One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 1, Episode 4 - Crash Into You - full transcript

After Lucas crowns another good game with the winning point, Nathan switches to plan B, inviting him to a party at his dad's luxurious beach house where he cleverly humiliates him with a truth game and a video of Lucas ma calling Dan her dream husband. After Lucas walks out livid, Haley is stranded, accepts a ride back from Nathan in Peyton's car and accepts to keep tutoring him since failing grades would kill all his and Dan's dreams. On his way back Nathan crashes into Lucas in the car of one of Keith's clients; Nathan thinks he can bluff his way out making Tim his false witness, but there are nasty consequences for both brothers, their girls friends and their parents.


Mom, did you forget to pay the water bill?

No, of course I paid the water bill.

See? This is what we need the emergency Visa for. Something must’ve broken.

I’ll take care of it. Come on, lets get you rinsed.

How is this funny, Mom?

How is this not funny?

Hey. Check it out. It’s called ‘dinner.’

Who is that lady? Is that my wife?

I didn’t think you were getting back until Monday.

I wasn’t. Until I sweet talked Ziodex into doubling their ‘Gift to AIDS’ research.

It took me all of one meeting.

Wow, I’m impressed.

You sure you don’t want to quit saving the world and come sell cars with me?

Mmm, thanks, but I like the Frequent Flyer miles.

Hey. How’s my boy?

- I have warm-ups, Mom.
- Oh, come on, sit.

Dinner’s almost ready and I haven’t seen you from weeks.

I can’t. I got to go. Don’t wait up.

Nathan. Remember what I told you.

He can’t shoot if he doesn’t have the ball.

Damnit, this is a team, not a Chinese fire grill.

Scott, you’re plain selfish. Get out there and pretend you know each other.

- All right, lets try to get it together.
- Ravens on three. One! Two! Three! Ravens!

Lets go, lets go, lets go!

Hey, can I catch a ride with you to Nathan’s party later.

I didn’t think you were going.

I figured you’d be hiding out in Lucas’ back seat again.

- Jealous.
- No.

What? I could see it. You’re both so broody. You could brood together.

Now the Ravens in bound with the ball.

Looks like they’re trying to isolate Nathan Scott on the baseline.

The Masenberg defense tightens on him. Scott battles through,

still working hard to get open down there. Now Tim Smith, with the ball,

working over on the wing. He’s dribbling, looking for Nathan underneath,

but he’s not there. And now- Oh! Oh!

A cross court pass putting Lucas Scott over the basket.

So much for the putty grip on that one as the Ravens fall back on the bench.

And I tell you what, Lucas Scott is really starting to gel with this team.

He had a better angle. I’m sorry.

Nathan, come on, Man. I’m just trying to win.

So are you excited?

What? That we won?

No, because there’s running water in the locker room. We’re gonna be roughing it until tomorrow.

It’s okay...

What’s up, Dad?

Nice game, sweetie.

Try telling that to Dad.

Two decent games in a row, man.

Getting better or just lucky?

Team’s got a party tonight. My parents’ beach house.

Why are you tell me that?

Because I said the team, didn’t I?

Look, it’s kind of the off season. Might as well deal with it.

The guys kidnapped you, trashed your court, threatened you with bodily harm.

Party, yeah. Sure, why not?

Okay, listen, I know it’s all a setup, alright?

But I’m not gonna let him screw with me. Whatever he dishes out he’s going to get back double.

Do you think maybe- I mean, just maybe- he’s had a change of heart?

Hmm. That requires a heart.

Every time I ride with you, I swear I’m never going to do it again.


Tempt fate.

Peyton. You’ve got to talk to him. Lucas had the better shot. You saw it, right?

Tim? Are you being pathetic?

What’s he doing here?

I invited him. I mean, since you guys are such great friends now.

What are you trying to pull?


I wasn’t sure you’d come.

That makes two of us.

Hi. I’m Nathan Scott.

Um, yeah, I know, I’m Haley.

Tonight’s gonna be great.

Well. I bet their plumbing works.

I’m just saying...

- Alright, thanks.
- Yeah.

Have you guy’s seen this?

The High School Fearleader. It’s a comic strip.

Wait, this is insulting, right?

My dog can draw better than this.

Really, what guy keeps his hat on during sex?

Who is this socky person anyway?

Yeah, I wonder.

It’s just a stupid comic strip. Who cares, right?

It’s more like sucky. Whoever it is doesn’t know the first thing about it.

- It’s like so...
- Shallow?

Where’s the keg?

You okay?

He used to ask me before he put stuff up.

Now... I don’t even know what he’s interested in.

- Besides basketball.
- Basketball.

Yeah, seems like it changes from day to day.

He talks to you, Dan.

How’s he been doing?

Well, he’s holding up considering Whitey’s moved him out of his position, but

- it’s probably temporary.
- I asked you how he is, not how he’s playing.

It must be confusing for him with Lucas on the team now.

Were we going to talk about that?

- I think that’s probably temporary too.
- You think or you wish?

I saw Karen at the game tonight,

- but then... I’ve never really spoken to her.
- I know this is hard on you, Deb.

No, not really. I think it’s harder for you and Nathan.

So, I know you’re like, having the time of your life,

but can we please make like a tree and get out of here?

We just got here.

Whatever. You let me know when you’ve proved your point.

I’m going to go to one of the eighteen bathrooms in this place.

- Gonna be back in five?
- Yeah.


- Hey, good game, man.
- Hey, thanks.

Lucas. Come play.

- What’s the game?
- I never...

- And yet apparently you have.
- Shut up, Vegas.

Alright. So the game is, we all take turns saying things that we’ve never done,

and anybody at the table who has...

Bam! Drinks.


Alright, Theresa, you’re up.

Okay. Lets see.

I’ve never... had sex with anything made out of plastic.

Okay, my turn.

I’ve never... no I did that, um...

Alright. My turn.

Oh, lets see. Um...

I’ve never...

I’ve never had a dad who wished I was a stain on the bed sheets.

Then you’re welcome to mine.

Hang on a minute.


How’s the tutoring going?

You’re tutoring Nathan, right?

It’s okay. He tells me everything.

Yeah. You know, he said he needed some help.

Maybe you could teach him to stop being such a jackass.

I will put that on my lesson plan.

Just be careful, okay.

Yeah... sure.

Does Lucas know you’re helping Nathan?

You know...

you say a lot when you keep your mouth shut.

- I’m...
- It's okay.

I keep mine shut too.

- What happened?
- Oh, same old crap.

You know, he thinks that if he keeps hammering me, I’ll quit the team.

Oh. What did he do this time?

He made some feeble comment.

- Not gonna let it get to me.
- Yeah, obviously that’s working out for you.

Luke... have you guys ever actually talked?

Yeah, sure. We trade emails too.

I’m saying you’re so hypersensitive around each other.

And... I get it. I just think that...

maybe everything he says, you take the wrong way, and vice versa.

Okay, there is no misunderstanding what he said.

- And why are you defending him?
- I’m just, I’m trying to bring some perspective.

I mean... It’s a really screwing situation and I’m sure having you around

isn’t any easier for him than it is for you and I think

- maybe if you guys could just talk...
- Tell me that I’m not hearing this.

Then what are you doing here, Lucas?

Obviously, you’re looking for something, right?

I’m not going to let him win.

Fine. Don’t let him win. I’m gonna go home.

- Haley!
- Nope.

Are you leaving?

Nathan... we had a deal. You promised you were gonna be nice.

I am nice. I invited him to this stinking party, didn’t I?

Well, what for? So you could pick on him in public?

- What did you say anyway?
- Oh, man. Is that what...

I made a lame joke. I mean, look, the guys... sometimes we get kind of raw with each other.

I was just trying to include him. He took it the wrong way.

Well, maybe you need to rethink your approach.

- Well, you’re his friend. How do I handle this?
- It’s easy, stop being such a...


He really slammed you.

I don’t care what he thinks.

Neither do I.

Oh yeah?

Then why are you drinking?

Nathan! I can’t believe your parents don’t have any decent porn.


I’ve got something.

Put that in.

What is it?

It’s a comedy.

So I’m confused. You want to be anonymous...

and you let the world watch you on a web cam.

The world isn’t watching me... but I guess you are.

Okay, the point is...

you want to express yourself but you don’t want people to know it’s you.

I guess I’m just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch.

Or maybe just a tortured artist.

Look, I don’t need you defending me and my work.

I don’t need you analyzing it or interpreting me either.

And in fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t need you at all.

Pretty sure?

Tree Hill High’s Snowball Court King and Queen, Daniel Scott and Karen Roe.

Karen, what’s the secret to your success?

Um, the secret to our success. Hmm. I don’t know.

Good question. Dan?

- Good sex!
- Be serious.

Karen, do you think you guys will get married?

Do I think Dan and I will get married? Hmm... who knows. I mean...

Oh my god, the hair!

But he really is the sweetest guy in the whole world. So I’m thinking, yes.

Come visit us in 10 years and I bet you can meet the kids

and get a tour of our big house and see how happy we are.

- Who’s the girl?
- Okay ladies and gentleman,

- That’s my mom.
- At least their dreams came true for one of them, right?

Yeah, except for the happy part, right?

I thought you left.

Yeah, I tried to. If the stupid cab would ever get here.

Well, I’m glad you stayed.

I want to thank you for holding back?

- What do you mean?
- Jerk is pretty tame.

You could’ve called me a lot worse.

I probably deserved it.

Look, I’ve been thinking a lot about this tutoring thing.

I’m sorry. I just don’t think it’s a good idea.

- Because of Lucas?
- Well, obviously, yeah.

I don’t know what I was thinking. There’s no good that can possibly come of this.


I thought I saw you guys fight back there.

Meaning what, that I should keep tutoring you to stick it to him?

Maybe that’s how they do things in Nathan land, but I’m not going to do that to my best friend.

Maybe you’re doing me a favor then.

What does that mean?

Sometimes I think it would be easier if I got kicked off the team.

Especially with my dad.

I should go find Lucas, and just try and smooth things over.

He left a while ago.

Great. Well, I guess I’m walking.

- Let me give you a ride.
- It’s not that far.

Forget it, you’re not going to walk. We’ll take Peyton’s car.

I’m really fine.

You’re a little high on yourself, aren’t you?

Going around telling people you’re all fine.

Look, please, juste take the ride. It’s the least I can do.

Dan. We should talk.

You know, I try to let these things roll off my back. You shut down and walk out mid-conversation.

I swallow it and let it churn around in my stomach until it makes me sick.

What? Because I don’t want to rehash Karen and her son for the ten-thousandth time?

- Frankly, I’m talked out.
- It’s about Nathan.

- What about him?
- He’s just so surly and distant lately

and I fell powerless to do anything about it.

And the way you’re pressuring him since Lucas joined the team seems to make it worse.


Did you ever stop to think the problem was you?

Maybe if you cared to spend more time at home.

I’m gone ten days out of the month, tops.

And when you are here, you work ‘til all hours.

And you want to know why, Dan? Let me tell you.

Because ever since you started this basketball thing,

I feel like you’ve slowly been stealing him from me.

You’ve made me feel irrelevant.

I go out and I raise money for good causes and I matter out there.

- But at home you shut me out of his life.
- Shut you out?

- Work has always come first with you?
- That is not fair.

You know how hard I’ve tried to balance both.

But, I swear to God, I never would’ve done it if I knew how he’d turn out.

- He’s a good kid.
- Based on what? His scoring average?

Deb, I just want what’s best for our son, what makes him happy.

Well, then, something’s not working, Dan.

Because that kid I saw tonight is anything but happy.

Don’t let me have another beer unless I beg you.

The same goes for boys.

- What are you doing?
- Just wondering if we’re all going to end up like Karen.

- Who is Karen?
- That’s Lucas’ mom

Not without proper birth control we won’t.

That’s not what I meant.

She was our age when that tape was made, Brooke.

We’re just like her.

Don’t you think it was awful how she just let Nathan’s dad treat her like crap?

Yeah. But honey, that doesn’t mean we’re like her.

Maybe it mean’s you’re like her.

Yeah, this is my house. We’re staying here while we renovate the mansion

- It’s not like I was trying to show off.
- Isn’t that your default setting.


Can I be honest with you?

Yeah. I don’t know. You tell me.

What I said at the beach... that was a lie.

I’m really lucky to have basketball.

It’s pretty much my shell to everything from here on out.

If I lose it, it’s over for me.

- So, don’t lose it.
- Well, that’s just the thing.

With my grades, I’m close to being ineligible to do the one thing that I’m actually good at.

It’s not just my life, either. It’s my dad’s, too.

It’s like he’s still got something to prove to Whitey.

And if I screw it up, it’s gonna destroy him.

And it will destroy me.

Look, I know you have no reason to do this,

and I know it’s just going to complicate things with Lucas, but...

I really need your help.

And I will find you someone else. I promise.


I came to you because you’re the best tutor at the school.

And you’re not going to tear me down.

It’s not exactly easy having everybody know you’re failing.

It’s you or nobody else.


Okay. I will...

I will get you through the semester.

And then you’ve got to be on your own. I’m serious.

- That’s totally fine with me.
- Okay...

Great, so we’ll start on Monday.

Lay off Lucas.

Peyton! You okay?

Yeah, she’s fine. Can’t say the same for her car though.

And what the hell were you doing following my girlfriend?

I wasn’t.

Look, I thought she was driving and she was drinking.

Hey, where are you going?

Back to the party, dumbass.

What, are you gonna leave her car like this?

Yeah, and if you stand there you can watch me.

- You know this is a crime.
- So call the cops.

Nathan, you can’t walk away from this.

- I saw you do it.
- No you didn’t see me do it.

Because I was with Tim the whole time.

Which is exactly what he’s going to say if anybody asks him. He owes me.

So it looks like its your word against ours now.

You can guess how that’s going to go down.

So you’re just going to lie and walk away.

What about Peyton?

You know, your girlfriend?

- The car’s registered in her name.
- Yeah, and you know what?

Come to think of it, like you said, she was really drunk last time I saw her.

Maybe she did this.

But then again, all I see is a wrecked car... and you.

Hit and run, huh? That’s beautiful.

I could lose my license for this.

I didn’t know what else do. He just walked away.

You wanna tell me what it is with you and this girl? Huh?

That you’re willing to break the law for her? Nobody is worth that.

I couldn’t let Nathan get away with it the way he does everything else.

And I sure as hell could let him do that to her.

Okay. What about the guys car you hit? Huh?

He just gets screwed over?

I left him a note. I said I did it. Bring his car here.

Oh, well, that’s just great. Lucas, you know I’m already struggling to bring in paying customers.

Look, I’ll do the work myself, alright? After hours. And I’ll pay for the materials.

Oh, you’re damn right you will.

Your mom’s going to love this.

No. She’s got enough to deal with. You don’t have to tell her.

Oh, I’m not going to. You are. And if you don’t, then I will.

Because you’re going to take something away from this.

Cover the car. I’ll give you a ride home.

I want to have a pipe replaced. I don’t want to send your kids to college.

Fine. I’ll do it myself.

I’m sorry. We’re just closing.

I was hoping to get a coffee.

To go.

Anything else?

A biscotti.



You tell Dan that if he wants to spy on me or threaten me or whatever the hell this is,

- he can come down and do it himself.
- Dan didn’t send me.

- I came on my own.
- So it’s a coincidence.

No. I wanted you to know... everything that happened between you and Dan,

I don’t carry that weight around and I don’t care to.

Frankly, it looks to me like you’ve done a wonderful job raising Lucas.

I’ve seen the two of you together, and quite honestly, it makes me a bit jealous.

Look. Our two families... it’s really awkward.

I’m not deluded enough to believe otherwise.

I know how it is with you and Dan and our two boys.

There’s a lot of history there.

But it doesn’t have to be our history.

You reinvented cruel tonight.

It was a joke!

Funny how you’re the only one laughing.

Like you and your stupid comic strip.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.

I’m sorry is getting a little old with you, Nathan.

I know.

I just can’t remember a time when thing’s were this bad.

Where have you been for the past two hours.

- I went on a beer run.
- To where? Canada?

Nathan, I wanted to go home. But I can’t because it seems my car’s missing.

You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

- Uh... I think Tim took it.
- You think?

Well, he wanted to take Brooke home, so I told him he could borrow it.

I didn’t think you’d care.

I never told a ridiculous lie to my girlfriend’s face.

Drink up.

Because Brooke got a ride home with Theresa after you disappeared. Wanna play again?

Alright, so then it was some other girl. I don’t know.

What’s the big deal anyway? I knew you were going to stay here.

So you gave away my car?

Look, whatever.

I’m going to bed. Are you coming?

Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do.

I cannot believe you just asked me that with a straight face.

You will not believe the night I had tonight.

Yeah, me too.

What’s going on?

Well, turns out fixing the water mane is not a big deal.

I just have to pick up a pipe at the hardware store in the morning.

And then if you help me dig out where the break is I think we can fix this ourselves.

So now I’m digging ditches?

You mind telling me what happened before you destroy what’s left of my table?

Did you know you could fit this whole house

into the living room of their place at the beach?

- No. Why would you even go there?
- Because I love getting dumped on.

Well, you don’t have to put up with that. You could just walk away.

- Like you.
- Excuse me?

You know, you never told me that you had this whole thing mapped out with Dan.

That you even ever talked about marriage before you were pregnant with me.

All you ever said was that he found out and took off.

- Wait. Where did you hear this?
- Those guys... Nathan, Nathan and his ass of a father.

They do whatever they want. And they screw everybody else in the process.

And yet you and I... we stand by and we let them?

You should’ve made him give us what we were entitled to so that we didn’t have to live like this.

You should’ve made him pay.

Luke... what happened tonight?

I learned something, that’s all.

Everybody has secrets.

Right Mom?


- Hey, what’s up?
- Did you bring my car back?

- Your car? I don’t have your car.
- Nathan said you took my car.

- Oh, your car. We...
- Nice try.

Where the hell is my car?

You calm enough to talk?

Sorry I went off.

I was pissed and you were in the line of fire.

- It’s usually when the truth comes out.
- Yeah, well, the truth is,

I’m the reason you never got what you wanted. So that kind of nullifies my right to complain.

Is that what you think?

I got exactly what I want, Lucas.

Everybody seems to think that I’m some kind of victim. I chose this.

And if I had to do it over, you and I would still be having this conversation.

Yeah, I know, I just...

I hate to see them get away with it, Dan and Nathan, you know. They should’ve helped you out.

It’s not fair.

I’m glad he never offered. Because at the time, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve said.

But I can tell you this much, Lucas. If he had given us money,

he’d have felt entitled to have a say in how you were being raised

and I think that that would’ve been a bigger price to pay.

You’ve seen how Nathan’s turned out.

Like father, like son.

So who do you think we should feel sorry for?

Ourselves or them?


Still not home.

Oh he will be.

So I take it this isn’t the first time you’ve let him stay out all night?

Oh, I don’t want to smother him, Deb. He’s a responsible, disciplined kid.

Is he? Hmm.

Your brother just called.

Our responsible, disciplined kid got into a hit and run last night.

- In Peyton’s car.
- Is he okay?

Oh, he’s not hurt. But do you want to know what he did afterwards?

He walked away and tried to dump it on Lucas.

- Well, I’ll talk to him.
- You’ll talk to him.

- Is that all you have to say?
- What do you want me to say?

I don’t know anymore.

But I’ll tell you one thing.

Seems to me you and Nathan have gotten a little too comfortable when I’m not around.

So I’m cutting back at the foundation. Fewer hours and no more travel.

- Try not to look so disappointed.
- Come on, Deb, you don’t have to do this.

I don’t have to? Or you don’t want me to?


Hey, you’re still alive.

Guess you didn’t tell your mom about your little crime spree yet, huh?

This morning.

She’s working on my punishment now.

Good. You recognize that car over there?

The owner got your note.

I talked him out of pressing charges.

Thanks, Keith.

Lets just get this done, okay? So we can get back to billing for the work we do.

What do you want?

I suspect his parents sent him.

- You told them?
- Yeah.

You may be willing to let him get away with it but I’m not.

Try not to kill each other, girls.

Peyton wants to know when she’s going to get her car back.

When it’s fixed.

- How much is the work going to cost?
- I don’t know. A lot. Why?

Give me the invoice when it’s done. My dad will right a check.

No thanks.

- I said we’ll pay you.
- You want to pay me?

You stay away from me.

- Suit yourself.
- Hey, whatever you’re up to...

- Stay the hell away from Haley.
- We’re just talking man.

You know, kind of like you and Peyton.

Car will be ready by Friday.


The bag of stuff by the door is yours.

What’s all this?

It’s all the crap you’ve left here. Take it.

- This is the necklace I gave you.
- You mean the leash?

No thanks.

Peyton, come on.

Look, my mom’s gong to cool down and everything will be back to normal.

Okay, trust me, the last thing I want with us is normal.

In case you haven’t noticed, normal sucks with us, Nathan.

Peyton, is this about your car? Because I’m taking care of that.

It’s not about the car. It’s about you.

I finally saw you clearly for the first time last night.

The way you treated me, the way you treated Tim, the way you treated your brother.

- Don’t call him that.
- And the way you’re playing that girl.

What? Are you talking about Haley? Is that what this is about?

Peyton, she means nothing.

Okay, if that’s the case, then you’re an ass.

And even if she does mean something, you’re still an ass

and what’s really sad, Nathan, is that you’re too stupid to get that.

So thank you for being such an amazing son of a bitch last night. You really made this a no-brainer.

- I’ll call you when you’re not so PMS.
- Don’t bother.

I mean it. We’re done. So get the hell out.

I mean it! Get the hell out!

Hey, I was beginning to think I would never see you again.

You’re avoiding me, right?

A little.

Luke, I was just trying to help. You just like, jumped down my throat.

We’ve always been able to talk about stuff, you know.

I just had this crazy idea that if...

you could see things from Nathan’s side...

You’re just a real pain in the butt sometimes.

Yeah. At least we can still be honest with each other.

Yeah. At least.

So, if anything were going on with you...

anything important or weird, or confusing...

I mean, you could still be honest with me about that, right?

Yeah, of course.

You left that in Peyton’s car.