One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 1, Episode 3 - Are You True? - full transcript

Frustrated by Lucas' growing popularity at school, Nathan searches for Lucas' weak spot, and has the team begin to iniciate hazing incidents against him. Nathan also tries to seek tutoring help from Haley. Brooke begins to fall for Lucas. Meanwhile, Peyton is furious with Lucas for submitting her drawings to the local newspaper without her knowledge.

Look, I’ve got an opening in my lineup. Varsity. What do you say?

- What do you want?
- What do you want, man?

I mean, other than my girlfriend and my spot in the lineup?

He’s got our last name, dad.

I can’t change the fact this kid exists.

You have no right to think of him-not today, or any other day of his life! How dare you?

You’re a really good guy and I’m glad we’re friends.

You and me, one on one.

- So, what if he wins? What does he get?
- He gets you.

This is for my mom.

Luke for the win!

I want to draw something that means something to someone, but I can’t.

It’s too important to me.

I can describe Lucas in one word.


He wasn’t swinging at me, dad. He was swinging at you.

I felt like he had a piece of me. I never felt like that on the playground.

Well, I say he’s taken enough from us.

- You’re gonna be okay.
- Yeah, I am.

Time out!

Under twenty-five seconds to go, the Ravens trail by two.

We’re running black for Nathan.

If they double you, fight through them

and take your shot when we have five seconds left. Let’s go.

Ravens on three. One, two, three, Ravens!

So, a quick time out and the Ravens take to the court, their undefeated record at stake,

18 seconds left on the clock. They need a basket to tie, or a 3-pointer for the win.

Jagielski to the inbound finds Guy Smith out top. We’re under 10 seconds now.

Smith dumps it down to Nathan Scott, and he’s double teamed,

but he forces up a 7-footer. It kicks off the heel of the rim.

Jake Jagielski, though with an offensive rebound, with under 5 seconds on the clock,

Jagielski out to Lucas Scott, he is behind the 3-point line.

The Ravens are going to win or lose it right here.

Unbelievable! Lucas Scott with the 3-pointer at the buzzer,

and the Tree Hill Ravens are still undefeated!

And I tell you what, if you’re going to play the Ravens this season,

you better take note, there is a new Scott in town!

Nice game, Lucas.


- You rock.
- Thanks, Uncle Keith.

For a kid that was about to quit, that was something to see.

But I picked up fouls too early, and I was slow getting back into it.

You were great.

- Thanks guys. See you soon, mom.
- Not too late.

You did good, Luke.

- You did pretty good, too.
- I can breathe now.

Karen, hi! Keith, hi. I guess congratulations are in order.

Thank you, Shari.

I don’t want to keep you, I just want to let you know

that as the mother of a varsity player, you’re eligible to join boosters.

So, I mean, not that you need to, it’s not required or anything.

And I know you’re really busy with that little café of yours.

Right. When do you meet?

Well, it varies, really. Usually Wednesdays.

- At?
- Uh, Six-ish.

So, it’s really good to see you, honey. Go Ravens!

I thought this was your team.

Hey, you.

Oh, I think you got the wrong car.

Nah. Don’t mind me. I just have to get out of this uniform.

So, anyway, I’m Brooke.

But you probably knew that.

Can I tell you that that last shot was awesome?

How’d it feel? Good, huh?

You know it did.

Oh, my gosh!

That game wasn’t horrible.

- Thanks, coach.
- Well, don’t turn pro yet.

You drag your scrawny butt to the weight room twice a day starting now.

You got it.

Oh… by the way, there’s a half naked girl in the back seat of your car.

I just thought you’d like to know.


So, anyway… You’re in it now, aren’t you?

When that last shot when through, did you feel it change?

Feel what change?


I mean, how many moments in life can you point to and say,

"That’s when it all changed?"

You just had one.

But don’t worry, baby. The popularity thing’s not so bad.

Unbelievable. The guy scores 12 measly points and they act like he’s Iverson.

You know how many games I’ve scored more than that in?

All but two. One of them, I had mono.

Well, you don’t have mono now, do you?

- Care to prove it?
- My dad’s gonna hammer me.

- Something’s changed.
- With your dad?

No, with your room. Something’s different.

It’s my walls. I took my sketches down.

What sketches?

12 points, 8 assists. And I made the game winning shot.


- That is great, right?
- Yeah, it’s all right.

I can’t believe I had to work! Tell me about it.

Actually, the beginning wasn’t so great, I ran into you-know-who.

Dan? Oh, I’m sorry. Do you want to talk about it?

Actually, I wasn’t thinking about checking out the burning boat.

- You want to come?
- Well, I suppose I could be seen with you.

Let me just call home and tell them not to wait up.

Hey, mom, it’s Haley.

Haley James, your daughter.

Listen, I’m gonna go out after work, and I’ll be home. Okay?

All right, bye.

- Was your mom drinking?
- No! I got the machine.

"You don’t have to join the boosters."

And did you get that dig about my "little café"?

What do you care? It’s not like your going to join the boosters, anyway.

That’s not the point.

And that thing about cheerleading? It’s like they’re still in high school.

I mean, really, let it go.

Well, that’s good advice. Maybe you should take it.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Well, if I’m not mistaken, you still own your cheerleading sweater.

All I’m saying is memory lane is a two-way street.

Yeah? So is "You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about" boulevard.

This is not about high school for me, Keith.

- Trust me.
- Whatever you say.

Hey, it’s Peyton. You know what to do.

Hey, this message is for Peyton. It’s Jeff Nelson calling from THUD magazine.

Your friend dropped off your sketches and, he was right, they’re terrific.

Give me a call when you get a chance. We’d love to talk to you about,

you know, maybe doing a comic strip for the magazine.

Nice work, Peyton. Nice work.

Message deleted.

Come one, come all, to the Tree Hill annual Burning Boat festival.

Burn your bad karma, bad luck, or bad choices and start anew.

We’ll be collecting items all week.

Nothing is too big, too small, too tragic…

- Nice game, Lucas.
- Hey, thanks.

- You are just blowing up.
- Well, yeah, man. I’m a big star now.

You better hope I keep you around.

You know, I’m gonna try not to lose sleep over that, thanks.

So, last night, I’m watching Scandinavian week on the history channel, and I-

- Because…?
- Because… blonde Viking guys are hot.

Anyway, this whole Burning Boat thing is a total rip-off of a Viking funeral.

Did you know that?

- You know, you’re the bomb.
- Thanks.

Check it out.

B+! Brandon, all right! You did it!

Yeah, I just threw all my bad grades into the pot. I’m not going back there.

I know you’re not.

I’ve had I don’t know how many tutors, and this girl’s a miracle worker.

No, this is all you, man. Congratulations!

Thanks, Haley. See you.

Yes! I knew he could do it! Yes!

- Nice work, Hales.
- Thank you.

So, what bad mojo are you burning this year?

I’m not wearing that on my jersey.

So, we’re going to watch this together, right?

Maybe. I have to check my schedule.

You know, the word around town is that I’m…

the bomb. Oh!


Great game, Lucas.

All right, I’m going to the tutoring center so I can feel superior.

Oh, listen-they’re playing "Attack of the 50-foot Woman" at the Crescent tomorrow.

- Do you want to go?
- Yeah. Count me in.

- All right.
- I’ll call you later.

Hey, who’s that girl he’s always hanging out with?

Who knows? Why? You feel like slumming?

- Who do you think you are?
- Someone you’re pissed at.

- You submitted my sketches to THUD magazine.
- And they liked them, didn’t they?

If I wanted your help, I would ask for it.

Hey, girl. Hey, you didn’t happen to find my...

Thank you, gorgeous.

You’re welcome!

- What you got there?
- What?

You know what. The Brooke Davis leopard bra-dude, that thing’s like a welcome mat.

- Anyway, I heard you were naked in his car.
- No. I was partially naked.

At one point I had mittens on ‘cause it was cold. Oh, did you see my-

Okay, focus. You’re a slut in mittens, you’re in his car. Then what happens?

Well, then nothing. He was really sweet.

He drove me home, said "Good night," waited ‘till I got inside.

- Maybe he’s gay.
- No, I think he’s just nice.

Anyway, it’s gonna be so great when he sleeps with me!

I was just getting used to low-waist jeans.

Lets go, ball boy.

How’s things been since the game?


People I’ve never talked to say "Hello" to me like they’ve always known me

and the teachers smile more.

- Cheerleaders strip in your car.
- Sounds like the good life.

- Yeah, it sounds like it, but not really.
- No?

No, the team’s hazing me a little bit.

Well, believe it or not, I wouldn’t take it too personally.

See, we did that when I played.

Unless it gets completely out of hand, just roll with it.

Show ‘em what you’re made of.


I’m tinkering with the offense. You’ll be playing more small forward.

Forget it. I’m the shooting guard.

That’s funny. I thought I was the coach.

As a matter of fact, you can call me that, and I’ll call you "small forward".

Nathan Scott, small forward. Has a nice ring to it.

I hear Whitey gave your spot to Lucas.

Do you even care that it’s slipping away?

All the work we’ve put into it, all the plans that we’ve made.

All the plans you’ve made, dad.

All the work I’ve done.

Fine, quit the team.

Hell, quit school for that matter. I’ll tell you what;

I’ll give you a job working at the dealership. You can spend the rest of your life

haggling over free floor mats with morons with bad credit. How does that sound?

Because that’s where you’re headed, and that’s if I give you the job!

I just want more for you, Nathan.

More than a 9-5 and the feeling you could’ve had a better life.

And, I want you to be happy.

I do.

But, you need to tell me if you still want to do this.

Do you?


But, happiness doesn’t come cheap.

Hell, if it did, we’d all be smiling.

Didn't I tell you that was gonna happend? Whitey’s using you to get back at me,

and I apologize, Nathan, because it’s not your fault.

What do you want me to do, dad? It’s Whitey’s team.

No, it’s not.

Whitey didn’t understand when I was playing for him. He doesn’t get it now.

This is your team. Not his.

What position do you want to play?

- I think I’m stronger at shooting guard.
- I agree.

So, if this new kid’s taken your position, he’s no longer your teammate, is he?

He’s your opponent. And how do we defeat an opponent?

Identify his weaknesses and attack them.

Look, you guys are the ones I feel sorry for.

Me? I’m going to get my minutes.

But you guys have been busting your tails since the junior leagues.

Now you finally get your shot and Whitey gives the starting spot to this guy?

It’s not right. If you ask me, he shouldn’t even be on the team.

- So then, what are we going to do?
- We’re gonna make him earn it.

At least make him suffer like we did.

It’s only going to get worse, man.

So, the hazing begins… right on schedule.

Can you smell the desperation?

We all went through it. Hang in there.

So, what happens if we haze this guy and he doesn’t go away?

With what I’ve got planned, he will.

- But, what if he doesn’t?
- If he doesn’t, I’ve got a backup plan.


- Can I help you?
- I hope so. You’re my tutor.

- Right. I don’t think so.
- You’re Haley James, right?

I’m sorry. I’m best friends with Lucas.

Well, then I’m sorry, too.

- Forget it. I’ll find you someone else.
- Whoa, look.

There is nobody else. All right? I’d be fine with it if there was.

- If there were.
- See? You’re helping me already.

Look, I can’t help you and on top of that, I won’t help you. Okay?


Where have you studied?

Mostly in my bedroom.

Is that a bad thing?

No, just surprising for someone with your talent.

Well, your stuff is great.

I do have a few concerns, though.

You’re younger than I expected, and we have firm deadlines to make a press run.

Give me a deadline. I’ll meet it.

All right, then how about a test strip?

Use your high school characters, but, give them a twist.

A twist?

The way you portray high school, the girls are so tragic.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it. But, the magazine wants wish fulfillment.

- You know, pretty, popular, like a…
- A cheerleader?

Perfect. Cheerleaders are always happy.

Identity-this was a common theme in the work of E.E. Cumings.

While it’s true he was most known as a…

Lucas, what’s your favorite color?



When Cummings died in 1962, he was enormously popular,

especially with young readers.

What’s your favorite number?

Okay, what’s your favorite sexual position?

I’ll use mine.

So, you like me.

Mostly because he dealt with sex… and war.

Okay, folks, listen up-I want everyone to bring in something by Cummings-

poem, essay, whatever-to the next class. Okay, thank you for your work.

Hey. I just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna be fine.


I mean, F is for fine, right?

You know she’ll never go for it.

So, how’s your Lucas quest going?

Fine. Ow! Hand.

Let me ask you something. Why are you being so persistent with this one?

You normally would have moved on by now.

- Why? Are you jealous?
- No.

- Do you like him?
- No.

See, there’s this guy named Nathan, who’s also called my boyfriend.

Yeah-ow! Ooh. Well...

maybe I want a boyfriend, too-someone reliable for once, steady…

Without all the drama, anger, and pettiness you and Nathan have.


- Isn’t Haley working today?
- She’s making a delivery.

Doesn’t that girl ever go home?

Haley comes from a big family.

When Lucas met her, I think they were eight or nine.

But she saw it was just me and Lucas, and she said

"Yeah, I come from a big family. I think you guys need me more."

Did he tell you about his troubles with the team?

Yeah. I told him not to take it so personally.

Speaking of taking things personally, I was thinking about my brush

with Shari and the boosters. I think I may have overreacted.

I think I know how you can find out.

Okay, the last item on the agenda is fundraising.

So, we will have our booth at Burning Boat and...

- Karen, hi.
- You start at six, right?

No, sweetie, we start at five sharp. You must have misunderstood me.


Everybody, this is Karen, Lucas Scott’s mother.

Oh, so you’re Dan’s ex?

- Actually, we were never married.
- Oh.

I just thought I’d come down here and introduce myself to all of you and say "Hello."

- Is Lucas on the team for good?
- What do you mean?

Well, I mean, it just seems strange that a new boy on the squad

becomes a starter ahead of boys who have been Ravens for years.

Um, now then, as I was saying, um, I think that Burning Boat-

It’s ‘cause he’s good. Coach Durham thinks he deserves to,

and maybe you want to tell your sons that so next time they steal his wallet,

or ruin his clothes, or whatever else they have planned for him.

- Excuse me?
- He’s a kid who’s doing his best.

Whoa, whoa. You walk in here-late,

I might add-and start making accusations about our boys?

Our boys are the good ones.

- Exactly what does that mean?
- You know exactly what I mean.

You know, Shari, I came down here wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt,

but clearly you’re still the same petty little bitch you were in high school.

Hey. I heard about this.

I hoped it wasn’t true.

What do you want, Peyton?

I just want to tell you I’m not doing the comic strip.

That’s a mistake.

Yeah, well maybe some people aren’t ready

to expose themselves to the world like you and your basketball.

Maybe you are ready, but you’re just scared.

Well, did you at least meet with them?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the editor loved my stuff.

He just wanted me to change it into something totally different.

It’s really not that big of a deal.

Guess I just… I just want to say thanks.

Wow. Did Peyton Sawyer just say "thank you"?

Look, if Nathan did this, I’m sorry.

Why do you stay with him, anyway?

‘Cause sometimes it’s good.

Sometimes there’s no one else.

Hey, Peyton...

that editor is wrong.

- Karen’s Café.
- I’m calling for Haley James.

- Yeah, this is her.
- Hey, it’s Nathan Scott.

I really need your help.

Sorry, this isn’t her.

- What was that?
- Wrong number.

You just said this was her. What, did you forget your own name?

What’s up?

This guy wants me to tutor him, and I said "No" ‘cause he’s kind of a bad guy.

You know him?

Not really. I just know of him.



- What? You’ve got that look.
- What look?

The look that my mom always gets when she wants to throw her two cents in. What?

Well, Haley, I think you have pretty good instincts so I’m not trying to tell you what to do,

but just to play devil’s advocate, if this boy came for tutoring,

maybe he’s trying to change.

Might be something in there worth saving.

Well, Luke, I owe you an apology.

For what?

I told you not to take things personally,

but they’re making it personal.

All right, let’s give her a try.

Sorry, we’re closed.

Hi, I’m Jake.

- Oh, hi, Jake. I’m Keith.
- How are you doing?

I got some paperwork to do. See you.

- I heard about the court.
- You heard about it, or you were there?

Hey, I don’t buy into that mob rule nonsense, all right.

I play defense. I live my life. That’s it.

Yeah, and what about the rest of the team?

Look, Luke, the guys on the team-they’re in a tough spot.

Because of the suspension, most of these guys are younger,

and they’re not going to stand up to Nathan.

It’s not right, but that’s the way it is.

Yeah, well, the way it is doesn’t work for me,

and it doesn’t work for my friends.

Yeah, I know. But that’s… that’s kind of why I came here.

This thing could get really messy if someone doesn’t take the high road.

And, I know this is not my place to ask, but I was just hoping that you could rise above it.

I don’t think I can do that.

Okay. Just know that if you do,

the team’s gonna come around.

Their gonna see that you’re a good guy and a hell of a player.

And if I can’t?

Then I got your back.

- They trashed the court?
- Yep.

What else?

Broke into my locker, soaked my stuff.

I don’t know, Hales, I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this.

Do you think they’re gonna, like, let up anytime soon?

- No chance. And you want to know why?
- Why?

Because Nathan controls the team.

And there’s no way in hell he’s gonna back off.

What are you thinking?

This weird thing happened at the tutoring center. It’s not important, nevermind.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Mm-Hmm.

Are we still going to go to the movie tomorrow night?

- Yeah. Sounds like fun.
- Okay, cool.

Luke, how far do you think he’s really gonna go.

- Nathan?
- I don’t know.

As far as he wants to go until somebody stops him.

Hey, Luke.

Lets go, lets go! Get him in!

Well, well. The gang’s all here.

I told you it was gonna get worse.

Now, see, normally this is when you become part of the team.

We’d have a keg, tell some war stories…

but you had to know that wasn’t going to happen, right?

Look… these guys made a choice to back me.

But we’re going to be nice, and we’re going to let you walk away.

Just quit the team, man.

Otherwise, it’s going to get ugly.

- Let’s get out of here.
- Bye, Luke.

Hey, where you been?


Luke... What happened to you?

I had a little run-in with the team.

Luke, I’m sorry this is so hard for you.

I wish there was a way that I could help, but I don’t think there is.

There’s not.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I called some woman a bitch the other day.

I’m proud of you. You know that?

Sometimes I wonder where you get all your strength.

- I get that from you.
- Oh, I don’t know about that.

- I haven’t been on my best behavior lately.
- Well, they don’t make it easy, do they?

No, they don’t. That doesn’t mean we have to sink to their level.

Take the high road, huh?

Yeah, sounds familiar.

But, mom,

I tried that.

And I want to make you proud, I do.

But there comes a certain point when you have to fight back.

And I’m at that point.

Ball! Ball! Ball! Over here! Ball!

What the hell was that?

- Here! Second team!
- But he stole the ball from his own team!

But nothing! That guy has hit seven in a row and you won’t pass him to ball!

And you! This is a team game.

If you guys don’t get your heads out of your asses,

I might be forced to suspend my second team this season.

Go home!

So much for the high road, huh?



- I tried to call you about last night...
- No, it’s okay.

You’re mom told me what happened. Are you all right? I was really worried about you.

Yeah, I know, and I’m sorry.

- Luke, I just want things to get better for you.
- Trust me, so do I.

- They’re not going to, are they?
- Well, not without a fight.

Hey. I’ll find a way to get past this. Don’t worry about it.

You know what? I need to do something.

I will see you tomorrow for Burning Boat, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Uh, sorry. I’m sorry too.

For what?

I’ll see you tomorrow.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I looked over your English exam, and if you really want to learn, I can help you.

That’s great. All right.

I just… I have two conditions. One, Lucas does not find out, okay? Ever.

All right, fine.

And number two, you leave him alone.

Well, I don’t really have much of a choice, do I?

Okay, meet me tomorrow, 7AM at the Market Street dock.

Well, what about the tutoring center?

No way. The dock. Take it or leave it.

Okay. 7:00 then.


- Breakfast of champions. Want some?
- You’re late.

Ugh, please let this be a cheat sheet.

It’s for you.

- Stop it.
- Come on.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Do you see this book? Because this book is me. I am math.

- What’s that supposed to mean?
- It’s supposed to mean that you can work

your whole "I’m Nathan Scott, Mr. Big shot, scoring my touchdowns" on somebody else,

- because I don’t...
- I don’t even play football.

Whatever. Look, the point is at the end of the day, all your bluster and BS

don’t mean anything to math because math don’t care, and neither do I.

Well, does English care? ‘Cause I really suck at that, too.

Please don’t waste my time.

I am already taking a huge chance on you because my instincts are screaming that you’re full of sh...

Let’s just get started, okay?

Page 81.


This is who I am. This is how I am. And 95% of the time

there isn’t a moral, or a victory, or a silver lining. Take it or leave it.

And if we leave it?

If you leave it then you’ll miss that other 5%.

Your mistake.

Good evening.

Usually the master of ceremonies at this deal is Red Legner.

But, well… Red died, so what are you gonna do?

Now, every year we have a Burning Boat,

and every year people find things to toss into it.

I guess if everything was perfect, we wouldn’t be human.

Time to let the past go.

- Shari!
- Karen.

I just wanted to introduce you to my son, Lucas. Lucas, this is Shari, Tim’s mother.


Nice to meet you.

- I’m gonna take off, okay?
- Okay.

- You be careful.
- I will.

Look, I’m sorry about what I said before.

Because-let’s face it-it’s been a long time. We really don’t know each other anymore.

But I want to give you the benefit of the doubt so that next time we meet,

at least I’ll be dealing with the person you’ve become.

And I hope you’ll do the same.

I guess it’s not every day that we get a shot at starting over

and putting our feet on the right path.

That said, I guess we better get to the rat killing.

Say "good bye" to cheerleading, mom.

So, you my date tonight, Luke?

You know, Brooke, you don’t have to act like this.

I know that. But you’re the first guy to ever say it.

You do your thing and try to resist.

It’s actually kind of cute.

You left that at the court.

- I don’t know what you’re talking about.
- Then call it a gift.

Besides, you’re gonna need it to paint over your scoring title in the gym,

- 'cause I’m taking it.
- Yeah, in your dreams.

I don’t care what you do to me.

Whatever you got, you better bring it, ‘cause I’m not going anywhere.

Burn these for me, would you?

E.E. Cummings once wrote, "To be nobody but yourself,

in a world which is doing its best, night and day,

to make you everybody else…"



"…means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight…"

Nice bracelet.

"…and never stop fighting."

Hey, it’s Jeff Nelson. I just wanted to let you know,

we’re running your strip in the next issue.

- Where were you this morning?
- Just tutoring.

Oh, yeah? Anyone I know?