One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Admiral Nelson's Secret Plan - full transcript

The Going Merry is avoiding the line of fire from the Marine Ships of the 8th Divison. Admiral Nelson is entertained by the whole thing, and tells a marine official to send out a flag signal telling Major that they have it under control. Erik however isn't going to let the Admiral get the Sennenryuu for himself. And asks the Major for 3 capable men and a rowboat. Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro took Usopp's idea of cutting the steal chains seriously and will use that for their plan in getting out of here. So Luffy used his Gomu Gomu Bridge, so he, Sanji, and Zoro can get on board one of the ships. They find themselves surrounded by armed marines. Which wasn't a problem for them, as they beat the hell out of all of them. Admiral Nelson couldn't believe that they're winning. While Apis was surprised on how strong her friends are. Zoro cut down the steal chain barriers, while Nami and Usopp guide the Going Merry to their soon to be exit. But the were stopped by Erik, who's on a rowboat with 3 marine officials. He heads for Ryuuji's cart, where Apis tried to protect him, but failed. He warned Usopp and Nami not to interfere, otherwise he'll use his Scythe Weasel attack for real. Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro couldn't do a thing about it, as Erik took hold of the floating cart. Admiral Nelson thanked Erik for the job he's fore filled. But Erik revealed to the Admiral that he's not planning to give the dragon to him as promised. Nelson called Erik a traitor and ordered the whole fleet to open fire on them. Apis tried to convince Erik to leave Ryuuji alone. But reasoning won't work on a guy like Erik. He plans on using the elixir for himself, while having Apis as his hostage on the way out. Apis bit Erik's hand, which made him throw Apis onto the rowboat with violence. Ryuuji saw the whole thing, and realized that his friend is in danger. And for the first time ever, he got up, scared the marines and Erik, and get rid of them with his powerful wings. Ryuuji looked down to the out cold Apis, and remembered how she would always took care of him back at Gunkan Island. He gave out a high pinch roar, which woke Apis up. She was glad to see Ryuuji standing up by himself, and he told her telepathically that he'll try to fly. And he managed to fly into the air again. While the Admiral, doesn't want his prized possession to get away, he ordered the fleet to shoot down the dragon. Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji took out most of the cannons as Ryuuji flew towards the Admiral's ship. Before getting a piece of the Admiral, Ryuuji fell into the ocean, & remained floating on the surface. Luffy stretched out his arm, and stood on Ryuuji and told him that he needs to get up again. Luffy could sense the Ryuuji has chosen to give up and will let Luffy protect apis from now. But Luffy tries to encourage the dragon not to give up. While Apis cried with tears, that Ryuuji is at a dying state. Will they be able to get rid of Admiral Nelson for good & find Lost Island?

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
After a great adventure,

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
Luffy and company finally
reached the sky island of Skypiea.

However, Nami's group was taken
away by ''Heaven's Judgment,''

so Luffy and the others headed
for God's island of Upper Yard,

with Conis leading the way, but...

The Crow!

You can't be serious!

Crows... aren't even waterfowl.

Your exit is Gate #2.

It will lead you to the giant Milky Road,
which connects to Upper Yard.

Y-You simply need to take that.

--Hey. Conis.

Why've you been shaking
ever since we left your house?

Forgive me, Conis-san...

It is our citizens' duty.

Could you run away?

I was the one who called
the Super-Express Lobster!

Once we know someone's a criminal,

we'll be killed if we don't lead
them to the place of judgment!

Thank goodness! Conis-chan...!

I know who you are.

Please come back...


''Onward, Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar''

Is Conis gonna be alright?

She tried to save us and
wound up as an accomplice!

She's gonna have hell to pay for sure!

That old Sky Knight said
he'd hold on to her, but...

Nah, that weird old guy doesn't seem bad.

Got no other choice.

I wanna protect her, but we
can't take her with us, either.

Yeah, we probably are in
more danger than her...

What with a ''sacrificial altar''
and some ''ordeal'' waiting for us...

Geez, this thing is slow...

Of course it is. It's many times
heavier than a waver. Don't be picky!

Hey, look! What's that humongous forest?!

Is that Upper Yard?!

Wow! Was there a forest like that on the map?!

No, there is a forest here,
but it's nothing like this.

It's just a normal one.

People from 200 years ago had that map, right?

It might've been an old map when they had it.

It'd take at least a thousand years
for such giant trees to grow!

--That's true...
--But they sure are big trees!

I wanna climb 'em!

--It's the entrance!
--Well, if we're gonna turn back,
now's our chance.

You ready, Usopp?

Eh?! Well, if it's possible, I'd like to go back--

--Let's go!
--You weren't planning to listen to me!

I wanna go back...

--There's things here!
--Well, it is a forest!


No, wait! Look around, you guys!

These are wrecked ships!

--It is a forest!

How are they related?!

Plus they've all been sliced right in half...!

Not again!

Forests are full of all kinds of stuff, you--


Full speed ahead! All ahead full!
Paddle! Paddle, hurry! Forward!

Huh? What's going on?

A sickle monster!

Don't let your guard down!
Another one's coming!

No... Not just one...!

Paddle like crazy!

What the hell is this?!

Watch where you're going! Hit the brake, Luffy!

No, we're not gonna make it!
Take the wheel, Usopp!


Hey, Luffy! What're you doing?! Aim forward!

Just keep moving forward!


--Dodged it!
--That was close!

There's still more?!

Now spears?!

--Usopp! Right!
--No, left!

--Which one?!
--Just dodge 'em!

--They just keep coming!
--They're gonna get us sooner or later!

What a pain! All together! Gum-Gum...


Made it through...

I sure hope there's no more of this...!

Now what?!

--We dodged it!

--It's coming back!

That damn Super-Express Lobster
just deserted us here...

Where exactly are we?

Where exactly are we?

What's for certain is that it's
the interior of Upper Yard...

What's for certain is that it's
the interior of Upper Yard...

It's almost as if this is a sacrifice altar...

Sacrifice... altar?

Nami. What's a ''sacrifice''?

It means being offered
to God while you're alive.

Oh, that's all? I thought it meant
being boiled alive or something...


Actually, it's something like that...

Whatever the method, your life is given to God.

Eh?! Does that mean we
are going to be killed?!



What is that?!

A shark... in the sky... A skyshark?

Zoro! Zoro!

Can't see much...! Where the hell is it?!

I'm way out of my element! I can't
move as well as I can on land...!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

We dodged it!

It's coming back!

I'm sick of this place! You couldn't
have enough lives to survive this!

I'm going back, I don't care what anyone says!

No! Usopp!

Shaddup! I'm captain of the Crow!

--Since when?!
--Since now!

Even if we do go back, there's no
guarantee we'll return safely. See?

It's coming back!

Alright, you! Gum-Gum...

--That's it!
--Get it, Luffy!

I can't think of anything.

Just dodge! Our only option now is to run!

We managed to dodge it...

But this is bad! Now we can't even go back!

We've come a long way from the entrance...!

--Wanna get off here?
--Don't be stupid! I'll die!

Yeah, probably.

What was that?! A snake?!

A lamprey. A ''sky lamprey,'' I guess?

One that big'll do more than suck a little blood!

What a neat forest!

Neat, my butt! If this is our
''ordeal,'' I've had enough!

But we just entered the forest.

We're in for big trouble if we stop
or dawdle on this Milky Road...

Looks like our only choice is to keep moving!

What happened to you, Zoro?!

--There he is!

The skyshark is beating Zoro!

H-He went under again!
Zoro isn't coming back up!

Do you think... he got eaten?!

Zoro was eaten!

If he was eaten, the clouds would turn red.

How can you say something
so scary so calmly, Robin?!

I'm sick of you!

This is bad...

Doesn't look like swimming
outta here will do us any good...

You punched that shark!
I thought you were a swordsman?!

You're so strong, Zoro!

What happened to your
so-called ''swordsman pride''?

Will you quit nagging about everything?!

There wasn't just one!
There's a whole swarm of skysharks!

We'll be here all night if we try
to take on every single one.

Can't get even get to shore like this...

Though we can't just sit here, either.

That giant lobster brought us
to one hell of a place...

Do you suppose starving us
here is ''Heaven's Judgment''?

Would God really do something so bland?

I don't know. I've never met him before.

This is bad... We can't set sail
with the hull like this.

Try to fix the ship somehow, Chopper.

Eh?! Me?! Okay.

Fix it? Are you planning to do something?

I'm gonna get into this forest somehow.

We should probably make
this our base of operations.

I'm sure Luffy and the others
are headed here in search of us.

It's like they say, ''If you get lost,
stay where you are.''

Especially you!

Say, Zoro. You said you're gonna
go into the forest, but what for?

God's on this island, right?
I'm gonna go meet him.

I'm telling you, that's a bad idea!
What if you run into those freaks?!

Dunno. Depends on how they act.

Zoro... You seem even mightier than God...

He has priests on this island too, you know!

We can't make God angry!
It's common sense, you know!

Sorry, but...

...I've never once prayed to God.

So cool!

Don't believe in him, either.
So I got no obligation to him.

Oh, Lord! I have nothing to do
with him! Please don't punish me!

You're so awesome, Zoro!

Damn... I wish this would end already...!

This is just a warm-up!

Supposedly, there are neat-sounding
priests waiting for us ahead!

So, what, you're saying none
of this was part of our ''ordeal''?!

Yeah, I doubt it. You saw that
attack back at the docks.

I dunno how it works,
but that's some incredible power.

One hit from that and you're a goner.


This ''God Eneru'' is mysterious.

Seems like he's been keeping
constant watch over us...

Do you think God was in that town?!

He'd have to have been,
to attack so accurately like that...

No, not necessarily. We are
talking about God here!

He might be able to foresee everything!

He might even be watching
us at this very moment!

When did you become such a believer?
You're not even from here!

That's not the issue. God is great, right?

You gotta bow to great people,
even if you don't mean it!

Then you can worry about other things!

I guess, but there are un-great
gods in the world, too.

Like the gods of poverty... and pestilence...

Who're you referring to?!

All that said, looks like our
next guest is here to see us!

Not another one!

That vine looks usable.

You're right. Good idea.

Mind if I join you, Mr. Swordsman?

Huh?! No, but don't be slowin' me down!

Hold on! Where are you going, Robin?!

Look at this.

At least a thousand years have
passed since this altar was built.

A thousand years?!

Historical things like this
make my body tingle...!

Where there is great history, there
should be just as many old relics...

I'd wager even a few jewel
fragments would help out our ship.

I'm coming, too!

Eh?! After you were so scared?!

It's for historical investigation!

She has Berries in her eyes...

--How's that?

What is that? A catchphrase?

Robin is amazing!

She did it so easily...

I'm kind of high up...

It's about 50 meters. Mess up and you die!

Could you please not say that?!

I really am a goner if I fall!


Alright, fine! I'm going!
Is that what you want?!

T-Too fast! I can't stop!

See, you have guts.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

--Not at all.
--That's what you get for not going, ''Aa-aa-aa!''

Is that the issue here?!

This certainly is a big forest...

Okay, Chopper! You're in charge of the ship!

--We're counting on you!
--We'll be back soon!

Right! Be careful, everyone!
Come back safe, now!

I guess Nami is okay,
since she has Zoro and Robin...

I'm too scared to go...

Everyone is so brave and amazing!

I wonder if I'll be brave, too, someday?

Anyway, I'll do everything I can now!

Being all alone and in charge of
the ship in this dangerous forest

is proof that everyone trusts in me!

I gotta do my best!

Yeah! I'm all alone in this dangerous place--

I'm the one in the most danger!

A lamprey!

Hey, do you think that huge thing
would taste good roasted?

Forget it. This is no time for cooking.

Darn. Gum-Gum...


Sky islands are scary... Sky islands are scary...

Wanna get off here?

Are you stupid?! You're asking me
to die! I'm scared! Gimme a break!

Now there's a giant!

No. That's a statue!

Oh. But it's a total dead-end!

No, there are four entrances!

Don't tell me they each
lead to different places?!

''Swamp Ordeal''...

''Iron Ordeal''...

''String Ordeal''...

''Ball Ordeal''...

Are we allowed to go in any one?!

Is God trying to play games
with us or something?!

Four ordeals... Which do we choose?