One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Trick Is to Keep Breathing - full transcript

Haley makes Nathan agree to go to the prom even though his parents will be chaperons; Peyton pays Brooke's chosen dress for it; Lucas tells Felix he's taking Anna; Mouth comes alone 'on the prowl'. Lucas learns Dan is hiding his full recovery. Haley finally accepts to play with Chris in Peyton's club, but they run late, leaving Nathan dancing with his ma; when she finally arrives they are crowned king and queen of the ball but just then Nathan learns she worked with Chris even while he was in Charlotte, and ends up showing he gave up Highflyers for her. After Mouth tells her he, not Felix, took care of her while she was drunk, she's livid and tells Felix he'll never have her heart.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

I knew this meant a lot to you.
I bought it back.

-You like her?

But guys like me don't get girls like her.

Felix, you took care of me?


Sometimes you gotta break the rules.

Relax. It's cool.

Peyton and I did a couple of lines
the other night. Isn't that right?

You've got a good sound.

Watching you tonight, I could
see us doing something together.

So, you won't be alone tonight.
What are you going to do?

I'm just gonna hang out with Brooke.

Where do you go when you're lonely
I'll follow you

This is the first time I've been in a church
since my mom died.

I think about her every day.

Dan has a heart condition know as HCM.
It's a genetic mutation.

What are the odds of us having this thing,

-I'm sorry.

I don't want to know.

-You like my sister?
-You know I do.

Stay the hell away from her.

Good morning! Rise and shine.

I slaved all morning over the toaster...

making my famous frozen waffles,
so eat up.

Somebody wants to go
to that crummy formal.

Crummy? How can you say that?

We get to hang out with our friends,
get all dressed up and slow dance.

-How can you not be excited about this?
-Because my parents are chaperones.

Okay, there's that.

So what? Safety in numbers.
I got your back.

Do we really have to go
to this stupid dance?

AII right, maybe not. I mean...

once I get you in that tux
maybe I'll decide we should stay in.

-Just don't leave me alone with them.
-Okay. I won't. I promise.

-So good.
-My turn.

Think of all the taffeta that had to die
to make this thing.

Maybe I could just buy it, keep the tags on
and return it the next day.

It's formal. I'm not going to be wearing it
for that long anyway. I hope.

-What do you think?


Just as well. It's too much, anyway.

You are so not my best friend anymore.

And what if I told you
I was buying it for you?

You are so my best friend again.

So, P. Sawyer,
thank you for buying me the dress...

and if you try to take it back
I might have to bite you.

What are you gonna wear to this thing?

I got it covered.
I just came on this little outing for you.

You are gonna be
the best formal date I've ever had.

-And not Felix?
-Against the rules.

But Felix has been kind of sweet lately.

I might have to give him the benefit
of the doubt instead of just the benefit.


Look, I've got to go to the club
and pick some stuff up.

-But I'll call you later.

-Thanks for this, Peyton.

I don't hear any shoplifting alarms.

-New dress?
-My formal date, Peyton, bought it for me.

I don't suppose you have a date
to this thing.

I was thinking about asking you.

But that would have violated
rule number two.

You know what they say.

It's not who you take to formal,
it's who you take home.

''Stay away from my sister''
means stay away from me, too.

-I just want to talk to you.
-We've got nothing to talk about.

I am taking Anna to the formal.


I don't have a sister, but I've got Hales,
and I know how protective I am of her.

So I get why those pictures set you off.
But the one you found...

I never even saw it
until you showed it to me.

But you had the other half.

You could have used it
to win Dare Night. Why didn't you?

Anna isn't a game to me.
I'd never do anything to hurt her.

Fine. Take her to the formal.

But if you screw up with her,
I'm cutting in.

And it's you and me who are gonna dance.

I picked up your tux.

I still think you should stay home.

And miss a chance at seeing Nathan?

-Dan, the doctor said--
-It's a formal, Deb. Not a marathon.

What's really bothering you?

Karen is chaperoning, too.

How many times do I have to say it?
I'm sorry I told her about you and Keith.

I thought you would have
told her yourself, you two being friends.

That's exactly why I didn't tell her.

You lied to spare her feelings.
I understand that.

But sometimes lies have a way
of catching up with us.

-Hello, Lucas Scott?

This is Dr. Mitchell,
your father's cardiologist.

The doctor I referred your brother to
notified me you refused your HCM test.

Can you tell me why?

I guess I'd rather risk a short, full life...

than have a long, empty one.

With the right treatment,
you won't have to do either one.

Look at your father.

Yeah. He practically needs
a 24-hour babysitter.

That's not true. He had
a clean bill of health for weeks now.

Passed every test with flying colors.

I urge you to reconsider, Lucas.
Please think about it.

-I had a little brush with your friend Karen.
-She found out.

Look, it's cool.
We'll work around her, that's all.

Here's some bands
I think that might work for your club.

If you like what you hear,
just give me a shout.

I gotta go, all right?

There's a little something in there
for you, too.

Andy, it's fine.
AII right. I'll see you when you get back.

-Andy down under?
-No. New York, for a seminar.

There she is.

Give my trusty club promoter
a snack on the house.

-She's earned it.
-AII right.

What's up, girlie?

Actually, this trusty club promoter
needs a favor.

AII right.

How would you feel
about playing Tric next weekend?

I don't mean just one or two songs.
I mean, like, a whole set.

-I'm flattered, but I can't.
-Why not?

-Because I don't have a set.
-I've got plenty of songs.

Really? See, that's weird,
'cause I wouldn't know that.

I've never heard him play one.

Let's skip to the track
where you tell me you want me to play.

How do I know
you're not gonna screw me again?

Been there, done that.

Are you going to have
a list of crazy demands?

Just one. Haley plays with me.

Do you really think I'm ready for that?

No. But you will be if we rehearse tonight.

I can't tonight. Tonight's the formal.

Just as well. I don't wanna play with
someone who's not totally committed.

Not with record labels in the audience.

I have interest.
But you just run off to that prom.

AII right, fine. I'll be there.

Check it out, I got tipped off.

Haley is going to get
crowned queen tonight.

-That's great. Does she know?

I've totally been acting
like I didn't even want to go.

I've actually got
a pretty incredible night lined up for her.

Haley, queen of the formal.
Now, that's hard to believe, considering...

last year's formal
we spent playing miniature golf...

and making fun of the whole thing.

Now I'm hanging out with you losers.

I feel stupid going without a date.

Events like these are loaded
with emotionally vulnerable girls...

ripe for the picking.

Some other sucker buys the flowers
and you pluck the petals.

-I think petal-plucking's more your style.
-What's that supposed to mean?

It means I want something more
with a girl.

Yeah, maybe I do, too, Mouth.

Or not.


Is this your dress?

Yeah, it was my mom's.
She wore it to her formal.

So, your mom was wearing vintage
in the '80s.

You know.

I know she would have loved
to have seen you in it.

Thanks. At least some part of her
will be with me tonight.

It's going to be a great night.
Just the two of us.

Or not.

It's Anna's first formal. So, I thought
maybe we could all get ready together.


Besides, Felix is at home
hogging the mirror.

I could use some help with my hair.

What do you think Lucas prefers?
Straight or curly?

Half and half?

Dancing where the stars go blue

-Come on, that sounded amazing.

That is a work in progress...

and you have a habit of sending out things
before they're finished.

You see how well that turned out?

When did you find the time to record this?

Just when you were in Charlotte
over the weekend.


Okay, so something's come up.

Peyton wants me to play
the next Tric night...

with Chris.

Haley, come on. You don't need that guy.

He's got connections
and they're gonna see me play...

and it's just really important
that I rehearse with him starting tonight.

Come on, I'm just gonna be a little bit late.

We won't miss anything. I promise.

I promise.

So, what do you think? Do I like it?

You love it. And it's gonna be in here...

just in case you need
a post-Lucas touchup.

Stop it.

By the way, your room is incredible.

Thank you.

So, who's that?

That's Jake and Jenny.

Or at least it was. They had to move away.

-Do you keep in touch?
-No, not really.

I mean, I have written him a couple
of times but he hasn't responded.

I guess he has his reasons.


If you were a guy,
would this dress do it for you?

You look awesome. Spin.

''Dreams do come true.''

One per ticket.

Then I'll be careful what I wish for.

-Mouth, you coming?
-In a sec.

Felix told me to wait five minutes before
going in so we don't look like a couple.

Come on.

Thank you.

Okay. Let's get a table and do a lap.

Anna's saving us seats at her table.

That'll be cozy.
Do you forget who she's here with?

Do you want to sit with him?

We're gonna have to
if we are hanging out with Anna.

Keep this up, P.S.,
and I might just get jealous.


Look at you, Mouth.
Looking like James Bond.

Thanks, but I feel more like I'm about
to pull a rabbit out of something.

The first dance of the night goes to 007.

Thank you.

I'm really glad we did this.

Me, too.

I like Anna enough and all,
but I feel like I just got my friend back...

and now somebody's horning in on her,
and I don't feel like sharing her.

-You know what I mean?
-I know exactly what you mean.

That's why I love you, Mouth.
You totally get me.

-You're not like the rest of the guys here.

But sometimes,
I wish I was like all the other guys.

-They have dates.
-Are you kidding?

Girls totally fall for the sensitive guy.
Look at Felix.

None of his lame lines did anything for me.

But what did
was when I got wasted at Tric...

and he took me home and took care of me.

You don't approve of me with Brooke,
do you?

Friends with benefits is crap,
and you know it.

Hard to believe you don't have a date.

I am here with Brooke.


But at the end of the night,
I'll be with Brooke.

Who will you be with?

Where do you go when you're lonely?

Where do you go

When the stars go blue?

-Nothing. It's fine.

-Okay. Are you sure?

The only problem is labels don't spend
millions of dollars promoting ''fine.''

Radio stations don't put ''fine''
into their rotation.

So record execs aren't going to come
to see ''fine,'' Haley.

-I thought you said you had interest.
-I do.

And if I have a great demo
I can get them to come to Tric.

Right now, the demo's not great, Haley.

It's just fine.

Maybe we can just pick it up tomorrow.
I've got to go.

Sure. That's fine.

Sweetie, I'm sorry.
This is taking a lot longer than I expected.

How much longer?

Why don't you go ahead...

and I will meet you there
not a second later than 8:30.

I'm sorry. What's the big deal?

So we miss a few minutes.
You didn't even want to go anyway, right?

Okay. AII right. I'll see you there.

Okay. I love you.


You can go ahead and take off.
I'm not gonna need you after all.

It's about time you showed up.
Where's the whip and chain?

-Ball and chain, Tim. She'll be here.

How long we gotta hang here
before Operation Reach the Beach?

Until you finish Operation What The Hell
Are You Talking About.

The party, man.
Your parents' beach house?

We gotta get the key first.
Remember the plan?

You know it.

Phoenix and Psycho on your 20.

Tim, just say my parents are here.

Nathan. Hi, Tim.
You two look very handsome.

Thanks, Mom.

-Nice corsage.

Where's the girl to go with it?

Haley's recording some music right now.
She'll be here soon.

I'm sure she's making an effort.

Which means
that my first dance is with you.

I'd be delighted.

Don't ask me to dance, Tim.

-Mouth. What the hell?
-That's what I want to know.

You told Brooke you got her home
the night of the Tric opening.

So? You took first shift, I was the closer.
What difference does it make?

Why would you do that?

The same reason I gave you the money
for the dollhouse.

So what,
you're saying you're really into her?

It's like you said, Mouth.

I want more, too. With Brooke.

I always thought I'd have the first dance
at your wedding.

Sorry. I'm not here to give you grief.

I just want to make sure you're happy.

When was the last time
you were happy, Mom?

When we were a family.

And taking shots at me
won't make Haley get here any faster.

I don't get it, Nathan.
I try to show some concern...

and all I get is attitude.

Haley abandons you at your formal
and she gets a pass.



Thanks for the dance, Mom.

The song is not over, Nathan.

Yeah, but the dance is.

When the stars go blue

That was good.

-Sounded better.
-Better than good?

No, better than crap.

That's nice.
That's what I'll name my first album.

''Better Than Crap.''

No, it sounded good.

Is that clock right?

No, I unplugged it.

-You what?
-You were that close to nailing it.

-What time is it?
-9.:00 and change.

Oh, my God! I cannot believe you did that.
Nathan is gonna kill me.

Just play him the track. He'll understand.

No, trust me. He won't.

Having fun yet?

Depends. Will I see you later?


Maybe I'll have a couple drinks
and let you rescue me again.

-Have you seen Peyton?
-Yeah, she's looking pretty fine.

No, I need to borrow her lipstick.
Which one is her purse?

It's the fake Fendi baguette.
I mean, I guess.

Nate, you mind standing watch?

Watch what? You being a lightweight?
Give me the flask.

I just thought with Haley....

You see her here?


I'll have what he's having.

It's a death wish, isn't it?

I can pretend to know
what you're talking about...

or you could just tell me.

My cardiologist told me you backed out
of your HCM test.

Better than lying about the results.

And what does that mean?

Your doc told me you aced the test.

Guess you were planning
on keeping that to yourself.

AII right, I deserved that.

But I lied to try to get my wife back.

And I can't do that if I'm not in her life.

Sounds like a good way to rationalize.

But even though you can blur the lines,
it's still a lie.

-And you don't lie to the people you love.
-Is that right?

Then tell me something.
Does your mom know...

you backed out of your heart test?

Or is that part kind of blurry?

Can I talk to you?

Yeah, what's up?

No secrets. Unless they're juicy.

I guess I'm not used to
seeing my little sis...

in anything other
than a Catholic school uniform.

I think she looks gorgeous.

I didn't know this was a lesbian mixer.

Yeah. Don't be so gay, Peyton.

Care to dance?

Oh, no. Bad night?

No. I'm okay. It's just....

Not exactly a dream come true?


It could be worse.
At my formal, I went with Dan.

There's a smile.

Now, come on.
Get out there and have some fun.

You can't let a stunning dress like that
go to waste.

Thanks. It was my mom's.

You know...

I don't know what it's like
to have a daughter.

But I do know what it's like
to be a mother...

and yours would be so proud
of the woman you've become.

-I didn't mean to go make you sad.

I'm gonna be fine.

I know you are.

I know you are.

Excuse me.

Brooke. I need to talk to you.

Can it wait just a second?
'Cause I'm running to the ladies'.

I didn't buy your dollhouse.

So, what, you stole it?

Why, Mr. Bond, you're a scoundrel.

Felix bought it.

He just wanted me to say I did
so he wouldn't break your stupid rules.

And after the club opening,
I'm the one who took you home.

I took care of you. Not Felix, me.

-And I did it because I--
-So you both lied to me?

Mouth, I cannot believe you.
I thought we were friends.

I guess I was wrong.

And by the way, congratulations.

You got your wish,
'cause you are just like every other guy.

So, I guess you're gonna tell my mom
about me not taking the test, right?

Don't worry, Lucas.
Your secret's safe with me.

For now.

Because I'm not gonna tell your mother.
You are.

I know you, Lucas.
You'll do the right thing.

All right, if I could have your attention,

Call me back
as soon as you get this, Hales.

I'm starting to freak out a bit.

The votes are in
for Tree Hill High's king and queen.

As you know, over the last week
the student body was asked to....

Nathan! I'm so sorry I'm late--

Come on. We've gotta hurry.

The clock at the studio stopped and....

-Have you been drinking?
-Just a little bit.

...Nathan and Haley Scott!


-But this is--
-Come on.

I told you this song isn't ready yet.

I know, but you're too critical.
Everyone's gonna love it.

I told the DJ to play it if you won.
This is your night, Hales.

I want it to be perfect.

Wait, is that....

Is that Chris?

You told me that I was in Charlotte
when you recorded this.

You were with Chris then,
and you didn't tell me?

Nathan, I was going to tell you. I swear.

Yeah. You're a little late.

Second time tonight.

I'm having a hard time getting my head
around how you could be pissed at me.

Because you deliberately did something
I asked you not to.

I spent the whole night waiting for you...

planning everything, dodging my parents,
all while you were with Chris.

Can we leave him out of this, please?

Why? Are you into him?

You know what? It really hurts me
that you even have to ask me that.

Not as much as it hurts me.

Still drinking?

Not anymore.

80 proof.

Make sure the door is locked, okay?

We don't have to rush this.

I don't understand. Aren't you into me?

Of course I am.

I just promised myself
that I'd be in love next time...

and really get to know the person first.

We're still doing that.
And I love where it's going.

But I'm...

just not ready, Anna.

Not yet.

I'm such an idiot.

Don't say that.

Look, Anna.

My parents rushed into things.

Look how badly I turned out.

Look, I just....

I want to make sure that this is right.

I'm sorry. I am so embarrassed.

Don't be.

No. I know I've been sending you
mixed signals.

First I'm telling you to go slow,
and then I'm taking my dress off.

I don't know what I'm doing.

I do.

We're going for a walk on the beach.
Come on.

Thank you, Lucas.
But I think I just wanna go home.

Okay. I'll take you.


It's not you. It's just....

I am all over the place
and I just need to clear my head.

I'm sorry.

Mouth, have you seen Brooke?

Yeah, she's benefiting with Felix.

Oh, my God.


I was wondering
when you were gonna share the love.

There is no love.

We don't do love. Do you know why?

It's against the rules.
But I want to talk to you about that--

You paid for my dollhouse?

And then you lied to me about
taking me home that night after Tric.

-Brooke, I--

I almost believed you were a decent guy.
Somebody that could care about me.

But you know what?
I have been lied to before, Felix.

And it almost killed me.

-I'm not like Lucas.
-No, you're not.

You know why?
Because I am not gonna let you in.

You don't get to have me. Not my body,
and sure as hell not my heart.

We're done.


Listen, I want you to know something.
I don't have feelings for Chris, okay?

The only reason I didn't tell you
about that song...

is because I know you don't like him.

I don't get you, Nathan.

You encourage me to do this music thing,
and now that Chris is involved--

-You don't need that guy, Haley.
-He helps me.

You don't need to feel threatened by that.

You think I'm threatened?

I know it must be hard for you
seeing me have something like this...

when you didn't get into basketball camp.

But it's just not fair
for you to take it out on me.

I'll tell you what, Haley.

Go home and look in my top drawer.

You'll see a letter from High Flyers.

Read that. Then talk to me about fair.

Rough night?

Yeah, you could say that.

Peyton, I'm sorry
for what I said to you earlier.

Everybody was laughing...

-and I don't know what came over me.
-Don't worry about it.

I do worry about it.
We just started to be friends...

and I blow it.

It's okay, Anna. We all do stupid things.

I've done my fair share.

Peyton, at Haley's slumber party...

you said you wanted to be able to talk
about anything.

I went into your purse earlier
to borrow your lipstick and....

It's okay, Anna.
I already flushed it down the toilet.

I've only done it that one time.

I've just been fighting it.

Does it have anything to do with this?

Yeah, that and everything else.

I know what you mean.

I made a fool of myself with Lucas tonight.

Why do relationships have to be so hard?

Because the only thing harder is
being alone.

Look, you can crash here tonight
if you want to.

Are you sure?


It's nice to have some company.

Is this beach taken?

There's plenty to go around.

Don't worry.
I'm not gonna ask you if you're okay.


You know any good jokes?

You're looking at one.

Why does everybody lie?

You know, the bad guys lie
to get in your bed...

and the good guys lie
to get into your heart.

And I'm the idiot that falls for it
every time.

Brooke, you are not an idiot.
Not even close.

You know who you are.

Most people don't.
I mean, that's why they lie.

They're afraid people might
find out who they are...

before they figure it out themselves.

Let me take you home.

I can get home without a guy, thanks.



I really don't want to walk.


I'm going back to the beach house.
I lied to you, Deb...

about the stress test.
The truth is, I passed.

But I lied so that I could keep you near me.

After the meteor shower...

I saw that you were slipping
away from me.

My family was slipping away.

I know now that nothing's worth having
if it's based on a lie.

You deserve your freedom, Deb.

And in spite of all that's happened...

I still do love you.


You say that you want our family to be
together again. So do I, Dan.

But damn you if you're lying.
Because my heart can't take much more.

Neither can mine.

So, do you miss being in your old town?


The thing about moving so many times...

it's not the new places that are so bad.

It's that, no matter where you end up...

it's hard to be yourself
when you get there.

So, thanks for breakfast.

We should do this more often.

Do what?

Be friends.

We are friends.

But we should be friends.

I'd like that.

But no benefits.