One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most - full transcript

Lucas may have won the duel against his half-brother Nathan for the right to stay on the high school team, his first public game performance with the Ravens is a humiliating disaster. The Scott boys have a fight in class about their dad Dan, but their real strife is at home and with themselves, about their motivation and goals and their relationship with Peyton, whose cartoon talent impresses Lucas enough to enter her work which she hesitated since long to do, after finally making up his mind whether he wants to commit to the team.

Luke, Luke, what up dawg?

Check this out. You shoot this one. See what you got.

- Come on, lets move!
- Time to go, baby.

Six-thirty, Luke!

Oh, come on guys, you don’t gotta come. It’s just a game.

Right. Whitey asked you to play on the team.

And Nathan threatens you.

You beat him right here one on one, you join the team.

And now it’s the first game and we aint gotta come?

We goin’. This game is for all of us.

Go Luke!

Karen! You ready to go?

Oh. I’m not going. I decided to stay open. I could use the business.

- You talk to Luke about this?
- No. But he’ll understand.

- Karen...
- She doesn’t want to go.

She doesn’t want to see her high school sweetheart slash your brother Dan slash the jerk

who abandoned Lucas slash the father of Nathan, the team's star player slash my wrists

if I hear this story again. Lets go.

I think you’re making a mistake.

Whitey can put this kid on the team, he can put him in the game, but he can’t put him in your game.

So shut him out. And shut down the opposition.

You’ve got Broner tonight. They’re good so be ready.



I can’t believe the bastard spawn’s on our team.

For now…

You nervous?

- A little bit.
- Good. You ought to be.

Just do what you’ve been doing all week in practice. You’ll be fine.

Luke! You mind if we get a few words before your first game?

Yeah. We’re going to have a web cast and everything.

What the hell is this?

- Well, we have this website.
- Yeah, we’re sports announcers.

Not in here, you’re not. The locker room’s closed. No… media.

Dude, did you hear that? We’re media.

Not just media. Banned media.

They don’t wanna what! Or we’re gonna what!

- Or what! Or what!
- Alright. Lets take the court.

Ravens! Ravens! Ravens!

Want my world? You’ve got it.

Keith! Hey. Finally came to see your nephew play, huh, big brother?

Yeah. I guess you can say that.

Tonight, Lucas Scott plays his first game for the Tree Hill Ravens.

That’s right, Mouth. Now, the Ravens are 5 and O.

But this is their first game following the suspension of six varsity players.


Wake up.

All right, come on in.

Hustle, hustle!

So that’s the boy that beat Nathan?

Well, he’s good from behind.

Ravens on three. One! Two! Three!

Luke, relax. Destiny has a way of finding you.

Come on, Nathan.

- Lets go.
- Come on.

Nice hands.

Nice legs.

Lets see some game!

Hey, which side you on?

Go Ravens!

Go Nathan.



It’s not your night, son.

Start taking notes, punk.

What? I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Hey, I’m sorry.

- Unbelievable.
- What?

- Peyton, did you see how bad he sucked?
- So?

He was horrible. I’ve never seen a guy play so bad.

And you enjoyed that?

Well, hell yeah. Didn’t you?

What is this, Peyton? Do you like this guy or something?

You mean more than my boyfriend who I’m trying to make out with right now?

Well go put some ice on it.

You ever think I might want to talk?

No, you don’t. You want to celebrate a public humiliation

and I’m sorry, that’s a little played out.

Oh and being with you isn’t?

Oh, Peyton, come on, I was joking.

Are you getting in the car?



Take your lame music too. And have a nice walk home.

Damnit, Nathan! That CD was hard to find.

It’s an import.

It’s open.

- Hey.
- Is he okay?

I don’t know. I didn’t see him afterward.

You should’ve been there.

Well, you shouldn’t have gone to Whitey.

- I thought you supported this.
- I support Lucas.

I didn’t have much of a choice after you went and got him on the team, did I?

What’s going on?

I should’ve been there.

I thought I was over it, Keith, I really did.

Maybe I’ve just been hiding.

Just, I can’t go back there.

The place knows too much.

I guess misery really does love company.

What are you doing here?

Actually, I’m not here.

I was never here.

You know, I shoot the ball and it goes in.

I don’t ask questions, I don’t think about it.

It’s just the way it is.

Or the way it was.


Lucas, it’s just a game.

Who cares if the entire school, most of your friends

and half the town saw you suck.

So… you’ve clearly come to cheer me up.

Want a ride?


Look at this.

What did you do there?

I was double teamed, so I found the open man.

Wrong. You gave up a scoring opportunity in the post.

What? Dad, I was double teamed. I scored 28 points.

30 points would’ve looked better to the scouts, don’t you think?

Go to sleep. You look winded in the fourth quarter. We’ll go for a run together in the morning.

You wonder why Mom extends those business trips.

Look, you mind if I ask you a question?


Why’d you decide to do it? Join the team?

‘Cause you don’t exactly fit in here, do you?

The game, I guess. I love the game.

Right. The same reason I cheer. It’s all a big game.

Why not just stay on the playground? Why join the varsity?

Because I want to know if I’m good.

Well, if you ask my opinion, we all just wasted a perfectly good evening.

You, me, and everybody else in there.

Then why do you do it?

I mean, do you really like it or not?

If I say that I liked it, then I’m just another cheerleader.

But if I say that I hate it, then I’m either a liar or a fraud.

Either way I lose.

Do you want to come in?

What about Nathan?

What about him?

What are you doing?

- You just said...
- I didn’t invite you to come in.

I asked if you wanted to.

Thanks for the ride.

Hi honey.

I looked for you.

Yeah, we were busy at the café. Which is a good thing, right?



I’m sorry I missed it.

Yeah, me too.

I’m sorry.

Peyton’s not here right now. Just her lame music.

Look, I’m really sorry.

It’s just… this guy’s on the team now, and my dad’s been hammering me about it.

But I shouldn’t take it out on you.

I know that.

- Nathan, I’m tired of this.
- I know. I just…

Look, I haven’t been very good to you lately and I just wanted to say…

that I’m sorry, okay?

Just say it’s okay so that when I see you tomorrow we can start being us again.

Okay, Peyton?


Early in his career, Hemingway was frustrated.

He was a good writer who wanted to be great.

And eventually, he discovered that less was more.


Describe Lucas using just one word.


Okay, be quiet please. Thank you.

Lucas, care to respond and describe Peyton?


Okay, be quiet please.

Yes? Nathan?

I can describe Lucas in one word.


Alright, alright, alright.

Knock it off. Knock it off!

I’d stand up and every time I do, somebody kicks me in the ass

for putting you on the team. Sit down!

Boy, I must be getting senile.

Because I thought just maybe you were different.

I stuck my neck out for you.

Damnit! I trusted you.

- I shouldn’t have hit him. You’re right.
- Damn right, I’m right.

- I don’t think I can do this.
- Right.

- One bad game and you just run away.
- I didn’t run away.

That’s why I’m in your office.

So what happened after you tackled him?

Kelly broke it up.

Any longer I might’ve destroyed him.

Or he might’ve beaten your ass.

What do you know about it, Jygalski?

What do any of us know about anything?

But if I had do take a guess, I’d say that he tackled you first.

And I’m pretty sure that you were at the bottom of it when Mr. Kelly broke it up.

Well, you’re wrong. Why don’t you grab a rebound every now and then, huh?

What, are you putting on makeup?

Get out in the gym and start warming up.

Jygalski, when you find the pumps to match your skirt,

you might meet us in the gym.

Lets go.

- Hey. This is just the start of it for you.
- Nathan!

Any side effects?

- From what?
- Your amnesia.

What are you talking about?

I’m talking about how you must’ve gotten amnesia because I know

that you would’ve mentioned that you got into a fight today.

- Are you okay, Luke?
- Yeah.

You ever wake up from a really good dream and try to get back to sleep?

Or you got the flu and you promise yourself that you’d appreciate normal so much more

- if you could just get back to it.
- Yeah.

That’s the way I feel.

I just want things to go back to the way they were.

With basketball?

With everything.

You know, it’s really too bad Lucas is poor and he can’t play because he is fine.

Hey, I think it’s really good that you’re fighting with Nathan again.

- You do?
- Yeah.

Every time you guys fight I get to hear new music.

Hey, did you buy the new Beyonce?


You know, Peyton, I know you’re all Gwen Stefani, plaid skirt, I’m a badass,

but we love you anyway, and you know why?

Because Friday night, when it is game time, there you are.

One of us.

P.S. Gwen Stefani is not a badass.

You ever look past it, Brooke?

- Past what?
- All of it.

High school, basketball, and just… the whole popularity drama.


I mean, I think about the future sometimes and it scares me.

But then I think I’ll go to college…

I’ll join the right sorority… I’ll marry a rich guy.

Unless I get fat.

Look, it’s only one game, Luke. Even Jordan played lousy in his first pro game.

Michael Jordan scored 16 points in his first pro game.

Yeah. I know that. I just didn’t think you did.

All I’m saying is, you know, you’ve got to shake it off.

What if I can’t do it, Keith?

- I mean, maybe I can’t play at this level.
- You can.

Well maybe not. And plus, it’s all of them.

I don’t fit into their world. I never will.

It’s stupid.

Even Jordan got cut from his high school varsity team. And he did okay.

What’s your mom say about it?

I haven’t talked to her yet.

- Well, you should.
- Why?

Because she deserves it. I mean, she’s going through this thing, too. You’re not the only one.

It’s a rule of life. The prettier the girl, the messier the car.

It’s a real turnoff, huh?

Those are my sketches!

Um… I wasn’t looking.

This is personal. Alright, I don’t read your diary!

- I don’t have a diary.
- No?

Dear Diary, my daddy doesn’t love me. P.S. Stay out of my stuff!

What’s this I hear about a fight?


- Did you win?
- Dad, it was nothing.

No, son, it was something. Because if it was nothing,

the principal wouldn’t have called me at the dealership.

Do you realize how fast a suspension or bad reputation can ruin your prospects?

Dad, he was hitting on my girlfriend!

- What do you want me to do?
- Your girlfriend?

Nathan, if you’re going to get in a fight, get in a fight over something important.

Did you get hurt?


Okay, good.

Did you?

Me? Why?

He wasn’t swinging at me, Dad…

he was swinging at you.

So, you gonna tell me about the fight or you wanna just assume I know about it while I yell at you?

Is that the phone? I’ll get it.

Still here.

Mom, he had it coming.

- You know he said...
- No.

When they called me today, I was certain they had the wrong Scott.

And then they told me they had two Scotts and I could take my pick.

Honestly, Lucas, fighting in class? Fighting at all?

- The guy was being a jerk.
- And this is suddenly a surprise to you?

- He hasn’t been a jerk before?
- No. He’s always a jerk.

So why go down to his level?

This wouldn’t have anything to do with playing poorly, would it?

How would you know? You weren’t even there.

I’m sorry. Mom…

Mom! I’m so...

How’d you sleep?

Not so good.

I had this really bad dream where I as a jackass to my mom.

- Listen.
- Listen.

- Ooh.
- Jinx.

- Sorry.
- No. I’m sorry.

I should’ve told you the truth about why I couldn’t be there.

I really wanted to Luke, but the idea of walking into that gym…

That’s where he told me he was going away to college without me.

That’s where everything changed.

I don’t regret one second of one day with you, okay?

I don’t. But that day was a hard day in that gym.

And it was basketball that he chose.

And I’m sorry that you have to hear things like that, but I don’t want to lie to you either.

I’m sorry you had to live it.

Look, I want to talk about what’s happening with the team.

I know you think I’ve been hard on you, but that’s because I see the big picture here.

Whitey’s not going to bench this kid just because of one bad game.

So what? Let him humiliate himself.

No. It’s more than that.

Back when I played for Whitey, his word was law. He was always right.

Even when he was wrong. So eventually I called him on it.

And he benched you in the state championship.

Yeah, so he claimed. He covered and acted like he benched me.

But you should know the truth. I refused to go back in that game.

We were ahead in the fourth quarter, and Whitey wanted to stall.

What did I tell you about playing with the lead?

- Be aggressive.
- Exactly. Be aggressive.

Plus, there were scouts who were there to see me. This guy was checking me.

He was going to some big college back in Tinkham, so I did.

I disobeyed Whitey and I scored on him.

- Nice.
- Yeah.

Yeah, so Whitey called a time out and starts screaming about how it’s his system

that got us there and no one player was bigger than the team.

So I sat down and I called his bluff.

And they lost.

Yeah, I felt bad for the guys.

But he needed to know I’m the one who got us there. Not him and not his system.

Listen, Nathan, I don’t want you to back off this kid.

No matter how poorly he plays, Whitey’s just using him to get back at me.

Eventually I’ll deal with Whitey but for now, it’s just you and me, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Hey Lucas.

Tough game the other night.


It happens.

- So you read a lot, huh?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I got something for you.

Listen, I know we haven’t had really had a chance to talk much since you joined the team but...

I just kinda wanted to stay out of your way, give you a chance to chill, you know.

Oh, I’m Jake.

Yeah, I know.

A lot of talk about your one on one with Nathan.

- Man, I wish I could’ve been there.
- Ah. It was no big deal.

You know Nathan, he’s…

he’s a hell of player he really is. But...

he buys into all of this nonsense.

You’ve got him scared.

Fear changes everything.

- Atlas Shrugged?
- Yeah, you read it?

- No.
- It’s good.

Anyway, you’re gonna be fine.

Just remember… don’t let him take it.

- I don’t know what that means.
- Yeah, I know.

But you will.

Okay, we’re going to try our little Hemingway project again.

But in order to avoid a bar fight, we’re going to do it on paper.

Now you don’t have to put your names on these.

Simply write one word, one single word,

to describe what you want most in your life right now.

It’s like this.

You can’t do it, can you?

It’s beautiful.

I always wondered about it?

We all do, right?

What happens when it’s gone?

But see, I’ve never seen anybody lose it.

Like really lose it...

until now.

Go ahead, man.

Prove me wrong.

I don’t have to prove anything to you.

That’s pathetic.

And it’s too bad, really. I mean, I was looking forward to taking you down slowly,

but now? Hell, what’s the point?

You already know it’s over.

I’d say see you at practice, but we both know you’re not going to be there.

Why humiliate yourself, right?

You missed again.

Scott! Lucas Scott!

One more time! Lucas Scott!

No practice today?

What, are you stalking me?

- I thought someone should see them.
- Well, it’s none of your business.

You know what? You’re right. It’s none of my business.

- I wouldn’t know anything about it.
- I know you don’t.

Look, just tell me why you didn’t submit them. Your stuff is good.

It’s not good enough.

Look, Peyton, why not?

I want to draw something that means something to someone.

You know, I want to draw blind faith or a fading summer or… just a moment of clarity.

It’s like when you go and you see a really great band live for the first time, you know,

and nobody’s saying it but everybody’s thinking it --

"We have something to believe in again."

I want to draw that feeling. But, I can’t.

And if I can’t be great at it then I don’t want to ruin it.

It’s too important to me.

Yep. Me too.

Hey, what about your sketchbook?

What about them? They don’t mean anything to anybody, do they?

People who value their lives usually knock first.

Oh. That explains it.

- It’s like a time capsule in here.
- What can I do for you, Danny.


you can let it go.

That’s definitely the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

If you’ve got a problem with me, Whitey, don’t take it out on Nathan.

What problem would that be, Danny?

Oh. I think you know.

State championship.

Now you’ve gone and humiliated Karen’s son in some feeble attempt to get even.

Karen’s son.

That’s a very convenient way of putting it.

It might interest you to know that Karen’s son has taken himself off the team.

Does that make you happy, Danny?

Seeing the demise of the kid you fathered and then abandoned?

Hey, move Nathan back to shooting guard and you might finally win that state championship.

You’re just destroying kids’ lives left and right, aren’t you?

Well, you’ve made a career out of it.

Missed you at practice.

I can’t do it.

You want to know something?

I have had 35 winning seasons.

Do you know what keeps me up at night?

College jobs I never took.

Could’ve beens have a way of doing that.


We got a game tomorrow night.

You’re on my team until tip-off.

The rest is up to you.

Look, son.

There’s no shame in being afraid.

Hell, we’re all afraid.

What you’ve got to do is figure out what you’re afraid of.

Because when you put a face on it, you can beat it.

Or better yet, you can use it.

Think about it.

You’ve got some ugly toes, girl.

- No I don’t.
- Yeah, you do. They’re like practically fingers.

Well, then just focus on the middle one.

Aw, come on. I was just joking. I love your toes.

So I’m thinking about quitting the team.

- Right.
- No, I’m serious.

I don’t even like it anymore. Whitey can’t stand me.

It’s never good enough for my dad.

I think you should. Why not, right? I mean, you can quit the team

and I’ll quit cheerleading and then… we can just walk away from it.

Nathan, lets do it!

Yeah, right. That’s what I’m gonna do.

I gotta go. I’ll see you at the game.

Did you ever figure out your porn name?

- What are you talking about?
- Your porn name.

You know, you take the name of your first pet and your mother’s maiden name

and you put them together. What was the name of your first pet?

- You know that. I had a dog named Rocket.
- Oh, Rocket! Ah! I loved Rocket.

So your mother’s maiden name is Roe. Rocket Roe!

- Nice.
- What’s yours?

Oh, I had a bunny, named Bunny.

- You had a Bunny named Bunny?
- Yes I did.

And my mother’s maiden name is Beaugard. So…

- Bunny Beaugard.
- Bunny Beaugard.

Dawson’s Freak. Starring Rocket Roe and Bunny Beaugard.

- Nice.
- Shut up!

Hey, this game tonight.

You’re not playing anymore...


You know I’ve never walked away from anything before, Haley?

- Yeah.
- But I can’t do it.

And even worse, I don’t know why I can’t do it.

You know, it’s like, no matter how confusing or screwed up life got,

the game always made sense. It was mine, you know.

And in a lot of ways it’s who I am.

But I can’t be that person in their gym,

or in their uniforms, or… in their world.

I hear you, Luke.

But I know you.

And I know that no matter what happens you’re still going to be the same guy you always were.

No uniform, no… whatever is gonna ruin that, you know?

Call me later. We’ll go get some pizza.

I took the night off. Thought I’d take in a basketball game.

Sorry, Mom.

No, Luke. I’m sorry.

I’ve always loved the game.

Even in the junior leagues.

I remember when they issued you your first jersey.

And I couldn’t get you out of that. You wore that thing for weeks.

And then you decided to quit playing.

Do you remember why?


I didn’t want to see his face.


I didn’t want to be like him. And…

I was afraid that I’d become him if I played.

In the gym, I felt like he had a piece of me.

I never felt like that on the playground.

Well, I’d say he’s taken enough from us.

I took the night off to watch my son play again.

The way that he used to when he loved the game more than anything.


Thank you.

It’s hard to fight the things that we’re afraid of. Sometimes we just need a little help.

Hey! Hold on!

Here Could you take a look at these?

You won’t be disappointed.

Sure. Okay.

It’s time to focus now, Nathan.

Put everything out of your mind that bothers you.

I don’t want you thinking about Whitey. I don’t want you thinking about your teammates.

Let them think about you, son.

The other team's thinking about you. And they’re scared.

I’ll see you at the game.

I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show.

It’s game night. Where else would I be?

Uh, son!

Give this to my boy, would you?

Don’t let him take it.

Your talent.

It’s all yours.

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark

in the hopeless swaps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all.

Do not let the hero in your soul perish

in lonely frustration for the life you deserved

and have never been able to reach.

The world you desire can be won.

It exists.

It is real.

Don’t choke.

It is possible.

It is yours.

Your art matters.

It’s what got me here.

Lets go, lets go! Ravens on three! One, two, three! Ravens!

You’re gonna be okay.

Yeah, I am.