One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Duel in the Ruins! Zoro vs. Eric Under Pressure! - full transcript

The Straw Hat Pirates. Apis and Ryuuji find themselves in a temple on what believed to be the Dragon's Nest. But all they found was a high ceiling with pictures of dragons and people. It didn't look like a place where dragons once roam. Apis asked Ryuuji, but he doesn't even know what this place is either. Usopp complained that the dragon isn't too helpful at all. While Apis started to argue with him that he's not at all helpful either. Luffy found a large piece of the ceiling that was once part of the ceiling. As well as other pieces that collapsed and caved in most of the areas. Usopp thinks it's wise to get out of here while they can. But Apis still thinks that the real Dragon's Nest is here. But Usopp doesn't think so because they haven't seen a single dragon besides Ryuuji so far. While Nami buts in, and believes that the island they're on couldn't be Lost Island. They all wondered why she'd think that, so she pointed out to the ceiling's pictures. And said that it's like a map pointing to Lost Island. And the people who are surrounding the dome in the picture prove that people have once lived here. Possibly the ancestors of Gunkan Island. And recalled Grandpa Bokuden saying that their people came from a different island long ago. And noted all the dragon statues and drawings on the island, show that the people of this island worshiped the Sennenryuu as Gods. After Usopp listened to Nami's hypothesis, he starts to believe for sure that Dragon's Nest isn't here at all. Apis wondered where the real one could be. Zoro thinks according to the map that it's located on the one with a dragon drawing on it. And it looked like he's right about that. But the island looks exactly like Gunkan Island. Which made everyone confused because they were told Gunkan Island isn't Lost Island or home of the Dragon's Nest. Sanji agreed with Nami's hypothesis and thinks they'll know once they get back there. Nami however doesn't think she's 100 percent right about all this. And Lost Island could of sank to the sea, explaining why no one knows where it is. Apis went to Ryuuji, and tries to get him to remember where Dragon's Nest really is. And told him to look at the pictures and think hard. ryuuji is their only hope in finding what they're searching for. Ryuuji looked up, and the birds that flew from the dome window, made him envisioned his species again. And he finally remembers that Dragon's Nest is located near Gunkan Island. Apis was glad that Ryuuji remembered, but felt sorry for dragging the Straw Hat Pirates all the way to this island ofr nothing. But they told her not to take it so hard. Zoro sense someone spying on them, and it is Erik who learned that Gunkan Island is where Dragon Nest is. Luffy made an exit, by running into the wall, which crumbled and created an escape route. Sanji told Zoro and Usopp that Erik has a Devil's Fruit power, and need to be careful about it. Zoro kept Erik busy, while Usopp, Sanji, Luffy, Nami, and Apis get Ryuuji out of the temple and straight to the Going Merry. They slide down on a large tree root, and continued to slide down the mountain slope. Erik told Zoro that he has no time to fight him, and went to go after the others. Zoro was on Erik's tail, and tried to prevent him from proceeding. Erik through dirt at Zoro's face, and explained that he's only interested in the Sennenryuu dragon. And will kill those who interfere. The others made it back to the Going Merry ship. They tied Ryuuji's cart to the ship, right till Apis learned from the birds that Zoro is in danger. Luffy stretched out his arm to grab where Zoro is. Before Erik had the chance to kill him. Soon they were reunited and departed from the island. The marines saw the Going Merry come out from the mirage barrier. Major finds Erik to return safely from the trip. Erik just told Major to follow the Going Merry, as he knows for sure where Dragon's Island is. As our heroes have a head start from the marines who followed. Their next destination is back on Gunkan Island. But they come face to face with another marine ship, much different from the others. It's lead by Admiral Nelson Royale himself, and he has the whole 8th Division fleet on his side. And all the ships formed a steel chain barrier to prevent the Going Merry from escaping. Admiral Nelson knows that they have a dragon, and wants that elixir more than everything. Erik on the other hand is angry that the Admiral has a greater advantage on capturing the dragon before him. How will the Straw Hat Pirates get out of this mess? And will they succeed in finding Dragon's Nest and Lost Island?

Luffy and crew managed to avoid
the White Berets' demands,

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
Luffy and crew managed to avoid
the White Berets' demands,

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
but a divine messenger suddenly
dragged Nami and three others away.

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''

So, they're saying that if we
want our friends and ship back,

we just have to come in from the front.

So that's our ordeal and... Heaven's Judgment?!

Yes. In Upper Yard, four priests
strong beyond imagination await you.

Oh, then it's easy.

To put it simply, all we have to do
is beat up those priests, right?

You're so simpleminded...

This is becoming fun!

''A Trap on Lovely Street! The Almighty Eneru''

--Hey! Luffy!
--W-Wait up!

What is it?

Where are you wandering
off to, all of a sudden?!

You heard Nami.

We'll only burden Conis and
the old guy if we stay here.

Yeah, but where are we going?

Isn't it obvious? The sacrificial altar.

How are you plannin' to get there?

Quit thinking!

We just need to swipe one of those
ships and take the Milky Road.

Do you see any ships we can swipe?!

I said quit thinking!

This isn't like the Blue Sea, you know!

This old map doesn't give us details
about Angel Island's geography,

and even how to get onto
the Milky Road is a mystery!

Man, what a pain...


Conis-chan! Did you come
all this way to see us off?!

My father asked me to help you on
your way to the sacrificial altar...

Oh? Pagaya-san did?

I'll accompany you to the Angel Island docks.

Once there, I'll prepare an
appropriate boat for you.

Wow! You're too perfect! Nothing
like a certain scatterbrain I know!

--That's for sure!
--I was referring to you!

We'd be delighted to have you
accompany us, Conis-chan!

Right, Luffy?!

Sure, we'll take you up on your offer!


I won't let you escape!

I'm going to send you to Upper Yard
to receive Heaven's Judgment!

What's that?!

That's Lovely Street. Once we're there,
we'll be right by the docks.

Aren't they already headed for Upper Yard?

Do we really need to be this secretive?


All the Blue Sea people who've
come here have been the same!

At first, they talk all cool
about dreams and adventures,

but once they're in danger, they
suddenly cry and beg for their lives!

I'm so excited to go to Upper Yard!

Y-You could die, you know...

Yeah. Everyone dies sometime.

You're not concerned?

Nope! I'm excited!

--Quit laughin'!

Worry about Nami-san and Robin-chan, will ya?!

And the Going Merry and
Zoro and Chopper, too!


Wow! This place is great!

Lovely Street is the only
downtown area on Angel Island.

Check it out! The stores are floating!

They've been built using
the qualities of island cloud.

Wow! Any yakiniku shops?

They're here!

--Please, just go straight there...
--Just get outta here...!

Is it just me, or is everyone avoiding us?

Can't blame 'em.

Word's probably already
gotten out that we're criminals.

This feels great! All of downtown to ourselves!

All the angels are avoiding me...

Oh? There sure is a lot of weird stuff for sale!

Ooh! If only I had money!
Is a treasure payment plan okay?

No, no!

This must be a dial shop!

I wonder if the Going Merry
could speed along like a waver

if it had two of these big Breath Dials?!

Luffy! This ain't the time to be foolin' around!

Nami-san and the others
are gonna be sacrificed!

Are you even serious about saving 'em?!

Save them? They're gonna be fine!
Zoro was caught with them!

Like we can really count on him!

I just hope the ship isn't any more damaged,

but things've been so crazy lately...

Huh?! There's something
in the middle of the street!


What a weird face! What is this? A seal?

Looks like a weird mud figure,
but it's probably a religious statue.

Morons! This is art! I can tell!

It's ''Vearth.'' The people of
the sky have forever admired it.


Eh?! You guys admire this thing?
You must be crazy...

Yes, I'm sure it must be difficult
for Blue Sea people to understand.

Oh, the docks are this way!

Eh?! We're already leaving town?!

What're you talking about?!
This isn't our destination!

C'mon, can't we hang around a little more?

--Looks like it worked...
--They went straight to the docks...

We're saved!


So many boats!

There are all kinds of boats anchored here.

From hotel ships where you can stay the night

to speed-oriented boats
loaded with giant dials.

There are many other kinds that--

Whoa! Check out this gondola!

It's so cool! Let's take it!

Look behind it! This one can
move on its own, like a waver!

This could turn into a fun gondola ride!

You idiot! We're rescuing Nami-san
and Robin-chan! Get serious!

Oh, your boat is over here.


Oh, boy! What kind of gondola is it?!

The Crow!

You can't be serious!

Crows... aren't even waterfowl.

I used it until just recently,
when I learned how to ride wavers.

It's not fast like a waver, but it does
have two Breath Dials onboard!

Please feel free to use it!

No... I'm not going.

No... I'm not going.

Just as I expected! He shows
his true colors at the last minute!

There's no one in this world
who doesn't value his life!

I prefer that one instead.

He was just being selfish?

Y-You don't like it? I'm sorry. But...

You damn ingrate! Apologize!

Apologize to Conis-chan from the
bottom of your heart! You scumbag!

Pay no attention to his selfishness!

--N-No problem...

Your exit is Gate #2.

It will lead you to the giant Milky Road,
which connects to Upper Yard.

Y-You simply need to take that.

--Hey. Conis.

Why've you been shaking
ever since we left your house?

W-What the hell is he saying?!

D-Does it seem that way?

Yeah. It's like you're afraid of something...

No! She wouldn't!

Conis-chan! You're worried
about us! That's so touching!

Still, are you guys gonna be alright?!

Everyone in town is plainly avoiding us,

yet you're lending us your boat
and even giving us directions...

Doesn't that make you our accomplices?

Say, you're looking pale, too...

You should've told us if you were that scared.

We would've come on our own...

No. I'm...

It's not what you think!

She wouldn't!

Don't say anything you shouldn't!

It's strange, isn't it?

Explaining the route to your ''ordeal,''
guiding you here myself...

It's like I want to lead you there,
despite saying how terrifying it is...

Stop it! Don't say anything foolish!

Huh? What was that?!

Don't tell me they're all...

Why?! There's no need for that!
They're different...

Why do I need to guide them?
They're already headed for Upper Yard...

Yes, if that were the case, I wouldn't
force this horrible job on you...

But most of the people we've
seen haven't been that way.

Once the initial excitement wears off,

everyone values their life more
than dreams and adventures...

We must lead them to the
very end... To Upper Yard...

Forgive me, Conis-san...

It is our citizens' duty. It is his will.

Could you run away?

I'm sorry!

--What are you saying?!

I was the one who called
the Super-Express Lobster!

The thing that took Nami-san
and the others?! You called it?!

While you weren't on board,

I lied to them about a current
that leads to Cloud End

and had them raise the anchor.

That was the signal for the
Super-Express Lobster...

Foolish girl! Do you want
to die?! This is our duty!

Once we know someone's a criminal,

we'll be killed if we don't lead
them to the place of judgment!

Stop it! Do you realize what you're saying?!

--You're blaspheming against God!
--Stop her!

This is our citizens' duty...

Are you serious?!

I'm sorry!

It's all so strange, isn't it?!

Don't be stupid! You didn't
have any choice, right?!


...why are you telling us?!

Your life is in danger!

--It's all over!
--We're too late!

--Stay away from the girl!
--The judgment is coming!

No good! It's too big!

What was that?!

What just happened?!

--Conis-chan! Hey! Where'd you go?!

Luffy! Conis!

It's no use...

The almighty God Eneru sees all...!

They are both safe.

It's Gan Fall-san!

Oh! That weird old man!


No, I am the Sky Knight!
This one is on the house!

Thank goodness! Conis-chan...!

Leave this girl with me. I will
not allow Eneru to harm her.


You now know this land's true nature,
as well as ''God's'' power.

What will you do now?

This land is none of our business.

Our friends are on ''God's Island''!

I see... May luck be with you.

--What about them?
--They have chosen their course.

It is no fault of yours.

I know who you are.

I am the Sky Knight.

No, we all know. Please come back...


Get on! I'll give you a strong push out!

You're comin', too!

Alright, let's go to Upper Yard!


The bastards actually left...
With no hesitation or uncertainty at all...