One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Those Who Soar in the Open Skies! Revival of the 1000 Year Legend! - full transcript

Luffy tells Ryuuji to not give up hope, but he remained in the water and began to sank. Admiral Nelson orders the marines to reel in the dragon with a gun spear cannon. Luffy however prevented the spear from piercing into Ryuuji. Luffy asked him on why he's doing this. Nelson just says that the only thing he wants from the dragon is eternal youth and nothing more. Luffy got angry after hearing that and threw the spear towards the Admiral's ship which missed the Admiral completely. Luffy talks some sense to Ryuuji to forget about the whole giving up thing, and think for himself instead of Apis. Then he gave out a different roar, which Luffy can tell is a good sign. Then an earthquake occurred out of no where. Apis already knows that Ryuuji is saying "The time has come". A call for all of his friends from around the globe to come. Nami and Usopp didn't know what it meant till they saw in the distance a flock of Sennenryuu Dragons coming. Everyone was surprised to see the dragons coming here. Even Admiral Nelson is looking forward to getting more Ryuukotsu for himself. Ryuuji fell into the ocean again, and Luffy understands what to do now. He stretched out his arm to grab one of the Dragons from above, and gave out a Gomu Gomu Axe attack to slip the Admiral Ship in half. The Admiral drowned into the ocean. The rest of the fleet flees from the sight of Luffy, which was Zoro and Sanji's cue in getting back to the Going Merry. Luffy made it back on the ship with the others, only to find Apis crying over the drown Ryuuji. She thinks she failed in bring her friend back to Dragon's Rock, but Luffy told her that his wish has been fulfilled. The Sennenryuu started to circle around Gunkan Island. Then another earthquake occurred, and the whole ocean started to drain, and Gunkan Island began to rise. Lost Island was underneath them the whole time. Nami realized what the pictures from the temple meant now. That the Sennenryuu don't refer to their eternal life, but there 1000 year migration. The flock that's circling them comes to the lost island every 1000 years. It's called Lost Island, because no one would remember it being real or not during the thousand year lifespan. After it was all over, they find themselves at Dragon's Nest. Where all the Dragons are enjoying themselves. The very place where Ryuuji wanted to go to. Apis found Ryuuji lying in the water, she ran towards him and called out his name, but no response from Ryuuji at all. The Straw Hat Pirates know that he's past on. Usopp noticed all the dragon shape rocks in the area. Sanji can tell they were once living dragons. While Nami explained that when a living thing is underwater for a 1000 year period can make the body calcified. Nami learns that Dragon's Nest is also a graveyard. But Apis denied that it is, and wanted Ryuuji to get better when he got to Dragon's Nest. Luffy express to Apis seriously that Ryuuji was a lost dragon, and has been alone during the past 1000 years. When Apis first found him, he wasn't alone any more. Having her for a friend made him feel less lonely than before. But Apis still wanted Ryuuji to stand up and become better. But that won't help at all. Luffy also told her, that Ryuuji said that dragons come to Dragon's Nest to be reborn. And one of the eggs hatched and a newly born Sennenryuu Dragon is born. The adult Sennenryuu surround it and welcomed it to the new world. The baby Sennenryuu looked at her just like Ryuuji did, this made Apis cried with tears, but it glad that her friend has been reborn into a younger dragon to live on in a different life. She went back to her friends, and now understands everything about her ancestors, why the temple was built, why Ryuuji wanted to go back here, & what kind of place dragon's Nest really is. She thanked Luffy for everything that happened thanks to him. And decided to go back to the village. The Ryuukotsu turns out to be a myth all along. And the marines were waisting their time on find an elixir that can't possibly be made. Admiral Nelson surprisingly enough has survived and plans to get all the Ryuukotsu he can get from the Sennenryuu, then he came face to face with Erik. He tried to make a deal in splitting the elixir, but Erik didn't want to hear another word out of the Admiral and killed him with his Scythe Weasel Attack. Just when our heroes were about to go on celebrating, they find Erik, who's looking forward in killing them all.

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
After a great adventure,

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
Luffy and his crew finally
reached the sky island of Skypiea.

Luffy and his crew finally
reached the sky island of Skypiea.

However, Nami's group was taken
away by ''Heaven's Judgment,''

and Luffy's group, on their way
to God's Island to get them,

encountered trap after trap...



Meanwhile, Nami's group,
which was taken to a sacrificial altar...

He has priests on this island too, you know!

Anyway, we can't make God angry!
It's common sense, you know!

Sorry, but...

...I've never once prayed to God.

And so, Zoro's group left Chopper
behind and entered the forest...

I'm the one in the most danger!

''10% Survival Rate! Satori, the Mantra Master!''

Where is this God, anyway?

If he's a god, he might have already
foreseen our actions long ago.

Things'd be a lot faster if he came to us...

I'd rather he not show up!
How many times do I have to tell you?!

The god on this island is horrible!

Oh, Lord... Please stay nice and peaceful...!

Oh! And please let us find some treasure...

Is that what you care about?!

Anyway, walking along the
river won't get us anywhere...

We should cross and check out the other side.


But how? Use a vine to
swing across like before?

Or do we climb a--

Damn! They're here, too?!

F-Forget it! I am not crossing this river!

We'd pretty much be feeding
ourselves to the skysharks!

But there's no guarantee we can get across

even if we keep walking along the river!

I said forget it!

If you're gonna go,
then you can go alone, Zoro!

If you're that scared, you shouldn't
have come in the first place!

Say... This ground...

What about it?

It's dirt.

Of course it is. It's ground.

This is a sky island.

You're right. It isn't all fluffy...

Eh? Oh, right! Sky islands are
made out of island cloud...

It feels like such a long time
since I've touched dirt like this...!

Why is this island different?

In any case, it's certain that
this is an unusual sky island...

Looks like checking into
it might be worth a lot...

A Level 2 Crime, huh?
Who do you take God for?!

Choose an ordeal... We shall
present it with our own hands...

Sin is living in ignorance.

The means to attaining peace
do not lead into Heaven...

''Swamp Ordeal''
The means to attaining peace
do not lead into Heaven...

''Swamp Ordeal''


''Iron Ordeal''

''Iron Ordeal''


''String Ordeal''

''String Ordeal''


''Ball Ordeal''

''Ball Ordeal''

Choose an ordeal!

So, what do we do?

Alright! Let's go with ''Ball''!

--Why's that, Luffy?!
--It sounds fun!

That's your reason?! These are ordeals!
They're not gonna be fun!

No, but I agree with ''Ball.''

It's the only one that
doesn't sound too violent...

I mean, ''swamp'' makes me think of...

I'm sinking! Someone!

I get the feeling that once you sink,
there's no coming back up...

Then what about ''Iron''?

They're gonna hit us!

Denied! That sounds totally bad!

Then what about ''String''?

It sounds easy, and not too bad at all, but...

High up!

N-No! Its easy sound makes it seem suspicious!

''Ball Ordeal''
N-No! Its easy sound makes it seem suspicious!

''Ball Ordeal''

A huge ball!


It sounds round and soft, but it's
the most likely to be a trick!

We really need to think this over!

There's no time to be wishy-washy!
We're already there, anyway!

Let's go with ''Ball''!

A-Alright! Guess I'll go with
Luffy's hunch on this one!

Then it's decided.
But don't let your guard down.

We're on God's Island,
10,000 meters up in the air!

Anything could happen here!

Let's go! Ball!

Hey, now! Don't shut your eyes, driver!

Even when they're open, it's pitch black!

Say, there's other stuff like this, right?

--Like what?
--You know how there were four entrances?

Maybe one of them was the right one,
and the others were wrong?!

Eh?! What?! Don't say that now!

What happens if we chose the wrong one?!

If it's the wrong one... Hmm...

Maybe we'll fall off the sky island?

Don't be stupid! We can't fall off!

It's 10,000 meters to the Blue Sea, you know!

You could reflect on your life
multiple times on your way down!

Even falling has it limits!

Quit bein' idiots!
That's obviously not gonna happen--

No! You gotta be kidding me!

We're alive...

I seriously thought we were
gonna fall 10,000 meters...

It's all because you said
misleading stuff, Luffy!

That was scary! I thought I was gonna die!

Still, what is this place?

They're balls...

They're small ''island cloud'' balls...

Awesome! It's like big snow!

What a weird place! It's so neat!

The Milky Road leads above the trees...

But what part of this is an ordeal?

Who knows?

It'd be great if there's nothing at all,
but I doubt that's the case...

Maybe we got the right entrance?!

I bet if we chose the wrong one,
we'd be in trouble right about now!

--Y-Yeah! You might be right!

Idiots, don't let your guard down!

Would you really let criminals get
off free?! Give things some thought!

There might be traps like earlier...

Stay sharp!

Let's just keep moving...

I'm thirsty! Let's have some tea!

Huh? Yes, let's! Open up
the rice crackers in your bag!

Ooh, good idea!

You guys!

--C'mon, just one rice cracker!
--Yeah! Let's eat, let's eat!

No! Listen! I'm gonna keep steering.

You guys keep watch on both sides!

It took us really high up at some point...!

But it's strange...

There are four priests, so I assumed
each entrance led to one...

...but I guess not.

Hey! Usopp! Pass!

Okay! I got it! Pass!

I told you to keep watch!

A snake!

You jerk! Get outta here!

That was a shock! Why...?!

Sanji! Look out! A cloud!

Kick it far away!

Dammit! Are all these
floating things snake eggs?!

This isn't good...

What's the deal with these balls?!

There's no telling what will come out!

These clouds are called ''surprise clouds''!

Surprise clouds?!

--Who're you?!

Thank you for choosing my ''Ball Ordeal''!

''Skypiea Priest
Satori of the Forest''
Thank you for choosing my ''Ball Ordeal''!

''Skypiea Priest
Satori of the Forest''

Who is this dumpling freak?

Don't tell me he's a priest?!

You're the ball ordeal?! A ball?!

Quit dancin'! Who the hell are you?!

Wow, he seems dumber than I expected...

Didn't Nami and the old guy
say they were really strong?

Hey! Dumpling!

Nami-san and the others are safe, I hope?!

Do you mean the sacrifices?

If so, I wouldn't know. Even if they're
left alone, they're going to die!

Even if they manage to escape,
they're still going to die!

--Say what?!
--You should worry about yourselves.

Just so you know, you'll of course
need to beat me to continue ahead!

Okay! Here he comes, Luffy! Get 'im!

Alright! I'll shoot him down!


Oh, you're going to stretch?


--No way!

Luffy?! Hey! You're alright, right?!

Regular hits don't work on you!


It is a bit different from a hit!

I'll show you different!

An upper kick with the right foot...

Collier--! What?!

Only the well-trained are
given the power of ''Mantra''!

Impossible! He predicted my movements?!


It is different from a hit!


The shock destroys the body from the inside!

D-Dammit! Sanji! Usopp!

Yeah, I'm alright... But what the hell was that?!

No idea at all...! He's mysterious!

My name is Satori!

I am one of the priests of
the almighty God Eneru!

I own the Vearth in this Illusion Forest!

Illusion Forest?


This forest!


...your boat will be lost in its illusions!

The boat is taking off!

Your boat will now speed along
this forest's Milky Road at random

and eventually leave through
this forest's only exit!

I'm sure you realize it, but losing a dial boat

is the same as losing your
way to the sacrificial altar.

So you must find and board
the boat before that happens.

Of course, these countless surprise
clouds and I will not allow that.

Welcome to the sacred ground of Upper Yard!

This is the Illusion Forest Ball Ordeal,
with a 10% survival rate!

10% survival rate?!

Zoro! Nami! Robin!

Don't leave me all alone! Please come back!

Who'll save me if I'm suddenly attacked now?!

This is all because Luffy wanted
to go to the sky island...

I'm sure Luffy and the others
are headed here in search of us.

Oh, yeah! Luffy and the others are coming!

Oh! Then I just need to endure it until then!

I just need to play it safe and
wait for Luffy and the others!

In the meantime, I'll fix the ship!
Zoro did ask me to!


When Luffy and the others find out
I'm handling the ship fine alone...

The hammer!

I-I have to go get it...


You'd better hurry before the boat
goes deeper into the Illusion Forest!

Hey! We gotta go after the boat
before we lose sight of it!

If we lose it in this forest,
finding it again'll be tough!

Wait, Usopp! The same is
true if we get separated!

Luffy! What about you?!

You guys stop the boat!

I'm gonna take care of the ball guy!

In your dreams! I'm filled
with good fortune and pride!

I guess we do need someone
to stop that potbelly freak!

Don't do anything reckless!
He's got some weird powers!

--We'll come back once we stop the boat!

Hold it right there, Ball!

Grabs a branch...


The same as before.


What's wrong? I thought you
were going to take care of me?

I said I will... and I will!

I won't miss this time! Gum-Gum...

A fake punch, followed by a kick...




Where is it?! Where'd the Crow go?!
We gotta catch the boat, quick!

Dammit! Can't see from down here!


Watch yourself, Luffy!
These priests are no ordinary people!

Let's find the boat ASAP
and get the hell outta here!

U-Urgh... I-I'm stuck...!

How stubborn.