay.

-I can't believe you just did that.
-I want you to take this.

-Come with me to New York.

In case you missed something,
I'm married.

So you made a mistake.

Are you gonna let that keep you
from the rest of your life?

I did not make a mistake.

You owe it to your music,
you owe it to yourself.

Your dreams are a bus ride away.
I know you want this, Haley.

No, you're wrong. I don't want any of it.

It was always there between us, Haley...

whether you admit it or not.

-You're canceling your club night?

-Because of the rumors?
-Because I can't sing and dance.

You know what?
I'd really rather be alone right now.

Okay, but...

I just wanted to tell you
how inspired I was...

-when I saw you at school today.
-You know what? That's great.

You were inspired,
but when I needed you to stand by me...

you blew me off.
So I don't need you here now.

Hey, Rick, it's Peyton.

Hey, man. Come on in.

-Is this my apology?

This is Haley's apology.
I don't owe you one. You know why?

Because nobody wants to lose you, Luke.
Not your mom, not Keith...

not Haley, not me.

-There's nothing wrong with my heart.

That's what you said
after your car accident.

You told me you didn't want
to be afraid to live your life.

-That's right.
-I don't buy it, Luke.

I think there's something
in your heart you're running from.

-What are you, psychic?
-You can make jokes about it all you want.

You know there's a girl
you have feelings for.

-Look me in the eye, tell me I'm wrong.


Now you can be mad at me all you want.
You can say your heart's fine.

But until you tell this girl how you feel...

your heart's gonna be flawed.

You need to talk to her, Luke.

Peyton, it's me. Will you call me back?
I'm worried about you, okay?

-She'll be okay.
-You can go.

Do I have to?


Come on.

Can I just say what I tried to say
at the formal?

-I really wish you--
-I want to be with you.

-I know it was wrong to lie to you...

about taking you home after Tric.

But when you looked at me
the way you did...

it felt so good to be looked at
like that again.

Like you saw the real me...

and you liked what you saw.

-You can't do this to me.
-I can't not do it...

because I'm tired of hiding from it.

I just want you to know...

I never once took you for granted.

Not for a second.

Deb, come in.

I lied to you.

I slept with Keith.

Hey, Jules, it's Keith.

I'm sorry to leave this
on your machine, but...

I just realized something
and I had to say it.

I love you.

Call me.

Nice work, Jules.

Just like we planned.


Sorry about this.

-I just had to see you.
-Lucas, what's wrong?

You know how much
I care about you, Anna...

because I do.

But there's somebody else...

and she's a part of my history
that came before you...

and I have been lying to myself
about the way I feel about her.

And I need to see her tonight...

because I feel like she's slipping away.

I'm sorry, Anna.

Looking for me?

High school girls.


Is this what you're after?

You got some cash for me?

You know this guy?


I knew you'd come.

I was on my way home to Nathan
and I just...

ended up here.

Number 42 now departing
for New York City. Gate five.

You ready?

Brooke, talk to me.

Just tell me how you feel.

I know it's scary...

and I know you had a tough time
with Lucas...

but just tell me
if you can show me your heart.

Because if you do, I'll guard it with my life.

Just say okay.